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Chapter 16

Everyone present was stunned when they heard this.

Thompson Chu asked, “Which Lin family is it?”

Many people have the same question. It seems that there is no Lin in Thompson Chu’s social circle.

“It’s the Lin family of Huarvell, the Lin family of the first family!” The person who reported the letter said with a red face, and his whole body was shaking with excitement.


Thompson Chu was shocked. In a panic, he spilled all the dishes in front of him and hit him on the foot, causing him pain. But he couldn’t care about the pain anymore. He opened his eyes and said, “Chu Rong! You are not mistaken, the other party is really the Lin family of Hwadrid First Family?!”

Chu Rong swallowed heavily and nodded hard, earnestly like never before, “Grandpa, it’s true!”


Thompson Chu took a breath, and the others were also in a dream. They couldn’t believe it was true, and they couldn’t recover for a long time.

Some people thought they had hallucinations, pinched their thighs, or slapped themselves, “Oh my God, it hurts, it’s not fake!”

Thompson Chu said anxiously: “What are you doing in a daze, please have a request soon, please soon!!”

They didn’t understand why the aloof Lin family would come to congratulate Thompson Chu. This is like the ancient nobles who took the initiative to give gifts to civilians to please.

“I heard that right? The Lin family, who is worth tens of billions, wished grandpa his birthday? When did grandpa have such a big face?”

“Get rich! The other party is the Lin family. If we have a relationship with the Lin family, our Chu family won’t be able to fly on a branch and become a phoenix, hahaha…”

“When the people from the Lin family come, they all cheer up, and we must please the Lin family. This is the opportunity for our Chu family to become prosperous!”

All the Chu family members were extremely excited.

Just when everyone was wondering how the Lin family would congratulate Thompson Chu on their birthday, Candice Liu suddenly slapped her thigh and exclaimed, “I see, the Lin family came to wish the lord because of Peter’s face!”

Her words made everyone look at Peter Zhang.

Peter Zhang was obviously stunned.

He has never dealt with the Lin family. At best, he only said a few words with Vicky Lin yesterday. Does he really have such a great face? Besides, it was Hanson Lin, the owner of the Lin family who came in person this time.

Alma Chu also widened her eyes and looked at Peter Zhang, feeling very unbelievable. Does Peter Zhang really have such a big face?

Thompson Chu believed it, and he said excitedly: “Peter, did you call Patriarch Lin to celebrate grandpa’s birthday? You are really a good grandson-in-law of grandpa, hahaha!”

Peter Zhang was so boasted that he immediately drifted off. He also thought that the Lin family specially wished Thompson Chu his birthday because of his face. He coughed twice and said, “Grandpa, I have a lot of friendship with Vicky Lin. Grandpa, your 70th birthday, I am good at advocating, and I invited Vicky Lin over to congratulate Grandpa. I didn’t expect that he would call Hanson Lin. Grandpa, you shouldn’t be angry, are you?”

Thompson Chu’s face was red, and he uttered the word’OK’ three times. He was extremely satisfied with Peter Zhang and immediately said to Alma Chu: “Alma Chu, Peter is a good man, hundreds of times better than your rubbish ex-husband. After you marry Peter, you must take care of your husband and child, you know?”

The other women in the Chu family were jealous and hated, and they wished they could marry Peter Zhang.

Alma Chu bit her lip lightly and did not speak. She thought of Wayne Lin and thought of Wayne Lin today, and what Wayne Lin said just now that Vicky Lin was because of his face. It was not Peter Zhang’s credit that spared Shane Chu.

Time goes back to ten minutes ago.

Hanson Lin was sitting on the Rolls Royce Phantom on his way to congratulate Thompson Chu on his birthday.

“Dad, do we really want to celebrate Thompson Chu’s birthday? I have investigated that Thompson Chu is just a small businessman, and the Chu family is just a small family. Recently, their company has encountered a serious economic crisis and is about to go bankrupt. Yes. As the head of your Lin family, to congratulate Thompson Chu on his birthday is to slap himself. If this spreads out, it will definitely become a laughing stock.”

Hanson Lin’s son Lin Shao’ang frowned and said.

“Oh, the Chu family is facing an economic crisis. Isn’t it the Lin family? Your grandfather is immortal. Before he died, he transferred his 50 billion inheritance to Wayne Lin. Without these 50 billion, our Lin family The big machine stopped working, and if we didn’t chase the money back, we would be greatly injured.” Hanson Lin sighed and said, “When you see Wayne Lin, you must have a good attitude. Obediently apologize to him, even if they beat you. , Do you know if you have to endure the curse?”

“I’m not reconciled…”

When Hanson Lin and others arrived at the three-star hotel, he did not go up, but asked the people of the Chu family to go up first. Of course, the purpose was not to tell Thompson Chu, but to tell Wayne Lin that they had arrived and they were very sincere.

Hanson Lin sorted his mood, showed a hearty smile, and walked towards the banquet hall in large strides.

“Huarvell Lin JiaHanson Lin came to celebrate birthday, and gave two hundred-year-old ginseng roots, a pair of precious calligraphy, a blue and white porcelain vase of the Song Dynasty, a cash gift package of 9.9 million yuan, I wish the old man a long life and a long life!”

When all the Lin family heard these congratulations, they opened their eyes and held their breaths!

Among other things, this cash gift package of 9.99 million is enough to make your heart stop beating!

Not to mention so many expensive gifts before.

Great, this is really big!

When Thompson Chu heard these congratulations, his old face flushed with excitement, and the smile on his face couldn’t hide it.

Who said his 70th birthday was deserted this year? If Hanson Lin wishes him his birthday, he is already a winner in life. If this spreads out, who would dare to look down on him when looking at Hwadrid? !

People are refreshed at happy events, and Thompson Chu feels that he is at least twenty years younger now.

As for Peter Zhang, he was too excited, and his whole person was so unreliable, not tonight, he didn’t even know that he had such a great face!

If this was his big marriage with Alma Chu, wouldn’t the gift money received have to be doubled?

Berry Chu and Candice Liu had already laughed so hard that they couldn’t see their eyes. They drove away Wayne Lin, and finally the time came, hahaha.

At this moment, Hanson Lin walked in quickly. He saw Thompson Chu at a glance and said heartily: “Old Chu, today is your 70th birthday. Lin came here uninvited and hoped that Mr. Chu will be offended. .”

Thompson Chu had only seen Hanson Lin in the Fortune magazine. Before tonight, he could only look up to Hanson Lin, and he didn’t believe it when he was killed. He would still know Hanson Lin. The excitement can’t say the whole thing.

“Patriarch Lin! It is an honor for Xiao Lao to come and have a glass of wine for Xiao Lao!” Thompson Chu held Hanson Lin’s hand with excitement.

Peter Zhang also took the opportunity to walk up quickly and said to Vicky Lin: “Master Lin, I didn’t expect you to really give me the face and come to give me Grandpa Chu birthday, thank you so much!”

He deliberately yelled loudly so that everyone could hear him, with his head held up and his chest tall, like a rooster that has won the battle, as much as there is a cock.

Vicky Lin frowned, felt something was wrong, and said, “What are you talking about? Who said I’m here to save you face?”

The smile on Peter Zhang’s face suddenly stiffened, a bit embarrassing.

At this time, Hanson Lin showed a displeased expression and glared at Vicky Lin, because he did not see Wayne Lin.

Vicky Lin was stared at by Hanson Lin, he immediately struck a spirit, and directly asked Peter Zhang, “You are missing someone here?”

Chapter 17

“One less person? No.” Peter Zhang said.

Vicky Lin frowned deeper, “Are you sure?”

They came for Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin is not here, what’s the point?

Hanson Lin was also standing there with no expression on his face, which made many Chu family members feel a little embarrassed. Peter Zhang saw something wrong and hurriedly asked Thompson Chu, “Grandpa, who is missing for your 70th birthday tonight? Are you coming?”

Thompson Chu scanned the audience and found that all the people of the Chu family were there, old and young, big and small, who did not come? Besides, this is his 70th birthday of Thompson Chu. He is the protagonist. Who else is there in the Lin family?

With doubts in his heart, Thompson Chu still shook his head and said, “We are all here.”

Are you all here?

Vicky Lin’s and Hanson Lin’s eyes met. Could it be that Wayne Lin tried them, looking at them in the dark?

This is very likely…

Soon, they had an idea and decided to cooperate with the wave.

“Hahaha, no, I was just curious to ask.” Vicky Lin said with a haha.

Then they all sat down and started drinking with Thompson Chu and others.

Facing this level of boss, even if Hanson Lin smiled very friendly, Thompson Chu still felt a lot of pressure, the identity gap was too big, and there was almost no common topic between each other. After talking about some furs, there was nothing to talk about. , The atmosphere froze for a while.

Sean Chu cut his head and wanted to establish a relationship with the Lin family. He rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Just now Young Master Lin said that we were missing one person. I suddenly remembered that we did drive away one. Man, this man is the son-in-law of our Chu family, a trash, hahaha…”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Peter Zhang heard this, his eyes lit up, and he found something to brag about, “Seeing that I have forgotten about this. I don’t have the ability to do this rubbish fart. I still love to brag and be beaten on the spot by us. Don’t say how embarrassed that way, and finally cried, hahaha, don’t mention how good it looks, but unfortunately you didn’t come early, otherwise you can see the embarrassed look of the waste when we kicked it out, hahaha. “

The other people laughed and found the conversation partner. You talked one sentence at a time, telling you how you bullied Wayne Lin and expelled Wayne Lin without mercy. They talked very much, and didn’t notice that the faces of Hanson Lin and the others were getting gloomy.

“Is this trash son-in-law called Wayne Lin?”

Hanson Lin said this sentence almost trembling.

Peter Zhang said that he is on the rise, after a few glasses of wine, he is not so happy now, as if he has reached the peak of his life, “Yes! Patriarch Lin, do you know that?”

With this affirmation, Hanson Lin closed his eyes, his heart was filled with anger!

This time, he was willing to give up and come over to congratulate Thompson Chu in person. It was completely to give Wayne Lin face… No, it should be said to please Wayne Lin!

But as a result, Wayne Lin was actually expelled by the Chu family’s trash!

This scene is so similar to four years ago. Hanson Lin doesn’t feel sorry for Wayne Lin, but he feels so sorry for himself!

After listening to the ridicule of these people just now, Hanson Lin has already sorted it out. Obviously, in order to escape the Lin family in the past few years, Wayne Lin entered the Chu family and hid his edge and lived a wasteful life. Now that Wayne Lin has received a large amount of inheritance, he specifically called them over to raise his eyebrows, but in the end something like this happened. It was a dramatic historical repeat. It is conceivable that Wayne Lin must have brought the Lin family with him. Hate it!

Thinking of more serious consequences, Hanson Lin trembled with anger.


Hanson Lin slapped it violently, making a loud noise, and the ridicule was so intense that everyone was frightened, especially Peter Zhang, who was the nearest, so he fell to the ground in fright.

All the Chu family members looked at Hanson Lin in panic.

“Lin, Patriarch Lin, you, who are you?” Thompson Chu asked cautiously.

Hanson Lin grinned very furiously, staring at Thompson Chu, gritted his teeth, “Thompson Chu, you know I, Hanson Lin, the head of the Lin family, why do you come here to wish you this little man birthday?”

Thompson Chu’s mouth trembled, with a bad feeling, “No, I don’t know…”

“Because I’m giving Wayne Lin face.” Hanson Lin’s face was cold, “The trash that you ruthlessly kicked out!”

Boom! ! !

Thompson Chu’s mind suddenly exploded, his face lost his blood, pale as paper, his body was drawn away and shivering.

Not only him, but others also reacted in the same way. Hanson Lin’s words directly made them all bewildered.

Alma Chu, she was stunned on the spot, her mouth opened wide, and she was stupid.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu were stunned, unable to return to their senses for a long time…

The aloft Hanson Lin actually came here to wish Thompson Chu his birthday because of Wayne Lin’s face?

This… how can it sound so ridiculous! For them, it is more absurd and subversive than the sun is about to rise from the west.

“It’s impossible!” Peter Zhang, who fell to the ground just now, got up and said loudly, “Patriarch Lin, are you kidding me? Wayne Lin is just a rubbish. Even a dog can bully him from the Chu family. Can you give him face? Hahaha…”

Peter Zhang drank a lot of alcohol. He was drunk and unconscious. He was smiling, but no one laughed with him this time. Hanson Lin and Vicky Lin looked at him coldly, and everyone in the Chu family was already I was so scared that I lost my soul.

He finally realized something was wrong, and said to Vicky Lin: “Young Master Lin, please explain to Patriarch Lin that you came to celebrate your birthday after accepting my invitation. It’s not about Wayne Lin’s waste…”

Before he could finish his words, Wayne Lin slapped him with a slap on his face, which was very loud, directly hitting him twice and fell to the ground hard, half of his face was swollen.

“What kind of thing are you worthy of me Vicky Lin to give you face? If I hadn’t looked at Wayne Lin’s face, I would abolish Shane’s rubbish on the spot!” Vicky Lin said murderously, he is very angry now. But there was more fear. Wayne Lin told him to relay the news to Hanson Lin. As a result, the matter was messed up and he offended both sides! And the culprit of all this is Peter Zhang, this beast! He really wanted to kill Peter Zhang now!

Peter Zhang was sober up by this slap, his eyes widened, and he looked at Vicky Lin in horror. He now realized that he had caused a disaster!

Not only him, but Thompson Chu and others also had scalp numb, fear and regret. But they couldn’t figure out why Wayne Lin was not a waste, where could he have such a big face, could he invite Hanson Lin to come and wish Thompson Chu his birthday? This is unreasonable!

“Alma, what’s the situation? When did Wayne Lin recognize Patriarch Lin? Alma, Alma, just talk!”

Candice Liu panicked and shook Alma Chu’s hand, hoping to find the answer from her.

But she was petrified, standing there blankly, her eyes flushed, tears streaming down silently, and her heart was so painful that she couldn’t breathe!

Wayne Lin’s figure is all over her head now…

“Alma, don’t worry, I will never shame you tonight! And not only will I not shame you, but I will also give you a face!”

“It’s a secret, I can’t tell it now. Anyway, wait for it, and I will definitely give you a face tonight.”

“Alma, I know you don’t believe me, and you misunderstood me deeply. But I will prove it to you.”

“If I win, I ask you to be my wife, a wife who is famous and real!”

“Alma, have you ever fallen in love with me for a moment in the past four years of marriage?”

“Sorry, you have been wronged in the past four years. I wish you happiness for the rest of your life.”

Every word that Wayne Lin had said appeared in her mind, especially in the end Wayne Lin’s heartbroken, desperate, and embarrassing appearance of leaving, like a needle, ruthlessly pierced her heart, causing her whole body pain. Spasms, unsteady body.

It turned out that Wayne Lin never lied to her from beginning to end, but she never wanted to believe in Wayne Lin and hurt Wayne Lin over and over again!

The next moment, she rushed out violently.

She wants to find Wayne Lin personally!

Chapter 18

Alma Chu’s actions deeply stimulated everyone in the Chu family!

Thompson Chu rolled his eyes and almost passed out.

The other Chu family members also realized that they had caused a disaster, and regretted each one to the extreme. They knew that Wayne Lin knew Hanson Lin, and they would not dare to humiliate Wayne Lin like this, let alone drive him out!

Soon they all pointed the finger at Peter Zhang, if it weren’t for this guy to propose to Alma Chu, it wouldn’t be such a thing!

This is over, it’s over, and offended the Lin family, don’t even think about hanging around in Hwadrid.

Hanson Lin left, taking the congratulatory gifts he gave to Thompson Chu.

They walked for half a minute before anyone dared to speak, “Wayne Lin, how did you recognize a big man like Hanson Lin?”

He asked everyone’s questions, but no one knew the answer.

“Will Wayne Lin also belong to the Lin family?” someone asked timidly.

He was immediately denied, “This is impossible! I have investigated Wayne Lin’s information. It is a poor person from the countryside, and his parents died early, so he cannot belong to the Lin family. Moreover, if Wayne Lin is really from the Lin family, what? Will you come to our Chu family? How could the Lin family remain indifferent after four years of frustration in the Chu family?”

This inference has been approved by others.

“I guess that Wayne Lin should have gotten Hanson Lin’s favor by accident. Taking advantage of his father’s 70th birthday this time, he wanted to be proud, so he asked Hanson Lin to come over to cooperate with him to act!”

“This makes sense. Didn’t I see Wayne Lin just now that Vicky Lin let Shane Chu go because of his face?”

“This Wayne Lin is really harmful!”

“Anyway, let’s find Wayne Lin first, let Wayne Lin and Hanson Lin explain clearly and clear up the misunderstanding, otherwise our Chu family will really be over!”


Alma Chu hurriedly ran out of the hotel and did not see Wayne Lin. She madly called Wayne Lin and prompted to shut it down, including consulting the security guard at the hotel entrance and the owner of a nearby store. She didn’t know Wayne Lin’s presence. It seemed that Wayne Lin had disappeared from her world.

So where did Wayne Lin go?

When the time went back half an hour ago, he came out of the hotel as if he lost his soul, already heartbroken.

He walked aimlessly, desperate, and was almost hit by a car several times.

As he was walking, he suddenly heard a noisy noise behind him. Wayne Lin looked back and saw the scene that made him angry. He saw two young men and two women bullying an old man.

The old man was a fruit vendor. The fruit in the cart was spilled all over the floor. The four young people were ruining them one by one, letting the old man begging for mercy and would not give up. They were still cursing, “Old dead, you Without looking at who we are, how dare we sell bad fruits to us? It caused us to have diarrhea!”

The old man shouted injustice: “Heaven and earth conscience, I have never sold bad fruit, you have to talk about conscience!”

“The dead old man, dare to quibble, trample on his fruit, and see how she will harm people in the future!”

“Don’t step on my fruit, don’t step on my fruit, please…”

The old people are about to kneel down to beg them. They are still indifferent. They are all young people in their early twenties with excitement and joy on their faces. To do such a bad thing is very exciting for them and an achievement.

Many people around did not dare to go up and uphold justice.

Wayne Lin couldn’t stand it anymore, he immediately walked up and shouted to stop!

His violent shout made everyone’s eyes look over, and the four young men stopped trampling.


nb”Old man, are you not injured?” Wayne Lin helped the old man and asked with concern.

“I am not injured, but my fruit, my fruit…” The old man saw the messy fruit in this place, and her tears shed tears.

Wayne Lin was very angry, staring coldly at the four young people, “As young people, you are bullying an old man here, your upbringing has been eaten by dogs?”

“Who are you, dare to be nosy?!”

“Where is the rubbish? I want to be a hero, right? I’ll give you three seconds and let me get rid of it quickly, or I will do it with you!”

“Looking at the stalls he wears, you know he is a poor man.”

“Hurry up and get out of my way, or you’ll be beaten together”

When they caught Wayne Lin, it was a mockery, and one of the men wanted to come and push Wayne Lin.

“Lao Tzu recognizes you, aren’t you the trash son-in-law of the Chu family?”

One of them in white clothes recognized Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin also recognized that this guy was Sean Chu’s brother-in-law. He had met several times before, and he had forgotten his name. He was a thorn in his business.

“You are Sean Chu’s brother-in-law, I think you also go to school, your teacher teaches you to respect the old and love the young, where is the courtesy, righteousness and shame? People who are twenty lads come here to bully the weak Old man, don’t you feel ashamed?” Wayne Lin stared at him and said.

Wayne Lin’s words aroused many people around him and condemned the four young people.

Sean Chu’s younger brother-in-law’s expression immediately darkened, and he stepped arrogantly, walked up to Wayne Lin, pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose, and cursed: “You’re a trash thing! If it wasn’t for my brother-in-law’s family to support you, You can’t even eat shit like this kind of waste! Do you have the face to teach me?”

Wayne Lin frowned. He was in a bad mood and was too lazy to wrestle with him. He said directly to the old man: “Old man, I will send you back. I will personally compensate you for the fruits you lost. Do you think it will work?”

The old man looked at the rotten fruit in this place, she shook her head distressedly, and said with a sigh: “Forget it, young man, this matter has nothing to do with you. I don’t need to pay me compensation. Just treat me as unlucky. The beast is born.”

Her words immediately aroused the anger of this group of young people, and they clamored one by one, “Dead old thing, who do you say is a beast!”

“I think you want to go into the coffin, right?”

Even with that, Wayne Lin was insulted by these people. He was obviously an educated young man, but his words were extremely unsound and unbearable.

Wayne Lin couldn’t listen anymore, so he cursed back, and they wanted to come up to fight Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a voice of excitement and surprise came from the crowd, and then a man in a suit and leather shoes walked over quickly, “Wayne Lin!!!”

Wayne Lin frowned when he saw this man, because he was not someone else, it was Sean Chu who had damaged him in the hotel just now.

When Sean Chu’s brother-in-law saw Sean Chu, he was overjoyed and hurried to greet him, “Brother-in-law, you just came here, Wayne Lin is a trash, just now I dared to call me a beast, and he said a lot of bad things about you, brother-in-law!”

Hearing what the brother-in-law said, Sean Chu immediately had a bad feeling, and then he saw Wayne Lin’s cold face, his scalp was numb, staring at the brother-in-law, gritted his teeth and said, “Did you scold him?”

My brother-in-law was very excited. I didn’t realize that Sean Chu’s expression was wrong. He thought that Sean Chu was on his side, and said with a gratitude: “Yes, brother-in-law, I know you are particularly disgusted with this trash. I just scolded him. Blood is coming…”

Snapped! ! !

Before he finished speaking, Sean Chu kicked him heavily on his stomach, kicked him twice on the ground, and screamed. He was stunned and didn’t understand why the brother-in-law who treated him well would beat him.

Chapter 19

Everyone at the scene was taken aback by Sean Chu’s violent action.

Especially the remaining three young people were even more confused. They had all met Sean Chu and knew that Sean Chu was Zhang Long’s brother-in-law, and he treated Zhang Long quite well. Why did they suddenly attack Zhang Long?

Zhang Long himself cried out aggrievedly, “Brother-in-law, you are crazy! Why are you hitting me?!”

Sean Chu could only wish to kill Zhang Long. After Hanson Lin and the others left, all of them panicked and understood that the situation was grim. Once the Lin family became angry, the Chu family would be wiped out in minutes!

They didn’t care about how Wayne Lin got into the relationship with the Lin family. The first task was to find Wayne Lin in the shortest time possible and ask Wayne Lin to call Hanson Lin and explain that it was a misunderstanding. Otherwise, Hanson Lin and others The anger when people finally left, the Chu family is really going to die.

As a result, he finally found Wayne Lin, but saw that Wayne Lin was bullied by his brain-disabled brother-in-law, and even scolded so many ugly words. Seeing Wayne Lin’s gloomy expression, he couldn’t help but feel dizzy.

“Hit you? I want to kill you!” Sean Chu was puzzled. He kicked Zhang Long a few times in the past. Only then did Zhang Long realize that his brother-in-law was really upset. He didn’t dare to talk back and hold him. Sean Chu hit the head.

Sean Chu vented his anger and hurriedly walked to Wayne Lin and said politely, “Wayne, what happened just now was a misunderstanding. Don’t take it to heart. In fact, I have always been optimistic about you. “

Wayne Lin still didn’t understand why Sean Chu did this. It was nothing more than that after he had left, Hanson Lin and others passed by, and the Chu family found out that he had caused trouble and made up for it.

Seeing Wayne Lin staring at him, Sean Chu didn’t say a word. He felt the tremendous pressure, cold sweat on his forehead, and his heart was very aggrieved. In the past, he used to be in front of Wayne Lin with a high status, how humble as he is now Passed. I really don’t know what kind of shit luck Wayne Lin took to hook up with a big man like Hanson Lin.

Wayne Lin sneered: “I am a waste son-in-law, but I can’t afford your apology.”

After speaking, he helped the old man to leave.

Why is Sean Chu willing to let him leave, hurried to trot over, stopped him, and apologized in a low voice, “Wayne, I know we were wrong just now, we shouldn’t be doing this to you, please go back? We are wrong, really wrong I will definitely treat you as an ancestor in the future.”

Looking at Sean Chu’s humble appearance, Wayne Lin only felt an unprecedented relief. In the past four years, he has been insulted by Sean Chu.

“It seems that you have offended the Lin Family a lot. I guess you guessed it, how did you drive me out of the Chu Family? You should show it to Hanson Lin, right?” Wayne Lin said without a smile.

Sean Chu’s heart jumped, and he whispered inwardly. When did Wayne Lin become so smart?

“These are all misunderstandings. You are Alma Chu’s husband and our Chu family’s son-in-law. How could we really drive you out? Wayne, you know your righteousness, so you won’t be so stingy and care about us?” Sean Chu bent over and said, keeping his posture to the lowest.

“Misunderstanding? I don’t see it as a misunderstanding. You call me wasteful. Who has been my own person?” Wayne Lin said this, uncontrollably excited, “I joined your Chu family, how much did you eat? Angry, how much insults have been received? Especially you, Sean Chu! Did you insult me ​​less? He also advocated that Peter Zhang propose to Alma Chu to humiliate me? Haha, you don’t think I know Hanson Lin, don’t you understand me? Why can you call Hanson Lin over to congratulate Thompson Chu on his birthday!”

“Now that I have offended the Lin family to death, I remembered me. I thought I would call Hanson Lin and explain that this was a misunderstanding? I tell you, no way!”

Wayne Lin almost gritted his teeth and said this sentence. In the end, his eyes were red and bloodshot.

Sean Chu panicked even more. He pleaded: “Wayne, this is

Misunderstandings are all misunderstandings! “

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him, and turned to leave again.

Where did Sean Chu dare to let him go and catch up again, he was sweating profusely and was about to cry.

“Go away, stop me again, I will call Hanson Lin now and let your Chu family be destroyed!” Wayne Lin said coldly.

Sean Chu was really going to cry now, he could only watch Wayne Lin leave.

However, when Wayne Lin walked out of the crowd, he saw a beautiful woman standing ahead, staring at him.

No one, it is Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin’s body trembled when she saw her, her nose was sour, and the sorrow and sorrow in her heart surged, bowing her head and not looking at her, and left in another direction.

“Wayne Lin!”

Alma Chu called out his name.

He paused for a while, did not stop, and left at a faster pace.

Alma Chu saw him leave and ran after him.

Wayne Lin heard her footsteps, speeded up and ran directly behind.

Alma Chu also ran, but she was wearing high heels and was a weak woman. Where did she run past Wayne Lin, she accidentally got her foot and fell to the ground with a scream.

Wayne Lin looked back reflexively and saw that Alma Chu fell to the ground with tears on his face. His hardened heart suddenly softened.

Alma Chu sat on the ground, looking at him aggrievedly, he sighed in his heart, and cursed himself twice as useless, walked back, helped her to sit on a stool next to him, did not speak, and silently helped Alma Chu massage the injured Ankle.

“Wayne Lin, I’m sorry…” Alma Chu said guiltily.

Wayne Lin didn’t respond, he helped Alma Chu massage and was comfortable, and he was about to leave after standing up. From beginning to end, he did not look at Alma Chu.

Seeing that he was leaving, Alma Chu quickly grabbed his clothes, pleadingly, “Don’t go…”

“Aren’t you going to marry Peter Zhang? Why are you coming over to find me?” Wayne Lin tried to make his tone normal, but he still trembled slightly uncontrollably.

Four years of marriage, how can it be broken?

Alma Chu red eyes and said: “I was wrong, forgive me this time, can you?”

Hearing this, especially Alma Chu’s cry, Wayne Lin’s heart immediately softened.

Wayne Lin is not a real hard-hearted person either. He really knew that he was wrong when he saw Alma Chu begging for himself like this. The anger in his heart disappeared, and he nodded and said, “Yes.”

Alma Chu immediately smiled.

When they returned to Chu’s house, Thompson Chu and others were waiting anxiously. Seeing Wayne Lin came back, they hurried to meet him, and apologized to Wayne Lin, explaining that what was just now was a misunderstanding and would never drive you away. Things like that.

Wayne Lin saw that they were sincere, his anger disappeared, and he forgave them.

Thompson Chu and the others received Wayne Lin’s forgiveness, and they couldn’t wait to say: “Then quickly make a call with the Lin family leader to show that this is a misunderstanding!”

Wayne Lin nodded and called Vicky Lin. In a few words, he explained the misunderstanding without revealing his identity.

After hanging up the phone, all the Chu family members breathed a sigh of relief. Thompson Chu asked cautiously: “Wayne, what is the relationship between you and the Lin family? Why didn’t you tell us before?”

Everyone held their breath and looked at Wayne Lin nervously and expectantly.

Chapter 20

“Last month, when I returned to my hometown to worship my ancestors, when I went down the mountain to buy water for everyone, I happened to run into Hanson Lin heatstroke. I rescued him blindly. He was very grateful to me and said that he owed me a favor. , It just happens that today is not Grandpa’s birthday, so I called him over to save the Chu family. Who knows you…” Wayne Lin stopped here, and his meaning was self-evident.

He clearly saw that all the Chu family members showed awkward expressions.


A resounding slap sounded, and Sean Chu slapped himself vigorously, and cursed: “Grass! I knew I should buy water that day. It should be me who saved Hanson Lin!”

Others were also remorseful. They were all there when they returned home to worship their ancestors last month. At that time, they drank all of their water on the mountain, and they were reluctant to buy water. They called Wayne Lin to run errands, but they didn’t expect Wayne Lin to get it. A good fortune! I knew I would meet Hanson Lin, and I would not miss this opportunity to climb to the sky if I killed them!

Seeing how regretful they were, Wayne Lin felt very happy. In the past few years, he has been discriminated against and bullied in the Chu family. Last month, when he returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors, everyone left his dirty work alone. Do, and now they regret that their bowels are also green.

Candice Liu changed his previous bad attitude towards Wayne Lin, and said flatly: “Wayne, since Hanson Lin owes you a favor, he will definitely not refuse your request, right? You call Hanson Lin another day and let him He introduced a girl from the Lin family, and let your brother Shane Chu get to know him. Your brother is getting married.”

Berry Chu also said, “Yes, you are a brother-in-law, and you have to think more about your brother. Your brother usually respects you.”

Wayne Lin was not happy when he heard these words. When did Shane Chu respect my brother-in-law?

“Hey, how old is Shane Chu in your family? You are still in college, where do you need Wayne to introduce him to someone!” An elder of the Chu family glared at Berry Chu and Candice Liu, and then said to Wayne Lin with a smile: ” Wayne, in fact, my uncle has always been optimistic about you. I used to tell your father-in-law and mother-in-law that you are a good seedling, and there will be promises in the future. Your father-in-law and mother-in-law still don’t believe it. As expected, now it turns out that Jin Lin is The thing in the pool, once the wind and cloud changes! Hanson Lin is the richest person in Hwadrid. It is difficult for how many people want to see him. As a result, Wayne asked him to come over to celebrate the old man’s birthday in person with just one call. What a gift, Wayne, you really won honor for our Chu family!”

This elder is called Chu Huayou, Sean Chu’s father and Alma Chu’s uncle. His flattery came over, refreshing, people who didn’t know thought he really liked Wayne Lin.

His voice changed, and his smile became more intense, “Wayne, now our Chu family company is experiencing difficulties. Tell Patriarch Lin, let him take care of our Chu family more in business in the future. Remember your credit!”

Wayne Lin heard a sneer. In the past, Chu Huayou did not humiliate him. He called him a countryman one by one, and looked down upon him with a guilty contempt. Now that he and Hanson Lin have reached a relationship, he is flattering, Wayne looked down on such people from the bottom of his heart.

The others were not to be left behind, and they gathered around one by one to talk about their needs and let Wayne Lin satisfy them.

Looking at their ugly faces, Wayne Lin only felt nauseous.

He said embarrassedly: “I can’t help everyone.”

“What? Wayne, what do you mean by this?”

“Yes, we just spoke a bit harder to you, but you don’t have to be so stingy, we are your elders anyway.”

“You saved Hanson Lin’s life. Our little request is a trivial matter for you. As the door-to-door son-in-law of our Chu family, are you reluctant to help with this little help?”

They all began to blame Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin sneered, showing

The face continued to embarrassed, “Dear elders, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that I can’t help. I saved Hanson Lin. He owed me a good favor, but this favor has already been paid.”

When they heard this, they were all stunned.

Wayne Lin continued: “Oh, originally I invited Hanson Lin over to congratulate Grandpa on birthday. It is not a favor, but you drove me away and made Hanson Lin angry and wanted to destroy the Chu family. I just called on the phone. Hanson Lin was relieved of his anger, but the favors he owed were also repaid. They are the heads of the Lin family. They are high above them, and they can come and go as they call it.”

Their expressions were stiff, and they felt as uncomfortable as if they had eaten shit. If they knew this was the result, they wouldn’t drive Wayne Lin out if they were killed!

Sean Chu thought of a little, and hurriedly asked, “We don’t want Hanson Lin to pay back the favor, but the birthday gift he gave to grandpa can always be taken back? He gave it to grandpa, it is the property of our Chu family!”

Others also reacted, yes, Hanson Lin sent two centenary ginseng, Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain, precious calligraphy, and most importantly, there are 10 million in cash! This is worth twenty to thirty million, right?

“They took back all the birthday gifts they sent?” Wayne Lin asked weirdly.

“Yeah, yeah, they are all taken back. They are worth 20 to 30 million yuan, Wayne Lin, please call and ask Hanson Lin to send the birthday gift. How can the gift be taken back?” Chu Huayou said displeasedly, his words were echoed by other people. Now the Chu family is very poor, not to mention twenty to thirty million, or two to three million, which is not a small sum.

However, Wayne Lin sighed and said, “Dear elders, how can you let Hanson Lin take back the birthday gift? Do you still have to take back the things you took back? Anyway, I have nothing to do with Hanson Lin anymore. He was there just now. On the phone, I’m impatient with me, I can’t get back for my birthday gift.”

“No way……”

“Oh my God, what have we all done!”

“The value of twenty to thirty million, just like this…”

Many Chu family members wailed for a while, and regretted it very much.

Thompson Chu’s face turned green, and he finally couldn’t hold back, and slapped a few Chu family members on the faces, “It’s all to blame for your group of beasts, you must be ugly to Wayne Lin, and he kicked Wayne Lin out and offended him. Hanson Lin! Originally, our Chu family could hug the thigh of the Lin family, and from then on, there was nothing left. Even Lao Tzu’s birthday gift was lost by your beasts! Lao Tzu killed you, Lao Tzu killed you !!!”

Thompson Chu’s mentality collapsed and he slapped Sean Chu and the others in the face like crazy. The scene was very exciting.

Knowing that Hanson Lin will no longer talk to Wayne Lin, it is equivalent to that Wayne Lin has no value. The Chu family has restored their previous bad attitude towards Wayne Lin, and even began to complain that Wayne Lin did not tell them about Hanson Lin in advance. , Wasted an opportunity to make a fortune!

On the way home, mother-in-law Candice Liu kept talking, getting more angry as she talked, and poked Wayne Lin a few times in the forehead.

Until Alma Chu couldn’t stand it, she stared at Candice Liu and cursed: “Mom! I said you can stop the meeting. From beginning to end, Wayne Lin has done nothing wrong! If it wasn’t for Wayne Lin to call Hanson Lin to plead, Now our Chu family is gone.”

“Hey! Alma Chu, where did I say you are standing, I am your mother, and you still confront me?” Candice Liu cursed with her arms folded, “Furthermore, did I wrong him? If he told him to save him earlier After Hanson Lin’s life, will today’s things happen? I think he doesn’t have this home in his heart! Let’s not say that, for the sake of the family, you have to borrow the king’s 20 million turnover and accompany the king to sleep. Wayne Lin is a little conscientious. He is a man. Will he just ignore it? Twenty million, for Hanson Lin, is a pocket money, right?!”

Hearing this, Alma Chu was also heartbroken.

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