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Chapter 61

Wayne Lin frowned immediately, and said displeased: “Hey! Who told you to throw garbage in Zi Qiong, pick it up for me.”

Hearing what Wayne Lin said, he looked back and saw Wayne Lin pointing at the wet tissue on the ground, and suddenly said displeasedly: “Are you talking to me?”

“Nonsense, I’m not talking to you and who to talk to.” Wayne Lin said unceremoniously. He just saw that Quanxi was very enthusiastic about fans, and he still had a little affection. He didn’t expect Quanxi to scold the fans like this when he turned around. The quality of throwing away garbage is really low. Such a person can be an artist, and I have to say that the threshold for this industry is really getting lower and lower. Before that, Wayne Lin even reported in the news that many celebrities fabricated their academic qualifications.

Quanxi’s education level is not high. He was dug out by scouts. He didn’t have much education. His quality was not very high. In addition, since the scandal started half a year ago, everything went wrong. Now he feels bored. The small wage earners dared to yell at him, and immediately became annoyed. He felt that his dignity was being challenged.

That’s right, in his opinion, Wayne Lin in front of him is just a wage earner, and the bottom class is definitely not the top class of Zi Qiong.

This is not to blame him. After four years of life as a son-in-law, Wayne Lin is now perfectly integrated into the class of ordinary people. As long as he does not deliberately exudes aura, he looks like a bottom of society, not to mention that he is now wearing ordinary The clothes are gone, normal people would not associate him with Chairman Zi Qiong.

“Do you know who I am? You dare to talk to me like this?” Quanxi walked back and said to Wayne Lin with absolute arrogance and disdain.

Wayne Lin’s face was cold, an outdated little star, dare to be arrogant in front of his dignified chairman Zi Qiong?

“Who you are has nothing to do with me. This is Ziqiong Film and Television Company. It is not a garbage dump. It is not a place where you can throw garbage.” Wayne Lin said.

Quanxi is very angry. He is a big star. Many fans want to see him. Now this poor ghost dare to yell at him. It is too presumptuous. At this moment, he realized what a tiger is. Luo Pingyang was bullied by a dog!

“I just littered, what’s the matter? Are you coming to bite me?” Quanxi smirked, squeezing a joking smile, staring at Wayne Lin, and then he took out a pack of tissues from the assistant, in front of Wayne Lin’s. The face was torn apart one by one, and then it was sprayed on the ground, and stepped on a few feet, looking at Wayne Lin provocatively.

Anyway, there is no one in this corner, and there is no camera, there is no possibility of exposure, Quanxi will humiliate the opponent as he wants!

He was originally a wayward person. On the surface, he has a very positive energy. In private, he has a bad temper and low quality. His assistant is scolded by him dozens of times a day, without any dignity.

Wayne Lin looked at Quanxi deeply, “Young man, I advise you not to be arrogant. It’s better to pick up the rubbish on the ground and say sorry to me. You still have a way out. Otherwise, you don’t want to be here. The line went down.”

Wayne Lin is not joking. With his energy, it is not too easy to block a traffic star. With his character, he generally disdains to do this kind of thing, but now this Quanxi really provokes him to anger, and the consequences of his anger are very serious!

However, his threat did not arouse Quanxi’s fear at all. Instead, he laughed, “Oh, dare you to threaten me? It seems that you, a hillbilly, don’t know who I am!”

“I didn’t know before, but now I know, a little star who has passed away.” Wayne Lin said teasingly.

Quanxi’s expression immediately changed when he heard this. He gritted his teeth and stared at Wayne Lin angrily, “Fart! I’m a popular traffic star, when has he passed away!”

He actually spit out fragrance directly, if his fans knew about it, he would surely be surprised. By then, more people would get rid of powder.

The agent frowned, walked over and said in a bad tone, “Hand it over.”


The agent said: “Stop pretending, hand over the recorder, you don’t need to deny it, you’re like this

Come and touch our home in Quanxi, which must be the paparazzi of some media. “

Wayne Lin was amused, “I can’t touch him? Obviously he throws trash everywhere. With his quality, it is no wonder that there will be a scandal.”

Quanxi clenched his fists and scolded angrily: “Presumptuous! Who gave you the courage to scold me? I think you are trying to die!”

As his voice fell, the two bodyguards behind him walked out and surrounded Wayne Lin. The agent also said gloomily: “Well, toast or not to eat or fine wine? I don’t care if you are. Which media, I now warn you one last time and hand over the recorder, otherwise, I’m not polite to you!”

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, and said directly, “I am crazy, I don’t have a recorder, let alone a paparazzi. You are here to talk about cooperation with Zi Qiong, don’t go up, now I will reject you, we Zi Qiong will never I will work with low-quality artists, so go ahead.”

The agent froze for a moment when he heard Wayne Lin’s words, and then looked at Wayne Lin carefully, muttering in his heart, is it possible that the young man in front of him is a senior leader of Zi Qiong? There is no reason. She has been in this circle for a long time, and she has cooperated with Zi Qiong several times. I have never heard of such a young one in the senior management of Zi Qiong.

However, in a cautious mind, the agent still asked: “Who are you? What right do you have to make decisions for Michelle?”

Wayne Lin looked at the time. It was almost three o’clock in the afternoon. He still had a lot of affairs waiting for him to take care of. He became a little impatient and said directly, “As long as I am the new chairman of Zi Qiong. Now, you all Get out of here.”

The atmosphere suddenly calmed down, and they all looked at Wayne Lin in amazement. The next moment, they all laughed in unison, as if they had heard a big joke.


“I heard that right, did I? This guy actually said that he is the new chairman of Michelle? It really laughs at me.”

“It’s really stupid every year, this year is so much! I see a lot of shameless people, as shameless as him, I still see it for the first time, and don’t take a piss to take pictures of myself, just like him. You actually have the face to say that you are Chairman Zi Qiong?”

“It’s all bragging anyway, why don’t you dare to brag, I also said that I am the richest man in the world!”

“If he were Chairman Zi Qiong, I would eat all the rubbish on the ground, it would be a real laugh.”

They all laughed, looking at Wayne Lin with endless mocking expressions, completely looking at a fool.

Wayne Lin has endured this kind of misunderstanding a lot. He is not angry. Instead, he is helpless. He wonders if he is too low-key. Before coming to the company, he will put on a suit directly.

Seeing Wayne Lin calm down and not speaking, I thought he was scared and laughed louder.

At this moment, the agent’s mobile phone rang, and when she saw the caller ID, she immediately put away her ridicule, her expression became serious, and made a’hush’ gesture to Quanxi and others, and said in a low voice: “It’s the king. Don’t talk anymore.”

She answered the phone cautiously, showing a flattering expression, and said respectfully: “Hey, Mr. Wang…Yes, yes, Quanxi and I have arrived, just downstairs…What, are you coming to pick us up in person? No need for this, how can we… Oh, oh, okay, we are right here…”

After the agent hung up, he was full of excitement and said to Quanxi happily: “Great, Mr. Wang personally came down to receive us up there, full of sincerity! It seems that we are about to run in time and can successfully sign with Zi Qiong. Up!”

Quanxi was full of excitement when he heard this, and shook his fist vigorously. Suddenly, he thought of something and said to Wayne Lin jokingly: “What did you just say? You are the new chairman of Zi Qiong. Also drove us out of Zi Qiong? Now Zi Qiong’s Wang is about to arrive, wait a minute to see how you pretend. Tell you, your behavior just now has caused a violation of the law, and wait to go to jail then! The little paparazzi, dare to fight me Quanxi?”

His face was arrogant and disdainful, and he looked like a villain.

Chapter 62

Wayne Lin was amused again, he wanted to see it, and when Damon Wang came to call his chairman, the expressions of these people changed.

The agent saw that he could still laugh, and said: “You can laugh at the end of your life, your face is really thick…”

Having said this, she looked behind Wayne Lin, suddenly her eyes lit up, changed the mockery on her face, and showed a flattering expression again. After winking at Quanxi, she immediately walked around Wayne Lin and greeted him quickly. , Said happily: “Oh, Mr. Wang, you really have come down. Why are you so embarrassed?”

Damon Wang and the senior executives of the three companies came over with a smile on their faces and said, “Hehe, Sister Zhang and Quanxi have come all the way, of course I have to come down to receive them.”

With this shout, Sister Zhang made the agent’s smile brighter, Quanxi also felt respect, and an excited expression appeared on his face, flattered and shook hands with Damon Wang, bent over, and lowered his posture. “President Wang is interested, Quanxi has always looked up to Mr. Wang, and seeing Mr. Wang today, it is really better to meet him!”

Quanxi had prepared a lot before he came, and now he caught Damon Wang as a flattery, including the three high-level colleagues in the same industry. They also flattered a lot and kept their posture very low.

He found that Damon Wang’s aura was very large. In front of Damon Wang, he couldn’t get up at all. In the face of Damon Wang, breathing was a bit difficult, and he was much more majestic than the boss of the film and television company before him.

In this way, he is more confident about the future. As long as he can successfully sign with Michelle, then he is still likely to become popular, and with Michelle’s resources, he is even more popular than before. Thing!

He also started to plan in his heart. If he is lucky enough to meet the new chairman of Michelle, he must flatter himself! Imagine that even Damon Wang, who is the general manager, is so powerful, how awesome is the chairman?

“Hehe, Quanxi is really handsome, he is indeed a popular traffic star on the entire network some time ago, not bad, not bad.” Damon Wang said with a smile.

When Quanxi heard this, he was a little embarrassed while he was excited. What Damon Wang said some time ago, which meant that he was not popular now, but this was a fact, and he couldn’t refute it.

The agent Zhang Jie said: “As long as Quanxi can cooperate with Zi Qiong, with Zi Qiong’s resources, Quanxi will surely become popular again soon!”

Damon Wang was not humble. He straightened his body and said proudly: “That’s natural. Since our new chairman took office, now Zi Qiong is booming, the market value is rising, and the resources are solid. It is no longer the Zi Qiong before. As long as Ziqiong packs Quanxi, within a month, Quanxi will be able to return to its peak, or even hotter.”

When Quanxi heard this, he blushed with excitement, and clenched his fists.

He thought of something and suddenly laughed, “Speaking of Michelle’s new chairman, I encountered an interesting thing just now. There was a poorly dressed hanging silk who dared to claim to be Michelle’s new chairman, and he was not ashamed. Get me out of Violet Haha.”

The agent and the assistant also laughed, taking this as a conversation capital, and began to talk about what happened just now, without noticing that Damon Wang’s expression was wrong.

“Where is the young man you are talking about?” Damon Wang raised his brows and said in a deep voice.

Quanxi turned her head and pointed to Wayne Lin, who was looking down at her mobile phone, not far away, “Hey, it’s still there, this guy, whose whole body is less than two hundred yuan, dare to claim to be Chairman Ziqiong. ,it’s so funny.”

“Presumptuous!!” Damon Wang shouted violently, his face flushed, and anger and some fear appeared in his eyes.

However, Quanxi thought that Damon Wang was scolding Wayne Lin, smiled even more happily, and said, “It’s really presumptuous.”

At this time Wayne Lin raised his head and looked at Damon Wang with a smile without a smile. Damon Wang’s scalp suddenly became numb. He hurried up to meet him, bowed in front of Wayne Lin, and shouted respectfully, “Chairman!”

The audience fell silent for a while.

The people in Quanxi opened their eyes wide, incredible, looking at Damon Wang dumbfounded as if they had lost their souls, and their brains would not be able to react for a while.



I’m not mistaken, did Mr. Wang call this poor fellow chairman?

No, I must have hallucinations! It can’t be true.

Wayne Lin nodded gently, and said to Damon Wang, “You want to dig out Quanxi?”

Damon Wang already knew what happened from Quanxi and Sister Zhang. How dare you admit it now? He shook his head hurriedly and said, “No, no, it’s not that I want to dig, but they want to come over and talk to Zi Qiong for cooperation. “

Wayne Lin didn’t break him. He looked over Damon Wang, glanced lightly at the earth-colored Quanxi, and said, “I don’t like this Quanxi very much. Ziqiong will not allow him to have any commercial cooperation in the future, otherwise I will be very upset, you know?”

“Know!” Damon Wang nodded like a little chicken pecking at rice, “From now on, Zi Qiong will block Quanxi and prohibit all cooperation with Quanxi!”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded and confessed that someone was sent to clean the garbage on the floor, and then he went up the elevator.

Until Wayne Lin left, Quanxi and Sister Zhang recovered. They looked at each other and saw the shock, regret and despair in each other’s eyes!

Oh my God, the man who was mocked by them just now was actually Michelle’s new chairman!

What did they do!

A strong remorse swept their hearts, especially Quanxi. He is now cold all over, and he can’t wait to give himself a big slap in the face.

Wayne Lin’s last remark just now made him terrified, and Zi Qiong not only refused to sign him, but also blocked him!

His current situation is bad enough. If Zi Qiong is offended, then he really has no chance to turn over.

Sister Zhang also realized this. She hurried to catch up and said to Damon Wang: “Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, what was just now was a misunderstanding. We didn’t know that he was the chairman of Zi Qiong, Mr. Wang!”

Damon Wang stared at her coldly, with anger in his tone, “Zhang Shaodi, Quanxi, you guys are awesome, you actually offended our chairman of Zi Qiong to death in a single meeting, and said he was a poor man? Niubi, you are awesome! Since you are so awesome, then go there by yourself, I want to see, after being blocked by my Ziqiong, you are still awesome!”

Feeling Damon Wang’s anger, Quanxi shivered and was about to cry. How could he be so unlucky? It is obvious that he came to talk to Zi Qiong with sincerity to discuss cooperation, so how could he offend Zi Qiong’s chairman inexplicably ?

Isn’t this killing him!

No matter how he begged Damon Wang, Damon Wang was unwilling to pay attention to him, and directly asked the security to drive them out.

When Quanxi returned to the car, his mentality collapsed. He really couldn’t help it. He cried out and vowed in his heart that he would have a chance to meet Wayne Lin next time and he would apologize to Wayne Lin and please Wayne Lin anyway. , Even let him kneel down!

He couldn’t imagine what he could do if he lost his job.

For Wayne Lin, this incident was just a small episode, and it did not affect him in any way. After he went to the office, he forgot about it and began to concentrate on work.

At the same time, on Alma Chu’s side, she also encountered a dilemma.

Just now, a female classmate informed her that a junior high school classmates meeting would be held the night after tomorrow, so that she could attend and bring her family members.

Alma Chu subconsciously wanted to refuse. She hadn’t been willing to participate in the class meeting or something. She was even more embarrassed to ask her to take Wayne Lin.

She hasn’t forgotten that Wayne Lin lost a lot of face to her during the last class reunion.

However, the next female classmate’s words made her shake, “Alma Chu, you must come over. I heard that this class reunion, Chen Hao specially invited Quanxi over to sing! Quanxi, big star! Haven’t you always wanted Quanxi’s signature, this time you have a chance.”

Chapter 63

“Quanxi will really come?” Alma Chu asked emotionally.

“Yes, why did I lie to you? Chen Hao is doing well now. With his strength, please ask Quanxi to come over.”

Alma Chu thought for a while and said, “Well, then I will think about it.”

“What are you still thinking about? Just come here. Everyone hasn’t been together for a long time.” The female classmate said: “That’s it. I’ll sign up for you. There will be many shows. But I think you It’s better not to bring family members, after all… Hey, you know! Okay, I won’t tell you anymore, I will continue to contact other classmates.”

After hanging up the phone, Alma Chu showed a hesitant look, she was indeed a little moved. First of all, she hasn’t seen this group of junior high school students for a long time. Nowadays, it’s rare for someone to organize a class reunion. She should go to participate in it. It just happens that she has nothing to do the day after tomorrow.

And most importantly, it would be too tempting if Quanxi came to sing!

Alma Chu quite likes Quanxi. Of course, she is not talking about the relationship between men and women, but purely chasing stars. She really likes the TV series “Like a Dream” some time ago. Strictly speaking, she likes Quanxi in “Like a Dream”. Role, not Quanxi.

Of course, Quanxi is very handsome. If he could get an autograph, that would be great.

After thinking about it, Alma Chu decided to participate in the reunion of the day after tomorrow.

As for the name Chen Hao, she has not caused any disturbances in her heart now. After so many years, I believe Chen Hao has forgotten her a long time ago.

Yes, in junior high school, she used to have an ambiguous past with Chen Hao. Of course, it was not a relationship. At that time, the study atmosphere was still very pure, but they were the best grades in the class, often not her first. Chen Hao is the first, there are scandals between his classmates, nothing more.

But at that time, she and Chen Hao did have a good opinion of each other. Now so many years have passed, I have long forgotten about each other.

The day after tomorrow, Alma Chu thought for a while and asked Wayne Lin, “Are you free tonight?”

Wayne Lin said, “I’m free, what’s the matter?”

Alma Chu said, “I have a junior high school classmate meeting tonight. It will be held at the Xicheng side. Would you like to come together?”

Wayne Lin looked surprised, and asked with some uncertainty, “Don’t you always want to take me to your classmate meeting? Why this time…”

Alma Chu’s face turned cold, and she said angrily: “Will love go?”

“Go, go, why not, I must go!” Wayne Lin said hurriedly.

Just kidding, Wayne Lin knows the nature of this kind of classmate meeting best. It is the chance of a well-mixed classmate who pretends to be forced. Alma Chu is so beautiful that she will definitely be drunk or even mopped up by then, Lin Zi Where is Ming not going?

The corners of Alma Chu’s mouth rose unconsciously, showing a little smile. In less than a second, she disappeared immediately, and continued to make an icy look, “You can go, but you must listen to my arrangements. Don’t talk or eat. , Don’t shame me again, you know?”

“Know.” Wayne Lin nodded quickly and agreed.

“Then you come to pick me up from get off work today, and we will go there together.” Alma Chu explained.

“Okay, no problem.” Wayne Lin nodded vigorously, then took out his mobile phone, sent a message to Damon Wang, and rejected the dinner tonight.

Speaking of him, he has been in Zi Qiong for so long, and the company has never had a good dinner, and many employees in the company have not watched it.

His appearance, especially those artists who signed contracts, strongly demanded to have a dinner together and get to know the new chairman. It’s a good thing to slap the chairman’s flattery casually, even if you can’t do it.

Those young and beautiful female artists are even more cautious and have to woo the new chairman. Now Michelle is prospering. If she can hold the chairman’s thigh and use the company’s resources to push it, it’s not straightforward. I’m angry.

When Damon Wang received Wayne Lin’s message, he was helpless, but he did not dare to complain.

Just kidding, sending the chairman’s complaint, does he want to continue working in Zi Qiong?

He also admired Wayne Lin in his heart. When he became the chairman of the board at such a young age, he was not sorrowful and had not touched the female artists in the company. He asked himself that he couldn’t do it. Maybe this is the kind of person who can be so capable, right?

Wayne Lin didn’t go to work with Zi Qiong today. He used the day time to clean up himself, got a refreshing haircut, and bought a suit to dress himself up as handsome and handsome, so he couldn’t shame Alma Chu. .

Of course, he didn’t dare to buy a suit that was too expensive. It would not be good if Alma Chu discovered something was wrong.

So he bought a set of hundreds of ordinary suits and more than 300 leather shoes. When Alma Chu got off work, he went to the company to wait for Alma Chu in advance.

After get off work, Alma Chu came out of the company on time and saw Wayne Lin standing there in a suit and leather shoes. She couldn’t help but barely recognize her. She was accustomed to seeing Wayne Lin’s sloppy and sloppy look. Now looking at Wayne Lin’s suit and leather shoes, with neat hairstyle, it feels a bit amazing.

And mainly, she found a familiar feeling from Wayne Lin…

“Alma, you are off work.” Wayne Lin smiled and greeted her.

Alma Chu looked up and down Wayne Lin and asked, “Where did you get this suit?”

Wayne Lin turned around and said with a smile: “I bought it, how is it, isn’t it handsome? The total set cost me nearly 1,000 yuan.”

However, Alma Chu did not smile. Instead, her expression became cold. Staring at Wayne Lin, there was even some annoyance in her eyes, and she said: “Not handsome at all, it’s ugly!”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was stunned. Why is he not handsome like this? No reason! He was dressed up in the image of Chairman Michelle, wondering if Alma Chu was interested in the identity of Chairman Michelle. If he was dressed as Chairman Michelle, Alma Chu would definitely like it too.

Alma Chu indeed saw the shadow of Chairman Ziqiong from Wayne Lin. Before Wayne Lin was wearing casual clothes, he hadn’t noticed yet. Now that Wayne Lin is wearing a suit, he feels that Wayne Lin and Chairman Ziqiong are too similar in figure.

Looking at Wayne Lin like this, Alma Chu felt that Chairman Zi Qiong had been desecrated. Just as Wayne Lin was a waste, what qualifications did he have to be like Chairman Zi Qiong!

In her opinion, Chairman Zi Qiong is the most perfect man in the world, and Wayne Lin is just a waste, there is no comparison between the two!

“Why? Isn’t it good for me to dress like this? Tonight is your classmates meeting. I will dress more handsomely and give you face.” Wayne Lin said puzzled, he was a bit wronged.

Alma Chu’s gaze was still very cold, even more disgusted, and went straight up to take off his suit jacket, “I tell you to take it off and then take it off, where is so much nonsense!”

“Okay, I’ll take it off, don’t talk…” Wayne Lin said hurriedly. He felt that Alma Chu today is too abnormal. Does Alma Chu no longer like Chairman Zi Qiong? So it is annoying to see him dressed like Chairman Dong Ziqiong? If so, that would be a good thing.

Chapter 64

For this reason, Wayne Lin went home specially and replaced it with the usual stall goods, because yesterday I wore it for a day without washing it, it looked crumpled, and some places looked a bit dirty. Wayne Lin asked: “Really Go there without wearing a suit?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Alma Chu glared at him impatiently, looked at him for a few seconds, and smiled, “You still look good in this suit.”

Wayne Lin was a bit speechless, Alma Chu’s aesthetics, he obviously looks good in a suit.

The place where Alma Chu’s junior high school classmates will be held this time is a resort in Xicheng. The scale is medium, not too big, but the consumption is relatively high. The average per capita costs two to three thousand. Their class has more than 40 people, and it costs ten. Ten thousand come. Moreover, I heard that Chen Hao had covered all the expenses this time, and he was very proud, so this class reunion can only be held so successfully, and almost all that can come.

Alma Chu was very excited along the way. I haven’t seen these old classmates for many years. I don’t know how they have become. Are they all married and established?

Wayne Lin’s car arrived at the parking lot of Xicheng Resort and found a parking space. When he was about to drive in, a car was suddenly inserted from the side and grabbed the parking space with Wayne Lin. With a bang, it hit Wayne Lin directly. In the car.

“What’s the situation? Did you hit someone else’s car?” Alma Chu’s expression changed and she frowned.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “We were hit by someone, and it is the other person’s responsibility.”

Alma Chu breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s okay, let’s see if I can get private with him. After all, the classmate meeting is about to begin, and I don’t want to be delayed.”

“it is good.”

Wayne Lin had just got out of the car and hadn’t seen anyone. He immediately heard an arrogant voice, “Hey! How did you drive, your eyes are blind, I can’t see that this parking space has been taken by me? I whistle to you Are you still going back? I tell you, you must be fully responsible for this accident!”

A short and chubby man walked over with a gloomy face. As he walked over, he cursed unceremoniously, very arrogantly.

When the guy didn’t agree with him, he cursed, Wayne Lin pulled his polite face down, “You’re saying the opposite, obviously I saw this parking space first, my car has already parked in, and you have to get in. , You look at the location of the two cars, it is clear that you are solely responsible.”

“f*ck your mother!” The fat man directly exploded, with a more ferocious and violent expression on his face. He pointed directly at Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “You drove a broken public, so you dare to grab Lao Tzu’s parking space? Do you know what Lao Tzu’s car is, BMW 525, which is hundreds of thousands more expensive than your broken Lang Yi! Lao Tzu’s maintenance can keep up with your one-year insurance.

Because of his cursing, many people around him came over, and they were all talking.

Wayne Lin’s face became gloomy. Originally, he wanted to talk to the other person well, and then he would be private if he was able to be private. As a result, this guy was so arrogant and lacked any self-cultivation at all. Point me again?”

The fat man was taken aback by Wayne Lin’s sudden sharp eyes, and the fierceness on his face was reduced a lot, and he said sternly, “Why, you don’t make sense, you dare to beat people!? Okay, there is something you touch. Let me try! I can’t kill you.”

Wayne Lin was really annoyed when he encountered such a rogue, but instead of attending Alma Chu’s class reunion tonight, he directly let the fat man lie down.

Alma Chu heard the movement and got off the car, “Wayne Lin, why are you arguing with others? Didn’t you say you are going to be private?”

Alma Chu’s appearance caused a brief silence in the surrounding voices, and they all looked at her in surprise.

In order to participate in tonight’s classmates meeting, Alma Chu specially dressed up, with light makeup on her face, which can be said to be charming and full of femininity.

Wayne Lin saw the reaction of everyone, as Alma Chu’s husband, he was very proud.

“Before I had time to talk privately, he raked back and bit me.” Wayne Lin said.


b When the fat man saw Alma Chu, his small eyes were round, staring straight at Alma Chu, shining with surprise and obsession.

Alma Chu saw the fat man’s face clearly, and said in surprise, “He Ziqiang? It’s you.”

When the fat man heard Alma Chu calling his name, he also recognized Alma Chu, “You are, Alma Chu?!”

“Yes.” Alma Chu smiled and nodded, with a happy smile on her face, “I thought you didn’t recognize me anymore.”

“Knowing and knowing, how could you not knowing!” Fatty He Ziqiang looked at Alma Chu’s body with his eyes. He couldn’t move it away, and he secretly swallowed twice. He changed his arrogance and rudeness, and made a special order. With her clothes, she stepped up and took the initiative to shake hands with Alma Chu, “It’s really a big eighteen change. I haven’t seen you for many years. You are so beautiful. I thought I met a big star.”

When Alma Chu heard He Ziqiang praise her, the smile on her face widened, but when she saw He Ziqiang want to shake hands with her, she hesitated. She didn’t like He Ziqiang’s look at her, the look narrowed.

Just as she said embarrassingly, Wayne Lin on the side stepped forward and shook hands with He Ziqiang instead of Alma Chu, “Fortunately, you are an old classmate of my wife.”

Seeing that Alma Chu was so beautiful, He Ziqiang immediately became active and wanted to take advantage of Alma Chu’s advantage. He didn’t expect to be stopped by Wayne Lin. His face immediately became difficult to look at. He immediately took out his hand and said displeased: “You Who, I’m talking to Alma Chu, what’s the matter with you? You just scratched my BMW and I haven’t settled with you yet.”

He has always had no quality, the type of nouveau riche.

Wayne Lin said, “My name is Wayne Lin, Alma Chu’s husband.”

He Ziqiang heard this, his small eyes widened, and he looked at Alma Chu in surprise, “Alma Chu, are you already married?”

Alma Chu glared at Wayne Lin, but didn’t deny it, but nodded to admit it.

He Ziqiang’s expression immediately turned gloomy. He had a crush on Alma Chu when he talked to school before. Now he has made money, with millions of net worth. He just bought a BMW 525 last month and is ready to be in the class meeting. Go, show it off, maybe there is a chance to go to Alma Chu, to satisfy the regret of junior high school. But in the end, I didn’t expect that Alma Chu actually got married and brought her husband here? Then he still has a fart chance!

Especially now Alma Chu is more beautiful than before, and the more he thinks about it, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

“Alma Chu, even though we are old classmates, we fall back to the same thing. You always disclosed that the car is not good enough and hit my BMW. You have to give me an explanation.” He Ziqiang said with a smile.

Alma Chu felt unhappy when he heard the words. Everyone with a discerning eye knew that it was He Ziqiang who bumped into Wayne Lin, and the responsibility was on him.

“He Ziqiang, you are mistaken. I saw the scene of the accident. It is obvious that you hit my husband’s car. My husband’s car has already pressed into the parking lot line, and your car is still outside. “Alma Chu said solemnly.

He Ziqiang’s face sank, and he said unceremoniously, “Alma Chu, what do you mean by this? Tell me clearly! You just drive a car, mine is a BMW, and I am guilty of hitting you? Obviously you made a mistake. I hit the front of my car! Could it be that you want to play tricks?”

His mouth was like a machine gun, and Barabala kept talking, but Alma Chu couldn’t talk about him, and his expression became more and more aggrieved.

Wayne Lin couldn’t stand it anymore, he pulled Alma Chu back, and was about to make a phone call to ask Jeff Han to send someone over to educate He Ziqiang. At this moment, a voice full of magnetism came from behind him.

“Alma Chu, it’s you, long time no see!”

Everyone looked back and saw a meticulous man dressed in a brand-name suit and dressed himself up. He was surrounded by a group of people. When he saw Alma Chu, his face was full of surprise.

When Alma Chu saw him, her body trembled slightly, her eyes also showed surprise and a trace of unnaturalness, and she blurted out, “Chen Hao?”

Chapter 65

Chen Hao walked quickly to Alma Chu and looked at Alma Chu deeply, “Alma, long time no see, I didn’t expect you to remember me.”

Alma Chu was a little embarrassed to be stared at by him, her face flushed slightly, she avoided Chen Hao’s gaze, and smiled and nodded.

Wayne Lin noticed Alma Chu’s strangeness, and his heart moved, could it be that Alma Chu and this man named Chen Hao had an unknown past?

To be honest, Wayne Lin was a little uncomfortable. No man wanted his wife to have any entanglement with other men.

However, he did not immediately stand up and be jealous. It was Alma Chu’s classmates meeting tonight, and this point of face was still for Alma Chu.

Observing Chen Hao secretly, he can be sure that the other party is a successful person with a bit of wealth. This can be seen from the self-confidence he showed, the awe of him surrounded by so many people.

He Ziqiang said: “Chen Hao, you are here at the right time. You are our monitor. You are here to judge. Alma Chu always publicizes her lack of long eyes and bumps into my BMW. Is it his full responsibility!”

Chen Hao keenly perceives the key words in He Ziqiang, his complexion changes immediately, and he says in a gaffe: “Alma, are you married?!”

Alma Chu did not answer right away, but was silent for a while before saying, “Yes.”

With Alma Chu’s admission, Chen Hao’s expression changed.

To be honest, he spent so much time in organizing the class reunion this time. In addition to his success and fame, he came back and showed off with his former classmates. There is also a big reason that he wants to take Alma Chu through this opportunity!

Some time ago, he saw a recent photo of Alma Chu from a female classmate and was shocked by the fact that he had this idea at that time.

But he didn’t expect that Alma Chu was already married, which made his heart feel uncomfortable for a while!

He tried to control his expression so as not to be so gloomy. He squeezed out a smile and said, “Alma, are you kidding me? You said you won’t get married until you’re twenty-six years old. You’re only twenty-five this year, haha. “

Alma Chu sighed and said, “I have been married for four years.”

The corners of Chen Hao’s mouth twitched violently, “No way? What about your husband? Why didn’t I see it!”

He said this sentence with some emotion.

Wayne Lin stood up at the right time, took the initiative to reach out to Chen Hao, smiled and said, “Hello, my name is Wayne Lin and I am Alma’s husband.”

Suddenly, Chen Hao’s eyes all looked at Wayne Lin. When they saw Wayne Lin was wearing crumpled clothes, and some areas were obviously dirty, they knew it was a bargain. They were all stunned.

This man who looks shameless and has an ordinary temperament, if he were a waiter, no one would doubt that he would be Ban Hua Chufei’s husband? They all think this is a joke!

Chen Hao had the same idea. He stared at Wayne Lin and looked up and down, judging that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person, and he had absolutely no money. How could such a man be worthy of Alma Chu!

Moreover, as an old classmate, Alma Chu knows how high his vision is. He must be an elite person who can marry Alma Chu home.

Chen Hao didn’t shake hands with Wayne Lin, just ignored him, and smiled at Alma Chu and said, “Alma, you are starting to be naughty again, ha ha, you are definitely not married.”

Alma Chu took Wayne Lin’s arm and said, “Chen Hao, I am really married. He is my husband.”

The muscles of Wayne Lin’s whole body were tightened, and he couldn’t help being excited. For the first time after he had been married for so long, Alma Chu took the initiative to hold his hand in front of outsiders for the first time! This feeling


Chen Hao finally believed it. He took a deep look at Wayne Lin and then smiled again. Instead of continuing to talk about this topic, he said to He Ziqiang: “What’s the situation with you, has the car hit?”

He Ziqiang immediately said: “That’s not it, Alma Chu and his husband are all to blame. His driving skills are so bad that he scratched my BMW! In turn, I hit him? Humph, I’m watching everyone It’s all for the sake of old classmates, and there is no general knowledge. If this is for someone else, I would have called a dozen people over!”

Alma Chu frowned, and when she was about to speak, Chen Hao gave Alma Chu a look and said, “Everyone is an old classmate, so don’t make it so stiff. I think you don’t care who is right or wrong.” He Ziqiang, your BMW 525 is just a bit of a scratch, even if you go to the 4s shop to repair it, it will not cost a lot of money, so let me give you a private subsidy of 5000 yuan, and that’s it.”

Five thousand yuan, many people around were shocked to hear it, this shot is too generous! Besides, why is it self-improving that you can get 3,000 yuan if you die?

He Ziqiang immediately opened his eyebrows and smiled and nodded: “It depends on your Chen Hao’s face. I don’t care about it. Five thousand yuan, I am losing.”

Chen Hao smiled slightly, opened his bag, took out a wad of hundred-yuan bills from it, counted fifty, and handed it to He Ziqiang, “You clicked, right.”

Nowadays, mobile phone transfers are commonly used, but Chen Hao has not done so. He still carries cash with him, especially for large transactions, which is more visually impactful and makes him richer.

Sure enough, when he took out a thick wad of money from his bag, it was actually 30,000 or 40,000 yuan, but it caused a burst of exclamation around him.

“Haha, what’s the point, I don’t believe you are the monitor.” He Ziqiang quickly took over the money from Chen Hao, his mouth was crooked with a smile, he said so, he still counted three times carefully. .

Alma Chu said dissatisfiedly: “Chen Hao, what are you giving him money for? If an accident occurs, we will call the police and let the traffic police handle it. Just follow the insurance procedures.”

Chen Hao looked at Alma Chu, ignoring Wayne Lin’s existence, and said in an affectionate tone: “Alma, we are good classmates, are you still seeing me like this? I’m not happy. Besides, it’s only five thousand yuan. , I usually have more than this money for a meal, it doesn’t matter.”

The wealth of his words made many women around him shine.

Alma Chu avoided Chen Hao’s gaze, blushing a little.

Next, Chen Hao took out another 3,000 yuan and gave it to Alma Chu. As a subsidy for the car being smashed, Alma Chu was of course unwilling to take it and hurriedly returned it.

Chen Hao pretended to be displeased and said: “Alma, I will be angry if you meet me again. I organized the classmate meeting tonight. I didn’t arrange everyone’s parking space. It was my fault and it should be my responsibility. Responsible for your losses.”

What he said aroused the favor of many people, and even Alma Chu had a much better impression of him.

But Alma Chu was still reluctant to accept it. At this moment, Wayne Lin walked out, took the three thousand yuan in Chen Hao’s hand, and said with a smile: “Haha, since the squad leader has said so, then we should respect our lives. .”

Everyone was stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, Wayne Lin would accept Chen Hao’s money so arrogantly, and they all laughed. Alma Chu’s expression suddenly became ugly, and Wayne Lin gave Wayne Lin a fierce look.

When Chen Hao watched Alma Chu’s small movements, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and a smug smile appeared. It seemed that Alma Chu’s husband was a idiot, but in this way, it would be easy to deal with.

Although Alma Chu is already married and brought her husband, but tonight is the class reunion, and some have the opportunity to drink wine, then Alma Chu’s husband is drunk. Isn’t Alma Chu his?

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