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Chapter 326

Gu Hanxing especially enjoyed this look.

He is the focus of the audience at this moment, and he is the master of the audience.

With his current strength, torturing these thirty bodyguards, isn’t it like playing?

It is conceivable that if he defeats so many bodyguards Wayne Lin with his own power, then he will be in the limelight, and his Gu Hanxing’s name will spread throughout Huarvell!

Tao Sanniang is here now, and she will definitely look at him with admiration, so that it is not necessarily to get Tao Sanniang’s heart.

When that happens, Wayne Lin will surely lose face, and this shit security company will never want to do it any more. It can be said to kill three birds with one stone.

The group of bodyguards behind Wayne Lin became furious after hearing this, and stood up and shouted.

“Hey! Brat, what are you talking about, kind of say it again!”

“I have seen a lot of arrogant people. This is the first time I have seen someone as lawless as you. I don’t even urinate and look in the mirror. I dare to single out so many of us. I think you are impatient!”

“What are you doing with so much nonsense with him? For such an arrogant person, you should fight hard! Talking to him with your fist is really unreasonable!”

“Boss, let me come, I can beat him alone!”

These bodyguards were extremely angry and eager to try one by one.

Especially Xu Hua was the most upset. He has been trained by Wayne Lin for the devil these days, and his strength has improved a lot. He has confidence in himself. Now that he sees Gu Hanxing jumping in front of him, where he can endure it, he will stand up and prepare to fight Gu Han starred in a battle and performed well in front of Wayne Lin.

“Gu, don’t be arrogant! I can beat you down and go back to Beitian!” Xu Hua pointed at Gu Hanxing and cursed.

“You’re looking for death!” Gu Hanxing’s eyes widened, and then suddenly shot and grabbed Xu Hua with great momentum. At the moment, Xu Hua’s muscles all tightened, his scalp was numb, and his brain went blank.

He now felt the horror of Gu Hanxing, and he understood why Gu Hanxing dared to hit the market, because he had this strength, and he was far from comparable.

Just when Gu Hanxing was about to catch Xu Hua, Wayne Lin made a move. Seemingly easily, he grabbed Gu Hanxing’s wrist, pushed him away, and stood in front of Xu Hua, saying: “Gu Hanxing, I’m not I know where you are confident and dare to say such arrogant words. I can teach you a lesson without my bodyguards taking action. I won’t get my bodyguards to take action and kill you seriously.”

Xu Hua felt lingering at this time, and some cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Just now, he was back from a walk through a ghost gate. It is conceivable that if Wayne Lin hadn’t taken the action in time, then he was already seriously injured.

Gu Hanxing looked at Wayne Lin with fear. The strength that Wayne Lin showed just now cannot be underestimated. He put away a part of his arrogance.

It seems that he underestimated Wayne Lin, maybe Wayne Lin also took Xisui Pill, but just like him, he didn’t have the willpower to survive, and he was still at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow.

As long as he is not in the innate realm, then he is invincible, and Wayne Lin is definitely not his opponent!

“Wayne Lin, since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!”

Gu Hanxing licked his lips and revealed a cold grin, especially excited, as if he had seen Wayne Lin rubbing against the ground by him!

He has absolute confidence in himself, and Wayne Lin is definitely not his opponent.

Since childhood, he has never hated a person so much. Wayne Lin is the first one. He must take revenge and give Wayne Lin ten times a hundred times. There is no other way to beat Wayne Lin’s footsteps on the day when Wayne Lin’s new company was established.

Thinking of that picture, he

I was shaking with excitement.

Everyone present also began to look forward to it. Gu Hanxing was the core member of the North Sky Club, with a distinguished status, and his father, Brian Gu, was even more a bigwig. As the chairman of Ziqiong Media, Wayne Lin has a net worth of more than 10 billion yuan. Now it is a shocking scene to face Gu Hanxing.

Tao Sanniang is also looking forward to it. Her main focus is on Wayne Lin, and she wants to see what strength Wayne Lin really is and whether she can beat Gu Hanxing.

As for Guo Junyi, she was both looking forward to it and worried, and wanted to see Wayne Lin show off his power and crush Gu Hanxing, and fear that Wayne Lin would not be able to beat Gu Hanxing, not only ashamed, but also in danger of life.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly invisibly at the corner of his mouth. He had guessed that Gu Hanxing would come to him. This was a good thing. As long as he crushed Gu Hanxing so hard, no advertisement would have such a good effect.

Soon, they walked to a clearing and looked at each other.

“Wayne Lin, I have thoroughly investigated your background. You are the second young master of the Lin family. The Lin family is just a thin camel. The day is thinning, and sooner or later will fall. I don’t know who gave you the courage. , Dare to fight against me, really think that with your strength, you can keep you? Still dare to open a security company on this one-third of an acre of Huarvell, and I will be the opposite of Beitian?” Gu Hanxing said in an extremely arrogant tone He was looking at Wayne Lin with his disdain and lofty attitude. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was already a useless person and was about to be trampled on the soles of his feet.

Wayne Lin dug his ears impatiently, and said lazily: “Is it enough? If you say it is enough, let’s shoot.”

“You!!” Gu Hanxing’s heart’s efforts were suddenly ignited. Wayne Lin, this guy, was about to die, and he dared to ignore him. He didn’t know whether to live or die. If this is the case, then he doesn’t need to save Wayne Lin a trace of face. !

So, he showed a sneer, and shot Wayne Lin directly.

I have to say that Gu Hanxing’s strength is still very good, Wayne Lin has encountered the most powerful master, and I don’t know how many times stronger than Lin Zihao.

If Wayne Lin hadn’t taken the best cleansing pill and successfully broke through to the innate realm, then he really might not be Gu Hanxing’s opponent. Only now, Gu Hanxing was just a stronger ant in front of him, and he could crush it easily.

Gu Hanxing’s shot was a killer move. He kicked Wayne Lin’s forehead with a kick. The speed was extremely fast, even faster than the speed of ordinary people’s retinas. Many just saw Gu Hanxing’s right foot disappear out of thin air.

Wayne Lin didn’t insist, he just dodged backwards easily, avoiding Gu Hanxing’s foot.

Gu Hanxing snorted coldly, did not relax, and continued to pursue the victory. One kick was faster and heavier than the kick. With his fist, it can be said to be a storm, and he seems to have the strength to spend more and more attacks. Fierce, people more than ten meters away felt his fierceness.

However, no matter how fast he attacked, no matter how fierce he was, he didn’t touch Wayne Lin, and he was all in the air. Wayne Lin was like a fish, crawling around and dodge all his attacks.

This made Gu Hanxing mad, and he cursed loudly: “Wayne Lin, you trash, shrunk tortoise, will you only hide! There is a kind of hard steel for you and me!”

“Are you sure?” Wayne Lin showed a strange expression.

Gu Hanxing was anxious and frustrated: “Come on, you shrunk tortoise, don’t run if there is a kind of thing, and head against me!”

“As you wish.” Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed, and then he changed his defensive posture and turned his defensive into an offensive. He punched from the lower abdomen with a punch. During the punching process, it rotated ninety degrees, and the speed reached the extreme. Even Gu Hanxing’s eyes can’t keep up.

The next moment, with a bang, it hit Gu Hanxing’s stomach hard, Gu Hanxing immediately bent his body into a big lobster, his strength was lost at this moment, his face showed a very painful expression, and at the same time a mouthful of blood Squirted out.

Chapter 327

With just one punch, Wayne Lin defeated Gu Hanxing.

It can be said that it is clean and tidy, and it is almost at its extreme, so that everyone present is stunned, and will not be able to recover for a while.

In the first two or three minutes, Gu Hanxing had the upper hand and launched a stormy attack, while Wayne Lin was completely at a disadvantage, and there was no room for resistance. Anyone with a discerning eye knew that Wayne Lin was inferior to Gu Hanxing, and it was only a matter of time before he lost.

They all thought about it. If Wayne Lin really loses to Gu Hanxing, what awaits him is ruthless humiliation, and his reputation will plummet and become a joke.

However, he never expected that the reversal came so fast, Wayne Lin solved the battle in the blink of an eye, and he directly defeated Gu Hanxing with a light punch.

Many people at the scene stood up awkwardly. Guo Junyi had been squeezing her fists and was very nervous. Now that she saw Wayne Lin had won, she jumped up, her face was extremely excited, and even flushed with excitement. Shouted: “Great! I know Wayne is the best!”

Tao Sanniang’s reaction was not small, she also stood up, her face was shocked, and she shouted silently, “Innate realm! Wayne Lin actually broke through the inborn realm! Oh my god, no In the congenital realm at the age of thirty, this…”

She couldn’t say anything specific to describe it later, which really shocked her.

As a person in the circle, she knows exactly what innate realm represents, she is absolutely king! Stepping into the innate realm means that it is no longer a mortal, but a transcendent. There are billions of people in the world, and those who can reach the inborn realm are less than three digits. And most of them are over forty years old, like Wayne Lin, reaching the innate realm under the age of thirty, it’s unbelievable, it’s a miracle.

Xu Hua and the others also yelled in excitement, especially excited. They believed in Wayne Lin’s strength, but the strength shown by Gu Hanxing was also not to be underestimated. They were all practicers and they began to see that Gu Hanxing was super. The big masters indeed have the ability to single out dozens of them.

At first Wayne Lin dodged and was at a disadvantage, but worried them to death, his heart was raised in his throat.

They couldn’t imagine that if Wayne Lin really lost, how much impact would it have on their new company!

Fortunately, Wayne Lin proved himself with a strong fist, and he vomited blood with just one punch.

In other words, Wayne Lin had been dodging just now, just playing with Gu Hanxing, and didn’t care at all.

To say that the shock is the most shocking, it must be Gu Hanxing. Wayne Lin’s punch broke his intestines. An Jin ran around in his stomach, the pain was extreme!

With one punch, his combat effectiveness was lost, how strong is Wayne Lin?

He understood the fact that Wayne Lin had taken that superb cleansing pill and had successfully broken through to the innate realm! That’s why Wayne Lin was so calm in the face of his smashing place, and he dared to single out with him in front of so many people! This is Wayne Lin’s conspiracy!

Wayne Lin solved Gu Hanxing with a punch and walked slowly over. When Gu Hanxing wanted to turn around and escape, he shot directly, grabbed Gu Hanxing’s clothes, and threw him to the ground with a bang. The tiles are cracking.

It can be said that Wayne Lin’s fall directly stunned Gu Hanxing, and his bones fell apart.

The most terrifying thing is that Gu Hanxing originally wanted to hit the innate realm within half a month. Just now, Wayne Lin broke Gu Hanxing’s “foundation” with such a fall. Gu Hanxing would never want to break through again in this life. Innate realm.

Then Wayne Lin stepped on Gu Hanxing’s chest, not letting him get up, staring at him condescendingly, and said, “Gu Hanxing, I forgot to tell you that I have taken that superb cleansing pill, and now I’m in a natural state. You are just the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow. A waste like you is just a stronger ant.”


When Gu Hanxing heard this, blood spurted out again.

He is really going crazy, endless anger, regret, regret, fear, all condensed in his heart!

“Wayne Lin, you, you, you…” He stared at Wayne Lin with trembling fingers, speechless, and now he was really terrified of Wayne Lin. Because he had also taken Xisui Pill, he understood how intense the pain was! Even a person like him and his father Brian Gu did not survive, but Wayne Lin managed to survive on his own?

Monster, definitely a monster!

Wayne Lin kicked him away, and then said coldly: “Go away, don’t show up in front of me in the future, otherwise, I will see you once!”

Gu Hanxing clenched his teeth and shivered. He was just as prestige as he was just now, he was just a clown, embarrassed to the extreme.

He couldn’t get up by himself, and finally stood up in front of the support of the two men. He stared at Wayne Lin, trying to say something cruel, but he couldn’t say anything.

The fall of Wayne Lin just now shattered all his pride and arrogance!

Now when he saw Wayne Lin, he had a kind of awe and fear in his bones. Wayne Lin’s strength had exceeded his understanding and surpassed his imagination.

At exactly this moment, all kinds of ridicule sounded around him, which made him even more uncomfortable.

“Thank you, I thought he was so powerful, so I ran to the opening ceremony of someone else’s opening ceremony to smash the place, and it turned out to be a waste of wood. Even Randal Lin couldn’t catch a punch, and it was too useless.”

“That’s right, with this strength, I really don’t know where he has the courage. He just got to make trouble in front of Randal, and even ranted that he would single out more than 30 bodyguards. What a fool, hahahaha …”

“I heard that it is still from the Beitian Club. Is this the strength of the feelings for the Beitian Club? It’s too useless.”

“The North Sky Club is still a bit strong. I think it’s just him who is a joker. Look at him, you will be beaten and cry by Randal Lin. It’s too miserable, hahaha…”

“I’m really crying. I think this kind of person should go back to her mother as soon as possible, so as to save the shame.”

A sound of ridicule kept coming to Gu Hanxing’s ears. It really made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He wanted to get angry, but he couldn’t make it. In fact, he lost his face too badly today, a hundred times more serious than he was in Yuntian Pavilion before!

This is nowhere to be accepted because of his arrogant character. At the moment, he was really not stretched, his nose sore, and he cried.

When everyone saw him crying, they mocked him even more.

Even Tao Sanniang couldn’t help laughing when she saw it, and at the same time, the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes became more profound and hot…

Chapter 328

Gu Hanxing finally left in a desperate manner, completely becoming a joke.

And with his reputation, he has completely achieved Wayne Lin’s reputation, and raised Wayne Lin’s already lively opening ceremony today to an unprecedented level of excitement!

All of a sudden, more people came to please Wayne Lin.

At the same time, in the circle, there is also a reputation quickly spread: Wayne Lin, Ziqiong Media, Tengyue Group, including the chairman of the newly established Aegis Security Co., Ltd., is a martial arts master with particularly strong fighting ability! It is really a legend in Hwadrid, and even G province.

In the audience, the Chu family, now looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes are more jealous and fearful, especially Sean Chu, now his legs are shaking, and he is extremely frightened when he thinks that he has humiliated Wayne Lin like this before. She trembled and slapped herself twice!

How could I be so stupid? A dog doesn’t know Taishan, so I can’t tell that Wayne Lin is such an awesome person. Now he keeps praying, Master Wayne Lin has a large number, so don’t be familiar with him.

Wayne Lin’s defeat of Gu Hanxing was something that was expected. In fact, he didn’t put much effort into it. However, the effect achieved is still very obvious and can be imagined. After today, his reputation will be even stronger.

Now that it just opened, many big bosses in the circle have come to place orders for him. Book in advance. One is to see the strength of Wayne Lin. I believe that the team brought by Wayne Lin must be outstanding. The second is also to Wayne Lin. court.

The forces of the North Sky Society in the south are in full swing and should not be underestimated. For the forces of the entire Hwadrid City, they are all giants.

In fact, many of the big bosses in the circle ask for the security of the Beitianhui. Because it is the monopoly of the Beitian Club, the asking price is particularly high, and each of these bodyguards is still rebellious. Invisible, many big bosses are dissatisfied with the Beitian Club. It’s just because the Northern Sky Society is too powerful, they don’t dare to show their dissatisfaction, let alone fight against the Northern Sky Society.

Now there is Wayne Lin who dares to challenge Beitian directly. Not only has he set up a new security company, but also confronts Beitian. He also beat the son of Brian Gu, vice chairman of the North Sky Club, to this, which shows that Wayne Lin must have this strength to compete with the North Sky Club!

They didn’t believe that Wayne Lin who was able to achieve this position would be an arrogant second fool. In fact, when he reached a certain level, he did everything after careful consideration.

As a result, they still had to hug Wayne Lin’s thigh at this time.

Of course, there are also quite a few people who are more alienated from Wayne Lin, not because they dislike Wayne Lin, but because they are more afraid of the Beitian Association. Now Wayne Lin is obviously facing the enemy with Beitian, if they walk too close to Wayne Lin, invisibly, they will be against Beitian.

Wayne Lin just saw this in his eyes, and did not make any reservations.

Everyone has their own judgments and choices. There is nothing to say. He is very calm now. Anyway, there will be a battle between him and the Beitianhui. He has confidence in himself, and this struggle with the Beitianhui is his training and growth. Moreover, he is very convinced that if he is really not the opponent of the Beitianhui, then the mysterious adult in neon clothes hidden behind will definitely not sit idly by.

This is his greatest reliance.

Just as many people have guessed, at his point, every decision he makes is made after careful consideration, not casually and with a hot head. People who are impulsive are destined to not go far.

Wayne Lin’s guess was good. Nishang had indeed been looking at him from behind, hiding in the crowd, even Wayne Lin had not found her in the congenital realm.

Soon, a black BMW 750 drove over and stopped beside her. A black suit bodyguard came out of the co-pilot and opened the door for her. She sat in and the Ugly Master was inside.

“Drive me to the Beitian Meeting.” Nishang said lightly.

The Ugly Master was obviously taken aback, and asked: “Master Nishang, are you sure you are going to the Beitian Meeting?”

Nishang’s face was cold, without any expression, it was particularly mysterious and powerful, and full of aura. The Ugly Master was sitting next to her, obviously feeling that the air seemed to thicken a lot and breathing was not smooth.

“Not bad.” Nishang nodded slightly.

Chou Ye confirmed that he was full of doubts, but he didn’t dare to ask. He told the driver an address and asked the driver to drive over. It was the headquarters of the North Sky Club.

After being silent for a while, the Ugly Master put his posture very low, and said humbly: “Young Master is a bit reckless this time. He has branded Gu Hanxing like this. With the character of Beitianhui, I definitely won’t let the young master go easily! As far as I know , The president of the Northern Heaven Society, Shentu Zaitian’s martial arts has reached the middle level of the innate realm, and he will soon enter the high level! With the current strength of the young master, he is far from Shentu’s opponent.”

Ugly Master had obvious concerns in his tone. He was not there just now, but he saw what happened. From the bottom of his heart, he thought that Wayne Lin would have done a bit of’excessive’, and he did not leave him a way out.

It is true that Gu Hanxing came to hit the scene first. Wayne Lin was passive, but Wayne Lin didn’t need to make such a heavy shot. He directly broke Gu Hanxing’s foundation. If Brian Gu knew about this, he would definitely not let it go easily. It’s Wayne Lin!

For a long time, he admired Wayne Lin very much, and felt that Wayne Lin was very prudent in doing things, which made him feel relieved, but this time, he felt that Wayne Lin was a bit overdone and not safe enough. In other words, Wayne Lin hasn’t grown to that point yet.

However, Nishang said: “You are wrong. Brother Wayne is very smart. He knows that I am behind and knows that I support him behind his back. He will be fine. At the same time, he is also forcing me to appear. I have to say , I underestimated my aunt’s son.”

After listening to the ugly master, he was taken aback, and it took him a while to react. Feelings are part of Wayne Lin’s strategy!

“Master, he is getting more and more sophisticated…” The Ugly Master had to express such emotion.

Nishang said: “This is a good thing. Only a cautious and steady person can survive for a long time in this era of swords and shadows. It seems that it is almost time for me and brother Wayne to meet…”

After saying this, Nishang closed his eyes and said no more.

On Wayne Lin’s side, his gaze was withdrawn from the black BMW 750. He couldn’t find the smell of neon clothes, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t find the smell of the ugly master. It’s a pity that he still took a step slower and didn’t see the neon clothes clearly.

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