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Chapter 602

Yin Hong came back to her senses and met Wayne Lin’s eyes. Her heartbeat speeded up inexplicably, blushing a little, and she shook her head quickly and said, “No, no.”

Thinking of something, Yin Hong asked nervously: “Mr. Lin, you haven’t seen Mr. Jiang yet?”

Wayne Lin didn’t know Yin Hong’s overtones, and shook his head, indicating that he hadn’t seen it yet.

Yin Hong immediately breathed a sigh of relief, patted her chest, and said, “Really, that’s a pity.”

She said this, but her face was filled with a happy smile, and her fearful mood relaxed.

Wayne Lin didn’t expect that an intellectual beauty like Yin Hong would have the side of such a small woman, but she was a little cute, “I don’t think it’s a pity to see your expression, how come I feel a little bit ecstatic.”

Yin Hong was pierced by him, and his face turned red. Originally, Yin Hong was a thin-skinned person, “Mr. Lin, don’t get me wrong, I am not laughing at you, but Jiang Liqun is the richest man in our source city. He is very powerful. Yes, and I heard that Jiang Liqun doesn’t like others joking with him, so…”

“Stop, stop.” Wayne Lin quickly interrupted Yin Hong and said with a wry smile: “Miss Yin, don’t you see that I’m joking with you? I’m so scared to see you nervous.”

Yin Hong was also a little surprised when she heard this, yes, why did she become so nervous? Is it because you have seen Wayne Lin’s domineering side, so you are in awe of Wayne Lin?

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, changed the subject, and said, “Miss Yin, you are very beautiful today, and suddenly became the focus of the audience.”

“Ah? Yes, is it?” Yin Hong was blushed by his sudden compliment, and his heartbeat that had just calmed down suddenly increased a lot, completely in a state of ramming.

Yin Hong came in a hurry tonight, she didn’t take her makeup seriously. The evening dress was the same from last year. Originally, she didn’t have much confidence in herself, but she didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would praise her like this, which made her feel all of a sudden. Happy, especially happy, the whole person is more radiant.

She is a very beautiful, elegant and intellectual light mature woman. She is charming, overwhelming many beautiful ladies and ladies and attracting the attention of many men.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Of course it’s true. You don’t believe it if you go to see the reaction on the spot.”

Yin Hong knew that she was pretty, and there were a lot of suitors in her life, and she was praised by many people for being beautiful, but her previous feeling was completely different from her current feeling.

At this moment, a well-dressed man came from the side with a goblet in his hand and gently shook the red wine in the glass. He looked particularly chic and handsome, with a confident smile on his mouth. It’s a pity He looks average, is less than 1.7 meters tall, and his aura is much different.

“Haha, what age is this, there are still people who use this outdated trick to coax women, it is not soil.” He glanced at Wayne Lin contemptuously, and saw Wayne Lin’s casual clothes with a valuable thing on his body. No, he even disdains.

His appearance caused Yin Hong to frown. She had an instinctive resistance to such a self-righteous man. In her eyes, it was almost like a fly.

Wayne Lin has long been accustomed to this kind of scene. He didn’t pay attention to it at all, and said to Yin Hong, “Miss Yin, let’s find a place to sit down and talk.”

Yin Hong had this intention too, she nodded gently, and agreed.

When the man saw that Wayne Lin and Yin Hong didn’t take him seriously, he was immediately upset and felt

In order to humiliate him, he stepped forward and stopped Yin Hong, revealing what he thought he was handsome and handsome, “Beauty, I am the chairman of the Haoting Senior Club. I see you right away. I want to invite you to have a drink. I don’t know if I can give you a drink. Opportunity?”

“No.” Yin Hong answered him coldly, without giving any face.

At this time, the other party’s expression became even more ugly, but he still resisted it. On Jiang Liqun’s site, he didn’t dare to get angry, so he walked to Wayne Lin, stared at Wayne Lin with threatening eyes, and said in a low voice. “Boy, I fell in love with this woman. If you are savvy, you just roll aside, otherwise, I have a hundred ways to keep you stuck in Yuancheng, you know!”

The way he squinted his eyes was really a bit fierce. If he changed to an ordinary person, he would really be scared.

But the person he faced was Wayne Lin, and he was totally overpowered.

“Mentally retarded.” Wayne Lin said.

“What did you say! Say it again!” He gritted his teeth, his eyes were about to kill Wayne Lin.

Yin Hong on the side couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but her laughter reached the man, making him even more angry. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is just a waiter, a small person, who dares to scold him for being mentally retarded. This is a capital crime!

Wayne Lin was nearly a head taller than him, looking down at him condescendingly, “Go away.”

I don’t know why, the eyes of the man and Wayne Lin met, and there was a feeling of heart palpitations, which made his anger suddenly reduced by more than half, and he was instantly shocked.

Today, if it wasn’t for Jiang Liqun’s face, Wayne Lin would have slapped him.

“You wait for Lao Tzu!” The man glared at Wayne Lin fiercely, found a step down, and turned away.

When Yin Hong saw this scene, her eyes flashed more, and she felt that Wayne Lin was very masculine.

“By the way, Mr. Lin, how about the Gaochi people?” Yin Hong asked in surprise.

Wayne Lin said, “I’m not with him.”

“Oh.” Yin Hong is now looking at so many people in the manor, and they are all big people who are rich or noble. Some of them are big celebrities. She has seen them on the cover of magazines. This kind of scene is stressful for her. Very big, especially when she thinks of Jiang Liqun’s appearance, she will be even more nervous.

“Mr. Lin, should we go back first? Anyway, we don’t know anyone here.” Yin Hong said in a low voice, dissuading Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I have someone you know.”

“Ah, is it? Who?”

“Jiang Liqun.”

Yin Hong was even more worried when she heard this. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in Wayne Lin, but that Wayne Lin’s image was so different from Jiang Liqun that she didn’t seem to overlap.

“Why, don’t you believe that I know Jiang Liqun?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Yin Hong didn’t know how to answer. She nodded first, and then shook her head quickly, “I didn’t mean that, but…”

Wayne Lin interrupted her, looked forward with deep eyes, and said, “Jiang Liqun is out.”

Yin Hong was taken aback, followed Wayne Lin’s gaze, and did not see Jiang Liqun. She was puzzled and thought it was Wayne Lin teasing her. After a few seconds, Jiang Liqun appeared, surrounded by a crowd of people. From below, the dragon walked out, very grandiose, and the scene suddenly boiled.

Chapter 603

Seeing Jiang Liqun with his own eyes, Wayne Lin still had a feeling of emotion.

It was not because he hadn’t seen Jiang Liqun for a long time, but Jiang Liqun was the first acquaintance he saw after escaping from the dead.

This time he seized the spirit fruit of heaven and earth, and escaped from the dead. It happened not long ago, but for him, it was a circle with the god of death, and he almost disappeared from the world, which was equivalent to rebirth.

He could tell at a glance that Jiang Liqun’s cultivation base had improved, but it was very limited. There was still a long way to go from the second stage of the Innate Realm. But for Jiang Liqun, it was enough.

“Look, Mr. Jiang is out!”

“President Jiang is indeed very human. He walks in the air and the sky is full. This is a proper general in ancient times!”

“Of course, we don’t look at who Jiang is always. The richest man in our entire source city is huge. Even the lord of the city has to look at Jiang’s face. The most important thing is that Jiang was in a senior man some time ago. With the help of, he broke through to the innate realm, extraordinary, and suddenly separated from the ranks of mortals!”

“President Jiang is actually a master of the Innate Realm, which is incredible!”

Many people at the scene began to flatter Jiang Liqun, which shows how high Jiang Liqun’s status is.

Yin Hong looked at Jiang Liqun with awe. In her opinion, a big figure like Jiang Liqun was almost like a fairy. An ordinary woman like her would never be in contact with her for a lifetime.

“Mr. Jiang, he looks so young.” Yin Hong said with emotion. Tonight is Jiang Liqun’s fiftieth birthday, but Jiang Liqun looks like a middle-aged man in his thirties, who is particularly young.

This is normal. Jiang Liqun broke through to the congenital realm, his lifespan was greatly increased, his vitality was also vigorous, his body was in a state of reverse growth, his spirit and spirit would rise several levels, and he would look younger than before.

Jiang Liqun’s face was red at this moment, and the whole person was extremely happy. When he faced everyone’s greetings, he kept nodding his head, and the smile on his face never stopped. It can be seen that Jiang Liqun is indeed doing well now, and his aura is much stronger than when he first met Wayne Lin.

However, Wayne Lin still discovered that Jiang Liqun’s Yintang was filled with a faint black air, haunting his forehead, which was a sign of impending bad luck.

If it wasn’t for Wayne Lin’s spiritual realm to be high enough, he wouldn’t be able to discover this.

Seeing Jiang Liqun himself, Wayne Lin was even more certain that Jiang Liqun would be in trouble tonight, and could even be called a disaster.

Soon, under the gaze of thousands of people on the scene, Jiang Liqun stepped onto the stage. When everyone saw that he was about to speak, they all quieted down, reflecting Jiang Liqun’s powerful position, and everyone should give him face.

But often the more so, the heavier the fall.

“Good evening everyone. Tonight, it is Jiang’s 50th birthday. Thank you for showing your face and coming to join us.” Jiang Liqun began to speak, and the audience immediately burst into applause. Wayne Lin was also applauding.

Then Jiang Liqun said some beautiful scenes. The level is very high, which not only reflects his current achievements and status, but also makes the guests listen very comfortable, showing his superb EQ and eloquence.

Wayne Lin nodded secretly after hearing it. It seemed that Jiang Liqun was able to come this far from scratch, and it made sense.

“Hey, Mr. Lin, where are you going?” Yin Hong immediately asked when Wayne Lin was walking forward.

“Go and say hello to Jiang Liqun.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

“Ah?!” Yin Hong was anxious all of a sudden. She couldn’t take care of men and women, and she took Wayne Lin’s hand and said anxiously: “Mr. Lin, don’t be impulsive. This is Mr. Jiang. He will be very angry at the birthday party!”

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, Yin Hong would actually hold his hand and make a skin blind date. For a friend who had just met for a short time, it was not suitable for him. He broke free of Yin Hong calmly, and said with a faint smile: “Don’t worry. , He will not be angry, nor dare to be angry.”

After speaking, he already walked into the crowd and walked in the direction of Jiang Liqun.

Yin Hong was so anxious that she gritted her teeth and decided to follow along!

She didn’t know why she was so persistent. It was obvious that she and Wayne Lin had known each other for only a few days, which could only be regarded as a general acquaintance, but she couldn’t help watching Wayne Lin go to death.

Jiang Li

After the group came off the stage, they were soon surrounded by people, all of whom were big bosses in the Yuancheng business community, chatting and laughing with him.

At this moment, Jiang Liqun felt that he was very successful. Although he was not as good as Wayne Lin’s status, he was considered a master in China.

Thinking of Wayne Lin, he couldn’t help but sigh. A few days ago, he received the news that Wayne Lin had died on Qilian Mountain. When he heard the news, he felt a huge wave in his heart! You know, in his mind, Wayne Lin is already a very invincible existence, reaching an unfathomable realm at a young age, and becoming an instructor at Xuanyuan 3rd place. It can be said that his future is unlimited. Give Wayne Lin a few more years, but Wayne Lin doesn’t know how far he will grow up.

But now, such a dazzling genius has fallen and turned into a cup of loess.

In fact, Jiang Liqun’s feelings for Wayne Lin are quite complicated. He is not as dedicated as Damon Wang and Jeff Han. In terms of business, he is not too involved with Wayne Lin.

Although he is now considered Wayne Lin’s person, Wayne Lin has always been laissez-faire to him and has not signed any agreement with him. Therefore, overall, Wayne Lin’s death has almost zero impact on him.

He admired and appreciated Wayne Lin more.

Now that Wayne Lin is dead, he is a bit sad, but that’s all. He didn’t even go to condolences to Wayne Lin’s family, fearing that Wayne Lin’s enemies would target him.

Just as he thought of Wayne Lin and was somewhat distracted, at this moment, behind him, a familiar voice suddenly sounded, which shocked him.

“Old ginger.”

Wait a minute, is this Wayne Lin’s voice?

But how is this possible? Wayne Lin is obviously dead! This matter has spread all over the circle, and it still died in the hands of a peerless powerhouse who had achieved Dzogchen in the innate realm.

An illusion, it must be an illusion!

Jiang Liqun shook his head. He didn’t choose to turn his head back. In his opinion, this must be an illusion that he had just thought of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin had already walked behind Jiang Liqun, he called Jiang Liqun, and found that Jiang Liqun hadn’t paid any attention to him. He was a little surprised. Could it be that Jiang Liqun’s half-birthday swelled to the point of ignoring him?

Because Wayne Lin’s Nike casual wear really seemed too’excellent’ on tonight’s occasion, so when he walked over, it immediately attracted the attention of many people, especially seeing him standing behind Jiang Liqun. Even daring to call Jiang Liqun old ginger is even more surprised.

In the crowd, Yin Hong really dared to provoke Jiang Liqun when he saw Wayne Lin, and even called Lao Jiang, her heart was raised!

At this moment, Li Jinbo and Gao Chi, who came across, saw Wayne Lin, their eyes widened all of a sudden, and they hurried over.

Seeing that Wayne Lin actually dared to reach out to pat Jiang Liqun’s shoulder, Gao Chi only felt his scalp numb, and yelled at Wayne Lin for being really timid!

Li Jinbo’s eyes were splitting, and he was extremely nervous. He couldn’t take care of that much anymore. He walked quickly and pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “Whoever gives you the courage, dare to be disrespectful to Mr. Jiang!”

When the words fell, he had already walked up to Wayne Lin, trying to grab Wayne Lin’s collar and teach Wayne Lin a lesson.

However, as soon as he met Wayne Lin, he heard Wayne Lin’s cold snort, and his whole person received a huge impact and flew out violently.

Takeo was angry, and blood splashed three feet.

Wayne Lin is not just as simple as a warrior. He is the pinnacle master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He can break through to the Innate Dzogchen with only a short distance. Looking at the world, he is a rare existence!

He hadn’t shot before, not because he was scrupulous, but because he had a good temper and was too lazy to take shots with this kind of ants.

But now, the ant was actually too advanced and wanted to bite him, which exceeded his tolerance limit.

But with his shot, the situation is completely different. You know, this is above Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday!

Gao Chi was stunned when he saw this scene. He really didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was so crazy that he really dared to go wild here. Isn’t this person really afraid of death!

And also at this moment, Jiang Liqun turned his head and just saw Wayne Lin. For a moment, his expression was extremely wonderful.

Chapter 604

At the first glance, he recognized Wayne Lin.

But he still couldn’t believe it, because he inquired from various sources…No, it should be said that it is confirmed, Wayne Lin is dead! On Qilian Mountain, he was pursued and killed by a peerless powerhouse of the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. He was seriously injured and was also killed in the big explosion. There is no place to bury him!

And many people went to Qilian Mountain to search afterwards and found that Wayne Lin was completely dead, but now, only a few days ago, Wayne Lin appeared in front of him, and his image was still intact.

Even Jiang Liqun felt that Wayne Lin was stronger than before!

Standing in front of Wayne Lin, he seemed to be facing a big mountain, and the faintly radiating aura suppressed him.

Li Jinbo fell heavily to the ground, his entire right arm was numb, and he touched Wayne Lin just now, as if he had been electrocuted.

He didn’t suffer too much injury, he got up immediately, and hurriedly ran to Jiang Liqun to explain, “Mr. Jiang, I’m to blame for this. I didn’t manage the subordinates properly. Let Gao Chi bring in this lunatic with mental problems. That’s it! I offended you, President Jiang! This is the fault of the subordinate, and the subordinate should die! The subordinate will throw this lunatic out!”

“Come here, throw this madman and Gao Chi out for me!” Li Jinbo ordered security.

The scene suddenly became chaotic, and no one thought that someone would dare to make trouble on such an important day as Jiang Liqun. This is not because the birthday star hangs himself, he is impatient!

Gao Chi’s face suddenly turned pale, his legs were swinging, he knelt in front of Jiang Liqun with a plop, kowtow desperately to beg for mercy, “Mr. Jiang, Mr. Jiang, it’s none of my business! It’s Wayne Lin. You’re disrespectful. Since yesterday, I’ve been saying that you are his little brother, and that you must be respectful in front of him! He wants to come today too, it’s really none of my business, Mr. Jiang Mr. Jiang, wronged, even if you give me a hundred courage, I dare not make trouble on your 50th birthday!”

As his words came out, there was an uproar in the audience, everyone was shocked, staring at Wayne Lin, who was expressionless. They all thought that Wayne Lin must be a lunatic with a mental problem, otherwise how could he say such a rebellious thing!

Yes, in their opinion, this is a big treachery, not as simple as committing the following!

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, feeling a little unhappy.

On the other hand, Jiang Liqun’s pupils shrank suddenly, and now, he finally realized that the person in front of him was really Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin didn’t know what method he could use to restore his body to its peak state!

His heartbeat speeded up a lot. According to the news he inquired in these days and the big thing Wayne Lin did a few days ago, he realized that Wayne Lin is not dead now, and coming to him means what! !

So in an instant, his heartbeat speeded up a lot, and his mood became very complicated.

As for Wayne Lin outside saying that he is a younger brother, this was originally a fact. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. On the contrary, if Wayne Lin said outside that he was the elder brother, it would make him even more afraid.

Gao Chi went on to kowtow again, desperately clearing his responsibilities, “Mr. Jiang, please have a lot of yours. Don’t have the same knowledge as a small person like me, please! I promise, I will get rid of this lunatic right away. Will not appear in front of you!”

After speaking, he immediately ordered the bodyguard to throw Wayne Lin out, the more

The harder the better.

At this moment, a beautiful shadow rushed out and stood in front of Wayne Lin, shouting nervously and excitedly: “You can’t treat him like this. He is a kind person who has no intention to offend President Jiang! We will leave here, promise Mr. Jiang will never be offended in the future!”

When Gao Chi saw Yin Hong, he immediately pointed at Yin Hong and cursed: “Yin Hong, you stinky b*tch, how dare you hit Mr. Jiang? I think you are tired of living! This lunatic, you instigated it, what happened today, You can’t escape responsibility!”

Yin Hong retorted excitedly, “You bullshit! Obviously you irritated Wayne Lin by yourself, using the agitation method to stimulate him, Gao Chi, you dare not admit it!”

The two of them quarreled, and the atmosphere suddenly became messy.

Wayne Lin’s brows furrowed deeper, and he was very touched that Yin Hong, a weak woman, dared to stand up and speak for him in this situation. But for Gao Chi’s behavior, he was really angry.

In addition, Jiang Liqun’s performance also made him dissatisfied.

Could it be that Jiang Liqun really thought that someone Lin had offended a big man, that he was in despair and couldn’t lift the knife?

“Humph!” Wayne Lin snorted heavily. The sound was not very loud, but it was as if there was a thunder explosion in the ears of everyone on the scene, making their minds pale a lot in an instant.

Especially for Jiang Liqun, it was even more thrilling, ear-sounding, and his face paled from the shock at the moment.

“Jiang Liqun, you are so majestic that you don’t pay attention to someone like Lin?” Wayne Lin said coldly, staring at Jiang Liqun.

In an instant, Jiang Liqun shivered fiercely!

He seemed to have fallen into an ice cave all over, he realized that his daze just now made Wayne Lin dissatisfied.

He responded quickly and quickly bowed to Wayne Lin and apologized in a panic: “Randal, please atonement! Liqun didn’t know Randal was back. I neglected Randal Lin and Liqun died!!!”

There were thousands of people in the audience, and at this moment, they were strangely quiet, without a single sound.

Everyone was in a state of shock, staring at Jiang Liqun and Wayne Lin dumbfounded.

Moreover, after Jiang Liqun bowed, he kept bend over. Obviously, he was in awe of Wayne Lin to the extreme. Without Wayne Lin’s permission, or forgiveness, he dared not straighten his waist.

This scene really stunned everyone. They couldn’t imagine how big Wayne Lin’s background could be to make Jiang Liqun such humble!

You know, Jiang Liqun is the richest man in Yuancheng, even if you look at the entire province of G, he is a big figure on the list! But now, to a young man wearing Nike, so humble…

However, Gao Chi, Li Jinbo and others are now completely dumbfounded, their heads are blank, and they can’t describe the shock and subversion in their hearts.

As for Yin Hong, she is also looking back now, looking at Wayne Lin with an unprecedented expression. She has never encountered such a thing in her life, and she is stupid.

Wayne Lin saw Jiang Liqun’s attitude, the expression on his face was slightly relaxed, and he nodded faintly, and said, “Old Jiang, I haven’t seen him for half a year. I am disappointed that your cultivation level has not improved a little.”

When Jiang Liqun heard this, he was very ashamed and pressed his head lower: “Yes, yes, Liqun is tired and disappointed Randal Lin.”

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