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Chapter 509

Needless to say, Liang Zhenghai’s disaster originated from Cheng Yuan.

So Wayne Lin carefully observed Cheng Yuan and found that Cheng Yuan’s Yintang was also darkening, and it was getting darker. The true source of the disaster was Cheng Yuan, and Liang Zhenghai was involved.

Judging from this aspect, Liang Zhenghai himself was going to be badly harmed by Cheng Yuan this time, and even life-threatening, becoming Cheng Yuan’s substitute for death, and because of his appearance, this situation has changed.

This is kind of interesting.

Cheng Yuan saw Wayne Lin staring at him, snorted, and said dissatisfied: “What are you staring at me? You are not at all noticeable. Today you are here to be my bodyguard. You are not allowed to speak, and you can’t look around, you know? !”

Wayne Lin smiled playfully, but did not respond.

Seeing Cheng Yuan’s tendency to get angry, Liang Zhenghai quickly said Wayne Lin and assured Cheng Yuan that Wayne Lin would not cause trouble, and Cheng Yuan let Wayne Lin go.

Someone came over to say hello to Cheng Yuan. They were two rich second-generation generations. They saw the seven bodyguards behind Cheng Yuan. They smiled and said, “Boss Cheng, you are on the stage, seven bodyguards. Make less money.”

Cheng Yuan couldn’t hide his sorrow on his face. He deliberately made a very low-key look, waved his hand and said, “No, no, not much, only 20 million yuan, compared with Zhou Shao and Qianli. That’s far away.”

When these two rich second generations heard what he said, they both showed expressions of surprise, more than 20 million. For them, the calculation is a lot of money. For a while, they became more enthusiastic about Cheng Yuan. .

Originally, they didn’t think much of Cheng Yuan, because Cheng Yuan came from an ordinary background and had no background, and it was only because they had been fond of the boss in the past few years that they had this opportunity. But Cheng Yuan really earned more than 20 million yuan in half a year, so he could get into their circle.

Feeling the change in the attitudes of the two rich second generations, Cheng Yuan’s smile on the corners of his mouth became brighter, and his people became more glamorous. In fact, he did not make as much as 20 million, but at most he made four or five million. But when you’re outside, blow hard and blow up your own force.

Liang Zhenghai followed Cheng Yuan all the way, knowing Cheng Yuan’s details, secretly stunned, thinking that Brother Yuan could blow too much.

Next, a few rich and rich second-generation generations came to greet Cheng Yuan. Hearing that he had made more than 20 million yuan in half a year, they were very enthusiastic about him, and Cheng Yuan became more and more enthusiastic. Niubi, one is bigger than one.

When he was free, Cheng Yuan saw Wayne Lin looking around, like a countryman who had never seen the world. His sense of superiority became even stronger. Holding a goblet, he came over and said to Wayne Lin, “Nothing before. Have you been to such a high-end place? It is true that you are just a door-to-door son-in-law and have no status in your natal family. What qualifications do you have to participate in such a high-end party?

His words were very yin and yang, especially mocking.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him, but deliberately searched for something. He vaguely felt that he seemed to have a robbery here, but he had searched for a long time and could not find it, which made him very confused.

When Cheng Yuan saw Wayne Lin not speaking, he thought that Wayne Lin had no place to show himself, and the corners of his mouth were even wider. He continued, “Well, anyway, it’s a acquaintance. You can wait and eat now. You have never eaten the delicacies of the mountains and seas in the evening. You performed well tonight, and you can be my little brother in the future, giving you six thousand salary a month, how about it, am I generous enough?”

Wayne Lin stared at him, smiled, and said two words, “brainless.”

In an instant, Cheng Yuan became annoyed. He opened his eyes wide, and was about to find Wayne Lin to settle his account. At this moment, there was a hustle and bustle on the scene.

“Look, Miss Yang, the protagonist of tonight, has come out!”

“This is the precious daughter of the Yang family. If anyone can catch up with Yang Guiying, he will be sent out in this life, and he will go straight to the top!”

“It’s better to dispel this idea, Yang Guiying’s eyes are very high, besides, Yang Guiying is a violent maniac, ordinary men can’t restrain her.”

“That’s true……”

When Cheng Yuan heard the sound, he couldn’t bother to clean up Wayne Lin. He straightened his neck quickly and looked into the crowd. He suddenly saw Yang Guiying walking out in stride surrounded by a group of people. She was dry and dry. Her short hair and Chinese-style clothing look very heroic.

I have to say, Yang Guiying

The character is very hot, but the appearance is good, there is a unique neutral beauty, the figure is very tall, the legs are very long, full of explosive power.

Suddenly, the audience was quiet for a while, and everyone’s eyes were on Yang Guiying.

In Yang Guiying’s body, it seemed to be able to emit light.

When Cheng Yuan saw Yang Guiying, he immediately had a fiery look. This is the eldest lady of the Yang family, with a distinguished status. If he can flatter Yang Guiying, then he won’t have to worry in his life!

Liang Zhenghai looked at Yang Guiying, also a bit demented, full of surprises, but more of inferiority, he knew very well that his background was poor, for Yang Guiying, who was born with a golden key, the gap was too big. Natural inferiority complex.

Soon, the gaze of the audience was attracted by a big beauty next to Yang Guiying. It was no one but Ouyang Yanran.

In terms of appearance, Ouyang Yanran has to ask too much more than Yang Guiying!

When Cheng Yuan saw Ouyang Yanran, his eyes straightened and his breathing stopped. He was not the only one who had the same reaction. Many people at the scene were like this. They were shocked by Ouyang Yanran’s stunning beauty.

When Wayne Lin saw Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran, he was immediately stunned. He didn’t expect that he would meet them both at the party tonight!

Soon he realized a little bit. Most of the’catastrophe’ he had just vaguely felt was Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran.

For a moment he was a little bit dumbfounded.

The appearance of Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran made the party tonight suddenly become enthusiastic, and the atmosphere has undergone a huge change. Everyone began to excite, and they surrounded them one after another, doing all they could to please them.

Cheng Yuan also wanted to please the past, even if he was close to it, he was satisfied with a familiar face!

However, he wanted to squeeze in, but there was no way.

He was anxious and kept pushing forward, but could not squeeze in. At this moment, he saw a graceful figure in front of him, wearing a sexy buttocks suit, especially temptation, he suddenly whim, Without controlling his hand, he touched it.

“Ah!! Who touched me?!!!”

This voice was very angry and roared loudly. It immediately attracted everyone’s attention, including Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran, who also looked over.

The beautiful woman in front of her turned around and stared at Cheng Yuan in shame. Next to her, there was a tall man with a big aura, full of famous brands, and she knew it was a big shot.

He saw his woman being played as a gangster, his face suddenly sank, and he stared at Cheng Yuan, “Are you looking for death?”

Cheng Yuan was taken aback, and subconsciously shook his head, denying it: “It’s not me! It’s not me!”

The beauty pointed at him and cursed: “It’s you, you just touched me behind! Brother Qian, he just wretched your woman, this tone is unbearable.”

‘Brother Qian”s entire face turned black, “You are so bold! Even my Qin Qian woman dare to move, I think you don’t want to live anymore!!”

When Cheng Yuan heard the words Qin Qian, his pupils contracted and his legs were swinging. Qin Qian, but the powerful young man in the circle, he was far from offending him!

“It’s not me, it’s really not me…” Cheng Yuan shook his head quickly, Qin Qian squinted his eyes with a murderous face, “You mean my woman wronged you?!”

Qin Qian’s woman scolded: “It’s you, you stood behind me just now!”

Cheng Yuan panicked to the extreme. At this moment, he saw Liang Zhenghai standing with him and quickly said: “It’s him, he touched it just now!”

When Liang Zhenghai heard this, he was immediately dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Cheng Yuan would treat him like this, and subconsciously wanted to refute, “I didn’t…”

However, before he could finish his words, Cheng Yuan slapped him in the face, interrupting his next words, and angrily cursed: “Liang Zhenghai, you beast, you dare even Qin Shao’s woman tofu. Eating, it almost hurts me, I think you are impatient!”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were on Liang Zhenghai, who happened to have a shy and introverted character. In this case, his brain was blank and he was completely scared to speak.

Chapter 510

Liang Zhenghai had never thought that Cheng Yuan would put the blame on him in this way. Just now he saw Cheng Yuan molest the woman with his own eyes.

Immediately, Qin Qian looked towards Liang Zhenghai, full of anger, and waved his hand, “Come here, take this beast down for me!”

“It’s not me, it’s really not me…” Liang Zhenghai panicked completely. He pointed at Cheng Yuan and was about to confess Cheng Yuan. Cheng Yuan hooked his neck and pressed him to the ground, lowering his voice. Said: “Zhenghai, you have to help me carry this pot today! I have not treated you badly for these years. If I hadn’t been carrying you with you, would you have today?!”

Liang Zhenghai stopped. He looked at Cheng Yuan with incredible eyes, “Brother Yuan, I have done a lot for you over the years.”

Cheng Yuan stared at him, threateningly said: “I don’t care, you must help me carry this pot today, otherwise, your sister…”

Liang Zhenghai shook his whole body and stared at Cheng Yuan with gritted teeth. He did not expect that Cheng Yuan would threaten him with his sister!

Cheng Yuan then said in an imploring tone: “Zhenghai, brothers, I have taken care of you in the past few years. At this moment, you will help Brother Yuan carry this pot. Anyway, it’s just a beating. It’s nothing too much. Yes, just help brother for a while, okay?”

There was a painful expression on Liang Zhenghai’s face. He is a very emotional person. He eats soft or hard. When Cheng Yuan said these words, he really couldn’t refuse. He gritted his teeth, he gave up and took a deep breath. , With a miserable face, said: “Brother Yuan, I know, I will help you carry this pot.”

“Good brother!” Cheng Yuan was overjoyed, and then with a cold face, he pressed Liang Zhenghai to the ground and cursed: “Bah! Liang Zhenghai, you bastard, you are blind, so even Qin Shao’s woman dared to touch him. , You know who Qin Shao is, Qin Shao can choke you to death with a finger!”

Then he immediately said to Qin Qian, “Qin Shao, don’t worry, leave this beast to me, and I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation!”

Qin Qian waved his hand, and he said coldly: “What are you, Qin Qian, do I need you to point me? Go away!”

Cheng Yuan’s face was stiff, but he didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction. He quickly stepped aside and flew a threatening look at Liang Zhenghai, so that Liang Zhenghai could not confess him to death. He saw Liang Zhenghai face. With a gray expression, his heart loosened.

Qin Qian’s identity, he knew very well, even in the rich second-generation circle, he was a very powerful existence, only under Yang Guiying’s kind of heavenly girl, he could not provoke him at all.

Now he is quite awkward. He just took advantage of Qin Qian’s horse, and he doesn’t need to be taught by Qin Qian. There is Liang Zhenghai as a substitute for the dead.

“Which hand touched my woman just now, stretch it out!” Qin Qian stared at Liang Zhenghai coldly, his face was cold, full of anger and murderous intent, and he was considered a figure in the circle. I don’t know how many. Everyone has to look at his face. Now in the crowd, a little man has eaten Ma Zi’s tofu. If he doesn’t punish this little man severely, where will his face be put? !

Liang Zhenghai was very scared, but he didn’t dare to resist now, so he could only stretch out his right hand obediently.

Qin Qian said coldly: “Chop off this beast’s left hand for me!!”

Immediately, a big man walked out, took out a fruit knife from the dining table next to him, with a grin on his face, and walked slowly in front of Liang Zhenghai.

When Liang Zhenghai saw this scene, his scalp was numb, and he was trembling with fear, and quickly begged for mercy.

With so many people present, no one came out to stop them. Instead, they all smiled gleefully, finding it very interesting and a pleasure.

Cheng Yuanye

Fortunately, he reacted quickly just now and pushed out the fool Liang Zhenghai, otherwise, he would be the one who was chopped off.

Liang Zhenghai was completely frightened. He kept calling for help to Cheng Yuan and asked Cheng Yuan to help him, but Cheng Yuan didn’t pay attention to him at all. He watched the big man holding a fruit knife and walked in front of him. He was extremely scared, and even began to despair. .

On the other side, Yang Guiying frowned slightly when she saw this scene, but she didn’t stop it, because she herself hated that kind of wretched hooligan. Moreover, she saw a lot of things like this kind of bullying, and she didn’t think there was any problem at all.

On the contrary, Ouyang Yanran couldn’t bear it, she turned her face away and couldn’t bear to look.

Wayne Lin, who was in the crowd, watched this scene coldly. His impression of Cheng Yuan was extremely low. Now he also knows what the disaster for Liang Zhenghai is tonight. It is conceivable that if he were not present tonight, Then Liang Zhenghai must be chopped off!

“Boy, brighten your eyes next time, not all women’s tofu can be eaten!” The big man raised his mouth and made a cruel grin, then raised the fruit knife high and was about to cut it down at Liang Zhenghai’s left hand!

At this moment, Wayne Lin made his move. He came out of the crowd directly, kicked him on the shoulder of the big man, kicked him, and slid a few meters on the smooth ground before stopping.

This sudden change stunned everyone present. Liang Zhenghai thought he was going to be finished, so he closed his eyes, but he heard the screams of the big man. He opened his eyes and saw Wayne Lin. He helped him up with a face full of help, and shook his head and said, “I said, you kid, why are you so stupid? Just that fellow Cheng Yuan, it’s not worth it for you to do this, alas.

Wayne Lin saw what happened just now, but he did not stand up and stop it for the first time, not because he was cold-blooded, but because he made Liang Zhenghai feel desperate for Liang Zhenghai, and then he saw the true face of Cheng Yuan. .

“Brother Lin? You…” Liang Zhenghai was stunned, and then he reacted, suddenly panicked, and quickly said: “Brother Lin, how did you make the move? This will hurt you!”

Wayne Lin sighed again, he hadn’t met a simple, honest and kind-hearted person like Liang Zhenghai for a long time.

At this moment, other people reacted, and Qin Qian’s expression was ugly to the extreme. He pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Where are you from the cricket, dare to fight me Qin Qian?!”

As his voice fell, immediately, from behind him, a dozen Kong Wu’s powerful bodyguards walked out and surrounded Wayne Lin.

When Cheng Yuan saw Wayne Lin appear, he was also stunned for a moment. Then he gloated and thought that Wayne Lin was looking for death.

Surrounded by so many people, Liang Zhenghai panicked even more, with his legs swinging.

On the contrary, Wayne Lin was abnormally calm, even laughed out, and said to Liang Zhenghai: “Why, are you scared?”

“Afraid, Brother Lin, aren’t you afraid?” Liang Zhenghai swallowed hard. He couldn’t understand at all, where did Wayne Lin’s self-confidence come from, and he was so calm?

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “What’s scary, it’s just a bunch of ants.”

He didn’t deliberately lower his voice, and it spread to many people’s ears clearly. As a result, after listening to them, their faces were hard to look at. They stared at Wayne Lin hostilely and anger, especially Qin Qian. His face was terribly black now. , Angrily turned back and smiled, “Okay! Very good! You are big enough, I haven’t seen such an arrogant person for a long time!!”

Cheng Yuan also looked at Wayne Lin in surprise. He seriously doubted whether Wayne Lin’s brain was flooded or he didn’t want to live anymore. He could even say such things. Is this the time to pretend to be forced?

Chapter 511

Liang Zhenghai was so scared that he couldn’t stand still. He had grown up so much that he had never been as scared as he is today. Wayne Lin said just now that he offended all the rich second generations present. When this is over, it is completely finished. I am afraid it can’t be solved by being chopped off!

Now he regrets it very much. He knew that tonight’s things would happen. He didn’t have much trouble to bring Wayne Lin over today. He originally thought he could help Wayne Lin, but he didn’t expect that he would harm Wayne Lin!

In his opinion, Wayne Lin must have said this because his life was too unsatisfactory and caused a mental disorder.

Wayne Lin is not arrogant. For him, the rich second generations, so-called big people, are just a group of ants, even if their elders are present, they are also ants.

So he doesn’t care at all. His words will offend these rich second generations, including Qin Qian, he said to Qin Qian lightly: “It is not him who took advantage of your woman just now, but Cheng Yuan. Go find him.”

Cheng Yuan was pointed at by Wayne Lin, and some panic flashed across his face immediately, and he immediately retorted, “You fart! Wayne Lin, you rubbish, a silly door-to-door son-in-law, don’t want to slander me! Just now it was clearly the beast Liang Zhenghai. Occupying the advantage of Qin Maiden, he admits it himself, you still dare to turn black and white and pour dirty water on me?!”

Then he immediately said to Qin Qian: “Shao Qin, you must not listen to his nonsense, he is a neurotic! Just now he dared to say that we are all ants, and he must not be allowed to walk out here vertically, otherwise, there will be so many of us. Where do people’s faces go?”

Cheng Yuan’s words were filled with emotion and excitement, and he successfully provoked the anger of many people. He was full of anger and murderousness towards Wayne Lin, and made up his mind that he must not let Wayne Lin leave easily.

At the same time, outside the crowd, Ouyang Yanran heard the three words’Wayne Lin’, and she was stunned. Then, she immediately stood on a chair, looked over here, and saw Wayne Lin. In an instant, she opened her eyes wide, covered her mouth, her face was incredibly hard to believe, and then she was full of surprises.

It’s him, Wayne Lin!

At the moment Ouyang Yanran saw Wayne Lin, she felt that the world had become more exciting again, and even the sight in front of her was much brighter.

Yang Guiying, who was on the side, saw her standing on a chair, able to make such indecent movements, not in Ouyang Yanran’s style. She was very surprised and asked, “Yanran, are you okay?”

Ouyang Yanran immediately said to Yang Guiying excitedly, “He is here, look at him, he is here, it is great!”

Yang Guiying saw Ouyang Yanran’s excitement and gloomy look on her face, and asked, “Who is here?”

As soon as she finished saying these words, she immediately reacted. In an instant, her eyes widened suddenly and her heartbeat accelerated a lot.

As for the few people beside them, seeing their reaction, they were all shocked and dumbfounded.

The next moment, Ouyang Yanran hurriedly got down from the chair and took Yang Guiying and walked towards Wayne Lin.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he actually saw Ouyang Yanran just now, but he pretended not to.

He directly said to Qin Qian: “I am too lazy to wrestle with you children. The person who touched your woman just now is Cheng Yuan, not him. You should find Cheng Yuan’s trouble.”

Qin Qian was furious and directly ordered these dozen bodyguards to attack Wayne Lin.

However, at this moment, there was a violent shout from behind, “Stop it all! Who dares to be disrespectful to my idol, Yang Guiying, I am the first to forgive him!!”

When the voice fell, Yang Guiying walked over violently. Everyone who stood in front of her was violently pushed away by her. Several men, because they were not paying attention, were directly pushed to the ground by Yang Guiying.

They were initially very annoyed, but immediately saw that it was Yang Guiying, and immediately swallowed their dissatisfaction back, and had to endure it obediently. It was not that they were timid, but Yang Guiying was a woman, which they could not afford.

Yang Guiying’s way of playing was too domineering, and it directly attracted everyone’s attention, including Qin Qian, who was stunned, then frowned, and said to Yang Guiying who walked in front of him: “Guiying, what do you mean?”

At this moment, Yang Guiying had already walked out of the crowd. She saw Wayne Lin and recognized Wayne Lin. Her heartbeat accelerated a lot and her face turned red all of a sudden, comparable to the little fan girl who had seen a star.

No way, Wayne Lin is her idol. All this time, she has dreamed of seeing Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he saw her fanatical expression. He couldn’t understand why Yang Guiying would be so fanatical to him, as if a dog saw shit, his eyes flashed green.

And Ouyang Yanran, who was next to Yang Guiying, also held her hand and looked at him tightly. Her eyes were full of surprises, joy, joy, and resentment, which made him even more troublesome.

Liang Zhenghai saw Yang Guiying, his face became paler, almost limp on the ground, his mouth kept saying, “It’s over, it’s over, this time it’s over…”

Cheng Yuan didn’t expect that Yang Guiying would be alarmed. He was stunned for a moment, and then he was overjoyed. Maybe he could take advantage of this opportunity to stammer Yang Guiying well!

And the big beauty Ouyang Yanran next to her, if you get lucky, if you can catch Ouyang Yanran, then you will really get rich!

So, he hurried out and said to Yang Guiying: “Miss Yang, you just came, just now, it was Liang Zhenghai, a beast, who made a mess of Qin Maiden! Tonight is your dust washing banquet, he won’t give you this. Face-saving! Especially his accomplice, this one is Wayne Lin, he said just now that we are all ants, too arrogant, and did not put you in your eyes, Miss Yang!”

Then, he immediately said to Liang Zhenghai and Wayne Lin: “You two are dead!”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he got a kick and threw himself on the ground with a thump, and he fell a dog to eat shit, which was kicked by Yang Guiying.

“What kind of thing do you dare to speak ill of my idol?!” Yang Guiying cursed disdainfully and angrily. Then, she made a move that surprised everyone, only to see a flattering smile on her face. Pitdian walked to Wayne Lin and said, “Idol, I am Yang Guiying, I met at the airport last time, do you remember?”

She looked a little bit worried in this flattery, and immediately made all the people present look confused. What’s the situation? Yang Guiying, as the daughter of the Yang family, is known for being irritable and arrogant in the circle, but now she actually flatters a man to please?

Everyone who knew Yang Guiying wondered if they had hallucinations at this moment, and many people were still rubbing their eyes vigorously.

Especially Qin Qian. He has known Yang Guiying for seven or eight years. He has never seen Yang Guiying’s humble appearance. His eyes widened and he looked like a ghost.

As for Cheng Yuan, he is now completely caught in self-doubt. A big figure of Yang Guiying’s level is actually an idol of Wayne Lin? Did he have hallucinations, or is there something wrong with this world.

Don’t talk about them, even Wayne Lin himself was stunned. Monk Zhang Er couldn’t figure it out and said weirdly: “Idol?”

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