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Chapter 635

Meng Hao is dead.

Wayne Lin would naturally not show mercy to such rubbish, he killed Meng Hao’s life with one palm.

After rectifying the Chu family, Wayne Lin couldn’t wait to ask: “Grandpa, where is Alma?”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, Thompson Chu fell silent immediately. Guilt and sorrow appeared on his face. The other Chu family members also bowed their heads, and the atmosphere suddenly became low.

Wayne Lin’s heart suddenly jumped, thinking of something, his face paled, and his tone trembled, “Alma, has something happened already?”

Asking this sentence, Wayne Lin was completely blank, and he could not accept this fact at all!

He did so much to protect Alma Chu. If Alma Chu really had an accident, then he would never accept this fact, and he could not forgive himself!

Seeing Wayne Lin’s reaction, Thompson Chu said quickly: “No, no, Alma is all right, but she… alas!”

Having said this, Thompson Chu couldn’t say anything, his face was full of sadness.

Wayne Lin was a little confused. He couldn’t understand what Thompson Chu was saying now. What happened to Alma Chu?

“Grandpa, you don’t want to confuse my appetite, please tell me quickly, Alma, is there anything wrong with her!” Wayne Lin said this sentence almost gritted his teeth.

Thompson Chu nodded and said, “Alma, when she heard the news of your death that day, she fainted on the spot. When she fainted, she fainted for two days and two nights. We were all frightened at the time, so we rushed to send her off. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that Alma’s body is very healthy and physically stronger than an athlete. However, Alma was hit too hard. In her subconscious, she could not accept this fact at all. She chose to block herself! Over time, her consciousness will be lost and she will completely become a vegetable.”

When Wayne Lin heard this, his face was already pale. He gritted his teeth tightly. He could fully imagine the scene that day!

He knows how deeply Alma Chu loves him, just like when he knew that Alma Chu was seriously ill, his heart was extremely painful. If he didn’t know that he could save Alma Chu by swallowing the heaven and earth spirit fruit, then he Now I have a mental breakdown.

Moreover, for Alma Chu, the reason why she fell was entirely to save her. Such guilt and torture were not something that Alma Chu could bear!

“Alma…” Wayne Lin’s nose was sour, he could feel it, he almost trembled and said, “Then Alma, has she now become a vegetable.”

“No.” Thompson Chu shook his head and said, “Later on the third day, Alma woke up on her own.”

Hearing this, the big rock that Wayne Lin was holding in his heart finally landed!

As long as Alma Chu is fine, everything is easy to say!

“That’s good, that’s good!” Wayne Lin said with a sigh of relief, “Grandpa, where is Alma now, I’ll look for her right away!”

No one responded to his words, everyone’s face was very ugly, full of sadness and guilt.

Wayne Lin realized that something was wrong again, and he quickly said, “Did something happen again!”

Thompson Chu sighed and said, “Wayne, you are back anyway, and it is not anxious to see Alma. Why don’t you go back to Ziqiong Media? Now Ziqiong Media is also facing a great crisis. …”

“Grandpa!” Wayne Lin interrupted him roughly, and said very seriously: “Tell me, how is Alma?

This is what I care about most. “

Thompson Chu looked at Wayne Lin’s serious look. He didn’t even dare to face Wayne Lin. He lowered his head and said with guilt and distress, “On the third day, Alma woke up, but she was selective She lost her memory, she forgot everything about you…”


Wayne Lin was completely shocked.

He has heard of selective amnesia. It is a rare type of amnesia and extremely difficult to treat.

Logically speaking, Alma Chu swallowed the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth. She is now a master of the innate realm. Whether she is physically strong or spiritually strong, she is far superior to ordinary people. How can she lose her memory? And still selective amnesia!

“Where is she now, I am going to see her!” Wayne Lin said firmly.

Everyone in the Chu family fell silent, and they didn’t even dare to face Wayne Lin.

In the end, Thompson Chu still answered, “Oh! Alma lost everything about you, even if someone mentions your name, she can’t remember it at all. She only remembers that there is one in her life that she is very Important people, but she doesn’t remember. For this reason, her temperament changed drastically, she couldn’t say three words a day, and she became indifferent to everything in the world. Even our relatives, she didn’t care about it. Later, after she was discharged from the hospital, she chose to become a monk…”

Wayne Lin’s face was pale.

Closed his eyes, two lines of tears shed from the corner of his eyes.


There was a long, long silence, until everyone thought he was asleep.

“Wayne, you don’t have to be too sad. I believe Alma has only forgotten you temporarily, and she should be able to remember you soon.” Thompson Chu comforted again, but he said that, but he didn’t have much. Believe, obviously, from the doctor, he already knows how serious Alma Chu’s amnesia is.

Other Chu family members also began to comfort Wayne Lin.

I don’t know how long it took, Wayne Lin spoke again, “Alma should be in Miaoxuan Temple.”

“Right.” Thompson Chu nodded.

Wayne Lin said: “Grandpa, dear elders, I’m going to find Alma first, and then I won’t accompany you. I will arrange for someone to come and solve the problem of today’s hand. You can just wait.”

When he said that, he stood up, ready to leave.

“Wayne.” Thompson Chu stopped him, “If Alma still doesn’t remember you, don’t force her too much, the doctor said, she is very weak now.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded and agreed, and then walked away.

He made a phone call to Jiang Liqun, briefly confessed, and asked Jiang Liqun to come over and take over all the affairs of the Chu family!

He is now going to Miaoxuan Temple for the first time and see Alma Chu.

Miaoxuan Temple, in Hwadrid Fortress, is a quiet and remote nun’s house in Hwadrid Fortress. Wayne Lin had heard of this place before but had never been to it.

Originally it would take an hour and a half to drive, but it only took him ten minutes to get there, and the speed was already reaching the extreme.

When he rushed to the foot of the Miaoxuan Temple, Wayne Lin felt extremely complicated.

His consciousness spread out and soon covered the entire mountain…

In Miaoxuan Temple, there were more than twenty nuns, among them he felt a familiar breath.

Chapter 636

“Donor, please stay.”

Wayne Lin walked to the gate of Miaoxuan Temple and was about to go in. Two little nuns immediately came out to discourage Wayne Lin.

These two little nuns actually still have martial arts, and they have reached the realm of masters. You know, they are only fifteen or six years old.

Moreover, in them, there is a tranquility and detachment that is not in the red dust, which makes Wayne Lin, a person from the world, feel so strange and repulsive.

Wayne Lin put his hands together and said politely: “Wayne Lin is Alma Chu’s husband in the next place. This time, he came here to take his wife home and ask the two little sisters and aunts to relax.

Now Wayne Lin didn’t have any infuriating fluctuations, he was just an ordinary person who was elegant and eager to wives.

“Lin Shizhu, I’m sorry, we don’t have Alma Chu in Miaoxuan Temple.”

With that, they are about to close the door.

“Wait a minute!” Wayne Lin hurried forward, pressing her feet against the wooden door, and said: “Alma Chu is the real name of a wife. She is beautiful in appearance. She is 26 years old and 1.68 meters tall. She suffers from selective Amnesia, ten days ago, I came to Miaoxuan Temple for meditation. You must have seen her! Please also ask the two younger sisters to be accommodating, because my wife is really important to me!”

Wayne Lin was moved by love and reason, hoping that the two little nuns could be accommodating.

Even though his martial arts can reach the sky, he can get in by force, but he can’t do it, and he doesn’t want to do it! This is a Buddhist sacred place, and the people living in it are all otherworldly nuns. He can’t be so reckless, otherwise, what is the difference from Meng Hao and his cousins?

The two little nuns looked at each other and began to make eye contact. Obviously, they knew Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin was pleasantly surprised when he saw their reaction, which shows that Alma Chu is here.

At this moment, an ethereal voice came from the Miaoxuan Temple, “Miaoyin, Miaochen, what are you whispering outside, don’t come in to perform the shaved ceremony.”

“Yes, Uncle Chi, Miao Yin (Miao Chen) will be back here.”

The two little nuns said quickly, and then they were about to close the door and enter.

For some reason, Wayne Lin suddenly became nervous when he heard the word shaved.

“Two little sisters, who do you shave for, or do you shave for my wife? She can’t shave, she is my wife! You can’t be a monk!” Wayne Lin said anxiously.

At the same time, he quickly spread out his thoughts, wanting to see if the shaved inside was really Alma Chu himself!

However, his unfavorable consciousness snooping is actually useless here, because he can’t feel Alma Chu’s breath. In his spirit, even if he can feel the people inside, he can’t tell which is Chu. Philip.

This means that it is not his cultivation base that has declined, but Alma Chu has changed, completely changed his face, so the breath has undergone a huge change, so that he can not find it!

“No! Miaoxuan Temple is a quiet place, not open to the outside world, please leave the donor!”

“Please leave, don’t embarrass us.”

Said the two little nuns.

At this time, why would Wayne Lin give up? If it is really Alma Chu’s ordination, and he doesn’t stop it in time, then Alma Chu will really become a monk!

The situation was urgent, and he couldn’t take care of it so much. He said something offensive, then pushed the door a little harder, pushed the door open, and walked inside.

His action immediately frightened the two little nuns, and said angrily and in a panic: “Hey! Why are you like this? You can’t go in!”

“Donor, please stay! Inside is the shaved ceremony of the uncle’forgetting’!”

The two little nuns were so anxious that they hurried to catch up.

The movement here shocked the other nuns in the Miaoxuan Temple, and immediately a few older nuns walked out and saw Wayne Lin a big man coming in, they all frowned. He said displeasedly: “This donor, Miaoxuan Temple is a pure Buddhist monastery, please leave the donor!”

These two nuns were actually still at the peak of the acquired cultivation level. Before Wayne Lin came, he really hadn’t thought that there were so many masters hidden in the small nun nunnery of Miaoxuan Temple.

But soon, Wayne Lin discovered that although these nuns are not low-level, their combat power is very average, that is to say, they have a cultivation base in space, but they do not fight hard.

It’s normal to think about it carefully. As a nun in the Miaoxuan Temple, they practice Buddhism. They have nothing to do with the world. It is common sense to have a realm of emptiness. If they are all full of murderous aura, then it is abnormal.

Wayne Lin put his hands together and said politely again: “Hello, dear teachers, my name is Wayne Lin, and I am a layman in the red dust. For some special reasons, something happened to me some time ago that caused my wife Alma Chu. She thought I was dead. She couldn’t accept this fact. She passed out on the spot. After waking up, due to excessive sadness, her brain selectively forgot me. Eight days ago, the wife came to Miaoxuan Temple and wanted to escape into the empty door. , Now I’m back, I’ll personally pick up my wife and go home, and ask all the teachers to be perfect!”

These words, Wayne Lin’s words were touching and true, and the nuns fell silent after listening.

Obviously, they knew who Wayne Lin’s wife was.

After a while, one of the teachers said: “Donor, you have come and go, and the “forget” younger brother has made all preparations. She has already begun to shave. So, please go back to the donor.”

“What?!” Wayne Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank, and Alma Chu had already begun to shave?

His heart was suddenly messed up, he stopped wrangling, and immediately walked to the temple in large strides. He had already seen that in the temple, many nuns were performing the ordination ceremony!

His actions caused these nuns to change their expressions greatly, and became a little angry, and said loudly: “Donor! Please stay! This is a Buddhist pure land, men are not allowed to enter!”

These nuns were the pinnacle masters of the day after tomorrow. Although their combat power was not good enough, their physical fitness was there, and they were very fast. They immediately blocked Wayne Lin and prevented Wayne Lin from getting in and making trouble.

“Master, you are offended!”

Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, and then his figure flashed. He directly bypassed these masters and rushed towards the temple at an even faster speed.

These teachers were shocked. They thought that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person. It was easy for them to stop Wayne Lin together. However, they did not expect that Wayne Lin was so fast that they felt that Wayne Lin would not be seen by a flower. Ming figure out.

“Oops! He went in!”

“The shaved ritual of Forget Junior Brother will be destroyed!”

“This person is so skillful, I can’t feel his movements at all.”

In the blink of an eye, Wayne Lin had already entered the temple.

In the temple, he first saw a gilded statue in the center, and the smell of incense, and more than a dozen nuns stood there.

And in front of the Faxiang, there was a beautiful figure kneeling, wearing a simple Taoist suit, and her figure was very thin. Even if she just looked at the back, she knew she was a beauty who was all over the country.

Her black hair was falling down like a waterfall. There was an elderly aunt who was shaving her. It seemed that it had just been done. Beside her, a strand of blue silk had just fallen…

When Wayne Lin saw this figure, his brain exploded, and he couldn’t think of anything!

Even if he just turned his back to him, he recognized it at a glance. The woman in front of him was the beloved wife he was thinking of day and night, Alma Chu! !

Chapter 637


Wayne Lin blurted out and shouted out. The moment he saw Alma Chu, his eyes became wet.

If Alma Chu heard his voice before the change, she would definitely turn around for the first time and plunge into his arms extremely excited.

But now, Alma Chu still knelt on the ground, indifferent.

The appearance of Wayne Lin shocked the many nuns in the nunnery. Their expressions changed drastically, staring at Wayne Lin sullenly, thinking that Wayne Lin had broken their tranquility.

“This benefactor! This is a Buddhist pure land, not open to the outside world, please go out immediately!”

Immediately, a nun came forward to drive Wayne Lin away. Their expressions were not pretty. They thought Wayne Lin was too rude, so they came to the Buddhist monastery and yelled and interrupted their cleansing.

At this time, the next few masters also followed. They were very angry. They actually let Wayne Lin break in and interrupted the shaved ceremonies of Junior Brother’Forgetting’, which really shouldn’t be.

“Lin Shizhu! We don’t have your wife in Miaoxuan Temple, please leave immediately and don’t disturb the quietness of Buddhism.” One of the teachers scolded too seriously.

Their Miaoxuan Temple has always been incompetent with the world, does not eat the fireworks, and repairs on the mountain. For the first time, a man broke in and made trouble. This made them very angry and felt that their Dharma was contaminated.

But Wayne Lin had no other people in his eyes. At this moment, in his world, there was only the slender figure in front of him, that was his wife.

“Alma, it’s me, I’m back, I’m not dead, I’m alive and well!” Wayne Lin was excited. He did so much to save Alma Chu’s life. Now he has done it, but Alma Chu has To become a monk, this is not the result he wants to see!

He couldn’t help walking towards Alma Chu, he couldn’t wait to put Alma Chu in his arms and share his excitement now.

“Donor! Please stay, don’t step forward!”

A nun immediately came out to stop Wayne Lin, but at this time, Wayne Lin had already seen Alma Chu, how could he stop?

He continued to walk forward, and must walk in front of Alma Chu to awaken Alma Chu’s memory!

“Donor! The poor nun gives you a final warning and stop immediately, otherwise don’t blame the poor nun for being rude!”

As the master’s voice fell, the nuns in the treasure hall surrounded Wayne Lin and stood ready, full of hostility. Once Wayne Lin took a step forward, they would take action.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin stopped. Although he was very excited now, he did not lose his composure. These nuns were all indisputable pure-hearted cultivators, and he couldn’t hurt them.

But he has come to this point. It is impossible to give up and take a deep breath. He clasped his hands and said to many masters: “Everyone, my name is Wayne Lin. I am a mortal in the red dust. I broke into Miaoxuan Temple today. In order to bring the insider back home, I have no disrespect towards Miaoxuan Temple, and I ask you all fairy aunts to fulfill it!”

These teachers saw Wayne Lin’s sincere attitude, not like a malicious person who came to make trouble, and his attitude was a little more friendly.

An older teacher took a step forward and said, “This benefactor, please leave first. We are performing a solemn ordination ceremony. When you come back early tomorrow morning, we will deal with this matter again.”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said: “Please forgive me, Xiangu, my wife is right in front of me, I can’t just watch you treat her

Shaved. “

“Donor, according to your opinion, is it going to be hard?” The older teacher was too cold and stared at Wayne Lin badly.

Wayne Lin put his palm on one hand and said, “I must take my wife back today, and I will ask Xiangu to complete it.”

“It seems that you are going to be hard. If that’s the case, don’t blame us for being polite!” She snorted heavily. Immediately, the many teachers in the palace took up the wooden sticks and tightly surrounded the forest. Ming, have to be rough with Wayne Lin and drive Wayne Lin out!

Wayne Lin sighed for a long time. He really didn’t want to be too rude to these teachers, so he called Alma Chu again: “Alma, I know you must remember me! I’m back now, I promise you, You will never do such a dangerous thing again. Don’t get angry and go back with me now!”

However, Alma Chu still knelt there indifferently, knocking the wooden fish in her hand again and again, not even breaking the rhythm, and ignored Wayne Lin’s words.

Wayne Lin saw this situation, his heart sinking continuously, could it be that Alma Chu really forgot him? !

“Lin Shizhu, it seems that Junior Brother Forgetting is not your wife. We will warn you one last time and go down the mountain immediately!”

Wayne Lin stared at Alma Chu closely, he was really sad now, Alma Chu was actually indifferent.

At this moment, Wayne Lin can’t take care of that much. He has to walk to Alma Chu with his own eyes and let Alma Chu see himself, “Anyone, with all due respect, you are not my opponent when you go together. I don’t want to To hurt you, please be able to accommodate once today, Lin, I am grateful!”

“Arrogant!” The older teacher raised her brows immediately and became even more sullen. Her patience was exhausted, and with a big wave of her hand, she began to order Wayne Lin to take action and drive Wayne Lin out.

Wayne Lin sighed again. He really didn’t want to make a move, but at this point, he had no choice.

However, at this moment, he sensed something. He looked behind the Buddha statue, and saw an elderly nun walked out, wearing a simple Taoist robe. The whole person looked kind and kind. At least he was overwhelmed by the age, but her spirit But it is still very good, and the source of life is also very strong.

Wayne Lin took a look and was shocked. This was actually a master of the Innate Realm, and he had reached the third stage of the Innate Realm!

Wayne Lin never expected that such a master would be hidden in this deserted Miaoxuan Temple.

“Stop it all.” The old nun said lightly.

When the nuns heard what she said, they stopped immediately, showing respect and admiration on their faces, bowing to the old nuns and shouting in unison: “Abbot.”

Even Alma Chu, who was kneeling on the ground and knocking the wooden fish, raised her head and called the abbot respectfully to the old nun.

Wayne Lin’s mood fluctuated a lot when she heard her voice. This is Alma Chu’s voice, he will never forget it for the rest of his life!

The old nun walked out slowly and saw the numerous nuns holding wooden sticks in the treasure hall. She sighed and said: “The poor nun taught Yu Er and others’ Dharma, you have forgotten it? You are so violent to the world.”

The older teacher was a little panicked, and immediately explained: “Abbot, this benefactor broke into the Miaoxuan Temple and interrupted the’forgotten’ brother’s grand ceremony! This person was rude and rude, we had to drive him out. “

The old nun said: “You have misunderstood the person. If this donor is really rude and rude, you are no longer alive.”

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