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Chapter 578

Wayne Lin came here prepared this time. He wore a high-tech outfit. With a slight pull, two wings made of composite materials could grow out of his back, which could make him leap far and successfully. Landed on Qilian Mountain!

With his action, everyone who was chasing the Lion Mountain opened their eyes wide.

“No! He is going to run!”

“Damn it! He ran away!”

“I’m not reconciled…”

Many people stood on the cliffs of Lion Mountain and watched Wayne Lin flew to Qilian Mountain and fled. They were so angry that they gritted their teeth and jumped like thunder, but there was no way.

This time they did prepare a lot of things, but they weren’t ready to fly so far.

The expressions of Peng Zhuo and others also changed, “This is troublesome! Instructor Lin, he is… going to a military court!”

Zhao Xia was also anxious and incomprehensible, “Why instructor Lin did this? He is already a strong man in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Is it worth it to betray the country for the colorful origin fruit?”

Xiao Cangmang’s eyes were like torches. He stared at Wayne Lin’s flying figure. He had relatively little contact with Wayne Lin and didn’t know Wayne Lin that much. He said in a deep voice, “Instructor Lin is still too young. I live in temptation, thinking that by swallowing the colorful origin fruit, you can successfully break through to the non-destructive body of King Kong. However, the non-destructive body of King Kong is just a scam…”

When he said the last sentence, his voice was much quieter, causing neither Peng Zhuo nor Zhao Xia to hear it.

At the same time, Jian Rushuang finally arrived.

As soon as he appeared, he immediately brought huge coercion to the people around him. Some people with relatively low cultivation bases could not bear his anger and knelt down.

Jian Rushuang is the only innate realm of great perfection on the scene, his aura is the most powerful, even if Peng Zhuo is in front of him, he will feel tremendous pressure and dare not make any mistakes.

“Lin! Zi! Ming!” He stared at Wayne Lin, who had already flown to the opposite Qilian Mountain, his face was cold, murderous, almost condensed into substance.

Nishang felt it too. She looked at Wayne Lin on the opposite side, her brows frowned, both worried and angry. She never thought that Wayne Lin was so courageous, she would dare to fight the world!

Moreover, Jian Rushuang himself even dared to do so. This is horrible.

She knew exactly how powerful Jian Rushuang was. Now that Jian Rushuang had given birth to a murderous intent on Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin had only a dead end.

“Master Jian Rushuang, I think Wayne Lin is a ghost for a while. He doesn’t dare to swallow the spirit fruit of heaven and earth privately. He also hopes Master Jian Rushuang can let him go. After all, he is the only son of the previous saint.” Nishang bites He said in an almost pleading tone.

However, Jian Rushuang just stared at her coldly, snorted, and said, “It depends on whether he is acting or not!”

Nishang still doesn’t understand the meaning of Jian Rushuang. If Wayne Lin has not swallowed the heaven and earth spirit fruit, then everything has to be restored, but if Wayne Lin has swallowed the heaven and earth spirit fruit, then there is a dead end.

Wayne Lin is very strong, and his cultivation speed is a miracle, but Nishang definitely does not think that Wayne Lin can escape under Jian Rushuang’s hands.

Now she can only pray, hoping that Wayne Lin will not die.

On the other side, a weird smile appeared on Zhong Tao’s face, “Wayne Lin, you dare to swallow the colorful original fruit, now you are dead, under the world, no one can save you!”


Ming successfully landed on Qilian Mountain. He finally looked back at everyone on the Lion Mountain, looking at each other from a distance.

He saw everyone’s expressions. Most of them hated him deeply and were angry, and some felt sorry for him. His mood at this moment was quite complicated.

Why doesn’t he know what the fate of swallowing heaven and earth spirit fruit is? Facing him, there will be endless pursuits.

But he didn’t care anymore, because he had no choice, and it was his decision without any regrets.

Now there was a heartfelt smile on his face, it was a kind of relief, relief, Alma Chu was finally saved.

He stopped looking back and slammed into the forest of Qilian Mountain.

At the foot of Qilian Mountain, there was a black car parked, and the clown was smoking outside. He brought Alma Chu to here for two minutes, but still did not see Wayne Lin.

Just as he was considering whether or not to call Wayne Lin, suddenly, he heard a movement from behind him, he quickly looked back, and suddenly saw an embarrassed figure, rushing down from the mountain. , Very fast.

Who else besides Wayne Lin?

The clown was stunned, because Wayne Lin was too embarrassed now. Not only was his clothes ragged, but his clothes were half bloody, and his face was full of mud and sweat. At first glance, he knew that he had gone through a great battle and was still suffering. A serious injury.


The clown stomped the smoke out quickly and greeted Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was relieved when he saw the clown. Fortunately, the clown arrived in time, so he didn’t need to wait, otherwise, he might not be able to wait until Alma Chu came.

“My wife, is she here too?” Wayne Lin said straightforwardly without any nonsense.

The clown nodded and said, “Young grandma is in the car.”

Wayne Lin saw it. Alma Chu was in the car. He was holding his heart and immediately relaxed, patted the clown on the shoulder heavily, and said, “Joker, thank you this time!”

His solemnity made the clown flattered, and said quickly: “Master, you are polite, this is what I should do.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded, and he started to open the door and get in the car.

Alma Chu had also spotted Wayne Lin just now. She was immediately pleasantly surprised when she saw Wayne Lin coming in. But immediately, she saw Wayne Lin’s embarrassment and bruises, and her face immediately changed.

“Wayne, why are you hurt?!” Alma Chu immediately felt distressed, especially on Wayne Lin’s body, the two knife marks were very deep, it was so painful, her eyes immediately became red.

With this excitement, her body began to tremble violently, and her expression was full of pain.

Wayne Lin quickly supported her and said, “Alma, don’t get excited, I’m fine, it’s just a little trauma.”

“Wayne, you lied to me, you are so badly hurt, and your clothes are covered with your blood…” Alma Chu cried sadly. She is very weak now, she can’t even cry. The whole person is very thin, and seems to have no moisture.

“Fool, what are you crying? These are other people’s blood. I’m fine.” Wayne Lin held her face, and did not feel disgusted with her because she is now yellowish. His eyes were still full of infinite affection. .

“Wayne, you promise me that you will not do dangerous things anymore, okay?” Alma Chu seemed to have used all her last strength to hold Wayne Lin’s hand, “I’m going to die soon, Wayne , Promise me that after I die, you must forget me and find a new period of happiness…”

Chapter 579

Wayne Lin felt a pain when he heard it, and his nose was a little sour. He hadn’t blinked his eyes when faced with the pursuit of so many masters just now, but now, just because of Alma Chu’s words, he can’t bear it. My nose is sour, and I have the urge to cry!

He could not imagine how much pain and torture would be if he hadn’t picked the heaven and earth spirit fruit and watched Alma Chu leave him with his own eyes!

Fortunately, there is no such possibility anymore, he succeeded.

Thinking of this, his face involuntarily showed a bright, happy, happy smile, from the corner of his mouth to the corner of his eyes.

He gently wiped the faint tear marks on the corner of Alma Chu’s eyes, and said softly and affectionately: “Silly girl, I didn’t tell you, I won’t let you die, I have a way to restore your health and stay youthful forever. , Have you forgotten?”

Alma Chu cried even harder when he heard this, “Wayne, don’t do this. I am mentally prepared. I feel that my vitality is running out, and I may be leaving tomorrow. After I am gone, you must find new happiness, and you must promise me!”

Wayne Lin didn’t speak any more. Instead, he held Alma Chu’s face and kissed Alma Chu’s lips deeply. Alma Chu resisted. She didn’t want Wayne Lin to kiss such ugly herself.

But her strength couldn’t resist Wayne Lin’s domineering, Wayne Lin touched her lips.

Then, Wayne Lin didn’t talk any more, he took out from his arms the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit that he had tried so hard to pick.

“Alma, what do you think this is?” Wayne Lin showed the heaven and earth spirit fruit in front of Alma Chu, and said with a bright smile.

Alma Chu saw the color in front of her, full of wonderful heaven and earth spirit fruit, she was stunned.

Even if she had never known the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth before, she could still feel the extraordinaryness of Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, “This is…”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “This is the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, also known as the Seven Color Origin Fruit. It is a treasure that has gathered the spiritual energy of the earth and took 112 years to bear fruit. It has infinite magical effects. As long as you eat it, it will be ready immediately. “


After Alma Chu listened, she was stunned.

“Really, really?” Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin.

“Of course it’s true! When did I lie to you?” Wayne Lin smiled and pinched Alma Chu’s Qiong nose, and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and eat. You will be better after eating. We can stay and fly and return to the previous days.”

With that, Wayne Lin began to open the heaven and earth spirit fruit.

The peel is very tough, if it weren’t for Wayne Lin’s strength, it would be difficult to cut open even with a knife if it was replaced by an ordinary person.

Peeling off layer by layer, the spirit fruit of heaven and earth the size of a volleyball, and a fruit the size of a child’s fist is left, and the aroma is overflowing, filling the entire carriage.

“It smells so good!” As soon as Alma Chu smelled these scents, her spirits were shocked, and her originally decadent and languid expression was also much more energetic.

Wayne Lin could most feel the rich life origin of this heaven and earth spirit fruit, he smiled happily, and quickly let Alma Chu eat it.

Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin very seriously, and she also felt that the colorful fruit in front of her was really extraordinary. She was also an insightful person, but she had never seen a fruit in this shape before, even to hear it. Never heard of it.


p; After she successfully ate two or three bites, she immediately felt a warm airflow that followed her throat and melted into her belly. It was so comfortable that she couldn’t help but groan.

And it was almost immediate. After she ate the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, her spirits got better and better.

“Wayne, I feel that I am much better, and I am not tired!” Alma Chu opened her eyes wide, and said in surprise.

Wayne Lin also saw her changes, showing a sincere smile, and said, “It’s good if you don’t get tired.”

Alma Chu closed her eyes and felt the power in her body. From her belly to everywhere in her body, her internal organs melted away. This was an experience she had never had before!

Wayne Lin gently stroked her hair, and when she closed her eyes, there was joy, relief, happiness, and reluctance in her eyes…

He knew very well what was waiting for him next.

It is no exaggeration to say that he was using his own life to exchange Alma Chu’s life.

At first it sounded like he was stupid, and he was so stupid. After all, he was a top powerhouse in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, with unlimited prospects, and Alma Chu, just an ordinary woman, had done a great loss in this business.

But he didn’t regret it, he didn’t regret it at all, and even felt it was worth it. Give him a hundred choices and he will do the same.

Calculating the time, Jian Rushuang was about to arrive, he had to say goodbye to Alma Chu.

He looked at Alma Chu deeply, as if he wanted to remember Alma Chu in the depths of his soul forever and ever, even if he died and reincarnated, he would never forget it!

Just then, Alma Chu opened his eyes and saw his abnormal look. “Wayne, I feel like now…”

At this point, her words stopped immediately, as a woman’s sixth sense, she felt something wrong with Wayne Lin!

“Wayne, what’s wrong with you?” Alma Chu asked in a daze. She felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong for a while.

Wayne Lin shook his head. He buried complicated eyes in his heart and said with a smile: “It’s okay, I’m just happy for you!”

“Really?” Alma Chu always felt that Wayne Lin was lying to her.

“Of course it’s true!” At this moment, Wayne Lin began his superb acting skills, holding Alma Chu’s face again, and said with a smile: “Silly girl, when did I lie to you? Well, time It’s getting late, you should go back to the hospital quickly, lest your parents worry about you.”

Alma Chu nodded, she was also worried about her parents, and now she wanted to tell her parents the good news of her recovery for the first time, so that they would be happy too!

“Yeah! Let’s go back together!”

However, Wayne Lin shook his head and said with a smile: “I have something to do, so I won’t go back with you.”

“Ah? Why?” Alma Chu asked puzzledly.

Wayne Lin didn’t blink his glasses and said naturally, “It’s just something to deal with. Why do you ask so much? Don’t worry, I will go to you. By the way, don’t tell anyone about today’s matter. Don’t say it even if it’s your parents, you know?”

Alma Chu just wanted to nod her head to agree. At this moment, the clown outside the car answered a phone call, his expression suddenly changed, and she suddenly looked at Wayne Lin in the car in disbelief and shock.

Chapter 580

“Master, what are you doing, have you taken the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit?!”

The clown opened the car door and looked at Wayne Lin in the car in shock.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly and was dissatisfied with the behavior of the clown. It was rare for him to spend the last time with Alma Chu. Every minute and every second was extremely precious. Now he was ruined by the clown.

Wayne Lin just nodded lightly, admitting it, and said, “Go out and close the door.”

Calculating the time, there is only less than a minute left for him and Alma Chu together. He doesn’t want to waste this precious time on the clown.

But the clown didn’t listen to him, and said excitedly: “Master! Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit is a treasure that the Holy King is inevitable, and Sword Master Rushuang and Master Nishang came to snatch it, and you are now robbing Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit. Now, with the character of Master Jian Rushuang, it is absolutely impossible to give up!”

Wayne Lin didn’t have any fluctuations on his face, and said lightly: “Is it enough? Say enough and close the door.”

Alma Chu realized that something was wrong, and she quickly said, “Wait a minute! Wayne, did you snatch the fruit you gave me just now from someone else?”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “No, I picked it myself, and it doesn’t belong to anyone.”

“But this person just said…”

“Don’t bother him, he is talking nonsense.”

The clown immediately said again: “Master, how can you snatch the heaven and earth spirit fruit? This is a big taboo! This heaven and earth spirit fruit is a must-have for the holy king, and the Chinese government is also inevitable. If you don’t take the heaven and earth The consequences will be disastrous if the spirit fruit is handed over!!”

“What?!” Alma Chu’s eyes widened after hearing this. She grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand and said nervously, “Wayne, what is going on? Why didn’t you tell me about it!”

Wayne Lin was very angry now, gave the clown a fierce look, and then comforted Alma Chu: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, it’s not that serious at all. Alma, don’t worry, I will be fine.”

The clown said anxiously: “Master! This is not a joke. The Master Nishang called me just now. She said that this matter is very serious. If you don’t hand over the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, Master Jian Rushuang is going to kill. You vent your anger! And now all the forces are chasing you! Master, I think you should quickly hand over the heaven and earth spirit fruit, otherwise it will really be over!”

When Alma Chu heard this, her face instantly paled, and her whole person was shocked. She had no idea that this would be the case.

“Enough! Shut me up!” Wayne Lin was completely angry. He stared at the clown angrily. His plans were all disrupted by the clown!

He was very sad when he saw Alma Chu look so flustered and guilty. This was not something he wanted to see. He held Alma Chu’s face again and said very seriously: “Alma, trust me, I will be fine. You must not have any guilty thoughts. This is my decision and my responsibility. I can’t make you trouble. Okay, it’s not too early now. You should go back to the hospital first, I’ll see you later Look for you.”

Then, Wayne Lin said to the clown: “Send my wife back to the hospital. Also, you can’t say a word about what happened today! You can’t say a word no matter who it is, you know?”

How clever the clown is, he can’t tell. Wayne Lin’s farewell is a farewell. He bit his lip tightly, and did not promise Wayne Lin, but said: “Master! How can you do this, don’t you know that Madam only has Are you a son, don’t you know that Madam sacrificed her life for you? Are you so good to Madam!”

The clown gritted his teeth, his eyes were red and swollen, very excited.

When Wayne Lin heard this, his eyes became a lot red. He closed his eyes and muttered to his mother, sorry.

Counting time, it was almost the end. Wayne Lin got out of the car directly, held the clown’s shoulders, stared at him tightly, and said very seriously: “Joker, I know that this incident has disappointed you very much. You say sorry. If I really can’t come back, I would trouble you to say sorry for my mother. I failed her high hopes. But, I must do this. If you still have my young master in your heart, Just help me this last time!”

“Help me send Alma Chu back, help me protect Alma Chu secretly for three years, help me keep this secret, and don’t let other people know that Alma Chu ate the spirit fruit of heaven and earth, don’t even tell me Ni Chang and my mother!”


; Wayne Lin stared straight at the clown, said very solemnly and pleadingly, and finally he bowed to the clown, “Please.”

The clown looked at Wayne Lin in front of him, his body was trembling violently, and his mood fluctuated greatly.

He has been working for Qin Yuehua all his life. It is no exaggeration to say that his life belongs to Qin Yuehua, and Wayne Lin is Qin Yuehua’s only son. He was told by Qin Yuehua a long time ago that he must take good care of Wayne Lin. It can be said that protecting Wayne Lin well is his lifelong mission, which has penetrated into his bones and soul. But now, he wants to see Wayne Lin fall with his own eyes, but he is powerless, this kind of powerlessness and pain, others will never understand!

He cried and cried, even if he faced Ye Xingchen that day, he didn’t even blink his eyes in desperation! But now, he actually shed tears, he has forgotten how long he has not shed tears.

“Master…” his tone choked.

Wayne Lin’s nose is also a little sour. In fact, he has a lot of affection for clowns, because he knew clowns very early, and even his martial art was taught to him by clowns. In a sense, clowns are considered good. The half of his master was the one who led him to the entrance.

“Clown, I’m sorry.” Wayne Lin took a deep breath and showed a smile, and said, “I leave it to you for the next thing. There is not much time left. Don’t let my efforts become a waste, okay? “

The clown lowered his head. He didn’t have the courage at all. He went to look at Wayne Lin and had to nod in pain, and a word popped out from his teeth: “Okay.”

Wayne Lin smiled, happily and brilliantly, and then he turned around and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, you go back with the clown first.”

Alma Chu heard what she said just now, and now she doesn’t know what Wayne Lin has done for her, tears in her eyes are streaming down.

“I don’t!” Alma Chu’s reaction was great. She hugged Wayne Lin hard and said loudly: “I don’t want you to do this, I won’t let you disappear from your side!”

Wayne Lin’s nose became more sore. He suppressed the tears that were about to come out of his eyes, smiled, and gently stroked Alma Chu’s hair, and said, “Fool, I told you all, I will be fine. Yes, how could it disappear? You go back to the hospital and wait for me now, okay?”

Alma Chu burst into tears and shook her head vigorously, “I don’t! I don’t! I don’t! You are obviously lying to me! I have heard what you said just now. You are now being chased by many people, all very powerful people. , You are not an opponent at all, you are going to die, you are going to die, you…”

When she said this, she couldn’t go on anymore, tears rained down, and she thumped Wayne Lin’s chest desperately, very sad, sad, painful, and angry, “Wayne Lin! You selfish fellow, why are you? Do this! You didn’t get my consent. Why do you want to do this? Obviously the person who died should be me! What qualifications do you have to die for me! I hate you, I hate you ah ah ah!!!”

Wayne Lin clenched his teeth, didn’t say a word, didn’t move, let Alma Chu hit him.


He took Alma Chu’s hand and looked at her affectionately, “Listen to me, don’t tell me what happened today, don’t even tell your parents or anyone. If, if I really don’t answer Here comes, you wait for me at most for a year, and I haven’t come back after a year, so don’t wait, you forget me, okay?”

Alma Chu had already cried and turned into a tearful person. She couldn’t even speak clearly. If it weren’t for her to eat the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, her huge life source, and constantly replenish her physical stamina, she would already be unstable now.

But she hated this kind of energetic feeling, this was not what she wanted, it was exchanged for Wayne Lin’s life!

At this moment, Wayne Lin already felt the breath of Jian Rushuang. He was just a few kilometers away, and he would soon be able to chase here. He stopped the ink, holding Alma Chu’s face, and facing Alma Chu’s lips deeply. He kissed it down for three seconds, and then he cruelly pressed down on Alma Chu’s acupuncture point, and Alma Chu passed out immediately.

He gently put Alma Chu in the car, fastened her seat belt, and said to the clown: “The rest is up to you, don’t disappoint me!”

The clown knows that until now, no matter what he says, he can’t keep it. He can only look at Wayne Lin deeply, and said with great weight: “Master, I must live, I am waiting for you to come back!”

Wayne Lin smiled brightly again and said, “Yes.”

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