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Chapter 81

When Candice Liu heard these words in the crowd, her face immediately changed, staring at Wayne Lin fiercely, and cursed in a low voice: “Look at you, how much you have lost the Chu family! Now give it back to me. If you provoke the big brother in society, why don’t you die!”

Wayne Lin is speechless, mother-in-law, what kind of comprehension do you have? It’s obviously Alma Chu’s offense.

But he didn’t bother to explain this kind of thing.

Alma Chu panicked even more, and she said, “Let’s go!”

“Go?” Sister Thirteen said disdainfully: “If you have this kind of thing, just take one and show it to me. Now I know your identities. Ms. Chu family and Junshizuzuo match well, right? I want See if you can run the monk, and if you can run the temple.”

When Alma Chu heard it, she said, “Don’t push people too much. If you make me anxious, I will call the police!”

As if hearing Tianda’s joke, the thirteenth sister laughed loudly, “Call the police? Do you still dare to call the police? It seems that you don’t know who my heavenly brother is, come, now you call the police, if you don’t dare to call the police, You were raised by me. But don’t blame me for not reminding you, if you dare to call the police, you won’t be able to solve it with 100,000 yuan!”

She hugged her chest and stared at Alma Chu with a sneer, full of joking, not worried that Alma Chu would dare to call the police at all.

Sure enough, after Alma Chu heard it, she was frightened and did not dare to call the police when she took out the phone.

At this moment, an arrogant voice came from the crowd, “Get away from me!”

When Sister Thirteen heard this voice, she immediately showed a look of surprise, and then gloomily said to Alma Chu and Wayne Lin: “You’re done, my heavenly brother is here. This matter can’t be solved by 100,000 yuan! “

Alma Chu’s face was so scared that she was scared for an instant, Candice Liu also panicked, and said grumblingly, “Oh, what can we do? It seems that they are all big brothers in the society, we can’t afford to offend as ordinary people. Alma Chu, look at you, why are you so careless when you walk? This is causing trouble!”

Alma Chu gritted her teeth, lowered her head and said nothing.

Candice Liu continued: “Wayne Lin, you stay and hold them, Alma and I will go first!”

“Mom…” Alma Chu called out immediately.

“What kind of eyes are you? Our family has raised Wayne Lin for so long, how much money has been spent, because of how much face he lost, now he should repay us. Besides, he has a rough skin. It’s okay to be beaten.” Liu Su said with a red face and breathlessness.

Alma Chu couldn’t listen to it anymore. How could she be doing this to her mother-in-law, so she sold her son-in-law so simply, and she sold it for granted.

Wayne Lin was used to Candice Liu’s shamelessness, but he didn’t feel surprised. He said to Alma Chu: “Alma, if you are scared, you can go with your mother first, I can handle it.”

When Alma Chu heard this, she was not angry, “What can you do with you! Do you know who the other party is? Besides, I caused this matter, so I should let me deal with it.”

Wayne Lin said: “Even if you caused it, I should handle it. I am your husband and have the obligation to protect you. This is what we swore when we got married.”

Hearing this, Alma Chu’s heart and liver trembled slightly.

At this moment, six big men came out from the crowd. The first one was full of fat and fat, with a big beer belly.

Nearly two hundred catties, and no one else was with him, and his body was covered with tattoos. At first glance, he knew that he was a gangster. There was a suffocation all over his body. Many onlookers were awed when they saw them. The expression, stepped back a few steps, didn’t dare to get so close.

Many people who took out their mobile phones to take pictures and videos also restrained a lot, and didn’t dare to act so blatantly.

“Heaven brother, you finally come, that’s great, you do not come, I have been killed, ooo, ooo ……” Thirteen sister who flew LIANG Zhen days to go, weeping, it is contrived .

Liang Zhentian is a big fat man. He slapped his big hand on the thirteenth sister’s ass, squeezed twice, and said majesticly: “It’s okay, I am here, who dares to bully you, I will kill him!”

Sister Thirteen was overjoyed when she heard that, she immediately pointed to Alma Chu and said loudly: “My God, this stinky b*tch hit me, not only did not apologize, but also scolded me. The most damning thing is that she called her a man. Come and hit me! I said I was your woman, and she hit harder, and said that you are a fart! Look at my legs, they are all swollen by him, ohhh… …”

She added extra energy and jealousy, saying that it was Alma Chu’s unreasonable bullying, making Alma Chu shiver with anger, “Shameless! Excessive! Distorted facts!”

Liang Zhentian was furious upon hearing this, “You do not live or die, even my Liang Zhentian’s woman dare to bully? I am impatient!”

He seemed to have a high degree of nearsightedness, and only when he walked over to see Alma Chu’s appearance, his eyes immediately lit up, showing a stunning expression, “Oh, he looks pretty good.”

His eyes must be so wretched and wretched, staring at Alma Chu’s body, and constantly drooling, matching his figure, like the Pig Bajie in Journey to the West.

Alma Chu’s look was particularly disgusting, and she quickly hid behind Wayne Lin.

“Oh, oh, what can I do? I’m offending people, Wayne Lin, I blame you for this trash, so nicely, what did you just give away! What if you just stood and let her slap in the face? You have a thick skin. , Can it still break you? Look at it now, it’s in big trouble!” Candice Liu poked Wayne Lin on the back, and cursed complainingly.

Wayne Lin said helplessly: “Mom, you don’t need to be nervous, this is not a big trouble, I promise to protect you and Alma.”

When the words fell, Candice Liu immediately gave him a kick, “Death is coming, you dare to pretend to be here! Do you have half a dime skill? You. Alas, I knew that you shouldn’t let Alma marry you at the beginning. What a mistake!”

Candice Liu complained endlessly.

Alma Chu couldn’t listen anymore, “Mom, can you say a few words less! If you are scared, you should leave first, I will stay with Wayne Lin, and I promise you won’t be hurt!”

“Hey, what are you talking about? Did you talk to mom like this?” Candice Liu cursed with her arms folded.

At this moment, Liang Zhentian had walked up to Wayne Lin and pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “You bastard, the woman who dares to move Lao Tzu? I think you have eaten the courage of the bear heart and leopard!”

Wayne Lin stared at him and said in a deep voice, “You were cheated by her. I didn’t beat her. She did it first. I was just defending. Also, my wife did accidentally hit her, but Just let her apply the lipstick to her face without any injuries, so she asks for 100,000 yuan, is it too much.”

“Justified defense? Who allowed you to defend properly? I, Liang Zhentian’s woman, can beat you. I think you are worthy of you, so you should stretch your face out and hit her. You are guilty of resisting!” Liang Zhentian said arrogantly.

Chapter 82

Wayne Lin’s expression turned gloomy, this guy was really arrogant.

“So, you are older than the law?”

Liang Zhentian laughed loudly, “Yes, you have a great understanding! In this one-third of acre, I am Wang Fa and I am the rules!”

What he said was extremely domineering, and the five big guys behind him laughed, and a suffocating aura rose to the sky, and many people onlookers became more and more afraid.

“Hey, brother, it’s you? Why are you here?”

One person came out from the crowd, Sean Chu, he looked at Liang Zhentian with surprise.

“Sean Chu, it’s your kid.” Liang Zhentian was a little surprised when he saw Sean Chu.

Sean Chu came over, handed Liang Zhentian a cigarette, and curiously said, “Tian brother, what happened?”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just that there are two nasty pens that don’t have long eyes that provoke my women, and I will teach them a lesson.” Liang Zhentian said domineeringly.

Alma Chu was overjoyed when she saw that Sean Chu knew Liang Zhentian, she immediately stood up from behind Wayne Lin and said to Sean Chu: “Sean Chu, you know him, that’s right, you tell him that what happened just now was a misunderstanding.”

Candice Liu quickly said, “Yes, Sean Chu, it’s great for you to know this eldest brother. It is a misunderstanding to tell him that it was just a flood that washed the Dragon King Temple.”

Liang Zhentian’s expression darkened suddenly, frowned, and said to Sean Chu: “Sean Chu, do you know them?”

Both Alma Chu and Candice Liu looked at Sean Chu expectantly. The tension just now relaxed a lot. It seems that there is no way to go. Since Sean Chu knows this elder brother, Sean Chu can help say a few good things, I believe there will be nothing. thing.

Sean Chu finally understood what happened. He showed a thought-provoking expression. Under the expectant eyes of Alma Chu and Candice Liu, he shook his head and said with a smile: “Brother Tian, ​​what are you kidding me, how can I know them.” “

“Sean Chu! How could you say that, I am your cousin!” Alma Chu immediately became annoyed.

Candice Liu also excitedly said, “Sean Chu, what are you talking about, we are your relatives!”

Liang Zhentian frowned and stared at Sean Chu, “What’s the matter?”

Sean Chu chuckled and said, “Brother Tian, ​​they are indeed my relatives, but you don’t need to give me face, you can deal with what you should do. I am not familiar with them.”

Liang Zhentian understood, and laughed loudly, “You kid is a bit interesting, since you are an unfamiliar relative, then I’m not welcome.”

“Brother Tian, ​​please.” Sean Chu smiled wryly, stepped aside, gloating at Alma Chu and Wayne Lin.

He hated Alma Chu and Wayne Lin so much, wishing them two were unlucky, how could he save them?

Besides, Liang Zhentian is notoriously arrogant. Even if he was willing to intercede for Alma Chu and Wayne Lin, Liang Zhentian would probably not agree to it. How could he be such a smart person offending Liang Zhentian for this?

Liang Zhentian raised his head, his huge beer belly was tall, and he said to Wayne Lin imperiously, “Now, kneel down for me and apologize for Ma Tsai, otherwise, I will break your legs!”

Alma Chu grabbed her heart.

Everyone thought that Wayne Lin was going to be finished. The Chu family’s wasteful son-in-law actually provokes the eldest brother in society. Isn’t this looking for death?

The Chu Family, this time they are going to lose face again.

However, just when everyone said

When Wayne Lin was about to pee on his pants, his face was not half scared. Instead, he smiled and said two words: “Fool.”

When these two words were spoken, there was a brief and abnormal silence on the scene.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin in shock. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to beg for mercy at such a time, so he dared to scold Liang Zhentian? This isn’t what it means to die!

You know, Liang Zhentian is a big brother, rich and powerful, many bosses dare not provoke Liang Zhentian, and the Chu family, a wasteful son-in-law, dare to call Liang Zhentian a fool?

In an instant, Liang Zhentian’s mouth twitched fiercely twice, and his face became gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Candice Liu almost fainted and died of anger. Is this guy Wayne Lin a fool? At this juncture, he can still say something like this! It’s over, it’s over, this time I’m going to be killed by a stupid Wayne Lin!

At this moment, Candice Liu was really angry and wanted to slap Wayne Lin to death.

And Alma Chu also staggered and was pissed off by Wayne Lin.

As for Sean Chu, he couldn’t hold back, he burst out with a laugh, and his heart broke with joy.

This Wayne Lin is too stupid, it is really a waste, he is born with no brains, this is about to die, it is fine if you don’t admit your mistakes, you can actually pretend to be forced out, hahahaha!

Here is a good show.

Many audience members also thought that Wayne Lin was crazy, isn’t this looking for death?

Liang Zhentian laughed in anger, “Okay! You guys are kind enough, don’t you cry if you don’t see the coffin, don’t you? It seems that if you don’t show some color, you don’t know the cruelty of this society or why the flowers are so red. !”

When he said that, he shot suddenly, slapped Wayne Lin’s face with a slap.

Many people closed their eyes, thinking that Wayne Lin was going to be finished. If Liang Zhentian’s palm was so big, it would not be swollen on half of his face!

However, they didn’t wait for the picture they imagined. Instead, they saw an unexpected scene next.

Seeing Wayne Lin shot at the same time, he also slapped Liang Zhentian’s face with a slap. His speed was faster. With a snap, crisp and loud applause, he slapped Liang Zhentian’s fat face.

This slap slapped Liang Zhentian on the spot, and then fell heavily to the ground, half of his face was swollen, not only that, but also bleeding, and also smashed two of his big teeth.

“Not only a idiot, but also a rubbish.” Wayne Lin said disdainfully.

At this moment, where is Wayne Lin like a wasteful son-in-law in the legend?

Many people are confused and can’t react to their brains. What is the situation? Isn’t that Wayne Lin is a trash, can’t he fight back and scold him? How dare you fight back?

Sean Chu was also dumbfounded, as if he had met Wayne Lin for the first time.

“Grass! I, I…” Liang Zhentian struggled to get up, shook his head vigorously, and broke two teeth. Now his speech is a little leaky. “What are you guys doing in a daze? Ah, grass!”

Hearing Liang Zhentian’s order, the five thugs, shouting curses, attacked Wayne Lin together.

Everyone thought it was over. No one thought that Wayne Lin’s small body could beat the siege of five big men. Just now Wayne Lin fought against Liang Zhentian. It seemed awe-inspiring, but it was just an extremely stupid practice.

Chapter 83

Candice Liu immediately cursed, “This Wayne Lin is really going to die! He even dared to beat people, whether he had a brain bubble, and he didn’t look at who the other person was! Now it’s fine, it will offend people to death. Now, there is no way to ease it, it’s over, maybe our Chu family will be hurt by him!”

“Mom, can you stop the meeting, Wayne Lin is your son-in-law no matter how bad he is, as for him,” Alma Chu frowned.

“Fart, son-in-law, he is a slave! Besides, you haven’t sex with him. You’re nameless. What is he my son-in-law?” Candice Liu cursed.

Alma Chu opened her mouth, but couldn’t refute. Candice Liu was right. She did not make up with Wayne Lin, and she was not a real husband and wife, and Wayne Lin could not be regarded as Candice Liu’s son-in-law.

“Don’t worry, Wayne Lin can fight very well. These people are not his opponents.” Alma Chu said. She had seen Wayne Lin’s force that night and was not worried about it.

Candice Liu sneered and said with disdain, “Hehe, I believe it, just like Wayne Lin, he can’t make a fart with a stick at ordinary times, and he can still beat him? I can’t see that he was beaten to his knees by these people for five seconds. Please beg for mercy. No, I can’t as well call Peter Zhang, he can eat well in Hwadrid, and he can definitely protect him…”

However, Candice Liu hadn’t finished speaking. Wayne Lin had already solved the battle. The speed was fast and clean. All the five menacing bullies fell to the ground and couldn’t stand up.

Wayne Lin clapped his palms, as if he had done a trivial thing, and said lightly: “Liang Zhentian, you guys are not useful.”

Liang Zhentian just stood up. Seeing this situation, he suddenly opened his eyes wide in disbelief. He was so frightened that his body swayed again, and he almost couldn’t stand firmly, “This, this…”

His mouth trembled, and his heart was shocked because he couldn’t say the whole thing.

He knew the strength of these five subordinates, but the good players in the circle, one by one, were extraordinary, and there was no problem with one enemy three against ordinary people. Now facing the son-in-law of the Chu family, he was knocked down in one face?

How good is the Chu family’s son-in-law?

Liang Zhentian began to regret it. A man with such a high level of force is definitely not a waste!

Sean Chu was also dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes hurriedly, thinking that he had hallucinations. How could this be possible? He knew how trash Wayne Lin was. Now he can actually fight one against five? Win so simply and neatly?

Candice Liu’s words stopped abruptly, like a duck whose neck was strangled, and stopped abruptly, his eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but spit out two words: “I’m going!”

What’s happening here?

Only Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin take action last time. She was not so surprised, but she was also very embarrassed. She didn’t know that Wayne Lin was so good after four years of marriage, indicating that Wayne Lin had a secret to her!

As a wife, Alma Chu didn’t like this feeling very much.

Wayne Lin walked towards Liang Zhentian, and when Liang Zhentian turned and ran away, he quickly grabbed his clothes, grabbed him, and said with a smile, “Brother Tian, ​​where are you going? Didn’t you mean to kill me? .”

Liang Zhentian was grabbed by the collar, his neck was strangled, he couldn’t breathe, he coughed twice, turned around, and said flatly, “Big brother, what I just said was a misunderstanding, misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? I can’t see it. You were very arrogant just now. You just opened your mouth and shut your mouth and asked me to kneel down and admit my mistake.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

“No, no!” Liang Zhentian quickly waved his hand and said, “Brother, I was kidding you, ha ha, ha ha ha…”

Liang Zhentian laughed more ugly than crying. When was he so embarrassed? This

Some viewers looked at him, making him very annoyed and aggrieved. He knew that he had kicked the iron plate today, and the hero didn’t suffer from the immediate loss. He went back and waited, and found a chance to give Wayne Lin a severe lesson!

Wayne Lin couldn’t see his thoughts, and he was too lazy to be like him, and said directly: “Go away, don’t let me see you in the future, otherwise I will hit you once.”

Liang Zhentian’s face turned red, but he didn’t dare to get angry. He just gritted his teeth, squeezed out a smile, laughed twice, turned around and walked away quickly, regardless of the five thugs lying on the ground and his Ma Zi Thirteen Sister.

Wayne Lin returned to Alma Chu and said with a smile: “It’s done, let’s go home.”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin deeply and said, “Where did you learn this skill?”

“This…” Wayne Lin hesitated for a while, but didn’t think of how to answer. Last time Chen Hao, he also showed his skills. At that time, Alma Chu didn’t ask him. He thought Alma Chu didn’t care about this, so he didn’t. Think of excuses specifically. I can’t tell Alma Chu directly that he is the young master of the Lin family and has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, right?

Seeing that Wayne Lin did not answer, Alma Chu coldly said, “Even if you don’t want to say it, I don’t rarely know!”

She said this with some shame.

“Alma, I didn’t mean that!” Wayne Lin wanted to explain. At this moment, there was a voice behind him, “Wayne Lin, I can’t see you as a trash, and I still understand three-legged cat kung fu. You were very prestigious just now. Slapped face, ha ha.”

Alma Chu frowned and said, “Sean Chu, what did you mean just now? Did your brother do this? I saw that my family was bullied, and I didn’t help. I won’t save you! I’ll tell my grandfather about it. He punishes you.”

Sean Chu laughed, “Haha, please, let’s see if Grandpa will punish me. It’s you, this is completely offending Liang Zhentian. Do you think that if you beat Liang Zhentian this time, everything will be fine? I think you’re over this time, Liang Zhentian is famous for holding grudges, and he must compare! The most important thing is that he is an ugly man. You guys, this time the stall is in big trouble.”

Alma Chu’s heart jumped and said, “Impossible, Wayne Lin knows Jeff Han.”

Sean Chu seemed to have heard a funny joke: “Jeff Han? He has to be respectful in front of Ugly Master. Do you think Jeff Han can protect you? Hahaha…”

When Candice Liu heard this, she panicked, and grabbed Sean Chu’s hand and said: “Oh, Sean Chu, you have to help us, you can’t help us!”

Sean Chu shook off Candice Liu’s hand and sneered: “Sorry, I’m really going to die this time, Ugly Lord, that’s a big man in Hwadrid, let alone me, grandfather’s face is not good enough. Use! Wayne Lin, you are really in serious trouble this time. Alma Chu, Aunt Hong, I advise you to get out of Wayne Lin as soon as possible, and get rid of him, maybe you won’t be caught by Wayne Lin. Get involved.”

Candice Liu was so panicked that she poked Wayne Lin hard on the chest and cursed: “Wayne Lin, look at you, the lost star. What do you do day by day. I ran into our car yesterday and gave it to us today. I’ve caused such a big trouble! I don’t care, you go and apologize to Liang Zhentian, you must not hurt us, you know!”

Wayne Lin said, “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Besides, I don’t have to be afraid of him even if he is Ugly.”

Sean Chu said with disdain, “Dare to die when you die? Wayne Lin, you saved Hanson Lin’s life because of your own shit. You are the emperor, everyone will give you face? You are really a mentally retarded man. Ah. Since you are my brother-in-law, I’ll give you a suggestion to run away overnight, how far you can run, and don’t come back to Hwadrid for the rest of your life. Maybe you can save your dog’s life.”

Wayne Lin was too lazy to explain, he was not afraid of the ugly master at all.

Chapter 84

On the way back, Candice Liu kept complaining about Wayne Lin and caused big troubles. Just a good beating would not be enough. Just pretend to be forceful. It’s all right now. After hitting Liang Zhentian, it will be bad luck.

For this reason, Candice Liu kept scolding Wayne Lin, and asked Wayne Lin to go back and confess his mistake to Liang Zhentian now, so that he must not be involved in the Chu family.

Wayne Lin was really annoyed by being said, his temper came up, and he said impatiently: “Mom, I said can you shut up? I said that it won’t hurt the Chu family, so why are you doing so much.”

Candice Liu went crazy right now, “Oh! You rubbish, if you say a few words, you still dare to be impatient, right? If it weren’t for our family to raise you, you would have starved to death. Now that your wings are hard, you dare Talk back, right! I said that you are a dog with no conscience. You still don’t believe it, you should believe it now!”

Wayne Lin’s mouth twitched a few times, really wanting to press Candice Liu to eat shit, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. In any case, Candice Liu was his mother-in-law.

He simply sealed his ears and stopped talking.

When I get to the house and enter the room, I can finally be cleaner.

Alma Chu still seemed to have something to worry about. After returning, she kept her face sullen, often in a daze. She was also at a loss in her work. When she took a bath, she forgot to bring her clothes in. She opened a crack in the door and asked Wayne Lin to take the clothes to her.

This kind of thing hadn’t happened before, Wayne Lin was immediately excited, his heart beating fiercely!

Candice Liu is right. They are fake couples who have been married for four years and have not had any intimate relationship.

Living together day and night for four years has caused Wayne Lin to be more interested in Alma Chu than any other woman.

After successfully handing the clothes to Alma Chu, Wayne Lin couldn’t calm down for a long time.

The final result was that he did not sleep well this night.

Fortunately, his physique is good, even if he doesn’t have enough sleep time, he won’t lose his energy.

When talking about breakfast in the morning, Berry Chu said something that caught his attention, “Fifei, I heard people in the company say that Sean Chu has found an investor and is willing to invest 100 million in Centec?”

Alma Chu’s movements paused for a while, some unnatural flashes flashed across her face, and then she nodded nonchalantly, “Well, there is such a thing.”

Berry Chu said: “Where does Sean Chu come from? You can recognize such a high-level investor. This investment of 100 million is not a simple matter.”

Candice Liu said sourly: “This Sean Chu really has a good life. He has been expelled from the Chu family because of such a big incident, and he can still find such a wealthy investor.”

When she said this, she kicked Wayne Lin under the table, and said in a strange way: “It’s not like the trash in our house, it will only cause trouble, and there is no fart!”

Wayne Lin got used to her stubbornness and stretched her legs back silently, pretending that she didn’t hear anything.

“Who is the investor that Sean Chu is looking for?” Wayne Lin asked curiously.

Berry Chu glared at him, and said angrily: “Whoever you are, you don’t know who you say it.”

Alma Chu said suddenly: “Huang Wenhua.”

Wayne Lin thought about it seriously. He really didn’t know Huang Wenhua, and he hadn’t heard of it before.

He doesn’t know the name, and he is probably not a powerful person.

Four years ago, when he was not framed and expelled by the Lin family, Wayne Lin

But the celebrities in the circle, who can come close to his sight, are all powerful people, not some dudes.

“I heard that Huang Wenhua called you to make tea for him before he was willing to sign the contract?” Berry Chu asked, “Alma, do you know Huang Wenhua?”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin immediately pricked his ears and immediately looked at Alma Chu.

“Isn’t Sean Chu talking about this financing, why do you want Alma to make tea for Huang Wenhua?” Wayne Lin frowned and asked.

Candice Liu also realized that something was wrong, and said, “Yes, Alma, why do you want you to make tea? Sean Chu, this kid, isn’t he making some horrible ideas?”

Alma Chu shook her head and said, “Mom, you guys think too much. I am now the backbone of the company. It is normal for Grandpa to send me for such a big financing.”

This sounded reasonable, Berry Chu and Candice Liu didn’t think much about it.

Wayne Lin felt something wrong and frowned.

After breakfast, Alma Chu went out. Wayne Lin said that she would send Alma Chu to work, but Alma Chu refused.

Looking at the back of Alma Chu’s departure, combined with Alma Chu’s performance from yesterday to now, Wayne Lin felt that something was wrong. After thinking about it, he called Damon Wang and said straightforwardly: “Do you know Huang Wenhua?”

“Huang Wenhua? Yeah, he is the son of the Huang family. He is quite well-known in the business circle recently. He invested in several companies and made a lot of money.” Damon Wang said about Huang Wenhua’s information in general.

After listening to Damon Wang’s words, Wayne Lin had a general understanding of Huang Wenhua. He was not a talent, and he could only make money to invest through his family relationship.

“How is this Huang Wenhua?” Wayne Lin asked.

Damon Wang said: “It’s normal. The methods are quite harsh. Many people who have offended him were dealt with in secret by him. Moreover, Huang Wenhua is a typical scumbag, who has played with a girl. Human feelings. But he hides it very well. Even his family does not know this. I heard the news that he recently begged the Guo family to marry Miss Guo’s family.”

Hearing the four characters for Miss Guo’s family, Wayne Lin felt a little familiar. After thinking about it for a while, it seemed that there was no known female with the surname Guo, and he did not continue thinking deep down.

After hanging up Damon Wang’s call, Wayne Lin’s face turned gloomy. He already knew why Huang Wenhua asked Alma Chu to make tea. This clearly caught Alma Chu’s attention!


On Alma Chu’s side, after she went downstairs, Sean Chu had already waited for her by the side of the road. Seeing that she was wearing such plain clothes that were completely at home, without dressing up, he frowned and said, “You just wear this. Are you going to talk business with Mr. Huang in your clothes? Hurry up and change into nice clothes, which are more sexy.”

Alma Chu expressionlessly said, “Sean Chu, I will accompany you to sign the contract for the Chu family, so don’t make an inch!”

Sean Chu grinned: “Oh, you are so noble, who are you bluffing? Who doesn’t know how many times you have been with Chairman Zi Qiong! By the way, you have slept with others so many times now. The Chu family’s capital chain broke. It was a good time for you to become a major shareholder. He didn’t give you tens of millions for fun?”

Alma Chu’s face changed immediately, “I’m not going!”

Said she was leaving.

Sean Chu hurriedly grabbed her, and said with a sly smile on his face: “Hey, what are you anxious about? I just made a joke with you, so why are you so stingy?”

Alma Chu was itchy, looking at Sean Chu’s mean face, she wanted to punch her!

Chapter 85

Half an hour later, in front of a villa, Alma Chu frowned and said, “Didn’t you say that you want to negotiate a contract with Huang Wenhua? Why did you come here?”

Sean Chu stopped the car and said, “The contract has been drawn up. You only need to sign it and it will take effect. It doesn’t matter where you sign it. Mr. Huang is here and you sign here. This is not a normal thing. “

Alma Chu said: “Why did Huang Wenhua choose to sign a contract here? Shouldn’t such a serious matter be carried out in the company?”

“How do I know that this is the decision of President Huang. He is a big man with a net worth of over one billion yuan. I can understand what he thinks.” Sean Chu said in a deep voice after thinking of something. “Right, I will go in later.” , You can’t call him by name, you have to call him President Huang, you know?”

Alma Chu was silent, clenched her fists, her mood always tangled.

Sean Chu, who was walking in the front, stopped, looked at Alma Chu and said, “What are you doing standing stupidly? Go.”

“Alma Chu, don’t give me any tricks. Now is the moment of life and death for the Chu family. If there is no financing from President Huang, then the Chu family will be ruined. There will be no eggs under the nest. You will think you are Can the family escape the responsibility? Not to mention, your dad is a legal person in the company, and he is the first unlucky one!” Sean Chu threatened.

Alma Chu’s expression changed, and finally she sighed secretly and said coldly, “I just go in and make tea for you. I won’t do anything else!”

“That can’t help you…”

“What are you talking about?!” Alma Chu glared.

Sean Chu smiled and said: “No, no, just a joke. It’s just to make tea, and Mr. Huang is just looking at you. After all, you are also a celebrity in our Huarvell?”

Faced with Sean Chu’s nasty appearance, Alma Chu was tickled with anger. She originally recruited Wayne Lin as the door-to-door son-in-law. It was not because Sean Chu was so lazy and unbearable. No matter where she needed her to hire door-in-law, neither did she He would become a “celebrity” in Hwadrid for so many years! Speaking of this, she was furious.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but think of someone in her mind. At that time, she was very young when she recruited Wayne Lin as the door-to-door son-in-law, far from the age to get married.

The reason for doing this was because there was a man who chased her very tightly, and it was impossible for that person to join the Chu family, so she could only step back and hire Wayne Lin…

Speaking of it, she hadn’t seen that person for four years. Since she decided to recruit Wayne Lin as her son-in-law, that person became discouraged and resolutely left Hwadrid. Now that four years have passed, I wonder how that person has become?

A good person like him must be married and have children!

Thinking of the scenes of the past, Alma Chu was in a daze, quite a feeling that time flies by, and things are not everything.

“Lead the way.” Alma Chu glared at Sean Chu and said.

Sean Chu laughed twice and continued walking.

Suddenly he thought of something, and turned around and said to Alma Chu: “Hey Alma Chu, I suddenly thought, Situ Nan seems to have come back recently, he should go to you.”

Upon hearing the three words of Situ Nan, Alma Chu’s footsteps stopped for a while, and an unnatural look flashed across her face.

Situ Nan!

She hadn’t heard the name for a long time, it was the man’s name.

“Insane, he and I are just ordinary friends, what did he come to do with me.” Alma Chu said with a straight face.

Sean Chu smiled badly, “Hehe, really? You almost married him at the beginning. Speaking of which, you should marry him at the beginning, and you shouldn’t hire Wayne Lin, a wasteful son-in-law. You may not know, Situ Nan is now the big boss. If you married him, you are now a rich and young grandmother. Where do you need to run out and do this kind of thing?”

His mouth is full of yin and yang, which is as cheap as it is.

Alma Chu couldn’t help it anymore, and burst out: “Sean Chu! Say another word, I will leave immediately and promise not to look back!”

Feeling that Alma Chu is really angry, Sean Chu hurriedly squeezed out a smile and said, “Just kidding, just kidding, don’t take it to heart, haha.”

Alma Chu snorted heavily. Facing Sean Chu’s shamelessness, she really became more sick!

However, Alma Chu’s heart became more restless. She couldn’t help but have a thought, thinking in Sean Chu’s words, if she had married Situ Nan, her life would be much better than now!

Enduring those messy thoughts, Alma Chu followed Sean Chu to the villa and saw Huang Wenhua.

“Ms. Huang, we are here.” Sean Chu bent slightly, showing a very humble posture, and said flatly to Huang Wenhua, extricating himself from the characteristics of a slave.

“Haha, welcome. Come on, come in and sit down.” Huang Wenhua glanced at Sean Chu briefly, then set his gaze on Alma Chu. Seeing Alma Chu’s beautiful appearance, his eyes suddenly lit up, revealing With covetous and hungry glances, where is the image of a gentleman in front of Guo Yuanjia and Guo Junyi?

That’s right, this Huang Wenhua is the young man who personally proposed to Guo Yuanjia a while ago.

Alma Chu faced Huang Wenhua’s eyes, she felt very uncomfortable and polite, she still squeezed a little smile, and shouted to Huang Wenhua.

Huang Wenhua now wears a piece of home-made clothes, looks very casual, does not have any seriousness and dignity when discussing business, and obviously has no respect for Sean Chu and Alma Chu.

Sean Chu didn’t think there was anything abnormal about this, so he took the initiative to light up Huang Wenhua’s cigarette, bending very low.

Alma Chu frowned secretly, her first impression of Huang Wenhua was very bad.

“I have long heard that Alma Chu in Hwadrid is beautiful and unparalleled, and she is the best among the three beauties in Hwadrid. When I saw it today, it was truly extraordinary.” Huang Wenhua looked at Alma Chu and said with a smile.

Alma Chu was unhappy, and it was not easy to break out, so she had to smile perfunctorily, and said in an official manner: “Mr. Huang, you want to finance our Centec company, we have already…”

Huang Wenhua interrupted her and said, “Hey, there is no rush for work. Sean Chu and I have already discussed the specific matters. The only thing left is the signing, haha.”

“Since there is no problem, let’s sign it first!” Alma Chu took out the contract and handed it to Huang Wenhua, looking at him expectantly, “Mr. Huang, this is a contract planned by Centec, as long as you sign it. If you call 100 million, you will own 40% of Centec’s shares.”

Huang Wenhua didn’t touch the contract that Alma Chu pushed over. Instead, he looked at Alma Chu with a smile and said, “Ms. Chu, do you think your 40% of Centec’s shares are worth 100 million?”

Alma Chu’s face became solemn, “Mr. Huang, I don’t quite understand what you mean. It is not what you meant to raise 100 million to Centec and own 40% of the shares?”

Huang Wenhua smiled, he stood up, walked around the coffee table and walked towards Alma Chu.

In an instant, Alma Chu’s face changed and she became nervous.

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