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Chapter 449

10.5 billion! !

What is this concept? !

Everyone in the room is very clear that this is an ordinary person who can’t spend money in ten lifetimes…No, it should be a huge amount of money that can’t be spent in twenty lifetimes, thirty lifetimes!

However, now Wayne Lin said lightly, not auctioning precious treasures at auction, but donating money.

The most terrifying thing is that, adding in the 8.330 billion donated by Wayne Lin earlier, Wayne Lin donated 19.13 billion!

What a horror is this? No one dared to imagine.

So the audience suddenly lost their voice. It seemed that everyone had been pressed the pause button. Not only was there no sound but it was strangely quiet. Everyone was still dumbfounded, looking at Wayne Lin in a daze.

Even Zhou Zhe, he was scared by Wayne Lin now, this damn place is too outrageous, 19.1 billion yuan, equivalent to one-fifth of the value of his Northern Sky Club, just like that. Ming donated it?

Oh my God!

Even if it is a big man like Zhou Zhe, who has seen a lot of money, he can’t help being frightened by Wayne Lin’s big hand.

The point is, don’t think Zhou Zhe is now the president of the North Sky Club, his status is aloof, but his personal wealth is actually only 20 billion, and he is already considered a super rich.

But for Wayne Lin, he donated 19.1 billion yuan to a charity party, which is crazy.

Even Ye Xingchen, his eyes widened now, and his breathing was much faster.

He stared at Wayne Lin, trying to see through Wayne Lin!

Because he can’t spend so much money, don’t think he is the law enforcement sage in the Eastern Region of the BRAGRUN organization, but, in terms of financial resources, he really doesn’t have much.

Now, his heartbeat has accelerated a lot, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes is even more fierce and covetous. He knows now that although Wayne Lin is not as good as him, his financial resources are not bad.

This made him even more moved. If he could swallow all Wayne Lin’s property, then he could also become a super rich man. And if he has money, he can do more things, he can buy more precious pill, and given time, he will have a greater chance of breaking through to the Dzogchen Realm of Innate Realm!

In an instant, Wayne Lin noticed that Ye Xingchen had made his idea. He sneered in his heart, and did not put Ye Xingchen in his eyes at all.


At this moment, a sharp voice suddenly sounded, shocking many people.

It’s Zhou Zhe, now his face is ugly, staring at Wayne Lin, gritted his teeth and said: “Fraud donation! You are definitely a fraud! Wayne Lin, you poor ghost, how can you get 19.1 billion? Three of the companies sold, and none of them can spend so much money!!!”

Hearing his words, many people present immediately reacted. Yes, Wayne Lin is only the chairman of the three companies. Among them, the most valuable is Ziqiong Media. But even if the market value of Ziqiong Media is only about 8 billion, it can’t make up 19.1 billion if it is sold. So they concluded that Wayne Lin was a fraudulent donation. Wayne Lin was crazy in order to steal the charity ambassador tonight. Up.

The host frowned, and he said, “Mr. Lin, can you get 19.13 billion yuan? If not, you are fraudulent donations. This behavior is severely cracked down by the country!”

Tonight’s charity party has a rule like this. First call out the amount of donation, and then make a lump-sum payment. If you can’t pay, it’s a fraud.

If it is a charitable activity of a non-governmental organization, it will be a loss of face at most, and there will be no substantive consequences, but this is an official organization. The act of fraudulent donation is not as simple as losing face and is punished.

Zhou Zhe came back to his senses, and he began to chuckle again. Yes, Wayne Lin was a fraud. The larger the amount Wayne Lin shouted, the heavier the punishment would be.

Once Wayne Lin can’t pay the 19.13 billion, then Wayne Lin will be over. When the time comes, the identity of the charity ambassador will remain his, hahaha…

Damon Wang and Jeff Han also began to be anxious. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to play so big, cold sweat broke out on their foreheads, like sitting on pins and needles.

Wayne Lin could still laugh at this time. He said: “I can naturally afford this sum of money, which is less than 20 billion, and it is not a lot of money.”

The tone is too big to say, don’t pretend to force you to die.

Almost everyone present thinks this way.

Zhou Zhe laughed loudly. He pointed to Wayne Lin and said, “Wayne Lin! Since your tone is so big that you don’t care about 20 billion, then you should pay it to us. If you can’t pay, Then you are fraudulent donation, once you fraudulent donation, you just wait to die!!”

He gritted his teeth now, his expression was visibly distorted, and his eyes looked at Wayne Lin full of hatred and disgust.

Everyone despised him when he saw his gaffe.

But most people can still understand it. After all, Wayne Lin played too much this time, even doing things like fraudulent donations.

Until now, no one believed that Wayne Lin could get this money.

Wayne Lin stood up slowly, with a bright smile, and said: “Okay, since you want me to pay first, then I’m not welcome.”

He said, he walked to the host, the host was full of suspicion, but out of professional ethics, he still took Wayne Lin to the payment area.

Such a large amount requires professional financial personnel to transfer funds.

Moreover, it is necessary to have authoritative supervisory personnel on the scene, so that the situation of loosing one’s own pockets is not allowed, and it is determined that the money is spent on the blade.

Wayne Lin started the transfer under the guidance of professionals.

19.13 billion, which is an astronomical figure. The professionals present are very cautious and careful, for fear of any link going wrong.

“Okay, Mr. Lin, as long as you enter the password, you can transfer.” A lady with a nice face said respectfully to Wayne Lin.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin always behaved very calmly, without the slightest nervousness, let alone the slightest showing off. Everything seemed so natural and casual, as if 19.13 billion was just a number to him.

Zhou Zhe was even more upset when he saw him like this, and gritted his teeth and said: “Huh! I’m still pretending to be here, waiting for you to lose face!”

Similarly, Damon Wang and Jeff Han were also very nervous. They hoped that Wayne Lin could transfer the funds successfully, but intellectually, they knew that this was impossible because Wayne Lin didn’t have that much money.

As for the others, their eyes were fixed on Wayne Lin.

At this moment, Wayne Lin entered the password and pressed the confirm key. After a few seconds, a pleasant female voice prompt sounded, “Dear Mr. Wayne Lin, successfully transferred 19.13 billion yuan.”

Upon hearing this tone, the audience was stunned again.

And Zhou Zhe had a wonderful expression on his face.

Chapter 450

The transfer was successful…

At this moment, everyone felt very unreal, as if they were dreaming.

It wasn’t that they had never seen such a large sum of money, but none of them thought that Wayne Lin could spend so much money.

In particular, the money is not buying precious treasures at auctions, nor is it buying companies, but donations. This kind of impact is unprecedented for them.

Zhou Zhe stayed in place, and for a moment, the expression on his face changed madly, very funny.

He couldn’t believe it was true.

You know, he was bound to win the charity ambassador tonight, and for the charity ambassador tonight, he also put out 8.8 billion and invested his money!

But now, the identity of the charity ambassador is gone, which means that his eight hundred and eighty-eight billion dollars have been spent, and he was thrown into the sea!

This kind of strong contrast made him totally unacceptable for a while.

As a result, he instantly lost his reason, his eyes were red, and he rushed towards Wayne Lin with a grim expression and shouted: “Impossible! This is fake, it must be fake! How could Wayne Lin get it? With so much money, you are cooperating with him to cheat!!”

Hearing his words, all the staff, including the host, had a hard time looking!

As for the people in the North Sky Club, they also changed their colors and became scared. They realized that Zhou Zhe had committed a big mistake, and they dared to question the official. Isn’t this a court death!

Wayne Lin narrowed his eyes and said with a sneer: “Zhou Zhe! You are so brave, how dare you be disrespectful to the government?!”

Zhou Zhe hasn’t come to his senses. The strong contrast just now and his hatred of Wayne Lin made him lose his mind. He cursed with a grim expression: “Wayne Lin! You damn poor ghost, you are just a man. How could a small group boss get so much money! You not only fraudulently donate, you also cheat! Wayne Lin, you are dead!!!”

“Really?” Wayne Lin squinted, smiling.

At this moment, there was a majestic scolding: “Presumptuous!!”

As the voice fell, a tall, silver-haired, but tough old man came out from the background. He stared at Zhou Zhe coldly and cursed: “Zhou Zhe, you are so bold, how dare you Slandering the official fraud, I think you are living impatiently! Come on, take down this unruly mob for me.”

Seeing this old man, Zhou Zhe’s face changed drastically in an instant, and he began to fear. Moreover, he finally realized that he had made a big mistake.

In an instant, his face turned pale, he gasped, and he suddenly realized that what he was doing, he actually questioned the official fraud, and even said it on such an important occasion, isn’t it a death sentence?

He began to swing his legs.

Moreover, this old man is currently a powerful figure in China.

When it was over, he realized that he was in trouble this time.

“My lord, I was wrong! I was reckless, not clear-headed, and slandered the official. Please let the lord leave the villain and ask!”

When Zhou Zhe saw this old man, his guts were scared. If he knew that the lord was here, he would not dare to be so presumptuous just now.

As for the other people present, they were equally shocked when they saw this old man. This is the biggest figure in Province G. They are businessmen who are not enough to see in front of the state lord.

Even Wayne Lin was surprised. He had only seen this famous governor on TV. He didn’t expect that the governor would also come over tonight’s charity party.

It’s no wonder that he just felt that there was an auspicious atmosphere in the background, surging and extraordinary, it turned out to be the Lord Governor.

The Lord Governor ignored Zhou Zhe’s begging for mercy at all, he said with a cold face: “

Take down. “

Soon, someone took Zhou Zhe down. Even if the four people’s cultivation bases were not high and they were not his opponents, Zhou Zhe didn’t dare to resist any thoughts. After all, once he resisted, his fate would be overwhelming. .

He Beitian will be very strong, but compared with the governor, he is not at the same level.

Now he regrets it to the extreme. He knew this before. He didn’t run out just now when he killed him. This time, he really lost his wife and broke down. Not only did he accompany 8.8 billion in vain, he also angered the state lord. Your lord, now he is really at a loss!

Originally, even if he donated 8.8 billion and couldn’t get the status of charity ambassador, at least he could leave a good impression on the official side, but now, there is nothing left.

He continued to beg for mercy and was about to kneel down, but the governor ignored him at all, and asked him to pay the 8.8 billion amount first. He didn’t dare to say anything, so he had to pay obediently, only feeling the heart and soul. The position is painful and my breathing is not smooth.

Especially when he saw Wayne Lin’s mocking eyes, he hated it to the extreme, almost fainting.

Seeing the appearance of the lord of the state, the atmosphere on the scene was different, and other people also transferred money one after another.

Ye Xingchen stared at Wayne Lin, the murderous intent in his eyes was so strong that the air in front of him was thickened.

Wayne Lin instantly felt his murderous intent, turned his head, sneered, and directly raised a middle finger to Ye Xingchen.

This action angered Ye Xingchen even more, making him gritted his teeth! Can’t wait to tear Wayne Lin apart immediately.

But he still held back it, and he was not allowed to do so in the present situation.

Finally, he looked at Wayne Lin coldly, turned and left without paying attention to Zhou Zhe.

In his eyes, Zhou Zhe is just an ant.

“Wayne Lin, you wild species shouldn’t exist in this world. As a shame to the organization, when the saint king kindly put you a fate, you should be humiliated for a lifetime, spent in pain, and finally died desolately. As a result. You have actually achieved the innate realm, and you have lived so beautifully and beautifully. This is your blasphemy against the organization!!”

“Nishang, you b*tch, you dare to violate the Saint King’s orders, you are dead.”

“Wayne Lin, I won’t be anxious to kill you, I will torture you slowly! I don’t know when that b*tch Qin Yuehua saw your body, what kind of expression would it look like?”

“I am looking forward to…”

Ye Xingchen left, carrying his murderous intent and hatred towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin looked at the back of him leaving, with the same murderous intent.

“Is it the fourth level in the innate realm? So what? I can kill Brian Gu in the second level when I first ascend to the innate realm, and I can kill Wu Meizi in the third level in half a year. You can still kill you at the fourth level!”

Tonight’s charity gala was an unprecedented success. The original official plan and all charity projects could raise 20 billion yuan, which is already a very good situation.

But as a result, 50 billion yuan was raised in one go, which has greatly exceeded the official expectations, so the governor was particularly happy and blushed.

After everyone paid the amount, the lord of the state personally awarded Wayne Lin the trophy to the charity ambassador, and took a group photo.

At this moment, Wayne Lin added glory, but anyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that Wayne Lin’s identity is now different. He is no longer the former martial artist who only knows how to fight and kill, but has received official support. He won a death-free gold medal, and whoever wants to move him in the future has to weigh it carefully.

After all the procedures were completed, Wayne Lin was about to leave. At this time, the lord of the governor stopped him, “Lin Xiaoyou, I have a good pot of Longjing tea, don’t you know if you like to drink it?”

When the people around heard this, they were stunned, and immediately looked at Wayne Lin in admiration and awe, Master Zhou, this is to throw an olive branch to Wayne Lin, what an honor it is!

Chapter 451

Even Wayne Lin was stunned and surprised. He didn’t expect the Lord of the State to throw an olive branch at him like this.

After all, the status of the lord of the state is not ordinary.

Especially the Lord of the State in front of him has a very profound background. If he has a relationship with the Lord of the State, then his identity will rise with the tide.

Wayne Lin almost didn’t hesitate, just a flash of thought in his mind, and he smiled and agreed, “Since the lord of the governor invited him, then it is better for Lin to respect his life.”

The governor laughed loudly and looked particularly happy.

Half an hour later, Wayne Lin arrived in a relatively old quarter and went into the Lord’s house. He was immediately surprised. He never expected that Lord’s Lord would live in such a simple place.

As the lord of the state, how can you live in a big villa!

The governor found Wayne Lin’s surprise. He smiled and said, “Why, do you think I live here?”

Wayne Lin nodded honestly.

“Haha.” The governor smiled slightly, and then said: “You think it’s normal to be surprised. Most people think that I should live in a big villa to be worthy of my identity.”

Wayne Lin looked at the lord of the state, from him, he felt a wind of incorruptibility, which was different from other people in power he encountered.

Moreover, he could see that the lord of the state did not pretend.

Now he felt that there was a few powerful auras hidden in the surroundings. It was obviously the guard of the lord of the state, protecting the lord of the state in the dark.

The lord of the state took out the key and opened the door. After Wayne Lin came in, he realized that the house was even more primitive and completely ordinary family. If Wayne Lin hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would not believe it was true!

How honorable is the status of the Lord of the State. He is an absolute leader in Province G. Stomping his feet can cause earthquakes in Province G. It is really incredible to live in such a simple residence now.

At the same time, Wayne Lin respected the lord of the state even more.

“A lot of people have given me gifts, no matter how big the villa, I have accepted, but I didn’t ask for one, Xiaoyou Lin, you are a smart person, guess why?” After the lord came in, he personally gave LinWayne poured a glass of boiled water and asked with a smile. Wayne Lin quickly stood up and took it with both hands.

“I guess, the lord of the state has a clean and honest work style, has lofty ambitions, and dismisses these superficial enjoyments.” Wayne Lin said seriously.

“Hahahaha…” After hearing this, the governor laughed loudly, “Little friend Lin, you have misunderstood me. I am not so noble, prosperous and wealthy. Who doesn’t want to enjoy it? But I deserve it!”

The lord of the state took a sip of water and said, “Now our country is still developing. There are so many compatriots who are still suffering and various disasters continue. Where can I enjoy it?”

Wayne Lin was stunned. He really didn’t expect that the Lord of the State would be because of this reason, but he saw the sadness and helplessness in the eyes of the Lord of the State, he knew that the Lord of the State did not deliberately pretend it. It’s the true thoughts of the governor.

He couldn’t help but shook his whole body, admiring the Lord Master even more!

“My lord, you have done a good job.” Wayne Lin said deeply.

“No!” The governor shook his head and said, his eyes suddenly sharpened, “I have not done enough! Lin Xiaoyou, do you know how many poor people and how many families there are in our province in g Especially in this disaster, how many people suffered? Originally, I could do better, but I did not do it well! Lin Xiaoyou, you said there are still so many compatriots who are in suffering, I, the lord, where can I live Big villa, eat the delicacies of the mountains and the sea?!”

The lord of the state is only in his sixties now, but his hair is a lot paler and there are many wrinkles on his face, looking like an old man in his seventies. But that is

So he was so old, what he said was equally deafening and convulsive! Like the sound of justice, resounding on this land of China.

Wayne Lin was stunned on the spot.

Then, the lord of the state made a move that shocked Wayne Lin, and saw that the lord of the state clasped his fists, bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, and said, “Little friend Lin, on behalf of those compatriots in suffering tonight, thank you and thank you very much. Your 19.13 billion donation!”

Wayne Lin was frightened, stood up hurriedly, supported the lord of the state, and said: “Oh, you can’t do it, lord of the state, you have broken me!”

The lord of the state said with a smile: “Xiaoyou Lin, we have such outstanding youths as you in Province G. It is the blessing of the people of Province G.”

Wayne Lin was a little embarrassed by the praise, scratching his head and said: “My lord, it is true that I donated money tonight, not all for charity, I still came as a charity ambassador, after all, some time ago, I killed Some people.”

In fact, after Wayne Lin said this sentence, he was still in a state of anxiety, not sure how the lord would react. After all, no matter what country or age, murder is a felony.

The lord of the state seemed to see through Wayne Lin’s thoughts, he chuckled, did not continue with Wayne Lin’s topic, but changed the topic, and said: “Come, Lin Xiaoyou, taste and taste my Longjing, which I planted myself. , Only a little harvest a year.”

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief, indicating that the lord of the governor would not care about him anymore. Although his current cultivation base is advanced, it is absolutely impossible to fight against the official.

Next, Wayne Lin sat down at the lord’s place and chatted while drinking tea. The difference between the two of them was more than twice as old, and they were able to chat very speculatively.

Until the evening, the lord of the governor and his wife left Wayne Lin down for dinner. They were very enthusiastic. Wayne Lin could not refuse, so he had to stay for dinner.

Finally, after coming out of the Lord Master’s house, Wayne Lin still felt a little dazed and confused, that he actually got to know the Lord Master.

Before leaving, the lord of the state probably mentioned the three places of Xuanyuan, and told Wayne Lin vaguely that these three places of Xuanyuan were very dangerous and had to be chosen carefully.

Wayne Lin naturally heard the overtones of Master Zhou. In fact, he himself knew that he could be found in all three places in Xuanyuan, which indirectly showed that the three places in Xuanyuan were a very dangerous place and there were really no people.

After all, it is difficult for ordinary people to enter such an important organization without sufficient qualifications. Especially the birthplace is the most important. Which of the people inside is not innocent? As for Wayne Lin, his identity is not innocent.

But often the more dangerous things, the greater the benefits. Once you enter the three places of Xuanyuan and have a position, then Wayne Lin’s identity will become more honorable.

Wayne Lin left from the home of the lord of the governor and went home directly.

Two days passed in a flash. In these two days, Wayne Lin’s reputation became louder again. After all, he donated so much money in one go. He was still a charity ambassador and was invited by the lord of the state. This is something everyone envied. .

As for Zhou Zhe’s side, he is going crazy, 8.8 billion, just hit the water!

No matter how rich he is, the pain will not stop. Moreover, he was finally taken down by the lord of the state and lost his face. Now he feels that he has become a joke, and these are all brought by the guy Wayne Lin!

At the thought, he was furious.

“Mr. Ye, can you solve Wayne Lin!” Zhou Zhe stared at Ye Xingchen with red eyes.

Ye Xingchen was sitting on the sofa, playing with two iron eggs with his right hand. Suddenly he pressed his hand and heard the sound of clicking. The solid iron egg made of iron was crushed by him and turned into a ball of iron. Mu, he looked at Zhou Zhe with a faint smile, and said, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Zhe was shocked, his eyes brightened, and he bowed deeply to Ye Xingchen, “Mr. Ye, then please!”

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