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Chapter 21

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s expression and hurriedly explained: “Alma, I am absolutely not dead, I…”

Alma Chu interrupted him: “I know, you told me several times, but I didn’t believe you.”

Candice Liu’s face changed, and she hurriedly asked, “What do you mean, Wayne Lin gave you 20 million, and you rejected her?”

Alma Chu bit her lip and didn’t speak. Now she regretted it too much. Wayne Lin told her more than once that she had 20 million and could help her through the difficulties, but she didn’t believe it, and even cursed Wayne Lin. Meal! Speaking objectively, Wayne Lin really couldn’t be blamed.

But she still couldn’t help complaining in her heart. Why didn’t Wayne Lin tell her hard? As long as Wayne Lin was harder, she would believe it!

The more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I feel.

Tomorrow Mr. Wang will be back, and then she will be with Mr. Wang for three days and three nights. It will be a hellish day!

Wayne Lin felt Alma Chu’s complaint, and he didn’t feel like it. At this time, Berry Chu said: “Wayne Lin, you should have borrowed 20 million from Hanson Lin, and it is not too late to hand it over!”

“I didn’t borrow money from Hanson Lin.” Wayne Lin lowered his head and said.

Hearing this, Candice Liu became even more annoyed. He slapped Wayne Lin on the face and yelled, “You are such a rubbish! If someone else had the opportunity to get the favor of Hanson Lin, they would have been so prosperous and up to the sky in one step! Good luck, God! I gave you a chance to make a fortune, but you used it to waste it! Wayne Lin, don’t think I don’t know what you think. You called Hanson Lin over on the 70th birthday of Thompson Chu, just to pretend , I want everyone to know that you are awesome and want everyone to hold your stinky feet, isn’t it? It’s a nice thing to say, give Alma a face, you are such a long face? For your poor face, even your wife No more innocence?!”

Wayne Lin received a slap in the face and his face was sorely painful. He hurriedly explained: “Mom, things are not what you think. I called Hanson Lin over, not to pretend…”

“Then what are you doing? You say it! I can’t tell you!” Candice Liu poked Wayne Lin’s forehead, saliva sprayed on Wayne Lin’s face, “Two hundred-year-old ginseng, Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain, 10 million cash gift package, Very prestigious! The good luck of your life earned Hanson Lin a favor, and the result was used to give it to Thompson Chu? Wayne Lin, you are really not a thing! You have eaten mine, used mine, you spent the past four years Are they a penny? If we hadn’t supported you kindly, you would have starved to death!”

Wayne Lin was so uncomfortable being scolded and wanted to explain, but immediately he saw that Alma Chu’s eyes were full of disappointment and disgust, and his enthusiasm became cold again.

“Okay, mom, don’t say it!” Alma Chu interrupted Candice Liu rudely, “Wayne Lin is not wrong. He told me that he could help me with 20 million. I didn’t cherish the opportunity and I deserved it. It has nothing to do with him! Moreover, Hanson Lin was saved by him, and how he wants to consume this favor is his business, and no one else has the right to influence him.”

Hearing these words, Wayne Lin was even more uncomfortable. It turned out that Alma Chu’s impression of him had never changed.

Seeing Alma Chu’s disappointed look, he wanted to tell Alma Chu his true identity, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed it back.

There is no need for this, and regardless of whether Alma Chu believes it or not, even if Alma Chu believes it, Alma Chu’s character will only despise herself even more, thinking that she is playing tricks on her.

So he still held back it. It will be a long time to come. Since he has inherited his grandfather’s inheritance now, and some of it is money, then he will always make Alma Chu fall in love with him!

Alma Chu waited for him to explain, but after waiting for a long time, Wayne Lin didn’t speak, and she was in a daze with her head down. She became even more disappointed and disgusted with Wayne Lin. At the same time, she laughed at herself, an old couple who had been married for four years. Don’t you know Wayne Lin enough? Really expect Wayne Lin to be a man

Can’t get back?

Seeing that Alma Chu was really angry, Candice Liu stopped insulting Wayne Lin and became increasingly displeased with Wayne Lin. When she got home, she couldn’t wait to order Wayne Lin to do housework in order to wash Wayne Lin more clothes. , She also immediately changed her clothes and threw them to Wayne Lin, exhausting Wayne Lin, the white-eyed wolf!

Wayne Lin didn’t say a word, but silently accepted it.

When Wayne Lin finished these housework, they all finished their meal, only a little leftovers were left, and he ate them hungry.

Wayne Lin and Alma Chu didn’t say a word this evening, and they didn’t even have the opportunity to look at each other. Alma Chu kept her face cold the whole time, treating him as a transparent person.

When Wayne Lin woke up the next day, he saw a brand new divorce agreement on the dressing table, with Alma Chu’s name already signed on it, and a note next to it, which was written by Alma Chu : Wayne Lin, I’m going to accompany Mr. Wang tonight. I don’t blame you for not helping me because of your ability. I deserve it. I have signed this divorce agreement. As long as you sign your name, we will be officially divorced. In this way, you are not betrayed by me. Of course, if you don’t want to get a divorce and are willing to guard my defiled woman, I won’t force you.

Wayne Lin looked at this divorce agreement, his eyes burst into a sharp look, “Alma, don’t worry, I won’t let you be defiled!”

He took out his cell phone and pressed a series of numbers. After the call was made, he straightforwardly said: “Hanson Lin, I will wait for you at the Chelsea Cafe in 20 minutes. If you can’t make it within 20 minutes, you will be at your own risk. “

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

On the other side, Hanson Lin was in the lover’s villa, just after taking a shower, and was about to indulge. When he received this call from Wayne Lin, he was shocked. He didn’t dare to delay the slightest, and hurriedly got up from the bed. He accidentally fell and grinned in pain.

His abnormality made the beauties on the bed unhappy, and said coquettishly: “My dear, you just came, why are you leaving again? Did your tigress call you! I don’t care, I want you to accompany me today! “

With that said, the beauty grabbed Hanson Lin and prevented Hanson Lin from leaving. Hanson Lin slapped her face with a backhand, “Go away, let go of me! If you delay me, I will kill you!”

The beauty was terrified. She had known Hanson Lin for so long, and it was the first time she saw Hanson Lin in such a panic and angry.

Hanson Lin had to panic. He went to the Chelsea Café. It was a long distance. It usually took half an hour to get there. Now Wayne Lin only gives him 20 minutes. He can’t afford to waste a second!

He grew up watching Wayne Lin grow up, and he knew Wayne Lin’s character very well. Don’t look at Wayne Lin’s usual appearance of harmless humans and animals. Once a decision is made, the nine cows cannot be brought back. Now that the Lin family is in an economic crisis, if he offends Wayne Lin, it will be over.

So he didn’t care about getting dressed. He just ran out wearing pants, got into the car, and told the driver loudly: “Go to Chelsea Cafe, 20 minutes… No, I’ll be there in 18 minutes, if you can’t make it. When you get there, you will f*ck me!”

As soon as the driver heard this, his whole body was shocked. Wherever he dared to ink, he slammed on the accelerator and the Rolls-Royce Phantom jumped out roughly.

Overtaking all the way, running through the red light, and finally rushed to the Chelsea Cafe within 19 minutes, Hanson Lin got off the car and ran in at a running speed.

Many people in the cafe were drinking coffee, and they frowned when they saw him rushing in. They were affected. But soon, they saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked outside the door, and they all showed shocked expressions. This is the super boss!

Especially next, when they saw such a big boss, he actually trot to a young man in cheap clothes and talked only consensually. They were even more shocked and shocked.

Chapter 22

“Wayne, I’m here, and I haven’t been late in just 20 minutes.” Hanson Lin had a flattering smile on his face, his body slightly bent, maintaining a respectful posture. If the Chu family saw this scene, they would definitely be too scared to tell, doubting life.

Wayne Lin looked at him sweating profusely and said intriguingly: “Patriarch Lin, I am so anxious to call you over and make you sweat profusely. You won’t be angry with me, will you?”

Hanson Lin hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands: “No, no! How can I be angry with you? Nothing.”

“Really do not have?”

“Really do not have!”

Wayne Lin smiled, did not speak any more, and sipped coffee leisurely.

Hanson Lin also ordered a cup of coffee, and said cautiously: “Wayne, you called your uncle over, is there something to talk to uncle?”

Wayne Lin left him in the air. After nearly a minute, he nodded gently, making him very shameless, but he didn’t dare to vent it, for fear of offending Wayne Lin.

“Actually, I asked you to come here. I didn’t mean anything else. I forgot to bring the money. I hope you will pay for me.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Hearing this, the smile on Hanson Lin’s face immediately stiffened, and a burst of anger rushed up from his dantian, rushing straight on his forehead!

When did Hanson Lin get such annoyance? Looking at the entire Hwadrid City, no one should be honest and respectful in front of him. He almost couldn’t help being mad, but when he saw the sneer on Wayne Lin’s face, he was shocked and held back abruptly.

Wayne Lin now is not the Wayne Lin he used to be, he can’t afford to offend him.

He took a deep breath, pinched his thigh vigorously, kept himself calm, and squeezed out a smile and said, “It turns out that it’s like this, it’s easy to say, I’ll pay you.”

Wayne Lin waited for him to stand up, and said, “Suddenly there is no more than 50 billion. Now the Lin family has a hard time, right?”

Hanson Lin took a halt, his face flashed with resentment and unwillingness. He nodded and said: “Wayne, the incident four years ago was indeed because we were sorry for you and made you feel wronged. Later, we have been I regret it, I have always wanted to find you back and compensate you well.”

He played the emotional card, his acting skills were particularly good, and he squeezed out two tears. If Wayne Lin didn’t know who he was, he would really be deceived by someone else.

Wayne Lin was disdainful, with a touched expression on his face, and said, “Uncle, do you really think that way? Can I really go back to Lin’s house?”

When Hanson Lin saw Wayne Lin being fooled, he was excited and very frustrated. It was too fudged to despise Wayne Lin. On the surface, he said sincerely, “Of course! You are the only son of my brother, with my Lin family’s Blood, as long as you want to go home, we welcome you anytime!”

Wayne Lin was very happy at first, then he thought of something and looked annoyed, “But I…well, in order to retaliate against the Lin family, I donated the over 50 billion that my grandfather inherited from me in a rage. I couldn’t help. Lin Family…”

“What?!” Hanson Lin reacted greatly when he heard this, stood up suddenly, opened his eyes wide, his face flushed with anger, and his body trembling, “You, you, you actually donated all the money? You? This prodigal, prodigal!!! I…”

Soon, he saw Wayne Lin sitting there calmly, looking at him without a smile, where was he half annoyed? Hanson Lin reacted immediately, Wayne Lin was teasing him.

For a while, he stood there, very embarrassed.

“Uncle, it seems that your purpose in calling me back to Lin’s house so enthusiastically is not pure.” Wayne Lin said jokingly.


nbHanson Lin cursed Wayne Lin a thousand times and ten thousand times in his heart. This little beast was so bad that he didn’t know what to say for a while, so he had to laugh there.

Wayne Lin’s goal has been achieved. He didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Hanson Lin anymore, and said directly: “It’s not impossible to want me to return to Lin’s house. Let’s put it this way, four years ago, you framed me and cheated Grandpa and expelled me from Lin’s house. I can’t swallow my breath. If your performance satisfies me during this period of time and my anger disappears, I will naturally return to Lin’s house.”

Hanson Lin breathed a sigh of relief, he was afraid that Wayne Lin would kill him without returning to Lin’s house, “Wayne, what compensation do you want? As long as we can do it, we will satisfy you!”

Wayne Lin drank coffee and didn’t answer right away. After a while, he said, “Lin’s Ziqiong Film and Television Company now has a market value of 2 billion, right?”

“Yes.” Hanson Lin nodded. He didn’t quite understand what Wayne Lin’s purpose was when he mentioned this company. The Lin family has many industries and covers a wide range of fields. This Ziqiong film and television company is one of the Lin family’s many industries. With a market value of 2 billion, it can only be regarded as a small company to the Lin family.

Wayne Lin said: “For the sake of your sincere attitude, I used 2.5 billion to buy Ziqiong Film and Television Company, and gave you 500 million for nothing. Do you not?”

Hanson Lin doesn’t know what medicine Wayne Lin sells in the gourd, but he certainly has no reason to refuse such a good thing. Moreover, now the Lin family is in an economic crisis and the capital chain is broken. With this 2.5 billion, it can be turned over for a while. !

“f*ck!” Hanson Lin agreed, “When is the deal?”

“The deal will be done today. Also, I don’t want the Lin family to talk too much and talk about my identity everywhere.”



Hanson Lin moved very quickly. The transfer process was completed in less than half an hour. From now on, Wayne Lin is the big boss of Ziqiong Film and Television Company and holds 60% of the shares.

There are two reasons for the acquisition of Ziqiong Film and Television Company. The first is that this film and television company was founded by his father. Now that he has acquired it, he has fulfilled a wish. The second reason is that the manager Wang who called for Alma Chu to sleep with him is the manager of Ziqiong Film and Television Company.

He is going to know how powerful this so-called wealthy king is!

‘Alma, I said I would protect you, so I will definitely protect you! ‘Wayne Lin clenched his fists and flashed firm eyes.

Hanson Lin’s work is very fast. After he and Wayne Lin completed the transfer process, they immediately arranged to tell the senior executives of Ziqiong Film and Television Company about the matter, and urged them to serve the new boss well. Wayne Lin revealed between the lines. Ming’s identity is not simple, he is a super rich boss! All of them were so scared that they were too nervous, put down the things in their hands, and waited for the arrival of the big boss.

Especially those female employees and female celebrities who have received the news, who are a little bit charming, have tried their best to dress up beautifully. What if a big boss sees him? Isn’t that just one step?

As for the male leaders in the company, they also began to plan how to please the new boss.

As the manager of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, Mr. Wang was stunned when he heard the news. You must know that the prospects for Ziqiong Film and Television Company are not good now. There are too many competing companies and little profits. The land has been shrunk. At this time, someone actually spent more than 500 million yuan in the market value to buy Ziqiong Film and Television Company?

Regardless of how the new boss looks, at least it is certain that the new boss must be a super rich man!

Such a super rich man must be served well.

Then he thought, if a beauty from the Chu family wants to stay with him tonight, can it be…

Chapter 23

Wayne Lin didn’t know that the senior management of Ziqiong Film and Television Company had already made his mind. Now that he has completed the handover procedures, he plans to go to Ziqiong Film and Television Company. He just arrived at Ziqiong Building and parked the electric car, just listen. At the bang, I found that my electric car had actually been knocked over.

“Whose electric car is placed here? It hurt my car!”

A man got off the car and scolded angrily, frowning.

The security trot over and nodded and apologized, “Sorry, sorry, it was my negligence.”

The man poked the security guard’s forehead and cursed with a bad attitude, “How did you act as a security guard and let the electric car come here? Do you know what kind of car I am? Volkswagen Touareg, hundreds of thousands of cars, knock like this, It takes a few thousand yuan to fix it, which is worth your two months’ salary!”

The security guard bent his waist lower, apologized, and then cursed with a gloomy expression: “Whose electric car is here! Who! Stand up for me!”

There were a lot of people around, and no one came forward to admit it.

The security guard was so embarrassed that he yelled: “Dare to do it or treat it! What a grandson! If you don’t come out again, I smashed your electric car!”

With that said, he took out the iron rod to smash the car.

“It’s my car.” Wayne Lin walked out of the crowd.

The security guard saw that he was wearing poor-quality clothes, and he knew it was an ordinary worker. He pointed to his nose and cursed, “Who asked you to park the car here?”

Wayne Lin asked, “Who stipulated that parking is not allowed here? Aren’t there just a few cars parked next to it.”

The security guard was asked by him at once. Strictly speaking, electric cars are indeed allowed to be parked here.

When he faltered and couldn’t say anything, the man just stood up, stared at Wayne Lin, and said in a high-pitched tone: “I don’t want to stop!”

“You are the boss of Ziqiong Film and Television Company? You said you can’t stop if you can’t stop?” Wayne Lin frowned. He was very unhappy. He just spent 2.5 billion to buy Ziqiong Film and Television Company. Once I came to show up, I encountered such an unpleasant thing.

The other party snorted and said, “I am Li Jianhui, the director of the personnel department of Ziqiong Film and Television Company. I said that if you can’t park here, you can’t park. Why, do you have an opinion?”

Hearing what he said, many people around were exclaimed.

“Wow, this handsome guy looks less than 30 years old, he is already the minister of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, that’s great!”

“Yes, I heard that Ziqiong Film and Television Company has a market value of up to 2 billion yuan. As the head of the personnel department, his income will definitely exceed one million in a year!”

“The key is so handsome, a typical golden turtle son-in-law.”

“Looking at the hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen Touaregs he is driving, it is really young and promising…”

There were many young women who came to Michelle Film and Television for interviews. They heard that the other party was the head of the personnel department, and they happened to be coming to Michelle Film and Television for an interview again, and they all looked at Li Jianhui immediately. If they hook up with Li Jianhui, then they still worry that they can’t get into Ziqiong Film and Television Company?

Each of them has a star dream in their hearts, in order to be famous, at all costs.

Li Jianhui heard these voices, his waist straightened, and the smile on his face became thicker. In fact, he is just the head of the personnel department, with an annual salary of only 500,000 yuan, but it is enough for him to have a lot of face. In the past two years, he has taken advantage of the unspoken rules of power to newcomers, and his life can be said to be very chic.

Now he especially enjoys the look in his eyes worshiped by his sister.

Wayne Lin frowned further when he saw his triumphant look. No wonder Ziqiong Film and Television Company has been doing worse and worse over the past few years, and it has hired some unintelligible people. When he takes office, he has to clean up. He bought Ziqiong Film and Television Company for 2.5 billion, but he didn’t lose money.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, he thought that Wayne Lin was afraid, and his expression became even more frantic and evil. “Now I know I’m afraid? Don’t open your dog eyes to see where this is! This is Ziqiong Film and Television Company, isn’t it Where can you hang the silk! Now your electric car has scratched my Volkswagen Touareg, and the repair cost is 8,000 yuan. I don’t expect you to spend 8,000 yuan in your outfit. For the sake of your first offense, I will charge you half and you will give me four thousand yuan. I won’t care about this with you.”

“Why, are you still not willing? I tell you, you were lucky enough to meet me. I am generous enough to charge half of you and don’t care about you. If you change someone else, you won’t lose 10,000 yuan. This is endless!” Li Jianhui said loudly.

Wayne Lin sneered, and regardless of whether his film was not a Volkswagen Touareg, but a Volkswagen Tiguan l, this little scratch can be done within one thousand yuan, and Li Jianhui even blackmailed him four thousand yuan, it was so dark. Up.

“You are really dark enough. First of all, your car is not a Volkswagen Touareg, but a Volkswagen Tiguan L. It is still a low-profile version of 1.4t. Including discounts, the full price will be around 230,000. You are embarrassed to say yes Volkswagen Touareg? Just this scratch you scratched, you can do everything you want, at most 1,000 yuan, you can count me 4,000 yuan, you are embarrassed to say that you are generous?” Wayne Lin said disdainfully.

When other people heard this, the look in Li Jianhui’s eyes changed a little. Some male compatriots commented: “I said that I looked so familiar. It turned out to be a popular Tiguan, or a low profile. I thought it really was something. Where’s the big boss.”

“Yes, the maintenance fee for 1,000 yuan is not used, and the fee is 4,000 yuan, which is too dark!”

“Moreover, he didn’t know how to drive himself and hit someone else’s electric car.”

Hearing these comments, Li Jianhui’s face suddenly became gloomy, threatening Wayne Lin to call the police to deal with it. At this time, a beautiful, young and beautiful woman came over and said to Li Jianhui: “Mr. Li, sorry, I am late. .”

When Li Jianhui saw this woman, his eyes lit up, and he swept away the gloom on his face, showing a handsome and unrestrained look, “It’s okay, I just arrived.”

Wayne Lin was a little stunned when he saw this woman. Isn’t this Alma Chu’s friend Della Qin, the one who did the live broadcast was still quite famous. Wayne Lin didn’t have a good impression of her, because she was a woman who worshipped money.

Della Qin also saw Wayne Lin and frowned, “Wayne Lin? Why are you here? You don’t need to do housework?”

In her tone, she made no secret of her contempt and mockery of Wayne Lin.

Li Jianhui was taken aback and asked: “Miss Qin, do you know him?”

Della Qin sneered and said, “Yes, he is the husband of a friend of mine, and he is very’famous’ in our circle!”

She deliberately bit the word’famous’ very hard, and the irony is self-evident.

Li Jianhui caught Della Qin’s contempt for Wayne Lin. He rolled his eyes and didn’t know what crooked idea he thought of, and said, “Ms. Qin, it turns out that it’s someone you know. Then his electric car hit my car. For your face, I won’t be as knowledgeable as him.”

“Huh? This guy rubbed your car?” Della Qin sneered after learning what had happened. “Mr. Li, you don’t need to give me face. I don’t know him well, so you can deal with it as you should. .”

Li Jianhui knew that Della Qin would say this, and he arrogantly said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin is right, you can tell from your face that you are a poor man and don’t know how to be a man. Even Miss Qin is offended by such a talkative person.”

He slapped Della Qin with a single sentence, which made Della Qin’s impression of him better. He continued: “I will warn you one last time and lose money quickly, otherwise I will call the police. Your behavior is enough for you to be detained. Do you know that it’s been a month?!”

He frightened Wayne Lin as blindness.

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s cell phone rang and took it out to see that it was Damon Wang, manager of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, who called, “Hey, Chairman, where are you? Let’s go down to receive you.”

Chapter 24

Damon Wang’s tone was very respectful.

Not long ago, he inquired that the new big boss bought Ziqiong Film and Television Company for 2.5 billion, which is a full 500 million more than the market value. What does this mean? It shows that the new boss is very rich, extremely rich!

Such a big boss, he can’t wait to lick each other’s stinky feet.

A thought-provoking smile appeared on the corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth, and said, “I’ve been downstairs, but I haven’t seen you.”

“Ah? You are downstairs?!” Damon Wang was surprised and said hurriedly: “I will go down here, go down here!”

After Wayne Lin hung up, Li Jianhui said disdainfully: “Oh, dare you still call someone? Are you trying to call a group of food delivery people? Hahaha…”

His words caused a group of people to ridicule.

When Della Qin saw Wayne Lin pretending to call there, she also contempted her.

Wayne Lin looked at Della Qin’s dressing up and said with a weird expression: “Della Qin, looking at you, are you applying for a job at Ziqiong Film and Television Company?”

Della Qin snorted: “It’s your ass?”

Wayne Lin was happy. He didn’t expect such a coincidence. As soon as he bought Ziqiong Film and Television Company, Della Qin came to apply for the job, and it seemed that he still wanted to be a star, which was kind of interesting.

Della Qin is a person who worships money. As Alma Chu’s waste husband, he has been ridiculed by Della Qin in recent years, and even Della Qin has secretly encouraged Alma Chu to divorce him several times. If Della Qin knew that she was a trash she looked down upon, and now she is the new chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, how wonderful would her expression be? Will you kneel and lick immediately?

This impulse was very strong, but Wayne Lin still resisted it, there was no need.

“Della Qin, didn’t you say that you started a company and still make money? Why did you come to Ziqiong to find a job?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

His smile became thick-skinned in Della Qin’s eyes, and he became even more disgusted with Wayne Lin. She had indeed opened a small company in the first half of the year. After half a year, she would lose everything and owe hera*sdebt. Had to come out to find a job. A friend told her that she had plans to create a newcomer in the near future, and suggested that she should try it out. She was moved when she heard it, thinking about her beautiful appearance and good figure. Many female stars in the entertainment industry are not as good as her. With any luck, she might actually become a star.

Just let Wayne Lin say this, she was still very annoyed in her heart, and she was not polite, “Wayne Lin, you trash, what right do you have to say me? I came to Ziqiong to find a job, and it’s no better than your trash to rely on Alma Chu. Is it a thousand times better to eat soft food around?”

What she said was mean and ugly, and it didn’t match her sweet and lovely personality. Many people looked at her a little bit more repellent.

After Della Qin finished speaking, she regretted it. She was coming to Michelle to apply for a female celebrity. The image is very important. Thinking of this, she became even more disgusted and disgusted with Wayne Lin.

Li Jianhui said thoughtfully at this time: “Miss Qin, don’t worry, I am the head of the personnel department, and you are my friend. It is okay to be recruited into Zi Qiong.”

Della Qin took back her mean appearance, made a sweet and lovely appearance, with a sweet smile, and said to Li Jianhui: “Mr. Li, then trouble you, it’s nice to know you.”

When Li Jianhui heard him full of energy, he wanted to throw Della Qin down immediately!

Wayne Lin couldn’t help but smile when he saw them like this, “Della Qin, you have missed this time. I hope this man named Li, you can’t get into Zi Qiong.”

Della Qin was annoyed when he heard what he said, angrily turned back and smiled, “Oh, I don’t count on him, I also count on you to fail?”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You really got it right, I can really let you

Entering Zi Qiong, it seems that you are Alma Chu’s friend. You now apologize to me and call me, Brother Ming, I will let you enter Zi Qiong, and I will pack you vigorously to make you a big star. “


Della Qin couldn’t help laughing at the moment, “Hahaha, I heard you right? Just your trash, can you let me enter Ziqiong and pack me vigorously? Wayne Lin, you successfully refreshed my perception of stupid know.”

The others also laughed, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes as if they were looking at a clown.

“Haha, I really laughed at me. Do you know what level of company Michelle Films is? The market value is 2 billion, and the backer is the Huarvell Lin family. The annual profit is several hundred million! Even I can’t guarantee it. If you can package Miss Qin into a big star, you, a poor ghost who delivers food, dare to say such a big thing? I have seen a lot of fools. I’ll see you for the first time for a fool like you.”

Li Jianhui spared no effort to mock Wayne Lin. He could see that Della Qin knew this guy named Wayne Lin and had grievances with Wayne Lin. He mocked Wayne Lin and could further gain Della Qin’s favor.

Wayne Lin watched them laugh, but was not angry, with a smile on his face. He was already looking forward to waiting for Damon Wang and them to come down, what the expressions of these two sluts would be.

But it has been a few minutes, why haven’t Damon Wang and others come down yet?

Li Jianhui was impatient. It’s time for work now. He still needs to be an interviewer. He urged: “Hey, poor ghost, lose money quickly, otherwise I will call the police and send you to jail!”

However, at this moment, a group of people hurriedly walked out from the door of Ziqiong Building. They looked excited and nervous. Everyone was wearing expensive suits. At first glance, they knew that they were rich bosses. The fat man with a rich face, sweating profusely, looked like he had run out.

This is Damon Wang, manager of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, who borrowed 20 million to the Chu family and asked Alma Chu to accompany him for three days and three nights.

When Li Jianhui saw Damon Wang and others, he immediately put away his arrogant arrogance, and his straight waist was lowered a lot. This is the high-level of Zi Qiong, and any one of them is his immediate boss, especially Damon Wang, who has worked hard. The big people who all want to swear!

Seeing them coming out, Li Jianhui didn’t care about Wayne Lin anymore, so he hurriedly greeted him, respectfully and flatteringly, and said, “Ms. Wang, why are you coming down?”

Many people around who came to Michelle for interviews saw Li Jianhui’s low profile in front of Damon Wang and called others Damon Wang. They immediately realized that this was the boss of Michelle Film and Television Company, and they all wanted to cheat Damon Wang.

Della Qin was stunned for a moment, she also realized this, and quickly arranged her appearance, showing her sweetest and most beautiful smile, and walked to Damon Wang.

Damon Wang looked around for the new boss, and was suddenly surrounded by a group of people. He frowned, showing an expression of displeasure, and subconsciously wanted to curse. However, he immediately remembered that the new boss said on the phone that he had been downstairs to Zi Qiong, and he might be nearby. In order to maintain his image, he quickly smiled and said, “I will come down to meet our new chairman of Zi Qiong!”

He deliberately said this loudly, hoping to be heard by the new boss.

As Vice Minister of Personnel Department, Li Jianhui and Damon Wang’s status are very different. It is usually difficult to talk to Damon Wang. Even if there is a chance, Damon Wang also has a very cold attitude. This is the first time he has treated him so enthusiastically. Excited to the extreme, the whole person was boiling. Immediately he reacted, President Wang and other leaders came down specially to welcome the new chairman?

Even a leader like President Wang has to come down to greet him personally. Then the new boss must be very rich, and he will have to perform better!

So he straightened his waist even more, showed his most dog-licking side, and promised to rush to kneel and lick it when he saw the new chairman.

Chapter 25

Their words were heard by many people, and it caused an uproar!

The new chairman of ziqiong film and television company, he is a big man among the big people. If he can get the favor of the new chairman, he will not be able to reach the sky in one step.

For a time, many people on the scene began to boil, especially the beauties who were applying for the job, each took out a small mirror to touch up their makeup, tried their best to show their most beautiful side, and tried to win new ones. The chairman’s favor.

Including Della Qin, her enthusiasm is also boiling, and her lips are trembling with excitement. She is the most attractive and the best figure among so many applicants. If she is bolder, she still has a great chance to seduce. The new chairman!

At this moment, she saw Wayne Lin who was still smirking on the side, and she only felt that the scenery was so terrible, he was also a man, why the gap was so big!

However, they eagerly waited one by one, straightened their necks and looked around. They didn’t see the new chairman. They couldn’t help being curious. Didn’t they mean that the new chairman has arrived? Why didn’t you see anyone?

Wayne Lin didn’t show up for the first time. He was standing there, everyone’s eyes were drawn across him, and then moved away with disdain. He never thought that the new chairman they would kneel and lick was the poor ghost they looked down upon. .

After waiting for three minutes, many people began to wonder if Damon Wang made a mistake? A senior leader next to Damon Wang asked doubtfully: “Pharaoh, are you sure that the new chairman has arrived?”

Damon Wang said, “Of course, the new chairman called me just now, saying that he has been downstairs to Ziqiong.”

“Why don’t you see people then? Isn’t it because the new chairman didn’t see us come down to greet us in advance and left without being satisfied?”

“Yes, it’s no way for us to wait like this. If the new chairman really blames us for not welcoming him in advance, we will have to make up for it.”

“Pharaoh, I think you should call the new chairman, right?”

Damon Wang thought for a while, and felt that he had to call the new chairman to ask what was going on. In case the new chairman is really to blame, and one is upset, replace them all, then it’s over!

They are all old fried dough sticks who have been immersed in the workplace for many years. They naturally know this kind of reigning acquisition. These high-level positions are very dangerous. If one is not careful, they can easily be fired by the new boss in minutes. They don’t believe it and can spend 2.5 billion. Those who acquire a company will not have a professional team in their hands.

At their age, if they are fired, they will lose their jobs. This is something they never want to see. If the new chairman has special hobbies, they can dedicate themselves, and the situation has reached such a serious level.

Damon Wang called Wayne Lin’s number, and everyone held their breaths, not daring to make any movement, looking around, looking for the new chairman.

However, at this moment, they heard the phone ringing, which was a classic Nokia phone ringtone. Everyone suddenly looked in the direction of the sound, and then saw their subversive scene.

It was Wayne Lin. He took out his cell phone from his pocket, with a lazy smile on his face, took the call, “Hello?”

Damon Wang turned his back to Wayne Lin, did not see Wayne Lin, and hurriedly said respectfully: “Hey Chairman, I’m already downstairs, haven’t you seen you?”

Wayne Lin’s voice came from the phone, “I am behind you.”

Damon Wang hurriedly turned around and looked around, and saw a young man in ordinary clothes looking at him with a smile. He was stunned at the time. Is this the new chairman?

Not only him, but everyone also had the same dumbfounded expression, feeling

Did he have hallucinations, drove an electric car, spread the goods, and was scolded by Wayne Lin, the new chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company?

My God, this world is too crazy!

Li Jianhui was dumbfounded, his mouth opened and he could swallow a child’s fist!

And Della Qin’s expression is also extremely wonderful, she is completely confused, she can’t think of killing her, Alma Chu’s wasteful son-in-law, will be the new chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company? This is too fake, she wonders if she has hallucinations!

Wayne Lin was refreshed when he saw their reaction. He coughed twice and Damon Wang recovered. He ran over and asked tentatively, “You are Wayne Lin, from Ziqiong Film and Television Company. Is the new chairman?”

He felt it necessary to ask clearly, in case of an oolong, he would be embarrassed.

The young man in front of him does not look like a top-notch rich man who has earned 2.5 billion dollars.

How could Wayne Lin not know what he was thinking, he put away his smile now, his face was stern, and in an instant, a powerful aura radiated from him, this is the aura of a superior!

Damon Wang’s face changed and shivered. He immediately believed that this is Zi Qiong’s new chairman. Only people in high positions can exude such a powerful aura.

“Why, do you think I am a counterfeit?” Wayne Lin said with a cold face, with a smile.

Damon Wang immediately shook his head and was frightened. He hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, no! How do I think you are a counterfeit? I am not shocked at how young the chairman is. The chairman is indeed a dragon and a phoenix. Wearing the clothes of ordinary people, the heroic spirit is still extraordinary and outstanding! Our Ziqiong Film and Television Company, under your leadership, will definitely move towards new glory!”

Damon Wang breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he took a flattering shot and saw Wayne Lin smile again.

Other high-level officials also trot around, playing the dog-licking attributes one by one, desperately slapping Wayne Lin’s flattery.

“I’ve heard about the name of the chairman for a long time. When I saw it today, it really was extraordinary!”

“Look at the chairman’s aura, it’s too powerful…”

“Chairman, I’m the manager of the marketing department…”

“Chairman, I am…”

Wayne Lin nodded, facing the flattery of these company leaders, he showed a long-lost smile. This familiar feeling has not been experienced for a long time.

At this time, he saw in the crowd, his face was pale and trembling with fear, just like Li Jianhui, who was mourning a concubine. He rolled his eyes and revealed a mysterious smile, and said: “The Minister of Personnel Li Jianhui, who is the subordinate of the talent? ?”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, the executives of these companies were very puzzled. They wondered why the new chairman would ask such a small person to come over. Is this Li Jianhui a relative of the new chairman?

As the manager of the personnel department, Pan Hai immediately stood up and said loudly: “Back to the chairman, Li Jianhui is my subordinate. He does a good job in the personnel department. I want to mention him as the director!”

“Really?” Wayne Lin showed a meaningful smile. The next moment, his face became cold, “From today, you and Li Jianhui have been fired.”


Pan Hai was stunned, what’s the situation?

Li Jianhui, who was not far away, was crying to death when he heard this. Only then did he realize how big a mistake he had just made.

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