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Chapter 533

After saying this, she turned around and went into Rolls-Royce. She didn’t have any face with Wayne Lin. In her eyes, Wayne Lin was just an ordinary agent in China. How could she be qualified to ride in the same car with her?

Besides, she didn’t think Wayne Lin had the ability to protect her. In fact, in her impression, she didn’t think that a thin nation like China could train any powerful agents.

Wayne Lin wanted to follow, and immediately, two sturdy white bodyguards stopped him, staring at him with ill-will, and said in a commanding and contemptuous tone: “Chinese, please step back.”

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He could perceive the aura of the two powerhouses. They followed, obviously coming to Man Lisa. If he waited for the convoy to start driving, and he did not join Man Lisa. In the car, it is not possible to protect the safety of Man Lisa 100%.

He simply said: “There are two powerful killers who are eyeing Man Lisa. I need to be in the same car with Man Lisa to better protect Man Lisa’s safety.”

Hearing what he said, not only the two bodyguards, but the others laughed loudly, as if they had heard a huge joke. Even Man Lisa, who had been in the Rolls-Royce car, sneered, thinking Wayne Lin It’s too low-level, and use such a low-level trick to deceive them.

“Hahaha, Chinese, let alone our existence, those killers dare not hit Miss Manlisha’s idea, even if they dare to have any unruly ideas, can you protect Miss Manlisha? Or, this is you The humor of the Chinese?”

“I have always heard that Chinese people are good at telling jokes. I didn’t believe it before, but now I have learned it, haha!”

“Chinese, you’d better step aside, there are really assassins who come to assassinate, you will be scared to pee on your pants.

“I heard that Xuanyuan No. 3 is still the worst among so many organizations in China. China actually sent Xuanyuan No. 3 agents to protect Ms. Manlisha, obviously, it didn’t take Master Bassabo in his eyes!”

They spoke with each other, making no secret of their contempt for Wayne Lin, and even the entire country of China, they also expressed disdain.

In their view, China’s current comprehensive national strength is not bad, but when it comes to personal strength, it is still too far behind Europeans like them!

They were angry that China was so arrogant that it did not put the European rich man Bassabo in his eyes, but only sent three rubbish to protect the noble Miss Manlisha.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He did not expect that he would encounter this kind of thing when he came to perform the task this time. He thought that Sun Liang had already greeted the team on Manlisha’s side, and he came directly to be a bodyguard. In the end, it was still squeezed out.

Yu Gaolang couldn’t stand it anymore, he said loudly: “Listen well, instructor Lin is our ace instructor at Xuanyuan 3rd place. His strength is comparable to the top powerhouse in Europe 3s! You are the best to instructor Lin. Be polite.”

In Europe, the level of masters is different from that of China. They think that the masters of the master realm are the b-level masters, the acquired peak is the a-level master, and the innate realm is the s-level master who is unique in ten thousand. The third stage of Innate Realm is 3s.

Yu Gaolang thought that Wayne Lin was the third stage of the Innate Realm. In fact, Wayne Lin was already the fourth stage, that is, a 4s-level super master.

He said this loudly, very seriously and seriously, but when it reached those Europeans, it was nothing but fart, and he didn’t listen to it at all. On the contrary, he had a worse impression of Wayne Lin, thinking that the Chinese were all that. Kind of people who have no abilities and are particularly fond of bragging.


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Man Lisha in the car also shook her head. She had no hope for the strength of China’s agents this time. When she came to China this time, there was indeed a killer organization looking at her, which was quite dangerous. Originally, she thought that China could still provide her with some protection. Now it seems that this plan can be dispelled. Fortunately, she was cautious in doing things. This time she came to China and brought the most powerful bodyguard team, enough to protect her thoroughness!

In the team, there is also a super strong 2s.

Wayne Lin also discovered this strong man, who has been guarding him next to Manlisha. As an assistant, at the level of the second stage of the Innate Realm, he is considered a master, but not very strong.

Forget it, since Manlisha is so stubborn, he doesn’t bother to say anything. In order to ensure Manlisha’s safety, he directly separated from the air and sent two fierce murderous intentions to the two strong men hidden in the crowd. , Warn them.

Suddenly, the two powerhouses felt his murderous intent, their expressions changed on the spot, their heartbeat accelerated suddenly, and they quickly lowered their heads.

Seeing that the effect was achieved, Wayne Lin believed that after his warning, the two assassins didn’t dare to take action in a short time, so he didn’t bother to insist anymore, turned and left and went to another car.

After he left, there was another wave of wanton ridicule behind him, and a few people were doing despising actions towards Wayne Lin.

Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang were stunned when they saw this scene. They thought they had read it wrong, so Wayne Lin was so stunned? Especially for Xie Heng, it was incredible. This was not the Wayne Lin he knew.

In this way, they have strengthened their opinions just now. It seems that Wayne Lin is really a kind of stubborn person, and he is counseled in the face of foreigners. As a very strong nationalist, they are extremely sensitive to this kind of people. Despised and disgusted!

Because Wayne Lin’s warning to the two assassins just now caused great pressure on the two assassins, they threw their rodents, so when the convoy returned to the hotel, they did not dare to assassinate rashly, and they still hid in the dark. , Waiting for the opportunity.

Wayne Lin was sitting on the Mercedes-Benz behind Manlisha, ensuring that Manlisha was still within his protection range. As long as the two killers did not dispatch a large-scale killing weapon like a rocket launcher, he was still sure to protect Manlisha. .

Back at the hotel, Man Lisa went directly into the room to rest. She had been flying for a day, and now she was a little tired. After taking a shower, she planned to rest early, and go to survey again early tomorrow morning.

Because Man Lisa’s team booked a presidential suite, except for Man Lisa who lived in the master room, they were all bodyguards waiting in the outside lobby. After a long time and nothing to do, the white bodyguards began to look at the woods. Ming three people.

“Hey, Agent Huaguo, you just said that you are a master of 3s, so amazing, and I’m just a master of A, why don’t we compete?”

A white bodyguard over 1.9 meters tall and as strong as a bear raised an eyebrow at Wayne Lin and said provocatively.

Wayne Lin stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows, his eyes sharp like an eagle, he could see the people on the ground at the height of twenty stories.

He didn’t answer, because his attention was focused on the two killers, locked in.

And the white bodyguard, seeing Wayne Lin not speaking, thought that Wayne Lin was afraid, and said disdainfully, “Why, don’t you dare?”

Wayne Lin still did not speak.

Yu Gaolang couldn’t stand it anymore, he simply stood up and said in a deep voice: “I’ll fight you!”

Chapter 534

Is it tolerable or unbearable.

Yu Gaolang really couldn’t understand why a master like Wayne Lin would be so indifferent and indifferent to the provocations of these foreign devils, and behaved like a tortoise, not just losing Wayne Lin’s face, but also losing Xuanyuan. Three faces!

Originally he was respectful of Wayne Lin, but now he only has no shame on Wayne Lin. A coward like Wayne Lin is not qualified to be respected by him, let alone represent Xuanyuan three places!

No matter how good Wayne Lin is, he will only be stubborn, and he will only promise to the outside world, which is a waste.

Not only him, Xie Heng was also dissatisfied with Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin’s performance on this day was indeed too disappointing.

The white bodyguard turned his gaze to Yu Gao Lang, and felt the powerful aura exuding from Yu Gao Lang. His heart was slightly drenched, he looked at Yu Gao Lang up and down, and said arrogantly: “You are not my opponent. “

Yu Gaolang was furious, snorted heavily, and said, “Is it an opponent? I only know after the fight.”

After that, Yu Gaolang directly attacked the white bodyguard. As a powerhouse at the pinnacle of acquired nature, although his cultivation is far less terrifying than the Innate Realm, his destructive power should not be underestimated. In addition, he shot with anger. With 90% of his strength, he immediately caused tremendous pressure with the white bodyguard. His pupils shrank sharply and reacted extremely quickly. After avoiding Yu Gaolang’s punch, he immediately launched a counterattack against Gao Lang.

I have to say that the strength of the bodyguard team brought by Man Lisa this time is still very good. Just a bodyguard is the peak of acquired strength.

Soon their fists and feet collided, and with a bang, the powerful collision made the entire room tremble.

They attacked continuously and had caused the room to vibrate continuously, shocking the customers in the surrounding rooms.

Wayne Lin’s thoughts were interrupted. He turned his head and saw that they were fighting. He frowned slightly. He originally locked the two killers, but now he was cut off.

Those two assassins, at least in the second stage of Innate Realm, relying on Man Lisa’s bodyguard team can absolutely not protect Man Lisa.

When they were fighting hard, Manlisha’s door was opened, and a beautiful blond woman came out, coldly, and said unceremoniously: “Enough! What are you doing, disturbing the noble Miss Manlisa has rested, stop it all!”

The white bodyguard stopped immediately, with some panic flashing on his face, put his right hand on his chest, bowed, and said apologetically: “It’s my fault. I disturbed the noble Miss Manlisa to rest. Please Miss Manlisa to punish me.”

In the room, Man Lisa’s cold and lazy voice came, “You will be deducted one month’s salary, and next time, you will be fired directly.”

The white bodyguard looked bitter and did not dare to complain, so he had to press his head deeper, “Thank you, the noble Miss Manlisa, for the punishment.”

When Man Lisa’s room door closed, the white bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief and gave Gao Lang a fierce look, and then stopped provoking.

Others were also full of hostility and disdain for Gao Lang, and were treated differently.

Yu Gaolang was very upset, but he couldn’t help it for a while, so he had to hold the breath in his stomach. Their task this time is to protect Man Lisa, and there will be a conflict with Man Lisa’s bodyguard team, and the reputation of Xuanyuan Three is not good.

The most serious thing is that Man Lisa really has an accident in China, so they can’t bear the responsibility.

“Instructor Lin, as the leader of this mission, you should maintain the majesty of the three places in Xuanyuan, instead of just standing by.”

Yu Gaolang walked up to Wayne Lin and said in a deep voice that he was a very bloody person, and he couldn’t bear this kind of thing.

Xie Heng also said: “Yu Gaolang is right. If our instructor is the leader this time, he will definitely not let these foreign devils provocation and remain indifferent. Instructor Lin, forgive me for talking too much. You are the leader of this mission. , It does not represent yourself, but the three places of Xuanyuan.”

Wayne Lin was a little surprised by the words of the two of them. He didn’t expect that after they knew his strength, they would dare to confront him. Wayne Lin admired the bloodliness.


nbHe smiled and said, “Why do you and I feel embarrassed by Xuanyuan Sanchu?”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they were taken aback. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to speak so bluntly, and it was a bit embarrassing for a while.

While Yu Gaolang’s emotions were still there, he simply nodded and said: “Yes! Instructor Lin, as a master of the innate realm, you are strong and you should maintain the reputation of our Xuanyuan three places, instead of being provoked by these foreigners and indifferent! This way! They will think that we are cowards, and then despise the three places of Xuanyuan, and even despise our entire country!”

What he said was impassioned, passionate, and shocking.

Wayne Lin didn’t feel irritated at all. Instead, the smile on his face became stronger, and he continued: “From your perspective, how can I maintain the reputation of Xuanyuan Three?”

When Yu Gaolang heard this, he became even more disdainful of Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was a no-brained martial artist, but his cultivation was very high, but he had no brain and blood!

He raised his head, a national plot came out spontaneously, as if he was a great hero for the country and the people, and said loudly: “It’s very simple, facing the provocations of these foreigners, violently shot, let them know with his fist, we Xuanyuan The three are powerful, our Chinese people are outstanding and brilliant, not that foreign devils like them can insult!”

He thought he was right, and Wayne Lin would be ashamed if he was a bit manly.

However, Wayne Lin laughed, “Hahaha…”

Hearing that he could still laugh, Yu Gaolang’s expression became even more ugly, and Xie Heng also frowned, extremely disappointed with Wayne Lin, and despised it even more.

After Wayne Lin laughed, he said, “So is our task this time to protect Man Lisa, or to show the power of Xuanyuan’s three places?”

What he said made Yu Gaolang and Xie Heng both stunned. They hadn’t thought about it in this direction before. They just felt that they were provoked by the foreign devils and their dignity couldn’t survive.

Wayne Lin continued: “Protecting Man Lisa is the first priority. If something happens to Man Lisa in China, then we Xuanyuan will lose face even more.”

Xie Heng said, “Instructor Lin, you have changed your concept a little bit. Maintaining the dignity of the three places of Xuanyuan does not conflict with protecting Man Lisa.”

“It’s not a conflict, but don’t forget, Man Lisa is here to invest this time. If we abuse her bodyguard team, what would she think? The investment will definitely be ruined.”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they were silent again. This is true. If they taught Man Lisa’s bodyguard team, then Man Lisa would probably not invest in China.

Yu Gaolang still frowned, and said unwillingly, “Should we let those foreign devils provoke, humiliate, and remain indifferent? Besides, we just show our strength, not crush them, at least show our strength, Let them look at it differently, it’s better than now!”

Wayne Lin smiled, patted their shoulders, and said meaningfully: “Don’t worry, I have this opportunity. There are many ways to maintain Xuanyuan 3rd place, but it’s definitely not to beat Man Lisa’s team, so low-level.”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they were relatively relaxed, but they still felt uncomfortable.

In the next few days, Man Lisa conducted activities in China, surveyed many places, and met with many Chinese senior officials to discuss investment matters.

In the past few days, Wayne Lin and the three have been bodyguards, following Man Lisa, but compared with her tall white bodyguards, the gap is very obvious.

They still didn’t pay attention to the three of Wayne Lin, and they became more and more disdainful. On several occasions, Yu Gaolang and Xie Heng almost couldn’t hold back, they were about to fight, and they were finally stopped by Wayne Lin.

This made them despise Wayne Lin even more, and even Yu Gaolang and Xie Heng felt very aggrieved.

On this day, after briefly discussing investment matters, Man Lisa plans to relax and go to a scenic spot.

As soon as Wayne Lin saw the scenic spot, the location was steep and full of dangers. Once Man Lisa entered, she would definitely be ambushed by the killer. Then he would be in danger. He immediately said, “Miss Man Lisa, no If you visit that place, you will be ambushed by the killer!”

Chapter 535

Man Lisa frowned immediately, and she said to the captain of the bodyguard beside her: “Captain Horton, is there any danger in the place where she is going tomorrow?”

Captain Horton sneered disdainfully, and made a respectful gesture to Manlisha, saying: “Dear Miss Manlisha, please rest assured that with our team, no matter where it is, there will be no danger, we It can protect your safety 100%.”

Manlisha nodded. When she heard Horton say this, she immediately relaxed and said, “If this is the case, tomorrow’s schedule will remain the same.”

Wayne Lin said: “Miss Manlisha, please change your itinerary. If you want to go your own way and go to the scenic spots, the killer will definitely take action. This time the killer is not simple, they are two innate realm masters, lethal. great……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Captain Holden on the side, and said bluntly: “Timid Chinese, I have to bear you enough. You shut up and let me stay here. The mood of Miss Manlisa!”

Several other white bodyguards also looked at Wayne Lin with disdain, thinking that Wayne Lin was not only a useless, but also a coward. Hua Guo actually sent such an agent to protect Man Lisa. It seems that Hua Guo is really withered.

Even Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang thought that Wayne Lin was a bit exaggerated. These days, Man Lisa has always been safe and no killer has appeared. Besides, there are not many tourists going to the attraction tomorrow. Generally speaking, the current bodyguard team can deal with a group of killers.

Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, “I’m not kidding. Two assassins from the innate realm have been following these days. Their killing intent is very deep. Your cultivation level is not enough and you haven’t found it, but you haven’t concealed it. I. I can feel that their murderous intent is now very strong, they have prepared the means, and they will soon assassinate Miss Manlisa, and the attraction tomorrow…”

The bodyguard captain Horton interrupted him again, “Enough, Chinese! You mean, your strength is still above us? We have not found the existence of a killer, but you, a Chinese, have discovered it? It is ridiculous. !”

This group of Europeans was too stubborn, and Wayne Lin frowned even deeper. If it wasn’t for the task assigned to him by the organization, he wouldn’t bother to take care of these people.

He said to Manlisha directly and earnestly: “Miss Manlisha, please trust my judgment. The killer will assassinate you tomorrow. If you go to an open place with few people, you will put yourself in a dangerous place, and your life will be in danger. “

Wayne Lin wouldn’t care if it were just the second-stage killers of the two Innate Realm. He could faintly feel that this time, it was more than the two killers of the second-stage Innate Realm who were eyeing Manlisha. , Still in the darkness, there is another even more powerful killer hidden, at least at the third stage of the Innate Realm!

If this is the case, then there is still a certain risk for him to protect Man Lisa.

However, Manlisha didn’t believe him at all, and didn’t put him in the eyes. She sneered and said: “Agent Huaguo, if you are scared, you can leave. I will not give a small report to your boss. Anyway, your boss sent you over and never thought of relying on you to protect me.”

Her fluent English is very magnetic and very nice, but the smiley expression on her face is clearly taunting Wayne Lin for fear of life and death.

She originally had a prejudice against Chinese people, thinking that China is just a weak nation, especially the Chinese people, who are even more fragile representatives, incomparable to their tall and mighty Europeans.

Wayne Lin saw her ridicule and contempt. To be honest, he was also very annoyed. If Sun Liang hadn’t repeatedly stated that this task was very important and begged him to perform this task, he would really not If he will come, even the daughter of the European consortium will not be able to arouse his interest.

When the other bodyguards and assistants heard this, they laughed more unscrupulously. Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang lowered their heads, their faces hurting fiercely. He only felt that he had never been so embarrassed.

Wayne Lin looked at Manlisha deeply and said, “Miss Manlisha, I have reminded you that since you don’t believe it, there will be a killer assassinating you tomorrow. Don’t blame me for not protecting you.”

Man Lisa snorted, she glanced at Wayne Lin coldly, and then turned back and left. Then her words came out: “I never expected your agents from China to be able to protect me.”

This is too shameless, Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang are about to bite their teeth.

Wayne Lin laughed. He has done her best. Since Man Lisa refuses to listen to life and death and insists on going her own way, he doesn’t bother to say anything. When the killer comes out tomorrow, under the sickle of the god of death, Man Lisa will naturally understand today. How silly what he said.

Another night passed, count

After coming down, Wayne Lin, as a bodyguard, had been with Man Lisa for almost a week. Fortunately, during this week, he talked with Alma Chu on the phone every night, which relieved some of his longing.

That night, he still chatted with Alma Chu, chatting for more than an hour, until Alma Chu was sleepy, he hung up the phone.

What he didn’t know was that after hanging up the phone, Alma Chu on the other side was not drowsy. She lay on the bed, watching the photo with Wayne Lin and the video, watching for a long time, and finally quietly After sighing, he put down the phone and fell asleep in a daze.

The next morning, he was meditating in his room. Suddenly, he was awakened by a ringing tone and opened his eyes. He took out his mobile phone and found that it was a 2 card call.

The 2 card was a card that he only applied after he went to the third place of Xuanyuan, specifically to contact people from the third place of Xuanyuan.

He answered the phone and didn’t speak yet. Immediately, on the phone, a hurried and panicked voice came, “Instructor Lin! It’s not good! Something happened, something happened on Manlisha!!!”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he immediately opened his eyes, and his heart twitched. He had a bad premonition and said in a deep voice: “What happened, you say slowly.”

Xie Heng said on the phone: “We were attacked. There were really killers lying in ambush at the scenic spot to assassinate Man Lisa! These killers are so powerful. We are not opponents. Two white bodyguards have already sacrificed. Me and Yu Gaolang. I’m also injured… I can’t hold it anymore, Instructor Lin, come on now!!”

“What?!” Wayne Lin was shocked after hearing that, Man Lisa was actually attacked? She wasn’t still in the presidential suite upstairs… Wayne Lin spread her consciousness out, and immediately couldn’t perceive the existence of Man Lisa. Not only Man Lisa, but everyone else was gone.

How fast Wayne Lin’s mind was, he immediately figured it out, it must be Man Lisha and others early in the morning, without notifying him, they ran to the scenic spot by themselves, and was ambushed by the killer.

This stupid and arrogant foreign woman!

On the phone, Wayne Lin heard Xie Heng’s rapid breathing, with some painful groans, apparently injured.

In addition, some fighting and fighting sounds can be faintly heard.

The thing he was most worried about still happened. Even now, it is useless to be harsh. Wayne Lin directly asked where they were. Then he hung up the phone and rushed over as quickly as possible.

I believe Xie Heng must have called Xuanyuan’s third place before calling him. Unfortunately, Xuanyuan’s third headquarters was too far away from here, so he called him.

Unexpectedly, the first time he performed the task, he encountered an accident. What a f*ck.

After hanging up the phone, Yu Gaolang on the side said: “How about it, has instructor Lin come?”

Xie Heng said, “Instructor Lin is already on the road, but the hotel is too far away. It takes half an hour to drive as fast as possible…Can we really last half an hour?”

Yu Gaolang was silent. He knew that he obviously couldn’t hold it. This time the assassin’s strength was too strong. They were not opponents. The defeat was only a matter of time.

Compared to them, Man Lisa is also very embarrassed. Her face no longer has the noble and cold arrogance that she used to be. Now there is a little more panic and regret between her eyebrows. I knew that she should listen to the Chinese agent. if.

Now she looked at the bodyguards next to her, falling down one by one, not opponents at all, and her heart became more panicked and panicked.

“Captain Horton, can you repel these killers?” Man Lisa asked nervously.

Holden guarded Manlisha behind his back, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Honorable Miss Manlisha, don’t worry, Holden will protect your integrity and will not harm you!”

However, as soon as he said this sentence, he suddenly burst out from the front with an astonishing aura. I saw that a white man in his fifties who was not too tall and was only about 1.7 meters old appeared there. He raised his head and looked over here.

Horton saw his appearance clearly, his whole body was shocked, and he called out in a gloomy tone, “It’s Satan, a 2s-level master!”

At the same time, in another direction, a powerful aura burst out. It was a man with red hair and a long scar on his face. The pupils of both eyes were different, and the whole person was full of evil. She stared here, with a cruel smile on her face.

Seeing this woman, Horton was no longer shocked, but fear and despair, and she was a little trembling in her words, “Oh my God, another 2s superpower, the red-haired witch!!!”

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    This novel has great potential. If only the author would stop thinking that the whole world thinks like china and really research international behavior, he can write an international bestseller.
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