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Chapter 56

Hearing Liu Junsheng’s words, Candice Liu widened her eyes and said in shock: “Wow, Ziqiong Film and Television Company, that is a huge listed company, Junsheng, you are amazing, you can actually get in. But I heard that Ziqiong Film and Television Company The requirements are so high that ordinary people can’t get in?”

As parents, Liu Wenshan and Han Xiujuan had extremely proud smiles on their faces. The superiority was not concealed. Liu Junsheng raised his head and said, “For most people, the threshold for Ziqiong Film and Television Company is indeed very high. Many high-achieving students can’t get in, but for me, that’s it. I greeted and went straight in.”

Wayne Lin was taken aback when he heard that, Ziqiong Film and Television Company, isn’t it his company? Can Liu Junsheng, a borer, be able to apply? What’s happening here.

To be honest, Wayne Lin was not very happy about this. Of course it was not because he saw Liu Junsheng act like this, but he knew very well that Liu Junsheng’s ability was just a rice bucket. This kind of person can come to Ziqiong Film and Television Company, which shows that Zi Qiong Film and Television Company still has the existence of fake public and private benefits.

As the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, he naturally did not want this to happen. This kind of atmosphere is very bad, once it is not handled properly, it can easily lead to catastrophe. Imagine that because some people in the company continue to send mediocrities to the company for their own sake. Over time, the company will definitely be dragged down. If some mediocrities take up high positions, the situation will be even worse. It is not without serious dragging down the company. possible. Because of such examples, since ancient times, the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in an ant nest. Therefore, many long-lived companies in the world are very opposed to nepotism.

After Alma Chu on the side heard it, her whole body stopped, with a look of shock and excitement on her face. Obviously, I was stimulated by the words Ziqiong Film and Television Company. In her mind, she couldn’t help but think of the tall figure, the clown mask, the cold and arrogant but enthusiastic chairman. For a time, her heartbeat speeded up a lot.

Candice Liu’s jealous suddenly turned, looking at Liu Junsheng, and then at Wayne Lin on his side. The gap was too big.

“Junsheng, what position do you do in Ziqiong Film and Television Company? What is the salary?” Candice Liu asked.

A flash of embarrassment flashed in Liu Junsheng’s eyes, and he immediately disappeared cleanly. Except for Wayne Lin, everyone else was not observant enough and didn’t notice, “Position, not high, that is, just a small minister. For annual salary, after tax Nearly one million, barely enough for me. However, my leader said that I have performed very well during this period and have done a lot of beautiful performance. Next quarter, I will be promoted and raised.

Having said that, he deliberately coughed twice and looked at his empty teacup, suggesting that Wayne Lin would pour tea for him.

Wayne Lin was indifferent, Candice Liu kicked him in dissatisfaction immediately, and cursed: “You are blind. You won’t pour tea for guests. It’s really a wood, not eye-catching at all!”

Wayne Lin is very helpless. He is also the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company at any rate. He wants to pour tea for Liu Junsheng. If Liu Junsheng knows the truth, he will be scared to death, right?

This identity was not easily exposed, so Wayne Lin had to pour tea for Liu Junsheng, and also filled Liu Wenshan and Han Xiujuan.

Liu Junsheng looked at Wayne Lin with a fat face full of arrogance and disdain, and looked down on Wayne Lin completely.

“By the way, aunt, did Wayne Lin find a job?” Liu Junsheng said to Candice Liu with his small eyes rolled.

Liu Su

Hong rolled his eyes and said, “It’s okay if you don’t say this. I get angry when you say this. It has been more than four years since this rubbish has been in our house. I have been cats at home, eating, and finding a fart job. “

Alma Chu on the side couldn’t listen anymore. She felt that her mother was too shameful for Wayne Lin in front of outsiders. There was no need to do that. “Mom, what are you talking about? Wayne Lin got a job a while ago.”

Candice Liu said dissatisfiedly: “Just the job of the real estate agency? That’s a fart job, which can be done by an individual. You can’t get three thousand yuan a month’s salary. Is there a fart? He Junsheng It can’t be compared.”

When Han Xiujuan heard a puff of laughter, she exaggeratedly said, “Isn’t it? Real estate agency? Can this also make money?”

Liu Junsheng smiled and said: “Mom, you can’t say that. Real estate agents are also work, better than delivery, right? You can wear a suit anyway, right? Besides, people’s level is here. , You can’t let him also find a high-end job? Isn’t it difficult for you to be a strong man? After all, there is still a gap between people. You can’t use my conditions to ask others to not?”

Liu Wenshan also smiled and said: “Junsheng makes a lot of sense. Wayne Lin can come out to be a real estate agency. That’s better than eating and cooking at home. Doesn’t he have a job? Hahahaha…”

When the three of them said this, they looked at each other, and then couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Candice Liu’s face turned black immediately. She was not angry with her brother’s family. Instead, she felt very annoyed by Wayne Lin, thinking that it was Wayne Lin’s rubbish who lost her face.

Alma Chu also frowned. She had always disliked her uncle’s family. She was too snobbish, and she was especially ridiculing people. Every time she visited, she would taunt Wayne Lin and find superiority from Wayne Lin. Although she doesn’t like Wayne Lin, but anyway, Wayne Lin is also her husband, and the big dog depends on the owner. They are like this, but they don’t give her face at all.

She looked at Wayne Lin, hoping that Wayne Lin could fight for her anger and refute the other person, but when she saw Wayne Lin not only not angry, but also smiling, looking like she didn’t care, she didn’t get angry at all. I want to give Wayne Lin a kick, how could there be such a man who doesn’t need dignity!

Wayne Lin is indeed not angry. What makes him angry? He knows his own affairs. He is not a waste. On the contrary, he is now a successful man, a business crocodile, holding tens of billions of assets, and Ziqiong Film and Television Company is just one of his small companies. Next, he It will also increase investment and acquire more high-standard companies.

“As far as I know, the application requirements of Ziqiong Film and Television Company are very strict. At least you must have a bachelor degree or above to be eligible for admission? Liu Junsheng, didn’t you graduate from high school, why are you eligible to enter Ziqiong? Could it be that you spent money to get in? “Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Liu Junsheng’s expression suddenly changed. Wayne Lin felt a little frustrated and panicked. Wayne Lin was right. He was able to enter Zi Qiong. It was indeed a matter of money to go. Otherwise, how could he enter with his abilities and qualifications?

But he won’t admit this, and immediately scolded, “f*ck you shit, I applied for the job dignifiedly by my own ability, it’s not a relationship! I have outstanding ability, Liu Junsheng, and I am very popular with any company. Go relationship?”

Wayne Lin’s expression remained unchanged, and he continued: “Then you just said hello before you went in? Isn’t your remarks equal to slap your face?”

Chapter 57

Liu Junsheng was suddenly speechless by Wayne Lin. He was not a eloquent person, especially when he was nervous, he stammered more easily. Now he was so angry that Wayne Lin couldn’t say anything to refute. Started to stammer anxiously, “You, you, shut me up, shut up!”

Liu Wenshan slapped his hand on the coffee table suddenly, “Wayne Lin! What qualifications do you have to say that my son, you a waste who can’t even find a job!”

Han Xiujuan also scolded angrily: “Waste is really waste. You are obviously jealous that my son can enter Ziqiong Film and Television Company, and you are just a real estate agency with no future. You are jealous, so you maliciously slander Junsheng, you really Not a thing!”

The family of three began to lose heart, tearing their faces, and attacking Wayne Lin with various harsh words.

Wayne Lin was unmoved by this, and even thought he wanted to laugh.

Liu Wenshan said dissatisfiedly to Candice Liu: “Su Hong, you don’t care about this son-in-law, you don’t have the ability to fart, but the jealousy is so strong that you dare to make our Jiajun born. You have to let him apologize to us! “

Candice Liu slapped Wayne Lin on the back of his head, and cursed, “Wayne Lin, you are a trash, and quickly apologize to Junsheng.”

Wayne Lin was unhappy, “Mom, I just said that casually. Who knew his reaction was so big, why should I apologize?”

Candice Liu stared, rolled up his sleeves, and said sternly, “Ah, you dare to talk back, right? I count to three, and quickly apologize to Junsheng, otherwise you will get out and don’t come back!”

Seeing that Candice Liu was really angry, Wayne Lin knew that no matter how hard his mouth was, it was him who would suffer, and there was no need to have a general knowledge of people like Liu Junsheng. He would just fire Liu Junsheng with a call back.

“I’m sorry.” Wayne Lin said to Liu Junsheng, quite perfunctory.

Liu Junsheng smiled, but was dissatisfied. He frowned and said: “What kind of apology is you, you have no sincerity.”

Candice Liu kicked Wayne Lin again and said, “Speak up loudly to me, I haven’t eaten yet!”

Wayne Lin had no choice but to increase his voice and add another sentence, “I’m sorry, you were wrong. You didn’t spend money to get in Zi Qiong. You got in on your own real ability.”

Hearing these words, Liu Junsheng was very uncomfortable. He always felt that Wayne Lin was irritating him with yin and yang, and he did not feel the pleasure of being apologized, but he could not pick out Wayne Lin’s sting, so he reluctantly hummed.

Next, Liu Junsheng began to boast about the scale of ziqiong film and television company, how much profit each year, and how many popular stars there are.

As Zi Qiong’s chairman, Wayne Lin felt quite interesting when he kept boasting there.

“I’m telling you that Ziqiong Film and Television Company changed its new chairman not long ago. It is the second generation of super rich and rich beyond your imagination!” Liu Junsheng pretended to drink tea mysteriously, “I also went in Ziqiong. Qiong learned later that our new chairman of Michelle had bought most of the shares of Michelle Film and Television from the Lin family for 5 billion! 5 billion, a full 5 billion, what is this concept? Hundred-yuan bills, this house can’t fit!”

Wayne Lin was stunned. Didn’t he buy Zi Qiong for 2.5 billion? Why did it become five billion? This has doubled.

When Candice Liu heard this number, she immediately opened her mouth and was extremely shocked, “Oh my God, five billion! Isn’t this too rich? The total assets of our Chu family company are only four.

It’s only fifty million. “

Liu Junsheng said disdainfully: “Aunty, you can really be joking. Just your Chu family’s small company, compared with our Ziqiong Film and Television Company? It’s not at the same level at all.”

Candice Liu curled her lips. She felt uncomfortable after hearing this, but she couldn’t find a point to refute.

Alma Chu’s eyes gleamed when she listened, and she bit her lip lightly, yearning.

Wayne Lin said, “Five billion? It’s not as exaggerated as you said. How did I hear that the new chairman was acquired by Zi Qiong for 2.5 billion?”

Liu Junsheng stared over, and said impatiently: “Do you know Michelle or I know Michelle? You are a real estate agent, what do you know? Michelle Film and Television is the largest film and television company in Huarvell. Can buy 2.5 billion? Dreaming!”

This is not wrong. The current Ziqiong Film and Television Company, under the management of Wayne Lin, has steadily increased and reversed the negative growth. The market value has soared to 3.5 billion, and 2.5 billion is no longer available.

Candice Liu scolded: “If you don’t talk, no one will treat you as dumb. Junsheng is talking about Ziqiong Film and Television Company. What are you talking about? Do you know Ziqiong Film and Television Company?”

Wayne Lin is speechless, is there anyone in the world who knows Ziqiong Film and Television Company better than him?

When Liu Junsheng saw Wayne Lin being scolded, he was very happy and boasted even more vigorously. “You may not believe it. The new chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company is very young, about the same age as me, and he is very special. Handsome, very tall, and the real diamond king. I have eaten with him some time ago. He also praised me very much and said that I did a good job, haha!”

Speaking of this, Liu Junsheng was red, very proud.

Wayne Lin really wanted to laugh when he heard him brag so shamelessly. He, Chairman Zi Qiong, is sitting here. When did he praise him?

Alma Chu shouted out in a gaffe, staring at Liu Junsheng and asked, “Brother Junsheng, are you sure you have met Chairman Zi Qiong?”

Liu Junsheng straightened his waist and said without blushing or breathing, “Of course, I have been chatting with the chairman for a long time!”

Alma Chu’s heart beat faster, her face was ruddy, she couldn’t help but clenched her fist, and continued to ask Liu Junsheng, “Then do you remember the appearance of Chairman Zi Qiong?”

After asking these words, Alma Chu’s heartbeat was almost at its extreme, full of expectation, staring at Liu Junsheng intently, eager for an answer.

Some unnatural flashes flashed across Liu Junsheng’s face, and then he smiled and said, “I’m kidding, of course I remember, otherwise you think I lied to you?”

“Then can you describe his appearance?” Alma Chu’s tone was full of expectation.

Liu Junsheng considered it and said, “Fortunately, you asked me, otherwise the others in Michelle will not be able to answer. Our chairman is very low-key in the company, and Shenlong is not a high-level leader. There is no chance to meet the chairman.”

This is not bad. Wayne Lin is very low-key at Ziqiong Film and Television Company. He often wears casual clothes to go to work and only put on a suit when he arrives at the office. Therefore, most of the employees in the company do not know him. Only Damon Wang and other senior executives know him Look like.

The reason for this is that he still likes to keep a low profile.

Wayne Lin tried to recall that he seemed to be in Ziqiong’s company. He hadn’t seen Liu Junsheng, so he wouldn’t be exposed, right?

Chapter 58

Under the gaze of everyone’s expectations, Liu Junsheng began to play.

“Cough!” Liu Junsheng sat upright, coughed pretendingly, and began to say: “Chairman Zi Qiong is tall and burly, handsome, magnificent, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, and his eyes are particularly energetic, compared to many men in the entertainment industry. The stars are much more handsome! If our chairman makes his debut, a proper national husband.”

Alma Chu heard her heart throbbing and throbbing, thinking of the two previous contacts, her face flushed uncontrollably, showing a shy expression.

So the chairman is so handsome?

Liu Junsheng noticed her anomaly, and said jokingly: “Alma Chu, are you interested in the chairman? Haha.”

Alma Chu flushed immediately, and hurriedly said, “I didn’t!”

They still can’t see it, Alma Chu’s expression is obviously springing, and she is tempted by Chairman Zi Qiong. This is also a normal thing. Alma Chu was only in her twenties. It was when the woman was the most beautiful, but she hired a rubbish like Wayne Lin to be her son-in-law. Now she heard that Chairman Zi Qiong is so good, rich and handsome. It is normal for Alma Chu to be tempted.

Thinking of this, they all gloated at Wayne Lin, only to find that Wayne Lin did not show the slightest anger. Instead, they laughed. They all felt that Wayne Lin was not saved. It was really a waste, without the dignity of a man. His wife is interested in other men in front of her, and she doesn’t know how to be ashamed.

Of course Wayne Lin will not be angry. He is Chairman Zi Qiong, and the Chairman is him. Alma Chu only likes the other him. What is so angry about this.

Liu Junsheng said: “Alma Chu, I advise you to die. Chairman Zi Qiong is the fifth best of diamonds, with a net worth of tens of billions and looks handsome. He just hooks his fingers and doesn’t know how much. When a woman rushes forward, where is it your turn? Besides, aren’t you all married and thinking about other men, isn’t it okay?”

Alma Chu was said to look ugly and wanted to say something, but when she saw Wayne Lin with a hippie smile next to her, a sad heart swept over her. Yes, she is married. How could Chairman Zi Qiong like her? ? Don’t dream yourself!

Then Liu Junsheng continued to brag about how promising he is at Ziqiong Film and Television Company, and how the leaders praise him, he will immediately reach the peak of his life with a promotion and salary increase.

Candice Liu was particularly envious, and asked Liu Junsheng if he could arrange Shane into Ziqiong Film and Television Company, even from the bottom.

Shane Chu is about to graduate from university. She is her darling. She has always wanted Shane Chu to make a difference.

Liu Junsheng became addicted to it, and he did not hesitate to take care of it, saying that there was no problem, but in his words, it was revealed that arranging Shane to enter would also require a price, at least some money should be paid.

Wayne Lin couldn’t stand it anymore, and sent a message directly to Damon Wang. Instead of saying it directly, he warned Damon Wang that nepotism should not occur in the company, and the phenomenon that he could mix into Zi Qiong with money. Once he found out, the consequences would be very serious. serious!

When Damon Wang saw this information, he was taken aback on the spot, and he hurriedly notified him to strictly investigate nepotism and resolutely put an end to it.

It just so happened that Liu Junsheng’s leader received instructions from the top executives and scared him into a cold sweat. He remembered that he had actually recruited a mediocrity not long ago. If this was discovered, his position would be possible. No guarantee, hurriedly called Liu Junsheng.

“Junsheng, I will explain to you about this matter. When Shane Chu graduates, you can arrange for him to enter Ziqiong. Aunt, thank you, and I will invite you to dinner later,” Candice Liu said.

Liu Junsheng waved his hand and said lightly: “Aunt An Xin, I’m here, put

Shane Chu arranged to go in, which was a matter of one sentence. But the shame is the first thing I said. Zi Qiong is a listed company with strict rules and regulations. If Shane Chu doesn’t work hard, he will be easily kicked out. I won’t protect him then. “

Candice Liu nodded vigorously and said: “I know this, I promise it won’t make it difficult for you.”

Liu Junsheng nodded in satisfaction, coughed twice, and motioned to Wayne Lin to pour him tea. Seeing that Wayne Lin ignored him, just as he was about to scold someone, his mobile phone rang, and he took it out and saw the caller ID. He laughed and said, “Haha, my leader called me, and he must be supporting me.”

While speaking, he pressed the speaker to let everyone hear the conversation.

“Hey, Minister, it’s such a coincidence, I’m just about to call you…” Liu Junsheng spoke first, smiling very happily, and raised his eyebrows at Wayne Lin, showing his show off.

A middle-aged man’s voice came over the phone: “Are you talking now? I have something important to tell you.”

When Liu Junsheng heard this, he was shocked. He became excited all of a sudden, and his tone trembled slightly, “Convenient, convenient, and completely convenient! Minister, if you have any instructions, just say it, I will listen!”

Some time ago, the minister had hinted that he would be promoted to be a manager or something. Liu Junsheng had been waiting, thinking that he had spent more than 200,000 yuan on the minister and finally he was rewarded!

And this call came so coincidentally, when he came over to his aunt’s house, he called, and he could cooperate with him to pretend to be a force!

Candice Liu and others held their breaths and listened with their ears pricked up. The smiles on the faces of Liu Wenshan and Han Xiujuan, who were parents, could not hide, they were particularly proud and proud.

Soon, the minister’s heavy voice came through the phone, “Junsheng, it’s like this. Recently, the company has been very strict. If you graduated from high school, I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep it. As for the 200,000 you gave me. , I’ll transfer it to you later, and you won’t use it for work tomorrow.”


Liu Junsheng’s voice was amplified. The Minister’s words clearly spread to everyone’s ears. Except for Wayne Lin, everyone had a dumb expression, especially Liu Junsheng, who was completely stupid. How could this be?

Only Wayne Lin nodded in satisfaction. It seems that Damon Wang’s execution ability is still quite strong. Not long after he issued the order, the company started to move, which is not bad.

Liu Junsheng came back to his senses, he panicked, and hurriedly said, “Minister, are you kidding me? I’m already on the job, why would I be fired?! You didn’t promise me, I can stay with Zi Qiong. Minister?”

Liu Junsheng was very excited. He couldn’t help but pretend to be forced just now. In a blink of an eye, the Minister called and told him that he had been fired. His face hurt enough!

The minister said: “This is the meaning of the above. It is necessary to strictly investigate nepotism and prevent people like you who fish in troubled waters from entering Ziqiong Company. I can’t help it.”

“But you promised me…”

The minister interrupted him roughly: “What did I promise you? Liu Junsheng, I warn you, you should pay attention to what you say, if you stabbed me out, I will make you unable to eat and walk around! Besides, you What is your own ability, don’t you know how to count? Do you think you can really come in with your ability? Okay, I’m too lazy to tell you, that’s it, I’ll transfer the money to you right away, you later Hurry back and pack things.”

After speaking, the minister hung up the phone.

Liu Junsheng held the phone, crying without tears, like a concubine.

The expressions of his parents are also extremely wonderful.

Chapter 59

After a while, Liu Junsheng’s family couldn’t stay any longer and left in a desperate manner.

Originally, they were going to stay for lunch, but the phone call from Minister just now made them too embarrassed, especially Liu Junsheng, his face was beaten and swollen, staying here for a second is torture!

Where is the embarrassment to have a meal? I quickly found a reason and left with a sullen expression.

After they left, Wayne Lin couldn’t hold back and laughed.

Alma Chu couldn’t help but laugh.

Candice Liu said angrily: “Is it funny? Although she was dismissed by Zi Qiong, she still has a positive and enterprising spirit, and he is better than your Wayne Lin. If he doesn’t do anything, he actually becomes a real estate agency. What a shame to my Chu family!”

Wayne Lin was wondering, is the profession of real estate agency shameful? He thinks it’s pretty good. At least he makes money with his own hands. He doesn’t grab or steal. It’s better than those who are sneaky, right?

“Mom, it’s not shameful for me to be a real estate agency, right? I don’t rely on my own hands to work.” Wayne Lin said unconvinced.

Candice Liu said: “Oh, you dare to speak up? Now the real estate market is not good. How much money can you make in a month? Isn’t it a shame for a job that can’t make money?”

Wayne Lin really didn’t know what to say about Candice Liu’s three views, and could only express his speechlessness.

While Wayne Lin was going to cook, Candice Liu pulled Alma Chu aside, and said gossiping: “So, Chairman Ziqiong is so rich?”

As a daughter, Alma Chu could tell at a glance what Candice Liu had made. She said, “Mom, you don’t have to fantasize, it is impossible for Chairman Zi Qiong to like me.”

When she said this, she herself couldn’t help feeling sad and sad.

“That’s not necessarily!” Candice Liu said: “Alma, you have to have confidence in yourself. Look at you. You look so beautiful. You are much more beautiful than many celebrities. He has a good body, well-knowledgeable and reasonable temperament. Men drool when they see you. Chairman Zi Qiong is a man, and he will definitely like you too.”

When Alma Chu heard some hope arose, she immediately shook her head and said with a wry smile: “It’s useless, haven’t you heard Brother Junsheng say that there is no shortage of women around the diamond king like Chairman Xiang Ziqiong, as long as he He just hooked his fingers and didn’t know how many women wanted to give him a hug. How could he fall in love with me as an ordinary woman? Besides, as the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, he has so many popular female stars under his control, where will it be round? You’re on me?”

Candice Liu glanced at Wayne Lin in the kitchen secretly. Seeing that Wayne Lin hadn’t overheard, she increased her voice and said, “This is not necessarily true. As a man, Mom knows the psychology of men very well. It is precisely because Chairman Ziqiong is used to it. I missed the wild flowers outside, so I would be interested in your kind of virtuous family flowers. Besides, you didn’t say that when you went to Ziqiong Film and Television Company that day, he did not touch you, but borrowed I’ll give you 20 million, and you don’t need to pay an IOU, which means that he must be interested in you!”

Seeing Candice Liu’s appearance of nose and eyes, Alma Chu couldn’t help but feel shaken. Could it be that Chairman Zi Qiong really has a different feeling towards her?

Reading this, she also looked back

Wayne Lin in the kitchen swallowed and said, “Mom, there is actually one thing I haven’t told you. A few days ago, I went to Peter Zhang’s birthday, but…”

Next, she told Candice Liu about the events that attended Peter Zhang’s birthday, was drugged by Peter Zhang, almost deprived, and finally rescued by Chairman Zi Qiong, “I think Chairman Zi Qiong seems to know me. same.”

After listening to Candice Liu, she immediately clapped her hands excitedly, and said, “I didn’t run, I didn’t run! Chairman Ziqiong must be interesting to you, otherwise, why should he do anything to save you! Besides, think about it, if Zi Chairman Qiong didn’t protect you secretly, so how did he know that you are in the Golden Dragon KTV and need someone to rescue you? So, Chairman Zi Qiong must like you! Or he wants to get caught and wants you to find him actively what!”

Speaking of this, Candice Liu flushed with excitement, she kept rubbing her hands and pressing Alma Chu’s shoulders, “I have become rich! Chairman Zi Qiong, with a net worth of tens of billions, likes you! I won’t say anything. , Hurry up and divorce Wayne Lin this trash, go to Chairman Zi Qiong!”

Wayne Lin was in the kitchen. He heard some movement, but he didn’t hear clearly. He came out, a little curious.

When Alma Chu happened to see her, she couldn’t help but panicked. She pulled Candice Liu into the room and closed the door. “Mom, I think things are not as simple as you said. Chairman Zi Qiong knows that I have a husband, and, He also said a few times that he asked me to find my husband. If he really likes me, why should he always mention my husband? Besides, a person like him is completely not interested in me as a married woman. “

When Candice Liu heard this, she fell into deep thought. She paced back and forth, and then suddenly her eyes lit up, “I understand! Chairman Zi Qiong is of Cao Cao’s type!”

Alma Chu was confused when she heard that, she said that Chairman Ziqiong had something to do with Cao Cao. “Mom, what did you say? Why did you get to Cao Cao.”

“You are stupid, Cao Cao’s hobby is to like wives. Girls don’t like them yet.” Candice Liu said with an eventuality: “In my opinion, Chairman Ziqiong likes wives like Cao Cao, so you You can’t divorce Wayne Lin, keep your marriage relationship, and then go to contact Chairman Zi Qiong, take the initiative, and you will definitely win Chairman Zi Qiong!”

Alma Chu’s face blushed all of a sudden, “Mom! How could you say such a thing, it’s too shameless! What do you think of me? Although I don’t like Wayne Lin, you want me to do something like this , I absolutely cannot agree! Besides, this is also unfair to Wayne Lin.”

Candice Liu poked Alma Chu’s forehead and said, “So you are stupid, so don’t let Wayne Lin know about it! Besides, you and Wayne Lin are just fake couples, so you don’t have to be like a jade for him. The chairman got involved, and then kicked Wayne Lin away again. Who knows what you did?”

“No, no!” Alma Chu desperately shook her head, rejecting Candice Liu’s absurd idea.

Candice Liu wanted to say something to her, but she was kicked out of the room.

She stayed in the room by herself, looking at the wedding photo of her and Wayne Lin hanging on the bed, her heart was extremely complicated.

“Wayne Lin, if you were Chairman Zi Qiong, how good would it be? Then I don’t have to suffer this kind of torment…”

Chapter 60

Wayne Lin didn’t know Alma Chu’s psychological activities. After lunch, he went to work.

If he knew, he might not help telling Alma Chu that he is Chairman Zi Qiong, and he will pretend to lead you to fly in the future.

He is now the chairman of Zi Qiong, and Wayne Lin can’t ride an electric bike to work anymore, so as to avoid an oolong incident like the last time, which will cause trouble.

However, he didn’t buy a car. He had to call to work these days. When he got out of the car, the driver suddenly asked curiously: “Hey, buddy, you work at Zi Qiong?”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Well, is there a problem?”

“No problem, no problem!” The driver was a young man in his twenties. After he parked the car to the side of the road, he turned his head and talked to Wayne Lin, “Zi Qiong is a good place. There are so many popular stars in China. After signing the contract, many friends around me wanted to work for Zi Qiong, but unfortunately Zi Qiong’s threshold is too high, and no one can apply for it.”

After a pause, the driver said with envious expression: “Man, you work at Michelle, do you see many celebrities every day? I really envy you.”

Wayne Lin laughed blankly and said, “It’s okay. In fact, stars are also human beings. They all have a mouth, a pair of eyes and a nose. It’s not a big deal, right.”

After he acquired Zi Qiong, he has been very low-key and has not much contact with the company’s artists. But from the bottom of his heart, he believes that celebrities are also human beings. They are made by packaging. To put it bluntly, it is a profession. What is there to admire?

As everyone knows, the driver was unhappy after hearing this, and said solemnly: “That’s not the same, celebrities, they are all superlatives, so many people across the country know them, how rare it is for ordinary people to meet. Some time ago, I had a friend. , I asked for a Quanxi’s autograph. I don’t know how many people admire him. He also made two girls with this autograph, which was so cool.”

Wayne Lin was a little exaggerated, isn’t it just a signature, it can actually be used to pick up girls? See you a long time ago.

“Who is Quanxi?” Wayne Lin asked curiously. He was a bit ashamed when he said this. Even if he is the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Company, he is really unfamiliar with these stars in the entertainment industry. Know the old stars, such as the four kings, especially the current hot traffic stars, you can say that you don’t know everything.

The young driver immediately opened his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin like a ghost, full of incredible, “No, brother, you don’t know Quanxi either. It’s a very popular traffic star at the moment. Have you watched “Like a Dream”? Quanxi is the hero in it?”

Wayne Lin was a little embarrassed, he really hadn’t seen it.

“Okay…” The young driver looked speechless, “It seems that you really don’t know Quanxi, but it is no wonder that there has been a scandal in Quanxi recently, and a lot of fans have been lost. Before, Quanxi was called a fire…”

The driver Balabala said a lot. Wayne Lin was very helpless and had no choice but to say: “Brother driver, I will be late if I don’t go to work.”

“Huh? I forgot to see if I could talk, my mine.”

Wayne Lin has no interest in Quanxi. He is now a capitalist, and some of them are money. In his opinion, these stars work for him.

When we arrived at Ziqiong Building, because Wayne Lin wore ordinary clothes, no one recognized him as Ziqiong’s chairman.

Just when he was about to walk in, he suddenly heard a scream from behind. Many young people around rushed over. He looked back and saw a white Toyota Elfa parked on the side of the road. , There are two men in black suits, opening the door, there is a young man in white clothes with thick bangs, walking from inside

come out.

This man was very handsome, and the skin on his face was whiter than that of many women. His appearance was a typical small meat type. His appearance immediately caused a scream at the scene. Many young women swarmed up, like biochemical zombies, and took the forest. Ming was taken aback.



“Quanxi is so handsome! Quanxi I love you!”

“Quanxi, I want to have children for you…”

These women yelled a name, Quanxi. When Wayne Lin heard these two words, he was stunned. This damn-looking man was the Quanxi that the driver had just said?

This is not so handsome. Wayne Lin looked at Quanxi and found that there were traces of the knife in several places on his face. It was obvious that this little fresh meat had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Stars nowadays, instead of practicing their singing and acting skills, they make these bells and whistles instead.

But Wayne Lin didn’t say anything about despising them. After all, he is the boss of a film and television company, and these stars are his cash cow.

Wayne Lin was a little puzzled that this Quanxi shouldn’t be signed by Zi Qiong, so what did she come here to do?

Are you here to talk about cooperation?

Quanxi was very satisfied with the feeling of being watched and admired. With a bright smile on his face, he walked in all the way and waved to the fans constantly, giving people a very sunny and fond feeling.

Wayne Lin glanced twice and had a better impression of this Quanxi. But immediately, after Quanxi entered Ziqiong Mansion, the smile on his face disappeared instantly and turned into an impatient look, “I’m so bored, every time it’s these fans, especially those fat pigs, fat and ugly. I felt sick when I saw it! I was caught just now and it was disgusting.”

The assistant next to him quickly took out a wet tissue and wiped his hands on Quanxi, and said respectfully: “No way, the scandal a while ago has had too much influence on you. Many fans have already taken off their fans, but it’s okay, waiting for you. Signed with Zi Qiong, with Zi Qiong’s strength and your handsomeness in Quanxi, you can definitely get another hit!”

When Quanxi heard this, the expression on his face looked a lot better, and he smiled again, twitched his bangs, walked in strode, and said confidently, “That’s it, with my strength, Zi Qiong signed me. Make money steadily.”

At this moment, the agent on the side said: “Quanxi, wait a minute to meet with the senior management of Zi Qiong. You have to take a better attitude and not be as casual as before, you know?”

Quanxi was a bit disapproving, “It’s not necessary. With my current fame, Zi Qiong signed me. That’s because they have a big advantage. Unless they don’t want to make money, they don’t sign me, haha.”

The agent solemnly said: “That’s not necessarily true. Zi Qiong has already changed the chairman. Some time ago, a rich man spent a lot of money and bought Zi Qiong. It took less than a month to run Zi Qiong. In After the chairman took office, Zi Qiong was no longer the former Zi Qiong, and the market value continued to rise. Many artists wanted to come over to sign, so Zi Qiong might not be willing to sign us.”

“Besides, in your current situation, how many other film and television companies are willing to sign you?” The agent finally rapped meaningfully.

When Quanxi heard this, he fell silent, showing some bitterness. Yeah, he looks beautiful now. In fact, he is willing to sign his film and television company for a big price. There are not many, and among them, Zi Qiong is The most powerful one is his best choice! When he comes to Zi Qiong this time, he must sign a contract, otherwise his star journey may stop here.

Thinking of this, he felt irritable, and threw the wet tissue he wiped aside with a snap, which happened to be on Wayne Lin’s body.

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