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Chapter 536

Holden himself is also a 2s-level superpower. As the bodyguard captain responsible for the safety of Manlisha this time, he is also the strongest player in the team this time. He knows how powerful and destructive a 2s-level superpower is. How powerful is it!

If it’s just a 2s-level superpower killer, he still has the confidence to protect Man Lisa, but these are two, and they are also famous Satan and the red-haired witch in the killer world. The absolute powerhouse is not him. Holden can handle it!

At this moment, his scalp began to numb and panic.

And Man Lisa behind him was also frightened. Obviously she had also heard the names of these two killers. All of a sudden, her face lost blood, and she said in fear: “Captain Horton, what do we do now? Okay?”

Horton swallowed heavily and said, “This is on the territory of China. I believe that Satan and the red-haired witch dare not go too far, Miss Manlisha, rest assured, I will protect you anyway. comprehensive!”

Man Lisa was relieved now, but it was nothing more than that.

When the other white bodyguards saw Satan and the red-haired witch, their legs were numb with fright. This is a 2s-level supernatural person, an extremely strong person, and definitely not something that these A-level bodyguards can fight against!

This time the assassin gang sent out many assassins to assassinate Man Lisa. Before Satan and the red-haired witch appeared, more than a dozen assassins had come out and killed them so far back. Now there are Satan and the red-haired witch. Two abilities, then they have no chance of surviving!

When Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang saw these two great powers, they also changed their colors, and finally understood what Wayne Lin said. There are really two innate realm masters who focused on Manlisha. Today Come to the scenic spot to play, just to kill the phone club!

In a big city, where there are people everywhere, they didn’t dare to act so blatantly, but now they are on the outskirts of the mountains, there are trees everywhere, and there are not many tourists, so they are directly in the arms of the killer!

They couldn’t imagine that if Man Lisa was actually killed in China, then the reputation of China would definitely be affected, and they would also receive huge punishments in Xuanyuan three places!

Satan and the red-haired witch walked over slowly, and together with the dozen A-level killers, surrounded Manlisha. The water couldn’t escape. Manlisha was already a chicken in their cage, let them kill.

Horton’s face was ugly, and he said loudly: “Satan! Red-haired witch! You two dare to assassinate the noble Miss Manlisa, you are impatient! Offended Master Barcelona, ​​you will undoubtedly die!”

The red-haired witch smiled happily, her voice was very sharp and unpleasant, and it was especially uncomfortable to hear. Goosebumps would all get up, “Holden, you are a magnificent 2s-level superpower. You have also become a rich man. My lackey, tut, I’m so disappointed in you.”

Satan also said: “Do you think you are our opponent?”

Horton was threatened by them, his face was extremely uncomfortable, he clenched his fists, his face was panic, his eyes filled with hesitation.

Man Lisa was frightened, and said quickly: “Captain Horton, my father paid the money. You can’t abandon me and go.”

The red-haired witch said: “Holden, we give you a chance to kneel in front of us and beg us for mercy. We can spare you not to die. It is not easy for you to cultivate to the 2s level. Once the two of us take action, you will definitely not be able to hold it. of.”

Horton raised his head and said grimly: “Fart, I’m Horton the kind of person who is greedy for life and fear of death! Satan, red-haired witch, you don’t need to talk nonsense. If you want to fight, you will fight, I Horton will stay with you!”

Then he immediately said to Manlisha: “Noble Miss Manlisha, don’t worry, no matter what, I will not abandon you. I will stay and fight against Satan and the red-haired witch. You follow George and the others. Go, get in the car, leave here, and look for it right away

Ask Huaguo for protection, they can do nothing about you! “

Horton was very determined and looked at death. Man Lisa was very moved and her eyes were red. “Captain Horton, I will not abandon you!”

Then, she took the initiative to stand up and said to Satan and the red-haired witch: “You also killed me for the money. Let me go, I can give you three times the price!”

The red-haired witch said grimly: “Man Lisa, it seems that you don’t understand our killer business. Even if you give us ten times the price, we can’t give up the task. I advise you to kneel down obediently. , Wait for our trial.”

Satan grinned and added: “Or, you can run and see how far you can run, Jie Jie Jie Jie…”

Man Lisa felt their killing intent and was completely panicked. She grew up so old and had never been so scared. Now she regrets it especially. She knew that she should have listened to the Chinese agent yesterday!

Horton gritted his teeth and said: “Miss Manlisa, don’t waste any more time, run away, I will buy you time!”

Then he said to two sturdy bodyguards: “George, Weston, you escort Miss Manlisa away, hurry up!”

With that said, he was about to attack Satan and the red-haired witch, seeing death as home, like a martyr.

Will he really die for Satan and the red-haired witch? Of course it was impossible. He was just slamming and slamming, and escaped by paralyzing Satan and the red-haired witch.

If there is only one Satan or the red-haired witch, he can barely protect Man Lisa, but now that both Satan and the red-haired witch are here, then he has no chance of winning at all. If he forces to stay, it will only give Man Lisa. Lisa was buried. He finally cultivated to the 2s level, naturally it is impossible to die like this, he at least has a few decades of life.

After making up his calculations, he directly rushed out, with a very brave look, and Man Lisa was moved to see it.

Satan and the red-haired playing witch also frowned, raised his spirits, and prepared to fight Horton.

But the next moment, Horton made a move that shocked everyone. After Horton rushed out of the crowd, instead of rushing towards Satan and the red-haired witch, he changed directions and ran away.

“No! He is going to run away!!”

Satan was the first to react, and said angrily, that he was about to chase Horton. At this time, the red-haired witch was not surprised at all. She grinned grimly: “Don’t worry, Lord Fool will not let him run away. “

Man Lisa, who had been very moved, was stunned. She didn’t expect that Horton had actually escaped. It can be seen that what she had just thought of death was fake! !

Horton succeeded in breaking through, and he was particularly excited. Although his reward for protecting Manlisa this time was very high, but what about it, there is only one life, no life, no more money to make!

However, before he was proud, a young man appeared in front of him, his face was particularly pale, as if he was a vampire, his eyes were also very sharp, his eyes stared at him, revealing a A playful smile, “Holden, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

When the voice fell, he moved, almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Horton, and then took a palm shot, very powerful.

When Horton saw him, his scalp was numb and his legs were so frightened that he screamed out, “Fool! A 3s-level superpower!!!”

The Fool smiled, “I didn’t expect you to know me.”

He acted brazenly, every attack was fierce. Horton was originally not his opponent, but now under fear, he couldn’t exert 70% of his strength. After a while, he was easily captured by the Fool.

Chapter 537

Holden was hit by the Fool and had lost the ability to fight. He was held in his hand like a chicken and looked very embarrassed.

He is terrified now, his whole body is trembling, and he has completely lost the confidence and arrogance of the past. Now he is completely withered, full of fear of death!

He even began to beg for mercy bitterly: “My lord Fool, my lord Fool! Please let me go, I promise you will never be against you again, I am willing to be a subordinate of Lord Fool!”

He yelled very loudly. The greedy look of life and death begging for mercy was seen by Man Lisa and almost fainted with anger. She did not expect that Horton, who usually behaves so brave and domineering, would be so. Being greedy for life and fear of death is really disappointing and shameless to her!

Fortunately, she still believes in Holden so much, and spent such a large price to hire Holden to protect her. It turned out that she was just a greedy person who feared death. She really regrets it now!

She really regrets and is so scared. She knew that there would be a killer lying in ambush here. She shouldn’t listen to Horton last night, but should listen to the Chinese agent!

There is no need to fall into such a dangerous situation, she still doesn’t want to die, she still has a great life to enjoy.

The Fool looked at Horton disdainfully and kicked him in front of Manlisha, “You are a waste of life and fear of death, and you are not qualified to be my subordinate.”

This kick was too heavy, and it directly kicked Holden’s chest and ribs off, and dented into a big pit. If it weren’t for Holden, a master of the congenital realm, his vitality was tenacious, he would have already died after changing ordinary people. .

Even so, the intense pain caused Horton to die of pain!

His face was full of panic and despair, and he felt the Fool’s intention to kill him. He had a strong desire to survive in his heart, and shouted loudly: “Fool, you can’t kill us! This is on the territory of China! China has already sent it. Special agents are here to protect us. If you kill us, China will definitely not let you go!!”

Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang also stood up and said, “The Fool! Miss Manlisha is our distinguished guest. If you kill Manlisha, it is impossible to leave China alive. I advise you not to mess around!”

“Yes, this time the person responsible for the safety of Miss Manlisha is the most powerful instructor of our Xuanyuan three places. He is already on his way and will be here soon. He is a 4s-level superpower. Add up all of you. None of our instructors’ opponents!”

However, the Fool seemed to have heard a big joke, “Hahaha…4s-level masters? Your Xuanyuan 3 is just an abandoned organization in China. The talents are all dead, only Fangs instructor and dragon are left. The blood instructor is a bit capable. The dragon blood instructor performs tasks in other countries, and the tusk instructor is only a 3s-level master. Even if he comes, he cannot be an opponent of the three of us.”

Satan and the red-haired witch frowned, and Satan said: “My lord fool, it is indeed a powerful breath these days. It has issued a warning to us, I don’t know if it is a 4s-level superpower.”

The red-haired witch also said: “My lord Fool, Satan is right. There is indeed a powerful superpower these days, warning us, I don’t know if it is a super agent of China.”

The Fool waved his hand and said firmly: “Impossible! I have already investigated it clearly. This time the third place Xuanyuan is responsible for protecting Manlisha. There can be no 4s powerhouse in the third place Xuanyuan.”

Then he flicked his fingers and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, kill everyone around Manlisha as quickly as possible, and the employer asked for Manlisha to be captured alive.”

Satan and the red-haired witch got the order, nodded vigorously, and immediately attacked Manlisha’s team.

The two of them are strong in the second stage of the Innate Realm, and they are extremely powerful. Now Horton has lost the ability to fight, the remaining A-level bodyguards

, It was not an opponent at all, even the bullets could not hit them, and it was like a dying. After just a few breaths, they were beaten to the ground, dying.

In the end, Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang remained, as the last line of defense, guarding Man Lisa stubbornly.

They knew that under this situation, it was no longer possible to survive, and it was absolutely impossible for Wayne Lin to come over in such a short time after only ten minutes had passed.

The two of them looked at each other, and both saw the reluctance in each other’s eyes and the feeling of death. As a member of Xuanyuan Three, they represented the entire nation of China. Since they joined Xuanyuan Three, they solemnly sweared. People from the third place of Xuanyuan, death is a ghost from the third place of Xuanyuan, and they obey the orders of the third place of Xuanyuan in this life. This is their responsibility and their mission.

It’s just a pity that they did not die for the country, but for the daughter of a European consortium…

“I Xie Heng!”

“I am in Gao Lang!”

They both yelled at the same time, “I have no regrets in this life! I am the soul of Xuanyuan in this life, and I will still be from Xuanyuan in the next life!”

After shouting these words, they laughed loudly, there was no fear at all, and all that was left was pride, like two candles, burning their last afterglow, illuminating the world.

They are just masters at the pinnacle of the acquired day, and there is still a long distance away from the innate realm, but so many people in the audience are touched by their pride and fearlessness at the moment.

Finally, they turned their heads and said to Manlisha: “Miss Manlisha, before we sacrifice, we just want to tell you that our Chinese agents have no greedy people who are afraid of death!”

Man Lisa was moved by their spirit of seeing death at home, her eyes flashed crazily, and she bit her lip tightly.

Next, Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang went forward instead of retreating, roaring, making their final voice, and rushing to the two innate realm masters, Satan and the red-haired witch, like moths fighting the fire!

Satan and the red-haired witch put away their contempt. Although the strength of the two Chinese agents lags far behind them, the bravery and fearlessness of the two Chinese agents at this moment has been respected by them.

“In that case, then we will not torture you.”

When the words fell, Satan and the red-haired witch both moved, rushing towards Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, much faster than Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, almost in the blink of an eye, they were already in front of them. Then he punched out at the same time, directly breaking through the defenses of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, and slammed them heavily on their chests, and the strength of the stormy waves poured into them.

They directly collapsed their chests, and their internal organs were directly shattered. Their bodies flew backwards like straws, spit out a large mouthful of blood in the air, their eyes began to loosen, and the vitality of their bodies was quickly lost.

The next moment, they fell heavily to the ground, already dying, and were about to be cut off from life and died.

But they didn’t scream, let alone fear, but smiled. They didn’t back down. They fulfilled their mission and didn’t shame Xuanyuan three places. Even if they were to die, they would stand and die.

It’s a pity that this mission has always failed…

However, just when they were desperate, they heard a terrifying roar, accompanied by constant sonic booms.

“Xie Heng! Yu Gaolang!!!”

When they heard this sound, their heads shifted to the right with difficulty, and saw a figure, rushing over at an extremely fast speed, and after a while, they were already in front of both of them.

It’s Instructor Lin…

Chapter 538

However, Wayne Lin finally arrived.

He didn’t drive, but rushed all the way. It takes an hour to drive normally. It took ten minutes to drive over under his feet.

Unfortunately, it was still too late. He watched Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang sacrifice with his own eyes. Hearing what they said, he had no regrets entering Xuanyuan in this life, Xuanyuan soul in this life, and Xuanyuan people in the next life, deeply piercing him. The bottom of my heart moved him deeply!

For the first time, he felt the meaning and weight of the two words Xuanyuan! ! !

He used the fastest speed, regardless of the rapid consumption of physical strength, and finally approached the speed of sound, constantly tearing the air and rushing over, but unfortunately, there was still no time to save Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang!

The human body is too big, and if you want to travel close to the speed of sound, the damage to the body is extremely huge!

Even with Wayne Lin’s strong and abnormal physique, he couldn’t stand it now, especially the internal organs, which was very uncomfortable, like being torn apart.

Fortunately, his recovery ability is also extremely abnormal, and he can recover seven or eight in a few breaths.

When he arrived in front of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, his face was gloomy and terrible. Looking at the huge holes in their chests, his vitality was quickly drained, and he was about to disappear into the world, Wayne Lin felt uncomfortable.

In the past few days, Wayne Lin and the two of them have already had a certain relationship. Now that they are dying in front of him with their own eyes, Wayne Lin can be said to be extremely uncomfortable. Especially, in the end, the two of them are the kind of spectacular that burns themselves for the country. All turned into a brand, deeply engraved in Wayne Lin’s heart!

When Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang saw him, they smiled relievedly, raised their hands slightly trembling, and gave Wayne Lin a surprise. Their faces showed brilliant and proud smiles, “Instructor Lin, you are finally here. Now, I’ll leave it to you… Instructor Lin, we didn’t shame Xuanyuan in three places…”

“Instructor Lin, it’s up to you…”

Wayne Lin squatted down, held the hands of the two of them tightly, and simply grasped their pulses. Tears shed in his eyes. He knew that Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang were completely helpless.

He was more serious and solemn than ever before, and he returned a military salute to both of them, “Okay! Comrade Xie Heng, Comrade Yu Gaolang, please rest assured, I, Wayne Lin, will definitely not disappoint you, and I will definitely not give Xuanyuansan. Ashamed!”

When Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang heard this, their faces showed happier smiles, completely relieved, the next moment, their smiles were frozen on their faces…

They died, they died, leaving this world forever and ever.

It was the first time Wayne Lin felt that the living life was dissipating in front of him. He tried to stretch out his hand and grab it into the air, trying to grab the souls of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, but he couldn’t.


Wayne Lin lowered his head, his tears fell drop by drop to the ground.

After he entered the congenital realm, he hadn’t shed any tears. Now he clenched his teeth and fists, and I was clenched tightly by him, making a click.

At this moment, the assassins surrounded him, and the water he surrounded was blocked.

Man Lisa stood behind him, shivering, her face paled, and she lost her previous nobility and dignity.

Satan and the red-haired witch walked up to Wayne Lin, glanced at him with contempt, and then said directly to Manlisha: “Manlisha, it seems that the bodyguard team you hired this time is too bad to protect you. It’s safe. Then, you’d better follow us obediently, otherwise, let us do it, and you might not be so gentleman.”

Man Lisa clenched her teeth tightly, her face had lost her blood, if it weren’t for her character is tougher than many women, she would have collapsed in this situation.

She finally turned her gaze on Wayne Lin. She had an intuition that this inconspicuous Chinese had a powerful force in her body that could protect her…

However, this kind of thought, as soon as it appeared, was immediately rejected by her. How could this be possible? Even a supernatural person like Holden failed. This Chinese agent looks so thin…

At this moment, Wayne Lin stood up, his eyes were pitch black, there seemed to be no color, only endless murderous intent and anger.


“You all have to die.” Wayne Lin said this, in English, clearly in the eyes of each of them.

I don’t know why, seeing his eyes, all of their brains stopped for a moment, and their bodies shuddered. The feeling was as if they were being stared at by death.

In the next moment, an aura that was strong enough to overwhelm the mountains and break through the sky, burst out from his body, and spread out around him like the substance, making everyone feel it, and he couldn’t help but step back two steps.

At the moment, Satan and the red-haired witch felt the most deeply. Their complexions changed drastically, and they screamed in horror, “This is the breath of a 4s-level supernatural power!!”

“Oh my God, this Chinese agent is a 4s-level powerhouse!”

The Fool not far away felt Wayne Lin’s breath, and he was also shocked right now. The next moment, Wayne Lin’s eyes looked at him, he just glanced at him, and his mind exploded with a bang. A huge wave!

In his consciousness, there is only one voice left, a 4s-level superpower, looking at the world, it is also a rare existence! !

When other people heard this sentence, they were also shocked, 4s-level ability players, how could they provoke them?


“Escape! Flee as far as you can!”

Satan and the red-haired witch came back to their senses, without any hesitation, turned around and ran.

They are very confident in themselves, that is because it is built on the bodyguard team of Manlisha, the most powerful is only on the basis of Holden, and now, there is a 4s-level peerless powerhouse, that is not what they can resist. .

“Want to run? Can you still run?”

When Wayne Lin saw them about to run, the corners of his mouth raised, and a sneer of disdain was aroused. In the next moment, he moved.

The figure is almost at its extreme. Although it is not as fast as the speed of sound, it is half the speed of sound. It is also a sonic boom. Almost just blinking, he catches up with Satan and the red-haired witch, like a god of death. , Hitting Satan’s back, with a loud bang, Satan’s rushing body suddenly lost its strength and fell heavily to the ground, and on his back, he had been smashed and had an enlarged palm print. The whole body muscles and bones were directly broken under this palm.

Satan was solved with one palm, and in the next moment, he appeared behind the red-haired witch, “You leave it to me too.”

The red-haired witch just saw Wayne Lin slap Satan to death with a palm. She was so frightened that she had never seen such a terrifying person, like a ghost!

“I’m fighting with you!!!”

She burst out with a strong desire to survive, and did not run away anymore, but chose to turn back and fight Wayne Lin desperately.

“I can’t help myself.” Wayne Lin snorted disdainfully. A hand knife slashed the red-haired witch’s arm and broke her. The next moment, he previously grabbed the red-haired witch’s neck with one hand. Lift it up, then press it down hard…

With a bang, the body of the red-haired witch slammed into the ground, raising a cloud of dust on the ground.

And her head was directly pressed to the ground by Wayne Lin, her neck was broken, her eyes were filled with unprecedented fear and despair, and she died.

This violent method scared the other assassins into fear, making them unsteady.

Especially when Man Lisa saw that she opened her eyes wide, she was completely shocked!

She had never thought that the Huaguo agent she looked down upon was so terrifying that she had completely surpassed her knowledge of humans.

After killing Satan and the red-haired witch in succession, Wayne Lin seemed to have just done an easy task, without even sweating.

In the next second, he turned his gaze on the Fool and showed a sorrowful smile, “It’s you.”

The Fool saw Wayne Lin’s eyes, his scalp was numb with fear, and the goose bumps all over his body stood up! The next moment, he turned around and ran.

His speed was very fast, and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Wayne Lin showed a disdainful sneer and started chasing after him.

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