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Chapter 317

Wayne Lin became interested and said, “Oh? Who is this big man, let’s listen.”

Now he can be regarded as a person in Hwadrid City. The assets of the name and face have already reached tens of billions. Both black and white must give him face. If he can meet him obediently in one sentence, he must be respectful. many.

Of course, Wayne Lin is not arrogant to his own identity. He is a very detached existence in China. On the contrary, there are many big people above him. As the saying goes, there are people outside the world, there are outsiders, and he still has this point.

Chou Ye nodded and said, “This person is called Ouyang Feng, the chairman of Shengyang Group and the former chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in G Province. He has a lot of weight and energy in the circle. Many people want to give him face, even The North Sky Club dare not offend him easily.”

After Wayne Lin heard it, he was a little surprised. Shengyang Group is not a small company, but a behemoth that has been standing for 20 years, with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, and it is not an Internet company like Penguin and Barry. It would be a little fictitious. Shengyang Group is a real company, covering a wide range of fields. In recent years, it has to enter the communications sector and its ambitions are extremely huge.

When Wayne Lin was young, he heard about the name of Shengyang Group. At that time, Lin’s family and Shengyang Group had deep cooperation.

Speaking of which, the chairman of Shengyang Group is Wayne Lin’s grandfather.

In my impression, Wayne Lin was hugged by this old grandfather when he was very young. Now that so many years have passed, I wonder if Ouyang Feng remembers him?

“Okay, I’m going.” Wayne Lin made a decision quickly and nodded.

Ugly Lord breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid that Wayne Lin would become proud and would not give this big man face.

That night, Wayne Lin went to Ouyang Feng’s house with the ugly man. It is a luxurious manor with an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters. Wayne Lin’s large villa in Yulong Bay is a small manor compared with Ouyang Feng’s manor. That’s it.

“This Ouyang Feng is really high-profile enough to live in a manor in China.” Wayne Lin said with some emotion.

Chou Ye said: “Ouyang Feng has this high-profile capital. He has driven a lot of gdp for Province G. As long as he is there, Shengyang Group will survive for a long time, and even such a behemoth as the North Sky Club dare not provoke it.”

How clever Wayne Lin is, he immediately heard the overtones of the ugly master, “Ouyang Feng is coming?”

The ugly master nodded and said: “There is a rumor outside, saying that Ouyang Feng is old, his body is getting weaker, his vitality is fading, and he may not be able to live long before he will drive west. Now he has begun to distribute property.”

Wayne Lin thought for a while, and realized that this statement was not very tenable. Since Ouyang Feng was about to die, how could he still have the energy to intervene in the affairs of him and the Beitian Meeting? Isn’t this just looking for trouble? You know, the peacemaker is not so easy to do. If one is not careful, it is easy to offend both sides, and it is purely thankless.

“I don’t think it is that simple. Since Ouyang Feng is to be a peacemaker, it means that he is far from reaching the end.” Wayne Lin said his thoughts.

Chou Ye said: “It is possible, anyway, as long as you see Ouyang Feng himself, you will know what the situation is.”

During the conversation between the two of them, the car drove into the large manor, and someone stood there, waiting for their arrival.

After getting off the car, several people came over immediately. The head was a middle-aged man with a blessed figure and a straightforward and friendly face. In terms of face, he was a loyal and honest type. Wayne Lin was born with such a person. Good impression.

“This is Randal. It is really young and promising. Fortunate to meet you!” The middle-aged man walked over and took the initiative to shake hands with Wayne Lin, with a very warm attitude, which made Wayne Lin a little flattered and said quickly: “Mr. Ouyang ,Hello.”


nbThis middle-aged man, Wayne Lin, has never seen him, but he also knows who the other party is. He is Ouyang Feng’s second son, named Ouyang Xuehai, who is also a figure in the business world.

Behind Ouyang Xuehai, he should also belong to Ouyang’s family, and also showed a friendly smile to Wayne Lin, appearing very enthusiastic. To be honest, this made Wayne Lin a bit confused by the second monk. According to reason, with the power of the Ouyang family, there is no need to be so enthusiastic about him.

Especially with the eyes of a noble lady who kept looking at him, how could her eyes feel like she was looking at her son-in-law, which was uncomfortable.

Could it be that Ouyang Feng specially called him over to marry him?

Soon Wayne Lin threw this idea out. It is no secret that he is the son-in-law of the Chu family in Huarvell. It is impossible not to know it with the information of Ouyang family, so how could he have this idea? .

In any case, the one who has come will be safe, and when I see Ouyang Feng, I naturally know what is going on.

This manor of Ouyang’s family was obviously specially designed by an expert, and the layout was particularly good. After walking in, I felt relaxed and comfortable, and my mind became active unconsciously.

After Wayne Lin reached the innate realm, he was particularly sensitive to the spiritual aura of heaven and earth. He immediately felt that the spiritual aura in this manor was stronger than that outside. Every tree planted was connected, especially ingenious. Especially in the water pool next to it, there is a group of arowana fish, one of which is the king arowana. When Wayne Lin comes in, he will pop up and look at Wayne Lin for a few times. When Wayne Lin looks over, he also I don’t feel scared, it seems that I already have a sense of wisdom.

Wayne Lin said with a smile: “Mr. Ouyang, your manor is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The layout is clever. It occupies the dragon veins of the entire hill, especially the pool next to it, which is the finishing touch. I don’t know who designed it? “

Ouyang Xuehai flashed some surprises in his eyes and said, “Randal still knows feng shui. It’s rare. Randal Lin said it is good. Our Ouyang family manor was designed by the famous Feng Shui master Chen Daoqing.”

It turned out to be Chen Daoqing. No wonder it can be designed into such a good manor.

Wayne Lin has also heard of Chen Daoqing’s reputation, and he is considered a big man in the feng shui world. He has designed feng shui for many dignitaries, and his reputation is particularly strong.

“Randal is really young and promising. As far as I know, Randal was born in 1992. He is only 28 years old this year?” Ouyang Xuehai said with emotion, “At only 28 years old, he has such an achievement, erudite and talented. Not only do several companies thrive, but they also understand Feng Shui metaphysics. It is no exaggeration to say, Randal Lin, you are the most talented person I have ever met Ouyang Xuehai.”

Ouyang Xuehai’s evaluation of Wayne Lin is not low, and the eyes of the fellow Ouyang family members looking at Wayne Lin are even more different, especially the middle-aged lady who looks at Wayne Lin more and more satisfied.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “Mr. Ouyang is too acclaimed. I’m just playing a little bit and know a little about the fur. Compared with Mr. Ouyang, it’s still far behind.”

Ouyang Xuehai smiled, and suddenly said, “Randal, I am a few years older than you, and we don’t want to be so happy when we see each other. If you don’t mind, just call me Uncle Ouyang, I’ll call you. Wayne, how are you?”

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, but naturally he wouldn’t refuse, and said politely, “Good Uncle Ouyang.”

“Haha.” Ouyang Xuehai laughed happily, pointing to the middle-aged lady next to her and said: “Wayne, this is your Aunt Guilan.”

Zhang Guilan showed a bright smile, walked out, and said enthusiastically: “Wayne, you are really a talent, so the more I look at it, the more satisfied auntie.”

Wayne Lin smiled awkwardly, his bad premonition grew stronger, and on the surface he enthusiastically called auntie.

Several other people from Ouyang’s family also came to greet Wayne Lin.

Chapter 318

This enthusiasm really makes Wayne Lin feel embarrassed and uneasy. This is the first time he has come to Ouyang’s house. It’s not for relatives or reasons. Ouyang Xuehai and others are so enthusiastic about him, which is really weird. The key is that he can feel that Ouyang Xuehai and others are not pretending, but sincerely passionate about him.

Wayne Lin has been accustomed to being hostile and ridiculed over the years, and being greeted warmly like this is the first time he is quite uncomfortable.

After finally entering the room, they converged a bit.

“Wayne, you sit here first, I’ll call my father over.” Ouyang Xuehai smiled and said hello.

Wayne Lin nodded and agreed.

Zhang Guilan and those people from Ouyang’s family were also temporarily unaccompanied, and came back soon.

Finding an opportunity to talk, Wayne Lin asked the ugly master in a low voice, “Joker, didn’t you say that Ouyang Feng wants to see me, is it to be a peacemaker? Now it depends on the situation, it’s not like this. What is it? Happening?”

The ugly master rolled his eyes and said, “Master, you have misunderstood it. I never said that Ouyang asked you to have dinner to be a peacemaker.”

Wayne Lin was taken aback, and recalled that the clown did not say that. It’s just normal people’s thinking that they will always guess in this regard. After all, he and Beitian will have grievances now. Ouyang Feng, when meeting him at this time, is not just a peacemaker.

Now Wayne Lin immediately realized that the clown was posing with him again! Ouyang’s appointment to see him must have another purpose.

Chou Ye deliberately didn’t look at him, which was obviously a manifestation of a guilty conscience, but Wayne Lin gritted his teeth with anger.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from the stairs, and along with the voice of speaking, Wayne Lin looked up and saw three people coming down the stairs, all in their 20s and 30s.

They also saw Wayne Lin sitting in the living room, and they all frowned slightly.

“Who are these two hillbillies and why did they come to our house?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before. Maybe it’s here to fix things.”

“Really, the inferior man who repaired things was also called home and stepped on the floor of our house.”

“Still sitting where I usually sit! How will I sit in the future? No, I have to drive these two hillbillies out.” said one of the young people, who looked white and had an unruly expression. Then came over quickly.

Wayne Lin had heard the voice of their conversation a long time ago and couldn’t help but frowned. The three young people knew at a glance that they were unemployed, idle, and unreliable second-generation ancestors. They were raised from a young age by relying on their family background. A very bad personality, self-centered, he will die when he sees anything unpleasant, he has no education, and never cares about the feelings of others.

Wayne Lin particularly hates dealing with such people. Fortunately, he thought he came to Ouyang’s house this time. Just now, when Ouyang Xuehai was so enthusiastic, he wouldn’t encounter this kind of thing. In the end, he did.

However, this is his normal way of opening.

“Hey, you two hillbillies, who let you in, get out of me!” The young man came over and cursed unceremoniously, with a particularly bad attitude.

Wayne Lin is also a person with a face and a face. When someone pointed at his nose like this, he couldn’t help but become gloomy. “First of all, we are not a hillbilly. Old man Ouyang Feng invited us over. Second, you’d better speak Let me respect it.”

The young man immediately sneered and said, “Why did my grandfather invite you to come here? You are a lie? Do you know who my grandfather is? Do you dare to touch my grandfather? I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, hurry away from my house. , Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Having said that, the young man rolled up his sleeves and stared at Wayne Lin sternly, showing signs of teaching Wayne Lin if he didn’t agree with him.

Wayne Lin is also angry

Here, if it weren’t for Ouyang Feng’s sake, he wouldn’t bother to come over. Anyway, he was also a character, and he was scolded by a second generation ancestor. No matter how good he was, he couldn’t stand it.

Now he can’t figure out the meaning of Ouyang’s family. He specially invited him over through the channel of the clown. Just now, Ouyang Xuehai and his wife were so enthusiastic to him, but in a blink of an eye, three second generation ancestors appeared again and spoke harshly to him. Get off the horse? Or what test?

In any case, in Wayne Lin’s current identity, it was already offended to be scolded by a younger generation like this. If Ouyang’s family does not give him an explanation, it will not work.

Wayne Lin stared at him and said coldly: “For the sake of your grandpa Ouyang Feng, I will give you a meeting and apologize to me. I don’t care about you offending me.”

The second generation ancestor seemed to have heard a very funny joke, and laughed loudly. The other two second generation ancestors also laughed. In the eyes of Wayne Lin, they were looking at a mentally handicapped person.

Wayne Lin’s eyes grew colder.

“Hahaha, I really laughed at me. Even a low-level person like you dare to make me apologize to you? Are you afraid that you didn’t wake up! Okay, I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you, I count to three, don’t you Get out, don’t blame the young master for being rude to you.” Ouyang Junming said with a grinning smile. He recently learned karate and his strength has greatly increased. Several strong men combined are not his opponents. He has absolute confidence in himself. It’s not a matter of minutes to start this hillbilly.

He especially likes the feeling of beating people, and when his fists hit others, the feeling is really super cool!

He counted to three, Wayne Lin was still indifferent, ignoring his authority, he became annoyed, and he cursed a toast without eating and fine wine, and started to shoot at Wayne Lin, and a hand knife slashed at Wayne Lin’s neck. Go down. At the same time, there was a cruel grin at the corner of his mouth. This hand knife used all his strength, and once it was hit, the opponent would definitely fall.

Even if the other party can react, he is not afraid to use his arms to fight him. His arms are very hard, just like this hillbilly, he will suffer to death.

However, is this really the case?

Wayne Lin also showed a sneer. He didn’t resist at all, letting Ouyang Junming’s hand knife slash on his neck, and suddenly a scream came out.

Of course it could not have been sent by Wayne Lin. With the strength of his innate realm, his physique was already extremely strong. Even if Ouyang Junming really used a knife to slash him, he couldn’t really cut it in. Wayne Lin could use his strength in an instant, concentrated in one place, hard as iron.

Wayne Lin didn’t dodge just now. He just hardened the muscles around his neck with great effort. The muscle density reached the maximum in an instant. Ouyang Junming cut it down like a steel plate, and the pain made his tears flow out. .

The other two second generation ancestors were all dumbfounded. What’s the situation? Ouyang Junming’s hand knife was slashed on each other’s neck. How come the person who screamed was Ouyang Junming.

Wayne Lin didn’t choose to take action. After all, he was still in Ouyang Feng’s home. As long as Ouyang Junming was punished, it was enough. Otherwise, once he shot, he would become a fight.

“Oh, it hurts me…what are you guys trying to do? Give me!” Ouyang Junming was full of pain, holding his right hand, so painful that he was trembling. By this time, he didn’t even realize that he was causing trouble. What a disaster.

The other two second generation ancestors also started copying guys, preparing to attack Wayne Lin. One guy also ran to the kitchen and took a kitchen knife. I have to say that they are really lawless enough, even the knife is taken out, really not afraid of killing people!

At this moment, a violent voice came from the building: “Ouyang Junkai, Ouyang Junlong, what are you doing, stop me!!!”

It was Ouyang Xuehai. He was following an old man now, pointing at the three of Ouyang Junming furiously and cursing.

Wayne Lin looked up and saw this old man, no one. It was Ouyang Feng, the owner of the Ouyang family, the chairman of Shengyang Group, and a legend in the province of G.

Chapter 319

Ouyang Feng has lived eighty-five years old this year, but from him, he can’t see that he is half old, he is particularly full of energy, especially his eyes are piercing, he is full of vitality when he looks at him, and he can live for at least ten years.

While Wayne Lin was looking at Ouyang Feng, Ouyang Feng’s gaze was also on him, full of smiles and appreciation.

When Ouyang Junkai and Ouyang Junlong saw Ouyang Feng appear, they couldn’t help but shudder, showing a look of horror.

Ouyang Junming immediately showed aggrieved appearance and shouted loudly: “Grandpa, you are here just right! These two hillbillies, I don’t know which of the short-eyed servants put them in. I patiently asked them what they were here for. They ignored me, I had to invite them out, and they started to beat me. Grandpa, look, my hands are swollen and it hurts. Grandpa, you want to be my master!”

Ouyang Junming perfectly explained this point of what is meant by the wicked first to file a complaint, and what is meant by beating a rake. Moreover, how innocent and innocent he is now, how pitiful and pitiful he is, where is there half of the arrogant and arrogant appearance just now?

Wayne Lin couldn’t help but admire him when he saw his acting skills. He was really capable of acting.

After listening to this, a woman immediately showed a distressed expression, ran over at a faster speed, and grabbed Ouyang Junming’s hand, “Oh my dear son, why is your hand beaten like this? It hurts to see my mother. Yeah!”

Ouyang Junming’s eyes flashed some pride and cunning, and he still looked innocent and wronged on the surface. His eyes were red. People who didn’t know really thought that Wayne Lin had bullied him.

“Mom, I’m fine, it’s just that my hand is about to be broken.” Ouyang Junming said aggrievedly, with a bit of suffocation in his tone.

After his mother heard it, she became even more angry, pointing at Wayne Lin and cursing loudly: “You damn country boy, so courageous, you dare to bully my son! I think you are hanging by the birthday star and you can’t live. I’m impatient! Come, take down this hillbilly for me and scrap his two legs!”

Immediately, a few burly bodyguards came over and wanted to take action on Wayne Lin.

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face was unchanged, very cold, standing there without moving, he wanted to see what Ouyang Feng would do.


Ouyang became angry and cursed loudly.

Ouyang Junming became even more proud, and the bodyguards also walked up to Wayne Lin, ready to take action to capture Wayne Lin.

“Ouyang Junming, you are so courageous! Dare to be rude to my distinguished guest, come! Get me the three of Ouyang Junming!” Ouyang Feng cursed coldly.

At this moment, Ouyang Junming was dumbfounded, and Ouyang Junkai and Ouyang Junlong were also dumbfounded. They heard it right, the grandfather actually said that this hillbilly was his distinguished guest, so he wanted to take them down? This……

Not only them, but those bodyguards were also stunned, not knowing what to do for a while.

Ouyang Feng had already walked over at this time. He was eighty-five years old. He walked very steadily and walked like a dragon. Now his face was full of anger and great momentum. Now the three of Ouyang Junming were so scared that their faces were pale and shivering. .

“Grandpa, I was wrong…” Ouyang Junming finally realized how much trouble he had caused, and his legs began to weaken.

Ouyang Feng ignored him and said coldly to the bodyguard: “Why, you don’t even listen to me?!”

“Dare not dare!”

Several bodyguards were scared, so they hurried over to capture the three of Ouyang Junming


Now Ouyang Junming was completely panicked, and hurriedly begged for mercy, “Grandpa, grandpa! I was wrong, grandpa! It was my mistake, and I didn’t see that he was your distinguished guest, but I didn’t offend him much. Both of your hands…”


Before he could finish his words, Ouyang Feng slapped him on the face with a slap in the face, very hard, without mercy, swelling half of his face and bleeding from his mouth.

Ouyang Junming his mother saw that her son was beaten, she was heartbroken, but she did not dare to say a word of dissatisfaction. In this family, Ouyang Feng has absolute authority, and no one in Ouyang’s family dares to disobey. he.

“Things that are not useful! I don’t learn or know how to do it all day long. I only know how to be a fortune outside. The face of my Ouyang family has been lost by you!” Ouyang Feng cursed angrily, with a loud voice, full of breath, and big In the villa, his voice echoed, making all the Ouyang family shiver, and for Ouyang Junming, it was even more frightened.

Then Ouyang Junkai and Ouyang Junlong didn’t wait for Ouyang Feng to take action, so they obediently knelt down and admitted their mistakes. Don’t think they were so rebellious just now, they still didn’t dare to be demon in front of Ouyang’s cover.

Ouyang Feng ignored them, but turned around and said apologetically to Wayne Lin: “Randal, I’m really sorry, the old man, these three ineffective grandsons have offended you, so please ask Randal Lin to be angry.”

Wayne Lin stood up immediately and said with a smile: “Old Mr. Ouyang is polite. It is normal for young people to be young and vigorous, so how can I be angry.”

Ouyang Feng looked at Wayne Lin, his eyes flashed with appreciation and emotion, and said, “Randal, the old man taught Sun Wufang and offended Randal Lin. The three ineffective grandsons of the old man will be dealt with by Randal Lin, Randal Lin thought Do whatever you want.”

When the three of Ouyang Junming heard this, they were even more terrified. They regretted it to the extreme. They never thought that Grandpa would be so cruel. If they fell into Wayne Lin’s hands, they wouldn’t be dead. .

Wayne Lin didn’t know that Ouyang Feng was doing this to give him face, and if he really didn’t know how to advance and retreat, he would offend Ouyang Feng.

He couldn’t do such a stupid thing.

“Old Mr. Ouyang made a serious statement. In fact, Sun did not go too far. Besides, now that he has been disciplined as he deserves, I think this matter is almost all right.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Ouyang Feng sighed and said, “Randal, I think you are about the same age as my three ineffective grandchildren. You are much better than them in ability and thinking. If I had a grandson like you, I would laugh in my dreams. If you wake up, you can safely hand over your power.”

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard this. I was dizzy. What do you mean by this? Isn’t you old man misleading!

Sure enough, after all Ouyang’s family members present, their faces became more exciting. They all know that people like Ouyang Feng, what they say are purposeful and worthy of scrutiny.

As for Ouyang Junming and the three of them, their expressions were even more ugly, and they were extremely annoying and jealous of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled faintly and didn’t respond. He didn’t know what Ouyang Feng was making now, so he couldn’t talk casually.

Seeing that Wayne Lin did not speak, Ouyang Feng said directly to the three of Ouyang Junming, “The three of you don’t hurry up and thank Master Randal Lin for not considering the villain, and not having the same knowledge as you, otherwise the old man will interrupt the legs of the three of you!”

Even though the three of Ouyang Junming were unwilling to do so, they did not dare to disobey Ouyang Feng’s will, and quickly came over to apologize to Wayne Lin.

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