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Chapter 263

After Wayne Lin hung up Alma Chu’s call, he always felt that something was wrong.

Wayne Lin has always been a person who pays attention to details. The first time Alma Chu called him tonight, there was something unspeakable and anxious in her tone. For Alma Chu’s elegant personality, this is an abnormality, which shows that Alma Chu wanted to leave that place earlier. Moreover, Alma Chu was not easy to leave, so she had to find someone to pick her up to get away, so she called him and emphasized that he drove there.

Also, the surprise in Alma Chu’s tone after he got downstairs just now showed that Alma Chu needed him very much now.

After waiting for two minutes downstairs, she didn’t wait until Alma Chu came down. Wayne Lin didn’t delay anymore and went straight up to find Alma Chu.

This is a high-end clubhouse with luxurious decoration. The parking lot in front of it is full of luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands. At first glance, you can tell that it is a place where rich people can afford it.

However, after Wayne Lin came in, he frowned slightly, not having a good impression of this place.

He was very observant. After he came in, he saw several couples of men and women who behaved intimately, flirting with them, some of them were quite old, and he knew at first glance that it was not a couple, but an improper relationship.

And in the air, there is still a smell that stimulates hormones, and the light is also that kind of ambiguous atmosphere, not like a serious place.

Wayne Lin suddenly remembered that when he was in Ziqiong Company, he had mentioned this place when he heard a few senior executives chatting. It seemed that it was specifically for the upper-class society to conduct some elusive transactions.

How could Alma Chu come to such a place?

Wayne Lin’s expression immediately became gloomy, and it would be best if Alma Chu had nothing to do now, otherwise, he could not spare those who hurt Alma Chu!

With this worry, Wayne Lin quickened his pace and ran directly upstairs.

Now Wayne Lin’s physique is far superior to ordinary people, and his hearing has improved a lot. After going upstairs, he heard the sound of arguing from one direction, and Alma Chu’s helplessness was vaguely heard. He immediately Anxious, a fire burst out of his chest, and he ran over.

“Mr. Hey, this is a private party. You can’t enter without a pass.”

When Wayne Lin rushed over, two strong men bodyguards stopped Wayne Lin at the door with a tough attitude.

When he walked to the door, Wayne Lin heard Alma Chu’s voice more clearly, revealing panic and helplessness. It was clear that he was bullied. How could Wayne Lin bear it? He immediately pushed the two strong men violently. Open, then kick the door open!

You know, this is a solid wood door weighing hundreds of catties. It is difficult for ordinary people to break this door open in a short time with tools, but Wayne Lin kicked it open with a single kick and made a loud noise. The entire clubhouse was shaken!

The two brawny men who were pushed away ran over and were about to subdue Wayne Lin. When they saw this scene, their eyes were staring, and they trembled all over their bodies. They quickly stepped back and looked at Wayne Lin like looking. A monster.

As for the people inside, they were terribly scared. Everyone was shaken. Some of the more courageous people were even scared to sit on the ground.

Suddenly, everyone looked at the door and saw Wayne Lin who was coming violently and fiercely at the door.

Including Alma Chu, she turned her head abruptly and saw Wayne Lin. Her eyes were red now, as if she had found the backbone of her heart. She relaxed at this moment and ran towards Wayne Lin. Ming, you are finally here!”

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s grievance, panic, and the situation inside, he probably guessed what happened, and the anger in his heart burned more vigorously, and he suddenly rose.

He walked over quickly, put his arms in Alma Chu, who had embraced Ruyan, and said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. With me, no one will bully you. It’s safe.”

Alma Chu hugged Wayne Lin, and her heart was immediately settled.

Wayne Lin gently stroked Alma Chu’s hair, and asked softly: “What happened, did someone bully you? Tell me, I’ll help you out.”

Alma Chu

He rested his head on Wayne Lin’s chest, “Before they could bully me, you arrived in time, Wayne, fortunately you are there.”

While Wayne Lin comforted Alma Chu, his gaze passed over the people in front of him, and he knew what was going on right away. He has sharp eyes and excellent IQ, and he can see at a glance what these people are, which further validates his ideas.

At this moment, everyone in the room recovered and looked at Wayne Lin with anger, very angry.

This gathering of theirs was originally very private, not visible, and absolutely kept secret. As a result, a person suddenly broke in, undoubtedly a huge offense and threat to them, and instantly aroused their immense anger.

“Where did the little cricket come from, dare to break into our turf, right?”

“How do the security guards do things, don’t you know that we are here in an absolutely private gathering, do you not allow outsiders to come in!”

“It’s really outrageous…”

“Look up who this person is. If he dares to tell what happened today, I will let him die!”

“Hey, wait a minute, this should be Alma Chu’s husband! Okay, it just happened to solve the two together.”

They are all people with a certain status in society, and their combined energy should not be underestimated. Wayne Lin and Alma Chu are completely ignored.

They said that they surrounded Wayne Lin and Alma Chu, and someone contacted the bodyguard to teach Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin naturally wouldn’t put these threats on his hands. He frowned slightly and asked Alma Chu, and said, “Why did you get here?”

Alma Chu was afraid of Wayne Lin’s misunderstanding, and quickly explained: “I didn’t want to come by myself. Sister Hong invited me to come. I didn’t know that this was a gathering of this nature before.”

Seeing Wayne Lin groaning and not speaking, Alma Chu suddenly became anxious, “Wayne, you believe me, I really don’t know this is the case, otherwise I will definitely not come!”

Seeing Alma Chu’s nervous look, for fear that he might misunderstand him, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but feel unrealistic. Does Alma Chu care about his opinion? This kind of thing has never happened before.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly and said, “Fool, I definitely believe you, don’t be nervous. Since they didn’t bully you, let’s go home first.”

“Okay…” Alma Chu was now in the posture of a virtuous and obedient young daughter-in-law, held by Wayne Lin and completely obeyed Wayne Lin’s arrangement.

However, just before they were about to turn around and leave, a group of security guards with batons rushed in from the door and stopped them.

“Huh, when is this place, come as you like, leave as you like?”

A domineering voice came from behind, and when he looked back, it was Long Feiyu who walked over with a gloomy look, staring at Wayne Lin, full of provocation and disdain.

When other people saw Long Feiyu go on horseback, they all showed excitement, especially some women, their eyes were full of spirits when they looked at Long Feiyu.

Alma Chu said, “Long Feiyu, why don’t you let us go? We did not offend you.”

Long Feiyu walked over with a lazy attitude, with an open smile on the corners of his mouth, his eyes were first drawn on Alma Chu, showing some obsession and enthusiasm, and finally on Wayne Lin, and said jokingly: “It seems you are Alma Chu’s husband?”

When Long Feiyu was looking at Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin was also looking at him, and found that the opponent’s skill was quite good, a little better than Ma Long. In the category of ordinary people, it is rare to have this skill at thirty.

“I am.” Wayne Lin replied lightly.

Long Feiyu walked to Wayne Lin and stopped. As his movements stopped, the black bodyguards stopped one by one, forming a two-thirds circle of Wayne Lin.

“Do you know what place this is? Do you know who they are? Do you dare to break in so boldly?” The smile on Long Feiyu’s face slowly faded, and the majesty exuded from him gradually increased. , Many people feel the pressure and their breathing becomes heavier.

Chapter 264

After saying this, Long Feiyu slammed the goblet in his hand to the ground with a bang, smashed to pieces, adding to his majesty even more, Alma Chu was startled by him, pulling Lived in Wayne Lin’s clothes.

Many people were also restrained by Long Feiyu and did not dare to move. The rhythm of the audience was completely in Long Feiyu’s hands.

It can be said that at this moment, Long Feiyu is the master of the audience, Wayne Lin and Alma Chu will both endure his anger and accept his trial.

For ordinary people, Long Feiyu’s present momentum is indeed great, but for Wayne Lin it is nothing more than that.

“Excuse me, I really don’t know where this is. Would you like to tell me?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Long Feiyu could still laugh when he saw Wayne Lin’s death, he was slightly startled, and then his brows wrinkled deeply! Haze climbed on his face and stared at Wayne Lin, really angry.

Others also looked at Wayne Lin in surprise, thinking that Wayne Lin was a lunatic, otherwise he was a fool, and only a fool would make provocations in such an environment. This is completely an act of seeking death.

Long Feiyu smiled in anger, “Hahahaha, interesting, really interesting!”

He applauded, his face was smiling, but the aura and coercion exuding it became even more terrifying. In everyone’s spiritual world, it is the scene of the dark clouds pressing on the city to destroy the city, knowing that Long Feiyu is Really angry, Wayne Lin will end badly.

“I admire a person with courage like you. At this juncture, you can still laugh.” Long Feiyu looked at Wayne Lin playfully. It was a cat and a mouse expression. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is him. The fish will be slaughtered at will.

Wayne Lin was also laughing. He didn’t even put Long Feiyu in his eyes. Instead, he asked Alma Chu: “Alma, are you being frivolous by him?”

Alma Chu shook her head, and then said softly: “He is slanderous in language.”

“Then do you want to come back with revenge?” Wayne Lin said.

Alma Chu had already seen Wayne Lin’s abilities, and knew that Wayne Lin was capable of revenge. However, Alma Chu was a peaceful person in her bones. She shook her head and said, “Forget it.”

Wayne Lin asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Alma Chu nodded.

“Okay, let’s go home, parents are still waiting for us at home.” Wayne Lin took Alma Chu’s hand and was about to leave.

Their behavior can be said to have deeply irritated Long Feiyu. He could no longer maintain his superficial calmness. He became embarrassed and cursed angrily: “Stop for me!”

More than a dozen bodyguards stepped forward, tightly surrounding Wayne Lin and Alma Chu, and they couldn’t get through.

Everyone stared at him. In this case, the momentum brought was great. As a weak woman, Alma Chu, even if she knew Wayne Lin was very powerful, believed that Wayne Lin could protect her. But instinctively, she still felt scared unavoidably, and grabbed Wayne Lin’s clothes harder, just like a drowning man clutching the life-saving straw.

Wayne Lin turned his head and looked at Long Feiyu. The smile on his face faded and became cold. At this moment, his aura quietly changed. At that moment, Long Feiyu felt tremendous pressure. Breathing is not smooth anymore.

Soon he shook his head. What happened to him? There was only one person on the other side. He seemed to be just an ordinary person. What was he afraid of?

“Why, are you afraid?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Hearing Wayne Lin’s ridicule, he suddenly became furious, adding fuel to the fire, and directly exploding and burning!

“Toasting and not eating fine wine, I think you are living impatient.” Long Feiyu no longer tolerated, with a hideous face, showing his tyrannical side, waved his hand, “Give me the two of them. I want to see what you have to fight against me!”

With his voice

Under the order, two burly bodyguards came out, Kong Wu forcefully came over to catch Wayne Lin.

They did not put Wayne Lin in their eyes at all, they despised the enemy with a grinning smile on their faces. However, as soon as they walked over, before they touched Wayne Lin, they were kicked out by Wayne Lin in succession and kicked them off. Get out.

They had a lot of strength, they all had two hundred catties, but the two feet that were caught by Wayne Lin were kicked cleanly like a ball, causing them to doubt if they had hallucinations.

There was a brief silence at the scene, and Long Feiyu came back to his senses and said jokingly: “I said you are so courageous, you are still a practicing family.”

On the contrary, Long Feiyu was more convinced of Wayne Lin now, thinking that Wayne Lin was just a martial artist, thinking that with a little bit of effort, he could walk sideways in society. Now in the 21st century, the least valuable is force. Only power and money can gain a foothold in society.

Wayne Lin naturally knew Long Feiyu’s thoughts, and he didn’t bother to explain it.

Long Feiyu snapped his fingers and said, “Since I am a Lianjiazi, I want to see how well you can fight.”

Immediately, the remaining dozen bodyguards all swarmed and attacked Wayne Lin.

The others on the scene looked at Wayne Lin with disdain and joy, thinking that Wayne Lin would definitely suffer. Even if one person could beat him, he could beat more than a dozen people? Besides, these are all professionally trained.

But what happened next greatly exceeded their expectations.

I saw Wayne Lin hugged Alma Chu with one hand, walking leisurely, like dancing, without any effort, knocked down the dozen bodyguards in three or two. The total amounted to only half a minute, an average of two. Put down one in a second.

The audience was silent for a moment, everyone opened their eyes wide, completely dumbfounded.

Wayne Lin clapped his hands lightly, giving the impression that he had just done a trivial thing, and then looked at Long Feiyu, “Toast not to eat and fine wine. This is a good sentence. Originally, I listened to my wife’s words and didn’t plan to If you have the same knowledge as you, you have gotten better. In that case, I have to fulfill your wish.”

Long Feiyu’s pupils shrank suddenly!

It was really stunned by the strength that Wayne Lin showed!

He is also a fan of martial arts. He has practiced Sanda and Karate for several years. Five or six ordinary people are not his opponents. But if he could defeat a dozen bodyguards so easily, he would never do it!

In other words, Wayne Lin’s strength is far above him.

At this moment, facing Wayne Lin’s playful smile, he felt timid for the first time.

“Hmph! Very good, very good! You actually dared to beat my people. You were maliciously hurting others, and you broke into our party illegally. It has already constituted a crime. I will call the police to catch you now, enough for you Drink a pot!” Long Feiyu said fiercely, taking out the phone to call the police.

Wayne Lin shook his head and looked at Long Feiyu like a fool. Then he didn’t bother to talk nonsense any more, let go of Alma Chu, and started walking towards Long Feiyu.

Long Feiyu was frightened by Wayne Lin’s action, and began to back up, “The person here will stop him and give me time to call the police…”

But no one paid any attention to him, and even the professional bodyguards were subdued by Wayne Lin two or three times. These so-called upper-class people, one by one, did not dare to challenge Wayne Lin. Even they all stepped back to make room for Wayne Lin. They lowered their heads and did not dare to look at Wayne Lin, for fear of provoke Wayne Lin.

Now Wayne Lin has the absolute rhythm.

When Long Feiyu saw this situation, his face changed severely again, gritted his teeth and started to run.

Wayne Lin sneered disdainfully, stepped forward, grabbed with his right hand, extremely fast, caught up with Long Feiyu in two or three seconds, and kicked Long Feiyu’s leg. Long Feiyu was in pain and thumped. Kneeling on the ground, his knees hit the ground hard, and he screamed with a scream, “Ah!!!”

Chapter 265

The sound of Long Feiyu’s knees knocking on the ground was too tragic. So many people in the room couldn’t help but feel terrified after hearing it, and they felt pain in their knees.

Long Feiyu’s screams made their goosebumps stand up, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes was full of fear, and there was no more contempt and disdain.

Regardless of how fierce they were to Alma Chu just now, in fact, they are just ordinary people who are pampered, bullying and afraid of hardship, and immediately persuaded when they encounter a stubborn harder than them. And Wayne Lin is not as simple as a hard stubble, but a fierce demon. His attack is a thunder strike. A dozen bodyguards are not opponents. Long Feiyu, who has always been so prestigious in the circle, is now just a weak chicken in front of Wayne Lin. , Vulnerable.

They finally realized that what Alma Chu said just now was not bragging. Alma Chu’s husband is really amazing!

Wayne Lin grabbed Long Feiyu’s hair behind him, raised his head, and stared at him condescendingly, “What did you say just now? Ask me if I have the ability to fight you? How about it? Can the strength come out to your satisfaction.”

Wayne Lin had a smile on his face, but it fell in Long Feiyu’s eyes, but it was extremely terrifying and gloomy, making him shiver, and the sharp pain in his knee completely disintegrated his will and began to beg for mercy. Brother forgive me, I will never dare to fight my sister-in-law in the future. Brother forgive me…”

So many people here know Long Feiyu. In their impression, Long Feiyu has always been a proud and arrogant image, with a deep background, extraordinary strength, and a high status in the circle. He has never been the only one to bully people. , Where did you beg others for mercy like now?

Wayne Lin saw strong hatred and dissatisfaction in his eyes, knowing that Long Feiyu’s begging for mercy was pretending, and there was a mentality of revenge. Wayne Lin had never been soft on such people.

What the clown said was right. To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself.

Just now, the clown slapped Lu Dongbin to death with a palm of his hand. He was very impressed with Wayne Lin. He thought a lot when he came. Invisible, his thoughts have changed a little. He wants to save his mother in the future. , And even protested with BRAGRUN organization, then he must be stronger, not make mistakes, and do well in all aspects.

Now that he has offended Long Feiyu, then he can’t keep his hands.

Of course, with his current status and strength, there is no need to look at the little Long Feiyu.

At the moment, he pinched Long Feiyu’s face, lifted Long Feiyu from the ground, shook his head and said, “You still dare to think of revenge against me. It seems that I’m too kind to you to give you something. Look at the color, you don’t even know who you have offended.”

When Long Feiyu heard this, his pupils shrank suddenly, and he felt the coldness released by Wayne Lin at this moment. His hands and feet became cold, like falling into an ice cave, and quickly explained: “Big brother, I don’t…”

However, Wayne Lin didn’t give him a chance to explain at all. He grabbed his left hand and snapped off one of his fingers with a click.

Ten fingers connected to the heart, this kind of pain is the most unbearable, and the screams made by Long Feiyu are even more terrible, even more creepy, terrifying, as uncomfortable as a blade cutting his own flesh!

See this

In one scene, those people looked at Wayne Lin and became even more terrified and frightened, and kept backing away, not daring to breathe, for fear that Wayne Lin would make them trouble. Especially those who had bullied Alma Chu just now were shivering, their legs swaying. Regardless of how arrogant and terrific they were just now, in fact, they are still ordinary people in nature, and they will be scared when they meet someone stronger than them.

Long Feiyu felt the pain in his heart. Now he is really beginning to fear Wayne Lin. Don’t look at his usual arrogant and powerful appearance. In fact, his strengths are based on his background. If there is no His family relationship is nothing more than an ordinary rich second-generation. Facing a ruthless person like Shang Wayne Lin, he has no right to compete!

He grew up with a golden key in his hand, and he was treated with dignity. When he got into trouble, his family would take care of him. He had never met someone as ruthless as Wayne Lin, and he was immediately horrified! He even suspected that if he dared to think of revenge, Wayne Lin would really kill him on the spot.

This feeling is very strong, like a virus invading his mind and taking root.

His mentality collapsed completely, he lost a trace of dignity, and cried loudly, “Big brother, I dare not, I really dare not, please let me go, I don’t want to die yet, oooooo…”

Seeing him crying miserably, it was an unprecedented shock to the others present!

As a result, they also developed a deep fear of Wayne Lin, and no longer had the mentality of revenge.

Wayne Lin felt that Long Feiyu no longer had any thoughts of revenge. He let go of Long Feiyu’s hand, stepped on his chest, and looked down at him, “What happened today will teach you a lesson. Dare to seek revenge from the people around me. I know, I will make you worse than death, and the gods will not be able to keep you.”

Long Feiyu’s little chicken nodded like a rice peck.

Next, Wayne Lin raised his head and looked at the others. Everyone who was swept by his gaze turned pale, and quickly lowered their heads, not daring to look at Wayne Lin. By this moment, they were all covered by Wayne Lin. Ming was convinced.

Wayne Lin said, “My name is Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media. If you are not convinced and want to seek revenge from me, I will accompany you at any time. However, if I say ugly, if you dare to treat me secretly. People around me retaliate, and once I find out, there will be such a table.”

Wayne Lin’s voice fell, and suddenly swept over. There was a solid wood tea table next to him. It might be hundreds of kilograms. It was so strong that it was difficult for a few strong men to move it, but it was on Wayne Lin’s foot. Below, I was kicked into two sections directly, and the screen was extremely shocking!

Everyone shook fiercely, more terrifying than seeing a ghost, and even some people began to suspect that Wayne Lin was not a human being, but a ghost! Only ghosts and gods have such terrifying strength!

Seeing that his goal was achieved, Wayne Lin didn’t linger either. He took Alma Chu’s hand in the past, showed a gentle smile, and said, “Let’s go back.”

Alma Chu knew that Wayne Lin was very strong, and many people couldn’t beat Wayne Lin together, but she didn’t know that Wayne Lin was so strong that he was like the superman in the movie!

Now she faced Wayne Lin’s smile, she only felt that her whole heart had melted away, and she was deeply plunged into Wayne Lin’s charm, nodded gently, and became an obedient little woman, whispering: “Yeah.”

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