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Chapter 41

Alma Chu exhaled like blue and sprayed it on Wayne Lin’s neck, causing Wayne Lin to tighten his muscles instantly.

God knows how attractive Alma Chu is. If Wayne Lin hadn’t arrived in time, then Alma Chu would have been tainted by Peter Zhang’s beast!

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin felt a lingering fear.

There are so many people here, he hurriedly covered Alma Chu’s face with his jacket, and said to the person next to him: “Immediately arrange a room for me, and bring me some ice water and towels.”

Soon, when they arrived in a room that had just been vacated, Wayne Lin put Alma Chu on the bed, took the ice cubes and towels, and asked them to leave the room.

At this moment, Alma Chu’s movements were bigger, hugging Wayne Lin like an octopus, her face was red as a date, her eyes blurred, and she had completely lost her reason.

But he didn’t lose consciousness. You could see obvious pain and shame in Alma Chu’s eyes, and Wayne Lin felt distressed.

However, this kind of sobriety only lasted for a while before it disappeared. The effect of the medicine was too great. After a while, Alma Chu stepped up her actions, and even Wayne Lin patted her twice.

In desperation, Wayne Lin had to put Alma Chu on the bed, and then he quickly put the towel in the ice water to moisten it, and then twisted it clean. When Alma Chu came to talk again, he wiped it with an ice towel. The face, hands and feet, through the physical method of cooling down Alma Chu’s impulse.

This method is still very effective, Alma Chu shuddered and shouted that it was so cold, her blurred eyes cleared a lot.

Wayne Lin used an ice towel to cool Alma Chu. Slowly, the restlessness in Alma Chu’s body was suppressed, and her eyes regained clarity.

The atmosphere was embarrassing for a while, and Alma Chu remembered that she was so gagged in front of the chairman… Oh my God, what did she do! !

In an instant, Alma Chu’s face reddened again, no worse than it was when the drug’s effect happened just now. Her heart thumped and thumped and she felt endless shame.

Wayne Lin was also quite embarrassed. Alma Chu was indeed quite gagged just now. If he hadn’t been in control, they had already made a mistake by now.

“Cough!” Wayne Lin coughed twice and said in a low voice: “The effect of the medicine in your body has not completely dissipated. I suggest you go to the hospital. I can send someone to take you there.”

When Alma Chu heard this, she just wanted to find a place to sew in. It was ashamed that she was actually seen by the chairman of such a… such an unbearable side!

She now has a dead heart. She hid her whole body under the quilt, covering her face with her hand, and was not embarrassed to see the chairman.

The atmosphere continued to fall into silence.

Wayne Lin stood up and said, “I have something to do, so I will go back first.”


Seeing him leave, Alma Chu was very reluctant to give up, and quickly called to stop him.

“What else?” Wayne Lin’s voice was very cold.

Alma Chu bit her lip. She grabbed the quilt and blocked her body, showing a small part of her face, and said timidly, “Chairman, thank you.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded slightly, did not say much, and continued to maintain the high-cold influence.

Alma Chu wanted to talk to him more. In this situation, I can’t wait for him to stay with him all night.

“Chairman, I’m very embarrassed about what happened just now. Actually, I don’t usually look like this. I…

…” Alma Chu was ashamed, and couldn’t say anything further.

Wayne Lin was amused. He didn’t expect Alma Chu to have this shy look. On the surface, he nodded and said, “You should be careful in the future. The society is sinister. Not every time someone shows up to save you in time.”

Alma Chu lowered her head, very strange. She was obviously blamed by the chairman, but she was not half ashamed or angry. On the contrary, she felt very sweet, moved, and cared for.

“Well, I won’t be like this anymore…” Alma Chu said softly, as gentle as never before.

Wayne Lin’s heart was agitated. She has not been so touched by how many things she has done to care about her in the past four years. Now Chairman Zi Qiong has only saved her once, and she has been touched. It is not good that Chairman Zi Qiong is himself, otherwise, how green his head is!

“Can you stay with me?” Alma Chu found Wayne Lin about to leave again, she plucked up the courage to say.

“No.” Wayne Lin rejected her cleanly.

Alma Chu was immediately lost, and then Wayne Lin said: “You’d better call your husband to take care of you and take you to the hospital for treatment.”

After finishing speaking, Wayne Lin no longer cares about Alma Chu and leaves directly.

Watching him leave, Alma Chu was extremely frustrated, as if the world was gloomy all of a sudden.

“Hey! What’s the matter with me? People are the high-ranking chairman Zi Qiong. Is it possible that you can’t really fall for you? Besides, Alma Chu, you are a married woman, you have to keep your wife’s way!” Alma Chu slammed hard. Shaking her head, she wanted to throw the chairman out of her mind, but she couldn’t do it anyway. After experiencing tonight, she couldn’t let go of Chairman Zi Qiong even more.

After thinking about it, instead of calling Wayne Lin, she called Della Qin and asked Della Qin to come and pick her up.

Della Qin is her good best friend, it’s the best thing for her to come over, as for Wayne Lin, let’s forget it.

“Hey, Della Qin, are you free now? Can you come to Jeff KTV to pick me up… It’s a bit complicated. Come and talk about it.” Alma Chu said, “By the way, on the way here, buy a set for me by the way Come here with clothes…”

In a short while, Della Qin came over. She hadn’t slept at this point yet. She was looking for a strategy at home. How can she get Wayne Lin down in the shortest time?

In fact, she didn’t want to come over when she received Alma Chu. Now she has decided to pry Alma Chu’s corner and meet with her, which feels weird. Helpless Alma Chu pleaded on the phone, but she could not refuse, so she had to come over.

When Della Qin saw Alma Chu lying on the bed, she said with a weird expression: “Alma Chu, you are out for an appointment with a handsome guy. You are in such a big battle.”

She was a little bit happy, if Alma Chu really went out for an appointment with a man and passed it to Wayne Lin, her chances would be even greater.

Alma Chu said angrily: “Make a fart, I am…”

Next, Alma Chu told Della Qin what happened tonight. After that, she patted her chest with lingering fear and said, “Fortunately, Chairman Zi Qiong appeared in time, otherwise I will be finished!”

After Della Qin listened, her expression was ugly.

Seeing her expression, Alma Chu thought she didn’t believe it, and hurriedly said, “Della Qin, you don’t believe me, you know I am a human being, so I won’t do those shameless things!”

Della Qin said disdainfully: “What a shameless thing? Seeing what you did just now, dare you say you didn’t like Chairman Zi Qiong?”

Chapter 42

Alma Chu fell silent.

Della Qin’s words made her unable to refute, although she wanted to refute it.

“I don’t know…” She could only give this answer in the end.

Della Qin’s mood is very bad, very bad.

Originally, she thought that Wayne Lin and Alma Chu’s relationship broke down and they would get divorced soon. She had a great chance, but she didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would contact Alma Chu as Chairman Zi Qiong, and Alma Chu still liked it. Go to Wayne Lin!

Although she didn’t know why Wayne Lin didn’t tell Alma Chu directly, this incident was also bad news for her.

“Alma, do you really know who Chairman Ziqiong is?” Della Qin asked tentatively.

Alma Chu shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I have met him twice, and he wears a mask… However, I feel that he seems to be a bit interesting to me.”

In the last sentence, her volume was lowered a lot, and she lowered her head, blushing a little, as she saw Della Qin cursing.

It can be confirmed that Alma Chu didn’t know that Wayne Lin was the chairman of Ziqiong. It was a chance for her, at least there was still a chance. She turned her eyes and sneered and said, “Please, they are the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company. How can he like you if he is a billionaire? Think about him, such a big boss, what women can’t play. Moreover, he is an entertainment company with a lot of beautiful female stars, and I don’t know how many he has played in private. Woman.”

Alma Chu felt very uncomfortable after hearing this, and retorted, “I don’t think he is such a person.”

Della Qin said disdainfully: “Your feelings are facts? That’s just your wishful thinking. It’s very simple. Just think about it. Men are animals that think in the lower half of the body. There are a few men who are rich and do not waste. The chairman Ziqiong has money. As long as he hooks his fingers, he doesn’t know how many women will come. Those so-called dedicated men are all because they have no money! Let’s not talk about it, just your Wayne Lin, Whenever he has a little money, he doesn’t know how much he plays.”

“Wayne Lin shouldn’t?” Alma Chu frowned.

Della Qin lied and didn’t blink, “Why wouldn’t it happen? Just a few times before I went to your house, Wayne Lin kept staring at me, and when you were not there, he walked over to talk to me. I didn’t tell you. “

Seeing Alma Chu’s face darkened, Della Qin was very happy, gave herself a compliment, and provoked success.

“This disgusting thing!” Alma Chu cursed in a low voice, her face was extremely disgusted, and then she said: “I still think Chairman Zi Qiong is not such a person. If he is really such a scumbag, he would If you can take possession of me, why should you let me go?”

Della Qin said: “I’m just saying you don’t understand men, like Lin…Chairman Shi Qiong, a playboy, he has played with any kind of woman. Now he has escaped from low-level tastes and pursues new things. I’m playing with you. I want to play with you, and when you fall in love with him completely, he will kick you away again and appreciate the way you want to live.”

Alma Chu’s face paled a little, “Will it really be like this?”

Della Qin resisted the secret joy in her heart, “Do I have to lie to you?”

After a pause, she calmed down a lot, and said in a caring tone: “Alma, we are good girlfriends. I am all for your own good and will not harm you. Chairman Zi Qiong knows that you are married and is still close to you. , It’s to plot against you, you like him now, it’s in his calculations. To avoid future tragedies, I

I think you should draw a clear line between Chairman Zi Qiong and turn around when you see him. Then on Wayne Lin’s side, he is not a good man, so he can divorce him quickly! “


On Wayne Lin’s side, after he came out of Jeff KTV, he waited for Alma Chu’s call, but he didn’t wait for a long time. Just when he wanted to call, he saw Della Qin hurriedly appear and walked into Jeff KTV. Putting the phone down again, he sighed. It seems that she still hasn’t walked into Alma Chu’s heart. After such a big incident, Alma Chu would rather call Della Qin than him. My husband has failed enough.

After waiting for a while, he saw Della Qin and Alma Chu coming out of the Golden Dragon KTV. Alma Chu was already much better before he relaxed.

After a while, Damon Wang came out of the Golden Dragon KTV, trot into the car, and said respectfully to Wayne Lin: “Chairman, I have done everything right. Peter Zhang and the others have grown up this time, and none of them can’t get out in three to five years. .”

Wayne Lin nodded with satisfaction and said, “You did a good job of this.”

Damon Wang suddenly became overjoyed, his fat face turned into a chrysanthemum-like smile, “It is the chairman of the board that you taught well.”

Wayne Lin did not speak, but looked out the window.

At this time, Damon Wang said again: “Chairman, Jeff Han said that he would like to invite you to dinner, knowing you, look at…”

“I’m not free.” Wayne Lin refused directly.

The smile on Damon Wang’s face stiffened, “Okay, then I will reject him.”

After a while, Wayne Lin said again: “When?”

“Huh?” Damon Wang was taken aback, and immediately reacted, hurriedly said: “The time is up to you!”

“Then tomorrow.” Wayne Lin said.

“Okay, okay, I will reply to him now.” Damon Wang went back to Jeff KTV right now, and came out a few minutes later, Jeff Han followed him with a face full of excitement, and personally went down to watch Wayne Lin leave.

Jeff Han is the owner of Golden Dragon KTV. He is not very rich. In addition to operating Golden Dragon KTV, he mainly runs a gambling stall and has a certain social energy. It’s not a bad thing to get to know him, maybe I can help him in the future.

Back home, it was already midnight, and Alma Chu didn’t come back until one o’clock in the evening, obviously very tired and absent-minded.

“Wife, you are back.”

Wayne Lin took the initiative to take the bag for Alma Chu, and said softly with a smile.

Alma Chu just came out of the hospital and hanged on water for an hour. Now tired and sleepy, she nodded lazily.

Wayne Lin brought the brewed tea to Alma Chu, and said softly: “My wife, come, drink some hot tea, your body will feel better.”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin’s gentle appearance, and was moved in her heart, but immediately she thought of what Della Qin said to her. This touch disappeared completely, put the tea cup down, and said coldly, “I’m not thirsty.”

Wayne Lin didn’t think too much, thinking that Alma Chu was still in a bad mood because of tonight’s affairs.

“You sleep in the living room tonight. You are not allowed to enter my room.” When Wayne Lin was about to talk to Alma Chu who entered the room, she suddenly said coldly, her face full of disgust.

Wayne Lin was stunned, what’s the situation? I don’t seem to offend her, right?

Chapter 43

No way, he had to stay on the sofa for one night.

The next day Wayne Lin went to have a meal with Jeff Han. At Juyaxuan, Jeff Han packed the most luxurious box and specially invited Wayne Lin.

Jeff Han is already sixty this year, but he seems to be only fifty, and he is very well raised.

Speaking of, Jeff Han is a very inspirational person. He came out of his hometown to work hard at the age of fifteen. For more than ten years, he has done no less than a hundred kinds of jobs. Honestly, he has not improved much. Until later, his woman was slept by the boss, and the boss was chopped off. After being locked in for a few years, his mind changed greatly after she came out. He changed from the previous honesty and kindness, and became smooth. Getting up with the treacherous, relying on his means, he was stunned in the years when he was not confused, and the business was getting bigger and bigger, not only opened a gambling stall, but also opened a KTV. Although he is not too top in Hwadrid, he is also a big boss. Wayne Lin remembers clearly that a few years ago, someone in the Chu family offended Jeff Han. At that time, the Chu family was afraid, and in the end Thompson Chu himself played the game. Apologized to Jeff Han for the tea, and lost a lot of money to settle the matter.

Unexpectedly, Jeff Han, who was not offended by the Chu family now, was respectful and respectful in front of Wayne Lin, with a particularly low posture, and followed Damon Wang’s respectful call to the chairman.

Wayne Lin had a good meal for this meal. Jeff Han flattered him in a fancy way. The slap was very powerful without leaving a trace. It would not be offensive. I have to say that Jeff Han can sit where he is today. There are two brushes.


Recently, Sean Chu’s life has been very moist. With the injection of that 20 million yuan, the originally broken capital chain of the Chu family has been renewed. Many channel vendors have begun to come to cooperate with them, and everything has returned to the previous track. In a short time Nei has made a profit, and he has also received his own dividend. Having been poor for so long and now rich, he immediately spent tens of thousands of yuan to go to the bar to be cool, hire a college student, and vent his joy.

The coolest thing is that he went to Jeff Han’s gambling stall with his friends in the past two days and won hundreds of thousands. It can be said that he is proud of the spring breeze. He even walks with the wind, with the word proud on his face.

When the family went out for dinner yesterday, he saw that Alma Chu had to pack the leftovers and went back, so he mocked Alma Chu fiercely.

Chu family meeting room.

Sean Chu reported the recent performance to everyone and said triumphantly: “I’m telling you the good news that now the family’s business is back on track. Not only that, some time ago, our two competing companies suffered losses due to improper operations. It’s better than us, and it’s been announced now! In other words, we are now in Hwadrid and have no rivals! In the future, our performance will continue to hit new highs. I believe we can expand and build factories next year.”

Hearing what he said, all the shareholders of the Chu family applauded, including Alma Chu, who is also one of the shareholders and feels sincerely happy.

This time the Chu family can survive this time. It can be said that it is mainly due to her contribution. If it weren’t for her borrowing 20 million, the Chu family would be gone.

She waited for the praise from her grandfather Thompson Chu, her face was full of joy.

However, after Thompson Chu stood up, he did not mention her once, and gave all the credit to Sean Chu. “Sean Chu said it was right. This time our Chu family survived a catastrophe. We have to thank Sean Chu. He is the most dangerous in Chu family. When I stood up, I supported the creditors. During this period of time, I ran up and down and negotiated a lot of big orders for the company. Come, all of us applaud Sean Chu!”

After speaking, he began to take the lead in applauding Sean Chu.

Alma Chu frowned. She felt very uncomfortable. She knew that grandfather Thompson Chu was very partial, but it was too partial.

She endured it and didn’t break out, hoping that grandpa could mention her, even one sentence.

But she waited for a long time, Grandpa didn’t mention her name, and the words that glanced over her were also very cold.

Why is this, she is not convinced, really dissatisfied.

But she had a quiet personality, although she felt very uncomfortable, she did not stand up to talk back.

The family business has begun to make money, so she can’t accept her grandfather’s words.

“As I said just now, this time the family can come out. Sean Chu has done the most, so we have to redistribute the shares.” Thompson Chu paused and said, “The Berry family has too many shares. 15%, it’s not for everyone

fair. I decided to weaken Berry’s 10% shares and replenish Sean Chu. “

“What?!” Alma Chu couldn’t help it at the moment, she stood up and said, “Grandpa, why should we cut our shares?!”

The friend Chu Hua on the side immediately patted the table and cursed: “Alma Chu, what is your attitude? Who taught you to yell at your grandfather like this, no big or small!”

Thompson Chu’s expression was also gloomy, staring at Alma Chu and said, “You originally only have 5% of the shares.”

Alma Chu clenched her fist and said, “But grandpa, you promised me that as long as I borrow 20 million from President Wang, you will give us 10% more shares!”

“Yeah, Dad, didn’t they all say yes…” Berry Chu said unwillingly.

“Shut up for me!” Thompson Chu flew over with a glance, Berry Chu’s face suddenly turned pale, and he lowered his head, afraid to speak.

“Are you embarrassed to talk about this?” Thompson Chu said with a cold face, “People outside are rumoring that our Chu family has a sloppy woman, and the style of our Chu family has been corrupted by you!”

Alma Chu said excitedly: “I haven’t! I have explained to you all. The chairman of Michelle Film and Television Company has not touched me. I am innocent!”

Sean Chu said with yin and yang weirdly: “It sounds better than singing, who believes it? You really think of us as a fool? Since they are chairman Ziqiong, they don’t touch you and lend you 20 million for nothing?”

Alma Chu still wanted to argue. Thompson Chu directly patted the table and said: “Okay, this is the decision. Alma Chu, you can stay at home and pay dividends in the future, and you won’t use the company to work.”

Upon hearing this, Alma Chu couldn’t help but shed tears and rushed out of the conference hall.

After the family meeting ended, Sean Chu became the biggest winner. To celebrate, he went to Jeff Han’s casino that night to kill the Quartet.

He thinks that he has been very lucky recently, and he can definitely win a fortune. However, in less than two hours, he lost the hundreds of thousands he had won before. He was not reconciled and continued to gamble, intending to win the loser. When he came back, he stopped, but his luck seemed to have been exhausted in the first two days. In less than an hour, he had output hundreds of thousands!

In this way, he took in the company’s dividends some time ago.

Where did he accept this fact, gritted his teeth on the spot, borrowed half a million from the casino, and continued to gamble.

However, this half an hour only lasted for less than half an hour, and it was completely lost.

Seeing this situation, his friend persuaded him not to bet anymore, but he was pushed aside roughly. His friend was also annoyed and looked at how he lost.

In the end, Sean Chu directly output three million!

Three million, for him, it was already a big sum. He didn’t dare to tell anyone that if his grandfather Thompson Chu knew about it, his legs would break him.

But he didn’t dare not pay back Jeff Han’s money. After all, Jeff Han was famously ruthless in Hwadrid. Once he offends him, don’t even think about it.

So he secretly moved 500,000 in the company, of which 100,000 was the interest paid to Jeff Han, and the remaining 400,000 was used as a gambling book. He planned to win back what he lost yesterday, and then just Stop betting on the mountain!

It’s just that he has already jumped in. There is no reason to get out of the hole so easily, without any accident, he lost another 5 million today!

I borrowed 4.5 million from Jeff Han, plus the previous 3 million, which is 7.5 million, and the daily interest is more than 200,000.

His mentality collapsed directly, how could he afford it!

But he had to pay it back, so he gritted his teeth again and secretly moved another million from the company. Among them, 300,000 was the interest paid to Jeff Han, and the remaining 700,000, he still did Gambling, hoping to win back all the losses.

Did he win back? Of course it is impossible. On this day, he lost the most. Not only did he export the 700,000 he had on his hand, he also lost 8 million more! Counting the previous 7.5 million, the total owed to Jeff Han was 15.55 million, and the interest for one day would be millions.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Chapter 44

Tonight is the once-a-month gathering of the Chu family. Sean Chu has been absent-minded and unconscious, often in a daze, pale and sweating.

“Sean Chu, are you sick? His face is so ugly.” Chu Huayou frowned and asked.

Sean Chu stared at the front in a daze, did not answer Chu Huayou, which caused Chu Huayou to worry, put his hand on Sean Chu’s forehead, and said in surprise: “Your forehead is so cold, why are you still sweating!”

Others heard it and looked over.

“Huh?” Sean Chu came back to his senses and hurriedly shook his head and said, “I, I’m fine.”

Chu Huayou worried: “You said you were fine and you were sweating coldly. Did something happen?”

“Yes, Sean Chu, you have to tell the family what you have.”

Sean Chu squeezed out a smile and said, “What’s the matter? I just stayed at the company to work overtime last night. I accidentally left overnight. If I take a break tonight, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

When Chu Huayou heard this, he frowned slightly, somewhat suspicious. Sean Chu is his son. He grew up when he was a child. He knew his son’s character very well. He was a lazy person in his bones. He often skipped class when he was in school. After graduation, he went to work and went to work for three days and two days of fishing. People who stay in the company and work overtime overnight.

However, it is true that Sean Chu went home very late these few days. He hadn’t returned all night last night. He used to think that Sean Chu had gone out with those pig friends and dog friends. Now it seems that he misunderstood Sean Chu.

For a moment he was very pleased, and Sean Chu finally matured. He patted Sean Chu on the shoulder and said, “Work is important. You should also pay attention to your body. You can’t break your body, you know?”

Others also persuaded, “Yes, Sean Chu, you are now the soul of our Chu family, and our Chu family is still waiting for you to carry forward.”

Sean Chu was rejuvenated by their praise, and the smile on his face returned, and he was not as decadent as before.

On Alma Chu’s side, she was not in a state, she was absent-minded and frowned. Frankly speaking, she originally didn’t want to come over tonight’s family dinner, but now she sees Thompson Chu and Chu Huayou and the faces of the others, she feels sick, but her father Berry Chu has been pulling her to come over, and she doesn’t feel worried. Hope, I had to come over.

She didn’t tell Wayne Lin about this, because it wasn’t necessary, what if she told Wayne Lin? Can Wayne Lin play any role?

Seeing her unhappy, Wayne Lin cared for her tenderly and asked her if she had encountered something unhappy, but Alma Chu ignored him. After he said a few more words, she became impatient with him. Wayne Lin, I said if you are annoying, if I say nothing, it will be okay. Besides, even if I am really bullied, did you help me?”

Because of the fact that she was deprived of shares and kicked out of the board of directors in the family meeting room two days ago, she is still in a bad mood. When asked by Wayne Lin, she became even more irritable, and her voice became louder. The family heard it and laughed.

“Look, isn’t this Berry Chu’s wasteful son-in-law, why was Alma Chu scolded again? Haha…”

“Haha, isn’t this their daily routine? Alma Chu was kicked out of the board of directors two days ago, and now she roars incompetently, let her breath all on Wayne Lin, it’s a strange pair of flowers.”

“I feel embarrassed when I see them, a wasteful son-in-law who hasn’t been able to find a job for four years, and an unruly man, sleeping with a man, perfect match, hahaha…”

“It’s a perfect match indeed.”

“By the way, this is our Chu family’s dinner, why is his son-in-law coming over to join in the fun?”

“Because he is shameless. I heard that he often eats leftovers at home. Now that he has the opportunity to come to the hotel to have a delicious meal, he still can’t rush over, he doesn’t care if he is shameless.”


p;Many Chu family members pointedly mocked Alma Chu and Wayne Lin, and regarded canceling them as a pleasure.

In this regard, Alma Chu’s face was even more ugly, and she was even more disgusted and impatient with Wayne Lin. She also felt that Wayne Lin was too thick-skinned. She, as the Chu family, was not willing to come over tonight’s family dinner. Wayne Lin was kind of a son-in-law, and had a face, knowing that she would be laughed at, and came to eat.

Now she misses Chairman Shi Qiong more and more. If it is Chairman Shi Qiong, coming to such a place will surely make all of them shut up and kneel and lick respectfully, right?

It’s a pity that she hasn’t even got the contact information of Chairman Zi Qiong.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but sighed for a long time, and her mood became even more depressed.

Wayne Lin didn’t care about the ridicule of these Chu family members. He came to join the Chu family dinner today, purely to accompany Alma Chu, otherwise he would not bother to come. As for coming over to eat rice? That would be even more funny, not to mention, just the meal that Jeff Han invited him to eat at Juyaxuan the day before yesterday, I don’t know how high-end it was tonight.

But when he heard useful information, he frowned and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, you have been kicked out of the board of directors? Why, this time the Chu family can come back from the dead, isn’t it mainly because of your credit? “

Wayne Lin felt uneasy for Alma Chu.

He was very angry. The 20 million he lent to the Chu family was entirely for the sake of Alma Chu’s face. If it weren’t for Alma Chu, he would take care of the Chu family’s life and death.

When Alma Chu heard this, her eyes turned red, and she was even more aggrieved, “Even if it’s my credit, so what? Now that they have killed the donkey, they have not only kicked me out of the board of directors, but also promised to Ten percent of our shares have been taken back. Now, they still say that I am a freak and sleep with Chairman Zi Qiong, which has corrupted the reputation of the Chu family.”

“What!?” Hearing this, Wayne Lin immediately became angry. He stood up abruptly and said angrily: “How can they avenge revenge like this! No, I want them to reason.”

“What are you doing, come back to Lao Tzu!” Berry Chu grabbed him and scolded, “Don’t give me bad things!”

Candice Liu also said: “Wayne Lin, you are a son-in-law and you have no idea about your own abilities, right? If you argue with them, you will lose the original 5% of our shares! Then we will have no dividends, you Just wait to eat the northwest wind!”

Alma Chu was a little touched at first. She felt that Wayne Lin was caring for her. Now that she heard her parents’ words, she was moved completely. She felt that Wayne Lin didn’t have any brains, and that success was more than failure.

Wayne Lin said anxiously: “But we can’t let them bully like this for nothing, it’s too unfair to Alma.”

Alma Chu said coldly, “What else can I do? It’s up to you to argue with them, and then get more humiliated, and even be kicked out with us? Wayne Lin, I said you are in your twenties, can you be mature? One thing, don’t mess with me!”

Wayne Lin was embarrassed by the assault, but couldn’t say anything.

At this Chu family dinner, it can be seen that Berry Chu’s family has been isolated and arranged in a corner. Other Chu family members are not willing to come and sit together, and the amount of food served is less than others.

In this situation, Berry Chu was cowardly, he was dissatisfied in his heart, and he did not dare to complain.

As for the main table, all the Chu family members toast Sean Chu, and they did not hesitate to praise Sean Chu.

But at this moment, Chu Huayou received a call, suddenly his face changed drastically, stood up abruptly, and said aloud: “What did you say?! The news is inaccurate? When is the matter! Tell me clearly! “

The others were startled by his action, and Sean Chu shook his whole body even more. His expression of happiness stiffened, panic appeared, and he almost fell to the ground.

Chapter 45

His actions were not small, but most people focused on Chu Huayou, so they didn’t notice his abnormality.

It’s not that everyone didn’t notice it. Wayne Lin noticed it. He squinted his eyes and his brain was working, and he immediately understood. Sean Chu clearly showed a guilty conscience and fear. This call Chu Huayou received. It must be directly related to him!

Chu Huayou’s expression went from shock at the beginning, to anger, to fear at the end.

After he hung up the phone, his face was demented and desperate, unbelievable.

Many people have a bad feeling when seeing this situation. Could it be that something happened to the company?

The scene fell into a weird silence. Thompson Chu frowned and said to Chu Huayou: “Huayou, who is calling?”

Chu Huayou swallowed heavily, glanced over everyone, and then looked at Thompson Chu, “It’s a call from the company’s finances.”

Thompson Chu’s heart jumped, and he said calmly on the surface: “What happened?”

Chu Huayou said with a mournful face, “Finance said that the company has been moved by 10 million during this week…”


Hearing this, Thompson Chu couldn’t keep calm anymore, his face changed drastically, he stood up, his eyes cracked.

Others were dumbfounded, their brains blank, and their bodies were cold.

The next moment, everyone broke out.

“How could someone move ten million? Who did it!?”

“Yes, ten million is not a small sum. If we don’t have this ten million, our Chu family’s capital chain will not be able to continue!”

“Which b*tch has done such a wicked thing!”

“Don’t let Lao Tzu know who it is, Lao Tzu has all his bones torn apart…”

All the Chu family members began to condemn and were emotional.

Alma Chu was also stunned. Someone moved ten million out? Who would do this? Now that the Chu family has just started, if there is no ten million, the capital chain will be broken again, those partners will definitely not do it, and then the Chu family company will be paralyzed again. And the last time the funding broke, it left a bad impression on the partner. If it broke this time, it would completely offend the partner.

Wayne Lin stared at Sean Chu closely. He found that Sean Chu’s face was pale and sweating constantly, pretending to be calm, and his hands were shaking with the water cup.

Ten million, Sean Chu really dared to do it.

“Shut up all!” Thompson Chu slapped the table suddenly, furious, and his mighty majesty exuded. He was the Patriarch of the Chu family. Everyone was afraid of him, and immediately calmed down.

Thompson Chu took a deep breath and said to Chu Huayou: “Who transferred this fund?”

Chu Huayou said: “No investigation came out.”

“What are you talking about?” Thompson Chu suddenly opened his eyes, “How could it not be investigated! Maybe you moved it!”

Chu Huayou immediately became anxious: “Dad! What are you talking nonsense, how could I do such a thing of cutting off children and grandchildren?! Finance really told me this way, if you don’t believe me, call him and ask him.”

Thompson Chu’s face was as sinking as water, and at this moment a voice came, “I wonder if you can find out whose account this ten million hits?”

It was Wayne Lin. He stood up and said with a weird expression. Sometimes he glanced at Sean Chu.

Sean Chu felt his gaze, and his heart was very annoyed. He wanted to go up and tear off Wayne Lin’s mouth, but he didn’t dare

Act rashly for fear of exposing yourself.

It depends on the reaction of grandfather Thompson Chu and the many Chu family members. If you know who the 10 million people were removed, you will have to be killed on the spot.

He kept telling himself in his heart that the more this kind of thing, the more calm he must be, and he couldn’t admit it to death! Anyway, he was very cautious when moving the money, and there was no trace left. The account was directly connected to Jeff Han’s account. As long as he killed him and didn’t do it, he would definitely not suspect it.

Anyway, in the company, he is not the only person who has the power to move funds.

Thompson Chu gave Wayne Lin a dissatisfied look, “Shut up, you are not qualified to interrupt here!”

Then he turned his head and said to Chu Huayou: “Ask Finance, whose account the ten million was transferred to.”

Chu Huayou nodded and immediately called Finance. After a while, he said solemnly: “The investigation is clear. It was transferred to Jeff Han’s account.”

“Jeff Han?!”

Hearing this name, Thompson Chu immediately contracted his pupils, and some fear flashed.

The other Chu family members also shrank their necks subconsciously, with great fear and fear.

Jeff Han’s reputation is in Hwadrid, although it is far inferior to the Lin family, to the Chu family, it is even more terrifying than the Lin family! If they choose to offend the Lin Family and Jeff Han, then they would rather offend Jeff Han.

It is good that the Lin family is the first family, but the Lin family is doing serious business anyway. If the Lin family is offended, it is at most destroyed in business. At least personal safety is not a problem.

But offending Jeff Han is different. This person has a profound social background, he is also unscrupulous in his work, and his style is ruthless. How many people who offend Jeff Han end up miserably, and the whole family suffers?

Just like a few years ago, someone from the Chu family offended Jeff Han, and was tortured to still have a psychological shadow. In the end, he had to destroy his wealth and eliminate the disaster.

They really don’t want to have anything to do with Jeff Han!

But now, the money was actually sent directly to Jeff Han’s account. What does this mean? Is there a ghost of Jeff Han in the family?

It was impossible, and soon they all rejected the idea.

First of all, ten million is only a small sum for Jeff Han. There is no need for Jeff Han to do so. This is an illegal act, and Jeff Han will not be so stupid.

Is it difficult? The most reliable explanation is that someone in the family went to Jeff Han’s place to gamble, lost money, and privately moved funds to pay off the debt!

Thinking of this, Thompson Chu’s face became extremely gloomy, and his body was shaking uncontrollably.

His eyes were bloodshot, his gaze swept across everyone, holding back his anger, and almost a word popped out of his teeth, “Who did it, get out of my teeth!!”

Hearing his voice, all the Chu family members bowed their heads, not daring to face Thompson Chu, Sean Chu put his head down on the table, and kept hypnotizing himself, and must be calm.

“I count to three, and whoever did it, I still don’t stand up and admit it. When I investigate it, I will interrupt your legs!” Thompson Chu’s eyes were cold, full of murderous, and chilling.



Still no one came forward to admit that Sean Chu also pretended to be very angry.

At this moment, Wayne Lin stood up again and said to Sean Chu jokingly: “Sean Chu, you are at this time, don’t you stand up and admit it?”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, everyone was stunned and looked at Sean Chu.

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