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Chapter 311

The establishment of the security company is finalized, and Damon Wang will be responsible for related matters, and Wayne Lin will be responsible for the troubles of the Beitianhui.

Alma Chu is also on the right track now. She listened to Wayne Lin’s words, and appropriately delegated the authority without putting the entire company on her shoulders. Gradually, she really relaxed a lot, and she was less busy every day. , The mood also becomes wonderful.

However, she has had some restlessness in the past two days. She always feels as if someone is staring at her in the dark, but every time she looks back, she sees nothing. This feeling is particularly bad.

She didn’t tell Wayne Lin about this, thinking that she still had most of her hallucinations.

It seems that Wayne Lin is right, she really needs to find a bodyguard.

Today, when she came out of the company, a little girl suddenly came over with a note in her heart and said to her: “Miss Sister, someone is looking for you.”

Alma Chu was a little surprised. After looking around, she didn’t find any abnormal people. She curiously asked, “Little sister, who is looking for me?”

The little girl whispered: “The pretty sister said that as long as you pass by, you will know her.”

“Pretty sister?” Alma Chu was stunned again, and then she frowned. Could it be the seductive woman she met when she was shopping for clothes that day?

She gritted her teeth and scolded Wayne Lin a few times in her heart. This guy, shouldn’t he really get in trouble outside!

On the surface, she squatted down and smiled and said to the little girl: “Little sister, what is the name of that beautiful sister and how does she look like? Isn’t she particularly seductive?”

The little girl shook her head and said, “The pretty sister didn’t say her name. The pretty sister looks very nice and wears red clothes. She doesn’t like to laugh very much. Miss sister, go quickly. The pretty sister is waiting for you. I want Go home to do homework, goodbye.”

After speaking, the little girl hopped off.

Alma Chu frowned even more. She opened the note in her hand and wrote an address on it. It was a park not far from here, waiting for her by the lake.

The writing is very beautiful, every word seems to be full of aura, as if letting go of the paper will fly away.

Seeing this good handwriting, Alma Chu was inexplicably jealous. Originally, she wrote very beautifully, but compared with this beautiful sister, there was still a big gap. This invisibly increased her curiosity about each other. .

However, she didn’t dare to pass rashly. Now she is no longer the silly white sweet who didn’t know anything at the beginning. Now she is quite cautious in doing things. She is not afraid of ten thousand but just in case.

So she called one or two subordinates over to accompany her. If there were any special circumstances, she immediately called the police.

Originally, she could completely ignore it, but she had an inexplicable hunch that the other party would not harm her. It was this sixth sense that made her decide to meet in person.

Soon, she walked to the park, beside the artificial lake, she saw a red figure standing by the lake, her clothes fluttering and her back facing her.

This figure looked at an inexplicable sense of mystery, Alma Chu thought about it, and decided to walk over.

The two subordinates called, Alma Chu asked them to wait in place. If there were any special circumstances, they immediately called the police.

After making all preparations, Alma Chu walked over with confidence. When she reached the red figure, Alma Chu said, “I am Alma Chu, are you looking for me?”


;The red figure turned her head, Alma Chu was immediately surprised, the woman in front of her looked so good! In an instant, Alma Chu even had a feeling of embarrassment!

This is an incredible thing. You must know that Alma Chu has always been very confident in her appearance. No matter what beauty she encounters, she has confidence to compare. But the woman in front of her had no confidence.

In fact, the other party was too beautiful and so good-looking, her face was absolutely perfect, without any flaws, she had never seen a woman of this kind.

Especially the temperament of the other party, just like a fairy, not eating the fireworks in the world, Alma Chu even suspected that if she blinked, the other party would immediately disappear from her, taking advantage of the virtual wind.

This woman is naturally a neon dress, she came to Alma Chu.

While Alma Chu was looking at her, she was also looking at Alma Chu and nodded secretly in her heart. The woman that Wayne’s brother was looking for was quite beautiful, surpassing many women in the organization.

She faintly glanced at the two subordinates behind, and said with a smile: “I can’t see that you are quite cautious in doing things, and I will ask two subordinates to look at you. However, you are still too careless, if I want to deal with you, your two subordinates can’t help at all.”

When she said this, Alma Chu immediately became nervous, and she subconsciously signaled to call the police to the two subordinates. But she held it back, because her instinct told her that the other party was not hostile to her.

“Who are you?” Alma Chu asked seriously.

Such a beautiful woman, with such outstanding temperament, absolutely impossible to be an ordinary person, let alone to come to her casually!

Nishang said: “My name is Nishang, Wayne Lin’s sister.”

Alma Chu was surprised now. In her impression, Wayne Lin was an only child and had no sister.

“Are you kidding, Wayne is an only child, no sister.” Alma Chu said.

Nishang did not explain, she said: “I just came here to see you, don’t be afraid.”

Alma Chu straightened her body and said, “Who said I was scared?”

Nishang smiled faintly, and said: “Originally, you are not worthy of him on the terms of my brother, but he loves you very much. You are not bad, so I won’t intervene. Okay, you go back.”

Alma Chu felt inexplicable and said, “You came here specifically to tell me this?”

“No, I just want to see you.” Nishang said: “By the way, I’ll tell you, be mentally prepared. In the future, my brother will be extraordinary, will achieve a great cause, and life will be very turbulent.”

In her mind, Alma Chu felt that the neon clothes were ridiculing, but she still believed in the words of the neon clothes. Combining with Wayne Lin’s performance during this period, Alma Chu also thought that Wayne Lin would be extraordinary in the future and spend time with her. There will be fewer and fewer.

She is a smart person. She actually understood what Nishang wanted to express. She said, “Don’t worry, since I chose Wayne, I will always choose. Also, are you really Wayne’s sister? Why didn’t I hear him talk about you.”

Nishang said: “He hasn’t seen me yet.”

Alma Chu was dumbfounded: “???”

She wanted to say something more, and Nishang continued: “Okay, go back and remember what you just said.”

Then, Alma Chu felt a flower in her eyes, and when she opened her eyes again, the neon clothes were gone. She opened her eyes wide, and thought she was hell!

Chapter 312

After a while, she recovered, secretly said a monster, and walked back.

“Did you see the woman in red who was chatting with me?” Alma Chu asked two subordinates.

Both subordinates replied that they saw it, and there was no surprise or abnormality in their expressions, and they looked very ordinary.

This made Alma Chu murmur even more, but she didn’t ask further.

With full of doubts, Alma Chu returned home. Wayne Lin was reading the newspaper in the living room. Seeing her back, he greeted her actively and took her bag.

Alma Chu felt Wayne Lin’s gentleness towards her, and her heart was particularly warm.

Several times, Alma Chu wanted to ask Wayne Lin if she had an older sister, but every time she came to her lips, she held back her words and did not say anything. Wayne Lin is so keen, he soon felt what was on her mind, and asked, “Do you want to ask me something?”

“Ah? No.” Alma Chu shook her head and lowered her head to eat.

She betrayed her even more like this, Wayne Lin stopped and asked seriously: “What happened? Tell her husband.”

Alma Chu raised her head, after thinking about it, she still said, “Do you have a sister?”

Now it was Wayne Lin’s turn to be surprised. He has always been an only child. When did he have an extra sister?

“No, I’m the only child.” Wayne Lin thought of something and said: “Why, did someone pretend to be my sister today and came to look for you?”

Alma Chu nodded and said: “She claims to be your elder sister, she is very beautiful, she said she is called Nishang.”

“Neon clothes?” Wayne Lin frowned deeper. He had never heard the name before, let alone an older sister.

“Really, what did she tell you?” Wayne Lin asked curiously.

Alma Chu told what happened today. After Wayne Lin heard it, a sharp light flashed in his eyes!

Can disappear in front of Alma Chu in a blink of an eye, that must be a master of the innate realm.

The first thing Wayne Lin thought of was the people from the North Sky Club.

But immediately, he overturned this conjecture. If it were from the Northern Sky Club, it would definitely not be possible to let Alma Chu go easily. Besides, how arrogant a master of the dignified Innate Realm could do such a downgrade thing.

Then, there is only one possibility left. This person who claims to be his sister is from BRAGRUN organization!

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin inevitably became nervous.

During this period of time, BRAGRUN organization has been like a big mountain, pressing on his heart, always forcing him to make progress.

Before, there was a Lu Dongbin, which was already powerful enough, and now there is a super master of Innate Realm! Where did Wayne Lin relax? The most important thing is that he didn’t know whether the opponent was an enemy or a friend.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s solemn look, Alma Chu said, “Wayne, isn’t this woman your sister?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while, and said, “It should be my long-lost sister. I believe she will come to me soon. Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Alma Chu relaxed a little now and said, “That’s good.”

These things must be told to Alma Chu so as not to worry Alma Chu.

Early the next morning, Wayne Lin went to the Ugly Master and asked straightforwardly: “Who is the neon clothes?”

Wayne Lin stared at Ugly Master’s eyes tightly


Some surprises flashed in the eyes of the ugly master, Master Nishang went to find Wayne Lin?

“Master Nishang went to see you?” asked the ugly master.

When Wayne Lin heard this, he relaxed a lot. The Ugly Master’s posture indicated that Nishang was not an enemy at least, “No, she went to Alma Chu.”

Chou Ye was surprised again. He said, “Master Nishang is the righteous daughter of the saint, and also your god-sister, and also a member of the BRAGRUN organization.”

Wayne Lin quickly found the point. He said, “My mother sent her over? Where is she now, take me to see her.”

Chou Ye shook his head and said: “I don’t know where Master Nishang is. She comes and goes without a trace. I can’t control her.”

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He could see that the ugly master was not lying, nor did he ask why he hadn’t notified him earlier that he had neon clothes to come to him. The ugly master has never been considered his loyal subordinate.

Then Wayne Lin didn’t ask more about this matter, because he knew that it was useless if he asked. When the time came, this woman named Nishang would naturally appear.

But the ugly master asked first: “Master, did you go to the Beitianhui branch yesterday to play the field?”

“Yes.” This is not a secret, and Wayne Lin has no need to hide it.

Chou Ye said: “That branch belongs to Brian Gu’s territory, and Yan Chuang is Brian Gu’s subordinate. You are playing Brian Gu in the face when you come to play like this. I believe Brian Gu will come to you soon. “

Wayne Lin shrugged and said indifferently, “Isn’t this what you have always wanted to see.”

The Ugly Master said solemnly: “The Beitianhui is not so easy to deal with, especially Brian Gu is a man of martial arts, and is unfathomable. Many people guess that he has reached the innate state. Master, you still have to be careful when that happens. For the top.”

Feeling that the ugly master is caring for him, Wayne Lin also put aside his ridicule, nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I will be careful. But I guess, Gu Hanxing should be the kid who comes to me first. Tao Sanniang Tell me, Gu Hanxing has already taken that Yipin Xisui Pill, and now it may also be in a congenital state.”

“Tao Sanniang?” There was a gossip expression on Ugly Master’s face.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t guess, Tao Sanniang and I are very innocent. We met by chance and she told me.”

However, the ugly master nodded, and said solemnly: “Tao Sanniang is a good woman, born with a charming bone. I heard that she practiced the Yin technique. She has not broken her body for many years. She is a good furnace for men. For the masters, it is even more supplementary. If the young master can double up with Tao Sanniang, the martial arts of the young master will be improved a lot.”

Wayne Lin almost kicked it over, cursing, “Shut up! What do you mean by me and her. Am I that kind of person? I’m f*cking married.”

The ugly master did not smile, but said with a serious expression: “Master, I’m serious, not kidding. Since ancient times, who is not a powerful man with three wives and four concubines. Master, you are the only son of the saint. It is impossible to guard a woman for a lifetime.”

“Just tell me, I smoked you!” Wayne Lin stared. This clown is talking nonsense. Master, am I such a person? !

Ugly Lord shut up and said nothing.

At the same time, on Gu Hanxing’s side, he was already at the Beitianhui branch. After listening to Yan Chuang’s explanation, he squinted his eyes and furiously. He slapped the table vigorously and smashed the table to pieces. Angrily scolded: “What a Wayne Lin, who is stubborn, dare to run to my site and run wild, I want him to die!!”

Chapter 313

The North Sky Club branch was silent, no one dared to speak at this time to provoke Gu Hanxing.

Now Gu Hanxing is so angry that he wants to burn his body. This Wayne Lin is so deceiving! He didn’t go to trouble with this guy, it was fine, but this guy didn’t even run away, and he dared to find his place and play on the court!

With Gu Hanxing’s violent temper, Wayne Lin couldn’t bear it, and immediately wanted to rush to Ziqiong Media to catch Wayne Lin and beat him to death.

However, reason stopped him, took a deep breath, and cursed harshly: “You dignified the chief of a branch and let Wayne Lin kicked the court by himself. How did you do the chief!”

Yan Chuang was very upset, but he didn’t dare to talk back. Who made Gu Hanxing Brian Gu’s precious son? He said bitterly, “Master Gu, it’s not that I’m useless, but this Wayne Lin is too powerful, so many of us. No one can beat him. I think, only a genius like Gu Shaoye can cure him.”

When Gu Hanxing heard Yan Chuang’s flattery, his face looked good, and he nodded: “That’s true, Wayne Lin is really difficult to deal with, so Master, I can perfectly crush him.”

Yan Chuang nodded quickly in agreement: “Yes, yes, what the young master said is extremely true.”

“Okay, you don’t need to flatter me. Tell me, what is Wayne Lin’s specific strength? Has it reached the innate state?” Gu Hanxing said with some fear, even though he has taken the best cleansing pill now, However, the effect of the medicine has not been completely digested, and it is still a little bit away from the innate realm.

If Wayne Lin is already in the innate realm, then he is not Wayne Lin’s opponent either, he has to rely on his father Brian Gu’s power to get revenge.

“Congenital realm?” Yan Chuang was startled, and then shook his head: “No, there should be no. In him, I didn’t feel the suffocating aura of President Gu watching the world.”

Hearing these words, Yan Chuang breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Wayne Lin was not in his innate realm, he would have the confidence to defeat Wayne Lin.

Thinking about it carefully, he also felt that he had been worrying too much. How could the congenital realm be so easy to reach! He hadn’t held on to such a tenacious will. In the end, he relied on his father Brian Gu’s guardian to barely support it. Now he is only half a step away from the innate realm.

But what Wayne Lin auctioned off was the superb cleansing pill. The effect was even more terrifying, which meant that the pain he suffered after taking it was also heavier. How could Wayne Lin’s little white face have the will to survive?

After thinking about it, he was much more relaxed. He plans to find Wayne Lin’s troubles in the near future. Now his strength is much stronger than before. As long as he meets Wayne Lin again, he is guaranteed to abuse Wayne Lin to the death. .

Thinking of that scene, he couldn’t help but cheer up.


During these two days, Wayne Lin took a short leisure time and concentrated on consolidating his realm.

He knew that such a leisurely life would not last long. He went to the branch of the North Sky Club to play the game, and the North Sky Club stable would come to him for trouble.

These were all in his expectation, saying that so many are all imaginary, the most important thing is to improve one’s own strength, only when one is strong can he take the initiative.

If he guessed well, Gu Hanxing would come to trouble him next.

And now Gu Hanxing probably didn’t know that he had reached the Innate Realm, thinking that he could stabilize him.

This is a good thing, when Wayne Lin broke out and slapped Gu Hanxing in the face severely.

During this period of time, Wayne Lin focused more on investigating the existence of the BRAGRUN organization, but after distributing his own information, he still did not find the shadow of the BRAGRUN organization, as if there was no such organization.

You know, his current energy cannot be underestimated in society, but BRAGRUN organization is still not found. It is conceivable how mysterious the BRAGRUN organization is, it is no wonder that even Tao Sanniang does not know the BRAGRUN organization.

As for the neon clothes, during this period of time, Wayne Lin also did not perceive the other party’s existence, not sure if the neon clothes’ martial arts were much stronger than him, or he was no longer in Hwadrid.

Damon Wang was very efficient in handling affairs. He found a new office building in only two days, and he had obtained many documents.

After Wayne Lin’s performance that day, now recruiting people

It’s also a lot easier.

As a security company, the main core thing is military force, and Wayne Lin’s personal training is certainly not much different.

In addition to the male bodyguards, Wayne Lin also asked Damon Wang to find a group of well-qualified female bodyguards who would be responsible for Alma Chu’s safety.

This summer vacation soon passed, and Alma Chu’s younger brother Shane Chu also ushered in the beginning of school.

“Brother-in-law, can you send me to school?”

Wayne Lin was reading the newspaper in the living room. Shane Chu walked over and asked expectantly.

“I have to go to the company later, so I won’t send you there.” Wayne Lin said. He finally had two days to rest, so how could it be wasted on Shane Chu.

Shane Chu’s face collapsed immediately, moved his butt over, and said pitifully, “Brother-in-law, I beg you, take me over, and I will introduce you two beautiful female classmates when I turn back.”

Wayne Lin was almost choked by his words, and Candice Liu, who was next to him, immediately gave him a violent shudder, cursing: “Babbit, what are you talking nonsense, right?”

Shane Chu was in pain, touched his head, and quickly said, “Mom, it hurts to hit someone. I’m just kidding. But brother-in-law send me to school today, brother-in-law, please.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Candice Liu pinched his ears and cursed: “Your brother-in-law has several companies to manage. Where is there such spare time to send you to school? You are such a big person and you won’t go there. Don’t bother your brother-in-law here, be careful I smoke you!”

Since knowing Wayne Lin’s identity, Candice Liu’s attitude towards Wayne Lin has now changed 180 degrees.

Shane Chu looked aggrieved, with fear and horror in his eyes. Wayne Lin noticed him and said, “Did you get into any trouble, so you dare not go to school alone?”

Shane Chu nodded first, then shook his head vigorously, and said, “No, I just want my brother-in-law to send me to school.”

Wayne Lin couldn’t tell how he looked like this. It was clearly causing trouble, and he didn’t dare to go alone for fear of being beaten.

After thinking about it, Wayne Lin said, “Okay, I will accompany you.”

Shane Chu immediately became happy, “Thank you brother-in-law! I will definitely introduce a beautiful female classmate… Ouch! Mom, why are you hitting me again! It hurts!”

“If you dare to introduce a female classmate to your brother-in-law, I will not only kill you, but also kill you.” Candice Liu scolded angrily.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes helplessly, went upstairs to change his clothes, and then sent Shane to school.

“Let’s talk about it, what did you cause?” Wayne Lin said angrily after getting in the car.

Shane Chu said: “It’s not that Qianfeng yet. He doesn’t know where he has worshipped a master. He has learned some three-legged cat kung fu. It is very arrogant. Last time I went out to sing K with my friends and met them, and I was taught by them. . Now school starts, they will definitely block me at the school gate.”

“So you let me send you to school?” Wayne Lin asked rhetorically.

“Yes, brother-in-law, you are now the big boss of the group. You are so awesome. Calling a few bodyguards over will definitely scare them to death. They won’t dare to bully me anymore.” Shane Chu flattered wildly and asked: “By the way, brother-in-law, where’s your bodyguard? Why didn’t you see anyone.”

Wayne Lin said, “I don’t have a bodyguard.”

“Ah?!” Shane Chu panicked immediately and said hurriedly: “That’s not okay, brother-in-law! Qian Feng and I have agreed to fight on the day of school. Now he must have invited a lot of masters over. If the two of us were in the past, they would definitely have to be repaired badly! Brother-in-law, I don’t care, but you are different. You are the big boss. If you get beaten, it will be bad for your reputation. So let’s hurry up and call some awesome bodyguards over, and directly beat Qian Feng and the others to the ground!”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I never bring bodyguards.”

Shane Chu was even more dumbfounded when he heard it, and quickly said, “Then I will not go to school, so I just quit school, and then I will work in my sister’s company!”

After that, Shane Chu was about to get off the car, and Wayne Lin yelled, “Come back.”

“Brother-in-law…If the two of us go, we will really kill him.” Shane Chu said with a sad face.

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