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Chapter 506

Wayne Lin knew he had been misunderstood as soon as he saw the other’s expression. He threw away the recruitment flyer, then stood up and said with a smile, “Zhenghai, it’s you. It’s been a long time.”

Wayne Lin quickly recognized him. This is an acquaintance in front of him, called Liang Zhenghai, a few years younger than Wayne Lin, and a good character. He used to sell breakfast downstairs in Wayne Lin’s house and had a good relationship with Wayne Lin. I also invited Wayne Lin to eat a few meals.

“Zhenghai, haven’t you already gone to the north? Why are you back?” Wayne Lin asked curiously after a brief greeting.

Liang Zhenghai said: “I’m back, I’m working with Brother Yuan now.”

Wayne Lin saw Liang Zhenghai’s neat suit, which was still a famous brand and cost thousands of dollars. He punched Liang Zhenghai in the chest and joked: “Zhenghai, you guys are okay. I haven’t seen you in a few years. I have all put on famous brand suits. , Got rich.”

Wayne Lin was still in a good mood when he met his acquaintances before. After taking a short break, his spirit had recovered a bit, his face was not as pale as before, but he still looked very disappointed.

Liang Zhenghai was praised by him, scratched his head, laughed happily, and said, “Fortunately, it’s okay. I made some money in the past few years.”

“Very good.” Wayne Lin is happy for Liang Zhenghai, this is a very nice young man.

At this moment, a dissatisfied voice came from behind, “Hey, bean sprouts, what are you beeping there, come here quickly.”

Bean sprouts is Liang Zhenghai’s flower name, used to tease him for being very thin, like bean sprouts. Hearing this voice, Liang Zhenghai immediately looked back, and then apologized to Wayne Lin: “Brother Lin, Brother Yuan called me. I’ll go over and say something to him. Are you waiting for me here? “

Wayne Lin nodded, and Liang Zhenghai ran over to explain with a proud young man who also wore famous-brand clothes with a gold watch in his hands, nodded and bowed his head.

This young man didn’t look very old, he was twenty-five and sixteen years old, his face was full of swelling and arrogance, he was wearing a brand name, and he shook his BMW key in his hand to highlight his wealth.

When Wayne Lin saw this young man, he was surprised again, because he recognized that this young man was also an acquaintance, he had met before.

After a while, the young man looked over and met him with an excited smile on his face. His eyes lit up, as if he had found a funny prey, the corners of his mouth raised, and he walked towards Wayne Lin.

After Liang Zhenghai walked over, he introduced, “Brother Yuan, this is Brother Wayne Lin, who we knew before.”

The person called’Brother Yuan’ said in a weird manner, “I remember, Wayne Lin, the son-in-law of the Chu family, who didn’t know the old celebrities.”

After Liang Zhenghai heard it, his face was a little embarrassed, for fear that Wayne Lin would be angry, he quickly introduced to Wayne Lin: “Brother Lin, this is Cheng Yuan, Brother Yuan, everyone knew him before.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said lightly: “Remember.”

Cheng Yuan, indeed an old acquaintance, came from the same place as Liang Zhenghai, but Wayne Lin didn’t have a good impression of Cheng Yuan. He was a person who looked down upon others, especially admired vanity, and had a very small heart. He had to deny Cheng Yuan. He has a bit of IQ and is very good at opportunism, but he is really not good at being a human being. Wayne Lin has always had no good impression of Cheng Yuan.

Cheng Yuan saw Wayne Lin’s unsatisfactory attitude towards him, and he felt a little unhappy. In his opinion, Wayne Lin was just a poor son-in-law, incomparable to successful people like him, and his class difference was not the slightest.

He looked at Wayne Lin up and down, and found that Wayne Lin was wearing ordinary clothes, sweating, and looking downcast, so he said in a playful tone: “Wayne Lin, you haven’t seen you for so long.

Where is the highest place? Is there five thousand yuan in a month’s income? “

Who is Wayne Lin? When Cheng Yuan poked his ass, he knew what Cheng Yuan was going to fart. For this kind of person, he didn’t want to talk to him and said directly to Liang Zhenghai: “Zhenghai, since you have something, then I won’t bother you. You, let’s add friends, and when you are free, we will get together.”

Cheng Yuan’s face went cold, and Wayne Lin dared to ignore him, too arrogant!

Liang Zhenghai was obviously very afraid of Cheng Yuan. Seeing his expression, he immediately panicked. The main reason was that he was afraid that Cheng Yuan would trouble Wayne Lin. He immediately gave Wayne Lin a wink so that Wayne Lin would not offend Cheng Yuan, so he quickly did it in the middle. The peacemaker said with a smile: “Okay, okay. But Brother Lin, it’s better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day. Why don’t you get together today? Just in time, Brother Yuan has an upper-class party to attend. We can go there together. Ah, not only can you go to eat the delicacies of the mountains and the sea for free, you also have money to get it.”

Liang Zhenghai has a very good heart. He just saw Wayne Lin watching the recruitment of dishwashing workers. Obviously, he has been miserable recently. It just so happens that he now has a chance to act as Cheng Yuan’s horse and attend the high-end party tonight. , Not only can you eat a lot of delicacies from mountains and seas, you can get it with money.

As everyone knows, Wayne Lin is not at all interested in this so-called high-class party. He shook his head and said, “No, I’m tired of the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. Just go and eat.”

He was telling the truth. For him, he was really tired of the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. As long as he wanted to, he wanted as much as possible, but in the ears of Liang Zhenghai and Cheng Yuan, it became a performance of hitting a swollen face against a fat man. Liang Zhenghai is okay. He thinks Wayne Lin’s dignity as a middle-aged person does not want to lose face in front of his old friends, but Cheng Yuan seems to have heard the big joke and laughed out loud, “Hahaha, I didn’t listen. Wrong? You, the door-to-door son-in-law, are too embarrassed to say that you are tired of the delicacies of the mountains and the sea? Didn’t I look down on you, have you eaten the delicacies of the mountains and sea in your life?

Wayne Lin frowned, his eyes flew over, Cheng Yuan was immediately scared inexplicably, and he couldn’t help shivering. He thought it was a problem with his body, so he didn’t even think about Wayne Lin’s direction.

When Liang Zhenghai saw that something was wrong, he quickly pulled Cheng Yuan aside and said a few words in a low voice. Cheng Yuan heard that Wayne Lin was now in despair and was going to be a dishwasher. He was very happy. The sense of superiority became stronger, waved his hand, and said, “Okay, just do it like this. Let him come with me tonight and act as my horse. I will give him 500 yuan as a subsidy.”

Liang Zhenghai was overjoyed and said a few words to thank Brother Yuan. Then he ran to Wayne Lin and pulled aside and said, “Brother Lin, don’t be familiar with Brother Yuan. He is like this. Sometimes It’s annoying, but Yuan brother is very nice. It just so happens that there is a high-class party tonight, Yuan brother has a share to attend, as long as you change a suit, you can go together, not only there are delicious food, but also for nothing …Two thousand yuan!”

Wayne Lin looked at Liang Zhenghai deeply. Just now he heard what Liang Zhenghai and Cheng Yuan said. He knew that Cheng Yuan had only promised five hundred yuan. Now Liang Zhenghai said two thousand yuan, which means 1,500 yuan. , It was Liang Zhenghai himself.

Looking at Liang Zhenghai’s look full of expectation and concern, Wayne Lin was moved, but he was really not interested in this so-called high-class party, let alone see Cheng Yuan again.

However, when he was about to refuse, suddenly, he saw Liang Zhenghai’s forehead, there was a vague black air, the commonly known Yintang turned black, and there was disaster!

And this disaster seems to be not small.

When he reached the realm of Wayne Lin, he could see much more than ordinary people, including some metaphysics that ordinary people could not understand. Now Wayne Lin saw that Liang Zhenghai was facing a disaster, and it was just in the near future. If it’s someone else, Wayne Lin wouldn’t bother to take care of it, but Liang Zhenghai is a nice guy. He hasn’t seen him for many years. He was also in despair when he saw him. He also had the idea of ​​giving him a hand. He naturally couldn’t stand by.

So he smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Chapter 507

When Liang Zhenghai heard his promise, he immediately said excitedly: “Great! Brother Lin, don’t worry, you will surely not be disappointed by the high-end party tonight! By then, the rich in the circle will Here, if you can recognize one or two, then counterattack!”

“Really? Then I thank you so much.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Liang Zhenghai showed a simple smile, waved his hand, and said, “Hurt, we are all old acquaintances, what do you do with me so politely?”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, and solemnly said to Liang Zhenghai: “Zhenghai, I think your Yintang is a bit dark. Fortunes are not very high recently. You have to be more careful.”

“Haha, Brother Lin, when did you learn to look at pictures?” Liang Zhenghai laughed.

“You don’t have to worry about this. Anyway, you should pay more attention to it, especially the people around you. Be careful not to be overcast.” Wayne Lin said solemnly. Liang Zhenghai’s face is obviously a villain.

However, Liang Zhenghai didn’t take it seriously at all. He waved his hand and said disapprovingly: “Brother Lin, don’t worry about this. My life is very hard and there will be no accident. Brother Lin, I will tell you secretly. During this period of time, I followed Brother Yuan and earned hundreds of thousands! Hehehe…”

His last sentence lowered his voice and said mysteriously, his face full of pride and pride.

Wayne Lin sighed. Seeing that Liang Zhenghai didn’t take it seriously, he couldn’t say anything anymore. Anyway, he was with Liang Zhenghai tonight. I believe that with his luck, Liang Zhenghai’s disaster has a high probability. It will come early, and he will be able to solve it easily.

“Great.” Wayne Lin gave Liang Zhenghai a thumbs up.

Liang Zhenghai chuckled and wanted to say something. Now Cheng Yuan came over and looked at Wayne Lin’s dress. He frowned and said, “Your clothes are not good, it’s too rubbish, tonight What I want to attend is an upper-class gathering of rich people. You wear this body, where else can I put my face?”

Cheng Yuan made no secret of his contempt for Wayne Lin. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was a poor ghost. After so many years, he was still mixed up so badly and too rubbish. Compared with him, it was almost a world away.

Liang Zhenghai also realized this, and he asked, “Brother Lin, do you have a suit at home? For the upper-class party tonight, it is indeed more appropriate to wear a suit.”

Just as Wayne Lin wanted to speak, Cheng Yuan said again: “You are not asking nonsense. Even if he has a suit, it is a low-quality suit for two or three hundred dollars. Can it be on the table?”

This guy Cheng Yuan is so annoying. Wayne Lin hasn’t been offended like this for a long time. If it weren’t for Liang Zhenghai’s face, he really wanted to give Cheng Yuan two big mouths.

He endured his unhappiness and said, “I have a suit at home. Tell me where to meet and I will put it on.”

Liang Zhenghai asked subconsciously: “Brother Lin, where do you live now?”

“Yulongwan.” Wayne Lin said.

Cheng Yuan immediately opened his eyes and asked, “What? Where did you live?”

Wayne Lin repeated it again. Cheng Yuan laughed loudly now, “I’m so ridiculous, Yulongwan, but the best villa area in Huarvell, the cheapest villas in it cost tens of millions, just you. My son-in-law can live in Yulong Bay? Do you think we are a fool?”

Liang Zhenghai also reflected where Wayne Lin said Yulong Bay was, and his face also showed a weird expression, thinking that Wayne Lin had been bragging a bit too much this time, even Yulong Bay had said it.


b Wayne Lin was too lazy to talk to Cheng Yuan, and said directly to Liang Zhenghai: “Why, even you don’t believe me?”

“This…” Liang Zhenghai was a little embarrassed. He really didn’t believe Wayne Lin. Just now Wayne Lin was squatting in the corner, sweating profusely, holding the recruitment flyer for the dishwasher in his hand, saying that he lives in He could believe that there were ghosts in the tens of millions of Yulong Bay villas.

However, he is not easy to say this. After all, he still respects Wayne Lin. He laughed twice. Instead of piercing Wayne Lin, he said, “Brother Lin, Yulong Bay is quite far away. I see you too. There is no need to go back. I just happen to have a suit in my car. You should be able to wear it, so we don’t want to go near and farther, what do you think?”

Wayne Lin sighed inwardly when he saw Liang Zhenghai’s appearance. In the past few years, Liang Zhenghai’s character has not changed, and he is still so considerate of others.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded and agreed, lest Liang Zheng ship it. When Cheng Yuan saw this scene, he sneered even more disdainfully, thinking that Wayne Lin was purely pretending, and he was still not pretending horizontally.

After a while, Wayne Lin changed into Liang Zhenghai’s suit in the car. Fortunately, Liang Zhenghai’s figure was not much different from him. Although he was a size smaller, he did not wear too much.

Soon, when the time came, they rushed to the five-star hotel where they were partying together. On the way, Cheng Yuan kept boasting about his glorious deeds over the years, how he made his fortune, how much money he made, how many big people he had met, and he had been there. Where, how many women have played with, wait, anyway, blow to death.

He is a person who likes to show off, especially in front of acquaintances, the more vigorous he plays, which makes him feel superior and fulfilled.

Wayne Lin ignored him the whole time, and he wouldn’t be bored. He just thought Wayne Lin was ashamed.

However, through Cheng Yuan’s boasting, Wayne Lin slowly realized the nature of the so-called upper-class party tonight. It was gathered by the rich second generations of several nearby cities, saying that it was held to welcome a young lady returning from abroad. Ordinary people are not eligible to participate in the dust washing banquet. Cheng Yuan is also barely eligible because he met a rich second generation and made a lot of money in the past two years.

Moreover, in order to pretend to be the scene, he invited several people to pretend to be his bodyguards to raise the grade. In addition to Liang Zhenghai and Wayne Lin, there are five young people who are mighty.

I went to a five-star hotel and saw a lot of luxury sports cars in the open-air parking lot, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, etc., which was particularly shocking.

Cheng Yuan also drove two steps in the BMW car, and he looked very face.

Wayne Lin was not interested in these so-called high-class gatherings at all. He noticed now that the black air on Liang Zhenghai’s forehead became stronger, and he immediately realized that tonight should be the day when Liang Zhenghai was killed!

Fortunately, I met him in time, otherwise, according to this black energy, Liang Zhenghai might still be in danger of life.


Yang Guiying is very annoying recently. She has always wanted to find Wayne Lin, but there is no way. Even if she went to Ziqiong Media several times, she did not find Wayne Lin. Now she regrets it very much. She knew this a long time ago. She shouldn’t offend Wayne Lin like this when she was at the airport!

Now Wayne Lin must have pulled her into the blacklist, irritable.

The so-called high-class party tonight is to welcome her, and the name is to wash her dust. But Yang Guiying had no interest in these, she still wanted to find Wayne Lin. She is a martial idiot, and Wayne Lin is the number one master in Province G. She has so many legends in her own right that she has long regarded Wayne Lin as an idol.

Chapter 508

“Guiying, why are you unhappy? There are so many people coming to wash the dust for you.”

When Yang Guiying was upset, a fat girl next to her asked her curiously.

Yang Guiying said: “It’s not interesting, the person I want to meet won’t come over.”

The chubby girl immediately opened her eyes and said in surprise: “No, Guiying, are you a man you like? Who?”

Several people around him were also shocked and felt very incredible. You must know that Yang Guiying is not an ordinary person, but the eldest lady of the Yang family, with a noble status, much more precious than the so-called rich second generation of them!

The Yang family, but a famous family in China, is not just as simple as being rich. The main thing is that it has a high social status. A few decades ago, it made a lot of economic contributions to China.

This is still the first, and another important point is that the Yang family has produced a lot of distinguished nobles, and they hold a part of the power. Not to mention the province of G, even if you look at the entire south, they are very powerful families.

Needless to say, Yang Guiying, as the core child of the Yang family, is even more distinguished.

Yang Guiying herself looks good and looks good. It should be pursued by many people. However, Yang Guiying is obviously a daughter, but she has the blood of a man in her bones. She has a very violent temper, and is especially aggressive, without saying a word. Just like to beat people.

It would be okay if Yang Guiying only had a bad temper. After all, her identity was there, and many people wanted to marry her. However, Yang Guiying has been practicing martial arts since she was a child. She is a martial idiot. She has a high level of cultivation. She is more powerful than many men. She is very ruthless and has a strong tendency to violence. For so many years, people who pursue her are more and more. not enough.

So when these people around me heard Yang Guiying’s words, they all opened their eyes and reacted very much. They both envied this man who could be favored by Yang Guiying, but also sympathized. With Yang Guiying’s temperament, they were liked by Yang Guiying. Well, that’s not being abused every day.

Yang Guiying rolled her eyes. She didn’t know what these people were thinking. She said angrily: “It’s not what you think. I’m talking about my idol, not my sweetheart.”


When they heard Yang Guiying’s words, they were even more daunted. There is an idol like Yang Guiying? Isn’t it?

They still want to ask again, but Yang Guiying doesn’t like to take care of them anymore, so she directly took Ouyang Yanran to the side, walked aside, and said, “Yanran, don’t you have an idol’s phone call? You call him and let me give it to him. Just two sentences, just two sentences.”

Tonight’s high-end party, Ouyang Yanran, who is a good best friend, also came to attend. She wore a relatively simple dress, no special dressing, just a normal style dress, but because of her stunning appearance, and noble temperament, she looked incomparable. Conspicuous, became the focus of the audience, I don’t know how many men’s attention it attracted.

She shook her head when she heard Yang Guiying’s words, and said, “How many times have I told you that Wayne Lin won’t answer my call, he doesn’t have me in his heart.”

After saying this, Ouyang Yanran felt quite disappointed. She thinks that the dignified eldest lady of Ouyang’s family is beautiful, and there are no one thousand but 800 people who pursue her. As long as she hooks her finger, as many men as she want He knelt down under her pomegranate skirt. As for Wayne Lin, she didn’t look at her straight, and didn’t take her to heart. Such a strong contrast made her feel extremely disappointed.

However, she is also guilty. The more Wayne Lin is so indifferent to her, the less she will forget Wayne Lin. She seems to have become a demon. She dreams of waiting until Wayne Lin is watching her!

But she knew that this day would be difficult to come, because Wayne Lin was too good, and there were countless good women around Wayne Lin.

Yang Guiying also sighed, propped her face, and said with regret: “Oh, you didn’t tell me the idol’s identity earlier. I had known that I was at the airport that day and gave the idol directly on my knees. Where can I offend idols? I went to Ziqiong Media to find idols these days, but idols simply ignored me.”

When Ouyang Yanran heard this, she also sighed for a long time, and was quickly full of loss and sadness. They looked like they were confused by the many rich second generations at the banquet.

At the same time, Wayne Lin followed Cheng Yuan’s team to the hotel, in the banquet hall.

This is not the first time he has come to attend such a high-class party. To him, it is very familiar, and there is no possibility of nervousness at all.

On the contrary, it was Cheng Yuan and Liang Zhenghai. Both of them were obviously more nervous. Seeing so many famous rich second generations, they were excited and nervous.

As for those five who acted as support for the scene, it goes without saying. Their current performance is that Grandma Liu walked into the Grand View Garden.

Wayne Lin smiled and said to Liang Zhenghai: “Zhenghai, don’t be nervous, the rich second generation is also a human being, nothing remarkable.”

When Liang Zhenghai heard Wayne Lin’s comfort, it seemed to have magical power, and his tension eased a lot. But when Cheng Yuan heard him here, he immediately hummed disdainfully, and said, “You are ashamed to comfort Zhenghai. You are so nervous that your legs are swinging now!”

Cheng Yuan originally wanted to see Wayne Lin’s downfall, helpless, and nervous jokes, but as a result, Wayne Lin was not nervous at all, but appeared very calm, which made him very unhappy.

He came out without hesitation at the moment.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Do you think I am nervous?”

“Hmph, just pretend it!” Cheng Yuan snorted heavily.

At this moment, Wayne Lin saw the black energy on Liang Zhenghai’s forehead, which became more intense and filled the entire forehead, very fierce, which made Wayne Lin frowned.

These black auras are invisible to others, only Wayne Lin can see it, which is very mysterious.

In fact, it can’t be regarded as black energy, but a negative magnetic field. It is not that the spiritual realm has reached a certain level, and it is not felt at all.

Liang Zhenghai’s black air is so strong, it shows that disaster is about to come.

Wayne Lin couldn’t help looking around to see where Liang Zhenghai’s disaster was, but he did not find out after watching for a long time. Because among the people present, there are no masters, most of them are ordinary people, at most they are martial artists in the realm of masters, so they shouldn’t have such a high damage power.

In this way, Liang Zhenghai’s disaster is still a man-made disaster, and it has offended someone.

Suddenly, in Wayne Lin’s spiritual world, he saw a ray of black energy that condensed on Liang Zhenghai’s forehead from Cheng Yuan beside him…

Immediately, he frowned and understood.

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