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Chapter 36

She had never seen Wayne Lin look so horrible. After walking out of the office, she found that her back was wet with sweat, and she was gasping for breath. After a while, she came back to her senses, mother, Wayne Lin’s aura is too big, right? Better than any big boss she has ever seen!

It can be seen that Wayne Lin must be the second generation of super rich, and only a person of noble origin can exude such a powerful aura and majesty.

Although she was driven out by Wayne Lin, she was not discouraged because of this. Instead, she became more fighting spirit. She vowed in her heart that she must take Wayne Lin down. Her requirements are not high, as long as Wayne Lin’s junior and senior are enough.


Peter Zhang has been very unhappy recently. Ever since he was slapped by Vicky Lin on Thompson Chu’s 70th birthday, his face began to sweep the floor, and he was unlucky. After he came back, he was ill. The family business is still inexplicable. When it’s cold, it plummets, and losses are beginning to appear!

Feeling upset, he went to the club with a few friends and friends to vent, but he was unlucky enough to encounter pornography, and it took a lot of money to redeem it. Now he has long lost the prestige before, and the whole person is in embarrassment. And all this was caused by the beast Wayne Lin!

He later found out. It turned out that Wayne Lin was able to call Hanson Lin over, not because of how awesome Wayne Lin was, but because this guy was lucky and saved Hanson Lin’s life, and Hanson Lin owed it. Only if he is an adult, he will surrender his status to celebrate Thompson Chu’s birthday, and cooperate with this guy to act forcefully!

The most funny thing is that, in order to pretend to be coercive in front of Alma Chu, Wayne Lin, a stupid pig, wasted Hanson Lin’s adult favor, and in the end he did not get the benefits of Mao.

To be honest, when Peter Zhang knew about this, he was really jealous of Wayne Lin and despised Wayne Lin. If you change him and receive the life-saving favor of a big man like Hanson Lin, he would have already reached the sky in one step. If nothing else, the Lin family’s big industry, just getting some business for him, is already a lot of money. Up!

This is all still secondary. It is completely through the relationship of Hanson Lin to get to know more big people and expand your social circle. In this way, the level is different!

He was very unwilling. Why wasn’t he the one who saved Hanson Lin? He had known this a long time ago. He should have guarded Hanson Lin there that day! Ugh……

And Alma Chu, a btch, has pursued her for so many years, spent so much money, and wanted to change to another woman. She had been fcked over and over again by him. As a result, Alma Chu refused to be touched by him. Click, b*tch! The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, Peter Zhang looked fierce, a crazy idea appeared in his mind!

Wayne Lin has been busy working for Ziqiong Company for a day, and finally sorted out the next plans and plans. As long as the arrangements are made, the subordinates can execute them.

He is confident that under his leadership, Ziqiong Film and Television Company will soon usher in a new peak.

Because it was a bit late to work overtime, it was almost nine o’clock when Wayne Lin returned home. After opening the door, Alma Chu and her mother-in-law Candice Liu were applying facial masks in the living room. Seeing him coming back so late, Candice Liu cursed dissatisfiedly: ” Where did you die, come back so late!”

Wayne Lin said, “Mom, I…”

“Okay, I don’t want to know where you have been. I warn you. I will lock the door before returning after eight o’clock. You can spend the night outside.” Candice Liu waved his hand and said impatiently.

“Oh…” Wayne Lin took off his shoes and made a grunting sound in his stomach. He has been busy for a day today.

, I forgot to eat dinner, now I am very hungry.

He walked into the kitchen and found that there was no more food in the pot. Now he is very hungry. Is it possible to eat instant noodles?

At this time, mother-in-law Candice Liu said: “Don’t look, there is no food in the pot, we have all eaten.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was very disappointed.

“Ah what, you know you are hungry, why don’t you know that you have to go home early? Don’t look at what time it is now, it’s almost half past nine, and we still wait for you to fail? Who do you think you are? A rice bucket that won’t make money by eating!” Mother-in-law Candice Liu would scold in particular, a series of words, without repetition, cursed Wayne Lin for nothing, Alma Chu couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “I’ve left you with food. It’s in the refrigerator. Take it out and heat it yourself. Mom, don’t scold it anymore, just let it go.”

Candice Liu rolled her eyes and said, “What’s wrong with my scolding him? He deserves to be scolded! For four years, he hasn’t looked for a job. He stays at home every day and doesn’t know where his face is.”

Alma Chu said, “He is looking for a job.”

“What? He went to look for a job? Really?” Candice Liu seemed to have heard something terrific, with a face full of disbelief, “Can someone want him for this kind of waste?”

“Well, be a real estate agency.” Alma Chu said lightly, tearing open the mask, and picked up the remote control to adjust other stations.

“Real estate agency? What kind of rubbish job is this? Did you earn five thousand yuan a month?” Candice Liu’s face was full of contempt, and then he rolled his eyes and said, “It’s a good thing that you can find a job. You will have to pay your salary in the future. Me, I will save it for you, you know?”

Wayne Lin’s eyes are strange, his salary is tens of millions a month, right? If it is handed over to mother-in-law, will she be fainted?

Of course, he wouldn’t say such things. There was no need. He nodded and agreed, then he went to the refrigerator to take out the food and put it in the pot to heat it.

At this time, Candice Liu’s low voice came from the living room, “Alma, you said that Wang always gave you to the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company last night?”

There was something unnatural on Alma Chu’s face and nodded.

“Is this Chairman Zi Qiong really not touching you?” Candice Liu stared at Alma Chu with a strange expression.

Here again, Alma Chu frowned and was very impatient. Candice Liu has asked her several times today, “I don’t want to answer this question anymore, you believe it or not.”

“Hey, don’t be impatient, mom is not curious.” Candice Liu grabbed her and continued, “According to you, the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company is very young. He told Mr. Wang that he admires you, Bai I loaned you 20 million, and didn’t touch you, and still wore a mask to prevent you from seeing him. Would you say he is someone you know?”

Wayne Lin was listening in the kitchen with his ears upright, and suddenly he snorted in his heart. Is his identity about to be revealed? !

Alma Chu’s heartbeat also accelerated a lot. According to this statement, it is really possible. Otherwise, Chairman Zi Qiong, why would she wear a mask? It makes no sense.

But she recalled carefully and found that among the people she knew, there was no such high-level rich person!

Moreover, the figure of the other party was not among the male friends she knew…On the contrary, it was a bit similar to Wayne Lin.

Reading this, she couldn’t help looking at Wayne Lin in the kitchen…

Chapter 37

Wayne Lin felt her gaze, and immediately raised her heart, and hurriedly walked inside, avoiding Alma Chu’s gaze.

Alma Chu shouldn’t recognize her, right?

Fortunately, Alma Chu quickly averted her gaze and laughed at herself. She was stunned. He would actually connect Wayne Lin and Chairman Zi Qiong?

The chairman Ziqiong is a super rich man. He is in a high position and has a strong aura. As for Wayne Lin, he is just a humble door-to-door son-in-law. He doesn’t have any skills. He has a particularly useless personality. The gap between Chairman Zi Qiong is the same as Ant and Shenlong.

Shaking her head vigorously, Alma Chu threw out this absurd idea and said to Candice Liu: “It’s not someone I know. I guess Chairman Ziqiong wears a mask because he doesn’t want me to see him. He is A very unique person.”

As a woman, Candice Liu saw Alma Chu’s dazed expression. She didn’t understand what was going on. She simply said, “In my opinion, Chairman Zi Qiong is interesting to you!”

Alma Chu was startled by her words, her face flushed, and she shook her head quickly: “Mom, what are you talking about! This is impossible!”

“Why is it impossible?” Candice Liu said solemnly: “Look, you were going to accompany Mr. Wang, but Mr. Wang dedicated you to Chairman Zi Qiong. Chairman Zi Qiong must have known. In this matter, I beat President Wang. You didn’t mean that President Wang had a very good attitude when he saw you. He didn’t even dare to look at you more! That’s right, President Wang is famously lecherous in the circle. , You are so beautiful and dressed so sexy. If it weren’t for Chairman Zi Qiong to say hello to Mr. Wang, would he be so honest with you? You’ve already started!”

“How to get started, it’s so ugly.” Alma Chu couldn’t bear Candice Liu’s vulgarity.

“Don’t worry about it, isn’t it true? Mom is here, and I have eaten more salt than you have eaten! Chairman Shi Qiong must like you, so I won’t touch you. I want to be in your mind. Leave a good impression.” Candice Liu said sensibly, confident of his inference.

Alma Chu was also a little convinced by what she was said, her heartbeat speeded up a lot, if it was really like what Mom said…

She didn’t dare to think anymore, her face was already red.

At this time, Candice Liu continued: “Alma, this is a great opportunity for you! Chairman Zi Qiong’s wealth of billions, rich and powerful, if you can have a relationship with him, you will not have to worry in your life. , No worries about food and clothing. When the time comes, the people of the Chu family will look at you as their head. Who would dare to look down on you again?”

Alma Chu was a little moved by what was said, thinking of something, she shook her head and said, “But I’m already married.”

Candice Liu immediately poked Alma Chu’s forehead with hatred of iron and steel, “You, you, what should mom say about you? What if you get married? You haven’t had a room with Wayne Lin, and now it’s still finished. As for the body, Chairman Zi Qiong won’t mind.”

At this time, Wayne Lin was choked on eating and coughed twice. Alma Chu’s eyes flashed a little complicated and said, “Stop talking, I’m going to take a bath.”

“Hey, you…” Candice Liu glared at Wayne Lin fiercely.

Wayne Lin was speechless. It was a beautiful misunderstanding. That day, he asked Damon Wang not to make Alma Chu’s idea. He just wanted to solve this matter. Who knew Damon Wang had misunderstood his meaning and sent Alma Chu away. Coming to him! What’s the matter now, have you turned yourself green?

The next day.

Before Alma Chu got off work, she received a call from Peter Zhang, “Hey, Alma, are you free tonight?”

“What’s the matter?” Alma Chu asked lightly.

Peter Zhang: “Have you forgotten what day is today?”

Alma Chu was taken aback, thinking for a while, but did not remember what big day is today, “What day is it?”

Peter Zhang’s lost voice came from the phone, “I knew you forgot. Today is my birthday.”

“Ah? I’m sorry, I forgot.” Alma Chu apologized embarrassedly. Over the past few years, Peter Zhang has remembered her birthday and has given her gifts every year, but she has forgotten Peter Zhang’s birthday, which is not very embarrassing.

Peter Zhang laughed at himself and said, “It’s okay, I’m used to it. I’m hosting a birthday party at Jeff KTV tonight. Can you come over?”

Alma Chu subconsciously wanted to refuse. She didn’t call Peter Zhang. Now after contacting Chairman Zi Qiong, she has no feeling for Peter Zhang.

Seeing her silence, Peter Zhang said in an almost imploring tone: “Alma, I used to accompany you on birthdays in previous years. Can you accompany me this year?”

When she heard Peter Zhang’s words, Alma Chu softened her heart and nodded in agreement, “Okay, you send me the address, I’ll be there later.”

“Okay, Alma, I’m really happy to be here!” Peter Zhang was overjoyed. After hanging up the phone, he swept away the excitement on his face, and the corners of his mouth began to rise, revealing a successful conspiracy smile, muttering to himself: “Huh, just I’m afraid you won’t come, as long as you come, you can’t run away!”

Then, he laughed happily.

Alma Chu didn’t know that Peter Zhang had been thinking badly about her. After get off work, she came out of the company, saw Wayne Lin waiting in the lobby, and immediately frowned.

“Alma, you’re off work.” Wayne Lin greeted Alma Chu with a bright smile.

Alma Chu nodded calmly. She noticed that many people around her were secretly pointing at her, and the whispering voice reached her ears: “Who is this man? He looks very poor. .”

“How can I talk to Alma Chu.”

“You are new here, you don’t know Wayne Lin, he is the husband of the beautiful Alma Chu, or the kind of son-in-law who comes to the door!”

“Isn’t it? Alma Chu is already married? She is so beautiful, she must not worry about being chased by others, why should she hire a son-in-law, she is crazy!”

“This is not clear, maybe this man is wealthy, hehe…”

The defamation of these people reached Alma Chu’s ears, making her feel very embarrassed. She was originally a thin-skinned person and didn’t like being talked about like this by others.

She gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, lowered her head, and walked out of the company building quickly.

“Wayne Lin, what’s the matter with you! Didn’t I warn you not to come to the company to find me? Did you have no money to spend? I only gave you five hundred yuan last month, and you finished it so soon?! Alma Chu scolded angrily.

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu affectionately and said: “Alma, we have been married for four years, and I have never invited you to a meal. Today I booked a seat at Juyaxuan. Give me a chance to make up for this. What hasn’t been done in four years, can it?”

Alma Chu frowned, “Juyaxuan is a high-end restaurant. Two people eat two or three thousand for a meal. Where did you get the money?”

“I’m looking for a job.”

“But you didn’t just work yesterday.”

Wayne Lin made an excuse, “I, that, I paid my salary in advance.”

Hearing this, Alma Chu was not moved. Instead, she sank her face and looked at Wayne Lin with a hatred of iron and steel, “You should let me say hello, just the first day I was looking for a job, I would advance my salary and still get it. Come for high consumption? Wayne Lin, when will you become more mature!”


Wayne Lin hurriedly explained: “In fact, it is not an advance payment, but the boss rewards me when he sees me behaved well.”

Alma Chu’s gaze became even colder, “If you go to work the first day, the boss will reward you with a few thousand dollars? Wayne Lin, you are an idiot, do you think everyone is an idiot?”


“Okay, no need to quibble, I’m not interested in listening.” Alma Chu interrupted him, “Today is Peter Zhang’s birthday. I’m going to attend his birthday party. I don’t have time to eat with you.”

Peter Zhang’s birthday?

Intuition tells him that things are not that simple. He said in a deep voice: “Alma, Peter Zhang is a man with a bad heart. He keeps beating your ideas. The last time he was on his grandfather’s 70th birthday, he was embarrassed. The character will definitely hold a grudge. I think this is probably a trap, it’s better not to go.”

Alma Chu said in disgust, “Wayne Lin, you are getting sicker and sicker! Treating a gentleman’s belly like a villain, do you think everyone is as black as you? Peter Zhang is my college classmate, I know His character! If he is really critical, he would have done it long ago. Will he wait till today?”

Seeing that Wayne Lin still wanted to speak, Alma Chu roughly pushed him away, got into the car and left.

Chapter 38

Wayne Lin watched Alma Chu leave and sighed for a long time. Alma Chu was still too simple.

Based on Wayne Lin’s understanding of Peter Zhang, Peter Zhang must have made a plot to call Alma Chu out this time. For the sake of safety, Wayne Lin called Damon Wang…

On Alma Chu’s side, she rushed out in the car, went home to change clothes, and then went to Jeff KTV to accompany Peter Zhang on his birthday.

She really thinks that Wayne Lin has saved the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. As a former university classmate, she knows Peter Zhang very well and will never hurt her. Peter Zhang is a little boastful and likes to show off, but he is true. Not bad. Besides, now it is a society under the rule of law, and cameras are everywhere. Even if Peter Zhang has a bad intention, he dare not implement it? Instead, Wayne Lin’s behavior is disgusting.

At eight o’clock in the evening, after Alma Chu changed her clothes, according to the address Peter Zhang gave her, she found box 888 and opened the door to enter.

“Alma, you are here!”

In the box, Peter Zhang, who was singing, saw Alma Chu coming in, and immediately smiled in surprise, put down the microphone, walked quickly towards Alma Chu, and reached out to hold Alma Chu’s hand, and Alma Chu avoided leaving no trace. . Some haze flashed on his face, he immediately returned to his smile, clapped his hands, and said to the people in the box: “I want to introduce you, Alma Chu, my goddess since college!”

Everyone applauded.

There are eight people in the box, all of them are couples, and they are all hugging each other. Only Peter Zhang is single. Now that Alma Chu is here, the implications are self-evident. Seeing this situation, Alma Chu slightly Frowned. But she didn’t say much, after all, it was no secret that Peter Zhang liked her.

Out of politeness, Alma Chu smiled at them, nodded, and said hello.

“Zhang Shao, you are not kind. You found such a beautiful girlfriend and didn’t tell us?” After sitting down, a young man hooked Peter Zhang’s shoulder and said jokingly.

Peter Zhang smiled, did not explain the relationship with Alma Chu, but said: “I am not bringing people here.”

Alma Chu frowned slightly at Peter Zhang’s behavior, but she didn’t even open her mouth to reveal it. Today is Peter Zhang’s birthday, so she still has to give it some face. She decided to sing two songs and blow the birthday candles with Peter Zhang, and then she went back.

Peter Zhang understood her emotions, leaned over, and said in a low voice: “Alma, I’m sorry, I am good at advocating. These people are my playmates when I was a child, and they always laughed at me for not being able to find a girlfriend when I was single. Saying that I am selfish when calling you over tonight. I just want you to pretend to be my girlfriend temporarily so that I can grow a face in front of these friends…”

Seeing Alma Chu frowned, Peter Zhang quickly added, “Of course, if you mind, let me explain it to them. Alas, I thought it was my birthday tonight, so I could be a little happier…”

Seeing his sad look, Alma Chu felt soft, and said, “It’s okay, so be it. I forgot to tell you, happy birthday.”

Peter Zhang’s eyes lit up, showing a touch of emotion, “Alma, thank you, you are so kind to me!”

Because the speakers in KTV were very loud, they could hear each other clearly when they were close. Peter Zhang smelled the body scent radiating from Alma Chu and looked at Alma Chu’s delicate and immaculate face up close, making his heart hotter. Under the impulse, I want to hug Alma Chu’s waist.

After Alma Chu found out, she immediately changed her face, moved her body, avoiding Peter Zhang’s hand, “I didn’t promise you to touch me!”

Her voice was a bit loud, just when the music ended, there was a brief silence, which was heard by everyone else in the box, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

Peter Zhang’s mouth twitched, his expression gloomy.

Fortunately, the music started again at this time, and the others pretended not to hear them, and continued to sing, only to hide their embarrassment.

“Sorry, it’s me Meng Lang.” Peter Zhang forced a smile and apologized to Alma Chu.

Alma Chu did not have the same knowledge as Peter Zhang, nodded, and said it was all right.

Next, everyone in the box began to sing, and the atmosphere was very lively. Driven by the atmosphere, Alma Chu slowly let go and sang a few songs. Her voice was very good, her voice was ethereal, and she calmed the audience. Not only Peter Zhang, but the eyes of other men looking at her were full of enthusiasm.

Who doesn’t want to possess such a stunner?

“Come on, Miss Chu, I will toast you a glass!” A man came over with a wine glass and said with a smile to Alma Chu.

Alma Chu politely refused, “I’m sorry, I’m driving here, so I can’t drink.”

The man said, “What’s the matter, please drive.”

The people around him echoed: “Yes, we all came by car. Now we are driving on behalf of people everywhere, and the software is just a little bit, which is very convenient.”

Alma Chu still shook her head and said, “I don’t have a good amount of alcohol, and I get drunk easily after a little bit. I’m really embarrassed.”

The man’s face became a little cold, “We are all good friends of Peter, you don’t give us this kind of face, right?”

At this moment, Peter Zhang sat over and pretended to be displeased and said, “Hey hey hey! What are you doing, she doesn’t drink, don’t mess with her, if you want to drink, come at me!”

He said these words with great arrogance, blocking the wine for Alma Chu, very manly behavior.

Alma Chu was indeed moved, and said gratefully to Peter Zhang, “Thank you.”

Peter Zhang waved his hand, “What’s the matter, you are my girlfriend now, I can still let them bully you?”

Alma Chu smiled slightly, and didn’t say much. Peter Zhang felt more upset when she saw that she didn’t get any oil and salt. She was a b*tch and pretended to be. Who doesn’t know if you want to borrow 20 million from the Chu family and wash yourself clean. Jing, send it to the door to play with Mr. Wang!

Peter Zhang only learned of the news not long ago, and his mentality immediately exploded. He had always wanted to take Alma Chu’s blood, but now Alma Chu actually gave it to someone else! He suddenly had a kind of cabbage that had been raised for many years, and was overwhelmed by other pigs.

Obviously he was already a deceased flower, and he was still pretending to be a saint in front of him, which made him even more unhappy! He winked with a few men, and then someone took out a small pill bottle from his pocket, took out a small white pill, and put it in Alma Chu’s Coke cup while Alma Chu was singing inadvertently. The pill immediately diverged and melted in the Coke in two seconds. It was colorless and tasteless. There was no problem with this glass of Coke.

“Zhang Shao, this is the latest good product. The effect of this one is enough to put a cow down! You have to take a moment, hehe.”

Peter Zhang smiled: “Don’t worry.”

Alma Chu didn’t know that her cup had been tampered with. When she came back after singing, her mouth was a little dry, and she took two sips from the cup.

Seeing that she really drank it, everyone else in the box showed an evil smile…

Chapter 39

It’s almost eleven o’clock, and it’s too late for Alma Chu. She said to Peter Zhang: “Peter, I have to go to work tomorrow, so I will go home first. This is a gift for you. Happy birthday to you. “

Alma Chu took out a delicate gift box from her bag and handed it to Peter Zhang.

Peter Zhang finally caught this opportunity and could take Alma Chu down. Where would Alma Chu be willing to leave? Besides, Alma Chu has already drunk the glass of Coke, and it will happen soon…

He opened the gift box. It was a precious tie, which was somewhat pleasantly surprised. “Alma, thank you. I am missing a tie now. You really understand me!”

Alma Chu smiled faintly: “You like it. I’m leaving now, you guys have fun.”

Peter Zhang hurriedly stopped her: “Alma, don’t go! It’s almost twelve o’clock, and I will leave after I have a birthday cake with me, okay? Please.”

Alma Chu frowned and looked at Peter Zhang’s pleading expression. She was unwilling, but agreed, “Well, after eating the cake with you, I must go home.”

“Okay, okay!” Peter Zhang was so excited that he nodded repeatedly.

Alma Chu did not see the weird expression on Peter Zhang’s face. She sat down again, and after a while, she felt her body begin to heat up and her brain slowly became heavy, as if she had caught a cold.

At first, she didn’t care too much. After all, the heating was turned on in the KTV, and there were so many people. The heat was normal, but slowly, she realized that something was wrong!

Not only is her body getting hotter and wanting to take off her clothes, but her brain consciousness is getting heavier, her vision is starting to blur, and her breathing is getting heavier.

Especially in her body, she felt ashamed to speak out. This is definitely not a cold!

She immediately looked at Peter Zhang and found that Peter Zhang was constantly scanning her, watching her reaction, her eyes were frantic, and she kept swallowing. The other people in the box also showed wretched expressions.

Seeing this scene, even if Alma Chu was stupid, she would have reacted, Peter Zhang was drugged in her Coke!

She was panicked and angry. She couldn’t believe it was true. Peter Zhang had always been a gentleman in front of her, and he would have done such a thing. It was inferior to a beast.

She couldn’t help but think that before coming, Wayne Lin reminded her, it is ridiculous that she scolded Wayne Lin at that time, saying that Wayne Lin was a gentleman with a villain’s heart. Now when I think about it, I regret it! I knew she should have listened to Wayne Lin.

As an adult, Alma Chu knows exactly what Peter Zhang’s purpose is. It is ridiculous that she has read so many similar news, but she still has no sense of prevention.

Now she regretted and panicked. Taking advantage of her ability to act, she quickly stood up and said to Peter Zhang, “Peter, something happened to my house. I am going back soon. I’m sorry, I can’t eat cake with you. I’ll invite you to dinner next time!”

She quickly finished talking to Peter Zhang, and then left.

It’s just this point, how could he be willing to let the cooked duck fly away? He blocked Alma Chu right now, and he didn’t hide it. Jie Jie smiled: “Isn’t he saying that I can eat cake with me? Why are you leaving now? Are you not giving me face?”

Alma Chu’s expression changed, she forcibly resisted the anger in her heart, and said patiently: “It’s not that I don’t give you face, but that I have something to leave!”

At this moment, she felt that not only her body was getting hotter, but her legs were starting to soften, and she was struggling to stand still.

Peter Zhang laughed, showing his true face, looking at Alma Chu wryly, “Oh, it seems that the effect of the medicine has already started to take place, seeing your face flushed and your feet soft, do you really want a man?”


b The others laughed similarly, staring at Alma Chu maliciously.

“Peter Zhang! You, what did you eat for me?!” Alma Chu’s voice began to tremble.

“Alma Chu, you are so clever, you can guess it, so I don’t need to explain it to you, right?” Peter Zhang’s appearance at this time, as cheap as he can be, where is the personable appearance before? Now Peter Zhang is a flower picker.

The man who toasted Alma Chu before smirked and said: “Beauty, this is a good thing, it can inspire another side of your unknown! Now you are just getting hot and your legs are weak. After a while, you will I can’t wait to be favored by a man, hahaha…”

Alma Chu was trembling with anger, and now she regretted it more and more. If she was given a chance to come back, she promised to listen to Wayne Lin!

“Peter Zhang, I am your university classmate, how can you do this to me! You are a crime and you are going to jail!”

“Go to jail? Hahaha, do you think I will be afraid of this?” Peter Zhang said disdainfully: “Do you know what medicine I gave you just now? Enough to bring down a buffalo, and in a few minutes, you will be like a b*tch Kneel in front of me, begging me to go to you! When my full name is recorded, it is not that I am plotting against you, but you are plotting against me. But I am very curious that you are usually so cold and disdain for me. Gu, wait on the bed, how many waves are there!”

Alma Chu got mad and slapped Peter Zhang on the face, “You are shameless!!!”

Peter Zhang received a slap in the face. He was not angry, but laughed happily, “You dare to hit me? Wait a minute to see how I tortured you!”

Alma Chu wanted to run, but she was put down on the sofa by the two women next to her just before she ran two steps. Now she really panicked and shed tears, “Peter Zhang, I beg you, don’t be like this. for me……”

Peter Zhang walked over and stared at her condescendingly, “Don’t do this to you? What are you pretending to! Don’t think I don’t know. You borrowed 20 million from Damon Wang two days ago. You didn’t know how many times you were asleep. , Now you pretend to be pure for Laozi?”

“I have been chasing you for five years, a full five years! How much money and energy have been spent on you, you never look at me once, even your hands are not touched by Lao Tzu! In the end, I would rather marry Wayne Lin this rubbish Do you know how angry I am!”

Peter Zhang is crazy, and the more he talks about it, the more angry he gets. He drank alcohol. Now he is full of alcohol and his brain is in a state of excitement. “Why?! Why are you marrying Wayne Lin and not marrying me? How can I be better than him? That’s bad! Okay, you are not very cold, you are very noble, I will see tonight if you can still be noble!”

Alma Chu regrets that her intestines are all green now. She wants to resist, but now she can’t get it out of any strength, tears of regret flowed from her eyes.

Peter Zhang did not immediately touch Alma Chu in a hurry. He stood there and looked at Alma Chu trivially, waiting for Alma Chu could not help begging for favor, but he waited for a while, Alma Chu could hold it back. He was a little impatient. , Began to rush towards Alma Chu.

Alma Chu saw Peter Zhang’s movements, she showed desperate eyes.

However, at this moment, suddenly the box door was kicked open violently, and there was a loud noise. With so much strength, the whole door was broken.

This huge movement shocked everyone, especially Peter Zhang. He shivered with fright, slipped on his feet and knelt in front of Alma Chu with a splash.

Everyone looked at the door, and suddenly saw a tall figure standing in the doorway, with the lights of the corridor shining on him, making him majestic and intimidating.

Wearing a clown mask on his face, he made a low, angry voice, “Peter Zhang, you are looking for death!!”

When Alma Chu saw this figure, her whole body trembled and she cried with joy.

Chapter 40

Yes, it was Wayne Lin who was wearing a clown mask who kicked the door.

Appear as the chairman of Ziqiong, come and rescue Alma Chu.

The reason why he used this identity was after careful consideration. First of all, Wayne Lin is just an ordinary person. It is not realistic to find that Alma Chu is here. Furthermore, the boss of Jeff ktv knows Peter Zhang. It is very likely that Peter Zhang this time. For his actions, I greeted the boss of Jeff KTV. If Wayne Lin came over rashly, he would probably not be able to save Alma Chu and would put himself in.

But the identity of Chairman Zi Qiong is different. You can easily find out that Alma Chu is here, and you can also rescue Alma Chu effortlessly.

After he came in, seeing that Alma Chu’s clothes were still neat and not violated, his heart relaxed when he mentioned it.

When he rushed over to speak, there was a car accident on the road, which took a lot of time, but he was anxious to death. Fortunately, he was not late and arrived in time. Otherwise, he would really regret it for a lifetime!

However, he immediately saw Alma Chu’s face red as a date, his body was weak, and his eyes blurred, his heart was also angry! Peter Zhang, a beast, actually used this kind of trick. A discerning person could tell that Alma Chu was a hit!

Moreover, the weight is still a lot. It is conceivable that if he comes a step late, Alma Chu will definitely be tarnished by Peter Zhang.

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin tightly. At this moment, her whole heart was filled, and she was moved and excited beyond measure.

Every girl has the illusion of being saved by a hero. When she was most in crisis, a prince charming appeared, majestic, and saved herself from the bad guys. Now Wayne Lin is Alma Chu’s Prince Charming!

“Who are you, dare to run to Lao Tzu to make trouble? You are looking for death!”

The people in the box reacted, and the most ferocious man pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed.

Wayne Lin stared at him coldly, sweeping across everyone. I don’t know why, the people he stared at couldn’t help but shudder, feeling that the opponent’s aura was very strong.

Peter Zhang stood up at this moment. Just now, his legs were kneeling on the ground, and he just hit the nut shell on the ground. His grin was so painful that his high desire was mostly wiped out. He saw that the other party was wearing a clown mask. He cursed: “Who are you, dare to come to Lao Tzu to pretend to be a ghost? Tao Tzu, Axiong, help me support him!”

Tao Zi and Ah Xiong are two tall and strong men. They drank alcohol. Now they are very excited, with red eyes. They picked up the beer bottle on the table and walked aggressively towards Wayne Lin. Down.

Wayne Lin snapped his fingers. Behind him, a group of brawny men in black, with agility, brought Taozi and Axiong down in a few strokes, pressed their heads to the ground and moved. No.

This situation immediately calmed everyone else in the box. They realized that the other party seemed to be no ordinary person, and this time they might have to kick the iron plate.

“Get them all down for me.” Wayne Lin waved his hand and issued an order.

Everyone listened to the order, just like the tiger-wolf teacher, and immediately subdued everyone else. There was no room for resistance, especially Peter Zhang, who received more’treat’ and was punched in the stomach by a big man. Come on, just spit out his bile!

Peter Zhang was puzzled. His plan was seamless. He even said hello to the boss of Jeff KTV in advance. It is impossible to go wrong. Why would someone come out to harm him? And still a person wearing a clown mask? What the hell is this!


p; The others were also confused by Monk Zhang Er and questioned Peter Zhang with their eyes.

This group of people is not Peter Zhang’s childhood playmates at all, but just some pig friends and dog friends that Peter Zhang knows in society.

After subduing all these people, Wayne Lin under the clown mask sighed and walked over to Alma Chu, took off his coat, put it on her body, helped her up, and said in a deep voice, “You are okay. Right?”

Alma Chu was already very unbearable at this time, the ferocious medicinal effect ran wildly in her body, if she hadn’t had a strong sense of shame, she couldn’t help but make a noise now.

Now her body is very bad, her breathing is very short, and she just opened her mouth, her feet became weak, she lost the strength to support, and fell into Wayne Lin’s arms.

Wayne Lin had to hug her quickly to prevent her from falling.

Now Alma Chu’s body was too soft, she was hanging on his body, and her body was very hot, as if she had a high fever, so Wayne Lin couldn’t help but feel like a heartbeat.

Alma Chu now has a stronger body fragrance. Not only does her body feel soft, her eyes are also blurred, full of hormonal scents, stimulating Wayne Lin every second.

But Wayne Lin was more angry. Peter Zhang, a dog thing, actually treated Alma Chu like this.

At the same time, I complained to Alma Chu, and I had persuaded her, but she didn’t listen, so she was recruited.

“Dong…Chairman…Thank you…Thank you…” Alma Chu’s voice was trembling when she said this, and her physical strength was exhausted, and her eyes became even more blurred at this moment. Worst of all, her body still clung to Wayne Lin uncontrollably and twisted unconsciously.

This situation made Wayne Lin’s expression serious, Alma Chu was about to lose control, and she had to be sent to the hospital quickly, otherwise it would be bad!

He opened the mouth and said: “Grab this group of people and send them to the police station so that the law will sanction them.”

“Yes, Chairman!”

Someone said respectfully.

Peter Zhang cursed unconvincedly: “Who are you! Why are you against me? Did I provoke you?! If you have any, please report your name and see if I won’t kill you.”

With a slap, a strong man slapped Peter Zhang’s face with a heavy slap, and directly patted him to vomit blood, causing a brief confusion in his brain.

“Shut up! Dare to be arrogant when you die? Our chairman pinched you to death, just like pinching an ant to death.” The strong man cursed coldly.

Peter Zhang got this slap in the face, and he immediately became honest. These people actually called him the chairman, so it seems that the identity of this man wearing a clown mask is not simple!

And he saw sharply that the boss of Jeff KTV was standing outside the door with a face full of anxiety and fear, afraid to come in… Seeing this scene, Peter Zhang’s face became paler, realizing that he was this time Really kicked the iron.

But he didn’t understand, when did Alma Chu recognize such an awesome character?

Wayne Lin helped Alma Chu out, and turned around and said to the group of people in black: “Take them all to the police station. If they don’t get the punishment they deserve, I’m asking you!”

After speaking, he supported Alma Chu and left without looking back.

Without taking two steps, Alma Chu was already out of control, still shouting, “Give me to me…”

Wayne Lin’s expression changed suddenly.

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