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Chapter 542


Wayne Lin was embarrassed right now.

Seeing the look in their eyes, Wayne Lin knew that he must have been misunderstood by them, and quickly said: “You have misunderstood, things are not what you imagined.”

However, as soon as his words fell, Man Lisa, who was lying on his lap, let out a sound, and said: “Can you hit me again, it’s a bit comfortable…”

Hearing this, Sun Liang and Zhao Xia’s expressions became even more weird. Looking at Wayne Lin, they were looking at a beast.

Wayne Lin also has some scalp numbness, hey, things are not like this!

He never thought that Man Lisa would say such a thing, what the hell is this? Could it be that there is a tendency to be abused? Although his slap just now didn’t work hard, it hurts for ordinary people.

After Man Lisa finished saying this, she also froze for a while, and then blushed immediately, too ashamed, how did she say what she was in her heart.

Man Lisa has never been treated so rudely. It is not only a physical blasphemy, but also an experience that she has never had before, which deeply imprints Wayne Lin.

Even, there was a complex emotion towards Wayne Lin.

“Ahem!” Wayne Lin quickly coughed twice, then helped Man Lisa up, and said: “If you apologize, forget it. You remember, my Huaguo is honest and honest, and will never be as mean as you imagined. Shameless, you know?”

Man Lisa’s face is flushed now, where is the coldness and dignity she had before, now she has become a shy little girl in front of Wayne Lin, nodded gently, and said in a low voice: “I know Up.”

She was conquered by Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin also had a headache seeing her like this. Now that the people from the third place of Xuanyuan have arrived, there is nothing to do with him, and the task is considered complete. It is time for him to go home.

However, as soon as Man Lisa stood up, she moaned. Then, a painful expression appeared on her face, and she fell into Wayne Lin’s arms.

She didn’t do this deliberately this time, but Wayne Lin just hit her buttocks so much pain. Now she stood up, and she was in pain. In addition, she didn’t have much strength in her legs. In Wayne Lin’s arms.

And still in a very ambiguous posture.

Wayne Lin was stunned on the spot. He didn’t expect that Man Lisa would fall in his arms. Wasn’t he eating tofu for nothing?

As for the people behind Sun Liang, Zhao Xia and others, their eyes widened, the ambiguity and envy on their faces obviously had a deep misunderstanding!

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Wayne Lin hurriedly stood up, pushed Manlisha away, and shouted coldly.

Man Lisa was scolded by him, and she didn’t resist just now. On the contrary, she took it for granted. She felt that Wayne Lin was very masculine. She lowered her head and said weakly, “My hip hurts and my legs are not stable. It’s…”

Wayne Lin: “…”

He was speechless and scratched his head, feeling quite a headache.

Fortunately, Sun Liang and Zhao Xia had already arrived. He was also liberated. He coughed twice. After Man Lisa stood firm, let her go and walked towards them.

After saluting each other, Wayne Lin said in a deep voice: “I just encountered

The killer, except me, both Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang sacrificed. “

Then, Wayne Lin told them about what happened just now.

After they listened, they suddenly no longer thought of molesting Wayne Lin, and their expressions suddenly became serious and solemn.

Soon, they saw the corpses all over the floor, there were assassins, Manlisha’s bodyguards, and Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang whose bodies were already cold, their eyes turned red all at once.

Wayne Lin looked at this scene and felt uncomfortable. He has always been a free and sloppy person. Although he had a very embarrassed life before, he has not experienced the grief of his parents leaving when he was young. I have seen people around me and died in front of me, and still in this way.

He felt very uncomfortable.

From this moment on, he also understood the meaning of country, nation, mission, and glory!

Finally, he saluted Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, said, and went all the way well.

Man Lisha, who was on the side, felt his emotion, and her face was a little bit more guilty and regretful.

At this moment, Zhao Xia came over, opened his eyes wide, and said to Wayne Lin: “This is the Fool, Satan, and the red-haired witch. They are all internationally famous killers. They all died in your hands, Instructor Lin!”

Wayne Lin looked at the corpses of the fool, Satan and the red-haired witch on the ground, nodded lightly, and acquiesced.

Then Sun Liang went to inspect the bodies of The Fool, Satan and the Red-haired Witch and found that they were all killed by a single move. For a while, all of them looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, and they were more shocked and awed.

As the old fried dough sticks of Xuanyuan three places, they all know how famous these three killers are in the world, and the bounty on everyone is particularly high, especially the Fool, who is also the top master of the third stage of the Innate Realm. I don’t know how many celebrities and dignitaries died in his hands.

Many countries are helpless against him.

But now, they just died in Wayne Lin’s hands, and they were still kicked to death. The shock to them was still great, even if they knew in advance, Wayne Lin’s strength was very powerful.

Another deputy director, Chang Hongshen, gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up and said, “Instructor Lin, you are really amazing! The Fool, Satan, and Red-haired Witch, the three innate masters, are all dead in your hands. If it spreads out, you will become famous internationally!”

Then he said to Sun Liang, “Old Sun, you are still good, and as soon as you shot, you found such a powerful talent as Instructor Lin.”

Sun Liang laughed, “Of course, don’t look at who I am.”

The smug on his face could not be suppressed.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly. He didn’t mean anything to be proud of. He just wanted to go home early, so he said, “I’ll leave the rest to you. I believe there will be no killer coming to trouble Man Lisa.”

Sun Liang nodded, and he could also see that the deaths of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang had a little impact on Wayne Lin, and said, “Okay, then you go home first and take a holiday. This The second time you made a great contribution, I will take credit for you.”

Wayne Lin nodded, then prepared to leave.

When Man Lisa saw that he was leaving, she was immediately anxious.

“Chinese, where are you going?” Man Lisha ran over immediately, stopping Wayne Lin, her face full of tension.

Chapter 543

Wayne Lin looked at her faintly and said, “My task has been completed, so naturally I want to go home.”

Man Lisa said quickly: “You are not responsible for protecting my safety. Now that I am not out of danger, you cannot abandon me.”

Sun Liang, Zhao Xia and others on the side saw Man Lisa’s anxious look, and they realized that Man Lisa’s personality was completely inconsistent. There were ambiguous expressions on their faces, thinking that Wayne Lin and Man Lisa were the best. During this time, there must be some hidden secret.

Wayne Lin said directly: “Next, there will be agents to protect your safety.”

When Man Lisa saw Wayne Lin leaving again, she became even more flustered. She had never had this kind of emotion before. It was not that she was timid, but that she was in a foreign country. The whole army of bodyguards around her was wiped out. Even Horton, whom she had most high hopes for, lost combat effectiveness. In addition to Wayne Lin’s performance just now, she was more of Wayne Lin. An emotion of strong dependence, now that she heard Wayne Lin was leaving, she suddenly panicked.

After all, she is just a weak woman, and she still needs someone to take care of her deep in her heart.

“No!” Man Lisha shook her head vigorously, and she also grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand and said: “I don’t want other agents to protect me, I only want you to protect me!”

This was too ambiguous, and Wayne Lin couldn’t help frowning.

Zhao Xia said meaningfully from the side: “Instructor Lin, since Miss Manlisa has said so, or you are responsible for the safety of Miss Manlisa, you can comfort Miss Manlisa.”

After he said this, he winked his eyes at Wayne Lin, the expression on his face tacitly, as ambiguous as it was, Sun Liang also said: “Yes, instructor Lin, Manlisha only trusts you. Why not let you be responsible for the safety of Miss Manlisha, which can promote the relationship between our Chinese and European consortium by the way.”

As a man, Wayne Lin couldn’t understand the words of the two of them. It was nothing more than to let him take the opportunity to take Man Lisa, and it would be best to fool Man Lisa to invest in China.

Wayne Lin expressed contempt for their sloppy thoughts. How could Wayne Lin, the super powerhouse in the fourth stage of the dignified Innate Realm, do such a thing.

He refused without thinking, “I’m afraid I’m not the right person, my wife is still waiting for me at home.”

Then he shook off Man Lisa and turned to leave. Man Lisa panicked again. She blurted out in a hurry, “Chinese, if you are willing to protect me, I promise to invest in China, the amount is no less than 300 billion. !!!”

When she said this, everyone in the audience was stunned. Three hundred billion yuan. If Man Lisa invests and builds a factory in China, how much investment must be brought to the local area and how many jobs will be provided for the Chinese people!

For a while, Sun Liang and the others at the top of the team opened their eyes wide and their breathing became much faster.

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised. Through this time of getting along, he learned that Man Lisa is not the kind of high-spirited woman. She is quite rational in her work. How could she spend 300 billion to invest and build a factory for him?

Soon, Wayne Lin could see clearly from Man Lisa’s eyes, that Man Lisa was playing tricks on him. In fact, during this period of investigation, Man Lisa has seen the value of China, and she is sure that as long as she is in China Investment will definitely make a lot of money, so even if Wayne Lin does not protect her, she will still choose to invest.

I have to say that Man Lisa’s acting skills are very good. Even a master like Zhao Xia was deceived by her, but she still couldn’t deceive Wayne Lin and couldn’t hide Wayne Lin’s golden eyes.

Sun Liang said immediately: “Instructor Lin, I think Miss Manlisa has already said this. You should agree to her. Once Miss Manlisa promises to invest and build a factory in China, this is a great achievement. !”

Other senior officials also persuaded Wayne Lin one after another,

Afraid that Wayne Lin would refuse.

When Man Lisa saw this scene, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, showing a triumphant smile, Chinese, even if you are a 4s-level superpower, so what? I still use it obediently.

Wayne Lin sneered and said, “You were cheated by her. She has already determined that she will come to China to invest and build a factory. Even if I don’t protect her, she will not change her mind.”

Because they were speaking Mandarin, Man Lisha didn’t understand, and she looked at Wayne Lin with eager eyes.

Sun Liang and the others were stunned immediately. Just about to speak, Wayne Lin said again: “Okay, it’s so decided. There will be no assassins next. You can send some special agents to protect her. I will go first. Up.”

When the voice fell, he flashed directly and disappeared from the spot, as if teleporting, disappearing into the woods.

Man Lisa watched him leave, stomped her feet severely, very embarrassed.


Wayne Lin was finally able to go home, and Wayne Lin was very happy.

Unknowingly, it has been half a month since he came out this time. This is the longest time he has left Alma Chu, and the yearning for Alma Chu in his heart is stronger than ever!

It is said that a long-term goodbye wins a newlywed, and he feels this way now.

In the past half month, although he had talked with Alma Chu on the phone every night, he did not meet. It was always different.

Back at Yulong Bay, Wayne Lin just came in and saw that there were two more people, a man and a woman, in the living room. They were chatting with Alma Chu happily. When they saw Wayne Lin coming in, they all looked at him.

When Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin, she was immediately surprised. She couldn’t hide her joy in the slightest. She stood up and said, “Wayne, you are back!”

When Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu, he also smiled happily. He hadn’t seen him for half a month. He really missed Alma Chu. After changing his shoes, he walked over to Alma Chu quickly and held Alma Chu in his hand. Hand, smiled and said, “Well, I’m back.”

After approaching, he found that Alma Chu’s face was a little pale, and the whole person’s spirit was not particularly full. It was a little more haggard and weak, which made him feel a pain in his heart. He held her hand and said softly: “You didn’t sleep well last night? Your face is so pale.”

When Alma Chu heard what he said, some panic flashed in her eyes, lowered her head, and quickly shook her head and said, “No, I’m fine, it’s just a bit of low blood sugar.”

Wayne Lin looked distressed and just wanted to talk. At this moment, the men and women sitting on the sofa stood up, and the woman among them said, “Alma, this is your husband Wayne Lin? Sure enough, she is a talent.”

Alma Chu nodded, then introduced to Wayne Lin, “Wayne, let me introduce you. This is Xu Jing, one of my elementary school classmates who also happens to live in Yulong Bay. We only met some time ago. Good fate. This is her husband, Qin Yuanqing.”

Wayne Lin nodded, nodded to them, and said hello.

Xu Jing said: “Alma, since your lover is back, then we won’t disturb you. Don’t forget what I said to you just now.”

Alma Chu smiled and nodded, and said, “I see, don’t worry.”

After they left, Wayne Lin asked curiously: “What did she just say? Such a mysterious look.”

Alma Chu smiled and said, “It’s nothing, but Xu Jing said that she held a party and asked me to go over to attend, saying it was very interesting.”

“Really?” Wayne Lin frowned slightly, don’t know why, when he heard these words, he had a bad premonition inexplicably.

Chapter 544

“What kind of gathering is it?” Wayne Lin asked deeply.

Alma Chu said, “I don’t know too well. Xu Jing didn’t tell me very clearly, so she said it was very interesting. Let me come to participate tomorrow night.”

“Are you familiar with Xu Jing?” Wayne Lin asked again.

Alma Chu smiled when he saw his serious appearance, and said, “Why are you so serious? Are you worried that Xu Jing will go wrong with me?”

Wayne Lin said, “I didn’t mean that, after all, it’s better to be careful.”

Alma Chu held his hand, clasped her ten fingers, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Xu Jing is a classmate of my elementary school, from a very good family background, and she is also a very inspirational type. Now she is driving with his husband. The company, people do serious business, and will not treat me wrong.”

After Wayne Lin heard it, he nodded. Since Alma Chu has said so, he can’t say anything anymore. When he is free, he will call Damon Wang and ask Damon Wang to briefly investigate the identities of Xu Jing and his wife. That’s it.

At this point, he must be cautious about everything, especially when Alma Chu is involved, he must be more cautious, not to let Alma Chu have any danger. Although this is a partial violation of Alma Chu’s privacy, it is better to be bold than Alma Chu’s danger.

After going through the matter of Wu Meizi before, he is now very concerned about the safety of his family members and must not go wrong.

Later, after Damon Wang’s investigation, it was found that Xu Jing and his wife had no problem, they were ordinary people doing legitimate business, so he dropped his vigilance.

They both said that a long-term goodbye would win the newlyweds. Wayne Lin and Alma Chu are like this now. They took advantage of the two old people not to come back, hurriedly went to the room, and had a good affection.

Now Wayne Lin’s physique is so strong that it is terrifying, and Alma Chu’s body is weaker than before, and it is even more unbearable, and soon she surrendered.

“Wayne, I’m sorry, it’s like this again… I, it’s so useless…” Alma Chu bit her lip and said with shame, hating iron for herself, and having been married for so long, never once could satisfy Lin Zi. Ming!

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s self-blaming look, he hugged Alma Chu quickly and said, “Silly girl, what are you talking about, what’s so sorry! You have done a good job just now, I don’t know. How satisfied!”

When Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin like this, she felt even more ashamed and blamed herself. She lowered her head and said, “Or, I will use other methods…”

Wayne Lin hurriedly stopped her, staring and said, “Hurt! What are you doing, in your eyes, dare I be the kind of man who thinks with his lower body?”

“But, every time you are not released, it must be very uncomfortable…”

“Fart, who said I’m uncomfortable, I don’t know how happy it is.” Wayne Lin hugged her, placed her Qiong nose, lightly clicked, and said with a smile: “Okay, let’s not talk about it, let me see Dad Mom is almost back, so let’s go downstairs and I will say hello to my parents.”

Alma Chu lowered her head, took his hand, and did not let him go.

Wayne Lin immediately looked at her curiously: “Alma?”

Alma Chu continued to lower her head, her voice was very small, and said weakly, “Wayne, if one day, if I disappear from you, what will happen to you?”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he immediately frowned and said in a deep voice, “Fei

Fei, what are you talking about! Well, why do you want to disappear from me? “

Suddenly, Wayne Lin realized that something was wrong, he sat up abruptly, grabbed Alma Chu’s shoulders, his eyes were like electricity, looked at Alma Chu directly, and said, “Alma, tell me, did something happen? , Has anyone threatened you?!”

At this moment, Wayne Lin exudes a strong aura, like a deep abyss, like a prison. Under one of his thoughts, the entire room seems to have become an asura field, very terrifying.

Alma Chu’s mind went blank at the moment, and she gasped for breath!

Wayne Lin quickly took back the terrifying aura. He hugged Alma Chu and said, “Alma, what happened? Did the BRAGRUN organization come to you!?”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth. He is particularly annoyed now, and his expression is very hideous. He now thinks that someone from the BRAGRUN organization must have approached Alma Chu and threatened Alma Chu, so Alma Chu said just now!

As a couple who have been married for many years, Wayne Lin knows Alma Chu very well. He understands that Alma Chu is not a person with volatile emotions. The reason why she said something like that just now must be something bad!

And all he can think of, only BRAGRUN organization can, and dare to threaten Alma Chu like this!

Wayne Lin has never had a good impression of the BRAGRUN organization, and he is even full of hostility. Sooner or later, he will go to the BRAGRUN organization to seek justice for his mother and the Lin family!

He has been silent now, not because he was counseled, but because he knows that with his current strength, it is not enough. He is trying to retreat and bear the humiliation. Waiting for an opportunity, he will step on the BRAGRUN organization again. Shanmen!

Alma Chu felt the anger in Wayne Lin’s heart, and the terrible emotions, she was immediately frightened, and shook her head quickly and said, “No no! No one threatened me. I just thought of it suddenly.”

Wayne Lin definitely doesn’t believe in Alma Chu. He said seriously: “Alma, don’t be afraid, and boldly tell me who threatened you. Your husband and mine are far stronger than you think! Even if the other party is I can protect you too. Tell me, okay?”

Alma Chu was immersed in Wayne Lin’s deep and serious eyes, her mouth opened, and she said softly, “No one really threatens me.”

Wayne Lin stared directly at Alma Chu, trying to see through Alma Chu’s eyes, through the depths of Alma Chu’s soul.

He found that Alma Chu did not speak, and it seemed that no one was threatening. Wayne Lin couldn’t help but stunned. Could it be that Alma Chu said it on a whim, and no one threatened Alma Chu?


“Hmm! Really!”

Alma Chu nodded vigorously. After Wayne Lin was sure, he also breathed a sigh of relief, rolled his eyes and said, “You scared me to death just now. I thought someone really threatened you.”

Alma Chu stuck her tongue out and said, “I have bodyguards on and off to protect me. Where can anyone dare to threaten me.”

Wayne Lin made a deliberately angry look, scratched Alma Chu, and said: “Oh, Alma Chu, you dare to play with me and see if I won’t clean up you.”

“Don’t…itchy, giggle…”

After a fight, it ended with Alma Chu panting and surrendering. In the end, when Wayne Lin went to take a bath, Alma Chu’s eyes dimmed, and two lines of faint tears shed in her bright eyes.

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