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Chapter 641

The man reacted fiercely, his whole body was shaken, and the soles of his feet slipped and fell into the water.

His behavior shocked everyone else.

Immediately afterwards, other people reacted to what they said, and their bodies were shocked, revealing expressions of horror and horror.

One of them even bit his tongue directly and screamed, particularly embarrassed.

The appearance of them also frightened the young girls present, and found it very unbelievable.

You know, these people present are all big people who are either rich or noble. Everyone is powerful and stomping at random can make Hwadrid shake. But now, they are messed up into a pot of porridge, and there is still incomparable fear on their faces. The scariest thing in the world!

“Old Hu! What did you just say? You made it clear to me!”

“Yeah, old Hu, don’t scare us, Wayne Lin is so dead that he can’t die anymore, how could he be back!”

“Old Hu, this can’t be a joke!”

Each of these big guys didn’t have the mood to enjoy them, and they said very seriously, and when they mentioned Wayne Lin, there was still fear in their eyes.

The three words Wayne Lin are too heavy. Even if half a month has passed, they would still feel scared instinctively when they mentioned it.

Lao Hu stood up from the hot spring, his face was much paler, and his pupils couldn’t hide the panic and fear, “Really, Wayne Lin is not dead, he is back, now we are going to die!”

Hearing this, the other big guys were stunned, their scalp was numb, and they swallowed heavily!

After a while, someone said, “Lao Hu, are you sure about this news? Wayne Lin, but he has been confirmed by an Innate Realm expert, that he is completely broken.”

Old Hu nodded hard, his face full of bitterness and regret, “Really, it is true. Wayne Lin has not hidden his whereabouts. Many people have seen him. Moreover, his return this time seems to be more than before. The earth is strong!”

“Hiss…” The others started to gasp. At this moment, all of them lost the mood to enjoy them. They were all panicked. They picked up their mobile phones to verify the authenticity of the news.

After a while, when they verified the news through their own channels, they only felt cold and panic to the extreme.

This news is devastating for them. In the past half month, they have all united and cannibalized Wayne Lin’s industry. Within half a month, they have eroded Wayne Lin’s industry. Now Wayne Lin I’m back, knowing this news, I will definitely not let them go! How can we keep them from panic?

They are already Liushen Wuzhu. Someone said tentatively: “Or, let’s go to Randal Lin to apologize. I believe that with Randal Lin’s tolerance, we will not be as knowledgeable as we are.”

“You are dreaming! We not only cannibalized Wayne Lin’s property, but also tortured everyone around Wayne Lin. It is already a deep hatred. Do you think Wayne Lin’s character will let us go!”

“Old Chen is right. There is no turning back when he opens the bow. Wayne Lin is back now, and he will never let us off easily. Even if he goes to Wayne Lin to apologize, he is just throwing himself into the net!”

“Then what do we do, should we just sit and wait for death! This damn Wayne Lin, how can he be so hard on his life? This way, he won’t die, there is no reason for him!”

“We don’t have to worry, we can definitely get over the difficulties. This time, it is not just us, but also other bigwigs who are eroding Wayne Lin’s industry. I believe that if we pick up the team, even if Wayne Lin is great, we can’t do anything to us. of!”

“Yes, right, now Lin

All Wayne’s property belongs to us. No matter how fierce he is, he is also a paper tiger. What else can he do to us? “

They discussed briefly and left in a hurry.

Many young girls in the hot springs were left with big eyes and small eyes. They remembered the three words Wayne Lin, wondering who it was that could make so many big guys so gloomy?

In addition, in various places, there were also shocked sounds one after another. They heard the news of Wayne Lin’s return one after another, and they were extremely shocked.

It can be said that the entire upper class of Hwadrid City suffered a major earthquake that night.

All of a sudden, many people suffered from insomnia that night.

As the person involved, Wayne Lin was still in front of Alma Chu’s bed, guarding Alma Chu. As long as he looked at Alma Chu, he was extremely satisfied.

One night passed, Alma Chu slowly woke up, opened her eyes, and heard a gentle voice, “Alma, you are awake.”

It was a familiar face, before her eyes, “Wayne, is it really you?”

Wayne Lin held her tenderness and said softly: “Fool, it’s me naturally. I promised you that I will come back. Have you forgotten it?”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s smile, Alma Chu immediately fell into it.

And Wayne Lin also completely relaxed, the original Alma Chu really returned, and all his efforts were not in vain.

And now Alma Chu’s body is very healthy, and her cultivation level is stable in the Innate Realm. Then, as long as Wayne Lin teaches Alma Chu martial arts, then Alma Chu can also become a true Inborn Realm master with the ability to protect herself.

Only in this way can Wayne Lin feel more at ease.

After staying with Alma Chu for a long time, Alma Chu took the initiative to say: “Wayne, go ahead, this time you are back, there are many things to deal with, I will take care of myself.”

Berry Chu and Candice Liu also persuaded Wayne Lin to deal with things and do what men should do.

Wayne Lin was not hypocritical either. He nodded and said, “Okay, when I finish dealing with things, I will come back to accompany you well.”

Alma Chu smiled sweetly, helped Wayne Lin tidy up the clothes, and personally sent Wayne Lin out, as if she had become a virtuous wife.

“Go to Michelle Media.”

“Yes, Randal Lin!”

Not long after, when I went to Ziqiong Media, Wayne Lin found that Ziqiong Media’s brand had changed and became Ziyu Media.

In other words, Ziqiong Media is no longer Wayne Lin’s, and has been swallowed by other people using commercial means.

For Ziqiong Media, Wayne Lin is very affectionate. It was originally an industry of the Lin family, but it was later acquired by him, and it was carried forward in his hands. The market value once reached 20 billion… He now wants to see who is so big. Dare to move his things!

“Stop! This is Ziyu Media. The idlers are not allowed to enter!” Wayne Lin was about to walk in, but was immediately stopped by the security guard at the door. They looked like superiors and saw that Wayne Lin didn’t look like a rich man. , Speaking very rudely.

Wayne Lin was too lazy to be familiar with such ants. He rushed in. The two security guards were immediately annoyed and cursed: “I don’t want to see where this is, but I dare to make trouble here. I think you are alive. Impatient!!”

With that, the two security guards took out the electric batons to stun Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t even look at it, and kicked it out with both feet. The two security guards were kicked out like balls, and hit the front desk hard, making a huge movement that scared everyone in the lobby on the first floor. .

Chapter 642

There was a full silence for three seconds before someone reacted, and the scene suddenly became chaotic.

After Wayne Lin came in, he glanced around and found that many of them were familiar faces, who were staff members of Ziqiong Media before. Besides, about half of them were strange faces.

When these familiar faces saw him, they were stunned on the spot, and blurted out: “Randal?!”

This is the former front desk girl, who is quite pretty. She used to idolize Wayne Lin, but now she recognizes Wayne Lin and is very excited.

The other familiar old employees were equally excited now, looking at Wayne Lin as if they were looking at the savior. Since a while ago, Ziqiong Media experienced a sharp decline in market value. After being acquired by Kunlun Group, the benefits of their old employees have been reduced by one-third, and a bunch of newcomers have also been parachuted over and overwhelmed them. They couldn’t breathe, many times they wanted to quit their job! It is a pity that they dare not. The hardship of life makes them have to grit their teeth.

Seeing Wayne Lin now, it seemed as if he had found the backbone of his heart, making them instantly energetic.

Wayne Lin nodded to her, then walked in strode, and said, “During this period, you have worked hard.”

Wayne Lin’s words made them flattered, and quickly waved his hands and said, “No hard work, no hard work, this is our job.”

“Yes, Randal Lin, you are back, it’s really great! Old employees like us are always looking forward to your return!”

“Randal, people outside say that you have had an accident, so Ziqiong Media was acquired by Kunlun Group. Is that such a thing?”

They all looked at Wayne Lin with expectation and anxiety.

Wayne Lin said: “I have come back now, and Ziqiong Media will return to the way it was before.”

“That’s really great!”

“Long live Randal Lin!”

“Long live Randal Lin!!”

These old employees were very excited and cheered.

Soon, a middle-aged woman with glasses and a mean face came out of the elevator. Seeing the situation at the scene, her face became gloomy, and she cursed unceremoniously: “Hey! What are you doing? Whoops, don’t have to go to work! Do you want me to deduct your wages!”

The typical triangular face of this middle-aged woman knew at first glance that it was not a good crop. When she stepped out, the old employees shrank their necks subconsciously and did not dare to speak any more. Obviously, she was very afraid of this middle-aged woman.

The new employees cheered up and walked quickly to complain, “Manager Zhai, you came right in time! This person broke in rudely just now and injured the security guard. It is very damning!”

“Yes, Manager Zhai, what is even more hateful is that the old employees, Chen Xiao and Bai Ying, were embarrassed with this guy, and they called this guy Randal Lin, I think, they should be deducted all their wages!”

When Manager Zhai heard these complaints and saw the situation at the scene, he was furious and pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “Where are you from the little brawler, dare to run to my Ziyu Media to go wild? I don’t think you know how to write dead words! I limit you to compensate us for our losses immediately, otherwise you just wait to sit in prison!”

This middle-aged woman is particularly arrogant, akimbo, shrew cursing the street.

Wayne Lin was too lazy to wrestle with such a b*tch. He stared directly at the middle-aged woman with a majestic aura, and immediately scared her into speechlessness, like a duck caught in the neck. It stopped abruptly, very funny.

“Who gave you the courage to use nasty means to devour Wayne Lin’s property!” Wayne Lin went to the ground like a thunder, and his words were thunderous. It was shocking, and his soul would tremble, and Manager Zhai I was so scared that I fell directly to the ground, his face was pale and shivering, “You, you, you, you are Wayne Lin? Impossible, they all said you are dead, how could you be alive!”

It seems that everyone thought he was dead, so he swallowed his assets so unscrupulously.

Wayne Lin was condescending, looking down at her like a god, “Give you two minutes, let the highest person in charge here, get out and see me

! “

Manager Zhai had never seen a person with such a terrifying aura. She had no idea of ​​resisting at all. She was so frightened that she was so scared that she had to do it without hesitation even if Wayne Lin called her to eat shit.

“Yes, yes…” She nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, then went up in a panic, and personally called the highest person in charge here.

Wayne Lin was extremely annoyed. Although Ziqiong Media was not worth a lot of money, it was a company he built with his own hands. He had special feelings. Now he has only disappeared for half a month, and he has been robbed by the villain, even if he has a temper. No matter how good it is, you can’t help but get angry.

Suddenly thinking of something, Wayne Lin asked, “Do you know where President Wang is?”

When these words were spoken, they all fell silent immediately, and even lowered their heads.

Wayne Lin knew that something was wrong when he saw this situation, he sighed in his heart, and said, “What happened to Mr. Wang? Chen Xiao, you said.”

Chen Xiao was named by Wayne Lin, so he dared not hide it, and hurriedly said: “Back to Randal Lin, in fact, Mr. Wang is also in the company.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin was not too surprised. After all, Damon Wang is a very experienced boss in the industry. The Kunlun Group wants to run Ziqiong Media well, and it is normal to keep Damon Wang.

It’s just that he has a bad premonition. Could it be that Damon Wang has betrayed him and surrendered to the Kunlun Group?

If this is the case, Wayne Lin would not blame Damon Wang too much. After all, people died for money and birds died for food. Damon Wang only followed him for two years. Knowing that he was dead, it was reasonable to choose to submit.

“Take me to see him.” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice.

Chen Xiao’s expressions were a little weird, they wanted to say something, but in the end they didn’t say anything, and obediently led Wayne Lin upstairs.

Gradually, Wayne Lin realized something was wrong, and Chen Xiao did not take him to the office, but walked towards the bathroom.

“Randal, here, Mr. Wang, his old man, is inside.”

Chen Xiao stopped and pointed to the bathroom with an awkward expression.

Wayne Lin’s breathing was a little unnatural. He felt that Damon Wang was in the bathroom…

He clenched his fists, then strode in, and immediately saw a familiar and unfamiliar figure.

It is Damon Wang.

Damon Wang was originally a fat man, but he has lost a lot of weight now, and he is now squatting in the corner, all dirty, holding his head, and being beaten by several men.

“Fatty Wang! You don’t want to toast or drink fine wine. Our chairman thinks about you so that you can be a manager. You shamelessly shame you and would rather clean the toilet? Today, a few buddies will give you shit!”

“Fatty man, I gave you a face, right? I asked you one last time whether you would do something for the Kunlun Group. If you dare to say one more thing, I will kill you today!”

Damon Wang’s body was bruised and bruised, his nose and face were swollen, but he still did not give in, panting, and said loudly, “I want to give in, next life! Hahahaha…”

“I don’t know what it is, go eat shit!”

Damon Wang’s resistance made these people furious. They grabbed Damon Wang’s head and pressed them into the pit to force Damon Wang to eat shit.

Seeing this scene, Wayne Lin only felt a sudden burst of anger in his heart! In any case, Damon Wang is also a man with a face and a face, especially a business acumen. He has made great contributions to the rise of Ziqiong Media, and he has actually fallen to this point!

“You are looking for death!!”

Wayne Lin almost popped these words from his teeth, and then rushed over, hitting the man on the ground with two punches.

Such a dramatic change made Damon Wang’s whole person stunned. Originally, he was desperate with tears in his eyes, but when he looked up and saw Wayne Lin’s familiar face, he was shocked and unbelievable.

“Lin Linlin, Randal Lin?!” Damon Wang shrieked.

Chapter 643

After Damon Wang finished shouting this sentence, he suddenly shook his head, not believing it was true, and muttered to himself: “An illusion, it must be an illusion. Randal Lin is dead, Randal Lin is dead…”

Wayne Lin felt even more uncomfortable when he heard his words, and at the same time became more angry!

“Old Wang, it’s me. I’m not dead. I’m back.” Wayne Lin walked over and pulled Damon Wang up.

Damon Wang finally realized that Wayne Lin in front of him was real, not his hallucinations. He opened his eyes wide, and then became extremely excited, “Hahaha! Randal Lin! It’s really you who came back, great! , This is really great! I know that Randal Linji people have their own natural looks, and there will be nothing wrong with them, hahaha! They are all villains, shameless villains! There is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is the king! While Randal Lin is away , They used dirty means to annex Randal Lin’s property under yours, and they forced me to give in to them, I yuck! These little guys, even if I die, I won’t bow to them!”

Damon Wang laughed loudly and was extremely excited. Wayne Lin had known him for so long and had never seen him so crazy.

To be honest, Wayne Lin really didn’t expect that Damon Wang would be so loyal to him, and suffering such humiliation would not be far from betraying him.

At this moment, Wayne Lin was really moved by him, patted his shoulder heavily, and said very seriously: “Pharaoh! You have worked so hard during this period of time. Now I am back, leave the rest to me. take a good rest.”

Damon Wang shook his head and said: “No! Randal Lin, as long as you can trust your subordinates, your subordinates can also use the knife to fight for Randal Lin. Moreover, the subordinates also want to see Randal Lin kill all parties and put these small Killing farts!”

“Good!” Wayne Lin nodded vigorously and agreed.

At this moment, Manager Zhai went up to the chairman’s office in a panic, too late to say hello, and pushed the door directly in, “Chairman, it’s not good, something has happened!”

When she pushed the door, she immediately saw an indecent scene in the office, and saw that the chairman was lingering with the secretary, and the chairman was so frightened by the sudden change that he shivered twice, and suddenly withered. .

Then the chairman looked back and saw that it was Manager Zhai, and he was furious: “Zhai Qing! You are looking for death! Who approved you to break in!”

Zhai Qing didn’t expect that she would hit the chairman of the board, but she didn’t have time to apologize, and said quickly: “Chairman, something serious happened, Wayne Lin is back!”

The chairman is mad now. He was in a good mood and was in high spirits. Now that Zhai Qing is so scared, the whole person is getting worse. He was originally very angry, but immediately, he heard from Zhai Qing’s words. The three words’Wayne Lin’ suddenly shivered all over!

This time his face turned pale instantly, his eyes widened, “Who did you just say? Who is back?!”

Zhai Qing said: “It’s Wayne Lin, he’s back! Chairman, what should we do now?”

“Impossible!” The chairman immediately interrupted Zhai Qing excitedly, “You are farting! Wayne Lin is dead. How did he come back? Did you see his ghost!”

Ma Kainian is the younger brother of Kunlun Group Ma Kaiyu. This time the Kunlun Group learned of Wayne Lin’s fall, and immediately took action, eroding Wayne Lin’s industry, and quickly acquired Ziqiong Media at a super low price. And became a director of Ziqiong Media

Long, it can be described as high spirits.

If Wayne Lin is back now, not only is he in danger, but even the Kunlun Group is also in danger. You must know that Wayne Lin is not just a businessman, but the number one expert in province g!

Moreover, this time Wayne Lin fell, but was besieged by more than forty innate realms, plus one innate realm to pursue and kill! If Wayne Lin could survive this situation, what does this mean… Ma Kainian didn’t dare to think about it anymore, so he didn’t believe it at all, nor could he accept the fact that Wayne Lin had returned.

Zhai Qing was trained by Ma Kainian, and she was also a little confused. Could it be that the young man was a lie? Still said she heard it wrong.

“Chairman, but he claims to be Wayne Lin, and he is very arrogant…” Zhai Qing said quickly what had just happened, and finally she cautiously said: “Chairman, or let’s call the police, I think that guy is not Easy to deal with.”

When Zhai Qing said this, she was a little guilty, and she couldn’t help it. She was really frightened by Wayne Lin’s horrible look just now, and she had lingering fears.

Ma Kainian snorted disdainfully, and said, “What kind of police do you call! Humph, I want to see where the cripples come from, and dare to make trouble in front of my Ma Kainian!”

However, as soon as his voice fell, there was a voice outside the door, “Is that right? It seems that you Ma Kainian is very good, even I don’t pay attention to it.”

Hearing this, Ma Kainian snorted in his heart, inexplicably having a bad premonition. He hurriedly looked up and saw a young man with extraordinary temperament coming in. Behind the young man, dozens of people followed, except Apart from Damon Wang, they are all old employees of Ziqiong Media.

Now they are all in high spirits, and Wayne Lin’s return has really given them a shot!

Ma Kainian saw Wayne Lin’s appearance clearly. His pupils suddenly shrank, his expression scared, as if seeing the most terrifying thing in this world, he cried out in a gloomy tone, “Wayne Lin! Is it really you?! Isn’t that? Possibly, you are already dead!”

Yes, Ma Kainian has never seen Wayne Lin in person, but he is too familiar with Wayne Lin’s photos and videos. This is Wayne Lin!

But he couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin was obviously dead, how could he still be here.

When Damon Wang saw Ma Kainian, his eyes burst out with appalling hatred, and gritted his teeth and shouted: “Ma Kainian, you beast! Wait for death, Randal Lin has returned, and today is your end!”

Facing this situation, Ma Kai-nian turned pale, stepped backwards, and bumped into the chair behind him, his whole body revealed incomparable fear.

Wayne Lin said coldly: “Give you a chance to explain how you want to die.”

Wayne Lin was too lazy to bother with this kind of ant after the return of the king.

Ma Kainian felt Wayne Lin’s fierce murderous intent, and he looked even more unbearable. His whole body was trembling violently, and his teeth were fighting.

No way, he really heard too much about Wayne Lin’s reputation. This is a complete abnormality, a monster!

He hadn’t seen Wayne Lin with his own eyes before, and his fear of Wayne Lin was not so great. Now he saw it with his own eyes and realized how terrifying Wayne Lin was.

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