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Chapter 26

Damon Wang and the others were also very surprised. Monk Zhang Er couldn’t figure out how Pan Hai had offended the new chairman. He quickly distanced himself from Pan Hai to show his relationship for fear of harming Chi Yu.

Pan Hai reacted and said aggrieved: “Chairman, what did I do wrong? Why are you firing me?”

Wayne Lin stopped, looked at Li Jianhui, and said, “You ask him to go.”

Hearing this, Pan Hai realized that even if he was stupid, Li Jianhui had offended the new chairman! He just wanted to give himself a big slap, without a wink. When the new chairman mentioned Li Jianhui just now, his face was obviously unsightly! But what he hates even more is Li Jianhui, this dog is blind! He actually provokes the new chairman, and he is also involved. He must not lose the job of the personnel manager.

He hurriedly explained, “Chairman, this is a misunderstanding! I have long seen Li Jianhui not pleasing to the eye. This guy is a worm in the company and a vegetarian meal. He didn’t contribute any value to the company. He would only make use of his little power and unspoken rules. , I wanted to fire him a long time ago!”

Then, he shouted to Li Jianhui with a cold face, “Li Jianhui, from now on, you have been fired, and immediately take your things and get out!”

This reversal made the women who originally wanted to seduce dumbfounded. Their impression of Li Jianhui changed 180 degrees. They only felt that Li Jianhui was rubbish, not as good as shit. On the contrary, it is Wayne Lin, how handsome he looks, even if he sells tens of pieces of goods, he also wears the aristocratic atmosphere.

As for Della Qin, she was already speechless, she still feels very untrue now, is this still the rubbish she knew?

Li Jianhui’s mentality collapsed, and he ran over in a panic, crying and apologizing, “Chairman I was wrong! It was my fault that I didn’t know Taishan, and offended the chairman, it was my fault! I will never dare to do it again! Please don’t Fire me, this job is really important to me, please!”

As he said, he slapped himself, slapped and slapped, no matter where he was arrogant just now, now he is just a bereaved dog.

Wayne Lin ignored him, but said to Pan Hai, “When you check out the bill, give him an extra 2,000 yuan as compensation for scratching his car. In addition, if you start from today, let me see him. Since Zi Qiong appeared, you won’t be used to work.”

After saying this, he walked directly into Ziqiong Building and ignored Li Jianhui’s heartbreaking confession.

From beginning to end, he did not look at Della Qin.

His indifference is even more uncomfortable for Della Qin than directly hitting her in the face!

At the same time, Della Qin couldn’t understand, isn’t Wayne Lin the wasteful son-in-law of the Chu family? For so many years, I can’t even find a job, do housework every day, and wash my mother-in-law’s underwear. How can I become the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company? Is something wrong?

Della Qin couldn’t understand, she called Alma Chu, “Hey, Alma, what are you doing? I’ve been doing well recently, um…that’s the case, I want to ask, your husband Wayne Lin, who is at home? What’s the background?”

Alma Chu was irritable, she was going to sleep with Mr. Wang tonight, but when she came back at noon, she found that Wayne Lin had not signed a divorce agreement, and people didn’t know where she died. She was very upset. Della Qin’s phone call also mentioned Wayne Lin, an annoying fellow, and she was even more annoying, “What background can he have? He is just a countryman from the countryside! I really regretted marrying him at the beginning!”

“Are you sure he is really a poor man from the countryside, not some super rich second generation?” Della Qin frowned and asked.

Alma Chu immediately became vigilant and said in a deep voice, “Della Qin, did Wayne Lin ask you to borrow money? I tell you, don’t lend to him, and don’t believe what he said! Fart super rich second generation, he Just a countryman, so poor! I should listen to you and divorce him directly!”

Is it like this? “Della Qin’s tone is a bit weird.

“Speaking of Della Qin, how can you find out that Wayne Lin is here?” Alma Chu asked suspiciously, “Is he by your side?”

“No, no!” Della Qin quickly denied, and said: “I just met someone who looks like Wayne Lin, so I am curious to ask you. Since I confessed my mistake, then it’s fine. I’ll see you another day. .”

After hanging up the phone, Della Qin’s beautiful eyes turned, and her heart began to liven up. Listening to Alma Chu’s tone just now, she had a great resentment towards Wayne Lin. It was obvious that the relationship between husband and wife was not good, and most importantly, Wayne didn’t tell Alma Chu that he was the second-generation super rich, so she would have a great opportunity to take advantage of the vacancy!

Della Qin is a very capable person, especially good at seduce men. Li Jianhui has not even touched her hand, she has been fascinated by her. She believes that as long as she has a chance to get close to Wayne Lin, she Wayne Lin can surely conquer Wayne Lin’s beauty and means!

Moreover, Wayne Lin often peeked at her when he was a guest at Alma Chu’s house, which was obviously interesting to her. She used to feel disgusting, but now she only thinks it’s great. If she can catch Wayne Lin, the golden turtle son-in-law, then she won’t have to worry for the rest of her life. The glory and wealth will be endless! After all, he is a great man who can spend more than 2 billion to acquire Ziqiong Film and Television Company.

As for the misunderstanding just now, Della Qin regrets it, but it is not a big deal. She is very clear about the psychology of men. Now Wayne Lin must be very hopeful to raise her eyebrows in front of her and wait for her to repent and apologize. Then she will cooperate. , Showing the weak side of a woman, it is best to take the opportunity to take Wayne Lin down. With her skills, she can’t eat Wayne Lin to death!

Thinking of the beautiful picture, she began to smirk.

Wayne Lin didn’t know that he had been spotted by Della Qin, and now he was surrounded by Damon Wang and the others, walking into the Ziqiong Building, listening to them scrambling to flatter him, he felt very comfortable.

Of course, he has not forgotten his original intention to acquire Zi Qiong Film and Television Company. Since he is now the chairman of the board, he naturally needs to have a deeper understanding of Zi Qiong so as to decide the next direction. Make a fortune.

Damon Wang and the others saw that Wayne Lin was so young, although on the surface they were very respectful to him, but deep down, they still thought that Wayne Lin was just the rich second generation of super rich, and they had no ability to buy Ziqiong at such a big price. , It’s just for playing female celebrities.

But soon, they reported Ziqiong’s situation to Wayne Lin. After hearing Wayne Lin’s point of view and analysis of the market, they couldn’t help being surprised. They put away their contempt for Wayne Lin, and became more shocked at Wayne Lin. Ming’s eyes and thoughts were not dudes, but really powerful ones. Many ideas and plans were put forward, which made them shine.

Wayne Lin was originally a business prodigy. At least one-third of the wealth of the Lin family was created directly or indirectly. Now running a small Ziqiong company must be no problem at all. Moreover, he is prudent in his work. Before he bought Ziqiong Film and Television Company, he knew the status quo of many companies, and he was naturally able to hit the nail on the head.

He is now a new official, and he is not in a hurry to launch a plan. He still maintains the original model first. When the time is ripe, he will take action.

After the meeting, he evacuated everyone except Damon Wang, “Ms. Wang, you stay here for a while.”

Seeing his solemn expression, Damon Wang groaned in his heart, and became nervous, trying to remember, since he received Wayne Lin, where did he fail to do a good job and arouse Wayne Lin’s disgust?

“Chairman, I was wrong, please beg the chairman to give me a chance to reform and revive!” Damon Wang directly admitted his mistake first, with a correct attitude.

Wayne Lin did not speak, but squinted his eyes and looked straight at Damon Wang. He really thought about dismissing Damon Wang. After thinking about it, he said meaningfully: “Mr. Wang, you are very prestigious lately. The Chu family’s 20 million, let the Chu family send a beautiful woman to sleep with you for three days, tusk!”

Chapter 27

“Huh?” Damon Wang was stunned. He didn’t figure out what medicine was sold in the new chairman’s gourd, and said cautiously: “Yes, there is such a thing. Actually, I just made a joke with the Chu family. I didn’t really want them to send it. The beauty is with me…”

Damon Wang has been observing Wayne Lin’s expression, very nervous and uneasy. He increasingly realized that the young chairman was unfathomable. The fact that he lent 20 million to the Chu family was very private and the news did not spread. , The new chairman actually knows it, so it can be seen that the new chairman’s energy must be extraordinary.


Wayne Lin suddenly got into trouble, slapped Damon Wang with a slap on the table, frightened Damon Wang and fell to the ground, “Damon Wang! You are so bold!”

“Chairman Dong Dong…” Damon Wang was so scared that his face was pale, shivering, and extremely frightened, “I was wrong, I was wrong, please raise your hand to the chairman!”

Wayne Lin stared at Damon Wang coldly, “Okay, can you tell me what’s wrong with you?”

“I, I…” Damon Wang’s lips trembled, his mind was confused, and he couldn’t tell where he was wrong. Yeah, why was he wrong? The Chu family is just a small family, and in the past two years it has been poorly managed and lost a lot of money. It’s just a bereavement dog. Even if he is a Chu family beauty, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t give money.

“Can’t tell?” Wayne Lin’s eyes became increasingly cold.

Damon Wang felt the pressure of Wayne Lin, sweating frantically on his forehead, and was about to cry. He couldn’t tell the reason, so he had to slap himself desperately, and kept calling me wrong. I was wrong.

Wayne Lin waited until he slapped himself a dozen times and became a pig head, before he said, “Okay, stop your clumsy performance.”

After Damon Wang stopped, he continued: “I know what you think. The Chu family is a small family and a small company. Even if you sleep in Alma Chu and don’t borrow money, the Chu family can’t help you. Do whatever you want, you are right.”

“Yes, yes, the chairman is observant, and his subordinates are wrong!” Damon Wang nodded like a peck, and became more in awe of Wayne Lin. Good deed, the new chairman is not easy, but he can see through his careful thoughts at a glance .

Wayne Lin stared at Damon Wang with hatred of iron and steel, and said, “Damon Wang, I said that you are also an old man in the workplace, and your mind is still that simple? The Chu family is a good small family. Don’t forget, now is the information age. Through the media, it is easy to spread across the Internet. And you are the general manager of Michele, once a scandal occurs, it will have a huge impact on Michele’s reputation! When the market value drops, can you bear the responsibility? Ah?!”

Wayne Lin’s words and beads made Damon Wang’s face pale after hearing it, “Chairman, I will put this matter off now! I promise that it won’t hurt Zi Qiong’s reputation.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded. At this moment, Wayne Lin’s mobile phone on the table received a message. The screen saver was a picture of Alma Chu. Damon Wang happened to see it. He was shocked. Why did he look familiar?

“I have no objection to you lending money to the Chu family, but you are not allowed to make Alma Chu’s idea in the future, understand?” Wayne Lin frowned.

“Promise not!” Damon Wang nodded vigorously. After Wayne Lin left the meeting room, Damon Wang relaxed and broke out in a cold sweat. The majesty of the new chairman was too heavy.

After breathing smoothly, his thinking slowly returned to calmness and sorted out what was just now. After the meeting, the new chairman specially left him, which means that this incident shows that this matter is not low in the minds of the new chairman. .

But really speaking, this is a trivial matter. First of all, the issue that the new chairman said affects the company’s reputation is not established. The Chu family is a small family, and even if they ask the media, they can’t deal with him. His Damon Wang’s methods can completely beat the Chu family.

The slander will only hurt the Chu family even more.

Therefore, it is logically unworkable for the new chairman to frustrate him with this point. After the contact just now, he does not think that the new chairman is mediocre. If the new chairman does this, he must have his deep intentions! As an old fritters in the workplace, figuring out the psychology of the boss is an essential skill.

So why does the new chairman do this? In order to deliberately stand up, beat him?

Suddenly, Damon Wang’s mind flashed, and he thought of it!

It was because of Alma Chu, the beauty sent by the Chu family.

When I remembered it, Damon Wang remembered it, isn’t it Alma Chu that the new chairman’s mobile phone screensaver just now!

The mobile phone used Alma Chu’s photo as a screen saver, and he could call out Alma Chu’s name, and at the end warned him not to make Alma Chu’s idea. It was obvious that Alma Chu was the new chairman’s dish!

All things are connected, Damon Wang wants to understand…

The new chairman is obviously interesting to Alma Chu, but Alma Chu is already married. As the chairman, it is a bit out of grade to take Alma Chu directly. That’s why he used 20 million as a gimmick and threatened Alma Chu to come and sleep with him. Only when the new chairman knew about it, he was so furious!

The more you think about Damon Wang, the clearer your mind and the more excited!

Just now the new chairman told him that he should know how to do it. Otherwise, the new chairman would directly let him put the matter off. Why would he only emphasize that he should not make Alma Chu’s idea?

Next, it depends on whether he will be a man.

After thinking about it, Damon Wang was extremely excited and made a pig cry. If this thing pleases the new chairman, wouldn’t it be a stable thing to raise the salary?

Wayne Lin didn’t know that Damon Wang had misinterpreted his meaning. Now he returned to his office, closed the door, and walked around with excitement.

He was frustrated for four years, and now he is finally back to the top and owns such a big company.

This feeling of being lost and recovered is really wonderful!

Now that you become the chairman of the board, you must look like the chairman. At least in Ziqiong, he can’t wear the stalls. He asked his assistant to buy a few suits and plain clothes, which cost hundreds of thousands.

After having dinner in the company, he was a little tired, ready to take a rest, and then returned to Chu’s house when he woke up.

There was a separate room in his office with a two-meter-two-meter bed, which was very comfortable. He lay on it and fell asleep soon.

At the same time, Alma Chu also came out of the house. In order to complete the task, she specially put on exquisite makeup and wore tight-fitting buttocks, which perfectly outlined her sexy figure. As long as a man saw it, she would salivate. .

She is beautiful tonight, but her face is cold, like a walking dead without a soul.

“Alma, I know you have wronged you for this matter. When you are done, we will all remember your credit!”

“Yes, the Chu family is facing difficulties now. The situation is precarious. You are the most beautiful woman in our Chu family. Only you can help.”

“Three days have passed quickly, so don’t worry. Besides, it’s not a shameful thing. Mr. Wang is the general manager of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, with a net worth of over 100 million. The big boss among the big bosses, if you follow him It’s better than your rubbish Wayne Lin, I don’t know how many times!”

Before going out, many Chu family members were talking hypocritically, comforting Alma Chu.

Suddenly someone remembered and asked curiously: “By the way, where is that guy Wayne Lin? Where did he go?”

Chapter 28

They discovered that Wayne Lin was not here.

“Cut, where else can I go, I must be hiding.”

“Yes, Wayne Lin is a soft rice king. Now his wife is going to accompany Mr. Wang. Can he still expect him to dare to stop him?”

“When I think about what happened last time, I came to the fire. This guy didn’t get enough success. He spent a lifetime of luck saving Hanson Lin’s life, but he didn’t get the slightest benefit! Even the birthday gifts Hanson Lin gave to our Chu family Otherwise, I would never have seen such a mentally retarded man!”

“Isn’t that right? If I was the one who saved Hanson Lin, now I will ascend to the sky in one step and lead the Chu family to new glory!”

“Don’t talk about you, any person with normal intelligence who has received such a favor from Hanson Lin will not make Wayne Lin so embarrassed!”

“Stop talking, I’m almost mad!”

Because of what happened last time, they all had a great resentment towards Wayne Lin, and now the Chu family was in a difficult time, and Wayne Lin, a fellow who had received such a great favor from Hanson Lin, hadn’t done anything. Especially thinking that they are still in the presence of Wayne Lin, they are even more annoyed, it is a lifetime shame for them!

They decided that when Wayne Lin came back, they must give Wayne Lin some color.

As they scolded and spoke happily, Alma Chu coldly scolded, “Enough! Who of you still mentioned the three words Wayne Lin in front of me, I won’t go to accompany Mr. Wang tonight!”

They were all frightened by Alma Chu’s serious look, and they fell silent.

Alma Chu is in a bad mood right now, mainly for Wayne Lin. She is going to accompany Mr. Wang now, but Wayne Lin doesn’t show up, she shrinks up, it’s really bad! Such a man cannot be considered a man.

At this time, Thompson Chu stood up and said: “Okay, don’t talk about the irrelevant things. Alma Chu, I have met you all the conditions you requested, and then it’s time for you to fulfill your promise.”

Alma Chu nodded blankly, and got into the car.

“Alma, it really hurts you. I blame Wayne Lin for this waste. Obviously there is a chance to save you, but the opportunity was wasted! Alas…” Candice Liu held Alma Chu’s hand, sad and angry.

Berry Chu said, “Alma, I think Peter Zhang has a deep love for you. When you come back this time, you will divorce Wayne Lin and marry Peter Zhang?”

Alma Chu smiled sadly and said, “Dad, do you think Peter Zhang is willing to marry me after I have been with Mr. Wang?”

“This…” Berry Chu was dumb, lowered his head and smoked like crazy.

Twenty minutes later, when she arrived at Ziqiong Building, Alma Chu said, “Dad, Mom, you can go back. In three days, I will go home by myself.”

Candice Liu and Berry Chu’s eyes turned red, and they watched Alma Chu leave.

Alma Chu walked into the Ziqiong Building alone. She only felt that her body was extremely cold, and she had to use a lot of strength every step she took.

Her appearance has attracted the attention of many people in Ziqiong Building. Nothing else, she is so beautiful, and wearing such a sexy hip-fit ​​suit, it brings an explosion of visual impact.

Many people think whether she is a new employee, she will be packaged as a big star by the company in the future.

Soon a man came over to talk to her, but she was coldly ignored, walked to the front desk and said, “Hello, my name is Alma Chu, come to see Mr. Wang.”

The front desk asked: “See Mr. Wang? Do you have an appointment?”

Alma Chu bit her lip and said, “Just tell him my name.”

The front desk looked at Alma Chu earnestly, curled her lips, and then called Damon Wang, “Hey, Mr. Wang, there is a lady named Alma Chu here, saying that she is looking for you.”

Damon Wang was smoking in the office, and when he heard the call at the front desk, he was shaking.

Excitedly said: “Hurry up and invite her!”

After thinking about it, he compensated again: “Forget it, I will go down and pick her up personally!”

After hanging up the phone, Damon Wang hurriedly pressed the cigarette off, ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, chewed gum, made sure that he had no breath, cleaned up his appearance, and went downstairs to receive Alma Chu.

He is almost certain now that this Alma Chu is the woman the new chairman is fond of. He has to take care of him. Now the new chairman has been in the office for a few hours and has not come out. He must be waiting for him to send Alma Chu in. .

When he got downstairs, he saw Alma Chu at the front desk at a glance, and his eyes lit up and was amazed.

He had seen Alma Chu’s photos and knew that it was a beautiful woman. Now it seems that the real person is much better than the photos. Especially wearing this hip-fitting suit, sexy and dignified, she is simply the best stunner!

What a pity, such a woman, he can’t taste… Bah! He shook his head as soon as he got up with this idea. This kind of dangerous idea is not allowed. People are the woman the new chairman looks after. If the new chairman knows that he has a passion for Alma Chu, the new chairman affirms Can’t spare him!

After adjusting his mentality, Damon Wang watched his nose and walked over, showing a smile that he considered friendly.

Alma Chu also saw Damon Wang, her pupils immediately contracted, her heartbeat accelerated, and her nerves tightened.

Damon Wang was a fat man with a big belly. She trembled with fat when she walked. Alma Chu imagined that she was being pressed underneath by such a fat man. Her soul trembled, and grief came from it.

She was really unwilling to give such a fat pig the first time! If I had known, she might as well give Wayne Lin! At least Wayne Lin looks pretty good and has a good figure…

Huh? Wait a minute, why do you have this idea? Get out quickly!

“Hello, hello, are you Miss Chu?” Damon Wang walked up to Alma Chu and smiled at Alma Chu without squinting.

Alma Chu is now in a mess, trying to squeeze a smile, but she is embarrassed, even more ugly than crying. She remembers what Thompson Chu confessed to her before she came, resisting grievance and nausea, and proactively reached out, “Wang So, hello, I’m Alma Chu.”

When Damon Wang saw her so close, he couldn’t help but feel hot in his heart. She was too beautiful. The man was instinctively excited and subconsciously reached out to shake hands with Alma Chu, but immediately, a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind and thought of Wayne Lin’s majestic face. The evil thoughts in his mind disappeared completely, he quickly pulled his hand back and said: “Miss Chu, you are very beautiful, let’s go upstairs and talk about business!”

Just kidding, he now knows that Alma Chu is Wayne Lin’s food, so where would he dare to touch Alma Chu, besides, this is Ziqiong, there are cameras everywhere, if Wayne Lin sees him, then he will be finished.

Alma Chu was stunned. Didn’t expect Damon Wang to retract his hand? What is the situation, are you not satisfied with her?

With this question in mind, she was very disturbed. The situation of the Chu family is very bad now. She must get 20 million tonight.

When she arrived in the elevator, she couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Wang, are you dissatisfied with me?”

Damon Wang was taken aback, and then she saw Alma Chu’s panic and panic. He understood that Alma Chu thought he was not satisfied with his feelings?

“No, no, I’m very satisfied with you…” When he said this, he realized that he had said something wrong, and quickly changed his words: “No, I didn’t mean that, but…”

He was so poor that he didn’t know how to explain it for a while, waved his hand and said, “You’ll know when you get up.”

Alma Chu heard it even more that Monk Zhang Er was puzzled, did not understand what medicine Damon Wang sold in the gourd, but no matter what, she was ready to dedication, and no matter what was waiting for her, she would grit her teeth. Go on!

“President Wang, you said it. As long as I stay with you for three days, you will borrow 20 million to the Chu family for three years without interest. You won’t regret it?” Alma Chu stared at him closely.

Chapter 29

Looking at Alma Chu’s beautiful face and hot body, Damon Wang really wanted to possess. But he also knew that once he had possession, he would be finished. So he quickly turned his gaze away from Alma Chu and said meaningfully, “Miss Chu, I will not regret what I promised you. Of course, the premise is that you do your job well.”

Alma Chu bit her lip, “I will obey your arrangements. I will do what you want me to do!”

When she said this, Alma Chu’s heart was filled with sadness and pain. What a proud woman she was, now she was going to betray her body.

Seeing her like this, Damon Wang frowned and became a little unhappy, and said, “Miss Chu, you have to find out that it is your Chu family who wants to ask me to borrow money, not I forcing you. This is your love. What I want, don’t make me look like he is unforgivable! This is your job, so please show your attitude and don’t look reluctant!”

Alma Chu trembled, lowered her head, and forcibly held back the tears she was about to fall.

With a ding sound, the elevator arrived. Damon Wang came out and said, “I’ll just tell you this. It’s not me who lends you the Chu family, but the new chairman of our Ziqiong Film and Television Company. Because of the favor of our chairman, if you serve him well, you will never enjoy the glory and wealth from now on. On the contrary, if you don’t serve our chairman well, you don’t want 20 million, and neither will you Chu family. I want to survive in Hwadrid!”

Damon Wang let go, and his tone was serious and cold, causing Alma Chu to shudder and shiver.

She reacted and raised her head abruptly, “President Wang, wait a minute, what did you mean by that? Didn’t you say so that I can accompany you? How come you become the chairman of the board?”

Damon Wang’s expression became gloomy and said, “Why, are you still picky? You really take yourself seriously, right?”

“No, no, I didn’t mean that…” Alma Chu hurriedly apologized.

Immediately when he arrived at Wayne Lin’s office, Damon Wang slowed down, his face eased, and his tone was much more friendly. He said, “Miss Chu, our chairman is a handsome young man, much better than my fat man. You can be seen by our chairman. In, that is your blessing. In the past few days, you have taken good care of our chairman and made our chairman happy. Let alone 20 million, two million are easy things.”

Two billion!

Alma Chu heard this number, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

“Really, really?”

“Of course it is true. What is my identity, Damon Wang, can I still lie to you?” Damon Wang said with a smile: “Well, the office of our chairman is in front, and the chairman is inside. You have to do your best to satisfy the chairman. ,do you know?”

Alma Chu gritted her teeth and nodded.

For such a moment, she felt guilty and felt sorry for Wayne Lin.

After four years of marriage, she is still a virgin, and she has not been touched by Wayne Lin…

But soon, she threw this idea out of her mind, Wayne Lin didn’t deserve her guilt at all!

Damon Wang went to the office door, knocked on the door first, and said in a respectful tone: “Chairman, can I come in?”

After a while, a lazy voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Damon Wang suppressed his excitement and pushed the door in. In order to invite credit, he first asked Alma Chu to wait at the door. After entering by himself, he saw Wayne Lin in the room. He walked over and said, “Chairman, I will take people. coming.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin didn’t understand for a while.

Damon Wang winked and said: “Chairman, I have already told her. She admires you very much and said that she had long wanted to see you. Now that she is at the door, I will call her in right away.”

Wayne Lin became more confused as he listened. Damon Wang laughed so wretchedly, what bad idea was he making?

“To be clear, who did you bring?” Wayne Lin frowned.

However, his seriousness, in Damon Wang’s eyes, turned into a pretending to be crazy and stupid. With the chairman’s IQ, how could he not know that Alma Chu was standing outside? Besides, this is what the chairman hinted at him! The chairman must be thin-skinned, in order to maintain a cold look in front of his subordinates, it must be so! After all, he is still a young man, even if he has outstanding ability, his face is still not as thick as their old drivers.

Damon Wang smiled, showing an expression of “I understand, I understand”, and then said: “Chairman, I have something to do, so I will leave first. By the way, the technology side just reported that we are monitoring our level. If there is a malfunction, it will not be repaired until tomorrow, and nothing will be recorded during the period.”

After saying this, he turned and left.

Wayne Lin looked confused, what is this Damon Wang doing?

Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s pupils contracted, thinking of something, he stood up abruptly and hurriedly called Damon Wang, but Damon Wang had already left, and at this moment, he heard a familiar voice coming from outside the door, “Wang Anyway, can you transfer the 20 million to me first? We are waiting for an urgent use…”

Damn it!

This voice is Alma Chu!

Sure enough, he expected.

Damon Wang, this dog, is looking for death, he actually took his words to the ears and dared to let Alma Chu come up! It seems that you have to wink this fat man!

Damon Wang’s voice came from outside the door, “What is the urgency, what is my identity, can I still run away for you? Tonight you are comfortable with the chairman, I will call you tomorrow. If the service is not good, you Know the consequences.”


Alma Chu’s voice was very aggrieved. After a while, Alma Chu walked in after hearing the footsteps!

In an instant, Wayne Lin’s scalp was numb and his hands were in a mess. Looking around, he was about to get under the bed and hide!

If Alma Chu knew that he was the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, it would be over.

How to do? Do you want to hide?

But this office can be seen through at a glance. Apart from a bed and a wardrobe, there is nothing else in the room, and there is no way to hide.

The point is that Alma Chu already knows that the chairman is inside. It is unrealistic for him to hide.

Wayne Lin looked around, looking for a way to deal with it.

He was anxious inside. Alma Chu was also fidgeting in the office, extremely nervous and nervous. She held the baby in front of her abdomen with both hands, breathing fast, her legs clamped, and she could clearly hear the sound of her heartbeat, thumping.

This is the first time she has done this kind of thing. For her, it is a great challenge and an extremely embarrassing thing. She even plans to die after completing this task!

She originally thought that the person she was going to accompany was President Wang, but now she has become the chairman of the company to accompany Ziqiong Film and Television Company inexplicably. This level is even more different.

As a native of Hwadrid, she is also very familiar with Harmony Film and Television Company. It is a large-scale film and television company. Many current stars are packaged by Harmony Film and Television Company.

The more this happens, the more she has to please the other party. Just like Mr. Wang said, once she doesn’t serve well and offends Chairman Zi Qiong, it’s not just her, the whole Chu family will be ruined!

After understanding this, she took a few deep breaths and pinched her thigh to force herself to be courageous, then walked to the room and said, “Chairman, I am Alma Chu, please, please taste… “

Chapter 30

When she said this, Alma Chu only felt extremely ashamed, her body was hot, her breathing was short, and her feet were as heavy as a kilo, making it difficult to move.

However, after she finished speaking, the room was quiet, and the aloof Chairman Zi Qiong did not come out and did not respond.

After waiting for a minute, there was still no response. Alma Chu couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Isn’t Chairman Zi Qiong not there? Or is the chairman Ziqiong dissatisfied with her!

“Chairman? Are you listening? Can I go in?” Alma Chu asked tentatively.

Wayne Lin was panicked when he heard her voice inside. Seeing Alma Chu about to come in, he hurriedly increased his voice and said in a deep voice, “No come in.”

“Huh?” Alma Chu cried out softly, feeling more complicated, gritted her teeth and said, “Chairman, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”

Wayne Lin continued with a rough voice: “You go back.”

Alma Chu clenched her fists. She took two steps forward, approached the room, and said in a louder voice: “Chairman, we have a good talk with CEO Wang. As long as I come to accompany you for three days and three nights, you will be exempt for three years Give us 20 million in interest! You are a great figure, do you want to regret it?”

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly inside, and blamed Damon Wang’s dog for his own sake.

Seeing that the chairman did not speak, Alma Chu was inexplicably angry and felt that she was being played. She took two steps forward, took a deep breath, and said with mixed emotions: “Chairman, Mr. Wang just said you like me. I must have investigated me a long time ago, but you must be unclear about some circumstances! I, Alma Chu, is the most beautiful woman in the Chu family. Although I am married, my husband is incompetent. He has never touched me since I got married. Now, I’m still a virgin! So you don’t have to think I am dirty!”

When this word fell, she heard the sound of something falling to the floor in the room, but she didn’t know what was going on inside, and she absolutely could not think that the man inside was the husband in her mouth!

After a while, a heavy voice came from the room, “Are you sure your husband won’t touch you, isn’t it for other reasons?”

Alma Chu was taken aback, but she didn’t expect the chairman to ask this question, which was a bit inexplicable. But she would never think about the fact that Chairman Zi Qiong is Wayne Lin. She only thinks that Chairman Zi Qiong cares about whether she is a virgin or not, “Yes.”

In the room, Wayne Lin clenched his fists and looked angry. Then he said: “You come to accompany me, will you feel guilty for him?”

When Alma Chu heard this, she became even more daunted. What’s the situation? Does Chairman Zi Qiong still have a spirit of cleanliness?

“No, I have never loved him before, let alone feel guilty for him. I and him are just acting every time.” Alma Chu said solemnly.

Click, Alma Chu started to be nervous again at the sound of something being broken, did she say something wrong?

However, when she was about to speak, the chairman’s strong voice came from the room again, “Come in.”

Alma Chu’s heartbeat speeded up a lot. Finally, this moment arrived. She knew exactly what was waiting for her next. Chairman Zi Qiong would rudely encroach on her!

She walked in with heavy steps, her breathing could not be kept smooth, and her body was flushed and hot.

When she walked into the room, she first saw a luxurious big bed, beside the bed, stood a tall man, in good shape, but his back was facing her.

I don’t know why, when she saw this figure from behind, she actually felt a little familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere?

She didn’t

There are deep thoughts. Firstly, she is now very nervous and complicated, and secondly, her mind is confused, and she will never think about Wayne Lin.

“Dong, Chairman…” She yelled softly, her tone trembling.

The next moment, when she saw the chairman turned around, she was stunned.

I didn’t see the chairman’s face, because the chairman was wearing a clown mask, and Alma Chu had a few question marks on his head. What is this operation?

That’s right, now Wayne Lin is indeed wearing a clown mask, covering his entire face, showing only two eyes, otherwise he would not dare to let Alma Chu come in.

When Alma Chu was in a daze, Wayne Lin also saw Alma Chu’s dress clearly. A tight-fitting hip-fitting suit set off Alma Chu’s intact figure. The skirt was short, revealing a pair of white and straight thighs, perfect, no Any blemishes.

In addition, Alma Chu’s upper body is also very sexy, with a flat belly and white neck.

Especially in order to please Mr. Wang, she specially put on makeup to make her look a little more charming and sexy.

Wayne Lin looked a little dazed, unable to look away.

Speaking of ridicule, as Alma Chu’s husband, he has been married for four years and has never seen such an exposed Alma Chu!

Alma Chu has always been tightly wrapped in front of him, as if it was disgusting to be looked at by him.

“Miss Chu, you are so beautiful.” Wayne Lin sighed sincerely.

Indeed, this kind of Alma Chu is the most beautiful and feminine Alma Chu he has ever seen. Presumably Alma Chu must have been preparing for this for a long time.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Two red clouds appeared on Alma Chu’s face, and she lowered her head shyly. Beauty is her most confident thing. All men who have seen her will be surprised by her.

She found that Chairman Zi Qiong was not a greasy middle-aged man, but a young man of her age, with a very good figure, and inexplicably happy, feeling like she was getting a bargain! After all, at first she thought it was Damon Wang that she was going to accompany, she had had a nightmare of being crushed by a mass of fat, she had done it several times in a row.

The other party is Chairman Zi Qiong, who is so young, so he has the ability, if it is given to him for the first time, it seems that it is not unacceptable, right?

Alma Chu’s psychology changed unconsciously.

The body is not so tight, not so resistant, and even deep inside, there is a little expectation!

The two of them became silent again, and the atmosphere sank into rigidity. Alma Chu was in a state of confusion. Isn’t Wayne Lin?

He never thought that Alma Chu would appear in front of him like this.

To be honest, after four years of marriage, if Wayne Lin had no idea about Alma Chu, it would be impossible! Wayne Lin is also a normal man, he will also have his own needs, every day facing a stunner like Alma Chu, he doesn’t know how many thoughts he has, even several times, he almost can’t help it.

It was just controlled by his strong willpower.

In this situation, Alma Chu was in front of him like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, waiting for him to be pampered, his heart immediately became alive, the temperature of his body became higher and higher, and his breathing became heavier!

With a grunt, he couldn’t help swallowing heavily, and Alma Chu heard it.

In such an ambiguous atmosphere, Alma Chu didn’t know that the chairman had already felt for her. Her face flushed, gritted her teeth, and started walking towards the chairman…

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