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Chapter 392

The height of a ten-storey building, if ordinary people jumped down like this, they would have fallen into mud long ago, and even the masters of the acquired peak would be seriously injured if they could not die. But for Wayne Lin, it was a trivial matter. He easily released his strength and landed steadily on the ground, walking like everyone else.

The innate realm is also called the extraordinary master, not just called it. At this level, it is already considered a super human, and naturally it cannot be treated by ordinary people’s standards.

After Wayne Lin left, a red figure suddenly appeared beside the ugly master.

“Brother Wayne’s talent is higher than I thought. He has improved a lot in this battle with Brian Gu.”

It was neon clothes, she appeared suddenly, like a ghost, if she changed other people, she would have been terrified. Be aware that the door of this room is closed.

But the ugly master is not strange. Nishang always sees the dragon without seeing the end. He turned around and reverently shouted, “Master Nishang, you are here.”

Nishang nodded faintly, then sat down on the sofa and said: “This Wu Meizi is overbearing, and he wants to isolate brother Wayne.”

The ugly master said: “Yes, Wu Meizi is too strong, with huge energy, this time the young master is difficult.”

After a pause, the ugly master said to Nishang again: “Master Nishang, don’t you plan to help Young Master?”

Nishang said: “No need, brother Wayne can deal with Wu Meizi.”

Chou Ye’s eyes lit up and said, “Master Nishang, do you mean that Young Master’s strength is still higher than Wu Meizi?”

Ni Chang shook his head and said, “No, Wu Meizi has reached the upper level in the Innate Realm, and Wayne’s brother is still in the middle level. There is little hope of winning Wu Meizi.”

She wore this fiery red dress, which looked like a ball of fire, but her temperament was cold and her expression was cold, giving people a feeling of combining ice and fire.

Ugly Master frowned slightly, and said with some worry: “Isn’t the young master dangerous?”

“It’s dangerous.” Nishang nodded and said: “Everything has two sides, and there is a reward if there is a challenge. If brother Wayne can defeat Wu Meizi, then his cultivation will be one step again, and I will enter the room completely. You can take him to see his aunt.”

When Ugly heard this, he was stunned for a moment. Then, his eyes widened and he said with excitement, “Master Neon, Madam, she…”

Nishang nodded and acquiesced.


On Wayne Lin’s side, he stayed on hold for the time being and went to the hospital to see the Chu family. They were all receiving treatment normally, and his injury slowly improved before he felt relieved.

Now everyone’s eyes are on him, to see how he will act.

After all, Wu Meizi has been bullied to this point. If Wayne Lin still doesn’t move, then his face will be ashamed, and he won’t have to continue to hang around in Huarvell.

It’s still a trivial matter if you can’t go on, the key is Wu Meizi’s character. Since he has already started, it is impossible to let Wayne Lin go!

“Wayne, what do you plan to do next?”

Coming out of the corridor, Alma Chu held his hand and asked worriedly.

You can see that Alma Chu is very scared now, her hands are a little cold. Wayne Lin wrapped her hand backhand and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, this is a small matter, I can handle it.”

Alma Chu bit her lip and said, “I think the other party is quite big this time. Why don’t we go abroad to avoid the limelight? Anyway, we have made enough money, enough for our family to survive abroad. “

Feeling Alma Chu’s worry and panic, Wayne Lin was quite ashamed. He said seriously: “Alma, you can rest assured, I can handle it well and not lie to you.”


Alma Chu could see that Wayne Lin’s attitude was resolute. She didn’t persuade anymore, but said: “Well! Then you must take care of yourself, no matter what, no accident.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I promise you that nothing will happen.”

Next, Wayne Lin and Alma Chu chatted for a long time, until he received a call from Damon Wang, Wayne Lin left the hospital.

On the side of the road, there was a black Audi Q7 parked there. It belonged to Damon Wang, with Jeff Han sitting in the car.

They didn’t have the confidence they had before, but they were worried. Seeing Wayne Lin, they laughed twice.

Wayne Lin knew what was going on when he saw the two of them like this.

After getting in the car, Wayne Lin said jokingly: “Why, you two have also been warned, are you going to draw a clear line with me?”

They had originally prepared a lot of words, but when they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they couldn’t speak anymore. They were stunned, particularly embarrassed.

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, but smiled faintly.

Damon Wang broke the silence first and asked, “Chairman, are you sure to win this time? The other party seems to have a big backing, and now more than 90% of our partners have terminated their cooperation with us.

Jeff Han also said: “Now the situation is not optimistic. Ziqiong Media, Teng Yue Advertising, and Aegis Security have all been encircled and suppressed. In just a few days, a lot of money has been lost. If this continues, we don’t think it will last long.”

Wayne Lin probably expected that Wu Meizi would take a shot at his company, but he did not expect that the damage would be so great. In this way, he still underestimated Wu Meizi’s ability.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, Damon Wang and Jeff Han were half-hearted, thinking that Wayne Lin was an expression of lack of confidence!

They have heard the advice of many friends around them in the past two days to get them out of relationship with Wayne Lin, so as not to cause trouble to the upper body. To be honest, they have been with Wayne Lin for a long time, and it is only with Wayne Lin that they counterattack. Wayne Lin has always been against them. It is not thin, and if they leave when Wayne Lin is in trouble, they still can’t do well.

However, if Wayne Lin is really going to do it, they can’t be buried with Wayne Lin, after all, they are not single, not only have families, but there are many people behind them eating with them.

How could Wayne Lin fail to understand their concerns? He laughed and said, “I really don’t have much hope of winning. Wu Meizi is an absolute master. At present, the strength is above me, and my chances of winning are not great. If you want to draw a line with me like other people, I won’t blame you.”

After listening to Damon Wang and Jeff Han, their bodies were severely shaken, and they couldn’t help but feel ashamed and sad.

Although Wayne Lin is much younger than the two of them, in their minds, they have already recognized Wayne Lin’s leadership. Now they are required to betray when Wayne Lin is greedy for life and fear of death. They are still true. Can’t do it.

Finally, the two of them looked at each other and exchanged briefly. Damon Wang first said: “Chairman, Damon Wang has skipped a lifetime and changed no less than ten bosses. Now I don’t want to change bosses anymore! Chairman, I will follow up You, even if you lose to Wu Meizi this time, I will not bow to Wu Meizi! I will try my best to survive then, run Ziqiong Media and take care of your family!”

Jeff Han also took a deep breath and said, “Chairman, I also mean Mr. Wang. I, Jeff Han, today, I don’t know how many bosses have been sold and how many times I have been a traitor! But now I am I don’t want to be a traitor anymore. Chairman, I will recognize you in this life. Wang always manages Ziqiong Media well, and I will continue to manage Tengyue Advertising. When the time comes, I will distribute your dividends to you as usual. Family! If Wu Meizi wants to take action against your family, then they must step over my body first!”

Wayne Lin was stunned. He had never thought that Damon Wang and Jeff Han, these two guys who had been over a hundred years old together, would be so loyal to him. For a while, his heart was blocked. The emotion and blood of the past surged to my heart.

Chapter 393

“it is good!”

Wayne Lin laughed twice when he heard the allegiance of the two of them, instantly soaring into the sky!

This time Wu Meizi appeared strong, rushing to kill him, showing monstrous means, and warned the people around him, even Ouyang’s family and Yuntian Pavilion also drew a clear line with him.

He thought he would fight alone this time and he was mentally prepared, but he did not expect that Jeff Han and Damon Wang would actually choose to follow him at this time. This really moved him. After all, judging from the current situation, he has little hope of winning. It is very difficult for Damon Wang and Jeff Han to make this decision, which means that they will be buried together.

“Good, good!” Wayne Lin said boldly, “I thought my congregation had rebelled, but I didn’t expect the two of you would still follow me. Don’t worry, the little Wu Meizi still can’t trouble me, wait for me to get through this time. Difficulty, beat Wu Meizi to death, I will definitely not treat you two wrongly!”

Damon Wang and Jeff Han were also infected by Wayne Lin’s pride and began to laugh.

Next, Wayne Lin did not sit idle, explaining what Damon Wang and Jeff Han were going to do. He would start to retreat for a few days, adjust his state to the best in the shortest time, and then he would take the initiative to find Wu Meizi fought to the death.

During this time, everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin, trying to see how Wayne Lin would retaliate against Wu Meizi, but Wayne Lin disappeared without any movement.

Everyone thought that Wayne Lin was scared, afraid of Wu Meizi, and was about to leave.

Gu Hanxing is particularly proud. He now has Wu Meizi’s cover and is glowing with a second spring. It is even more beautiful than before. Now when he walks out, he will give him face and respectfully call him Gu Ye.

But the more he is like this, the more he is afraid of Wu Meizi. He knows that today’s scenery is all given to him by Wu Meizi. He has to take good care of Wu Meizi’s flattery. If one day Wu Meizi gives up on him, then he will stay overnight. Back before liberation.

“Uncle Shi, I’m telling you a good news. Now there is spreading that Wayne Lin is afraid of you, and his face is running away. Hahaha.” As soon as Gu Hanxing came in, he said excitedly and flattered, “Uncle Shi, you this time But he ate Wayne Lin to death, it’s too much relief!”

Wu Meizi was looking at Brian Gu’s portrait on the wall, and turned around and said, “What are you impatient? Your dad’s style is not at all!”

When Gu Hanxing heard Wu Meizi’s training him, he immediately became anxious, and knelt down and confessed: “Uncle Master, I was wrong, and I won’t dare anymore.”

Wu Meizi looked at Gu Hanxing’s timid look, and shook her head, with deep disappointment in her eyes.

“Okay, get up.” Anyway, Gu Hanxing is the only son of Brian Gu. She couldn’t bear to train Gu Hanxing too much. She changed her tone and said, “Wayne Lin didn’t run away. He went to retreat. I plan to adjust the state to the best, and then find me to fight to the death.”

Gu Hanxing was stunned for a moment, and some panic flashed in his eyes, and said: “No, Wayne Lin is about to die, and you dare to find Master Uncle you to fight to the death?!”

Wu Meizi caught the panic in his eyes, and shook her head disappointedly, and said, “Han Xing, Wayne Lin is about the same age as you. He is already a middle-level expert in the innate realm, and you are too far behind Wayne Lin. Up.”

Gu Hanxing curled his lips and heard that he felt uncomfortable. He immediately flattered and flattered, and said: “Even if Wayne Lin is a master of the innate realm, what if he offends the uncle, but now he is still dead? My father said it is good, die. You cannot be considered a genius if you are a genius

Up. “

Wu Meizi nodded and said, “That’s true.”


In a flash, three days passed.

In three days, Wayne Lin’s three companies have suffered huge losses, especially Ziqiong Media, whose market value has shrunk by one-third!

If this continues, Ziqiong Media may go bankrupt directly.

Similarly, Tengyue advertising and Aegis security are not much better. They are struggling, and anyone with a discerning eye can see. If this continues, these three companies will go bankrupt or be annexed.

As the boss of the three companies, Wayne Lin hasn’t appeared in these three days, and the world has evaporated.

Therefore, a lot of speculation came in the circle for a while, some people think that Wayne Lin has been solved by Wu Meizi. More people speculated that Wayne Lin was afraid of Wu Meizi, and now he has run away.

“This Wu Meizi is too powerful. It only took a few days to defeat Wayne Lin’s big industry.”

“Isn’t it, Wayne Lin is completely finished this time.”

“I’ve seen Wayne Lin’s dislike for a long time. This guy is obviously the son-in-law of the Chu family. I don’t know what kind of shit luck he has. He actually became the chairman of Ziqiong Media. He is usually arrogant to die. Now he is fine. Yeah, I finally offended the big guys.

“Wayne Lin hasn’t appeared for three days, will Wu Meizi ask to solve it?”

“It’s totally possible…”

“Anyway, Wayne Lin has come to an end.”

“I heard that Wayne Lin’s wife is beautiful and beautiful. If Wayne Lin dies, his wife will not fall into Gu Hanxing’s hands.”

“Hahaha, of course, Gu Hanxing is famously lecherous, and Wayne Lin is his father and enemy. When Wayne Lin’s wife falls into his hands, the end will be miserable.”

“In other words, if you go to Gu Hanxing now, maybe you can wait for Gu Hanxing to get bored, and you can pick up a second hand, hehe…”

There are more and more such voices, and Wayne Lin has become a joke, and anyone can step on it.

As for where Wayne Lin is? Did it really run away?

That is impossible.

For these three days, Wayne Lin had locked himself in a confined space, without any electrical appliances, and there was no bright, dark patch.

Only three meters in front of Wayne Lin, I lighted a piece of incense, and used this dim light to illuminate the entire space. If I changed to an ordinary person, it would be pitch black and I could see nothing. For Wayne Lin, it was like the day, and he could see clearly, even the ants crawling on the ground.

For three days, he hadn’t eaten anything, and he did bigu.

In this way, he adjusted his state to the best.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, as if a divine light flashed, and then he blew out the incense that was three meters away.

In the next moment, he appeared outside.

Now that he is in his peak state, it is time to go to Wu Meizi to fight to the death.

Chapter 394

Ouyang Yanran has been absent-minded and in a bad mood lately. She has finally inquired now. It turns out that Wayne Lin left in a hurry that day and didn’t even say hello because something happened at home and offended a super big man.

Now there are rumors outside that Wayne Lin is going to die, and even their Ouyang family is now being warned by the super man, and they are beginning to draw a clear line with Wayne Lin.

To be honest, when she heard the news, she was still very sad, as if she was about to lose something she liked.

Later, she couldn’t help asking Ouyang Xuehai whether Wayne Lin could survive the crisis this time. As a result, Ouyang Xuehai shook his head with regret and said that he was jealous of the talent.

She is not stupid, and she naturally understands what her father meant, that is, Wayne Lin is fierce and unlucky, with a high probability of dying.

Death is not a distant concept for her. Two years ago, her grandmother passed away. She was so sad that she would never see her grandmother and disappeared in this world since then, even if she had money again. , No matter how powerful it is, it cannot bring people back to life.

But Wayne Lin is so young that she is about to die. She can’t tell what it feels like, uncomfortable, reluctant, regretful, disappointed…

Speaking of speaking, she is not familiar with Wayne Lin, and only met two or three times. But the last time, when Wayne Lin was sent away, she ran into her ex-boyfriend cheating, which made her feel strange to Wayne Lin. Emotion, this is the common experience between the two of them…


Ouyang Yanran sighed for a long time, feeling very upset.

A female student next to her said, “Yan Ran, you really broke up with Lai Bin in vain. I think you have been sighing and absent-minded recently.”

Another female classmate also said: “I thought Laibinbai was a playboy. As expected, he did something inferior to a beast. Yanran, a scumbag like Laibinbai, don’t need to be sad for him. Let me introduce a few. You know the handsome guy and forget about Laibinbai immediately!”

Ouyang Yanran shook her head and said, “I am not because of Lai Binbai.”

Strangely speaking, she and Laibin had been in a relationship for three years. She should have been sad when she broke up this time, but besides being sad now, she passed away the next day. On the contrary, she was even more sad and disappointed when she heard the news of Wayne Lin’s bad luck.

The two female classmates obviously didn’t believe it.

One of the female classmates thought of something and suddenly said, “By the way, tonight is Gu Shao’s birthday. I heard that it’s a big deal. Many friends in the circle have passed away. There will be many handsome guys, and we will also pass. Have fun.”

“Yes, this is a rare opportunity, Yan Ran, if you go, it will definitely be the focus of the audience! By then, those handsome guys will line up to please you, that scene is simply not too cool.”

Ouyang Yanran is not in any mood to attend someone’s birthday, and shook her head and said, “Forget it, I am not interested in this, so I should go back to the dormitory to read.”

The two female classmates immediately grabbed her and persuaded her in various ways, “Oh, reading is so boring, why not go to Gu Shao’s birthday together!”

“Yeah, besides, you can read it any time you read, but you can’t participate in Gu Shao’s birthday anytime.”

“It was so happily decided. We will dress up tonight and let those handsome guys revolve around us!”

Ouyang Yanran was touched by what they said. She is indeed a bit bored these days. If she had the opportunity to attend a birthday party, it would be nice to relax.

Gu Shao is naturally Gu Hanxing.

Today is his

On his thirty-second birthday, a fortune teller told him that it’s best not to celebrate the thirty-second birthday, because it’s a long and two shortcomings, which is a disaster in his fate.

He is very shameless about this, what age is it, and he still engages in feudal superstition, and it is still short and long.

Not only does he want to do it, but he also wants to do it a lot. He will invite all the people he knows, who have a good face, and through this opportunity, he will announce that he Gu Hanxing is back, even if his old son Brian Gu is dead? He now has a harder backstage, covered by Wu Meizi, he is not walking sideways in Province G!

Since offending Wayne Lin, he has been holding back a fire. People in the circle thought he was suppressed by Wayne Lin and slandered him secretly. Now he has to pass this opportunity to prove himself!

Now Wu Meizi takes special care of him. Knowing his thirty-second birthday, he personally came forward to sit for him. Many people with good looks, because of Wu Meizi’s face, rushed over.

By five o’clock in the afternoon, many, many people had already arrived. Because of this situation, Gu Hanxing did not choose to do it in a hotel, but arranged it in a huge gymnasium. This style was great.

Many people were surprised to see this kind of scene after they arrived. There are more wealthy people in G province, but Gu Hanxing is the first birthday party held in the gym.

Gu Hanxing looked at these densely packed people, this unprecedented grand scene, and felt very sad. At this moment, he was the winner of life and stood at the pinnacle.

“Uncle Master, do you think Wayne Lin dare to come?” Gu Hanxing turned around and said respectfully to Wu Meizi.

Today’s Wu Meizi is wearing a dark red dress, looking very retro, with the feeling of a female Taoist priest.

The expression on her face was cold, and she said lightly: “Do you want him to come or not?”

Gu Hanxing was asked a little bit. To be honest, he was somewhat afraid of Wayne Lin in his heart. After all, he was defeated by Wayne Lin in his previous confrontations.

“Of course I hope that he will come. He comes to die!” Gu Hanxing immediately changed his voice and said flatteringly: “However, today there is an uncle who sits in town and gives him a hundred courage, and he definitely does not dare to make trouble.”

Wu Meizi knew that Gu Hanxing was flattering, she was still very happy. She was a person who likes to listen to good things.

“I hope he dare to come, so that I can save a lot of things, and can also create momentum for your birthday.” Wu Meizi said.

Gu Hanxing was even more excited after hearing this. Yes, if Wayne Lin really dared to come and die in front of so many people and die at the hands of the uncle, then his prestige would be even greater! At that time, who would dare to offend him, who would dare not give him face!

Here at Ouyang Yanran, she and a few classmates also came, and they were shocked to see a birthday party that was actually held in the gymnasium, and so many people came.

“Wow, this Gu Shao is too awesome. He actually held his birthday in the gym. At least 3,000 people came. This is comparable to a small concert!”

“Let me just say, Gu Shao is very awesome, you don’t think so many people, but not everyone can come to participate, you must have status and status to participate.”

“It’s awesome, I don’t know if Shao Gu is married? If you can hook up with him, then this life will be a counterattack!”

Several female classmates were showing red hearts in their eyes. Ouyang Yanran was also a little shocked when she saw this scene.

And she also saw that many of the guests who came to the scene were all big-faced people.

Suddenly, she thought about it. I wonder if Wayne Lin will come to Gu Shao’s birthday party?

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