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Chapter 11

It is good that Vicky Lin is the son of the Lin family, but he is only a concubine. His status in the Lin family is average, and the amount of annual dividends is far less than that of the son. And Wayne Lin is the son, the core child of the Lin family!

Before Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family, he was a servant in front of Wayne Lin. He must be respectful to Wayne Lin and could not do anything to go beyond. Specifically, when Wayne Lin is standing, Vicky Lin must not sit. If Wayne Lin is sitting, Vicky Lin must not lie down, otherwise it will be disrespectful to Wayne Lin!

Logically, Wayne Lin has been expelled from the Lin family and reduced to an ordinary person. Vicky Lin should no longer be in awe of Wayne Lin. But the fact is just the opposite, he now has to awe Wayne Lin even more! Because Wayne Lin had already lost his grievances, he would return to the Lin family sooner or later. The most important thing was that before his death, grandpa Lin Changtian transferred 70% of the family’s assets to his name! It is no exaggeration to say that Wayne Lin is now the most powerful person in the Lin family, and everyone in the Lin family must act according to Wayne Lin’s face.

And some time ago, the family issued an order that anyone who meets Wayne Lin must treat Wayne Lin respectfully, try to get Wayne Lin’s forgiveness, and invite Wayne Lin back to the Lin family to take charge of the overall situation.

It’s just that what he didn’t understand was how could Wayne Lin appear here?

Peter Zhang didn’t know the situation. In front of Vicky Lin, he was so scared that his liver was constantly trembling, and his mind was noisy, trying to control his tone not to tremble, “Lin Shao, I… Actually Shane Chu is not my brother-in-law. I have nothing to do with them… Give me a hundred courage and dare not fight against you, Shao Lin.”

Vicky Lin didn’t respond to Peter Zhang. He looked at Wayne Lin, adjusted his mentality, and when he was about to flatter Wayne Lin, he saw Wayne Lin stare at him, extremely cold and full of threats.

Vicky Lin is smart, and he immediately understood what Wayne Lin meant. He didn’t want him to recognize him.

He was very terrified about Wayne Lin’s behavior. Is Wayne Lin angry with him?

Wayne Lin coughed twice, walked quickly to Alma Chu, and shouted, “Dad, Mom, Alma, brother is okay?”

Seeing him, Alma Chu showed undisguised disgust and contempt on her face, and cursed unceremoniously: “I didn’t let you stay in the car. Why did you run over?!”

Candice Liu also frowned and cursed: “Useless things, who asked you to come over, go back!”

Berry Chu also disliked him very much.

Vicky Lin on the side saw this scene, he was dumbfounded, what is the situation, Wayne Lin was insulted by these three people, and he didn’t dare to reply?

Wait a minute, Wayne Lin just called Dad, Mom?

Wayne Lin gave Vicky Lin a look, and Vicky Lin couldn’t help but shudder, f*cking, he understood that this family is Wayne Lin’s family! And Shane Chu is Wayne Lin’s brother-in-law. It’s over, he actually beat Wayne Lin’s brother-in-law like this, he is dying!

Just when he was shaking with fright and was about to kneel down to confess to Wayne Lin, Alma Chu said to him: “Young Master Lin, we really can’t spend so much money. Our status is humble and we are not qualified to bargain with you, but I hope you will spare my brother, okay? I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you.”

Vicky Lin was terribly scared. This is Wayne Lin’s wife. How dare he be arrogant, and quickly said: “I’m just making a joke with you, how can I let you pay so much money! It’s still mine! , This group of guys didn’t have any seriousness in their attacks. I’m sorry to beat Shane Chu so hard.”

What’s happening here?

Alma Chu was dumbfounded.

Peter Zhang was dumbfounded.


; Berry Chu and Candice Liu also opened their eyes wide.

Don’t talk about them, even the rich second generations who were with Vicky Lin were all startled one by one.

Only Wayne Lin’s face remained unchanged, and he flew another look at Vicky Lin, and then he went over to help Shane Chu and said, “Brother, let’s go back.”

Shane Chu saw that it was Wayne Lin, with obvious contempt and disgust in his eyes. He pushed Wayne Lin away, cursed and rolled away, then stood up and walked to Vicky Lin, bowing at ninety degrees, loudly Di apologized to Vicky Lin.

Vicky Lin kept a smile on his face, patted Shane Chu on the shoulder, and said, “Brother Chu, I just hurt you, sorry.”

“No, no…” Shane Chu was flattered, and he couldn’t speak clearly.

Others also found it incredible, why did Vicky Lin suddenly be so polite? Isn’t it a trick?

Seeing this situation, Peter Zhang didn’t dare to stay for a long time. He clasped his fists and said respectfully to Vicky Lin, thanking Lin Shao, and then gave Alma Chu and the others a wink, and asked them to withdraw quickly, lest Vicky Lin regret it.

“Shao Lin, why did you let them go? Shane Chu, ​​a brute, dare to scold you. It’s not your style not to interrupt his legs.”

“Yes, Young Master Lin! And Shane, this kid’s sister is so much more watery, if it gets to the bed…”

With a slap in the face, Vicky Lin slapped him with a slap in the face before the rich second generation’s words were finished.

Vicky Lin cursed coldly: “Shut up to Lao Tzu!”

The other rich second generations are dumbfounded, and they don’t understand why Vicky Lin wants to beat people.

But they didn’t dare to say anything. Although they were also the second generation rich, they were still far behind Vicky Lin. After all, Vicky Lin was behind the Lin family.

Vicky Lin didn’t care about their feelings, and confessed, “You are not allowed to find Shane in the future, and there will be trouble with his sister, otherwise it will be against me, Vicky Lin!”

They nodded hurriedly, not daring to ask more, they were all guessing in their hearts, depending on the situation, Lin Shao was the sister of Shane Chu.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he followed Alma Chu and the others out of the billiards club, and he was also relieved. Vicky Lin was still quite clever. He realized the look in his eyes and didn’t poke him out.

When he first joined the Chu family, he completely concealed Alma Chu. He didn’t want Alma Chu to misunderstand him, and he didn’t want to get involved with the Lin family from the bottom of his heart!

“Peter, thank you just now. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to save my brother.”

After coming out, Alma Chu said to Peter Zhang gratefully.

Peter Zhang was stunned for a moment, then he waved his hand and said coolly: “Hi, Alma, I don’t like to hear what you say. Your business is my business. Why is it so thank you? Can you see death without saving?”

Berry Chu held Peter Zhang’s hand and said excitedly: “Peter, I really thank you this time. If it weren’t for your face, I don’t know what torture will be. Well, our Chu family owes you a favor!”

Candice Liu also hurriedly thanked Peter Zhang, and gave Shane Chu a hand to make Shane Chu thank the savior.

Peter Zhang smiled so that his mouth was crooked. In fact, he didn’t know how Vicky Lin suddenly changed his attitude and let them go. Is it really because of your own face? Well, it should be like this! The person who has the most face here is him. Vicky Lin must be looking at his face. Is it possible that Wayne Lin is still a waste? What a joke!

Chapter 12

“This is what I should do. After all, I am a good friend of Alma. When Alma is in trouble, I can’t hide like some people, greedy for life and fear of death, right? Haha.” Peter Zhang said strangely, his eyes deliberately looked at the forest. Ming glanced at Wayne Lin with an open flame.

Wayne Lin frowned when he heard this. This Peter Zhang was too shameless. Shane Chu was rescued. Is he related to Peter Zhang for half a dime?

“Peter Zhang, what happened just now has nothing to do with you?” Wayne Lin couldn’t help but said.

Peter Zhang suddenly laughed, “Haha, it has nothing to do with me, does it have anything to do with you? Vicky Lin didn’t give me the face, is it giving you the face of Wayne Lin? A big joke!”

Candice Liu kicked him from behind and cursed, “Wayne Lin, shut up this trash! Something happened to Tian’er, so just hide your trash on the side for fear of death. Now Tian’er was rescued by Peter. , Do you dare to say sour words here? You shameless dog!”

Wayne Lin was kicked and almost fell, and hurriedly wanted to explain, “Mom, I didn’t…”

Before he could finish his words, Berry Chu interrupted him and said coldly, “Wayne Lin, you are too shameful! You used to be useless, but now Peter is my benefactor of the Chu family. Dare to say bad things about him, and quickly apologize to Peter!”


“Don’t call my dad, I don’t have a son-in-law like you, shameful!” Berry Chu scolded.

Wayne Lin hurriedly looked at Alma Chu, hoping that Alma Chu could help him to speak, but found that Alma Chu looked at him coldly, obviously not believing him.

Alma Chu was completely disappointed with Wayne Lin. Shane had an accident. She didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be able to help. To prevent Peter Zhang from getting angry, she deliberately let Wayne Lin stay in the car and avoid doing bad things. As a result, he was disobedient, and he had to run over to brush up on his sense of existence. Now Shane Chu was rescued by Peter Zhang. As Shane Chu’s brother-in-law, Wayne Lin was not grateful, but also said some sour words. It was really disgusting!

Peter Zhang saw Wayne Lin deflated, don’t mention how comfortable he felt, especially Alma Chu’s dislike for Wayne Lin, which made him fly so happy, deliberately acting generous, waved his hand and said, “He’s not No matter if I am willing to apologize, I am not a stingy person, as long as my uncle, aunt and brother Shane believe me.”

I have to say that Peter Zhang, this guy, will really act very well, making this chic look, and even more heightening their hatred of Wayne Lin.

“Wayne Lin, look at the good things you do! I said it’s the same man, why is the gap so big! What kind of face do you have to live in this world!”

“Fortunately, Peter is generous, not as knowledgeable as you!”

“I knew this, four years ago, I shouldn’t have hired you as a rubbish!”

Wayne Lin lowered his head without saying a word. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling, and couldn’t feel the existence of his own heart.

At this time, Alma Chu said, “Okay, he has always been like this, you don’t know. Since my brother has been rescued, please take my brother to the hospital for treatment.”


They remembered the business, Shane Chu would still be bruised and bruised.

Peter Zhang said: “I have a classmate who works as the director of the central hospital. He is very proficient in external injuries. Let’s take Shane Chu’s brother to the central hospital.”

Then he pressed the car key once, and Shane Chu realized that Peter Zhang was driving a Lamborghini. His eyes lighted up, and he said with envy and excitement: “Wow, Dongge, you have already driven a Lamborghini, so handsome!”

Peter Zhang couldn’t hide the desperation on his face, and said: “That’s it, Lamborghini is not expensive, just a few million.”

“Brother Dong, you are so strong, can I take your car?” Shane Chu said excitedly.

“Of course it can.” Peter Zhang nodded, and he glanced at Wayne Lin again, how cool and cool he was.

Shane Chu said, “Brother Dong, if you were my brother-in-law, that would be fine.”

“Haha, if your sister has no objections, I would be happy.”

They got into the car while chatting and rushed out as soon as they stepped on the accelerator. Alma Chu also set off with Berry Chu and Candice Liu, leaving Wayne Lin here alone.

Wayne Lin sighed a long sigh, packed up his broken heart, and prepared to leave. At this moment, Vicky Lin trot over, his face full of awe and respect, arched his waist, and shouted to Wayne Lin, “Brother Wayne, I will not Knowing that Shane Chu is your brother-in-law, he started a little harder and asked Brother Wayne to punish him.”

He put his face in front of Wayne Lin and asked Wayne Lin to slap him a few times.

Wayne Lin was not polite, and slapped Vicky Lin’s mouth with bleeding, and cursed, “Go away.”

Vicky Lin received a slap in the face. He didn’t feel humiliated, but he was relieved. He was afraid that if Wayne Lin didn’t hit him, he would be in serious trouble.

Seeing Wayne Lin leaving on foot, Vicky Lin gritted his teeth and chased him up, putting his posture very low and said, “Brother Wayne, our brothers have not seen each other for a long time. Can we find a place to reminisce about the past?”

Wayne Lin ignored him and continued to move forward.

Vicky Lin caught up again, “Brother Wayne, I know that there is a place where Cantonese cuisine is very delicious and the environment is also very good. Why don’t we go over and eat it?”

Hearing these words, Wayne Lin stopped and looked at him lightly.

He was frustrated by the look of Wayne Lin, and his heart was under great pressure. He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin had been expelled from the Lin family for so many years, and his aura was still so strong. He tried to squeeze out a smile, behaving extremely humble.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded after thinking about it. His mother is a native of Cantonese, and she has kept the habit of eating Cantonese food since he married in Huarvell. He has eaten along since he was a child and also likes to eat Cantonese food. Unfortunately, his mother has already passed away. Hearing Vicky Lin talking about Cantonese cuisine now sparked his memories.

When I arrived at the Cantonese restaurant, I found the box and sat down. Vicky Lin personally poured tea for Wayne Lin and said, “Brother Wayne, you have been in Hwadrid for the past four years. I thought you had gone out of town.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin was very cold.

Vicky Lin continued to look for words, and asked Wayne Lin about it. He was very careful not to mention the fact that Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family four years ago, but talked about some topics that Wayne Lin would not dislike.

However, Wayne Lin has always been very indifferent, and he has no good feelings about the Lin family.

“Vicky Lin, that night four years ago, I remember how many kicks you kicked me too?” Wayne Lin said suddenly, showing a meaningful smile.

When Vicky Lin heard this, he immediately shook his hand, and the hot tea in the teacup was spilled on his pants, but he did not dare to shout a word, and his face became pale with fright, “Brother Wayne, I … I was… my fault, I damn it! I damn it!”

Vicky Lin was so frightened that he kept slapping himself in the face. After a while, he beat himself into a pig’s head, making the surrounding diners look strangely here.

“Let’s talk, the Lin family asked you to come to me, what’s the matter?” Wayne Lin said impatiently.

Vicky Lin knew that Wayne Lin was always smart, but he couldn’t be concealed from this point of caution, so she said it out, “Brother Wayne, what happened four years ago was a misunderstanding. Before his death, my grandpa had already been wronged for you. After knowing the truth, everyone in the Lin family is very guilty that you have suffered so much wronged by Brother Wayne, so the Lin family hopes that Brother Wayne can go back and give everyone a chance to make up for and inherit the Lin family’s property.”

Wayne Lin seemed to have heard the funniest joke, and laughed, “Hahaha, guilt? Make up? Inherit the Lin family’s estate? I think I am eyeing my over 50 billion inheritance, right?”

More than 50 billion heritage! !

When Vicky Lin heard this number, his heart jumped out. Damn, this is too much money! No wonder that when he called back to report just now, the Lin family gave a death order, and he had to hold Wayne Lin anyway.

For a while, he was more respectful to Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin spoke, he could be a dog at Wayne Lin’s feet in minutes.

After Wayne Lin laughed, he stared at Vicky Lin and said, “Want me to return to Lin’s house? Yes, it will be Thompson Chu’s 70th birthday in two days. Then you will let Hanson Lin go there in person and send a gift. If you let me I’m satisfied. I’ll consider going back to the Lin’s house. Otherwise, you’ll be dead. Remember, I’ll only give you one opportunity. If you miss it, there will be no more.”

Chapter 13

Hanson Lin is the uncle of Wayne Lin and the helm of the Lin family.

The decision to expel Wayne Lin from the Lin family four years ago was Hanson Lin’s idea. He would never forget it. The look in his eyes that night was even lower than a dog!

Now that four years have passed, God has long eyes, and grandpa recovered his sobriety before he died, he had been wronged for him, and he gave him all his inheritance. Give him a chance to retaliate against the Lin family!

Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t want to do this, but today’s things have given him too much stimulation, and Alma Chu’s misunderstanding of him has reached a critically ill level. Especially when Peter Zhang took advantage of the futility, Wayne Lin worried that if he let the development go on, Alma Chu would really be deceived by Peter Zhang. This was something he couldn’t accept.

The Lin family is still the first family in Huarvell, when Hanson Lin will come out in person and present a gift on Thompson Chu’s 70th birthday, all misunderstandings will melt away, and Peter Zhang, the villain, will also be exposed.

Moreover, this can also be disgusting to Hanson Lin, killing two birds with one stone.

After Wayne Lin left, Vicky Lin did not dare to delay, and immediately reported to the Lin family.


After hearing the news, many people became furious.

To ask Hanson Lin, the head of the Lin family to be dignified, to give gifts to such a small person like Thompson Chu personally. This is an insult to Hanson Lin and the Lin family!

“Wayne Lin, this wicked animal, is too much, relying on his own inheritance to do whatever he wants! Loyalty, filial piety and righteousness step on his feet!”

“The Patriarch is his uncle anyway, so he humiliates the elders so much, it’s a jerk!”

“It’s all because my father gave the little beast his inheritance before he died, which is more than 50 billion yuan! The total assets of our Lin family add up to around 80 billion yuan. This directly gives away 70% of the family’s assets. Give birth to this little beast. Otherwise, can he be so arrogant?!”

“I just said, he should be beaten to death four years ago!”

“Oh, it’s useless to say anything now. Wayne Lin took the 50 billion yuan. He is the uncle. On the contrary, it is our Lin family who emptied 70% of the property at once. The capital chain broke. If it is not renewed, it will not be maintained. Go down.”

When many Lin family heard these words, they also became silent.

No way, more than 50 billion was taken away at once, which was too hurt for the Lin family. If Wayne Lin didn’t fill the money back, the Lin family’s vitality would be greatly injured and even bankrupt!

So even if they hate Wayne Lin, they have to endure it.

At this time, the aloft Hanson Lin spoke, “Tell Vicky Lin, two days from now on Thompson Chu’s 70th birthday, I will be there in person and send a congratulatory gift!”

“The meeting is over!”

Hanson Lin finished speaking and left the meeting room.


Wayne Lin returned home and found that the door was locked. Alma Chu and the others hadn’t returned yet, and he didn’t have the key, so he could only wait outside the door.

After waiting for more than an hour, the Alma Chu family came back and saw Wayne Lin squatting at the door. Disgust flashed in their eyes.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. After contacting Peter Zhang, the more they looked at Wayne Lin, the more unpleasant they were. Nothing could compare to Peter Zhang. I really don’t know the value of such a man alive!

Only Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin’s pitiful look, and her eyes felt unbearable, and her cold mood softened.

No matter how trash this person is, Wayne Lin is the husband who has taken care of her for four years.

“Have you been waiting here for a long time?” Alma Chu asked.

Wayne Lin felt a hint of concern in Alma Chu’s tone, which made him flattered, and hurriedly shook his head and said, “It’s just over an hour, not long.”

“Next time you don’t have the key, you can call me without waiting that long.” Alma Chu said.

“I’m not afraid to disturb you.” Wayne Lin scratched his head and whispered.

Candice Liu became impatient. She pushed Wayne Lin away and cursed that the dog didn’t stand in the way. He opened the door and slammed the door too hard, knocking Wayne Lin aside. Seeing Wayne Lin in pain, she Sorry proudly that deserves it.

Alma Chu saw this scene, her mouth

His lips moved, and he wanted to say something, but after all he didn’t say it.

Wayne Lin’s character is too weak. No matter how his family bullies him, she always looks like a shame. She wonders if Wayne Lin really has no dignity.

Since Shane Chu was beaten harder today, he stayed in the hospital.

Wayne Lin hand-washed the family’s clothes and performed sanitation again before going into the room to take a bath. She just ran into Alma Chu who had come out of the bathroom. She was very exposed when she saw Alma Chu wrapped in a bath towel, making Wayne Lin suddenly happy.

“Who told you to come in without knocking at the door, get out of here!” Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin coming in, her eyes were on her, and she couldn’t help feeling confused and turned around hurriedly.

She and Wayne Lin have been married for four years, but they have never done the gift of Zhou Gong, and they have not even touched their bodies. They are like strangers.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Wayne Lin apologized quickly and ran out of the room as if running away.

His heartbeat thumped uncontrollably!

Alma Chu’s white skin was full of her mind, lingering.

Alma Chu was always conservative in front of him. This was the first time I saw Alma Chu wrapped in a bath towel. She was really good in shape. After half an hour, Alma Chu came out of the room, put on her clothes, and put her body on Strictly wrapped, he gave Wayne Lin a fierce look!

“Next time you enter the room without knocking, I will goug your eyes out!” Alma Chu said viciously.

Wayne Lin’s little chicken nodded like a peck.

Wayne Lin didn’t sleep well this night, Alma Chu was thinking about it.

In the past, even if he obtained the certification from Alma Chu, he did not dare to have too much illusion about Alma Chu. But now he is different. He got his grandfather’s inheritance. He has counterattacked. He can give Alma Chu happiness, and he can be a well-known couple with Alma Chu!

He couldn’t sleep at the thought of that scene.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Today is the 70th birthday of Alma Chu’s grandfather Thompson Chu. Wayne Lin got up early in the morning. He is looking forward to everyone’s reaction tonight. It will be wonderful.

Contrary to his excitement, Alma Chu was unhappy, because she was going to sacrifice for the family after today.

Originally, she should have been with Mr. Wang yesterday, but Mr. Wang has gone abroad and will come back tomorrow. At that time, it will be her end.

Seeing Wayne Lin still so happy, she kicked Wayne Lin with anger, “Laugh, you still have the mood to laugh! Wayne Lin, you are really not a thing! Grandpa’s 70th birthday tonight, you don’t use it Now, so I don’t want to shame me again!”

No way, he has been looking forward to tonight’s good show these two days.

He quickly said: “Alma, don’t worry, I will never shame you tonight! And not only will I not shame you, but I will give you a face!”

Alma Chu smiled, angrily, “Really? You will have a long face one day? How can you give me a long face?”

Wayne Lin said mysteriously: “This is a secret, I can’t tell you now. Anyway, you can wait, and I will definitely give you a face tonight.”

“It’s still a secret, it sounds like it’s true!” Alma Chu’s eyes fell cold, “Wayne Lin, do you know what I hate you most? I hate you the way you think it is!”

Wayne Lin is not angry. It is rare for him to straighten up in front of Alma Chu, and his eyes are clear and said: “Alma, I know you don’t believe me, you misunderstand me deeply. But I will prove it to you.”

Alma Chu looked at him even more cold and disgusted, “Okay, then I’ll wait!”

Then, she thought of something and sneered: “Since you are so confident, then we’ll make a bet. If you can really give me a face tonight, I promise you a request unconditionally. If you lose, you immediately sign a divorce. The agreement is not allowed to appear in front of me in the future!”

“Alma, don’t you want to see me so much?”

Alma Chu avoided his gaze, “Just say you dare to bet!”

“Okay, I bet!” Wayne Lin was more serious than ever, “If I win, I ask you to be my wife, a wife who is famous and real!”

Alma Chu blushed. She didn’t know what Wayne Lin meant. She cursed in her heart and uttered a word, “Okay!”

Chapter 14

Thompson Chu is a good face. He holds a banquet on his birthday every year, and everyone in the family is present. In previous years, he always held banquets in five-star hotels, which was very pompous to satisfy his vanity, but this year the family’s business was too bleak and the financial deficit was too serious, so he had to set up in old three-star hotels. feast. I’m not embarrassed to invite the boss in the circle, everything is simple.

When Alma Chu’s family passed by, most of the Chu family had already arrived. They were the latest to arrive, and they were stunned right now, “How do you do it? Every year, you are the slowest to arrive. Know that everyone is waiting for you?!”

Thompson Chu also looked over with a bad look. He was celebrating his 70th birthday this year. He was originally going to put on a big show, and he was arrogantly inviting all parties. As a result, he could only hold a banquet in this kind of garbage hotel. He was already very upset, Chu Hua The Xiong family dared to be late, which immediately caused the fire in his heart, “Why are you late, give me a reason!”

Why is it late? It’s not because Candice Liu, the lady who spent two hours putting on makeup, delayed the best time to start. When she went out, she was late in time because of a traffic jam.

“Dad, we didn’t mean to be late. It just happened…” Candice Liu saw Berry Chu want to poke her out, and quickly said, “Dad, I blame Wayne Lin for this trash, going out for a long time, causing us to delay. After a lot of time, I caught up with the traffic jam after I went out, so I was late. This trash is really not enough to succeed!”

Candice Liu slapped Wayne Lin on the back of his head and cursed: “You trash, what are you doing in a daze, don’t hurry up and apologize!”

Wayne Lin was annoyed. It was obviously Candice Liu himself to blame, and he threw the pot on him in a despicable manner. It was disgusting!

He wanted to tell the truth out loud, but if you think about it, forget it. Anyway, when Hanson Lin comes to give gifts in person, everyone will be shocked by him, and Candice Liu will understand how stupid it is to offend Wayne Lin. .

So he endured it and went back without saying a word.

Seeing that Alma Chu silently took it again, she didn’t dare to put a fart. Finally, all expectations of Wayne Lin disappeared completely. She laughed at herself, Alma Chu, Alma Chu, you are really naive. It has been four years. , You still have hope for Wayne Lin?

Yes, today Wayne Lin confidently said that she would give her a long face and gave Alma Chu a little hope. Now it seems that I was too naive, and was deceived by Wayne Lin again!

“It’s Wayne Lin this trash again? Why bring him here? This trash doesn’t deserve to sit with us for dinner.”

“Unlucky! I don’t know what Berry Chu thinks, he would actually hire such a trash to be his son-in-law.”

“That’s not it, it’s a shame to lose our Chu family.”

“Kick him out, I don’t want to see this face.”

Many Chu family members began to complain and mock Wayne Lin mercilessly.

“Don’t make your words so absolute. The last time people broke into the company for his wife and said that they would spend 20 million in a week. Maybe they are a hidden super rich second generation.”

Someone said in a weird way, “It’s no one. It is Sean Chu, who is the most unpleasant to see Wayne Lin. It is his idea to let Alma Chu sacrifice for the family and sleep with President Wang.

“Hahaha, I’m so ridiculous. If he is the second generation super rich, then I will be the richest man in the world.”

Wayne Lin was not angry when faced with the ridicule of so many people.

Instead, the corners of his mouth rose slightly. The more ridiculous these people, the more exciting the reaction after a while, he can’t wait.

Alma Chu couldn’t even laugh when he saw Wayne Lin, and felt that he was completely hopeless.

At this time, Thompson Chu spoke, “Okay, don’t say anything, sit down.”

Then he said to Berry Chu: “Let Alma Chu divorce the marriage in the past two days, and my Chu family will not recruit as a son-in-law.”

Berry Chu nodded in response.

As a result, they looked at Wayne Lin a little more gloating.

Alma Chu sighed, and said inwardly, Wayne Lin, I took you to a divorce the day before yesterday for your own good. If you are smarter and sign the calligraphy, why bother to be ridiculed tonight?

Tonight’s 70th birthday is very shabby, and all together, there are only six tables of people. A seven- or eight-year-old child said, “Mom, how come there are so few people here for Grandpa’s birthday this year? Many people?”

This sentence was not a whisper, and was heard by everyone around him, especially Thompson Chu. After he heard it, his face suddenly became gloomy.

Others dare not speak.

“Little treasure, don’t talk nonsense, eat quickly!”

The child said dissatisfiedly: “The food here is not delicious at all. It is not as good as the hotel on Grandpa’s birthday last year. Mom, I want to eat abalone and lobster!”

Snap, Thompson Chu tapped his chopsticks on the table.

When they were about to lose their temper, a group of people walked in from the door, accompanied by a hearty voice, “The young master of the Carry Forward Group came to congratulate him and presented a golden pig and a pair of century-old ginseng. I wish the old man Chu a blessing in the East China Sea. Nanshan, every year there is today, every year there is today!”

This voice appeared suddenly, making everyone stunned. They didn’t expect that someone would invite congratulations tonight?

Thompson Chu shook his hand and his chopsticks fell to the ground. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Peter Zhang who was walking towards him quickly.

That’s right, the person here is Peter Zhang. He has been waiting for this day for a long time. He knows that Thompson Chu is a face-loving person, and he has great power in the Chu family. In addition, this year’s Chu family’s business is sluggish, and the 70th birthday is very shabby, so he prepared for a long time and spent more than 200,000 yuan to create a hollow golden pig and find a pair of century-old ginseng for the Chu country. Congratulations, won Thompson Chu’s favor, and begged Alma Chu! Make sure that the horse is successful, and you can get it in your hands.

“Grandpa Chu, I’m Peter, Alma Chu’s classmate, I’m here to wish you a birthday, and I hope you will eat and sleep well, and you will live a long life!”

Peter Zhang presented the gift to Thompson Chu and shouted respectfully.

“Good, good!” Thompson Chu was ecstatic, stood up and received Peter Zhang’s gift, shaking uncontrollably with excitement, “Good boy Peter, you can come, Grandpa Chu is so happy, so happy!”

Peter Zhang said: “Grandpa Chu, I’m late, I hope you don’t get rid of strangers.”

“No blame, no blame!” Thompson Chu laughed, watching Peter Zhang look affectionately on Alma Chu. He didn’t know what Peter Zhang meant. He squinted his eyes and said, “Peter, come here. I wish grandpa birthday, grandpa is very happy. If you have any request, say it, grandpa will promise you!”

“Really grandpa?!” Peter Zhang was overjoyed immediately, he was waiting for Thompson Chu’s words!

Chapter 15

“Of course it is true. Grandpa will lie to you?” Thompson Chu laughed heartily, “Let’s talk, what do you want?”

Peter Zhang laughed hey, looked at Alma Chu, knelt down abruptly, and shouted: “Grandpa, I only have one request, that is, I hope Grandpa can betroth Alma Chu to me!”

His voice spread throughout the audience, and the lingering sound echoed, and everyone felt his inner desire.

Alma Chu’s pretty face turned red all of a sudden, Peter Zhang’s hand made her confused and at a loss. Frankly speaking, Peter Zhang has been pursuing her for many years, and he has never had any affection for Peter Zhang in that respect. At best, it can only be regarded as disgusting. But after rescuing Shane from Vicky Lin the day before yesterday, Peter Zhang did not spare any effort. While moving her, she also had some heartbeats. She is a woman who likes a strong man. Peter Zhang’s strength gave her unprecedented Sense of security.

In contrast, Wayne Lin is too bad, and in many cases, his good feelings are relatively good.

Wayne Lin’s face became gloomy in an instant, and this piece of Peter was so deceptive! Saying such a thing in front of him clearly didn’t take him seriously!

All of a sudden everyone looked at him, eyes full of sarcasm and gloat, as if looking at a clown.

Yes, he is now a clown.

He clenched his fists, his eyes were cracked, his chest was filled with anger.

Thompson Chu said meaningfully: “Thompson, Alma Chu is already married, don’t you mind?”

He said don’t mind, not that it was inappropriate.

“Of course I don’t mind!” Peter Zhang said sincerely, “Grandpa, it is true that I fell in love with Alma Chu at first sight, and the love is deep-rooted, and I believe that Alma Chu is my happiness! So I dare to ask Grandpa to take Alma Chu. Betroth to me!”

Candice Liu blushed with excitement in the audience. She was 100 satisfied with Peter Zhang. She was handsome, had money in the family, and respected her enough. She was a perfect son-in-law candidate.

Several women from the Chu family looked at Alma Chu jealously, wishing to marry Peter Zhang.

Thompson Chu’s face was full of smiles, and his heart was full of joy. Although the Carry Forward Group is not a big company, it still has tens of millions of assets. When the Chu family was at its most brilliant, it was no better than the Carry Forward Group. If Alma Chu really Married to Peter Zhang, it was a profit for the Chu family!

As for Wayne Lin, the door-to-door son-in-law, he directly ignored him. In Thompson Chu’s eyes, Wayne Lin was not a person in a certain sense, but just a talking dog.

Thompson Chu smiled and said to Alma Chu: “My dear grandson, do you accept Peter Zhang?”

“I…” Alma Chu was in a panic, not knowing what to say for a while.

Peter Zhang knelt in front of her on one knee, took out an exquisite ring box from his pocket, opened it, and revealed a dazzling diamond ring, which looked very valuable.

“Alma, I have fallen in love with you since I first met you! I didn’t have the courage to say this before. It is a regret for my life to watch you thrown into the arms of others!” Peter Zhang is deeply affectionate! Looked at Alma Chu with countenance, “Now I want to understand that happiness is for myself. Alma Chu, I love you, I love you from the bottom of my heart! I swear to make you the happiest woman in the world, marry how am I?”

As he said, he took out the diamond ring and wanted to put it on Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. He couldn’t bear it, so he rushed to hold Alma Chu and kicked Peter Zhang over. “I’ve had enough of you! Alma Chu is my wife. She proposes?!”

Peter Zhang was kicked over. He was not angry at all, but rather happy. He showed a smile of conspiracy. He deliberately let Wayne Lin beat him. The more Wayne Lin loses his temper, the more Alma Chu hates Wayne Lin.

Sure enough, when Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin beat someone, she immediately became annoyed and cursed at Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin, what’s wrong with you!!”

Then she immediately went over to help Peter Zhang up, “Are you okay?”

In fact, Wayne Lin didn’t kick him very seriously with this kick. He deliberately pretended to be seriously injured, “Alma, I’m fine…cough cough cough…Don’t scold Wayne Lin, because I was too impatient… Ahem…but I really like you. Without you, my life would be meaningless.”

Peter Zhang is very good at acting, which makes people sympathize with him invisibly, and dislike Wayne Lin even more.

Thompson Chu was on fire right now. He slapped the table sharply and cursed: “It’s unreasonable! Wayne Lin, you useless trash, who gives you the courage to beat the young master of the Hongyang Group! You are not worthy of shining shoes! Man, hold Wayne Lin for me!”

Several young guys from the Chu family heard Thompson Chu’s order and acted immediately. They subdued Wayne Lin and pressed them to the ground. They were very violent and even kicked Wayne Lin a few times.

When Peter Zhang saw this scene, the smile on his face could no longer be concealed, he looked at Wayne Lin eagerly, his eyes were saying: Waste, you still want to fight with me like this?

When Alma Chu looked at him, he immediately regained his injured appearance, which was extremely cheap.

“Alma, marry me, okay? I am sincere to you!” Peter Zhang wanted to reach out and grab Alma Chu’s hand, but Alma Chu drew away in panic.

Alma Chu was in a mess at this time, and her mind was messed up, she didn’t know how to decide.

Candice Liu came up, pushed her, and cursed softly: “Silly girl, why are you in a daze?

Promise them tightly! There are not many good men like Peter, is it possible that you really want to spend a lifetime with Wayne Lin? ! “

Alma Chu raised her head and looked at Peter Zhang and Wayne Lin. She found that Peter Zhang was much better than Wayne Lin in any respect.

Seeing that she really wanted to agree, Wayne Lin hurriedly shouted: “Alma! Don’t agree to him! He is a liar! He doesn’t really love you, he just greets you! I heard him and other people. Say, he just wants to trick you into bed and torment him, he has a fiancée!”

When Peter Zhang heard this, he suddenly panicked and cursed excitedly, “Fart! I can learn from Alma Chu’s sincerity, you can’t give Alma Chu happiness to this rubbish, so hurry up!”

Thompson Chu came over, stared at Wayne Lin coldly, and said, “Throw him out.”

Wayne Lin struggled desperately, shouting, “You let me go! I have something to say, I have something to say!”

“Let go of him, what else do you have to say?”

Everyone looked at him coldly, including Alma Chu, and there was no previous attachment in his eyes.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath and said, “You always think that I am rubbish, it’s useless, and I haven’t told you the truth. Now, I’m here to tell you, in fact, the day before yesterday, Vicky Lin was only willing to let it go because of my face. Those who go to Shane have nothing to do with Peter Zhang.”

After he finished saying this, Peter Zhang suddenly laughed, “Hahahaha, I really laughed at me, Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, how does your face grow? I am so embarrassed to say this?”

Berry Chu and Candice Liu also laughed, and were amused by Wayne Lin.

Alma Chu did not smile. She was already extremely disappointed with Wayne Lin. She wanted to save Wayne Lin some face and refused Peter Zhang’s marriage proposal. Now it seems that there is absolutely no need for this!

“What’s the situation? What’s the situation?”

Others were curious to hear it sounded. Peter Zhang said the day before yesterday with extra effort and jealousy. After he finished, he mocked: “I said Wayne Lin, if you brag, you can at least brag, right? Who is Vicky Lin? You know? This chapter is not over, click on the next page to continue reading

Let me tell you, he is the brother-in-law of the Lin family, and the Lin family is the most powerful family in Hwadrid with tens of billions of assets. Will it give you a wasteful son-in-law who can’t even find a job? Do you treat everyone as an idiot? “

Alma Chu said: “Wayne Lin, you go, I don’t want to see you again.”

Wayne Lin said anxiously: “Alma, you have to believe me. What I said is true. Vicky Lin really wanted to let Shane go because of my face. And I have notified Vicky Lin and he waited. Soon, I will come with Hanson Lin, the head of the Lin family, to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. I said I would give you a long face. I definitely won’t lie to you!”

However, Wayne Lin’s words did not arouse Alma Chu’s slightest touch. Instead, she looked at him more coldly and indifferently, even with some sympathy. She already thought that Wayne Lin was crazy, only crazy Would say something like this.

Peter Zhang smiled so that his face was crooked, he had never seen a mentally handicapped person like Wayne Lin, and even Hanson Lin moved out, “Wayne Lin, I think you have a phantasy, right? Thinking that your surname is Lin, just Does it have anything to do with the Lin family? Moved Hanson Lin out, haha. Don’t you know that there are more than 50,000 people surnamed Lin in Huarvell?”

Wayne Lin struggled to break free, walked in front of Alma Chu, and looked at Alma Chu deeply, “Alma, Shane Chu was really rescued by me, no one like Peter Zhang…”

“Get off.” Alma Chu spit out a word without waiting for him to finish.

Wayne Lin was anxious, “Alma, you really have to believe me!”

Alma Chu increased her voice: “Go away! I will let you go!”

Wayne Lin was anxious, trying to hold Alma Chu’s hand and explain it well, but was slapped by Alma Chu and slapped her face hard. With a slap, it was unusually loud, “Wayne Lin, you make me feel sick. The maggots in the dung pond are even more disgusting! Marrying you is really the biggest mistake of my life! Get out, get out of me!!!”

She finally yelled these words almost hysterically.

Wayne Lin’s whole body froze, as if he had been petrified, his eyes were red, his heartache was to the extreme, and he even lost the ability to breathe.

He squeezed his chest tightly, all his strength was emptied, staggered a few steps, and almost fell.

He wanted to laugh to weaken his current pain, but he couldn’t do it. Now his facial nerves were cast in a plaster, and he could only show a bleak and extreme smile, and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, get married. Years, have you ever fallen in love with me for a moment?”

If Alma Chu is calm now, she will answer the correct answer, yes. But she was too angry now, too disappointed with Wayne Lin, too disgusted, so she didn’t care about Wayne Lin’s feelings, and answered coldly, “No.”

Wayne Lin swayed and closed his eyes. Tears flowed down his cheeks silently. “Sorry, you have been wronged in the past four years. I wish you happiness for the rest of your life.”

After saying this, he resolutely turned and left.

Behind him, there was a sound of rolling, rolling, rolling, and someone hit him with something.

Not long after he left, everyone was seated again. Alma Chu was about to agree to Peter Zhang and put on the diamond ring for a marriage proposal. Suddenly, there was a trembling voice from the door, “Oh my god, the Lin family! The Lin family! Patriarch Hanson Lin! Come here in person to wish Grandpa his birthday!!!”

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