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Chapter 31

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu coming, he immediately held his breath, and his muscles began to tighten.

Alma Chu’s face was flushed, and doing these things was a great challenge for her.

“Chairman, I can cooperate with you whatever you want.” Alma Chu said this, her voice trembling.

She should have resisted this thing very much, but now, she doesn’t seem to be so repulsive anymore.

It was also that she had prepared for the worst in the beginning, but now the situation is beyond her expectations.

Wayne Lin’s body was boiling, and Alma Chu’s hand was on his chest. This was the first time he had such intimate contact since he knew Alma Chu!

Such an active Alma Chu was extremely tempting to Wayne Lin. He stretched out his hand, hugged Alma Chu’s waist, and then with a slight force, he hugged Alma Chu and pressed him closely, except for his clothes. There is no gap.

For a moment, he really had the urge to push Alma Chu down! However, he was still under control. He wanted to get Alma Chu in his dreams, but definitely not in this way. In a sense, if he really pushes Alma Chu down, and counts him greening himself, this is not the result he wants.

So he let go of Alma Chu and said coldly: “You go, I have no interest in other people’s wives.”

Alma Chu: “???”

What’s happening here? Didn’t the chairman want to possess her? Now that she has come to the door, what does it mean to let her go?

“Chairman, even though I am married, I am still a virgin! I have a lie to you. Five thunderstorms will not kill you!” Alma Chu said anxiously.

Alma Chu was stared at by the chairman. For some reason, she saw sadness in the eyes of the chairman.

Wayne Lin turned around, waved, and said in a cold tone: “Go away, I’m not interested in you.”

In an instant, Alma Chu’s face was pale, she panicked, and her brain went blank!

Before coming, she thought about countless possibilities. She even thought that more than one man would insult her, but she had never thought of this possibility! Although she is not a big star, she is very confident of her beauty, but the chairman of Michelle is not interested in her, and let her go?

She couldn’t understand what went wrong.

At this moment, she even felt humiliated and wanted to cry when she was wronged.

She bit her lip tightly and was inexplicably angry. In order to borrow money, she made such a big sacrifice. She has not slept well in the past few days. She has made countless struggles and made a decision. Now the other party actually says that she has nothing to do with her. Interest, what is it not to play her?

“You give me a reason!” Alma Chu said unconvincingly.

Wayne Lin said coldly: “Why should I give you a reason?”

As soon as Alma Chu gritted her teeth, she made a movement that Wayne Lin hadn’t expected. She rushed over, hugged Wayne Lin tightly from behind, and threw him onto the bed.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Wayne Lin was taken aback by her and called out, forgetting to suppress his voice, revealing the original voice.

Fortunately, Alma Chu was very excited now, and did not pay attention to this aspect. She didn’t notice that his voice had changed. She was riding on Wayne Lin, gritted her teeth, her eyes turned red, and she looked like she was free. You promised me that as long as I stay with you for three days and three nights, you will borrow 20 million from the Chu family for three years without interest. You can’t go back! Now that I have come, you can do whatever you want, but you can’t stop Lend me money!”

Alma Chu was very excited now, and her body was shaking.

Wayne Lin didn’t expect Alma Chu to meet

Being so rude, he is also very angry. Fortunately, Chairman Zi Qiong is him. If he is changed to another man, wouldn’t his head be against the prairie!

“Let go of me.” Wayne Lin said a little embarrassed.

“I won’t let go, you promised me that you can’t go back!” Alma Chu was fierce.

Wayne Lin said: “Insane, who said I’m going to regret it, I’ve written a check of 20 million yuan long ago.”

Alma Chu was stunned. She followed Wayne Lin’s gaze and looked to the right, and she saw a check, which was placed on the table.

Wayne Lin took the opportunity to push Alma Chu away, got up from the bed, turned her back to Alma Chu, and tidied up the clown. The struggle just a moment ago was a bit crooked, but fortunately Alma Chu didn’t recognize him, or she would be finished.

“This is a check of 20 million. You can withdraw money at any bank. As for the IOU, I don’t need you to call it anymore. I will give you a hundred courage from the Chu family. You dare not deny it. I will have a hundred methods. , Let your family be destroyed!” Wayne Lin said coldly, with great pressure, and this powerful aura made Alma Chu shiver.

She picked up the check and saw that it was filled with 20 million, and it was signed by Ziqiong Film and Television Company.

Rao Yi was clever and couldn’t understand what Chairman Ziqiong was making.

“Why do you want to help me?” Alma Chu asked puzzledly.

Wayne Lin stood with her back to her, standing in front of the window, looking into the distance, giving a tall and magnificent appearance, “I never do things that force people. You are a good person. Unlike other women who worship money, you are willing to sacrifice for your family. Myself, there are not many women like you in this world, and I don’t want to tarnish this purity.”

Alma Chu opened her mouth wide, looking at Wayne Lin’s back, Fang’s heart was touched fiercely, and she had an emotion that she had never had before.

This is the reason why the other party didn’t touch her?

She bit her lip hard and said softly: “Thank you!”

Wayne Lin gave a faint hum, maintaining a cold posture.

Alma Chu was holding a check of 20 million, and her mood was rippling, “Then can I go now?”

“Let’s go.”

Alma Chu walked to the door, thinking of something, then turned around and said, “Chairman, can I see how you look like?”

“Don’t challenge my patience, I can invalidate the check in your hand with a single call!” Wayne Lin said coldly.

Alma Chu was taken aback. For fear that the chairman would go back, she quickly apologized and then quit the office.

After confirming that Alma Chu had left the office, Wayne Lin’s tight body relaxed. It was really exciting just now, and accidents will happen!

Recalling the close contact with Alma Chu just now, Wayne Lin’s heart could not help but ripples.

Alma Chu came out of the office and was blown by the cold wind. No matter what, she felt very unreal, as if she had a dream.

She didn’t even lose her body, so she successfully borrowed 20 million, and she hadn’t yet owed an IOU.

In her mind, the tall image of Chairman Zi Qiong resurfaced, especially the words that Chairman Zi Qiong said at the end, which made her feel more upset.

Became the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company at a young age. He has such a good figure, such a big aura, and most importantly, he is not a lower-body animal, and his mental realm is extremely high. Such a man is rare in the world!

Thinking of Chairman Michelle’s arm holding her, the feeling that the two of them were close to each other, and the strong hormonal smell on Chairman Michele’s body, her face was hot now, and an idea came into her heart, if Chairman Michelle is hers The husband is fine…

Chapter 32

As soon as this thought appeared, she was immediately thrown out of her mind!

I’m really stunned. I actually have such a ridiculous idea. Chairman Zi Qiong is the figure at the top of the pyramid, and she is just a woman from an ordinary family. How can I be worthy of others! I only serve Wayne Lin this kind of waste.

Thinking of Wayne Lin, she felt annoyed again, this guy had disappeared for a day! Knowing that today was the day when she wanted to’sacrifice’, she never showed up. She didn’t even send her a supporting message, and she didn’t sign the divorce agreement.

Coincidentally, when she walked out of Ziqiong Building, she saw a person she didn’t want to see, Wayne Lin, and suddenly a wave of anger rose.

Now Wayne Lin is wearing a full-length suit, looks like a dog, shivering in the wind, and when she sees her coming out, he immediately greets him, and said with a big smile: “Wife, you are here too.”

Wayne Lin took off his jacket and put it on Alma Chu.

Alma Chu was very irritable when she saw him. The wonderful mood of successfully borrowing 20 million was also cold. She stared at Wayne Lin displeasedly, “Where have you died all day!?”

She now sees Wayne Lin’s face and she is annoyed, and her tone of voice is also very impatient, but Wayne Lin is still not angry. She has no dignity at all. Compared with the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Co. It’s too far!

“Uh…” Wayne Lin hesitated, unable to tell why it happened. Alma Chu became even more bored, waving her hand and saying, “Needless to say, I am not interested in knowing. Where did you come from this suit? Isn’t there no suit?”

Alma Chu grabbed the suit jacket on her body and asked questioningly. She squeezed it. The material was pretty good, and it felt very comfortable to the touch. She knew it was a high-end product.

Wayne Lin snorted in his heart, he was done, he was too anxious to come out, and he forgot to change his clothes.

Fortunately, his brain reacted quickly, and he quickly said: “You keep saying that I don’t come out to find a job, so I came here to find a job today, and just found a job as a real estate agency. This is their clothes, new ones. .”

Alma Chu gave a cry, and was not interested in further questioning. She had some nostalgia for Wayne Lin before, but just now, after meeting with Chairman Zi Qiong, she had no last nostalgia for Wayne Lin.

Peter Zhang had pursued her for several years before, and she had never been tempted by Peter Zhang, nor had she ever thought of divorce. But now, after meeting Chairman Zi Qiong, she found that she was tempted, and she felt affection for the cold figure, and for the first time she had the idea of ​​not wanting to live with Wayne Lin.

The atmosphere froze for a while, and Alma Chu walked in front, not talking to him with a cold face, so he had no choice but to catch up with him.

“By the way, Alma, have you borrowed the 20 million?” Wayne Lin took the initiative to find a topic. As soon as he said that, he regretted it. Didn’t he have nothing to look for.

Sure enough, Alma Chu’s face became cold for a second, staring at Wayne Lin, and she wanted to scold, but immediately she saw Wayne Lin regretting and embarrassed, like a child who had done something wrong, pitiful, her face slowly Relaxed, and said, “I borrowed it.”

“That’s good.” Wayne Lin smirked.

Seeing him still laughing, Alma Chu was again annoyed, what kind of man is this! His wife wanted to borrow money to sell his body, so he didn’t feel embarrassed, but he could still laugh!

Alma Chu wanted to slap it, but thinking about it, Wayne Lin was just useless. She didn’t do anything wrong, and it was her original choice. Why should I blame Wayne Lin?

So she endured it and said lightly: “Yeah.”

When I returned home, opened the door and found that the room was full of smoke. Someone was smoking. Except for Berry Chu and Candice Liu, Thompson Chu, Sean Chu, Chu Huayou and other elders were all present. They were smoking while discussing matters. ,

Seeing Alma Chu and Wayne Lin coming back, he was immediately stunned.

“Alma! Didn’t you go to accompany Mr. Wang? Why did you come back so soon?” Candice Liu asked in surprise immediately.

Chu Huayou stood up and said, “Yes, Alma Chu, what’s the situation with you? Don’t you want to accompany Mr. Wang for three days? Could it be that you came back with your own claims?!”

When they saw Alma Chu come back, they were all excited and full of displeasure, preconceived that Alma Chu must have not completed the task, and ran back by themselves, breaking the family affairs.

Sean Chu also cursed, “Alma Chu, what’s the matter with you? We exhorted you a thousand in advance, telling you that you must complete the task, no matter what happens, you must borrow twenty million back! You are fine now, I ran back in less than an hour! The family raised you, provided you with food, clothes, and school. Now the family is in trouble. This is how you repay the family? For the sake of your own desires, you don’t look at the family. Right!?”

Alma Chu originally came back with enthusiasm, telling everyone that she had completed the task ahead of schedule and lent her 20 million back. As a result, she had just entered the door and before she had time to speak, these people scolded her frantically.

This feeling, like a bucket of ice water, poured from her head, and extinguished her enthusiasm.

Her expression was full of loss.

Wayne Lin frowned when he saw this situation, and stood up and said, “Are you embarrassed to say these things? Is the Chu family caught in today’s economic crisis and has a half-cent relationship with Alma Chu! It’s obviously your mismanagement. Everyone is embezzled and spends a lot of money, buys a house, buys a car, buys luxury goods! This leads to the breaking of the capital chain, losing the cooperation of channel dealers, a vicious circle! On the contrary, Alma Chu has been working hard for the Chu family. Contribute to the light and heat. The Chu family has come to this day, and it is entirely your own responsibility, and it has nothing to do with Alma Chu! If you really want to sacrifice for the family, it should be your sacrifice! As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice, and you still have the face to blame Alma Chu?!”

Wayne Lin was really angry. He said it in one breath. The whole audience was silent. They all turned their eyes on him. They were a little overwhelmed. Wayne Lin, who was so embarrassed, had such a rigid side?

Alma Chu also looked at him in amazement, this was the first time she saw Wayne Lin a man.


Thompson Chu slapped a slap on the coffee table with great strength, and slapped several teacups on the coffee table to the ground and fell to pieces, “Presumptuous!!”

Thompson Chu blew his nose and pointed at Wayne Lin staringly, “You useless rubbish! Who gave you the courage to accuse us? I didn’t settle accounts with you about the 70th birthday last time! You are now teaching the Chu family. coming?!”

Thompson Chu shouted loudly, majestic, and full of anger, making Alma Chu scared.

Wayne Lin didn’t back down this time. It didn’t matter if he was wronged in the Chu family, except that Alma Chu was wronged. He knew how much Alma Chu was wronged tonight. He knew better than anyone else. Chu’s parents accused her indiscriminately. Just wrong!

“I’m not wrong. The Chu family caused today’s situation and it has nothing to do with Alma Chu! You are not even qualified to accuse her! Besides, each of you has several suites, and you can sell houses to collect money, but you are all reluctant to do so. ! You would rather sacrifice Alma Chu to perfect yourself, you are all selfish ghosts!” Wayne Lin made a loud noise and did not flinch.

Alma Chu was stunned. At this moment, she saw a familiar look from Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company…

“Unreasonable!!” Thompson Chu became even more angry. Not only him, but the others were also furious and stood up to teach Wayne Lin.

“Turn you up, kneel down to Lao Tzu!”

Sean Chu: “Kneel down!”

Chu Huayou: “Kneel down!!”

Everyone shouted in unison to him to kneel down and admit his mistake, or he would break his leg.

Chapter 33

All of them persecuted Wayne Lin, one by one, their faces were disgusting, and they cast their anger on Wayne Lin. As long as Wayne Lin dared to say a word of’no’, they would rush forward.

Wayne Lin clenched his fists, and he was also very angry. From Thompson Chu and the others, he saw the Lin family’s traces. Back then, the Lin family forced him to kneel like this!

“Why should I kneel? What did I say wrong? I refused!” Wayne Lin’s eyes flushed and his face flushed.

Thompson Chu’s majesty as the head of the family was confronted by a wasteful son-in-law of Wayne Lin. He was extremely angry, “I want you to kneel, you have to kneel, why do you need to obey! Sean Chu, Shane Chu, ​​hold him down for me , I not only want him to kneel, but also break his leg!”

When Sean Chu and Shane Chu got the order, they pressed Wayne Lin’s shoulders in the past, and pushed Wayne Lin’s legs with their knees, forcing Wayne Lin to kneel down.

Wayne Lin resisted desperately and his eyes were splitting. Just when he was about to burst out, Alma Chu said, “Stop it for me!!!”

No one took care of her. She took out the check Wayne Lin had issued to her from her bag and shouted loudly: “Who of you is still embarrassing Wayne Lin, I will tear up the twenty million!”

Her voice was loud, even broken. When she heard the word ’20 million’, everyone was irritated. They stopped one after another, looked at Alma Chu, and saw the cheque in Alma Chu’s hand. They all revealed Fanatic expression.

“this is……”

“Twenty million cheque?”

“What’s the matter, didn’t Alma Chu not accompany President Wang?”

“Could it be that Mr. Wang was so fast that he was finished in a while?”

Shane Chu let go of Wayne Lin, walked up to Alma Chu, rubbing his hands, and said excitedly: “Sister, you really borrowed 20 million back. It’s too great! Sister, the check can make May I take a look? I have never seen a check of 20 million when I grew up.”

With that said, he was about to reach out and grab the check from Alma Chu.

Alma Chu slapped her hand, slapped his stretched hand away, and said coldly: “Let me clean your hands and feet!”

Shane Chu narrowed his mouth, very upset, and muttered in a low voice, cut, what’s so great.

At this moment, Sean Chu also walked over, with a flattering smile on his face, “Alma, is this really a check for 20 million? You are too good!”

Alma Chu said blankly: “You just accused me of being ungrateful and wouldn’t repay the Chu family! You scolded me for nothing, and you want to drive me out of the Chu family? Why don’t you stop scolding now?”

Sean Chu twitched his mouth twice and became angry, but he didn’t dare to vent, so he laughed, very funny, “I’m not kidding you, you are my cousin, I grew up with you, even you Can the cousin really blame you for failing to borrow 20 million?”

Alma Chu sneered and said, “Is it? That’s great. I lied to you just now. I offended President Wang and didn’t borrow 20 million back.”

Sean Chu’s face changed suddenly, and he wanted to have a seizure, but he immediately saw the sneer on Alma Chu’s face. He was not stupid and immediately realized that Alma Chu was cheating him. Secretly cursing in my heart, this little b*tch will really have an inch!

Although Sean Chu and Alma Chu are cousins, the relationship between the two of them is not good. Alma Chu has been bullied by Sean Chu since he was a child. After Wayne Lin joined his family, Sean Chu was the most targeted at Wayne Lin in the entire Chu family. .

At this moment, Thompson Chu walked over with a kind smile, and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, grandpa has been the most optimistic about you since I was young. You really didn’t disappoint Grandpa. You really borrowed 20 million back. Thank you very much. Come, show the check to Grandpa.”

Alma Chu moved her lips and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything and gave the check to Thompson Chu.

Others also gathered around to see what the 20 million check looks like!

Thompson Chu was also very excited. He stretched out the check carefully, and he saw the number of twenty million filled in it!

In an instant, everyone else held their breath, with a greedy look in their eyes. Twenty million is a huge sum of money, enough for each of them to live a very chic life!

“Quickly, call to check if this check is valid!” Thompson Chu was shaking with excitement, and ordered Sean Chu to call the bank and ask.

Sean Chu was also so excited that his face turned red, and he quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed in, “Hey, please help me find out what bank withdrawals my check supports. The serial number is…”

Sean Chu turned on the loudspeaker. Everyone was quiet and listened. After a while, he heard the sweet voice of the bank customer service, “Hello, your check is valid, and you can withdraw money at any bank in China.” “


They all took a sigh of relief, too excited, Thompson Chu kept it carefully, for fear that he would accidentally tore it to pieces and couldn’t make it.

The Chu family is too poor now. For them, 20 million is more than just a sum of money. It is more of a hope to save the Chu family. With 20 million, the broken capital chain of the Chu family can be reconnected. The company can operate normally again.

Wayne Lin saw them like this on the side with a disdainful smile. He hadn’t seen the world before, and was so excited after only 20 million. If he saw more than 50 billion, he would not all pass out.

“Alma, how did you borrow 20 million? Didn’t Wang always want you to accompany him for three days?”

“Yes, Alma, what the hell is going on?”

They all expressed their questions, and even Candice Liu and Berry Chu were curious.

Alma Chu said blankly: “I didn’t accompany Mr. Wang.”



They were all surprised, and asked Alma Chu what was going on, for fear that Alma Chu had offended President Wang.

Then Alma Chu recounted what happened tonight. Of course, she did not say some details, including the chairman of Michelle Films wearing a clown mask, she took the initiative to hug Chairman Michelle, and she spoke to Chairman Michelle There was something of affection.

Thompson Chu and the others were stunned after listening to them. They couldn’t understand why the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company borrowed 20 million from Alma Chu without touching Alma Chu? What is the picture, there are still cats that do not steal fishy in the world?

They looked at each other and didn’t believe it very much. They didn’t say anything. They thought that Alma Chu must be embarrassed, so they said that Chairman Zi Qiong didn’t touch her. In fact, she had been lost to Chairman Zi Qiong! Besides, Wayne Lin is still here. No matter how wasteful Wayne Lin is, he is still Alma Chu’s husband. It is normal for Alma Chu to be embarrassed.

“What about the IOU? Was it written that it was interest-free for three years?” Sean Chu thought of this and hurriedly asked.

Alma Chu said, “There is no IOU.”

When they heard this, they were even more sure that Alma Chu must have been swayed by Chairman Zi Qiong, and Alma Chu had been waiting for them so comfortably that she would not even call the IOU.

Seeing their expressions, Alma Chu didn’t know what they were thinking, but she didn’t bother to explain, because this kind of thing was unclear, it didn’t matter, anyway, she knew she was innocent.

She couldn’t help looking at Wayne Lin in the corner, and seeing that Wayne Lin didn’t have any grief or regret, and she could even laugh, she didn’t get angry. How could there be such a wimpy man, his wife would not respond at all when he was asleep!

Chapter 34

Thompson Chu and the others took a check of 20 million and left happily.

Wayne Lin leaned over and said gratefully: “My wife, thank you just now.”

Alma Chu’s expression was very cold. Seeing Wayne Lin staring at herself, she frowned, feeling sick, and said flatly, “Yeah.”

Then she was about to enter the room, Wayne Lin stopped her from behind, “Wife.”

“What else?” Alma Chu turned her head, her expression impatient.

Wayne Lin stared at her and said, “They don’t believe you, but I believe you are innocent.”

Alma Chu was taken aback, moved a little, and asked, “Why do you believe me? I’ve already gone into his office, alone and in a room.”

Wayne Lin was asked and didn’t know how to answer. According to the logic of normal people, Alma Chu dressed so beautifully and went to other people’s office. She was an lone man and a widow, and the premise that she agreed to borrow 20 million was to accompany Alma Chu. After sleeping for three days, Alma Chu has borrowed the money back, saying that she has not lost her body. Who will believe it?

But he happened to be Chairman Zi Qiong, and he did not touch Alma Chu.

For this reason, he couldn’t tell anyhow.

Seeing that he could not answer, Alma Chu was so moved that she disappeared completely and returned to her coldness. At this time, Candice Liu sent Thompson Chu and the others back, despising: “He believes in a fart, just find himself a step down, satisfy him. Poor pride.”

When Alma Chu heard it, she believed it. It was indeed such a reason. Even if she really slept with Chairman Zi Qiong, what could Wayne Lin do? Are you going to find Chairman Zi Qiong desperately? He doesn’t have this ability, let alone the guts! He said this just to get himself down the steps so that he could continue to stay in Chu’s house and eat soft food.

Wayne Lin hurriedly said: “Alma, you misunderstood me, I really believe you!”

Alma Chu waved her hand and said nonchalantly: “Okay, I know. I’m going to take a bath now, and you can come in at eleven o’clock.”

After speaking, she refused to give Wayne Lin a chance to speak, walked into the room with a cold face, and locked the door.

Wayne Lin sighed. It seems that he still has a long way to go to get Alma Chu’s approval.

The next day, Alma Chu got up early in the morning and went to the company for a meeting. Alma Chu refused to let him follow. He felt that he would be an eye-catcher if he went. This was just right for Wayne Lin to go to Zi Qiong to go to work.

Now he has just taken over Zi Qiong, many projects also require him to review and sign, and Zi Qiong’s recent profit has fallen into a negative growth, he must take action to make positive profit growth in advance.

Wayne Lin is not worried about this, because he is a business prodigy and he has absolute confidence in himself. As long as he is given a period of time, he can run Ziqiong soaring and become a giant domestic film and television company.

This time I went to Ziqiong. He didn’t drive an electric car anymore. How can I say that he is also the chairman of a company with a market value of 2 billion. It would not be appropriate to drive an electric car to go to work, so he went by special car and waited for time. Now, he has to buy a luxury car to travel, so that he can be worthy of his identity.

“For the time being, it will be arranged like this, the meeting is adjourned.”

After Wayne Lin stood up and walked out of the meeting hall, they dared to relax and start discussing. There was no way, Wayne Lin put too much pressure on them. The more they came into contact, the more they felt that Wayne Lin was unfathomable, whether it was his aura, ability, or eloquence, they were not what he could have at his age.

Much better than the last chairman!

They have more confidence in Zi Qiong’s future, and they have recovered a lot of work enthusiasm that has disappeared.

They all have this kind of consciousness. Under the leadership of the new chairman, Ziqiong Film and Television Company will surely usher in a new peak!

Wayne Lin went back to his office, rubbed his temples, and relaxed. He didn’t fall asleep much last night, the floor was cold, and he suffered from insomnia very sadly.

A little sleepy at the moment, he squinted for a while, called the assistant, and refreshed him with a cup of coffee.

After a while, there was a knock on the door, and a sweet voice rang out, “Chairman, your coffee is here.”

“Come in.” Wayne Lin said lightly, continuing to browse the information.

Time goes back to two hours ago.

Della Qin came to ziqiong film and television company very early, today is the last day of recruitment, she must seize this opportunity!

Since knowing that Wayne Lin is the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, her mood has been agitated and never calmed down. Later, when she returned home, she went to investigate Wayne Lin’s background for the first time and found nothing. She went to investigate Ziqiong Film and Television Company and found out that the original chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company was named Zhang. On the day of Wayne Lin, Ziqiong Film and Television Company was suddenly transferred, and a mysterious man bought Ziqiong Film and Television Company with a huge sum of 2.5 billion!

And this mysterious person is Wayne Lin.

She didn’t know why Wayne Lin could spend so much money, why such a rich person would be willing to be the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family.

These are not important, and she doesn’t want to go into it, she only believes that Wayne Lin is a rich man, and he is the kind of super rich!

These were not from the performance, but the facts were the case, so she immediately moved her mind and must hook up with Wayne Lin, no matter what means.

In this society, it is too difficult to make money. Many women who are better than her are willing to lay down their dignity to kneel and lick those greasy middle-aged people for the sake of vanity. They are disgusting. Now Wayne Lin is young and in good shape. Of course she can’t let go of such a golden turtle!

So she came to ziqiong film and television company very early to apply.

For this moment, she has been preparing for a long time, and with her terms, she will definitely be able to apply.

And the facts proved that her guess was correct. She successfully applied for the job and became a member of Ziqiong Film and Television Company. Next, she was going to approach Wayne Lin!

Originally in her plan, this was a long process and could not be rushed, but she was lucky, and she had a chance to serve coffee to the chairman as soon as she applied for the job. This is really great!

To this end, she specially added makeup to make herself look more sexy and beautiful, and deliberately unbuttoned two collar buttons.

She didn’t believe it, Wayne Lin would not be tempted to see such a thing!

After she entered the office, she was immediately shocked by such a luxurious and atmospheric office. The room was full of money! In front of Alma Chu, she always boasted that she was a rich daughter and had a company at home, but compared with Zi Qiong, it was too far away, just like the latrines and palaces in the country.

She saw Wayne Lin sitting in the boss chair, looking through the information carefully. Now Wayne Lin is wearing a luxurious suit with a nice haircut. She looks very handsome, like a typical diamond king old five. Della Qin couldn’t help but slam into it, and he couldn’t move his eyes off Wayne Lin! Why didn’t you find Wayne Lin so handsome before, oh my god, I was blind before?

Holding the coffee, she walked to the side of Wayne Lin with a catwalk, and deliberately said in a delicate voice: “Chairman, your coffee.”

Wayne Lin didn’t look up, but said lightly: “Okay, go down.”

Della Qin finally had the opportunity to be alone with Wayne Lin. How could she go down easily? She stood beside Wayne Lin, deliberately pulling her skirt up, trying to tease Wayne Lin…

Chapter 35

Wayne Lin finally realized something was wrong, and raised his head, “I didn’t let you go down…Della Qin, it’s you?!”

Della Qin had already stretched her skirt high at this time, looking very seductive.

“Wayne, it’s me, we met again.” Della Qin blinked her eyes and looked very surprised. With her beautiful face and graceful figure, I have to say that she is really a stunner, there are few men. Can resist.

Wayne Lin is a man, and he was also fascinated by the beauty of the woman Della Qin revealed, and he was briefly absent. And Della Qin successfully caught Wayne Lin’s loss of consciousness at this moment, and the throbbing revealed in her eyes, which made her feel ecstatic and had greater confidence in taking Wayne Lin!

She began to feel complacent, hum, there is no cat in the world that does not steal fishy, ​​what if there is such a big beauty as Alma Chu in Wayne Lin’s family? Wouldn’t it be seduced by her.

“Who let you in?” Wayne Lin returned to his senses and frowned.

“If you want coffee, I’ll bring it in for you.” Della Qin spit out a little fragrant tongue and made a mischievous look. With her beauty, it is extremely lethal to men.

Wayne Lin is not stupid. He naturally knows what Della Qin’s purpose is. It is nothing more than seeing him rich and coming to seduce him.

“Who said this? Who am I talking about allowed you to come in Ziqiong?” Wayne Lin said with a cold face, don’t look at Della Qin’s sweet and lovely appearance, Della Qin used to mock him.

Della Qin’s eyes quickly appeared misty, her mouth was flat, and she was very aggrieved. She bent down and shook Wayne Lin’s clothes while shaking her body, begging for mercy: “Wayne, I was wrong about what happened last time. It was Li Jianhui who instructed me. It’s none of my business. Will you forgive me? Please…”

She bent down like this, and the shirt she was wearing had two more buttons unbuttoned, causing Wayne Lin to look aside in a hurry. Della Qin is Alma Chu’s classmate, he can’t have anything to do with Della Qin, if it gets to Alma Chu, it will be finished.

But I have to say that in the past Della Qin was a superb image in front of him. He didn’t even want to look at him straight up. Every time he met, he mocked him, but now she kneels in front of him like a b*tch, eager for his forgiveness. This feeling is pretty cool.

Della Qin saw Wayne Lin’s panic, and the smile on her face became even stronger. Everything was in her plan, and Wayne Lin still had feelings for her.

Wayne Lin sneered off her and said with a sneer: “Pretend? Della Qin, do you think I met you the first day? How did you mock me and humiliate me before, you forgot?”


Della Qin slapped her face with tears in her eyes. She regretted and said sadly, “Wayne, I know I have scolded you before and mocked you. You hate me and think I am mean and vicious. A woman! But it was Alma Chu who asked me to do this. She said that marrying you was the worst thing in her life. She has always hated you, so she took me and sickened you, just to drive you away. go!”

Wayne Lin was expressionless, looking at her coldly, his eyes said, pretend, you pretend.

Seeing that Wayne Lin was unmoved, Della Qin gritted her teeth and slapped herself in the face again, and she slapped harder than before. The slap was very loud. Fortunately, the soundproofing in the office is good, otherwise it will be spread out. Up.

“Wayne, all of my mistakes are my fault. It has nothing to do with Alma Chu. I know you will never forgive me. It’s okay. It’s my life. I accept it!” Desolate appearance, full acting skills, staring at Su Yun affectionately, full of tenderness, regret, reluctance, expectation… I see pity, Wayne Lin can’t bear it instantly, if it wasn’t for him to know Della Qin well As a person, he will be fooled by Della Qin.


p; Della Qin has practiced this kind of bitter trick many times in advance. It can be said that she is very skilled, and she promises that as long as a man sees it, she will be softhearted and forgive her. But Wayne Lin was still indifferent. She started to panic a little. Is she really not attractive to Wayne Lin at all?

She fiercely grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand, and said with tears: “Wayne, if you are angry, you hit me, you hit me, even if you kill me! As long as you are willing to forgive me and let me die in your hands All right.”

Wayne Lin: “…”

What a genius.

“Enough.” Wayne Lin withdrew his hand and said coldly, “Stop your clumsy performance and get out of here.”

Della Qin was very unwilling. There was no reason. She was dressed so beautiful and sexy today, and the eyes of the stinky man on the road were falling into her ditch. How could Wayne Lin be indifferent to her? Could it be that Wayne Lin is a gay guy and has no interest in women in that respect?

Soon, she saw that Wayne Lin was secretly swallowing, and immediately dispelled this doubt. It was obvious that Wayne Lin was still teased by her, but only deliberately carried it.

Della Qin breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t panic. As long as Wayne Lin is a normal man and has the sexual orientation that a man should have, then she has the confidence to take Wayne Lin down.

“Wayne, do you really hate me so much, don’t you even give me a chance to me?” Della Qinxuan cried, but she was so charming that she had the desire to protect her and couldn’t bear to make her sad.

I have to say that although Della Qin’s character is not good, her appearance is really nothing to say, she is beautiful, good in figure, and she is still the kind of vixen. Normal men will feel that way when they see her, and Wayne Lin is no exception. .

And Della Qin, a woman who seduce men, has a way of catching her eyes. Wayne Lin is afraid that if she keeps Della Qin, she will make mistakes. He stares at Della Qin and said coldly, “Della Qin, don’t think I don’t know you are here. What do you think, you just saw me sitting in the position of chairman of Michelle Chin, not the old useless wasteful son-in-law, so you started my idea, wanted to seduce me to commit a crime, and enjoy the glory and wealth. You are right! “

Della Qin was pierced so directly by Wayne Lin. Some embarrassment appeared on her face, but she disappeared immediately. She said angrily: “Wayne! How can you say that to me! In your heart, I just don’t want it. The face of the woman?! I really like you, don’t believe me, if you touch my heartbeat, you will know if it’s real!”

After speaking, she walked up directly and grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand, but Wayne Lin was taken aback!

This woman is too shameless. In order to please him, she directly betrayed her hue.

Wayne Lin moved a little slower, and when he accidentally bumped into it, he panicked. He quickly pulled out his hand, his heart beating fiercely.

Della Qin’s eyes showed some pride, it seemed that Wayne Lin was quite pure, he blushed after touching her, such a man is more easy to seduce.

She walked over to Wayne Lin again, “Wayne, I dare not expect you to forgive right away, but please give me a chance to let me stay in Ziqiong, can you? I swear, I promise that you will not be Ziqiong. The identity of the chairman told Alma Chu…”

Wayne Lin’s face instantly became cold, staring at her, “Are you threatening me?”

Wayne Lin showed too much aura at this moment, Della Qin immediately shuddered, her legs weakened, and hurriedly shook her head, “No no! Absolutely no!”

Wayne Lin walked over, raised her chin, and stared at her directly, “Woman, next time you dare to threaten me, I will let you experience the taste of life is better than death!”

Della Qin lost her blood on her face and trembled.

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