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Chapter 659

Wayne Lin did not hesitate and agreed directly. Anyway, he is also very leisurely now, with nothing to do, so he agreed directly, “Okay, you send me the address, and I will pass by then.”

“Okay, let’s just say that, don’t let me dove!” Deng Kai said briskly, “Last classmate meeting, we also mentioned you, and said that it was you after a long time. He has the best grades, long-term number one. It’s too abnormal. Now those old classmates will be very happy to see you!”

Wayne Lin smiled, he himself was a little looking forward to it. After counting, he has indeed not seen these old classmates for more than ten years. I believe this meeting will be very interesting!

After hanging up the phone, Alma Chu came back not long after, Wayne Lin told her about the incident, whether she should go to the class reunion together.

Alma Chu guiltily refused, because the Chu family’s industry is now recovering, and many places require her to deal with it. It just so happened that there was a more important meal tonight, and she couldn’t stop.

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I also have dinner tonight, I am afraid I can’t accompany you.” Alma Chu plunged into Wayne Lin’s arms and said apologetically.

Wayne Lin was a little disappointed, but he also understood Alma Chu, and said with a smile: “It’s not in the way, you go busy with you, pay attention to your health, and don’t work too hard, you know?”

“Yeah! I know, don’t forget, I’m also a master of the Innate Realm now, I’m a good guy, hehe.” Alma Chu straightened her chest and said proudly, she was too protruding. , Drew Wayne Lin’s gaze straight away, put her arms around her waist, and said badly: “My parents have not come back yet, or let’s go…”

Alma Chu didn’t know what Wayne Lin meant, she blushed immediately, pushed Wayne Lin away quickly, and said, “No, I just finished crazy last night, my legs are still a bit soft!”

Wayne Lin was a little lost, and said, “Just one moment, it will be over soon.”

“No way, no way, you say this every time, every time you almost toss me apart!” Alma Chuyi said righteously, suddenly her eyes rolled and said: “Go and harm Sanniang, let me Holiday.”

Last time, Wayne Lin told Alma Chu about Tao Sanniang. Originally, he thought Alma Chu would be very angry and hurt. He was ready to be beaten. But in the end, Alma Chu cheered, her face was full of joy, and her face was relieved. Finally someone wanted her stupid boy, and Wayne Lin was stunned.

Later, Wayne Lin also understood that Alma Chu was really not angry, instead of pretending it, which made Wayne Lin a sigh of relief.

Having eaten together at noon, Alma Chu took a nap and went to the company when she got up. She is now the backbone of the Chu family, and she needs to deal with many things. She is indeed unable to leave the situation of the Chu family.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin was mentally prepared, but he was not too disappointed.

In the evening, Wayne Lin drove a little eDonkey to the address according to the address Deng Kai told him.

Originally, he wanted to drive there, but at this point, it happened to be during the rush hour when the traffic jam on the road was serious, and it took a long distance to go from Yulong Bay. Wayne Lin decided to drive a small electric donkey.

The little eDonkey is good, not only light, but also faster than a car in the city.

The place where the classmates will be held tonight is a five-star hotel, which is directly covered by one floor.

From what Deng Kai said, the classmates’ meeting this time lasted for two days. After eating in the hotel, they had to go to the resort to stay for one night.


p; Wayne Lin plans to avoid going to the resort. It’s okay to have a meal tonight.

Half an hour later, Wayne Lin drove the little eDonkey to the five-star hotel. His arrival seemed abrupt. Isn’t it? In front of the hotel, all luxury cars parked, and he drove a little eDonkey over.

So after he appeared, he attracted the attention of many people. Looking at him, coupled with his plain clothes, normal people would think that he was a food delivery.

“Hello, this is a five-star hotel, and electric cars cannot be parked here.”

As soon as he stopped the car, two security guards came over and said contemptuously.

Wayne Lin has become accustomed to this situation. He said: “I’m here to eat, why can’t I stop here.”

“What, you are here for dinner? You are funny, just rely on this body you wear, usually work is to deliver food, earn three or four thousand yuan a month, do you have the ability to come here for dinner?”

Another security guard said impatiently: “Explain so much to such a poor man, let him go quickly, and don’t affect the mood of the distinguished guest.”

“Have you heard, our captain said, leave quickly, this is a five-star hotel, you are here to affect the appearance of the city, you know!” The security guard’s face was full of squatters.

Wayne Lin looked at him without the slightest humiliation or anger. Instead, he felt a familiar feeling. He finally came back. It reminded him of the scene of being a wasteful son-in-law in the Chu family.

It has been a long time since he became the number one in G province, no one has dared to talk to him like this.

However, when the two security guards saw Wayne Lin still laughing, they became even more annoyed, thinking that Wayne Lin was taunting them, “Hey! You poor ghost, don’t shame you, we will warn you one last time and get out. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

As they said, they even took out the electric batons and slapped them in their palms, looking fierce and vicious.

Wayne Lin said, “I’m here to participate in the class reunion. You stopped the wrong person.”

“Classmate meeting?” When the two security guards heard Wayne Lin say this, they hesitated, because this kind of thing is indeed very common. In a class, there are always good and bad mixes. But they saw that Wayne Lin had come to the five-star hotel to attend the class reunion, and he was dressed so shabbyly, and he was still riding a little electric donkey. They really hadn’t seen it before, and they couldn’t understand it at all. Normal people would not do this, right?

“Are you sure you are here to participate in the class reunion?” One of the security captains said with a bad look, looking at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin just wanted to talk. At this time, he saw a Porsche driving over, which happened to be the one that Deng Kai opened today. He pointed to the Porsche and said, “My classmate has already arrived. You can ask him directly.”

The two security guards turned their heads, saw the black Cayenne, and immediately changed their expressions. They ran over to guide Deng Kai to stop.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes when he saw this scene, it was really realistic.

After Deng Kai parked the car, he saw Wayne Lin and said in surprise: “Wayne, you are here, great!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I also just arrived.”

Deng Kai nodded. He got out of the car and quickly opened the door for the back seat. Soon, there was a graceful figure. He walked out of the car and looked very beautiful. He was wearing a famous brand all over his body. , The face also revealed cold arrogance, it was Han Ruxin.

Chapter 660

Wayne Lin’s mood also fluctuated when he saw Han Ruxin.

It was not because Han Ruxin was very beautiful, but because of that familiar face, which reminded him of his junior high school days, which was quite emotional for a while.

Moreover, what Deng Kai said is right. Han Ruxin is indeed a female big eighteen. She is more beautiful and noble than she was in junior high school. At first glance, she knows that she is a strong woman with a lot of wealth. Confidence and arrogance cannot be pretended.

Wayne Lin is also happy for Han Ruxin. He knows that Han Ruxin’s family background is actually quite ordinary. Both parents are farmers. Now Han Ruxin is struggling, starting from scratch, and making such a great achievement.

After Deng Kai opened the door for Han Ruxin, he was still bending over, and respectfully shouted Mr. Han!

Moreover, in another Toyota domineering, four sturdy men in suits came out, strode towards Han Ruxin, and respectfully shouted President Han, who was obviously Han Ruxin’s bodyguard.

This appearance is very impressive.

But Wayne Lin frowned slightly. Such Han Ruxin made him feel very strange, not the weak, shy little girl he had remembered.

As for the two security guards, when they saw Han Ruxin, their waists were lowered, and they looked like slaves and flattering.

When he looked at Han Ruxin, Han Ruxin also looked at him, but there was no wave on her face, but her eyes flickered slightly, but she moved her eyes away after less than a second.

As if not knowing him.

This reaction of Han Ruxin surprised Wayne Lin a little. Could it be that Han Ruxin no longer remembers him?

No, Deng Kai is now Han Ruxin’s driver. Didn’t Deng Kai say hello to her? Still, it was too long since we didn’t meet in the middle, and Han Ruxin had already forgotten him.

But anyway, as a man, Wayne Lin should be more generous. He took the initiative to greet Han Ruxin and said to Han Ruxin: “Ruxin, long time no see, you…”

However, before Wayne Lin’s words were finished, Han Ruxin staggered him and left, treating him as transparent without even saying hello.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, Han Ruxin’s reaction made him a little uncomfortable.

Deng Kai hurried over and explained in a low voice: “Wayne, don’t take it to heart. Mr. Han has such a personality now, very cold, in fact, she is still a good person.”

Wayne Lin withdrew his gaze from Han Ruxin, and sighed slightly in his heart. At this point, he still couldn’t see it. Han Ruxin has changed. It is no longer the simple and weak little girl before, but Becoming more social, seeing his honor, I don’t like to pay attention to him anymore.

Even though he has seen more of this kind of things, he is still a little helpless in his heart because he has become such a person in front of his old classmates.

However, he also sees quickly. After all, everyone’s personality and thoughts are different, and the environment they experience is even more different. Not everyone can be like him and always maintain the original self.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, looking very relaxed.

However, his words fell in the eyes of Deng Kai, but turned into a strong smile, a sentence of’habit’ is full of bitterness, indicating that Wayne Lin’s mixing is indeed very bad over the years, and he is used to suffering cold eyes!

Deng Kai patted Wayne Lin’s shoulder heavily, and said seriously: “Wayne, everyone has prosperity, decline and prosperity, I believe

You can definitely rise! “

Wayne Lin was dumbfounded by Deng Kai’s appearance. Deng Kai thought he was in a state of despair. “Deng Kai, in fact, my situation is not as bad as you think. You may not believe it. I also have several companies. .”

Wayne Lin’s words are not lying, and the market value of his several companies are extremely high, not to mention that he has absorbed the Yuntian Pavilion and the Xuandan faction, and now his power can no longer be described as a business empire. , Even if he is an ordinary person, not a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, his status is not something that a businessman can compare!

Deng Kai was taken aback. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to have a company. According to that, Wayne Lin was not bad.

However, when Deng Kai started to speak, the two security guards spoke again, “Boss, you electric car, can you drive to the parking lot? Our open-air parking lot is all parked by cars.”

“Oh, okay, it just so happens that my little eDonkey has no electricity, can you charge it in the parking lot?” Wayne Lin said.

The security guard said: “Yes, you get out of the parking lot, turn to the right, and walk for about ten meters. It is specifically for charging electric cars.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded.

Deng Kai on the side twitched his mouth slightly. Fortunately, he believed Wayne Lin just now. He really became the boss. As a result, he even came to the classmate meeting by riding an electric bike. It seems that Wayne Lin has not only been down, but has also learned to brag.

Wayne Lin saw his expression and immediately realized that Deng Kai had misunderstood. He said, “I didn’t lie to you, I really did…”

Deng Kai interrupted him and said with a heavy tone: “Needless to say, I understand.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, feeling that Deng Kai had a deep misunderstanding, but Wayne Lin didn’t bother to explain it anymore, showing off material things is not his character.

“Well, wait a minute, I’ll stop the little eDonkey, and come up to you,” Wayne Lin said.

Deng Kai said: “Okay, the classmates will be on the 13th floor. You can just come up directly from the parking lot later.”

Wayne Lin nodded, and rode off the parking lot on a small electric donkey.

Deng Kai looked at the direction he was leaving and sighed heavily. When he saw him today, he realized that Wayne Lin might not be a good messenger, but he did not expect that he was so frustrated that he even came to attend the class meeting. He came by electric bike, and he didn’t even have a decent suit. He came here in casual clothes.

It seems that he needs to help this old classmate!

He ran to catch up with Han Ruxin, and when he saw Han Ruxin waiting for him in the lobby on the first floor, he was a little embarrassed. He stepped up quickly, lowered his head, and apologized in panic: “Mr. Han, I’m sorry, I’ve delayed some time.”

Han Ruxin’s expression was cold, and she said lightly: “You and Wayne Lin have a very good relationship.”

Deng Kai couldn’t guess what Han Ruxin meant, so he had to bite the bullet and said, “Actually, it’s okay. After all, I have been an old classmate who hasn’t seen each other for so many years. Moreover, Wayne Lin, who was also very good to me before, often invited me to eat… …”

Han Ruxin interrupted him and said directly: “What car did Wayne Lin drive over just now.”

Deng Kai hesitated, not too embarrassed to answer, Han Ruxin stared, and said in a commanding tone: “Say.”

Deng Kai trembled, and said quickly: “He is, he is driving an electric car…”

“Really?” Han Ruxin raised her mouth slightly, revealing an intriguing smile.

Chapter 661

Wayne Lin drove the little eDonkey to the parking lot, and then took the elevator directly from the underground parking lot to the 13th floor.

This year’s class reunion was very big. As soon as Wayne Lin got out of the elevator, he saw the entrance of the lobby. There were more than a dozen young and beautiful welcoming ladies standing. They looked very seductive. When someone walked in, they would bow sweet Shouted: “A warm welcome to the 36th class 5 of Fenghuanggang Middle School!”

When Wayne Lin appeared, two old classmates had already walked in.

Wayne Lin sorted out his outfit a little, and walked over in stride.

Since he is now dressed too ordinary, which is in sharp contrast with other people who came to the class reunion, when he came, the welcoming ladies did not bow to welcome him, but stopped him and said, “Hello, Inside is the 36th class reunion of Fenghuanggang Middle School, and other people are not allowed to enter.”

This Miss Yingbin looked at Wayne Lin up and down, and seeing Wayne Lin dressed so shabbyly, some contempt flashed in her eyes, with a cold attitude.

Wayne Lin said: “I am the 36th student of Fenghuanggang Middle School.”

“Are you sure?” The welcome lady was obviously not convinced.

“Why, don’t I look like it?” Wayne Lin asked with a smile.

Miss Yingbin frowned slightly. She asked herself if she had seen a lot of rich people. She could tell at a glance whether they were rich or not, and she learned that most of the people in this class reunion were not rich. Expensive rich man, and the man in front of him is the bottom of society.

While she was hesitating, several people came from behind and saw this situation. One of them, a man in a suit and leather suit and gold-wire glasses, said, “What happened, why is it blocked here?”

When Miss Yingbin saw this man, her eyes immediately lit up. From her eyes, she immediately saw that this must be a rich boss, so she lowered her posture and said respectfully: “Hello boss, This is the case. The man said that he is also in the 36th grade of Phoenix Gang Middle School, and I cannot verify his identity.”

“Really?” The man with gold wire glasses immediately looked at Wayne Lin, saw Wayne Lin, and felt a little familiar, and asked in doubt, “You are?”

Wayne Lin immediately recognized him when he saw him, and said with a smile, “Squad leader, you forgot about me so quickly. I am Wayne Lin. We used to be in the same team.”

When the man with gold silk glasses was reminded like this, he immediately reacted, patted his head, and said, “I remember, Wayne Lin, it’s you! You…”

Wayne Lin saw that the other party stretched out his hand and wanted to shake hands with him. He also stretched out his hand. But immediately, when the other party saw his outfit, he immediately retracted his hand, and the enthusiasm on his face became much colder. Where did you go, why haven’t you attended the class meeting?”

Who is Wayne Lin? He saw a flash of contempt in the other person’s eyes at a glance. Obviously, seeing him wearing so shabby clothes, he thought he was too shabby.

To be honest, Wayne Lin was quite disappointed. When he was studying, Dai Xinghuai, the monitor, was pretty good. He didn’t expect that after graduation, he would become so cheap. The value of a person is measured by money.

“I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed in Huarvell.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.


p; “Oh, yes, you haven’t seen me for so long. You are much taller. I remember you used to be a short man, only to my chest, hahaha.” Dai Xinghuai teased Wayne Lin with a joking expression on his face. He thinks that people have a very accurate vision, and now he can tell at a glance that Wayne Lin must have been in a bad mood over the years, or even down, that’s why he would be so shabby even to attend the class reunion.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He came to attend the class reunion this time with expectation and joy. Originally, he wanted to relive the past. He also prepared to support some students who are in difficulties. It was unhappy just to meet the former monitor.

When he was in junior high school, Wayne Lin was indeed not tall. He was relatively small among his peers, but he would definitely not be so short. Then Dai Xinghuai would be only half a head taller than him.

“Really, I also remember that the monitor once caught a gecko in your bag because of a prank by Deng Kai, and scared you to pee on your pants.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, and went back ironically. Dai Xinghuai is very courageous. He is often scared to pee his pants by bad boys like Deng Kai. He is the laughing stock of the class.

Dai Xinghuai was still smiling happily, but when he heard Wayne Lin’s words, his smile froze immediately, especially when he heard several welcoming ladies secretly laughing, his face was extremely embarrassed, and the corners of his mouth were cruel. Twitched twice!

He glared at Wayne Lin fiercely, and said with a bit of irritation: “Hey, Wayne Lin, don’t talk nonsense. I have always been very courageous. When have I been scared to pee on my pants!”

As everyone knows, the way he is now, the words of Wayne Lin are even more conscientious, “Nonsense? No, you are the most courageous person in the class, and many students know. By the way, so many years have passed, yours You should be bolder, right?”

Dai Xinghuai was very angry. He saw Wayne Lin even more displeased. Originally, he thought that Wayne Lin must have been a bad mess over the years, but now he is already a successful person, dare to tease him like this. The following is committed!

However, this situation is not easy for him, after all, there are still many classmates in it.

He rolled his eyes around, thought of the way to get revenge, laughed, pretending to be relaxed: “No kidding, I think many classmates have already arrived, let’s go first, I guess you will give a lot of money to attend this time. Classmates are pleasantly surprised!”

Then he greeted Miss Yingbin, and Wayne Lin was qualified to go in. This kind of privilege gave Dai Xinghuai a special sense of accomplishment, and his waist was even straighter!

Wayne Lin shook his head, feeling that Dai Xinghuai was too naive. After so many years, he still hasn’t changed his seductive character.

When he walked into the banquet hall, he found that many classmates had already arrived, which seemed very lively. At a glance, Wayne Lin saw many familiar faces, and a familiar feeling came to his heart.

The green years of the previous junior high school days came back all at once.

Over the past ten years, these old classmates have grown up, and their bodies have changed more or less. Some students have gained weight, some have lost weight, and some have become more handsome and beautiful.

After Dai Xinghuai walked in, his eyes rolled, he clapped his palms, and said loudly, “Hi, classmates, see who I brought me.”

His words made everyone in the hall look over.

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