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Chapter 647

When Ma Kaiyu heard the news, he shuddered all over, and the fear of Wayne Lin reappeared. He called Zhong Tao without thinking to report the incident.

Zhong Tao immediately called everyone together, and he also flew from Xuanyuan No.2, followed by Luo Hongyang, as well as Fang Xingping and Lu Qisi in Xuanyuan No.1, the four masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Gathering together, even if Wayne Lin has the ability to shake the sky, he would not be able to uncover the Five Finger Mountain of their four masters!

But at this time Wayne Lin was already a sinner of the country. They directly beat Wayne Lin, abolished the martial arts, and then gave it to him, and let him judge Wayne Lin. At that time, Wayne Lin’s end would be worse than death!

It can be said that the whole province g was surging at this time. The more this time, the quieter it became, and the quietness reached an abnormal level.

Anyone with a bit of strength and status is now lurking and dare not make any moves. Everyone is waiting. It is Wayne Lin who returns strongly tonight, and his revenge is successful, but he is still swallowed by the wolves.

“Chairman, do you think they really dare to come tonight?” Damon Wang asked softly. He was still a little nervous. After all, this was against the entire Huarvell on his own! There are even some of them are big bosses in other cities, and each one is taken out alone, which can be a powerful shock.

Jeff Han’s face was also nervous and worried.

In addition, there are other subordinates, and all of them are full of tension, as if they are facing an enemy.

Tonight is too quiet, so quiet that it is frightening.

Wayne Lin was the only one in the audience who was the most calm. He drank tea leisurely, “They will come.”

“Really, should we call more people?” Damon Wang asked cautiously.

Because he has already heard the news, and now headed by Ma Kaiyu, he has already united all the other bigwigs to turn them into a force to resist Wayne Lin!

Wayne Lin laughed and said, “Why, don’t you believe me?”

Damon Wang shook his head quickly and said: “No, no, Randal Lin, I didn’t mean that, but…”

Wayne Lin waved his hand, interrupted him, and said with a smile, “Just put a hundred hearts on this. With me, no matter how many people come, they won’t be able to make waves.”

Wayne Lin said this very calmly and understatement, as if he was just talking about a very common thing, but it was a golden rule, and the law was just saying a fact, so that everyone present listened. They all relax a lot invisibly.

Not long after, suddenly from outside, two people rushed in hastily. Their faces were pale and their expressions were scared. They seemed to have seen something horrible, and even their legs were swaying, “Randal, no no no, no All right……”

They looked like they had seen a ghost, and the atmosphere in the room was so easy to relax. It suddenly became serious. Jeff Han frowned and yelled: “What are you panicking? The sky is falling, there is Randal Lin is holding on, he has no interest!”

Damon Wang also frowned and said, “Whatever you have, just say it!”

The two of them swallowed hard, and then said: “Outside, many people came outside, all big people, and they brought a lot of bodyguards and thugs…”

“What?!” Damon Wang and Jeff Han both widened their eyes, and their mood became tense again.

Looking at Wayne Lin subconsciously, here, Wayne Lin is their absolute backbone.

Wayne Lin still drank the tea calmly, and said, “There are quite a few people here.”

As his voice fell, outside, there was a sound of majestic footsteps, especially neat, step by step, as if thousands of troops were swept in from all directions, and they were going to drown this place!

Hearing this movement, Damon Wang and Jeff Han became even more panicked, not to mention the twenty-odd subordinates, now their faces are a little pale, and they can’t help taking out their weapons and placing them in front of them.

Wayne Lin shook his head when he saw them like this. The psychological quality of these people is still too bad.

But they can’t be blamed, Wayne Lin probably sensed that this time, they actually gathered thousands of people over, it seems that they are determined to fight him.

Moreover, he also felt four powerful auras, undoubtedly the super masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, needless to say, it must be Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping.

It just so happens that this account can also be settled.

The footsteps were getting closer and louder, and finally stopped.

The movements are particularly consistent, they appear to be well-trained, and the shock is deeper. Now Damon Wang and Jeff Han can’t help but be scared. It’s not that they can’t believe in Wayne Lin, but that there are too many people here, just by listening to the footsteps, you know, at least a thousand people! And there are only more than twenty people here, with a ratio of forty to one, and one person can drown them with one spit.

Even if Wayne Lin could fight again, he could still fight a thousand by himself.

Now they have been entrusted with a big deal. I knew that they shouldn’t blindly believe in Randal Lin like this. They also plan to have more people, so that the odds of winning will be much larger.

“Lin! Zi! Ming!”

At this moment, a voice full of contempt and provocation came from outside, directly declaring war on Wayne Lin.

And the voice became louder and louder, more and more people called, and finally became a huge sound, as if to drown out more than 20 of them in the house.

This situation made Damon Wang and Jeff Han even more frightened.

Wayne Lin remained unmoved, he still made tea calmly, as if he hadn’t heard these sounds at all.

Then, the voice stopped and replaced with a voice full of contempt, “Wayne Lin, I’m here nonsense, I heard you shot me?”

Then another person came out, a fat man: “Wayne Lin! I’m here, Chen Xiao, I want to see, what do you dare to do with me!”

“Lin, Lao Tzu is here too! It was Lao Tzu who swallowed your company and eaten up your billions of funds, how can you drop it!”

More and more people came forward. They were all big figures in Hwadrid and even G province. They were very jealous of Wayne Lin. Any one of them was an ant in front of Wayne Lin, not at all. Dare to fight against Wayne Lin, but now, when they all unite, they are not afraid of Wayne Lin at all, but can crush Wayne Lin to death!

Many people are powerful, and this is the only opportunity they can resist Wayne Lin and even swallow Wayne Lin with integrity.

Finally, Ma Kaiyu walked out of the crowd, staring at Wayne Lin, and said: “Wayne Lin, the old man is here, the old man wants to see, you, a yellow-haired boy, what can you do? How dare you challenge so many of us? !”

As he said these words, more than a thousand people behind him stomped their feet vigorously and made three bangs, like an earthquake. The momentum was extremely majestic and heart-palpiting.

Chapter 648

At this moment, Ma Kaiyu was full of pride, his waist was straight, and his momentum was like a rainbow. He felt that he had reached the peak of his life at this moment, and he had a sense of accomplishment even more than when he founded the Kunlun Group and became a master!

Wayne Lin is the absolute great demon king. In the past two years, it has been a mountain on everyone’s head, especially in these two days. Knowing that Wayne Lin is back, it will be like a year for him, and he has been suffering. He has never been like this. Tortured.

Now that he can finally stand up to face Wayne Lin, his mood is extremely agitated.

He looked at Wayne Lin, no more awe, and even full of presumptuous and contempt. He is now confident and thinks that Wayne Lin has come to an end, and today is Wayne Lin’s death date!

He is especially looking forward to seeing Wayne Lin’s desperate look, it will definitely be wonderful, he must take it and appreciate it, hahaha.

I have to say that Ma Kaiyu’s current posture is very scary, and if he changes to another person, he will indeed be scared.

It’s a pity that the person he met was Wayne Lin, a peerless fierce man with great consummation in the innate realm, so what Ma Kaiyu did was just a clown in front of Wayne Lin.

Ma Kaiyu saw that Wayne Lin was still unmoved, and the dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. He was inexplicably afraid of it, but soon, he thought of Zhong Tao’s four masters here, so he was not afraid of anything.

“Wayne Lin! It’s not your time now, you dare to come back, just looking for death!”

“Yes! Wayne Lin, you dare to challenge us, do you really think you are invincible in the world? Today is your death date!”

“Wayne Lin, you obediently, just kneel down and beg us for mercy, maybe we are happy, you can let you die, hahaha…”

Other big guys also started clamoring to Wayne Lin. They were somewhat nervous at first, but immediately, they saw clearly behind Wayne Lin, there were more than 20 people. Compared with them, they were not even squeezed between their teeth. They immediately calmed down. Now, Wayne Lin is set.

What’s more, their backer, but Zhong Tao and other four masters, is enough to crush Wayne Lin into slag!

They kept approaching Wayne Lin, like locusts, trying to swallow Wayne Lin over twenty people.

Damon Wang couldn’t help it anymore, and he stood up and yelled, “Ma Kaiyu, nonsense, Chen Xiao! You are so brave, you dare to be disrespectful to Randal Lin, I think you are living impatiently! I really think it depends on you. Ants, can you wrestle with Randal Lin?!”

Jeff Han also cursed loudly: “You are looking for your own death at this time. Randal Lin asked you to come over tonight. Originally, I wanted to give you a chance. You were shameless. Do you really think Randal Lin is a soft persimmon! “

The two of them tried to restrain the fear in their hearts, and now Wayne Lin didn’t speak, they had to speak for Wayne Lin to boost their morale.

“Hahahaha…” Ma Kaiyu burst into laughter immediately, his face full of joking, “I said Damon Wang, Jeff Han, you two lackeys, can you not tremble when you are arrogant? Hey, I feel sorry for you. Obviously I’m so scared that I can’t do it, and I’m still there, hahaha.”

Others also laughed, and now Damon Wang and Jeff Han looked particularly funny.

Nonsense ridiculed: “Damon Wang, Jeff Han, you two are also big brothers at any rate, and you actually worked hard for Wayne Lin, the yellow-haired boy, to be running dogs.

Don’t feel ashamed, I am ashamed for you all! “

“Well, we have met each other somehow, and now you kowtow to us to admit our mistakes, we can consider letting you die. How about it? It’s enough to speak of loyalty.”

The others laughed again.

Damon Wang and Jeff Han trembled with anger, but they had nothing to do. They were very bitter now, and even regretted it. They felt that Wayne Lin had asked for a big deal this time, so he called such a few people over, and the other party had thousands of people. Human, this is not a level of battle at all.

They couldn’t help looking at Wayne Lin, and seeing that Wayne Lin was still calm, they didn’t understand what Wayne Lin was thinking.

Ma Kaiyu stared at Wayne Lin fiercely. He was particularly upset when he saw Wayne Lin could be so calm, “Wayne Lin! The last time you beat my son, I haven’t settled accounts with you! Today, I think you are interfering. wing……”

Finally, at this moment, Wayne Lin spoke.

“Shut up.” He was just two simple words, not very domineering, and just spoke lightly. However, it fell into Ma Kaiyu’s ears, but it was very powerful, and Ma Kaiyu was immediately afraid. She couldn’t help but shut up and didn’t dare to say any more.

Seeing that others were looking at him with a little contempt, Ma Kaiyu came back to his senses and furiously said, “Wayne Lin, you are about to die, and you dare to speak hard! I am here today, what can you do with me! “

Ma Kaiyu became angry from embarrassment. He boasted that he went to Haikou tonight and wanted to make Wayne Lin’s fart pissing. In the end, he was frightened by Wayne Lin’s word, so how could he convince the public?

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, and said, “It’s really noisy.”

After finishing speaking, I saw that his middle finger was touched with a drop of water on the table, and then he buckled his thumb and flicked towards Ma Kaiyu. Only a slight buzzing sound was heard. The drop of water quickly flew towards Ma Kaiyu, almost In an instant, it hit Ma Kaiyu’s mouth, causing him to scream, fell to the ground, covered his mouth and rolled on the ground, his face full of pain.

This shocking change stunned everyone present. No one thought that Wayne Lin would still have such a hand. It was just too scary that Wayne Lin would be able to hurt people more than ten meters away from the water.

Ma Kaiyu was screaming now, but he was really speechless.

Damon Wang and Jeff Han also opened their eyes wide, and they were shocked. They knew that Wayne Lin’s martial arts was very high, but the magical skills that Wayne Lin showed just now still scared them, and at the same time their panic was relaxed a lot. .

“you you you……”

The nonsense pupils on the side shrank, obviously he was frightened, and pointed to Wayne Lin and couldn’t say the whole thing.

The arrogant arrogance of other people was extinguished a lot at this moment.

Regardless of the large number of them, they are ordinary people after all, and they still have instinctive awe for this almost magical method.

It also made them realize that even though they had many people, it was easy to kill any of them by Wayne Lin’s method.

Wayne Lin stood up, squinted his eyes slightly, and swept everyone. His aura was constantly being raised at this moment, and he actually overwhelmed thousands of them, as if he was not surrounded, but he was surrounded by himself. Thousands of people!

Chapter 649

“A bunch of ants, no matter how many ants come, they are also ants, and they still want to compete with the dragon? It’s a joke!” Wayne Lin said this domineering and unparalleled. He stood there, a god of war on earth, making countless Xiaos beware of fear and fear, and dare not offend.

“I called you to come over tonight, originally for the sake of everyone’s acquaintance, as long as you are sincere and apologize to me, I will let you go.” Wayne Lin said here, his tone of voice. His eyes were like electricity, sweeping all of them, and the words spoken were majestic, like thunder falling to the ground, punishing sinners, “but you are dying, dare to challenge me!”

This scene is very shocking. Wayne Lin clearly has only one person, and they are thousands of people. The real one can drown Wayne Lin with a single spit, but they are afraid of Wayne Lin, and every one of them is stared by Wayne Lin. Those who go up will feel terrified from the bottom of their hearts, and quickly lower their heads, not daring to face Wayne Lin at all!

Some people even backed down and retreated.

“Kneel down to me, those who obey me live, those who oppose me die!”

Wayne Lin stood with his hands in front of them, looking at them like a king.

Wayne Lin’s aura was huge, and it was a great shock and threat to them, causing their aura to disperse again and again.

As the saying goes, they are dying, then failing, and exhausting, they are already beginning to fail.

Some people have really collapsed and are ready to kneel to Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a disdainful voice rang from behind the crowd, “Wayne Lin, you are a sinner who knows nothing about life and death, you have put it on Lao Tzu!”

The sound was huge, like a thunder in the sky, resounding through the audience, reaching the ears of everyone present, rumbling loudly, like a thunderbolt landing, making people feel shocked and can’t help but feel fear.

Especially the people on Wayne Lin’s side, felt the boundless pressure, as if thunder erupted in their ears, making them extremely frightened, their faces pale!

But the voice fell, and what appeared in front of them was a tall figure, dressed in a uniform, full of iron and hardcore, like a steel man, no one, it was Zhong Tao.

He stared at Wayne Lin now, with a terrifying light burst in his eyes, which was very scary.

Wayne Lin saw him, but the corners of his mouth raised slightly, revealing a smile that was not a smile, “I said that their group of ants, why are they so bold and dare to hit my idea, it turns out that you are behind.”

Zhong Tao realized that he couldn’t see through Wayne Lin. In his perception, Wayne Lin stood in front of him like a black mist, unpredictable. You know, before, he could see Wayne Lin’s 80% strength. , And now, he can’t even see Wayne Lin’s 50% strength.

This is not a good omen. The reason for this result is most likely because Wayne Lin’s realm has exceeded him too much. But he is already in the fourth stage of the innate realm. If Wayne Lin wants to overwhelm him at the realm, he must be the Great Perfection of the innate realm! And how is this possible!

In any case, he called Fang Xingping and the three of them this time, even if Wayne Lin is really innate, he can only drink hatred.

“Wayne Lin, I don’t think you can cry without seeing the Yellow River! Last time on the Lion Mountain, you dared to swallow the colorful original fruit, and you have committed a terrible disaster! Now you dare to come back. I don’t know how to write the dead words. I will take you back and face a military trial!” Zhong Tao squinted and said threateningly, full of threats and intimidation.


When Demon and Jeff Han heard this, they both became nervous. Zhong Tao was not an ordinary person, but a big man in the office, and his strength was extraordinary. If he shot Wayne Lin, the result would be hard to say.

When Hu Yan and Chen Xiao saw Zhong Tao appear, their panic began to slowly relax, and they quickly said: “Instructor Zhong is right. This Wayne Lin is very sinful, so he should be captured and executed by torture!”

“Wayne Lin, your disaster is imminent, let’s see how you die this time!”

They started clamoring again, no different from a b*tch cursing the street.

Wayne Lin was a little annoyed by the noise, and a cold look swept over, “Whoever beeps again, I will cut his tongue.”

The noisy sound stopped abruptly, and they were still afraid of Wayne Lin.

Zhong Tao saw that Wayne Lin actually dared to be arrogant, and became even more angry. He snorted heavily, “I’m dying, and dare to pretend! Wayne Lin, last time you dared to kill my brother-in-law, you were from Xuanyuan three places. People, I will spare you a dog’s life, but you actually dare to openly violate the orders of your superiors. This time I will make you die!”

Faced with his clamor, Wayne Lin directly responded, “Mentally retarded.”

“You, presumptuous!” Zhong Tao was even more furious, and his face flushed with anger. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is already a turtle in the urn. In this case, Wayne Lin’s wisest choice is to kneel down. Begging for mercy, confess to him, instead of being as arrogant as you are now, seeking your own death!

Zhong Tao waved his hand and shouted in a commanding tone: “Give me all, take Wayne Lin down!”

His words were full of power, causing many people who hated Wayne Lin to immediately ignite the anger in their hearts, and they all began to become passionate and angry, and rushed towards Wayne Lin with their teeth and claws. Ming tear!

I have to say that hundreds of people rushed over, like locusts, the picture was still very shocking. Damon Wang, Jeff Han and others behind Wayne Lin felt unprecedented pressure at this moment, and suddenly suppressed their mentality. collapsed. Many people have begun to swing their legs, and there is a trace of resistance.

“Humph.” Wayne Lin snorted coldly, and saw that he didn’t make any major movements. He just raised his right foot, and then took the next shot fiercely. There was a loud bang, and his strength was so strong that he let the ground directly All tremble!

And with an unstoppable force, it radiated to the front, so that the people who rushed up in front seemed to have stepped on a landmine. There was a huge impact on the ground, which caused them to jump up and fall. On the ground, the people behind him who rushed over also knocked over.

Suddenly wailing sounded everywhere.

This picture made Zhong Tao frown and frowned a few times, and there was uncontrollable horror and fear in his eyes.

He knew that Wayne Lin was fierce, but he didn’t expect that when he reached such a fierce level, how could he be that Wayne Lin was even stronger than he was on the Lion Rock!

But how is this possible? How long has this passed since, and Wayne Lin was seriously injured back then.

Could it be that the Colorful Origin Fruit really has such a great effect!

Now Wayne Lin looked over, and he swallowed heavily, unexpectedly feeling a little nervous.

“Zhong Tao, are you scared?” Wayne Lin looked at him, did not hide his contempt for him, and even hooked his finger, saying: “Come on, I will give you a hand.”

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