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Chapter 695

Indeed, according to Shangguan Wei’an, what can be done in ten days?

Although he is not a master of the congenital realm, all he has contact with is a master of the congenital realm. He knows that especially when the congenital realm reaches the Great Perfection, it is even more difficult to do so. Let alone ten days, even ten months, ten years, progress. It’s not too high!

So Shangguan Wei’an expressed his doubts, and he didn’t want to believe that this was the case.

Cary smiled and said, “Brother Shangguan, you don’t know anything. Wayne Lin has swallowed the colorful origin fruit, which contains a lot of life origin. Ten days will be enough for him to digest all life origin, and then he will have strength. He will also usher in diligence, and the Thunder will no longer be his opponent.”

Shangguan Wei’an said, “No, the colorful original fruit that Wayne Lin snatched was not eaten by his wife… You mean, Wayne Lin lied, and his wife’s serious illness was a scam? !”

Shangguan Wei’an’s expression became serious in an instant, with some anger. If Wayne Lin really lied to him, he would definitely not take Wayne Lin lightly! This is a matter of principle.

Cary Dao waved his hand and said, “Brother Shangguan, you are misunderstood. Wayne Lin indeed ate the colorful original fruit on the Lion Mountain to his wife. He did not deceive anyone.”

“Uh…” Shangguan Wei’an was stunned and said in a puzzled way: “Then you said he ate the Seven-Colored Origin Fruit… Wait a minute, you mean, there are two Seven-Colored Origin Fruit?!”

Cary had a deep gaze, nodded, and said, “Yes, there are two colorful origin fruits, and Wayne Lin swallowed the second one. That’s why he can break through to the innate realm of great perfection in such a short time.”

Shangguan Wei’an felt that his mind was a little messy, “No, the Colorful Origin Fruit produces fruit once in a hundred years. How can there be two of these? And, Wayne Lin got both of them? The probability is too small!”

Cary said: “Who said that there is only one source of colorful fruit? This is not an absolute thing. It seems that Wayne Lin did eat the second one to have such a rich source of life. This is his luck, he It’s the trend-makers of this era.”

If someone else said such things to Shangguan Wei’an, he would definitely not believe it, but if this person is Whampoa Road, he would believe it, because he has known Whampoa Road for decades and is very clear about the person and ability of Whampoa Road.

He couldn’t help sighing, and said with a bit of emotion: “From this point of view, this Wayne Lin is really the trend-makers of the times.”

Cary nodded and said: “Let’s look at the battle between him and Lei Zhen. I’m looking forward to it. If Lei Zhen dies in Wayne Lin’s hands, BRAGRUN, ​​an old thing, will come out.”

Shangguan Weian, when he heard the word’BRAGRUN’, his pupils shrank visibly, causing fear and awe. He said in a deep voice, “BRAGRUN, ​​this old ghost, is still alive?”

Cary nodded and said: “I’m still alive. Although he hides deeply, I can still feel his breath. He is not dead.”

BRAGRUN is the holy king of the BRAGRUN organization. The entire BRAGRUN organization is named after BRAGRUN. However, many people don’t know this news, including those inside the BRAGRUN organization.

Moreover, BRAGRUN hasn’t come out for a long time. He has been hiding. Many people have guessed that BRAGRUN is dead, or he has become an immortal.

Only the core people know that BRAGRUN doesn’t have

Chapter 696

“Where is Randal, haven’t he left the customs yet?”

In front of Wayne Lin’s secret room, a mighty group of people had gathered, Damon Wang asked worriedly.

Jiang Liqun paced back and forth, shook his head and said, “I haven’t got out yet.”

“Then what to do? Today is the date for the decisive battle. If Randal Lin should not fight, he will lose.” Damon Wang said worriedly.

Indeed, ten days have passed, and today is the day of the decisive battle, and the news has been spread in the upper class. Everyone is waiting for this day eagerly. If Wayne Lin misses his appointment now, That reputation must fall a thousand miles!

“It shouldn’t be. We have been with Randal Lin for so long. When have we seen Randal Lin retreat.” Jiang Liqun said solemnly.

Jeff Han also nodded and said: “Old Jiang is right. Randal Lin is very reliable. He will never back down. I have confidence in Randal Lin!”

Others also believed in Wayne Lin, but immediately, Damon Wang’s words made them all worried, “Well, what if there is a problem with Randal Lin’s practice, and he is crazy? Then…”

He did not say what he said, but the meaning of the expression was already obvious.

If Wayne Lin becomes devastated, it will be over. With Lei Zhen’s strength and means, he will definitely not let Wayne Lin go, and even they will be affected!

You know, Lei Zhen is not an ordinary person, but a big man who can wrestle with Wayne Lin, even more than Wayne Lin!

They looked at each other and they all saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

“Or, let’s go in and have a look? In case Randal Lin really has an accident, we have time to react.” Damon Wang softly put forward this suggestion, which was quickly approved by Jeff Han and Jiang Liqun, and they decided to go in together. See how Wayne Lin is doing inside.

However, just as they approached the secret room and were about to open the door to enter, the door of the secret room was opened and Wayne Lin walked out of it in a simple suit.

“I’m fine, you don’t need to worry.” Wayne Lin said lightly, obviously, he heard their conversation in the secret room.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Damon Wang and the others were relieved, and then they discovered that Wayne Lin has changed a little more now, and it has become different. I don’t know how to describe that feeling, it seems to be , More approachable and ordinary than before?

Jiang Liqun also discovered this. He felt incredible. It is reasonable to say that the higher the realm, the stronger the aura and the more terrifying, but Wayne Lin is the other way round, the higher the realm, the more common. It seems to be returning to basics.

“Randal, have you succeeded in your retreat this time?” Jiang Liqun asked softly, and everyone looked at Wayne Lin nervously. This is what they care about.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “It’s pretty successful.”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they all breathed a sigh of relief and relieved. As long as Wayne Lin said that there is no problem, then it must be no problem. After this period of time, they have developed a kind of thinking, which is to believe 100%. Wayne Lin is almost faith.

Wayne Lin was indeed successful this time. After ten days of retreat, he digested all the source of life in his body and became his own strength. Now he is truly the strongest person in the congenital realm. He has Absolute confidence, even in the face of Jian Rushuang, it is not his opponent!

Perhaps, in the hands of a strong King Kong, he can also escape.

This is not his expansion, but the fact.

Chapter 697

I haven’t seen it for a few days, and the neon clothes seem to have lost a lot of weight, and people are also a little more haggard.

When Wayne Lin looked at each other with the neon clothes, Wayne Lin clearly saw worry and sorrow in her eyes. Obviously, she was not optimistic about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was already a dying person.

“You shouldn’t have promised Lei Zhen.” Nishang sighed and said very sadly.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You don’t believe me so much.”

Nishang said seriously: “Lei Zhen is not a nameless person. His cultivation is unfathomable. Even Jian Rushuang may not be able to stabilize him. You are not his opponent.”

“This is not necessarily true, he is Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and I am also Dzogchen in the Innate Realm.” Wayne Lin touched his nose and said.

Nishang looked at him arrogantly, without paying attention to it, and couldn’t help but feel annoyed! When is this, Wayne Lin can actually laugh, does he really think that relying on the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, to break through to the congenital realm of great perfection, is comparable to Lei Zhen?

Not to mention that they are both Innate Realm Great Perfection, and the gap between them is also very large. Even if Wayne Lin’s breakthrough has only been less than two months, it is incomparable with the old powerhouse like Lei Zhen, let alone Wayne Lin did not pass. His own efforts made breakthroughs, but relying on the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth to push his life to the innate realm to achieve great perfection, which is equivalent to the growth of seedlings. How can this compare with Lei Zhen?

Nishang is now mourning its misfortune and angering it.

“You don’t even know how strong Lei Zhen is! Do you think that by relying on the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, you have broken through to the innate realm, Dzogchen, and you will be invincible? Wayne Lin, you don’t know how big this world is. , You are too arrogant!” Nishang said in one breath, looking particularly excited, “You have been so smooth these years, thinking that you have never lost, you are the number one in the world, it is swollen, not even Lei Zhen Put it in your eyes! Do you know what his nickname in the arena is, Godkiller! How many powerful people he has slaughtered, and you, even the sword Rushuang can’t handle it, what do you use to fight against Thunder Zhen? !”

She said that at the end, she almost roared, her expression was particularly excited, and her face was a little red.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he saw her like this. He had known Nishang for so long, but for the first time, he was so excited to see Nishang. You know, even that time, when facing Ye Xingchen’s pursuit and killing, Nishang was not as excited as she is now when she was forced to double repair with him.

But Wayne Lin was not angry. Not only was his heart warm, he was so excited because he knew that Nishang cared about him.

He said seriously: “Sister Nishang, don’t worry, I will be fine, Lei Zhen is not my opponent, my strength has surpassed him.”

Maybe it’s his current appearance, too serious and sincere. It doesn’t seem to be a lie. After the neon clothes looked at each other, he couldn’t help but stunned, and a thought involuntarily came up in his heart. Could it be that Wayne Lin really can Defeat Lei Zhen?

But as soon as this idea came into being, she immediately denied it, because it was impossible. No matter how talented Wayne Lin was, he would not be able to catch up with Lei Zhen, not to mention that Lei Zhen himself was also a rare genius in the world.

So she thought that Wayne Lin was really swollen, and that’s why she said this!

The more so, the more angry she becomes.

She couldn’t tell how she felt to Wayne Lin. As the only son of her aunt, he was the man who had taken her blood. She seemed to have traces of Wayne Lin left in her body. It would be impossible to say that there was no feeling at all. of


However, she could not tell what kind of feeling it was. Anyway, she would often think of Wayne Lin, and after hearing Wayne Lin’s promise to Lei Zhen’s decisive battle, she was panicked, angry, and weak.

“Wayne Lin, you really disappoint me!” Nishang finally looked at Wayne Lin deeply, with disappointment in his eyes, “You are too selfish. You took the Lion Mountain two months ago, and now you are fighting Lei Zhen to the death. You have never considered the feelings of others, you are not worthy to be the son of your aunt!”

After saying this, Nishang stopped looking at him, and left in strides, seeming to be really disappointed with Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin opened his mouth. Originally, he wanted to stop Nishang, but when the words came to his lips, he still didn’t say anything. Because he knew that Nishang had determined that he was not Lei Zhen’s opponent, and if he calculated how to explain him, Nishang would not believe it. The only way that can be explained is to defeat Lei Zhen and use facts to prove that he is not inflated.

Wayne Lin cleared up his mood and started going up the mountain.

He already felt the presence of Lei Zhen, a powerful breath, waiting for him on the top of the mountain.

Along the way, Wayne Lin felt countless eyes on him. If it is a person with a bad mental quality, this will definitely affect his mentality, but for Wayne Lin, it will not have any effect. .

Wayne Lin saw a lot of acquaintances, and many comrades in the three places of Xuanyuan came, Zhao Xia, Xiao Cangmang, Sun Liang…

In addition, there are people at Xuanyuan No.2, Xuanyuan No.1, and some acquaintances in the business world. These people look at him differently. Some encourage him and support him, while others take pleasure in misfortune and think he Dead.

Wayne Lin also saw Ouyang Yanran, Guo Junyi, Yang Guiying and others.

“Master, come on, you will definitely win!”

Yang Guiying was full of excitement and clenched her fists to cheer for him.

The master shouted Wayne Lin a little embarrassed, he touched his nose and nodded lightly.

And Tao Sanniang also came, looking at him deeply, cheering for him, from Tao Sanniang’s eyes, Wayne Lin saw resoluteness, if he died, Tao Sanniang would also die in love.

For Tao Sanniang, Wayne Lin completely accepted her, nodded to Tao Sanniang and smiled back.

On the other mountain, a temporary shed was built, surrounded by more than a dozen congenital realm masters guarding it. At first glance, you knew that the people in the shed were either rich or expensive.

“Wayne Lin is really here. This battle is good.” Shangguan Wei’an said with a smile, holding the sight glasses, he could clearly see the sight of Junlin Mountain on the opposite side.

The military god Whampoa Road can be seen clearly without looking at glasses.

“Of course he will come. Wayne Lin will win this matchup.” Cary Huang said with a smile.

“Has BRAGRUN come?” Shangguan Wei’an said seriously.

Cary Road shook his head and said: “I can’t feel his breath, I shouldn’t be here.”

Shangguan Wei’an breathed a sigh of relief even though he was disappointed.

Even if there is a military god, he is still very jealous of BRAGRUN.

Put his eyes on Wayne Lin’s side again. At this moment, he has reached the top of the mountain and stood in front of Lei Zhen.

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