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Chapter 554

When he went to the third place of Xuanyuan, Sun Liang directly asked him to go to the conference hall. There were already many high-level people present, discussing matters seriously.

“Instructor Lin is here, welcome.”

Sun Liang saw Wayne Lin’s arrival, with a smile on his face, he waved to Wayne Lin and motioned for him to come and sit down.

Wayne Lin also responded with a smile. He glanced briefly and found that in the meeting hall, apart from the high-levels of Xuanyuan Three, such as Sun Liang and Zhao Xia, there were some faces that he hadn’t seen before.

On the phone just now, Sun Liang probably mentioned the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth to him, which immediately aroused his interest. After setting up Alma Chu, he rushed over as soon as possible to see what was going on.

Because of Wayne Lin’s arrival, everyone in the conference hall looked at him. Those new faces were particularly interested in him, and the surprise in their eyes could not hide. It seemed that he had never expected him to be so young.

Wayne Lin walked to the seat next to Sun Liang and sat down. Sun Liang pointed to a middle-aged man on the main seat and said, “Instructor Lin, this is the chief of our Xuanyuan 3rd place, Peng Zhuo.”

Wayne Lin was not surprised at the identity of the other party. In fact, when he first came in, he had already guessed the identity of the other party. Speaking of which, this was the first time he saw the chief director of Xuanyuan Three.

Just taking a look, Wayne Lin could already see that the opponent’s strength is extraordinary, the fourth stage of the innate realm, the strength should be higher than that of Zhao Xia.

Moreover, the other party’s temperament is very refined, not like the iron and blood of Zhao Xia and Sun Liang, but more like a university professor, full of economics.

Peng Zhuo took the initiative to stand up and shake hands with Wayne Lin, and said with a smile: “So this is the famous Professor Lin, who has long admired his name.”

Wayne Lin shook hands with him and said with a smile: “I have seen Chief Peng.”

The two of them shook hands very kindly, and released it with a light grip. Wayne Lin felt it, and Peng Zhuo admired him very much.

“Instructor Lin has reached such a realm at a young age, and willing to join Xuanyuan Three is our blessing!” Peng Zhuo did not hesitate to praise Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly and said, “Director Peng is too acclaimed, and I was only lucky, and with the opportunity, I barely managed to reach the fourth stage.”

Peng Zhuo then admired Wayne Lin again, and was very enthusiastic about Wayne Lin. Then several other new faces greeted Wayne Lin and were very polite to Wayne Lin. Obviously, they all knew Wayne Lin’s strength. The four-stage fierce man killed the Fool, Satan and the red-haired witch in one move.

The three places in Xuanyuan are a place where strength is respected. Wayne Lin’s extraordinary strength will naturally be respected.

What caught Wayne Lin’s attention was a tall man on the opposite side, Xiao Cangmang, the instructor of the Dragon Blood Team. His skin was reddish, especially the area above his neck, which seemed to be congested all the time.

In Wayne Lin’s perception, Xiao Cangmang’s strength was stronger than that of Zhao Xia, almost the strongest in the third stage of the Innate Realm.

In this conference hall, there are the core strengths of the three places of Xuanyuan. Among them, the strongest person is Peng Zhuo as the chief director, then Xiao Cangmang, Zhao Xia, and then Sun Liang and Chang Hongda.

Of course, Wayne Lin didn’t count himself in. In comparison, his cultivation base was no worse than Peng Zhuo.

After a simple greeting, he began to enter the subject. Peng Zhuo first said in a deep voice: “It is less than half a month before the original fruit of the colorful origin is mature. This time the meaning of the above is to pick the original fruit of the colorful! The origin fruit is a peerless treasure that can not be found on the earth at present, and it has unimaginable research value! If we can take the colorful origin fruit and hand it to the national laboratory, once the mystery of it is researched out, it can be copied, then Our national strength will take a huge leap.”

As deputy

Chang Hongda frowned slightly and said: “There are too many people who are eyeing the Colorful Origin Fruit this time. It is not so easy for us to complete the task. Moreover, there will definitely be a bloody storm at that time.”

Sun Liang also said with a sad face: “Yes, many foreign forces have also focused on the Qicai Origin Fruit. They have entered China very early and are already prepared. If we only rely on the three places of Xuanyuan, I am afraid that we will win. not very big.”

Several other high-level officials also expressed their concerns. The Colorful Origin Fruit is too precious, and it is not an exaggeration to call it a peerless treasure. With their current strength in the three Xuanyuan places, they want to use the Colorful Origin Fruit among so many powerful forces. The root fruit is taken by force, and the chance of winning is really small.

Peng Zhuo smiled slightly, and he said, “Don’t worry about this. The main responsibility for grabbing the Colorful Origin Fruit this time is not at Xuanyuan 3, but at Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2. We at Xuanyuan 3, as long as we help them. Will suffice.”

When the others heard it, they were immediately pleasantly surprised and said, “If Xuanyuan One and Xuanyuan Two join in, then the odds of winning will be much improved.”

“Yes.” Peng Zhuo nodded, his face was smiling, but it was a bit more bitter, and the burden on his shoulders was lighter, but this also meant that their Xuanyuan three places were not strong enough.

Others also realized this, and all showed bitterness and helplessness.

Zhao Xia said: “It seems that this organization attaches great importance to the Colorful Origin Fruit. If anyone can grab the Colorful Origin Fruit, it will be a great achievement.”

Peng Zhuo said: “Yes, the colorful origin fruit is too important. We only bear fruit once in 112. If we miss this time, we will have to wait another 112 years. By then, we will have all turned into a cup of loess.”

Wayne Lin listened to them but remained silent. Peng Zhuo noticed him and asked with a smile, “Instructor Lin, do you have any ideas?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin, and they soon realized that Wayne Lin was a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. If Wayne Lin joins, then there is still a chance.

However, once the Colorful Origin Fruit can be captured and dedicated to the country, it will be a great contribution! At that time, all three places in Xuanyuan will benefit from it.

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t have any thoughts. Actually, I don’t know what the colorful origin fruit you are talking about is.”

Peng Zhuo looked at Sun Liang, and Sun Liang immediately slapped his head, and said, “Hey, my, I haven’t had time to introduce the colorful origin fruit to instructor Lin. That’s it, this colorful origin fruit is…”

Next, Sun Liang talked about it and introduced the colorful origin fruit to Wayne Lin. The introduction was fairly detailed, and there was no difference between what Wayne Lin had learned.

After Wayne Lin listened, his eyes flickered, and he said in surprise, “There is such a miraculous fruit in this world? After a person swallows it, can it really increase the source of life?”

Peng Zhuo solemnly nodded his head and said solemnly: “Yes, the colorful origin fruit is known as the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, and its value is incalculable. Even an ordinary person can break into the innate realm immediately after swallowing it. Longevity has increased for decades, comparable to elixir!”

Wayne Lin made a shocking look and his acting skills were perfect. Everyone didn’t realize that he had already understood the colorful origin fruit well beforehand, and he had already developed the idea of ​​colorful origin fruit.

Then, after chatting for a while, Peng Zhuo said with a smile: “Everyone doesn’t need to be so stressed. This time, as long as our mission at Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 is to assist Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2, with their two strengths, it should not be enough to complete the mission. difficult.”

At this moment, Xiao Cangmang, who had not spoken, spoke: “It’s not that simple. This time I got news that the mysterious organization has also focused on the Colorful Origin Fruit, and has sent out many innate realm powerhouses. must.”

Hearing this, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became rigid, and everyone’s expressions became serious.

Chapter 555

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment. He felt that the atmosphere was not right. Everyone present was very jealous of this mysterious organization. When he thought of something, he snorted in his heart, and asked suspiciously on the surface: “I don’t know the mysterious organization that instructor Xiao said. Yes?”

Xiao Cangmang looked at him, his eyes flashed with intense jealousy, took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, “BRAGRUN organization!”


Wayne Lin’s heart suddenly opened up, he didn’t guess wrong, Xiao Cangmang said that it was BRAGRUN organization, and, seeing Xiao Cangmang’s face, he was extremely jealous of BRAGRUN organization.

Sun Liang’s eyes widened at the moment, “What, BRAGRUN organization also focused on the Colorful Origin Fruit?!”

The others were equally shocked, and deep fear flashed in their eyes. Obviously, this BRAGRUN organization was a great threat to them.

This reminded Wayne Lin involuntarily that when Wayne Lin had just contacted the three places of Xuanyuan, he had mentioned the BRAGRUN organization in front of Tan Qiuya, but at that time Tan Qiuya was shocked and didn’t know the BRAGRUN organization.

At that time, he thought BRAGRUN organization was so mysterious that he didn’t even understand the Chinese institutions like Xuanyuan Three.

Now it seems that this is not the case. The high-level officials of Xuanyuan 3 still knew about it, and they were very afraid.

Zhao Xia also frowned deeply and said: “BRAGRUN organization, isn’t it less active in the country? Moreover, BRAGRUN organization has restrictions on it and is not an enemy of us.”

Several other high-level officials also expressed their thoughts one after another. Wayne Lin stopped and got a deeper understanding of BRAGRUN organization.

Obviously, the headquarters of the BRAGRUN organization is in China, and its power is extremely large, and its strength is extraordinary. Even China is afraid of it. Wayne Lin doesn’t doubt this, because he has dealt with the people of BRAGRUN organization. From Lu Dongbin at the beginning to Ye Xingchen and neon clothes behind, they are all extremely powerful, and this is just BRAGRUN organization. It’s just a member of, not to mention, the holy king above!

Peng Zhuo took a deep breath and said, “Instructor Xiao, are you sure that the news is accurate? The Holy King of BRAGRUN organization, but there is an agreement with it. If they also join in and grab the Colorful Origin Fruit, then they will unilaterally tear it up. It’s agreed, and the above won’t let him go easily.”

Other people have the same view. The BRAGRUN organization is indeed very strong, especially the Saint King, who is even more unfathomable. According to rumors, it has reached the realm of King Kong’s indestructibility!

Therefore, even in the face of national power, the BRAGRUN organization is not shocked, and King Kong is not bad, but the most peak power in this world, the deterrence brought by it is no less than nuclear bombs, even more!

Xiao Cangmang said: “The Saint King of BRAGRUN organization did have three chapters with him. Although this Saint King has cultivated to reach the sky, he is not absolutely invincible when he has reached the legendary King Kong indestructible state. Still very jealous.”

Zhao Xia immediately said, “Since this is the case, how dare BRAGRUN organize the idea of ​​Colorful Origin Fruit?”

His words raised everyone’s questions.

Xiao Cangmang knocked on the table, and said, “In fact, within the BRAGRUN organization, it is called the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth. This is the essence of the earth that condenses only once in 112 years. It gathers the aura of heaven and earth and is comparable to the elixir, the Holy King. Naturally, he will not let it go easily. So this time, he will not take the initiative to take the initiative, but will send him a master to take the initiative.”

Zhao Xia asked: “I heard that there are three great masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen under the Holy Throne. I don’t know who is sent this time?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Xiao Cangmang, including Lin

Wayne, the difference is that Wayne Lin already knew who the Saint King sent.

Xiao Cangmang’s breathing was a lot short, his eyes started to float a bit, as if thinking of some horrible existence, he took a deep breath and said, “I heard that this time the Saint King sent a sword like frost. And the three super masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, they are bound to win this colorful origin fruit!”

“What? Jian Rushuang? Hiss…” Zhao Xia took a deep breath after listening. He reacted so badly that he even stood up and stared at Xiao Cangmang and said, “Old Xiao, are you sure? No mistake? Jian Rushuang! That is the dead Dzogchen expert!”

There are actually four masters under the Holy Throne, among which the strongest sword Rushuang, died five years ago.

The others were also shocked, their faces full of incredible. Wayne Lin also frowned when he saw their reaction. He knew that the strongest person sent by BRAGRUN organization this time was Jian Rushuang, but he didn’t know much about this Jian Rushuang.

It seems that this sword Rushuang is an extremely terrifying existence!

Xiao Cangmang nodded heavily, and said, “Yes, it is Jian Rushuang. He did not die five years ago. Jin Chan survived without his shell. Now his strength is stronger than five years ago. So our situation is not optimistic this time. Even if Xuanyuan One and Xuanyuan Two join in, the chance of winning is not great, not to mention that there are many foreign forces.”

After hearing this, the meeting hall fell into absolute silence, and everyone’s expressions were heavy, including Wayne Lin.

He had made up his mind beforehand that he must take the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth by force, because this was the only way to save Alma Chu, and he was ready to be an enemy of the world. But now it seems that the resistance is too great!

Not only the numerous masters from Xuanyuan Three, but also Xuanyuan One, Xuanyuan Two, and many foreign forces, the most troublesome is the BRAGRUN Organization!

He closed his eyes and he could imagine the cruelty at that time.

There was silence in the conference hall for a long time, and finally Peng Zhuo broke the silence, knocked on the table vigorously, and said, “All cheer up, what about Jian Rushuang? Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2 are also innate. Consummated master, there is no chance this time.”

Others were excited a lot, but when Wayne Lin listened, his heart sank deeper.

However, even if the road ahead is difficult and difficult, he has no thoughts of backing down. This is the only way to save Alma Chu, let alone being an enemy of many powerful men, even if it is a sea of ​​swords and a sea of ​​hell, he has to go Crash!

Even if he died on the spot, he would not hesitate.

Next, they began to discuss the specific plan. The meeting lasted for nearly eight hours before the discussion was over and the meeting ended.

A professional scientist has calculated that there are still 15 days and 13 hours for the colorful origin fruit to mature. Now many forces are ready to wait for the moment when the colorful origin fruit matures.

It is a pity that the colorful origin fruit will not be revealed until it is fully mature. No matter how powerful a scientist is, he can only roughly calculate where the colorful origin fruit may appear, within a range of 20 kilometers.

This adds a lot of uncertainty.

It is also because of this that Wayne Lin has a little more confidence, otherwise if everyone knows the position of the source fruit of Colorful Color, everyone is waiting there. With his current strength, there is really no hope of contention.

Next, in this half a month, he must retreat wholeheartedly and improve his strength to the peak state!

Chapter 556

After the meeting, Wayne Lin returned to the fourth group with a whole heart.

Now that he is completely famous in Wayne Lin, everyone knows that the instructors of the fourth group are super strong, and even the instructors of the Fangs group are not their opponents.

So when he walked on the road, no one dared to despise him anymore. Everyone who saw him had to call instructor Lin obediently. In addition, the status of the fourth group in the third place of Xuanyuan has also improved a lot.

After returning to the fourth group, Wayne Lin temporarily kept his thoughts in his heart and began to train the soldiers of the fourth group.

The fourth group, since being coached by him, has improved a lot. The strength of the entire group is no longer the tail of the crane, even surpassing the third group. This makes them more able to raise their heads in Xuanyuan three places, and at the same time Wayne Lin also admires and appreciates even more. Without Wayne Lin, they would never have today.

After coaching for three consecutive days, Wayne Lin left Xuanyuan three places on the fourth day. He returned to Huarvell and was about to start his final retreat.

Before the retreat, he played with Alma Chu for a whole day. Even if he had given Alma Chu tonic and blocked Alma Chu’s acupoints with acupuncture, Alma Chu’s vitality was still slowly being lost. Now, Alma Chu’s vitality is less than one-third of the normal state. It’s like a balloon with a hole. No matter how you fill it up, it will continue to lose heart. If it continues like this, Alma Chu will vent her vitality within a month, and it will be the time for her to fall.

So Wayne Lin can only succeed this time without fail!


This time he shut himself in a sealed space, without water, light, food, and even air is limited.

The oxygen in this space is only enough for an ordinary person to breathe for three days, and after three days, if you don’t leave the secret room, you will suffocate and die.

Wayne Lin can’t stand it anymore.

Some scientists have done experiments and shut a normal ordinary person in a completely enclosed space. There is only light and mistakes. There is no concept of time. Most people can only stay for two or three days, but few can stay for five days. Little, almost no one stayed for an hour!

Because people have thoughts, in such an extremely closed space, the challenge to people’s psychological quality is enormous. Generally, people who are not strong-willed to the state of terror can not stay for so long.

And Wayne Lin’s goal is to stay for eleven days!

This was a great test even for him, even more massive than when he was on the edge of the cliff.

Because the burden on his shoulders is too heavy this time, if you fail to succeed, you will become benevolent!

It’s just that, it is even more difficult for him to enter a state of emptiness, not to mention that his oxygen in the space is limited.

As soon as he walked in, he felt that he had entered another dimension, completely dark, with no light and no sound, and it was so quiet that it was frightening!

It seems that the whole world is left alone.

The sound of breathing and heartbeat, which were originally very subtle, was also infinitely amplified in this case.



At the beginning, Wayne Lin’s rock-solid state of mind had some fluctuations!

Before, he had entered a similar closed space retreat, but,

Last time, I burned a piece of incense, which emitted a faint light. With his eyesight, it was enough to see the room clearly.

And there is enough oxygen in the room.

But this time, he shut himself in an absolutely enclosed space, not only without food and light, but also without sound and oxygen.

In the first place, he said to Damon Wang that as long as it wasn’t something as big as the sky fell, don’t bother him until the eleventh day when he came to release him.

He completely sealed his own way!

This is the first time he has given his life to someone else, because this space is made of steel, and the thickness of the eight sides is more than one meter, even he can’t break it from the inside.

And the most terrifying thing is that the oxygen in the space is limited. The more vigorous he moves, the greater the oxygen consumption. When the oxygen is completely consumed, he will be a dead end.

What he can do is to calm himself down as soon as possible and enter an empty state, so that his physical consumption will be reduced a lot, enough to support him for eleven days.

However, this is also based on the fact that Damon Wang will come to him on time to unlock him and let him out. Otherwise, his life will be accounted for here, but if Damon Wang has the slightest idea of ​​betraying him, he is dead.

The most terrifying thing is that his life is still connected with Damon Wang. If Damon Wang had an accident and died, he would also die inside!

If you don’t break it, you can’t stand it!

Therefore, when Damon Wang heard Wayne Lin’s arrangement, he was so scared that he couldn’t speak. With his thoughts, he couldn’t imagine why Wayne Lin would do this.

Wayne Lin has no way. Only through this method can he really get the effect of not breaking and standing. Otherwise, as long as one link is relaxed and he has his own way of cracking, then his mentality is relaxed, and he will not be able to play his own. Potential!

I have to say that this kind of retreat is still too life-consuming, even with Wayne Lin’s psychological quality, it is a bit unbearable, the pressure is too great, and it is much greater than the experience on the edge of the cliff!

Because he is racing against time and fighting against himself!

The more nervous he is and the more oxygen he consumes, the more disadvantaged he will be. Similarly, he is also worried about Damon Wang. If Damon Wang really has the idea of ​​betraying him, or that Damon Wang accidentally talked about this one day, and was ill-intentioned. People found out, killed Damon Wang, or Damon Wang accidentally had an accident, he was also a dead word!

After a lot of combination, he was really nervous, even panic.

Since he stepped into the congenital realm, this kind of emotion has not appeared!

And the most terrifying thing is that the more he tried to calm down, the harder it was to calm down. It was already a vicious circle. After an hour, he still didn’t calm down. Even so nervous, he started to sweat more on his forehead!

For him, this is hard to imagine, you know, he is now a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm.

“Calm down, be calm…”

Wayne Lin didn’t know how many times he had said to him in his heart, but he still had trouble calming down.

The worst thing is that he even started to feel regretful now, why did he want to die like this? If he really died, then Alma Chu would definitely die too!

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