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Chapter 194

“Roman Li, arrange a Tianzi box for me. I want to entertain guests!”

Before people could see it, the voice came first, completely in a commanding tone, full of domineering and arrogance. After the voice fell, a few young people with blatant expressions walked in. Among them, the first one was over twenty. The year-old fat man has fat head and big ears, white and white, his face is full of majestic expressions, and his eyes are about to grow up to his forehead.

Roman Li’s expression immediately changed when he saw this fat man, and some irritation and jealousy flashed through. He obviously hated the fat man, but he didn’t dare to show it.

“Tang Chenghong?” Wayne Lin frowned slightly when he saw the fat man, and recognized the identity of him.

Roman Li quickly glanced at Wayne Lin and said in a low voice, “Second Young Master, you should avoid it first. Tang Chenghong is now a big red in front of Young Master, so it’s not easy to provoke him.”

The young master was Lin Zihao, and Tang Chenghong himself was Lin Zihao’s cousin. Before Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family, people like Tang Chenghong did not dare to make mistakes in front of Wayne Lin.

But now the situation is different, Wayne Lin has been expelled from the Lin family, Tang Chenghong will not be afraid of Wayne Lin, let alone Tang Chenghong is backed by Lin Zihao.

Roman Li was from grandpa Lin Changtian, and his heart was still on Wayne Lin’s side, so he kindly asked Wayne Lin to avoid it.

But will Wayne Lin avoid it? Obviously it is impossible. He himself returned to Lin’s house this time to declare war on Lin Zihao. How could he fear a little Tang Chenghong? In other words, if he can’t even handle Tang Chenghong, then he is not worthy to fight Lin Zihao.

“It’s okay, since I chose to come back, there is no reason to avoid it.” Wayne Lin smiled lightly.

Roman Li’s mouth moved, and he wanted to say something, but Tang Chenghong and a group of people had already walked in front of him, “Briskly, arrange the Tianzi box for me.”

Tang Chenghong is not tall, less than 1.7 meters, fat, like a ball, a full head shorter than Wayne Lin, because now Wayne Lin’s aura is too low-key, and he wears ordinary clothes. The previous image was totally inconsistent, so Tang Chenghong didn’t notice Wayne Lin for a while. He just glanced at Wayne Lin lightly and then looked away, thinking that Wayne Lin was a waiter or something, so he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Roman Li said with some embarrassment: “Young Master Tang, the Tianzi box has been set, or I will open a ground box for you.”

The grade box is only below the Tianzi box, and it is not accessible to ordinary members. It has almost everything in it, and it can also meet many’excessive’ requirements, but it is still different from the Tianzi box. . For example, you can only invite second-tier stars to sing in the local box, and you can only eat some food that is cheaper than the Tianzi box, etc…

Generally speaking, the local box is enough to meet the needs of most people. However, for Tang Chenghong, even if it was just a little difference, he couldn’t be satisfied. This time he brought a friend to listen to Fengting, just to come here to pretend to be forced, how could he be satisfied with a box with a local size?

So he immediately tightened his brows and said, “You are making me funny. The Tianzihao box is the highest level of treatment at Tingfeng Pavilion. It is only open to the top guests. Recently, no big people have come here. I said Brother didn’t come over either, you f*cking said it was fixed?”

He pointed to Roman Li’s nose to speak, arrogant and domineering, and splashed onto Roman Li’s face, without giving Roman Li any face. Anyhow, Roman Li is also an executive of Tingfengting. He has been running Tingfengting for many years. His status in the circle is not low. Many big-faced people will be polite to see him. Now Tang Chenghong, the second generation ancestor,

He pointed and pointed at him like this, and it didn’t give him any face when he spoke. No matter how good his temper, Roman Li’s face was also pulled down.

“Master Tang, believe it or not, the Tianzi box is indeed reserved by the guests. If you want the Tianzi box, you can only make an appointment in advance after today.” Roman Li tried his best to suppress his displeasure and politely responded. Tang Chenghong said.

However, Tang Chenghong didn’t give him face at all, and spoke even more rudely. He pointed his finger directly to Roman Li’s nose, and said aggressively: “Shabi! Am I here to discuss with you? I am here to order you! Today! I want a box in the size of the sky, you must arrange it for me, or I won’t be as fruitful as you!”

Then he added disdainfully: “It’s just a dog in the Lin family. I’ll give you a Tingfeng Pavilion to manage it. You really treat yourself as an adult, right?”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth instantly, he was going crazy, this Tang Chenghong was simply deceiving people too much.

The clay figurines have three points of fire. He was already displeased with Tang Chenghong. In the past two years, Tang Chenghong has been backed by Lin Zihao, often come over to eat and drink, and has not paid a cent. He has bullied Tingfeng several times before. Some waitresses in the pavilion did heinous things, Roman Li endured him, and now he insults him like this, he also got angry right now, and said coldly: “My Master Tang, believe it or not, The Tianzi box is indeed reserved by the distinguished guest, and this distinguished guest’s status is not ordinary, which is not something we can offend. I advise you to keep a low profile.”

As everyone knows, Roman Li’s remarks directly aroused Tang Chenghong. Since he was supported by Lin Zihao, he has been tyrannical in Huarvell and Fengcheng. He did not put Roman Li in his eyes at all. He slapped Roman Li on the face and cursed loudly: “Grass! Roman Li, you fcking, who do you think you are? Just a dog of the Lin family, you fcking dare to teach me?”

Roman Li’s mouth was bleeding from this slap, and his glasses were also knocked off the ground.

Wayne Lin’s face immediately became gloomy.

Roman Li is just a businessman. Although his surname is Lin, he is not from the Lin family. He is just a child picked up by his grandfather Lin Changtian. The name Roman Li was taken by his grandfather Lin Changtian. Now he is slapped by Tang Chenghong. It was an unprecedented humiliation!

“Tang Chenghong, you!!” Roman Li covered his face, very embarrassed, trying to fight Tang Chenghong, but when he saw Tang Chenghong’s cold eyes, he stopped again. It was not that he was afraid of death, but he immediately thought that if he really dared to confront Tang Chenghong’s opponent, then he must be the one who suffers!

Maybe, Tang Chenghong came to listen to Fengting’s spoiling this time, because he was instructed by Lin Zihao to find a reason to provoke Roman Li, so that Roman Li and Tang Chenghong could clashed, so that he could intervene and take the Fengting Pavilion back.

So between the sparks of light, he wanted to understand this, as long as he broke his tooth and swallowed it in his stomach, he would endure no amount of humiliation.

He glanced at Wayne Lin and saw the anger in Wayne Lin’s eyes. He shook his head gently, and signaled Wayne Lin not to act rashly.

And Wayne Lin also saw the humiliation in his eyes…

“Why do you dare to beat me? Come on, if there is a kind of thing, come and hit me, hit me for a try?” Tang Chenghong deliberately stretched his face in front of Roman Li. More beating.

Taking a deep breath, Roman Li clenched his fist, swallowed it, and said, “Master Tang, the Tianzi box is indeed reserved by the distinguished guest. Now that the distinguished guest is in it, I can’t arrange it for you.”

Tang Chenghong saw that Roman Li didn’t seem to be joking, he also frowned, and said, “Who is the one who is going to go to the Tianzi box? Tell me!”

Chapter 195

Roman Li subconsciously glanced at Wayne Lin next to him, and then said: “Master Tang, you also know the rules of listening to the wind pavilion. We can’t leak customer information. But I assure you that the Tianzi box is indeed I have been booked by a distinguished guest! Now the distinguished guest is in the Tianzi box, I really did not lie to you.”

However, Tang Chenghong didn’t appreciate it at all. He directly said with a strong means: “I don’t care about this. Anyway, I must have a Tianzi box today. If you can’t arrange it for me within an hour, then you will wait to step down!”

Roman Li gritted his teeth, and every word and expression of Tang Chenghong made him annoying. If he hadn’t been good enough, he couldn’t help it now.

He also knew that Tang Chenghong dared to be so arrogant, mainly because of Lin Zihao’s relationship. If he confronted hard, he would not be able to match Tang Chenghong, so he had to continue gritted his teeth and said: “Master Tang, Tingfeng Pavilion was founded by the master. Career, I advise you not to go too far!”

Tang Chenghong was immediately happy, “Oh, what, do you dare to threaten me not? Then the dead ghost Lin Changtian came to scare me? Haha, what a joke! Do you think I’m afraid?”

After a pause, he changed his expression, no longer concealing it, and even more cold and disdainful: “Now the Lin family is not the Lin family before. Tingfengting is something of the Lin family. Do you think you can hold it on? Listen? Sooner or later, Fengting will be my cousin Lin Zihao’s pocket! If you know me, I advise you to quickly and obediently give Fengting your hands, otherwise, there will be no good fruits for you!”

In what he said, he can no longer be described as arrogant, but absolutely aggressive and deceiving too much, and he tore his face directly.

Roman Li gritted his teeth, his face paled a bit. He knew that Lin Zihao was going to regain the Tingfeng Pavilion sooner or later. He didn’t expect to come so quickly and so strongly that he didn’t give him any face at all.

Now his heart is very angry, but it is more bitter, because he knows that Tang Chenghong is right. With Lin Zihao’s power and energy, his little Tingfengting executive cannot resist.

The wisest way is to offer Tingfengting both hands.

But he is not reconciled!

His life was picked up by the master Lin Changtian, and even the name Roman Li was taken by the master. It can be said that his life was given by the master. Moreover, for so many years, the master has treated him well. Tingfeng Pavilion is an industry created by the master. Before the master had an accident, he had confessed to him earnestly. You must guard the Tingfeng Pavilion so as not to be easily taken away.

At that time, he couldn’t understand these words, and thought that the master was telling him not to be acquired.

Only now did he understand that what the master meant was to leave the Tingfeng Pavilion to Wayne Lin and not to be taken away by Lin Zihao.

Because he also knew about the 50 billion inheritance left to Wayne Lin before the master’s death. Facts have proved that Lin Zihao is wolfish ambition and not a good person. It is very possible that the master became a vegetable in the past, it was Lin Zihao’s handwriting!

Therefore, he must personally guard the Tingfeng Pavilion so as to leave it to Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, very cold and full of majesty, and said to Tang Chenghong, “Apologize.”

Of course it was Wayne Lin who spoke. His words appeared abruptly, because from the beginning till now, Wayne Lin has not spoken, standing there like a piece of wood, very inexistent. Now his words make Tang Chenghong wait. Everyone was stunned for a moment and looked over.


nbIn fact, it was not only Tang Chenghong, but those people also regarded Wayne Lin as an employee of Tingfengting, and didn’t pay attention to him at all, so it was needless to say that they put him in their eyes.

Now his sudden words made Tang Chenghong frowned and looked over, “What the hell did you say… Hey, why does your face look so familiar?”

Tang Chenghong looked at Wayne Lin and frowned, feeling very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Wayne Lin laughed, staring straight at Tang Chenghong, and said with a meaningful smile: “Tang Chenghong, you forgot about me so quickly? You used to cry in front of me.”

When Tang Chenghong heard this, his face suddenly changed, his pupils shrank rapidly, his eyes were full of shock and surprise looking at Wayne Lin, and his body took two steps back.

“You are, Wayne Lin?!” He cried out loudly, a little gaffe.

The appearance of the name Wayne Lin changed the expressions of the young people behind Tang Chenghong, and the look at Wayne Lin became more exciting.

Yes, obviously they also know the person of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled brilliantly, “Tang Chenghong, you have a good memory, you remember me so soon, ha ha.”

Tang Chenghong stared at Wayne Lin tightly, trying to see through Wayne Lin, his eyes rolled grunting, obviously he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to appear here.

Roman Li saw Wayne Lin stand up and confront Tang Chenghong. While he was nervous, he was inexplicably expectant.

Wayne Lin, the second young master of the Lin family, but the most talented existence of the Lin family, has always been the eldest master Lin Zihao, and the Patriarch Lin Changtian was also the most beloved Wayne Lin. It was only afterwards that a huge shock occurred in the Lin family. Lin Changtian suddenly became a vegetable. All kinds of evidence pointed to Wayne Lin, causing Wayne Lin to be expelled from the Lin family by chaos…

Now, the most genius of the Lin family has become Lin Zihao, and Wayne Lin has become a waste son-in-law of the Chu family.

However, Roman Li knew that Wayne Lin would certainly not be defeated so easily.

“Wayne Lin, it’s you? Do you dare to come back now?” Tang Chenghong frowned deeply, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes with a little more dread, no way, Wayne Lin’s limelight in the past was too much, all kinds of crushing the forest Hao, at the beginning, Tang Chenghong was a fat man, because he didn’t have any abilities and he liked to pretend to be coerced. He was often taught by Wayne Lin, so Tang Chenghong was very jealous of Wayne Lin.

“Yes, when you saw me, don’t you call the Second Young Master obediently?” Wayne Lin’s face suddenly sank, and he put pressure on Tang Chenghong.

Suddenly Tang Chenghong’s face paled a little, showing some fear and fear.

“I…” Tang Chenghong was a little confused subconsciously, but at this moment, beside him, a young man whispered: “Cut, what pretend you are, you have been kicked out of the Lin family a long time ago, now it’s just a bereaved dog. “

Tang Chenghong only reacted. Yes, Wayne Lin was no longer the second young master of the Lin family. Now Wayne Lin is just a bereaved dog. Is he still necessary to fear Wayne Lin? Besides, now it is the world of the young master Lin Zihao. He is Lin Zihao’s number one dog licker. He is highly regarded by Lin Zihao, so he is not afraid of Wayne Lin at all.

After thinking about this, he straightened his waist immediately, swept away the jealousy and awe on his face, replaced it with arrogance and disdain, “Cut, you are just a bereaved dog who was driven out of the Lin family, and he counted on me to call you. The second young master?”

Chapter 196

When Tang Chenghong first saw Wayne Lin, he was really scared. After all, Wayne Lin used to be very prestigious and stabilized Lin Zihao. He had never been bullied by Wayne Lin before.

But immediately he realized that he didn’t need to be afraid of Wayne Lin. Now Wayne Lin has been expelled from the Lin family. He is just a bereavement dog. He also heard that Wayne Lin is still the son-in-law of the Chu family. It is just a waste. , He has no reason to fear Wayne Lin at all!

On the contrary, it is now his chance for revenge.

You must know that Zihao Lin is behind him, and now Zihao Lin is the pillar of the Lin family. Lin Zihao still has an enemy with Wayne Lin. If he gets Wayne Lin, Lin Zihao will reward him by then!

Although Wayne Lin now has Lin Changtian’s 50 billion inheritance, so what? Can that money give Wayne Lin power and status? Can you get the Lin family right? This is impossible.

The Lin family’s big business is big, how can a little Wayne Lin can contend?

So after thinking about this, he was completely worthless, and directly attacked Wayne Lin.

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face remained unchanged, but the ice in his eyes became more and more intense, staring directly at Tang Chenghong’s eyes, as if he could see through Tang Chenghong.

Tang Chenghong was staring at him like this, and his heart felt a little hairy, but he was also someone who had seen big scenes anyway, and his identity was high enough that he was not afraid of Wayne Lin after a thought.

Roman Li stared closely at the side, his heart twisted into a ball, especially nervous.

Deep down he was on Wayne Lin’s side, but he didn’t dare to offend Tang Chenghong, thinking that Wayne Lin could not beat Tang Chenghong.

“Fatty man, do you think that if Lin Zihao covers you, you can do whatever you want?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Tang Chenghong snorted, he stepped forward, raised his head, looked at Wayne Lin with extreme arrogance and contempt, and said, “Wayne Lin, I heard that you are the son-in-law of the Chu family now? Hahaha, the dignified Lin family The second young master, you actually became the son-in-law of the little Chu family. You are really a shame to the Lin family. I heard that the entire Hwadrid city is quite famous, a famous trash, and you want me to apologize for trash like you. ?Pooh!”

He pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and continued: “Now I give you a chance to kneel down and knock my head vigorously! I can think of letting you go after I admit my mistakes ten times. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being old. Love, let you peel off!”

As he said, he snapped his fingers, and several thugs came up immediately behind him, surrounded Wayne Lin, staring at him, and Wayne Lin meant to violently attack Wayne Lin without kneeling down and kowtow to admit his mistake.

What is Huluo Pingyang being bullied by a dog? Wayne Lin is in such an environment now.

However, at this moment, Wayne Lin smiled suddenly, “Deadly fat man, I originally thought you were my cousin, I just wanted to teach you a lesson, but now it seems that I don’t teach you a lesson, you I don’t realize my stupidity anymore.”

When Tang Chenghong heard this, his face suddenly changed. Seeing Wayne Lin’s familiar sneer, he subconsciously panicked, and immediately backed away and wanted to run, “Wayne Lin, you…”

Before he could finish his words, Wayne Lin grabbed him by the collar and pulled him over, then opened his bow left and right, slapped him in the face.

In just a few seconds, Wayne Lin slapped more than a dozen slaps on his face, each of which was full of weight. Suddenly Tang Chenghong’s fat face became a pig’s head!

Wayne Lin slapped people with anger without mercy. After more than a dozen slaps, Tang Chenghong screamed like a pig in pain, and blood was dripping from the corners of his eyes, nose, and mouth.

He was knocked unconscious with this slap,

He woke up with pain again, it was very miserable and embarrassing.

After dozens of slaps, he was dying, his eyes were red and swollen, and he could only narrow a gap with difficulty. The revealed eyes were full of fear and regret, trembling, where is the arrogance just now? Now he is dying to beg for mercy: “Wrong, I was wrong…Second Young Master, please let me go…”

Wayne Lin held his collar with one hand, threw him out, fell to the ground, then swept across the group of young people and bodyguards on the opposite side, and said lightly: “Whoever wants to avenge this fat man, just come.”

But no one dared to take revenge. They felt even more frightened in the face of Wayne Lin’s provocation, and took two steps back, keeping a distance from Wayne Lin.

Now Wayne Lin has only one person who is good, but the kind of coercion and momentum he showed can be comparable to thousands of troops.

At this moment, they all remembered Wayne Lin’s previous reputation, even if the tiger fell into the sun, it was not their little shrimp that could offend.


Under Wayne Lin’s gaze, they involuntarily swallowed their saliva, and lowered their heads, not daring to look at Wayne Lin, for fear that it might make Wayne Lin unhappy.

Tang Chenghong did not faint. He stood up with the support of his two younger brothers, trembling slightly, his eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of jealousy, fear, regret, and hatred, hatred…

He originally came to hear that Feng Ting wanted to pretend to be in front of these friends, but in the end he didn’t pretend to be. Instead, he lost an unprecedented face in Wayne Lin! While he hated incomparably in his heart, he regretted it.

He looked at Wayne Lin’s face that was not smiling, and he felt cold all over. All the superiority, arrogance, and oppression just now disappeared cleanly at this moment. He remembered that Wayne Lin was a dog who had lost his family, but In terms of martial arts, Wayne Lin is still very tough.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was already in this environment, and he even dared to attack him. It was daring! He doesn’t dare to challenge Wayne Lin anymore, but after he returns, he will definitely tell Lin Zihao about this. When Lin Zihao takes action, he won’t get Wayne Lin this bereaved dog to death!

So he gritted his teeth, smashed his teeth into his stomach and swallowed, and he dared not say a word, “Let’s go!”

It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years, Wayne Lin, there will be a time when you will suffer!

He thought so, but would Wayne Lin let him go so easily?

Obviously not.

“Stop.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

Hearing Wayne Lin’s voice, Tang Chenghong was suddenly irritated. The goose bumps were all erected. He paused for a while, and then pretended not to hear him, and continued to walk forward, even speeding up his pace.

Wayne Lin said again: “You just insulted my grandfather, kneel down, kowtow to apologize, otherwise, I will interrupt your legs.”

His words sounded very plain, without any emotional fluctuations, but it fell in Tang Chenghong’s ears and it turned into a biting cold wind, making him feel excited!

He clenched his teeth, turned his head, stared at Wayne Lin and said, “Wayne Lin, don’t deceive people too much, I am also…”


Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him, and directly counted blankly. When he counted three, he would break Tang Chenghong’s legs!

Tang Chenghong was trembling violently all over his body. He stared at Wayne Lin closely, full of anger, aggrieved, shame…

Roman Li watched from the side and squeezed a heart tightly, holding his breath. The momentum that Wayne Lin showed at this moment was too domineering.

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