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Chapter 557

Man’s greatest enemy is often himself.

Wayne Lin didn’t quite agree with this sentence before, but now, he can fully understand the meaning of this sentence.

Man’s greatest enemy is indeed himself, or his own character flaws, his own laziness, greed, jealousy, or his demons.

For Wayne Lin, he was fighting his own demons. The more he wanted to enter concentration, there was a power in his mind that kept preventing him from entering concentration.

Even this power has its own consciousness and can have a dialogue with him!

This is his demons.

“You are too arrogant. You dare to enter the enclosed space and put your own safety on Damon Wang.”

“You are very nervous, the oxygen in the space is getting less and less, it is impossible for you to last for eleven days.”

“You are dead, and Alma Chu will be burdened by your arrogance. You will never be able to save Alma Chu.”


This voice became louder and louder in Wayne Lin’s mind, and in the end it seemed to be a thunderous sound that came out in his ears.

He also became more panicked, because this was beyond his plan and beyond his expectations. He had never thought that in this retreat, a demon would appear!

Yes, he is too arrogant, thinking that he is an infinite genius who can break through any difficulties. In fact, he is just an ordinary person with better luck.

He realized that in the past year or so, he has made too fast progress, which can be called amazing speed. In just over a year, he has completed the journey that other innate realm masters can’t walk for ten years.

Because he walked too fast, his foundation was unstable, and a heart demon was born. Before his will was firm, the heart demon never came out, but now, when he was panic, the heart demon came out immediately. And it had a huge impact on him!

It is conceivable that if he can’t defeat the inner demon, then he will die here. He will definitely not last for eleven days, or even three days!

At this moment, because of Wayne Lin’s tension and the completely enclosed space, it began to become hot and dry, his body also sweated a lot, and his physical energy was consumed even more.

What to do, what to do?

Wayne Lin opened his eyes, and his breathing became rapid.

And in his mind, the inner demon’s voice became louder and more proud, “You panic, you have lost, Wayne Lin, you think you are very powerful, but in fact you are just a coward.”

Then, in his mind, even the voices of Brian Gu, Wu Meizi, and Ye Xingchen were all cursing him viciously and mocking him sneer.

At this moment, Wayne Lin panicked even more, and even felt fear.

And his physical stamina is also consumed very much…

He actually consumed a third of the oxygen in the space in just two hours, and he immediately consumed one day’s amount!

Just as his consciousness was gradually invaded, a bright light appeared in the depths of his mind, which made him feel aroused and calmed him down.

He saw a figure in that bright light.

It’s Alma Chu.

This is what Alma Chu looked like when she married him that day in her wedding dress.

He was stunned, and then, the corners of his mouth slowly rose, and he let out a sincere smile.

In his ears, the voice in his mind was still very loud, but deep in his heart, there was already a hint of clarity, just as there was a hint of light in the darkness, and this light represented himself.

Relying on this trace of clarity, he allowed himself to sit still, and then slowly adjusted his breathing, no longer paying attention to the noise of the demons, he began to enter concentration.

“It’s impossible, Wayne Lin, how can you restore your Qingming!”

“Wayne Lin, you are just an orphan, a rubbish that the Lin family doesn’t want, the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, what qualifications do you have to be a master!”

“Wayne Lin, you can’t succeed, you are destined to die here…”

“Wayne Lin…”

Wayne Lin turned a deaf ear to the voice of the inner demon. In his consciousness, he received a faint light, which became stronger and stronger. In the end, he drove out the darkness and brightened the entire depths of his consciousness.

At the same time, there was no sound in his ear.

The demons disappeared and were overcome by him.

At the moment when the inner demon completely disappeared, Wayne Lin felt the unprecedented invigoration and ease, and the whole person came back to life!

Especially in terms of spirit, it seems to be liberated, like a wild horse, which has improved a lot at once.

Before, his progress was too fast, which led to the appearance of a demon. Now that the demon is eradicated, his whole person is different.

It is conceivable that if he hadn’t let his will weaken through this retreat, the heart demon would take advantage of the vacancy, and would not eliminate the heart demon, but wait until his innate realm completes the perfection and the King Kong is not bad. At the time of the breakthrough, then the inner demon ran out to make trouble again, so he must be a dead end!

Now, he suddenly felt a lot more enlightened, and he saw the future path more clearly!

He has completely touched the threshold of the Dzogchen Realm of Innate Realm, instead of stunned like before, as long as he is given more time, he will definitely be able to break through to the Dzogchen Realm.

Even the indestructible state of King Kong is no longer a luxury.

There was a faint smile on his face, and then his consciousness gradually dissipated. If it were described concretely, it would be his consciousness. Originally there were as many artificial lakes as an artificial lake, but now, the lake is slowly becoming smaller. In the end, it becomes a jar of water, then a bucket of water, and finally reduced to a small glass of water.

After he was completely in concentration, his body slowly stiffened and remained motionless. In the end, his breathing rate dropped a lot, and he took a breath for almost ten seconds.

Even the heartbeat slows down slowly, beating for more than ten seconds. If someone is here, you can find that his body temperature has gradually dropped. In the end, he has sat down and seems to have become a Corpse!

Wayne Lin had successfully entered concentration, and entered concentration on the basis of complete isolation and surrendering life and death to others.

This is extremely difficult, even impossible!

If it spreads out, it will definitely shock countless people!

Because, in fact, a lot of people have tried this method without breaking or standing, but they have failed without exception.

Some of them are not determined enough, leaving a way for themselves, such as consuming clean oxygen, and escaping the space autonomously; some are determined enough, but they have not fought their own demons, and they are dead in the space.

If it doesn’t break or stand, it doesn’t break or stand. How can it be done so easily?

Like Wayne Lin, there is no one who has enough determination and can defeat his own demons!

After he successfully enters Dhamma, the benefits brought are enormous.

After three days, Wayne Lin condensed his consciousness to a point, a small drop of water, and his body, completely sitting, only took a breath in an hour, and the heartbeat was the same, completely in the state of a living dead.

At the same time, after he retreats to the ground for seven days, a group of people came from three places in Xuanyuan, coming fiercely.

The first one was Jiang Wei’s brother-in-law, Zhong Tao, the instructor at Xuanyuan No.2.

Behind him, followed by more than a dozen people, half of them are innate realm masters!

Peng Zhuo came out to greet Zhong Tao in person, and said with a smile: “Instructor Zhong is here, welcome.”

Behind Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang, Chang Hongda and other high-level officials were also there. They had a bad feeling when they saw Zhong Tao’s calm face.

When Zhong Tao faced Peng Zhuo’s enthusiasm, he didn’t give face, but directly took out a mobile phone, found a video, and played it in front of Peng Zhuo.

This is a surveillance video with a person facing away from it, no one, but Wayne Lin!

And what was shown in the video was the scene of Wayne Lin killing Jiang Wei in that villa.

When Peng Zhuo saw this video, he immediately snorted in his heart.

I heard Zhong Tao say immediately: “Director Peng, this person in the video is your instructor from Xuanyuan 3rd place, right?”

Chapter 558

Zhong Tao’s face was expressionless, but his pupils were full of flames. No one could see that he was here to seek revenge, and his hatred value was not low.

Sun Liang, Chang Hongda and others in the back felt Zhong Tao’s hatred and murderous intent, and their hearts jumped fiercely and became nervous.

Zhong Tao was the great instructor of Xuanyuan No.2, his cultivation level was unfathomable, and he had reached the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Even Peng Zhuo was not 100% sure of Zhong Tao, the God of War.

Not to mention, behind Zhong Tao, there are several innate masters.

None of them are stupid. From the surveillance video that Zhong Tao took out, we can see that Wayne Lin must have killed Zhong Tao, so Zhong Tao came here to seek revenge!

Although Wayne Lin is also a strong man in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, he offended Zhong Tao, and his life will definitely not be better in the future. Moreover, Zhong Tao’s reputation is too great, with many apprentices and great influence, they don’t think, Wayne Lin beat Zhong Tao.

Peng Zhuo didn’t answer immediately, but smiled and asked: “Instructor Zhong, I don’t know who you are talking about?”

Zhong Tao snorted heavily and said, “Director Peng, everyone is smart, so you don’t use this set. I’m talking about the murderer in the video! He is your new instructor at Xuanyuan 3rd place, right? It’s so majestic, it’s a big kill among ordinary people!”

Peng Zhuo’s face remained unchanged, he was still smiling, but there was no smile in his eyes. He said with a smile but a smile: “Instructor Zhong, you can eat rice, but you can’t talk nonsense, you murder in this video. Those who should only have their backs, is there any proof that they are the instructors at the third place of Xuanyuan!”

Sun Liang also stepped up and said, “Instructor Zhong, the colorful origin fruit will soon be mature. You are now coming to our Xuanyuan 3rd place to raise a teacher and ask the crime, isn’t it appropriate?”

Zhong Tao looked at them, suddenly laughed, changed the subject, and said: “I heard that you have a new instructor in the three places of Xuanyuan. He is very young. He is less than 30 years old. In the fourth stage of the realm, it can be described as a genius of the sky. He also killed the Fool, Satan, and the three assassins of the red-haired witch, successfully protected Man Lisa’s comprehensiveness, and brought a 300 billion investment to China. But great credit! I don’t know where this new instructor is, I want to see him.”

Hearing this, everyone is smart, no one can think of it. Feeling Zhong Tao has already recognized the person in the video is Wayne Lin.

When such a thing happened, it really exceeded their expectations. Wayne Lin actually provokes the demon Zhong Tao, which is not a small trouble!

Peng Zhuo said with a smile: “That’s really embarrassing, instructor Lin happened to be not at the third place of Xuanyuan.”

Zhong Tao’s brows curled into a ball, and he sneered, “Really? It happened that I haven’t visited the third place in Xuanyuan for a long time. Taking advantage of this opportunity today, I will go in and pay a visit!”

He deliberately pronounced the word visit more heavily, and when he finished speaking, he strode directly inside.

The dozen masters behind him also walked in mightily, very domineering.

For a long time, Xuanyuan No. 3 and Xuanyuan No. 2 have been in a competitive relationship, and there are even some enmities, not unnecessary tasks, and there is no intersection between Xuanyuan No. 3 and Xuanyuan No. 2.

Now Zhong Tao is taking a dozen masters and is about to enter the three places in Xuanyuan. Peng Zhuo and the others stopped Zhong Tao if they wanted to, “Instructor Zhong stopped. I’m in three places in Xuanyuan. It is not convenient to receive you now.”

Zhong Tao immediately sneered and said, “Is that right?

? Then I want to go in? “

Peng Zhuo’s face also began to cool down, and he said, “Zhong Tao, I advise you to not do this. We do not welcome you in Xuanyuan.”

Zhong Tao laughed loudly, “Hahaha, so you are admitting that the murderer who killed my brother-in-law is the person from the third place of Xuanyuan?!”

Peng Zhuo stepped forward and said: “I don’t know what you are talking about, Zhong Tao, you have no evidence, it is best not to talk nonsense! I am in three places in Xuanyuan, but you can’t just slander you!”

Zhong Tao stared at Peng Zhuo with cold eyes, and said: “Peng Zhuo, you said that, you are determined to fight me?!”

Now, Zhong Tao’s body exudes a monstrous aura, overwhelming, as if condensing the surrounding air.

His aura is so great that everyone present feels pressure, as if he has pressed a mountain out of thin air, and even experts like Sun Liang and Chang Hongda are breathing faster.

Only Peng Zhuo can be indifferent, because he is also a master of the fourth stage of Innate Realm.

He snorted coldly, the same monstrous aura emanating from him, like a tide, colliding with Zhong Tao’s aura.

Facing each other.

Peng Zhuo said: “Zhong Tao, now you ran to the third place of Xuanyuan to run wild. I admit that the third place of Xuanyuan is not as strong as your second place. But, the third place of Xuanyuan is not as strong as you want to come. Where to go!”

As Peng Zhuo’s words fell, Sun Liang, Chang Hongda and others took a step forward with a solemn face, staring at Zhong Tao coldly, indicating their position.

Zhong Tao felt the determination of Xuanyuan Third Place, and he couldn’t help frowning. This time he came aggressively. He originally thought that Xuanyuan Third Place’s character would definitely not dare to offend him head-on. He never thought of killing Wayne Lin directly, but It is inevitable to have a lesson first. When this task is over, he has a chance to avenge Wayne Lin!

But unexpectedly, Peng Zhuo and others had such a tough attitude!

“Peng Zhuo, you can save him for a while, but you can’t save him! This Xinlin guy killed my brother-in-law. I can’t let him go. You offend me for him, is it worth it?!” Zhong Tao sighed. To say.

These words made Peng Zhuo hesitate a bit, but soon, he laughed and said very hard: “As long as he stays at my Xuanyuan three places for a day, I will protect him to the end!”

“You!” Zhong Tao was completely angry, thinking that Peng Zhuo was too arrogant and didn’t give him any face. Anyway, he was also the high instructor of Xuanyuan No.2, the extremely strong in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm.

“Good, good!” He was very angry, and clapped his hands. He took a deep look at Peng Zhuo and said: “Peng Zhuo, you have a kind, I want to see how long you can protect him! “

After speaking, he turned and left in a big stride.

The dozen or so masters who came with him also left in a hurry, and soon disappeared from the sight of Peng Zhuo and others.

Seeing them leaving, Peng Zhuo’s face sank, and he sighed for a long time, and said to Sun Liang, “Contact instructor Lin.”

Sun Liang nodded and called immediately. However, he made several consecutive calls, and all of them showed shutdown, “Cannot be reached, shutdown.”

Peng Zhuo frowned, “Go to the fourth group and let the people in the fourth group contact him. In any case, you must contact him.”

Chapter 559

Not long after Sun Liang came back from the fourth group, his face was not good.

Peng Zhuo immediately had a bad feeling, and quickly asked, “How is it, did you contact Instructor Lin?”

Sun Liang sighed and said, “There is no contact.”

“What?” Peng Zhuo said with a frown: “As the instructor of Xuanyuan Third Place, he is still at this critical juncture. The Colorful Origin Fruit is about to mature. He is missing at this time, what style is he?!”

When he said this, he took a bit of anger, and entered the three places of Xuanyuan. He was already a member of the country. He was no longer an ordinary person who was hanging out in society. The phone must be kept on.

Sun Liang said, “Actually, instructor Lin’s cell phone was turned off a week ago.”

Peng Zhuo’s brows wrinkled deeper, “This colorful origin fruit will soon mature. This is a top priority. Wayne Lin is missing at this time. Is it because he wants to resist his orders?”

The word “resistance” is too heavy for an organization like Xuanyuan’s three places. It must go to court every minute!

As for Wayne Lin, the person he hired, Sun Liang quickly explained: “Based on what I know about Instructor Lin, I definitely won’t be rebellious! I guess he might be in retreat, right?”

“Retreat?” When Peng Zhuo heard this, his face looked a lot better. Obviously, he also believed this statement.

After a pause, Peng Zhuo said: “Continue to try to contact Wayne Lin, and tell him about Zhong Tao’s revenge, so that he will be on guard. Zhong Tao is a person who has a cultivation level of Tongtian, and his personality will be better. This time instructor Lin was killed. Zhong Tao’s brother-in-law, Zhong Tao will definitely not let it go.”

Sun Liang nodded, sadness appeared on his face too, there was no way, Zhong Tao was too strong, and there were too many disciples taught by his staff, Wayne Lin couldn’t match Zhong Tao.

He sighed heavily, and said: “This Wayne Lin, why did he beat Zhong Tao’s brother-in-law to death? This hatred is not easy to resolve!”

Peng Zhuo also flashed some sorrow, and finally, Xuanyuan three places such a genius, hopefully brought Xuanyuan three places to rebuild their glory, and it didn’t take long for him to provoke Zhong Tao.

In his opinion, Wayne Lin is still too reckless. Even if he has already cultivated to the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, he is still a young man in essence, impulsive and aggressive, and does not consider the consequences.

On Zhong Tao’s side, after coming out of the third place of Xuanyuan, he kept his face calm, his expression very ugly!

Next to him, a master of the second stage of the Innate Realm said: “Instructor, did you just let this new forest go?”

Zhong Tao stopped, and suddenly punched, breaking a banyan tree with a diameter of more than half a meter beside him. He hummed heavily, “Let him go? A big joke! He killed Jiang. Wei, must pay for his life.”

The expert said: “Peng Zhuo had a clear attitude just now. He was determined to protect this surname Lin. If he keeps staying in the third place of Xuanyuan, I am afraid it will be difficult to make a move.”

Zhong Tao’s big bronze bell eyes turned a few times, and he said coldly, “He can’t shrink the turtle. There is still a week before the colorful root fruit is about to mature. By that time, Lin must also participate. I have some Method to fix him!”

Thinking of this, Zhong Tao felt more and more feasible, and a cruel smile appeared on his face, “Hmph, Peng Zhuo, do you think you can keep this Lin surnamed by your ability?” I’m going to beat this surnamed Lin to death in front of you to avenge my brother-in-law!”

He felt pain when he mentioned his brother-in-law.

Although Jiang Wei is his brother-in-law, but after years of getting along with each other, the relationship is particularly good, almost like his brother. Now Jiang Wei

After being beaten to death, his wife shed tears all day long, where would he let Wayne Lin go? Even if Wayne Lin is the new instructor at Xuanyuan No. 3, he will kill Wayne Lin, no discussion!

Although Xuanyuan No. 3 and Xuanyuan No. 2 are equal in name, in fact, the strength of Xuanyuan No. 3 is too bad, and Xuanyuan No. 2 is not of the same order of magnitude, so Zhong Tao doesn’t need to give Peng at all. Excellent face.

As time goes by, a week has passed.

In this week, Wayne Lin never showed up. Like the world has evaporated, the phone has been turned off and cannot be reached at all.

Calculating the time, there is only one day left before the Qicai origin fruit is mature, Xuanyuan three places are very anxious.

In addition to the three places at Xuanyuan, there was also Damon Wang who was anxious.

In fact, he has been very uneasy for the past half month. The task Wayne Lin gave him is too important. He put aside most of the work on hand, just for fear of delaying Wayne Lin’s explanation.

Later, he discovered that Wayne Lin was in retreat inside and didn’t take anything with him. He had a torment every day. Several times, he almost couldn’t help it. He wanted to open the door for Wayne Lin in advance!

In his cognition, a normal person can’t handle it if he doesn’t eat or drink water for two days, let alone eleven days without eating or drinking water!

Moreover, it was an absolutely closed space, which meant that the air inside was limited, and Wayne Lin had been in for so long, Damon Wang was really afraid that Wayne Lin would die in it.

He wanted to open the door in advance to see how Wayne Lin was doing inside, is he still alive?

If Wayne Lin is really dead, then he will be finished, because to this day, all his status and power are derived from Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin is dead, then he will not only suffer a sudden decline, but will also be affected a lot. The enemy is killed.

Because of the expansion during this period of time, he has not offended people less, but because he has Wayne Lin’s strong backing support, those enemies dare not trouble him.

It is no exaggeration to say that his destiny is already tied to Wayne Lin!

“Pharaoh? What’s the matter with you, your face is so pale and your body is sweaty, have you been prostration?”

Jeff Han walked over and saw Damon Wang’s pale and uneasy look. He smiled and patted Damon Wang on the shoulder, jokingly said, but unexpectedly, his row of shots directly caused Damon Wang to fall down. It was on the ground, and it shocked him.

“Pharaoh? Are you okay?!” Jeff Han immediately helped Damon Wang up.

Damon Wang was nervous. He has been looking at the clock on the wall, pinching the time, and opening the door to Wayne Lin on time. He was so shocked by Jeff Han that he almost lost his soul. He trembled and saw Jeff Han clearly. Scolded: “Old Han, you have to scare me to death!”

When Jeff Han saw him like this, he immediately realized something was wrong, and asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”

Damon Wang swallowed, and said, “Randal…”

Jeff Han screamed, “What, something happened to Randal Lin?!”

“No, no! Who told you that Randal had an accident?! It’s like this…” Damon Wang looked at the time that Li and Wayne Lin had agreed, and there was only less than an hour left, and he told Jeff Han the incident.

After Jeff Han listened, his face was shocked. He suddenly said: “Damn! Eleven days! Randal Lin is crazy and you are crazy with it! Quickly open the door to Randal Lin. If something happens to Randal Lin, we two All of them will be over!!!”

Damon Wang shivered, ran over and opened the door to Wayne Lin…

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