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Chapter 527

When Wayne Lin came back to the three places in Xuanyuan this time, he was in a good mood, but now that he encountered this kind of thing, his mood was immediately affected.

He had sharp eyes, and when he looked at the expressions of the soldiers in the fourth group, he knew that he had been angry during this period of time.

Even if the fourth team is indeed the bottom at Xuanyuan 3, but it is always his soldier, he would not just watch his own people being bullied, and remain indifferent. Zhao Xia is famous for protecting shortcomings, so why not Wayne Lin?

The soldiers in the Fangs team started to laugh when they heard Wayne Lin’s words. They didn’t care at all. Instead, they said jokingly, “Oh, so you are very confident? Then I want to see, are you? Really so capable.”

As his words fell, the soldiers of more than twenty Fang Fang team dispersed, surrounded Wayne Lin, staring at him, they were about to besiege Wayne Lin.

Those onlookers around started to get excited and opened their eyes one by one. This is a rare opportunity.

During this period of time, Wayne Lin’s reputation in Xuanyuan three places is very great, but most people are scornful in their hearts, thinking that they are just the mob of the fourth group, in order to maintain the impression of the fourth group, deliberately blowing it out.

Wayne Lin smiled again, and then, his body moved, and he attacked the group of soldiers in the Fang Team.

He is a very gentle person, but it does not mean that he has no temper. On the contrary, if he really has a temper, most people can’t bear it!

The person in the fangs group standing at the forefront was originally very relaxed and did not put Wayne Lin in his eyes, but when he felt Wayne Lin’s aura for the first time, his face paled in an instant, and he moved. It’s a lot slower.

He let out a terrifying roar, and instead of retreating, he launched a counterattack against Wayne Lin. It has to be said that his punch was very powerful and vigorous. So many people present felt that this punch was extraordinary.

However, when he arrived in front of Wayne Lin, he was not enough to look at him. He didn’t even have a chance to make Wayne Lin make another move. He directly held his fist with one hand, then pulled it to the left and kicked it out again. The body was kicked out like a ball.

After kicking him, Wayne Lin’s face did not change in the slightest, and he did not stop, continuing to attack the second man.

His movements are not too fast, and his moves are not very gorgeous and complicated. Everything is so clean and tidy. The most effective and direct moves look very ordinary, but every punch and kick will surely defeat a person.

In front of Wayne Lin, the Fangs group that made the entire three places of Xuanyuan frightened was no different from the children. It took less than a minute to be beaten to the ground by Lin Zimin. It’s really just getting down, the kind that doesn’t even have the ability to get up.

In the end, Chang Feng wanted to run. Wayne Lin picked it up with one hand and fell to the ground with his backhand. He slapped him twice and stared at him condescendingly, “Whoever gives you the courage, dare to come to my fourth team to run wild. of.”

Chang Feng was stepped on by him, his body couldn’t move, and his whole body was trembling in fright. He knew that Wayne Lin was great, but he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so great! The top players of the more than 20 Fangs team were defeated by Wayne Lin, and no one could walk one more round in front of Wayne Lin.

He looked up at Wayne Lin now, it was not the kind of contempt and hatred just now, but absolute fear and awe!

The members of the other Fangs group, now lying on the ground, were all dumbfounded, unbelievable. They had no room for resistance in front of Wayne Lin just now. This was too terrifying! You know, they are the top players in the Fang team, and their strength is at the peak of the day after tomorrow!


p; The audience was silent for a while, not only the people in the Fangs group, but the others were also shocked.

Among them, there are some members of the Dragon Blood group, they are also dumbfounded now, they have no idea that Wayne Lin’s strength is so terrifying, so easily crushed the Fang group!

As for the soldiers in the fourth group, they were all too excited and cheered.

Wayne Lin glanced over other people, especially the soldiers of the dragon blood team, who was especially warned by him, and said indifferently: “Who is still dissatisfied with me, just come, today I will also teach. “

He stood with his hand in his hand, facing half of Xuanyuan’s three places alone, but no one dared to refute him, let alone disrespect him. It was extremely domineering.

Ten seconds later, no one dared to speak. It was not that they were timid. The strength that Wayne Lin showed was too terrifying. Wayne Lin showed some disdainful sneers, “Why, all dumb?”

Still no one dared to speak, everyone who was stared at by Wayne Lin’s eyes lowered their heads one by one and started to persuade them.

Wayne Lin smiled disdainfully and said directly: “Then get out of here.”

They immediately disperse as birds and beasts, where they dare to stay.

At the same time, they were greatly shocked in their hearts, and they understood the fact that the new instructor of the fourth group is not a slapstick, but is really capable!

Just now, more than 20 soldiers in the Fangs team were abused, and now the hatred with Zhao Xia has become deeper!

The soldiers of the Fangs group lying on the ground slowly recovered, getting up from the ground and preparing to drive away. They were frightened by Wayne Lin’s words.

“Stop for me from the Fang Team.”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s voice, their expressions changed immediately, and they stopped. The soldier who had spoken harshly just now looked at Wayne Lin. He no longer had the arrogance and contempt he had just now, but brought awe and tension. The posture changed one hundred and eighty degrees, “Instructor Lin, we will never come to the fourth team again.”

The soldiers of the many other Spike Teams now no longer have the arrogance of the past, and they are all at once honest.

No way, in the three places of Xuanyuan where strength is the respect, Wayne Lin’s strength far exceeds them, they can’t accept it.

The soldiers in the fourth group were so excited when they saw this scene, they were so excited!

How can their fourth group have been so beautiful? They have always been at the bottom of Xuanyuan Three Places, and they are also known as the shame of Xuanyuan Three Places. Now, they can finally show off! !

They only felt that the small universe in their hearts was about to explode, but they were serious about it. Without Wayne Lin’s order, they still didn’t dare to make a mistake, maintaining a high level of discipline.

Wayne Lin said, “My fourth team is the place where you come when you want to come, and leave when you want to leave?”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s resolute attitude, they all became a little frightened and began to subdue.

“Instructor Lin, we didn’t actually bully the brothers in the fourth group just now. Don’t get me wrong.”

“Furthermore, our instructor asked us to come over. Training is about to happen. If we don’t go back, our instructor will be angry.”

Why didn’t Wayne Lin understand this?

He laughed, and said with a faint smile: “Then tell Zhao Xia to come over, I want to see how he can get angry.”

Chapter 528

The people in the Fangs group were immediately overjoyed when they heard this. Zhao Xia was in the third place of Xuanyuan. If Zhao Xia came, with Zhao Xia’s character, he would definitely find the place back! In this way, their Fang team is not too embarrassed.

“Instructor Lin, are you sure you want to call our instructor over?”

Wayne Lin smiled jokingly on his face, how could he not see what these people thought, in fact he also looked at what Zhao Xia meant.

“Just go and call Zhao Xia over, everyone else will stay with me.” Wayne Lin was too lazy to talk nonsense, and directly ordered.

The man took a deep look at Wayne Lin, and when he turned his head, a sneer appeared on his face. He thought Wayne Lin was too arrogant this time. He was playing with fire. He actually broke his wrists with their instructors directly. !

Not only him, but the other members of the Fang team also sneered. They have blind confidence in Zhao Xia. They think that Zhao Xia is invincible in Xuanyuan three places. No matter how powerful Wayne Lin is, it is impossible to be Zhao Xia’s opponent. .

The people in the fourth group were a little worried, but they seemed to Wayne Lin to be calm and didn’t say anything. Now Wayne Lin’s majesty is getting bigger and bigger, and they dare not make mistakes in front of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin stopped taking care of the remaining members of the Fangs group, but walked directly to the fourth group of soldiers, showing a meaningful smile, and said: “It seems that you have had a bad time. Ah, you have been bullied miserably.”

They were quite excited at first, and when they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they immediately lowered their heads in shame.

Wayne Lin continued: “Ashamed?”

They all nodded.

“Knowing that you are ashamed also shows that you are saved.” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, “Your qualifications are not bad. Do you know why your strength is the bottom of Xuanyuan’s three places?”

They all shook their heads.

Wayne Lin suddenly increased the volume, “That’s because you are too lazy and spend too little time on training!”

Are they lazy? They have trained very hard! But this was what Wayne Lin said, even if they were not convinced, they did not dare to refute, they could only press their heads lower.

Wayne Lin naturally saw their thoughts. He shook his head and said, “Your qualifications are not bad. The reason why you are too lazy is that you are too lazy. The Fang team can pull out a single person, and they can single out. Six or seven of you.”

When the Fangs team heard this, they straightened their waists, and their faces were full of pride, but they were immediately beaten by Wayne Lin, “Although they don’t drip very much, they can’t hold it with a single move. , But they are better than you.”

So angry!

The soldiers of the Fang team were very annoyed. They were top-notch men. How could they have been despised like this, but what Wayne Lin said was true, not to mention how uncomfortable it was.

Wayne Lin glanced across the faces of all the soldiers of the fourth team, and said very solemnly: “I won’t say too many, now I will ask you, do you want to become the first team of Xuanyuan Three? More than Fang Fang The team and the dragon blood team, become number one!”

These words were full of provocative power, and they immediately became enthusiastic after hearing them.

“miss you!”

“miss you!”

“miss you……”

They uttered their deepest voice, which spread throughout the base for a while, making the soldiers of the more than 20 Fangs group present dignified.

But they are more disdainful, they admit that Wayne Lin is indeed fierce

Harmful, but the fourth group of people is a mob, and it is impossible for them to be the first in Xuanyuan’s three places.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Well, from today, I will conduct devil training for you. The level of hardship will exceed your imagination. Whoever wants to quit now can stand up… It seems that you are all fighting spirits. If you don’t want to quit, that’s good! I’ll assume that you all agreed. Once the devil training begins, none of you can quit.”

When Wayne Lin said this, a cruel smile was sketched on his face, which made them shiver involuntarily, with a bad premonition.

At the same time, the member of the Fangs team sent out just now ran quickly, walking straight to Zhao Xia’s office.

“Instructor, it’s not good!!”

He pushed open the door vigorously and yelled anxiously. As soon as he came in and saw the many faces in the office, he was immediately stunned.

At this moment, in Zhao Xia’s office, there were many leaders from Xuanyuan Three Sections, who seemed to be discussing something, they all looked at them and frowned.

Zhao Xia immediately said angrily: “Zhang Lu! What the hell are you doing, get me out!!”

Hearing Zhao Xia’s scolding, Zhang Lu immediately panicked, but he gritted his teeth and did not go out immediately. Instead, he took a deep breath and said to Zhao Xia: “Instructor, the big thing is not good! The fourth team Instructor, I’m back, and more than 20 members of our Fangs team have been detained. Now he wants you to redeem them.”

After saying this, Zhang Lv gasped loudly. Wayne Lin was in pain on his thigh. He ran over again. His right leg was trembling desperately now, his body was sweaty.

When Zhao Xia heard this, he was stunned at the moment. Then he saw Zhang Lu’s injury, and he became annoyed all of a sudden, “It makes sense! This fellow is so arrogant!”

He is a face-saving person, and now his soldiers have been detained, and he is called to redeem them. His face is lost.

The other people on the scene were shocked when they heard this.

They felt very unbelievable that the instructors of the fourth group dare to fight against Zhao Xia? Is this impatient?

When Sun Liang heard this, his scalp numb immediately, and he quickly said to Zhao Xia: “Instructor Zhao, I think there is any misunderstanding in this matter? I think instructor Lin is not such an arrogant person.”

Zhao Xia said angrily: “There is a fart misunderstanding. If I dare to detain the soldiers of my Fangs team, I just won’t give me Zhao Xia’s face!”

After speaking, he immediately threw down the pen, angrily, going to trouble Wayne Lin.

Seeing Zhao Xia’s irritation, Zhang Lu immediately became ecstatic and said, “That’s great instructor, that Wayne Lin is so arrogant. He not only beat us up, but also said a lot of bad things about you instructor, and didn’t let you instructor at all. In the eyes!”

Suddenly, Zhao Xia slowed down angrily when he heard what he said. He just heard the words’Wayne Lin’, and he snorted in his heart. Thinking of something, his expression suddenly changed.

Wayne Lin, isn’t that the fierce man who was on the Yang family cruise ship last time? !

Just now, Zhao Xia was annoyed and didn’t think of it, but now he finally remembered, and in an instant, he began to panic.

He was not afraid of anyone in the three places of Xuanyuan, including the instructors of the Dragon Blood Team, he could not take it seriously, but Wayne Lin, this fierce man, he really couldn’t afford to offend him!

Halfway through, Zhang Lu found that Zhao Xia had stopped, with a gloomy expression on his face. He curiously asked, “Instructor, what’s the matter?”

Chapter 529

Zhao Xia swallowed, and Wayne Lin’s figure appeared in his mind. On the cruise ship that day, Wayne Lin was like a sea god, crushing him, and finally hunting down the sharks.

How can he offend such fierce people!

Wayne Lin is so fierce in the sea, when he is on the land, how can he crush him?

Sun Liang chased him up now. He didn’t know that Zhao Xia had already met Wayne Lin. He pleaded and said, “Lao Zhao, I think what happened today is a misunderstanding. I called instructor Lin. He usually doesn’t take the initiative. It’s troublesome, you can see if you can look at my face later, don’t be familiar with Instructor Lin?”

When Sun Liang said this, he had no bottom. After all, he had worked with Zhao Xia for a long time, and knew that Zhao Xia’s character would not give others face, but anyway, Wayne Lin was called by him. He has to try.

Several other senior leaders also followed. They all knew about the grievances between Zhao Xia and the instructor of the fourth group, and they were ready to watch the jokes of the new instructor of the fourth group.

Zhao Xia can’t tell. Where did he dare to offend Wayne Lin, but he is a good-looking person, so naturally it is impossible to admit it now. He calmly stared at Sun Liang for a few seconds, and then nodded. , Said: “Okay, old grandson, I think you are on your side, so I won’t care about instructor Lin today.”

Sun Liang was taken aback, he just said casually, did not expect that Zhao Xia actually agreed?

When did Sun Liang have such a face.

Not only him, but everyone else was also shocked. Obviously, he didn’t expect that Zhao Xia would give Sun Liang this face. Doesn’t it seem like Zhao Xia’s character?

Zhang Lu immediately said anxiously: “Instructor, you can’t ignore it. The surname Lin is arrogant, and he said that instructor you are rubbish!”

Zhao Xia just wanted to slap Zhang Lu to death. This guy, didn’t he demolish his own station? Besides, even if Wayne Lin really said he was rubbish, he couldn’t do anything about it. Who would call him such a gap with Wayne Lin? Big.

He glared at Zhang Lu heavily, did not speak, and walked forward in large strides. He only hopes that the rascals in the Fangs team have not offended Wayne Lin too much, and he will be tired, otherwise his You can lose face!

At the base of the fourth group, Wayne Lin had already begun to train this group of soldiers, and he didn’t take Zhao Xia seriously.

At this moment, on the Fangs team, someone saw Zhao Xia and others striding in the distance, and immediately shouted excitedly, “Come! The instructor is here!!!”

As his voice fell, other people also looked over. Seeing Zhao Xia’s loud voice, they all got excited, swept away their decadence, and became energetic.

Those soldiers in the fourth group were affected, and they all stopped training, with worry and tension on their faces. Wayne Lin scolded them, “Stop and do something! So it’s too easy to say that you have been training for so long. Was affected!”

“But the instructor, instructor Zhao from the Fangs team, has already come…” Daniel reminded cautiously.

Wayne Lin said with a cold face, “What’s going on here? Let me continue to train, don’t be distracted, concentrate on it!”

At this moment, Zhao Xia and others have already entered. Zhang Lv’s face was extremely excited and energetic. He pointed to Wayne Lin and said loudly: “The instructor! That’s him! This is Lin, who is with us. The dentist’s team was right, and didn’t put you in the eye!”

Because of the arrival of Zhao Xia, everyone in the Fang team found the backbone and started to get excited, pointing to Wayne Lin’s various accusations, adding fuel and jealousy.

When Zhao Xia heard these words, his face became more and more ugly, not because he was angry with Wayne Lin, but because he was angry with this group of short-eyed guys. The more they said, the more he lost his face!

Sun Liang and the others came too. Hearing these words, Sun Liang was frightened, thinking that Wayne Lin was about to finish this game, and Zhao Xia’s hot character should not be able to stew Wayne Lin!


Zhao Xia couldn’t listen anymore, and shouted out loudly. Immediately, the people in the Fangs group didn’t dare to speak any more. They all began to gloat and think that Wayne Lin was dead this time.

They looked at Wayne Lin and found that Wayne Lin was still training the mobs and turned a blind eye to Zhao Xia. This arrogance made them even more sentenced to death.

Even Sun Liang felt that Wayne Lin had pretended to be a bit too much. This was completely looking for death, alas.

The other leaders had never met Wayne Lin, but knew that there was such a person. They saw Wayne Lin so arrogant, and they didn’t have a good impression of Wayne Lin.

Only Zhao Xia had hair in his heart. The last time he met Wayne Lin, he probably figured out Wayne Lin’s character. Wayne Lin’s current performance is clearly dissatisfied with him.

Alas, this time I’m going to be dragged to death by these rascals.

He took a deep breath, and now that he has no chance to shrink back, he can only bite the bullet and face Wayne Lin.

When everyone saw Zhao Xia walking towards Wayne Lin, their eyes widened and they were extremely excited, thinking that Zhao Xia was definitely about to start.

As for the soldiers in the fourth group, all of them were very nervous and had no thoughts to train. Wayne Lin sighed in his heart. He now understands that these guys are at the tail of the three cranes in Xuanyuan. It is not unreasonable. .

Finally, Zhao Xia walked in front of Wayne Lin. When everyone thought that Zhao Xia was going to be furious and embarrassed Wayne Lin directly, Zhao Xia made a move that surprised everyone. Zhao Xia rubbed his hands and his face was full. He was flattering and said with a smile: “Instructor Lin, why didn’t you tell me when you came back today?”


Halfway through, Sun Liang, who was about to persuade him, was immediately confused.

Not only him, but others also reacted like this. What is the situation?

Is this the Zhao Xia they knew?

However, Wayne Lin didn’t turn around, and directly left Zhao Xia there.

Looking at the entire Xuanyuan three places, no one would dare not give Zhao Xia face like this! Wayne Lin didn’t go to Zhao Xia to apologize before. It wasn’t Zhao Xia’s face, so forget it. But now, with Zhao Xia in front of him, Wayne Lin still doesn’t give face.

Is this Wayne Lin not afraid of death?

The corner of Zhao Xia’s face twitched twice. He was very annoyed by Wayne Lin’s non-satisfying behavior, but he didn’t dare to show it, and at the same time he became more anxious.

The more Wayne Lin was like this, the more it explained, Wayne Lin was annoyed, and it was going to be troublesome now.

“Instructor Lin, um, I don’t know what happened today.” Zhao Xia had to continue, his words are very dry now, his face is so hot, it doesn’t matter if you give in outside, in three places in Xuanyuan, It was really embarrassing for him to give in in front of so many soldiers.

Wayne Lin finally turned around. There was no expression on his face. He looked at Zhao Xia faintly, and said: “Zhao Xia, this time I care about your face. Let them have a meal. Next time, I will connect with you. Beat together.”

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