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Chapter 473

Isn’t it? The neon clothes’ figure is there, no matter how Wayne Lin shoots, he will inevitably take advantage.

If it’s other women, it’s okay. The key is that Nishang is not an ordinary daughter, but someone sent by his mother, and possibly his god-sister, which is too embarrassing.

Neishang got a little impatient, opened his eyes, frowned and said, “Hey, can you hurry up, a man, mother-in-law.”

Wayne Lin was choked by her again, can this not be a mother-in-law?

But to be honest, Wayne Lin’s mood is still quite agitated. After all, Neon Clothing is a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He looks so beautiful. If he can take advantage of it, it is still very good…

Bah, baah, what are you thinking about.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, suppressed all these distracting thoughts, and then calmed down. He thought of a way. Anyway, Nishang just asked him to take it back, and he didn’t say how heavy he was going to take it, so just let it be.

Moreover, he finally found a place where he should be able to avoid touching the chest of Nishang.


Wayne Lin made a sudden move.

He patted the neon clothes with a palm. He felt that he was an upright gentleman, and he absolutely didn’t mean to be cheap with neon clothes, but no matter what he thought, his current action seemed to be taking advantage to others, and it seemed particularly wretched.

And just in time, Nishang felt his approach, and there was the vibration of the air in front of her. Her eyelashes were picked up, her heart was quite nervous, and she opened her eyes, and she just saw Wayne Lin’s hand and patted her with a palm.

Obviously she was ready, but seeing Wayne Lin’s palm, she still couldn’t help feeling nervous. Suddenly I realized that what I had photographed was Wayne Lin’s chest, and now Wayne Lin wanted to pat her chest back.

And her place has never been touched.

So she couldn’t help getting tense, causing her body to tremble, and causing Wayne Lin to take advantage of the position where she left her hand, which could not have been taken advantage of. The result is now, taking advantage.

The air suddenly quieted strangely.

Nishang opened his eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin in astonishment!

Wayne Lin was also dumbfounded. He didn’t think that the position he had already calculated would definitely not take advantage of the neon clothes. As a result, the neon clothes opened his eyes at the last moment, causing him to miss…

This is very embarrassing.

Wayne Lin was late to react and took more advantage before retracting his hand.

“An accident, purely an accident…” Wayne Lin’s face turned red when he saw Nishang, he realized that something was wrong and quickly explained.

Now Nishang’s face is indeed red to the extreme, just like drinking wine, flushing, especially that kind of flattery, makes Wayne Lin’s heartbeat involuntarily speed up a bit.

“Lin! Zi! Ming!” Ni Chang clenched her fists, she stared at Wayne Lin firmly, and three words broke out between her teeth.

She is particularly embarrassed now, that fellow Wayne Lin dare to take advantage of her!

She grew up so Bing Qing Yujie, even if people in the organization saw her, they treated her honestly and had never been touched. The most important thing is that she has a serious addiction to cleanliness and never wants to be touched by a man, even if this person is Wayne Lin.

But now, Wayne Lin not only touched her, but also touched her place, which immediately caused her to blow her hair.

Seeing her expression, Wayne Lin only felt that her scalp was numb, the corners of her mouth were bitter, and there was a wailing in her heart. How well did things develop like this again? He is obviously very serious.

“It’s none of my business. Just now you opened your eyes and moved your body. Otherwise, I won’t be able to touch you…”

“To shut up!!”

Nishang didn’t wait for him to say anything, but interrupted him roughly, glaring at him with gritted teeth.

Her breathing is not smooth anymore, her chest rises and falls violently, even Ye Xingchen did not arouse her such violent emotional ups and downs.

However, she couldn’t hate Wayne Lin because Wayne Lin was the only son of her aunt.

She snorted heavily, glared at Wayne Lin, and then left.

Finally, she turned her head and ordered Wayne Lin: “I can’t tell anyone what happened today!”

Wayne Lin could only nod his head quickly.

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief when Nishang left and would not come back, rubbing his chest, he spit out a breath of blood, but fortunately his body is very strong, otherwise he really can’t bear it.

And most importantly, the strength of Nishang seems to have regressed from before, which is a bit strange, otherwise, with the peak strength of Nishang, the palm just now can break his heart.

Back in the big villa, Candice Liu and Berry Chu, the two old men, had already woken up. After saying hello, Wayne Lin hurriedly went to take a shower and washed all traces of himself.

When he came out, Alma Chu also came out. Fortunately, Alma Chu was an ordinary person and did not realize that he was injured, otherwise she would worry about him.

The injury this time is not too serious for Wayne Lin, but it will take some time to recuperate. He is truly innocent.

On the side of the neon clothes, she also returned to her place, her heartbeat was beating abnormally, the frequency was higher than usual, and she couldn’t calm down.

The meeting with Wayne Lin just now was completely unexpected. She had known that she shouldn’t go to Wayne Lin today, and that would not happen.

She couldn’t help but touched her face, followed herself, and muttered to herself: “Brother Wayne seems to be surprised by my face, is it really that beautiful?”

Then, she thought about what happened later, Wayne Lin’s presumptuous offense, took off her veil, her anger attacked, her true energy was disordered, and Wayne Lin was hugged…

Especially, Wayne Lin finally hit his chest.

That feeling, like an electric shock, she had never experienced.

The strange thing is that at the time, she didn’t seem to have the disgust she had imagined, more just shame and panic.

The more I thought about it, the more wrong it was. This was something she had never experienced before, especially if she had some thoughts that made her feel panic and ashamed, she quickly strangled her, started sitting cross-legged, and entered a state of meditation.

Soon, one night passed, and by the next day, she had returned to normal, and she was out of the debilitating period, and there was only one day left. As long as today is over, she can regain her full cultivation base, innate state. The fourth stage.

Moreover, after passing this weakening period, her cultivation level still has a little bit of diligence, and when she meets Ye Xingchen again, she will be able to overwhelm Ye Xingchen.

And soon, she can also return to the organization to meet her aunt.

However, at this moment, she suddenly sensed something, her face suddenly changed, and she brushed it and looked in one direction.

In that direction, footsteps came…

It can be heard that the sound of footsteps is three times longer than ordinary people. In other words, this person is running towards him at a very fast speed. When the neon clothes realizes the danger, the sound of footsteps seems to have arrived. At the door!

Then, at the gate opposite her, she was kicked open, and fell straight down with a bang. At the same time, a slender figure appeared at the door with an evil smile on her face, staring maliciously She said, “I have long heard that the technique of the first beauty in the Western Regions is flawed, and there is a period of weakness every once in a while, and the cultivation base will continue to decline. I didn’t believe it before, but now it seems that you have fallen to the top It’s the second stage, it seems to be true, tut tut.”

This person is not who, it is Ye Xingchen! ! !

Chapter 474

Neishang saw Ye Xingchen, her expression suddenly changed and her heart was shocked. She never expected that Ye Xingchen would come to the door, so courageous!

If it is normal, Nishang is not afraid of him, but now, she has reached the weakening period of her practice. Yesterday she was the third stage of the innate realm. Now she has fallen to the second stage. This is also the time when she is weakest.

Even her next realm will fall again, falling to the first stage! Only after that lowest point will she slowly recover her cultivation base.

This is the flaw of her practice, and it is also the mystery of her practice, because as long as she has successfully experienced this period of weakness, then her cultivation will definitely improve.

And the most important thing is that few people know her secret, how did Ye Xingchen learn it? ! The only possibility is that someone betrayed her, who is that person!

In an instant, many ideas emerged in Nishang’s mind.

Several times before, she hid herself, closed the door, and spent it perfectly, but now, she was discovered by Ye Xingchen, and looking at Ye Xingchen’s appearance, it was clear that she was going to be unruly to her!

Even with the concentration of neon clothes, he couldn’t help panicking at this moment.

She didn’t have any extra actions. The moment she saw Ye Xingchen, she turned around and ran!

But she didn’t run towards the gate, there was already blocked by Ye Xingchen. With her current strength, she was not Ye Xingchen’s opponent at all and couldn’t resist, so she could only run in another direction.

She made a decisive decision, rushed directly to the balcony, jumped out, bent her legs, and jumped suddenly, like a huge spring, directly onto the opposite building.

Seeing her so decisively, Ye Xingchen did not chase her right away. Instead, the corners of her mouth rose up, revealing a joking and fanatical expression, “Neon, I didn’t expect that you are really in a period of weakness and you have fallen to the second stage. In the next few hours, you will fall again…you can’t run, you are destined to be my person…extremely yin physique, top double cultivation cauldron, as long as I get you, I will definitely break through fourth Stage, reaching the realm of Dzogchen!”

After saying this, Ye Xingchen stepped forward, shrank to an inch, and in the blink of an eye, he was already on the balcony, and then he flexed with one foot and jumped directly over the distance of more than ten meters. He leaped over easily. Now, how many times easier than neon clothes.

No way, he is now a peerless powerhouse in the fourth stage, and Nishang has fallen to the second stage, and the cultivation base is still declining, she can hardly escape.

Now she clearly felt that Ye Xingchen had locked her aura, the sky was so big that she could not hide from Ye Xingchen’s pursuit.

Nishang is a very courageous person. She is also a martial arts wizard. She broke through to the innate realm at a young age. She has a high status in the BRAGRUN organization. With her indifferent personality, she rarely panics. . But now, she really started to panic, because Ye Xingchen made it clear that she was going to be unruly to her and wanted her to be abused by Ye Xingchen. She would rather die!

However, she still can’t die now, she still has a lot of things to do, and most importantly, she hasn’t helped her aunt fulfill her long-cherished wish to meet Wayne Lin, she must live.

Run, run with all your strength.

After all, she was also a person who had experienced wind and waves. After a brief panic, she quickly recovered her composure, because she understood that panic was useless at this time, and she still had to find a way to get out.

Today is her last day of weakness. As long as today is over, she won’t have to be afraid of Ye Xingchen tomorrow!

She could even join Wayne Lin to find an opportunity to put Ye Xing

Chen did it!

Ye Xingchen soon chased him up. He was strolling in the courtyard and looked particularly relaxed. He looked at the neon clothes escaping hastily in front, like cats and mice, and was very proud. He could clearly feel the realm of neon clothes. Continue to fall!

He has a whole day to concoct neon clothes without worry at all.

Moreover, in the past few years, the neon clothes have been in the BRAGRUN organization smoothly and often put on airs in front of him. He has long seen neon clothes not pleasing to his eyes, and now finally has this opportunity, he naturally has to play with the neon clothes and look at the neon clothes. Desperate and panicked, it would be even more joyful to satisfy his abnormal psychology.

“Nishang, if you can’t run away, you should give up resistance and cooperate with me obediently.” Ye Xingchen’s joking voice, like a magic sound, sounded behind Nishang, constantly disturbing her emotions.

Nishang gritted her teeth and said angrily: “Ye Xingchen! I advise you not to go too far. You are killing each other at the same door. I am from the Western Regions. If you kill me, the Holy King will know about him. I will never let you go!!”

However, Ye Xingchen was not afraid at all. Instead, he laughed, “Ningshang, who said I’m going to kill you? I just love you, double cultivation with you. As far as I know, you are still a virgin right now, inside. His extremely yin power is very strong and has not been adopted by a man. If I become your first man, then I will definitely reach the fifth stage of the Innate Realm, the Great Perfection realm!!”

After finishing speaking, he speeded up again and narrowed the distance with the neon clothes. It was already within ten meters. He could even smell the fragrance from the neon clothes, and took a deep breath, especially intoxicated.

Nishang noticed that Ye Xingchen’s distance was getting closer and closer, and she became even more anxious, and at the same time she was especially embarrassed!

Ye Xingchen, this guy, is really too much. He dared to hit her on her. If she changed her peak, she wouldn’t have to worry about Ye Xingchen at all, and even when she really fought, Ye Xingchen was not her opponent!

But now, when she was in weakness, Hu Luo Pingyang was bullied by a dog.

“Ye Xingchen! You are looking for death!!” Ni Chang cursed, “Also, I am not a very yin physique at all. Even if you and I have double repairs, there will be no effect. Once you move me, it will be mine. Lifelong enemy, I will never let you go! Ye Xingchen, you know my character, I warn you, don’t mess around!”

Nishang felt her cultivation level, like an hourglass, constantly leaking down, especially she is still running at the limit now, consuming a lot of physical strength, and the leaking is even faster.

She even started to gasp.

This is something that would never happen if she changed her peak.

Ye Xingchen laughed louder, and now his expression was more playful, even a little distorted, with a kind of perverted satisfaction, he could clearly catch up with the neon clothes, but he did not do this, but came slowly and appreciated Fleeing in panic in neon clothes.

“Really?” Ye Xingchen said with a smile: “Nice clothes, even if you are not a very yin physique, it doesn’t matter. I fell in love with you at first sight. It would be a very good thing if you can double cultivation with you. So, I think you still don’t want it. Let’s run away, and accept my love for you obediently. Besides, with the good genes of both of us, the child born must be a dragon and a phoenix among people.”

Nishang was so angry that he was trembling when he heard these words. He almost couldn’t hold it back several times. He wanted to turn his head and Ye Xingchen desperately impulsively!

She simply said nothing, looking at the building closer and closer in front of her, there was a glimmer of hope in her heart…

As long as you hide in, you may be able to delay some time!

Chapter 475

In front, it is the headquarters of Chou Ye, and there is a secret room inside. If Nishang can successfully enter before Ye Xingchen’s arrival, then she still hopes to delay it until tomorrow.

The key now is to make Ye Xingchen relax his vigilance and win this opportunity!

It’s close, and there are less than a hundred meters left.

Rao has the light temperament of neon clothes, and now he can’t help but speed up his heartbeat, and his blood is surging.

Ye Xingchen found something wrong, the speed of the neon clothes increased sharply, and he drove a distance of tens of meters.

“Something’s wrong…” Ye Xingchen frowned, and soon he reacted, sneered, and said: “Neon clothes, until now, you are still struggling, do you think you can escape from my Wuzhishan? !”

When the voice fell, Ye Xingchen’s speed increased sharply, and he planned to take down the neon clothes directly.

Nishang immediately felt the tremendous pressure. She clenched her teeth instantly and burst out all her potential. In the form of an overdraft, she suddenly poured her strength into her legs, causing her speed to skyrocket. After moving away from Ye Xingchen, the whole figure resembled an arrow, rushing towards the Ugly Master’s headquarters, and within two seconds, she had already entered.

It just so happened that the ugly master came out and saw this scene. He opened his eyes wide, and heard the voice of the neon clothes in his ear, “Enable the first level of defense to help me delay Ye Xingchen, he is going to be against me!!”

When the voice fell, Ye Xingchen had already come over, he laughed loudly, his eyes were like electricity, and his whole body exuded a powerful aura, like a monarch coming, smiling at the neon clothes, “Neon, you can’t run away! Just now you The final potential has erupted, and now it has fallen to the first stage of the innate realm ahead of time. Even if the king of heaven comes, I can’t stop my conquest of you!”

Nishang is very annoyed, she has no other choice now, but believes that the ugly master can resist Ye Xingchen, even if she can successfully enter the secret room for more than ten seconds, Ye Xingchen will not be able to help him.

After such a drastic change, the Ugly Master was stunned for a second. He had never seen Nishang look so embarrassed, and never thought that Ye Xingchen would be so courageous to start with Nishang! Anyway, Nishang is also a person from the Western Regions, and besides, Nishang itself is also an extremely strong person in the fourth stage of Innate Realm.

But things have already happened, and he couldn’t help but think about it, and immediately shouted loudly, “Enemy attack! Everyone defends, take this person!!”

In any case, Chou Ye is the underground emperor of Huarvell. There are many horsemen under him. In the headquarters, there are hundreds of thugs guarding him. After hearing his order, these people immediately began to surround Ye Xingchen.

They reacted extremely fast, quickly got the weapons, and showed good professionalism.

As for the ugly master himself, he also took out a handful of software directly from his waist, shaking his hand, immediately straightened up, and stabbed Ye Xingchen.

Chou Ye is not a master of the congenital realm, his realm is only at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and the gap between him and Ye Xingchen is infinitely large. He and Ye Xingchen are fighting against each other, which is completely a death-seeking behavior.

But he did it anyway, because he had been loyal to Qin Yuehua all his life, and the neon clothes were sent by Qin Yuehua and his half master, so he had little thought, so he took action against Ye Xingchen and went to the fire with moths. , Burning his own life.

Ye Xingchen saw an ant at the peak of the acquired day, and he dared to shoot at him. He was so angry that he instantly became annoyed, his eyes widened, he hummed heavily, and cursed, “You are looking for death!”

Facing the ugly master’s sword, he did not dodge at all. He shot directly and slapped the sword god of the soft sword, instilling fierce strength, the soft sword tempered with special materials, immediately couldn’t bear it. It looks like broken glass, shattered every inch, like ice ball, falling to the ground!

At the same time, Ye Xingchen’s other palm was also slapped on the chest of Ugly Master, with a loud bang, Ugly

The Lord’s chest immediately sank visible to the naked eye, and the whole person flew upside down like a straw, hitting the wall hard, spurting blood.

He didn’t scream, but smiled. He won at least three seconds for the neon clothes, and the rest was given to his men.

At this moment, a large group of thugs gathered around, and they were annoyed when they saw that the ugly master was injured.

“Ugly Lord!!”

“f*ck you, dare to hurt the ugly man, I’m fighting with you!”

“Brothers, fight with him!!!”

These thugs are all powerful young men of Kong Wu, one by one, seeing the ugly master’s chest collapsed, they are dying, their eyes are red, and their eyes are distraught. Not only are they not afraid, but they are full of Ye Xingchen. Hatred and killing intent.

Seeing this situation, Ye Xingchen frowned slightly. In his opinion, even if there were a hundred people in front of him and surrounded him, they would be nothing more than ants.

“Get off!” He was too lazy to start with the ants, and directly yelled, the surging weather on his body exuded, scaring the ants away, his goal was only neon clothes.

Now six seconds have passed. According to Nishang’s words just now, he has not much time left. If Nishang really ran into the secret room to hide, he really had nothing to do.

His aura was very powerful, and brought a lot of coercion to the hundreds of thugs, but they did not back down because of this, because the dying ugly master said one sentence: “Give me revenge, kill him… …”

Chou Ye is the underground emperor of Hwadrid City. It is not his force, but his charisma. He has a talent that ordinary people don’t have in this respect. All his subordinates are devoted and loyal to him. It’s the same as him to Qin Yuehua.

“Come on! Revenge for the ugly man!!”

“Hack him!!”

“Hack him…”

Suddenly, the people of Bailai were all beaten up with blood, rushing towards Ye Xingchen, and they drowned Ye Xingchen in an instant.

Suddenly, Ye Xingchen’s face changed and it became very ugly. It was not that he was afraid of this group of people. No matter how many came, it was just ants. However, his time has been delayed. No matter how good his cultivation is, it is impossible to subdue so many ordinary people who regard death as home in a short period of time.

This also means that the neon clothes are going to escape.

And this result is not what he wants to see! !

He immediately became annoyed, and his eyes also showed murderous intent, “You are here, looking for death!!”

He started to shoot, the speed is extremely fast, almost beyond the level of ordinary human retina can capture.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…

He shot continuously, adding his fists and feet, and every hit would definitely defeat a beater, and the beater who was hit would inevitably be seriously injured or even killed on the spot.

In the corner, the ugly master who has completely lost his fighting ability, unable to move, looked at this scene, his eyes were cracked, full of hatred, anger, and shame…

He said: “Brothers, I can’t help you guys this time…”

His tears flowed down, and the pain in his heart couldn’t increase.

Then, he reached into his trouser pocket with difficulty, took out his cell phone, made a call, and waited for a few seconds. Fortunately, the call was connected and Wayne Lin’s voice came from inside, “What’s the matter.”

Ugly Master’s tone was weak, and he was obviously choked, “Master, Ye Xingchen came to the door, he knows the period of weakness of Master Nishang, it is very dangerous…”

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