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Chapter 512

Yang Guiying nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, idol, you are my idol!”

Then, Yang Guiying directly knelt down to Wayne Lin and said loudly: “Idol, please accept me as a disciple!”

Wayne Lin was even more daunted. Even with his will, he couldn’t fully respond to what Yang Guiying did. He had an impression of Yang Guiying. When he went to the airport to meet Tao Sanniang, he met once. At that time, Yang Guiying had a great opinion on him. If he didn’t agree with him, he had to hit him. One hundred and eighty degrees conversion?

He had no choice but to look at Ouyang Yanran, and at this time Ouyang Yanran also covered his forehead with a helpless face. Obviously, Ouyang Yanran was also helpless by Yang Guiying’s actions.

As for the rich second generations present, it goes without saying. They are now completely petrified, their eyes are demented, and many people have their mouths open and can’t close them for a long time.

Liang Zhenghai, who was already desperate, stared at this scene blankly. With his small head, he couldn’t figure out why things turned around like this.

Wayne Lin said, “Are you okay with your mind?”

If others dared to speak to Yang Guiying like this, Yang Guiying would have slapped him in the face a long time ago, but this person is Wayne Lin, she is not angry at all, but feels that Wayne Lin is very domineering, and this is her idol.

She shook her head vigorously and said, “Idol, I know you were a little surprised for a while, but I’m serious! Idol, I have been paying attention to you a long time ago. From the time you killed Wu Meizi and became famous in Hwadrid, I was convinced , You are my idol! Idol, please accept me as a disciple. I can definitely inherit your mantle perfectly!”

She said she was going to kowtow to Wayne Lin, but she was so frightened that Wayne Lin quickly stepped aside and said to Ouyang Yanran, “Ouyang Yanran, what’s the matter with your friend?”

Ouyang Yanran sighed. She also seemed to feel that Yang Guiying’s move made her very embarrassed. She said: “She is a martial idiot. She knows that you are the number one in Province G. She regards you as an idol and wants to worship you as a teacher. “

Yang Guiying quickly said: “Yeah, idol, you accept me as a disciple? I am very capable. As long as you are willing to accept me as a disciple, I will do whatever you ask me to do!”

Wayne Lin only felt a headache when he saw Yang Guiying’s fanatical appearance. He didn’t expect that he would come to a party with Liang Zhenghai today and would encounter such a thing.

The current situation has completely exceeded everyone’s expectations, and everyone is still very surprised.

Especially Cheng Yuan and Liang Zhenghai, both of whom are Wayne Lin’s old acquaintances. They know Wayne Lin’s details, but they are just a poor home son-in-law, a loser who can’t even find a job. How many years have passed, they have changed. Became Yang Guiying’s idol?

At this moment, a shocked voice came from the crowd, “I remember! He is Wayne Lin, a master of Innate Realm, the strongest of Province G, Brian Gu of the Beitianhui, and Wu Meizi, the female devil. All died in his hands!! He is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, he is Wayne Lin!”

When this word came out, many people were shocked immediately. Gradually, some people slowly remembered that most of them didn’t have that level. They could see Wayne Lin, but they were very familiar with Wayne Lin’s reputation. , And now they are all reacted.

Including Qin Qian, now he also remembered Wayne Lin’s identity. Suddenly, he no longer had the arrogance and arrogance he had just now. His momentum was vented all at once, and he even began to tremble, looking at Wayne Lin.

His eyes were filled with awe and fear.

Wayne Lin, this name, he has not heard less during this time. He knows that he is the strongest person in province g. He is not only a high-level cultivation, but also a rich and powerful man. Some time ago, he also donated 194.3 at a charity conference. Billion, won the title of charity ambassador, almost a sideways existence in China!

Such a big man, let alone him, Qin Qian, even his family is vulnerable to Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin said they were a group of ants, so he was right.

And when he thought that he had threatened Wayne Lin just now and wanted to beat Wayne Lin, now he was too scared and shivered.

Wayne Lin saw that his identity was recognized. He didn’t bother to hide it. He directly released part of his aura. Suddenly, the landslides and tsunami and the sky cracked, leaving all the rich second generations present with a blank mind. In an instant, it seemed that the sky had fallen.

Cheng Yuan was trembling crazily at this moment. He lay on the ground, humbled into the dust, and looked up at Wayne Lin, as if Wayne Lin was a god in the sky, and he was just an ant on the ground. Wayne Lin could take a breath. He killed a thousand or eight hundred times.

Yang Guiying felt Wayne Lin’s aura at the moment, she felt tremendous pressure, but she was not afraid, but was even more excited. A terrifying light broke out in her eyes, staring directly at Wayne Lin, her breathing was rapid.

This is her idol, she is really a super strong!

Wayne Lin snorted coldly, everyone’s ears were like a thunder and explosion, which was deafening.

“Since you all know my identity, I won’t hide it.” Wayne Lin looked directly at Qin Qian, “I say again, the one who took advantage of your woman just now is Cheng Yuan, not my brother.”

Qin Qian nodded quickly. Now that he knows the identity of Wayne Lin, how dare he say a word. And he was very clever. With a little thought, he understood Wayne Lin’s meaning from Wayne Lin’s words. He walked directly towards Cheng Yuan, then kicked Cheng Yuan hard in the face and punched him. Kicked, “Cheng Yuan, your dog, who ate Laozi’s tofu and dare to blame Randal Lin’s brother, almost made Lao Tzu tired! Lao Tzu sees you are impatient with your life! Beating, I beat Lao Tzu. Beat this dog Cheng Yuan into a dead dog, grass!”

Qin Qian immediately looked at Wayne Lin and saw the appreciation in Wayne Lin’s eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief and immediately became excited again. If he could hold Wayne Lin’s thigh, then he would not worry about it in the future. Province g is still walking sideways!

Isn’t it? Wayne Lin is such an awesome person, even Yang Guiying asked to apprentice.

The others are also active now, all planning to come over and kneel to lick Wayne Lin.

Cheng Yuan was beaten and screamed constantly, and now he finally realized that Wayne Lin is no longer the Wu Xia Amen of the year, and has become the big man he wants to look up to!

If he knew this, he wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful to Wayne Lin if he was killed today.

Now he desperately begged Wayne Lin for mercy, but Wayne Lin ignored him at all.

Then he begged Liang Zhenghai for mercy again, calling it miserable. Liang Zhenghai was indeed soft-hearted. Wayne Lin glared at him, and had no choice but to endure it.

Seeing that the matter had been resolved, Wayne Lin didn’t want to stay any longer, leading Liang Zhenghai, and prepared to leave.

Yang Guiying hurriedly stopped him, insisting on worshipping him as a teacher, and making him a headache.

Chapter 513

Wayne Lin did not accept disciples, but he also had no plans to accept disciples. He is still young now, less than 30 years old, so what kind of disciples should he accept? Many boxers open schools to accept apprentices. That’s because they just eat this. Every apprentice can earn a tuition fee. If you receive a wealthy apprentice, that’s not to mention.

Or some are getting older and their own level has dropped. In order to preserve their reputation, they have to accept some talented apprentices and inherit their mantle. When enemies come to challenge them, they can have powerful apprentices to challenge themselves. So as not to end up miserably.

But Wayne Lin doesn’t have this demand. He still has hundreds of billions in his account now, and his strength is still on the rise. With his current situation, he can at least maintain his peak state for 30 years.

Thirty years later, he has mostly broken through to the legendary realm of King Kong indestructibility, and by then, his life form will enter another level, and there is a high probability that his peak period will continue to be extended, even less. It is necessary to accept disciples.

For him, accepting disciples is just one more worry. Judging from his current thinking, naturally he would not do such a thing.

So he refused Yang Guiying without hesitation and left freely.

Yang Guiying clenched her teeth, her face was unwilling, looking at Wayne Lin’s leaving back, she snorted heavily and said, “Idol, it doesn’t matter if you refuse me this time, I will definitely let you feel my sincerity! Don’t worry, I will not give up easily. One day, I will become your apprentice!”

After what happened just now, Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran were not in the mood to stay any longer, and after they left, this high-class party tonight also lost its meaning and left.

This night, the most miserable person was Cheng Yuan. He is now covered in bruises and his hands are discounted, like a dead dog lying there. He regrets it to the extreme, and at the same time he can’t understand that Wayne Lin was so useless before. , How did it become an existence respected by thousands of people?

He was not the only one who was confused. Liang Zhenghai was the same. Until he followed Wayne Lin and left the hotel, he still couldn’t come back for a long time. What happened just now was too magical and too subversive for him. As a result, he still feels unreal after so long.

“Why, can’t you recognize me?” Wayne Lin looked at Liang Zhenghai’s skepticism about life and found it very interesting.

Liang Zhenghai looked at Wayne Lin, swallowed his saliva and said, “Brother Lin, what have you done in the past few years?”

Wayne Lin knows that for Liang Zhenghai, this is very difficult to accept, “It’s complicated to say, I will talk to you later when I have a chance.”

In Liang Zhenghai’s view, Wayne Lin has become different. His impression of Wayne Lin in the past was that he had a very good personality, a very good talker, and even a poor person. But now, Wayne Lin still looks very good on the surface. Easy-going, but the aura that it brings to people is too big, comparable to the most majestic elders in the family, who dare not make trouble in front of Wayne Lin at all.

Next, Wayne Lin and Liang Zhenghai talked for a while, and asked about what Liang Zhenghai had done with Cheng Yuan over the past few years.

I don’t know, I was shocked when I asked, it turns out that Liang Zhenghai has followed Cheng Yuan in the past few years, and the scenery is beautiful, but he can be regarded as a cow and horse for Cheng Yuan, and all the dirty work is him. Dry. It is no exaggeration to say that Liang Zhenghai’s contribution is at least 80% of Cheng Yuan’s earning so much money today, but Cheng Yuan has never said to Liang Zhenghai.

A word of thanks, not to mention Liang Zhenghai’s share of what Liang Zhenghai deserved, instead he continued to exploit and oppress.

It was also Liang Zhenghai who was so kind and had been pampering Cheng Yuan until tonight, Cheng Yuan’s actions deeply hurt him.

Finally, Wayne Lin asked Liang Zhenghai meaningfully, wanting to be wanted to f*ck him, Liang Zhenghai immediately became nervous, and stammered a little, “Well, Brother Lin, I don’t understand anything…I’m afraid, in case of delay. Your big business…”

Wayne Lin laughed loudly.

Liang Zhenghai’s face was startled, and he wondered why Wayne Lin was laughing so happily. Is Wayne Lin kidding him?

Finally, Wayne Lin stopped laughing, looked at him earnestly, and said earnestly: “Zhenghai, you child, you are good at everything, you are kind-hearted and hardworking, but you are too self-confident and always afraid of trouble to others. This won’t work. Yes, you know? Men, you have to be confident in yourself and have a forward-looking spirit. To tell you the truth, my business is indeed very big, tens of billions of plates, it’s not just a small one. Delayed.”

When Liang Zhenghai heard the number of tens of billions, he immediately opened his eyes, breathing quickly, tens of billions, what concept is that? When Cheng Yuan was the richest, it was only ten to twenty million!

And ten to twenty million, in his opinion, is already an astronomical number!

Wayne Lin patted Liang Zhenghai on the shoulder and said, “Zhenghai, you are a talent. Let’s start with me tomorrow. Of course, I will not give you nepotism just because you are my friend. You have to start from the bottom. , Don’t expect me to take special care of you, everything depends on your ability. Of course, if you really have this ability, I won’t be stingy to ask you, you know?”

After Liang Zhenghai listened, his blood boiled, his face flushed suddenly, and he nodded vigorously, “Well! Brother Lin, I know, you won’t be disappointed!”

Wayne Lin also smiled and said, “Okay, I look forward to that day.”

On the second day, Wayne Lin arranged Liang Zhenghai under Jeff Han. He did not say hello to Jeff Han. Everything went as it was, because he knew that once he talked to Jeff Han, then Jeff Han would definitely take care of it. Liang Zhenghai’s, this will not help Liang Zhenghai’s growth.

Liang Zhenghai was one of the few who did not despise him when he was down, and he regarded him as a true friend. Moreover, Liang Zhenghai is indeed capable, but now he lacks a platform. Wayne Lin provided him with this platform, and believes that Liang Zhenghai’s ability will soon be able to accomplish a career.

When he reached Wayne Lin’s realm, his gaze was very precise, and he also saw Liang Zhenghai’s Yintang beginning to shine, which was obviously a sign of a strong luck.

Liang Zhenghai’s situation is that if you don’t die in a catastrophe, you will have luck.

For such a person with high luck, Wayne Lin naturally wants to stay by his side. He now feels that in this world, there is a kind of luck that cannot be seen in the future. The tall people gather around him, and his luck will also be affected after a long time.

In the dark, Wayne Lin felt that he would have a great catastrophe waiting for him next, and he must do all his work now to prepare for this great catastrophe!

At the same time, Zhao Xia, the instructor of Xuanyuan’s Three Fangs Team, descended to Huarvell.

Chapter 514

Zhao Xia is no ordinary person. When he first arrived in Hwadrid, a large group of people were waiting for him.

“Haha, instructor Zhao is coming, welcome!”

A middle-aged man dressed in Tang suit, graceful and noble, walked towards Zhao Xia in strides with a hearty smile, especially the aura on his body, which was very powerful, and he knew that he was a nobleman at first glance. Behind the Tang suit men, followed by five men with the same aura, and behind, stood a large group of people, all piercing and powerful bodyguards. At a glance, there are actually ten of them at the top of the acquired peak. Master, more than twenty martial artists in the realm of masters!

This lineup is extremely luxurious, and the destructive power it brings can be compared to a small force!

In society, having such a lineup is definitely very powerful and has a high social status.

So when Zhao Xia first saw it, he was also a little surprised.

Of course, she was only surprised at this, and did not take it too seriously. This lineup looks very strong, but it is only limited to ordinary people. For the strong innate, it is still far from enough. Yes, let alone a super power like him who has reached the third stage.

Zhao Xia showed a smile, strode up, hugged the man in the Tang suit, and said boldly: “Brother Yang, long time no see, your strength is getting stronger and stronger.”

The man in the Tang suit smiled and said, “Instructor Zhao, don’t laugh at me. In front of you, what can I do with my three-legged cat?”

Zhao Xia laughed, and chatted with the man in Tang suit. They were friends who had known each other a long time ago, and they had always had a good friendship. For a period of time, Yang Fan was in danger when discussing business abroad. He also hired Zhao Xia as his bodyguard to escort him. This was also the time when he established a deep friendship with Zhao Xia and was Zhao Xia’s cultivation base is particularly respected!

This time, he asked Zhao Xia to come over, just to invite Zhao Xia to accept several younger generations of his Yang family as disciples.

Zhao Xia himself is the instructor of the Fangs Group, with a special status and extraordinary strength. If he can really accept his Yang family’s younger generation as his apprentice, then he will definitely cultivate even more outstanding children for his Yang family!

A family wants to survive for a long time and grow stronger. Talent is the most important thing. As a large family in the south, the Yang family naturally understands this truth.

If the Yang family has a few innate realm masters, then it would be difficult for the Yang family to want to fall down.

Zhao Xia also knew what the Yang family meant, and he quickly agreed, not to mention that he was the instructor of the Fang Team, and he had the right to accept disciples outside.

In fact, in addition to those members of the Fang Group, he still accepted two apprentices from the folks.

Now the Yang family wants him to accept a few of the Yang family’s children as disciples. Of course, he will not refuse such a good thing. After all, the Yang family is not simple in terms of strength or status. If he can get closer to the Yang family, There are only advantages and no disadvantages.

After a few greetings, a middle-aged man next to Yang Fan smiled and said, “Instructor Zhao, I don’t know how you see the strength of the bodyguards behind me?”

Zhao Xia glanced lightly, nodded and said, “It’s okay.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed and said in a joking tone, “I heard that instructor Zhao’s cultivation has reached the third stage of the innate realm. His strength is unfathomable. I don’t know how long it will take to take these bodyguards. Down?”

He said this in a joking tone, but in particular, he still revealed temptation and provocation. Zhao Xia is a human spirit, and he naturally heard the overtones all at once, and his expression looked like a smile.

Zhao Xia looked at Yang Fan again, and found that Yang Fan was just smiling faintly, and did not say anything. He apparently acquiesced to this behavior. He is a wise man, and it is not clear where it is. This is the effort the Yang family wants to test him.


Zhao Xia is quite disdainful of this kind of thing. Even though these thirty bodyguards are all powerful masters of Kong Wu, ten of them are still the pinnacles of the day after tomorrow, forming a group, for ordinary people, it is a giant. But for him, Zhao Xia, it was nothing more than that.

“About a minute.” Zhao Xia sneered and flicked his fingers, looking very relaxed.

“What?” The middle-aged man was immediately surprised, and then he frowned slightly, not believing Zhao Xia’s words, thinking that Zhao Xia was too arrogant, and began to brag about it.

Although the other members of the Yang family didn’t say anything, judging from their expressions, they obviously didn’t believe it.

You know, among these thirty-odd masters, ten of them are the ultimate masters at the pinnacle of the acquired day. No matter where they go, they are a force that cannot be underestimated. Together with the masters of the more than twenty master realms, they are enough to sweep the city. All forces are gone. And Zhao Xia is just a person, even if he is a master of innate realm, he can’t be arrogant. If he is alone, he can defeat these thirty bodyguards in one minute, right?

So they all had a bad impression of Zhao Xia, thinking that Zhao Xia was suspected of bragging.

As for their thoughts, Zhao Xia must be insightful. He smiled and said, “Looking at your expressions, I don’t seem to believe it. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Another middle-aged man said: “This is not suitable. After all, there is no eye for fists and legs. If you hurt someone, it’s not good.”

Zhao Xia laughed loudly and said, “Don’t worry about this. I have a sense of measure and will not really hurt you bodyguards. So, if I can’t beat you bodyguards in one minute, even if I lose, how about ?”

When they saw Zhao Xia’s self-confidence, they hesitated a bit. Does Zhao Xia really have this ability?

At first the middle-aged man said: “Okay, then trouble Instructor Zhao, let us open our eyes, haha.”

The corners of Zhao Xia’s mouth rose slightly, drawing a disdainful smile, and then he walked over to the bodyguards, who were instantly on the verge of an enemy and surrounded Zhao Xia in a circle.

These bodyguards also heard what Zhao Xia said just now. They were very upset about Zhao Xia’s contempt. They were also masters. Where did they go sideways? You Zhao Xia is a master of the innate realm. When it comes to fighting alone, none of us is indeed an opponent, but we are now more than 30 masters together, can’t beat you Zhao Xia?

I don’t believe it!

So they unanimously decided that they must teach this arrogant Zhao Xia a lesson.

Zhao Xia naturally felt their hostility. He smiled contemptuously, his eyes swept over everyone, and said, “Oh, I’m wrong. It takes less than a minute, 40 seconds to defeat you.”

His words immediately angered these bodyguards, especially for the ten masters of the acquired peak, it was a great humiliation. They exchanged their eyes and shot Zhao Xia together!

I have to say that so many of them shot together, the momentum it brought was still great.

It’s a pity that they underestimated the gap between the acquired peak and the innate realm, and they didn’t know the horror of Zhao Xia!

Zhao Xia started to move the moment they moved, and the speed was so fast that it was hard to see.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…

In thirty-seven seconds, all the bodyguards besieging Zhao Xia fell down, and none of them got up.

Suddenly, Yang Fan and the others were stunned when they saw this scene, and they were even more in awe of Zhao Xia.

At the same time, Wayne Lin also received an invitation from the Yang family, saying that three days later, he used to attend a banquet held by the Yang family.

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