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Chapter 155

Wayne Lin didn’t speak any more, until Alma Chu sat on his lap and started to take off his clothes, he grabbed Alma Chu’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Enough!”

Alma Chu ignored him, shook his hand, and continued to start the action just now, being very rough, and soon tore off her button.

She is now completely willing to give up and give up on herself.

Seeing her like this, Wayne Lin’s heart was more painful than just now!

Because, he knew, Alma Chu really didn’t love him, and still hated him.

This really hurt him.

They all say that grief is greater than death, and Wayne Lin probably feels this way now.


Wayne Lin said this hoarsely.

Alma Chu’s movements paused, some guilt appeared on her face, but it quickly disappeared.

She continued the action just now, and has successfully unbuttoned herself.

The scene in front of her was very tempting. Alma Chu’s figure was very hot and sexy. Wayne Lin would have drooled any time before the change, but now, Wayne Lin has no desire at all, but has deepened the scar on his heart.

“You are right, I pretended to be Chairman Zi Qiong.” Wayne Lin said this sentence, his tone suddenly stopped trembling, he became very natural and calm, with a faint smile on his face. It looks very relaxed, very freehand, and it feels that his pain just now was just a disguise.

Alma Chu was stunned, she frowned and looked at Wayne Lin, and suddenly she no longer had the desire to continue taking it off.

“Get up, you pressed me a little hard.” Wayne Lin patted Alma Chu’s thigh.

Alma Chu frowned, and said coldly, “Wayne Lin, have you finally admitted? Why didn’t you pretend.”

Wayne Lin shrugged, then smiled suddenly: “It’s not necessary anymore, you can see it all, it’s boring.”

“Humph!” Alma Chu snorted heavily. I don’t know why, but there is some anxiety in her heart now.

Everyone was silent for a while, and Alma Chu said, “Wayne Lin, I will not hide it from you. The person I love is Chairman Zi Qiong, and I will never fall in love with you in this life. As a legal couple, you can get My body, but my heart, don’t think about it.”

“Okay, I’m just greedy for your body anyway, who do you love, why should I care?” Wayne Lin smiled evilly, and when he said, he lifted Alma Chu’s chin, his eyes suddenly disappeared Always cowardly and humble, but become full of aggressiveness, as if changing someone out of thin air!

Alma Chu had never seen such a look on Wayne Lin before, which made her feel very uncomfortable, as if she had been seen through.

“What do you want to do?” Alma Chu slapped Wayne Lin’s hand.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Why, I’m scared? Didn’t you just say that you want to give me your body and let me enjoy it? Now you can’t stand it if you molest it?

Alma Chu was ashamed of being said, as if she was angry, raised her head, puffed up her chest, and provocatively said to Wayne Lin: “Come on! Come on!”

Wayne Lin stared at her with a wicked smile on his face, but no one caught it. The deep sadness and sadness in his eyes, as well as old age.

“I don’t have the habit of car vibrating, I’ll get you back when I go back!” Wayne Lin said fiercely, and then he started the car, slammed down the accelerator, and the car jumped out like a cheetah, pushing it strongly. The feeling of her back made Alma Chu’s heart beat faster, her face paled a bit


But she gritted her teeth and tried to prevent her panic from showing, and now she especially doesn’t want to be looked down upon by Wayne Lin!

In her heart, Wayne Lin has been completely blacked out, and she is the same person as Huang Wenhua, Peter Zhang, Chen Hao, and Situ Nan.

In the past, although she didn’t love Wayne Lin, she often showed Wayne Lin’s face, but in her mind, she still regarded Wayne Lin as a family member.

But now, she hated Wayne Lin to the extreme.

Thinking that she was so affectionate in front of Wayne Lin just now, and said those things to Wayne Lin, she had the urge to vomit! I have fed the dog sincerely.

However, through what happened just now, she didn’t struggle anymore. Perhaps, she and Chairman Zi Qiong were truly undestined, and she was destined to not be with Chairman Zi Qiong in her entire life. Very lost, sad, sorry, but what can I do?

Chairman Zi Qiong can give Wayne Lin the clown mask, so it means that Chairman Zi Qiong doesn’t love her. Or, Chairman Zi Qiong, like Wayne Lin, is watching her jokes.

Thinking of this, Alma Chu couldn’t help laughing at herself.

Wayne Lin seemed to have released his instincts. He changed the image of the son-in-law who had previously been awkward and turned into an arrogant, arrogant and evil appearance.

After driving the car home, when Alma Chu got out of the car, he went straight to Alma Chu’s waist, and while still on Alma Chu’s hair, he sniffed intoxicatedly and showed a wretched smile, “Well, it’s so fragrant. .”

Alma Chu’s expression tightened, showing anger and nausea. Wayne Lin’s obscene look really disgusted her!

He stared at Wayne Lin coldly and said, “Is this how you are?”

Wayne Lin hugged Alma Chu’s waist, took advantage of the flow, pulled Alma Chu over, leaned on her body, and smiled: “Why, are you scared?”

Alma Chu sneered, “Just kidding, who is afraid? Anyway, you have played with me in applause, what right do I have to be afraid?”

“Hahaha, if I knew you would eat a set, I should release my nature earlier. It is true that men are not bad and women are not loved!” Wayne Lin smiled, his eyes full of blood and he looked crazy.

Let Alma Chu say something, crazy.

Along the way, many neighbors saw Wayne Lin come in with Alma Chu with their arms around, and they were still very affectionate. They all opened their eyes and felt it was incredible. Some people rubbed their eyes and thought they had hallucinations.

Almost everyone who lives in this community knows that Wayne Lin is the door-to-door son-in-law, and his status is low. Alma Chu has always looked down on him and has never been so close.

An old man asked curiously: “You couple, when did you become so loving?”

Without waiting for Alma Chu to speak, Wayne Lin said first: “Haha Zhang Bo, hello, I was a bit conflicted with Alma before, now we have solved it, of course we are in love. Why, Zhang, you don’t want to see our love?”

Uncle Zhang hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, no, of course I didn’t mean that. You are the best in love. This is how the couple should be, haha.”

I don’t know why, when Uncle Zhang saw Wayne Lin’s eyes, he was a little scared. You must know that he didn’t teach Wayne Lin less before.

With many neighbors watching, Alma Chu and Wayne Lin returned home and opened the door. It happened that Berry Chu and Candice Liu were watching TV in the living room. They were also stunned to see them come back so lovingly.

Candice Liu rubbed her eyes, thinking that she was wrong, and then said to Alma Chu in surprise, “Alma, are you taking the wrong medicine?”

Chapter 156

Berry Chu was also surprised, he also had the same question.

My daughter took the wrong medicine, right?

Are you willing to be so intimately hugged by Wayne Lin?

You know, after four years of marriage, the couple did not have any intimate actions.

In fact, Alma Chu was in a bad mood. She was even a little confused. Why did she become like this somehow?

Wayne Lin is all to blame, she is so annoying!

“Yes, I took the wrong medicine, can’t it?” Alma Chu sprinkled her anger on Candice Liu.

“Hey, how do you say this girl.” Candice Liu became angry immediately and scolded.

Alma Chu rolled her eyes and said to Wayne Lin, “Husband, someone is bullying me!”

She was acting like a baby, and her charming appearance made Candice Liu and Berry Chu think they were hell.

However, Wayne Lin’s behavior made them even more shocked.

Wayne Lin directly turned gloomy, staring at Candice Liu and cursed: “How did you talk to my wife? Are you a mother like this? Are you not happy to see Alma and I have a good relationship?”

Candice Liu’s eyes widened and she trembled with anger. She didn’t hear it wrong, did Wayne Lin dare to touch her mouth?


She slammed the table and glared at Wayne Lin and cursed, “What are you talking about?

However, Wayne Lin also slapped the table with a slap, and with great strength, he directly slapped the table apart, staring at Candice Liu fiercely: “I have tolerated you enough. For four years, I opened my mouth and shut my mouth and called me waste! That’s how you called me. Alma Chu and I are separated. Starting from today, you call me a crap and try again. I will never end with you!”

This is the first time Wayne Lin has been so fierce Candice Liu since he entered the family, and he even patted thousands of tables apart. It was too fierce. How could Candice Liu bear the momentum, and his face was pale and shivering at the moment. , Staggered back and sat down on the sofa.

Berry Chu was also taken aback. He looked at Wayne Lin, and just about to speak, he immediately met Wayne Lin’s murderous eyes and was shocked. His mind went blank for a moment, where would he dare to speak? Ah, quickly lowered his head, but promised.

Not to mention the two of them, even Alma Chu was frightened, the momentum that Wayne Lin showed just now was really terrifying.

Wayne Lin snorted disdainfully, then continued to hold Alma Chu’s waist and walked directly into the room.

Close the door with the backhand.

In the living room, it quieted down instantly, and the needle drop was audible.

Candice Liu and Berry Chu stared with big eyes, their faces were full of fear and shock.

They couldn’t help but have a kind of doubt, is that person just now really Wayne Lin? It’s too scary!

What happened tonight, they once thought that they had hit the evil, which led to hallucinations, otherwise how could they have seen this scene.

The cold Alma Chu was willing to be taken advantage of by Wayne Lin’s arms around her waist, and Wayne Lin, who was clumsy, dared to yell at them. It was so scary…

In the room, after Wayne Lin closed the door, he directly pressed Alma Chu against the wall, raised her chin with one hand, and looked at her with a playful expression.

Alma Chu’s eyes dodged, she was scared, and started to panic.

No matter how angry and emotional she is, in her bones, she is still a traditional good girl. When Wayne Lin used to say nothing, Wayne Lin would shiver, causing her to face Wayne Lin. Only superiority and initiative.

Now Wayne Lin is no longer frustrated, but evil charm and playfulness. She immediately can’t bear it. She even found that Wayne Lin brought more pressure to her than Situ Nan and Huang Wenhua.

She now missed the obedient Wayne Lin a little bit, instead of the current’devil’.

However, she still gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, tried her best not to show her timidity, and stared at Wayne Lin.

“Go take a shower.” Wayne Lin let her go, then lay down on the bed with her hands resting on her head, and said playfully: “Remember to wash it up. I don’t like women who have sweated.”

Alma Chu secretly scolded the hooligan, and at the same time, she relaxed a lot. To be honest, her mouth was so stern, but her body was still somewhat unprepared.

She held the clothes in silence and went into the bathroom.

When he reached the door, Wayne Lin teased and said, “Should we wash together?”

“Don’t think about it!” Alma Chu snorted heavily, then quickly closed the door and locked it.

The hot water sprinkled on her body, and her brain slowly became sober. Suddenly, she started to regret a little bit. Is she really going to give her body to Wayne Lin?

In her mind, she thought of the figure of Chairman Zi Qiong. To be honest, she still wanted to hand herself to Chairman Zi Qiong.

Although the confession tonight was stolen by Wayne Lin, she will never forget it. The state of mind when she confessed just now was a feeling of possessing the whole world!


She sighed long.

Slowly cleared out the distracting and chaotic thoughts in her mind. Now, for her, there was no choice.

Maybe it was her fate, but in the end, she still had to obey her.

I thought that after avoiding Peter Zhang, Chen Hao, Situ Nan, and Huang Wenhua, even if he walked out of the wolves, he would be innocent. In the end, she still wanted to lose herself to Wayne Lin.

It’s really a kind of mockery.

She washed her body very clean, hurriedly like never before, and every inch of her skin was washed.

After washing for half an hour, she was finished and wrapped in a scarf.

After taking four or five deep breaths, she mustered up the courage to unscrew the bathroom and walk out.

“Wayne Lin, I washed myself clean, you…”

When she said this, she was stunned and paused.

Because Wayne Lin was no longer in the room.

Where did this guy go?

She was nervous and relaxed.

Then, her gaze was suddenly attracted by a painting on the bedside.

It was a wedding photo of her and Wayne Lin, and they were barely smiling.

But now, on the photo frame, there is no Wayne Lin, only her is left, half torn off.

I don’t know why, she suddenly had a bad feeling!

I panicked inexplicably.

Where does this panic come from?

She can’t think of it!

She looked around, and then she saw that there were a few sheets of paper placed side by side on the dressing table, and she couldn’t help but walk over.

See clearly, isn’t this the divorce agreement that was torn apart before?

Now, it was completely glued with adhesive tape, and, at the last signature place, Wayne Lin’s fingerprint and his signature were left behind!

What’s happening here?

Rao is Alma Chu’s IQ. Faced with this situation, she is also confused, unable to react for a while, what the hell is Wayne Lin doing!

Then, she saw two drops of water on one of the divorce agreements.

It seems that Wayne Lin’s tears…

Her whole body stiffened. Suddenly, her eyes were blurred, and Wayne Lin’s figure appeared. From the trash, she found the torn divorce agreement, and then pieced it together bit by bit and read it again. I fell aside, accidentally dropped my tears on it, and wanted to wipe it off in a hurry, but it was useless.

Finally, he signed his name.

Chapter 157

Can’t tell why, Alma Chu saw this divorce agreement, her heart was extremely uncomfortable, and she was tightly blocked!

Before, she had indeed thought about divorcing Wayne Lin no less than ten times, including this divorce agreement, which she printed out. At that time, she signed the name, but Wayne Lin did not.

Now that Wayne Lin has signed it, she should have been very happy, but she didn’t have any part of happiness in her heart. On the contrary, she felt as if something had been ripped off in her heart, extremely empty and lost!

At a certain moment, she even felt that the breathing around her was thinning, and she couldn’t breathe!

You have to hold your chest tightly to barely breathe.

Why is it like this?


Isn’t this the result she has always wanted?

Wayne Lin agreed to divorce her, and she never lost herself to Wayne Lin. She should have been very happy to escape from the clutches so that she can chase Chairman Zi Qiong without hesitation.

But why does she have such emotions?

Soon, she found that the divorce agreement in her hand had two more tears, which happened to be so dazzling next to the tears left by Wayne Lin.

Suddenly, she was shocked and realized that she was in tears, feeling very incredible, even absurd!

Would she actually cry for Wayne Lin’s departure?

Go crazy!

She shook her head vigorously, trying to get rid of this emotion, but she was a little dizzy when she shook her head, and still didn’t get rid of it!

Gritting her teeth, she walked out of the room despite her being wrapped in a bath towel.

Her appearance shocked the two elders in the living room.

Berry Chu hurriedly lowered his head, twisted his head aside, and cursed: “Hey Alma, what are you doing, you are bluffing, don’t hurry up and put on your clothes!”

Candice Liu also scolded, “I said what happened to you couple today. Just now Wayne Lin ran out like crazy, and now you run out without clothes, you really don’t put your parents in your eyes! “

Alma Chu didn’t care about this, her eyes were red, and she walked forward and stared at Candice Liu closely, “Mom, where is Wayne Lin? Where did he go?!”

Candice Liu got angry when she heard Wayne Lin’s name, and cursed: “Don’t mention him in front of me. When you mention him, I will get angry! This is useless, and the wings are stiff, so I dare to yell at me, and I will never end with him! “

“Where did he go!” Alma Chu asked again.

Candice Liu was suffocated by Alma Chu now, and said, “Alma, are you okay? He bullied you, this is? Tell mom, how did he bully you, mom will give you…”

Alma Chu raised her volume and yelled loudly, “I ask you where he went!!”

Candice Liu’s eyes straightened, and she finally realized that something was wrong, and said: “He left, before leaving, he also said some inexplicable things. I said, what’s wrong with you? There is a conflict?”

When Alma Chu heard this, her tight body suddenly softened a lot, and her anger vented.

“I’m going to find him!” After a few seconds, Alma Chu cheered up and walked to the gate.

This action made Candice Liu shocked again, and she quickly grabbed Alma Chu and said, “Oh my ancestor, what are you doing? You must go out wrapped in a bath towel!”

Only then did Alma Chu realize this.

She was discouraged again, and this time, it was particularly thorough, and she never got up again.

So where did Wayne Lin go?

In fact, he did not leave much, but in a nearby park, sitting in a daze, looking at the lake in front of him, staying for a long time.

Alma Chu did not come out to look for him, which made him very pleased. That shows that his departure was meaningful, at least it did a good thing to get Alma Chu out of the sea of ​​suffering.

Speaking of it, it’s really amazing. He first entered the Zhu Family to stay dormant and avoid being driven out by the Lin Family. Now he has successfully counterattacked and does not need to dormant, which means that he no longer needs the identity of the Chu Family’s door-to-door son-in-law. .

From another perspective, it is not only for Alma Chu, but also a relief for him.

The dust returns to the dust, the soil returns to the soil, everything is back to the original track, isn’t it good?

At this time, what he was most proud of and most pleased was that he had never touched Alma Chu, and gave Alma Chu a clean body. In this way, in the future, looking for true happiness for Alma Chu is the greatest reliance.

Thinking of this, he seems to have done a good thing, hahaha…

However, he still couldn’t help thinking, if, one day, Alma Chu knew that he was Chairman Zi Qiong instead of impersonating, what would Alma Chu think?

Will you regret it?

Still feel guilty?

Or is it both, or neither?

What an elusive thing.

Wayne Lin had been sitting there, motionless, as if he had become a statue. Some people even thought he was a stone statue. Several young women came over to take pictures with him, which felt very realistic.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin still did not move, watching these silently.

Finally, the sky began to rain, and it rained on him, making him feel the coolness, and finally pulled his thoughts back, and uttered a word, “It’s raining.”

His opening made the young women around him startled, and they all screamed, didn’t they, the statue on the stone bench actually spoke. Is there anything more frightening than this?

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to them, but stood up, patted the melon seeds on his body, and then walked forward on his own.

These young women realized that the statue they had just taken was a human…

Wayne Lin found a place to shelter from the rain.

The rain did not last long, so it stopped for half an hour.

At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He took it out and saw it was just a message from the operator.

Apart from this, there was no more information. Alma Chu did not call him or send him a message.

He quickly shook his head mockingly. How could he have this idea? Isn’t it a daydream? Maybe Alma Chu is happy now. With this divorce agreement, she is a free person and can pursue her own happiness.

Now that he has left the Chu family, he should also start his own life.

He hasn’t been decadent for too long. After the rain stopped, he started to go. Now let’s find a hotel to live in and sleep well. If you have anything to do, I will talk about it tomorrow.

However, at this moment, his mobile phone suddenly received a message, he took it out and saw that it was actually sent by Guo Junyi, just two words: Help me!

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