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Chapter 200

For ordinary people, the clan association of the Lin family is too far apart, can’t be reached, and is not clear. But for the upper circles of Hwadrid and Fengcheng, it was a big event, and many people would gather their attention.

Especially the large restaurants in Cheng and Fengcheng, they would contact the Lin family very early in advance, hoping to contract the Lin family clan association and make a lot of money.

This year the Lin family’s clan gathering did not choose any restaurant, but directly held it in the Tingfeng Pavilion. This disappointed many large restaurants and missed a big deal. Who doesn’t know that the Lin family has always been generous, and the annual clan gatherings will be held particularly grandly, and they can make more than 10 million yuan.

But if you think about it carefully, it is normal. If you look at Hwadrid and Fengcheng, there is no hotel comparable to Tingfengting. This is a super high-end clubhouse, and people who are not in the circle can’t afford it. .

Early in the morning, the Lin family had already passed by to listen to the wind pavilion, waiting for Wayne Lin’s presence.

Tingfeng Pavilion is the Lin family’s industry, but the Lin family only has the right to use Tingfeng Pavilion and has no ownership. Only two-thirds of the dividend is received, and the remaining one-third of the dividend is automatically deposited into an account. For this, the Lin family is very dissatisfied.

But there is no other way. Lin Changtian laid down such rules at the beginning of the establishment. There are clear legal effects in black and white, and even the current Patriarch Hanson Lin can’t change it.

After so many years, that account had accumulated a considerable amount of money, and the Lin family looked very enthusiastic, but helpless.

As for when the Lin family can control the money, no one knows, because Lin Changtian made his will early and put it at the most authoritative law firm in the country, provided that it will be two years after his death. Only then can the Lin family know what will Lin Changtian made and what conditions need to be met to inherit the Tingfeng Pavilion. The huge sum of money has already been made.

The Lin family has many branches and leaves, and all the people surnamed Lin and those who are related by blood add up to more than two hundred people.

As the head of the family, Hanson Lin sat on the main seat, majestic and majestic.

Lin Zihao sits on his right, Lin Shao-ang sits on the left, and the other Lin family members sit on both sides, with distinct levels.

At this time, someone complained in a low voice, “Wayne Lin’s arrogance is too big, right? Today’s clan association, he hasn’t come over now, so he doesn’t put us in his eyes.”

His voice was not too loud, but because the scene was very quiet and the atmosphere was terribly suppressed, so his words were clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears. When Hanson Lin heard this, his brows wrinkled slightly, obviously a little uncomfortable. happy.

Indeed, today is the Lin family’s clan meeting. The most important day, all the Lin family have been waiting here, but Wayne Lin is late, and has not appeared until now. To the Lin family, this is a shame. thing.

But he didn’t say anything, and continued to wait. Who made Wayne Lin hold more than 50 billion of deposits in his hand now, he had to endure even if he was annoyed.

Lin Zihao was expressionless, closed his eyes, as if he was asleep. Only a close observer would find that he was not asleep. On the contrary, his eyes were rolling, obviously he was not asleep.

Vicky Lin sitting next to him can clear

Chudi felt the majesty exuded by Lin Zihao, one after another, which was particularly scary, causing him to feel like riding a roller coaster, his body was always tense, his buttocks only dared to be half of the chair, like sitting on pins and needles.

Everyone saw that Hanson Lin and Lin Zihao didn’t speak, and then someone complained, “That’s right, this Wayne Lin is really too much, no one is indifferent, we are all his elders anyway, and let him come back to participate in the clan meeting. He was so good, he actually put on airs!”

“Is there any way, who will let him hold more than 50 billion inheritance? He must be arrogant now and don’t put us elders in the eyes.”

“I think when Wayne Lin comes over, I will catch him directly and beat him up to see if he still pretends.”

“That is, beat him up, beat him until he is submissive, and see if he will obediently hand over the over 50 billion inheritance…”

They were all very angry with Wayne Lin. Seeing that Hanson Lin, Lin Zihao and others did not speak, they were talking louder and louder, venting their dissatisfaction with Wayne Lin.

For a while, the originally quiet hall was filled with all kinds of noise.

Roman Li, one of the senior executives of Tingfengting, was also here. Hearing the dissatisfaction and anger of these Lin family members towards Wayne Lin, he couldn’t help but sweat for Wayne Lin!

Today’s clan meeting seems to be a feast for Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin really dares to come, then the end will probably not be so good!

He regretted it a little bit. He had known this a long time ago, so he should remind Wayne Lin early and let Wayne Lin not agree to come back to participate in this clan meeting.

After thinking about it carefully, Roman Li decided to secretly take out his mobile phone, send a message to Wayne Lin, tell Wayne Lin about this, and tell Wayne Lin not to come.

However, as soon as he took out his cell phone and was about to send a message to Wayne Lin, he heard a cold voice, “Roman Li, take the phone back, you dare to send a word to Wayne Lin, I will break your leg!”

It was Lin Zihao. He still closed his eyes and spoke faintly, but what he said was full of terrifying murderous aura, which made people shiver at the hearing, as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Roman Li’s body trembled violently, his hands shook violently, and the phone fell to the ground.

His scalp was numb, the blood on his face faded in an instant, and his heart seemed to be screwed, with fear from the soul, and hurriedly picked up the phone, not daring to inform Wayne Lin again.

Only now did he know that Lin Zihao was so terrifying, and he was even more worried about Wayne Lin.

Many people present were also stunned, looking at Lin Zihao one after another, even more in awe and fear.

The hall that was once noisy is now quiet again, and no one dares to speak anymore.

However, at this moment, Lin Zihao, who had been closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes, as if a light flashed by, staring sharply at the door, showing a playful smile, and said a word, “He is here. .”

he came?

Hearing these words, everyone subconsciously looked over to the door, and as expected, they saw a tall figure, slowly coming over under the leadership of several beautiful waiters.

Who else could it be if it wasn’t Wayne Lin?

Chapter 201

Wayne Lin is really here.

When Roman Li saw Wayne Lin, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink, and his mood became even more nervous.

There are so many Lin family members in the hall. The moment they saw Wayne Lin, they also squinted their eyes, and their expressions were completely different from those of Roman Li. They were happy, ecstatic, and conspiracy succeeded…

Hanson Lin looked at Wayne Lin, and some admiration appeared in his eyes. In any case, Wayne Lin dared to go to the meeting alone and attend the clan meeting alone. This courage is still not available to ordinary people.

Of course, admiration is one thing, and how to do it is another.

Lin Zihao looked at Wayne Lin, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised, like a poisonous snake, seeing his prey.

Everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin. At this moment, he felt an unprecedented pressure, but immediately, between his breath and breath, he digested the pressure cleanly. He smiled. He has already walked into the hall.

When everyone looked at him, he also swept the audience, seeing everyone’s expressions in his eyes.

Hongmen feast.

Immediately these three words appeared in his mind.

In fact, he had already guessed this before he came. Four years ago, the Lin family drove him out of the Lin family so coldly. Since then, he has a clear understanding of the so-called family relationship. , And since then, he has let go of the Lin family.

There are now more than two hundred people in the Lin family. For him, he is not a relative, but an enemy!

Even though he knew that it was a Hongmen Banquet today, he still came. There was no other reason, but he had absolute confidence in himself.

When Hanson Lin saw him coming in, he immediately showed a deep smile. He was particularly warm and friendly. He got up from the chair and walked towards Wayne Lin in strides, “Oh, Wayne, you can count it, everyone is waiting. What about you.”

Wayne Lin also showed a bright smile, quickened his pace, walked towards Hanson Lin, and said with a smile: “Uncle, sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road, I am late.”

At this moment, Hanson Lin had come to Wayne Lin, shook hands with Wayne Lin vigorously, patted Wayne Lin on the shoulder, his eyes were full of admiration, people who didn’t know thought Hanson Lin and Wayne Lin had a good relationship. .

“It’s okay, as long as you come.” Hanson Lin gave Wayne Lin enough face, took Wayne Lin’s hand, and sat down in the seat next to him, directly replacing Lin Shaoang’s seat. Now that is to say, Wayne Lin is sitting on the left of Hanson Lin, Lin Zihao is sitting on the right of Hanson Lin, but Lin Shaoang, who is his biological son, is sitting on the left of Wayne Lin.

When so many Lin family members saw this scene, they also showed affectionate smiles to Wayne Lin. They all greeted Wayne Lin enthusiastically. The atmosphere was very harmonious. When outsiders saw this, it was a very friendly and harmonious family. Who Think about it, this is all on the surface?

They are acting, and Wayne Lin is also acting. The smile on his face has not faded, and he warmly greeted these Lin family members.

After some greetings, Hanson Lin gently raised his hand and pressed it down, and everyone was quiet. Then he said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne, by the way, you haven’t participated in the clan meeting for four years. Everyone misses you very much.”

Wayne Lin also smiled and said, “Yes, I haven’t been back in four years. If my grandfather hadn’t come back sober before he died and gave me more than 50 billion inheritance, I guess I won’t be able to come back to Lin’s house for the rest of my life.”

As these words were said, the atmosphere immediately stiffened, and the expressions of everyone had subtle changes.

Hanson Lin’s pupils shrank slightly, and immediately he showed a guilty expression, sighed heavily and said, “Ah! We were too impulsive to say that we were all lost when we saw the old man become a vegetable.

Reason, you have been kicked out of the Lin family without a thorough investigation. It is our fault! Wayne, the uncle has always been very guilty of you for a while, and hasn’t slept well for several nights, alas…”

Hanson Lin is a full-fledged acting school, completely at the level of an actor, and the guilt and regret on his face can’t even be seen by Wayne Lin as fake.

“Uncle, your acting skills are getting more and more exquisite. I was almost fooled by you, haha.” Wayne Lin said with a smile. Suddenly Hanson Lin’s expression stiffened, and some irritation appeared involuntarily. He was pressed down.

“Oh, Wayne, I know it will be for a while, you won’t forgive us so easily, but it doesn’t matter, now you come back to the Lin family, one day, you will feel the uncle’s heart.” Hanson Lin said.

Wayne Lin chuckled, shrugged, with a silly expression, without speaking.

There was a brief embarrassment in the atmosphere, and no one spoke. Then Hanson Lin broke the silence and said, “Since Wayne has returned, the clan will officially unfold.”

In fact, the Lin family’s clan association is mainly about everyone reporting what they have gained in the past year and what they have done, and then in turn give suggestions to the family. In short, the main purpose is to discuss how to run the Lin family better and better.

Of course, because of Wayne Lin’s joining this year, the nature of the clan association is somewhat different.

They got Hanson Lin’s advice ahead of time and began to report on the difficulties they encountered in their positions, mainly in one sentence, or because suddenly the entire family was pumped out of more than 50 billion, which led to comparisons in the capital chains of the various units of the Lin family. Big break.

This is a fact, even if the Lin family is strong, more than 50 billion livelihoods have been lost in one day, and the Lin family’s vitality will be greatly injured. It’s just the degree of damage, not as serious as they said. For this, I have to thank Lin Zihao. Since Lin Zihao returned from abroad, he quickly stabilized the Lin family.

However, if the Lin Family wants to restore its former glory and take it to the next level, it still has to take back the 50 billion yuan that Wayne Lin has in his hands.

So they are just as miserable, as if they are already on the verge of bankruptcy.

After everyone finished speaking, an uncle with a high seniority said to Hanson Lin: “Patriarch, the situation of our Lin family is not optimistic now, the funding gap is too big, and we have to find a way to collect the funds that were withdrawn. Only in order to maintain the operation of the big machine of the Lin family.”

After the uncle’s voice fell, several senior seniors also began to speak, and they also deliberately focused on Wayne Lin, mainly speaking to Wayne Lin.

How could Wayne Lin not know? In fact, before he came, he had already guessed that it would be such a scene, but he still underestimated the Lin Family’s face, so he didn’t give any relaxation, and at the clan meeting, he just put pressure on him.

After everyone finished speaking, Hanson Lin frowned tightly, and then he said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne, you probably know the situation of the Lin family now. At the time, the old man took away more than 50 billion. , Transferred to your account, it brought a huge blow to the Lin family!”

Seeing Wayne Lin drinking tea with his head down, without saying a word, pretending to not hear, some irritation flashed in Hanson Lin’s eyes, but he had no choice but to continue to endure, and said: “Wayne, you as our Lin family One of them is the second young master of our Lin family. Uncle doesn’t ask you to give out so much money at once. Would you like to give out half of the money to help the Lin family, okay? Don’t worry, uncle will not want it in vain. For your money, the uncle will write you an IOU and sign the name of the owner. The interest is calculated at the bank’s highest annual interest rate. It will be paid back to you within three years. Do you think it is okay?”

At this time Wayne Lin finally raised his head and saw him smiling bitterly and said: “Uncle, it’s not that I don’t want to help the Lin family, but that I have already donated the money.”


Chapter 202

Wayne Lin’s words directly caused all the Lin family members present to open their eyes, and their reaction was unprecedented!

Many people suddenly became angry, staring at Wayne Lin, almost mad.

The senior seniors who spoke just now grabbed their chests, the blood on their faces faded, and they gasped for breath. They were about to faint because they were too exciting.

Hanson Lin also reacted tremendously, he blurted out.

Donated over 50 billion inheritance?

What kind of prodigal can this be done! !

Suddenly, these words of Wayne Lin aroused the anger of many people. They tore their faces and began to stand up directly, walked to Wayne Lin and screamed, accusing Wayne Lin: “Prodigal son! Prodigal son! More than 50 billion people. Inheritance, you actually donated it!?”

“A wicked animal! Wayne Lin, you are such a wicked animal!”

“It’s unreasonable, this more than 50 billion is the hard-earned money of the Lin family, what does it have to do with your Wayne Lin! You actually donated this money?! I really want to kill you! , I should have killed you four years ago!”

“Yeah, he should have been killed in the first place! There won’t be so many things if he is killed! My God, more than 50 billion, more than 50 billion!”

“Why are you still telling him so much now? Just do it and kill him. What else is left for such a prodigal?!”

A group of Lin family were filled with righteous indignation, and they all stared directly at Wayne Lin, their eyes full of hatred, hostility, and anger.

However, facing the anger of so many people, Wayne Lin did not panic or nervous at all. Instead, with a faint smile on his face, he drank tea without panic, and said, “This is the money my grandfather left for me. , I donated it is my business, it has nothing to do with you, right?”


An uncle in his seventies pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed, “What is your money! Have you made any contribution to the Lin family? That is the Lin family’s money! It was earned by more than 200 people from the Lin family. Is your money related to you for half a dime!? Wayne Lin, you wicked animal, you simply deceived your master and annihilated your ancestors. It is a shame for the Lin family to leave you as a person!”

My uncle said this too loudly, and his complexion began to darken. He stared directly at his uncle and said: “Uncle, you said that too much. Just now you were ashamed that you gave me four years ago. Expelled from the Lin family, regretted not finding out to speak for me, but now you say that I am the Lin family’s shame?”

Uncle looked at Wayne Lin with a grim expression, where there is the kindness and guilt when facing Wayne Lin just now, now his eyes are shining with anger and hatred, and he can’t wait for Wayne Lin to die.

The same is true of other people, glaring at Wayne Lin one by one, like a group of demons in hell, as long as there is a fuse, they will immediately rush to bite Wayne Lin to death.

Wayne Lin’s eyes flicked across the faces of these so-called relatives, and now his heart was colder than ever before, and the last trace of nostalgia was cut off!

At this moment, Lin Zihao, who had been silent for a long time, spoke, “Wayne Lin, you have enough, no acting, you can’t donate this money.”

Hearing what Lin Zihao said, everyone was stunned, and then they began to react, yes, more than 50 billion, Wayne Lin is not a fool, how could he donate such a large sum of money?

Alas, it’s all because they were too emotional just now, and their brains were not clear enough, they were actually deceived by Wayne Lin.

Now they see Wayne Lin’s smiley face, they are more convinced of this.

For an instant, their faces were so hot and painful, they were particularly embarrassed and embarrassed, and they cursed Wayne Lin no less than a hundred times! This bastard is still playing with us, so angry!

Hanson Lin also reacted. He was deceived by Wayne Lin just now, and he was particularly annoyed now. If it wasn’t for Wayne Lin’s usefulness, he really wanted to kill Wayne Lin now!

“Haha, Lin Zihao, you still know me.” Wayne Lin laughed. Then, he turned on the phone, dialed a number, and checked the account balance on the spot. A clear and sweet voice came from the speaker of the phone: “Dear Black Gold Supreme VIP customer, hello, your balance still has 58.96 billion, 642,332,303,125 yuan…”


The huge hall was quiet in an instant, everyone held their breath, their brains went blank all of a sudden, buzzing, and their minds kept reverberating with the announcement of the human service just now!

Five hundred and eighty nine sixty million!

This is close to 60 billion!

You must know that what Lin Changtian inherited from Wayne Lin was only 55 billion, but now it’s only four billion!

This is too exaggerated. If the money is given to the Lin Family, the Lin Family will take off directly, and all the Lin Family present will also be moisturized.

So for an instant, greedy eyes appeared in everyone’s eyes, including Lin Zihao. When he heard this number, his pupils suddenly contracted uncontrollably, and his breathing became much faster.

Wayne Lin glanced across everyone’s faces, putting their expressions into his eyes, and now he only sneered.


I don’t know who swallowed his saliva first, everyone heard it, and they gradually came to their senses, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes, where there is the anger and hatred just now, now there is only fanaticism, incomparable fanaticism. Ah, like that, it was like a fairy seeing Tang Seng meat, and he couldn’t wait to swallow Wayne Lin in one bite.

Hanson Lin came back to his senses first. He pinched his thigh vigorously, squeezed a bright smile, and said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne, what happened just now was a misunderstanding. Everyone is joking with you. “

His words aroused everyone’s agreement. They swept away the anger and hostility they had just now, and now they all showed bright smiles, becoming shook their heads and shook their heads, all kinds of husky to please Wayne Lin.

“Yes, yes, everything just now was a misunderstanding, Wayne, your lord has a lot, don’t be in the same way as us.”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, absolute misunderstanding, Wayne, we are a family, with the same blood flowing in our bones. How can we really be angry with you? Everyone, right?”

“Of course, Wayne, you are Sheji’s own son, the second young master of our Lin family, and the genius of our Lin family. It is too late for us to support you! How could I be angry with you? Just now, everyone was playing around. Yes, let’s talk about it. That is the money the old man left for you. Even if you really donate it, we won’t say anything. Of course, now the Lin family is in danger, Wayne, you are also a member of the Lin family and can help One from the Lin family is the best!”

“What a joke, Wayne has been sensible since he was a child, so how can he be familiar with us?”

“That’s that…”

A group of people started to please Wayne Lin, including the uncle who had criticized Wayne Lin the most fierce just now. Now they are all flattering Wayne Lin. The picture can be said to be very funny.

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