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Chapter 380

Connor leaned back on the chair playfully, with Erlang’s legs tilted up. It was as arrogant as it was.

Now they finally exposed the conspiracy, and invited Wayne Lin to dinner tonight, just for revenge.

Ning Yuning felt very angry, but because she still believed in Smith so much, she tried to invite Wayne Lin to come to the dinner, but she was used by Smith.

“Mr. Smith, how can you be like this? You obviously said you want to apologize to Randal Lin, but now you bring a boxer to embarrass Randal Lin!” Ning Yuning said angrily.

Smith didn’t feel guilty at all. On the contrary, when he saw Ning Yuning’s anger, he felt even more refreshed. He spread his hands and said, “I apologized to Mr. Lin. You all heard it. Now it’s my friend who wants to talk to him. Contest, is there any problem with this? Besides, he said just now that he thought that my friend was not his opponent but his opponent, but now he is scared himself. Can you blame me for this?”

Smith’s remarks made Ning Yuning not knowing how to refute it for a while. Just now Wayne Lin had indeed said that Connor was not his opponent. This was too impulsive.

She said to Wayne Lin: “Randal Lin, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that tonight’s dinner would become like this, I blame me…”

With that, Ning Yuning’s tears turned red.

Wayne Lin was shocked by her appearance, and she quickly said, “Hey, Miss Ning, so nice, why did you cry? I didn’t blame you either.”

Wayne Lin couldn’t understand Ning Yuning, so why did he cry suddenly, right?

Because he didn’t realize Ning Yuning’s guilt, he thought she had caused Wayne Lin, especially guilt.

Smith and others were even more embarrassed when they saw Ning Yuning still crying, and they laughed weirdly.

“Randal, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…” Ning Yuning gritted her teeth tightly, feeling embarrassed, and actually cried.

Wayne Lin sighed, took out two tissues, handed them to Ning Yuning, and said, “I said, why are you crying so well? You did a good thing tonight, not a bad thing. These foreigners are very arrogant. I believe you have not been less angry with them these days. But you can rest assured that after tonight, they will not dare to be arrogant anymore.”

Ning Yuning took Wayne Lin’s tissue, her heart was particularly warm, but she didn’t understand the meaning of Wayne Lin’s words.

Then Wayne Lin turned around and said to Smith: “In your opinion, if I defeat him, you will apologize?”

Smith confidently said: “Yes. If you can’t beat Connor, then you have to apologize to Connor, because you just said that Connor is not your opponent, which infringed Connor’s reputation.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin agreed and said, “You can pick a place, I’ll fight him.”

Smith and Connor looked at each other and saw the excitement and grinning in each other’s eyes. Very good, Wayne Lin has been fooled!

“There happens to be a fight club upstairs with an octagonal cage. I think it’s best to compete in it.” Smith said with a smile, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

Hearing the octagonal cage, Ning Yuning’s two bodyguards’ complexions immediately changed, and said in a low voice, “It’s best not to fight in the octagonal cage. If one is not good, it will kill you!”

After Ning Yuning listened to it, she was also worried. She hadn’t cared about these integrated wrestling matches.

How did the octagonal cage look like? Immediately she took out her mobile phone to search, and her face changed suddenly. The octagonal cage is a closed place, fighting irregularly, and it is bloodier than fighting in a ring. If it is not well controlled, it is very easy to kill!

She quickly said to Wayne Lin: “Randal, don’t promise him, it’s too dangerous!”

Wayne Lin naturally knows what an octagonal cage is. In fact, he has watched several UFC matches, and he recognizes this kind of mixed martial arts. Of course, it just recognizes the commercial value.

For a real master, an octagonal cage is meaningless, and it can be rushed out at will.

Take the life-and-death fight between him and Brian Gu as an example, the octagonal cage is a decoration, and there is no restriction on them at all, and they will be removed every minute.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin said with a smile. Ning Yuning just breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Wayne Lin say next: “Then go into the octagonal cage and fight.”

In an instant, Ning Yuning became nervous. Whatever the situation, Wayne Lin actually agreed! It’s over, it’s over!

The two bodyguards also looked at Wayne Lin in shock, as if looking at a dead person. They had also played in an octagonal cage before, knowing that once they were in an octagonal cage, they would be disabled if they didn’t die.

If it is a regular event, it is okay to have a referee, which can stop the players’ behavior in time. But this is a private engagement, there is probably no referee, even if there is a referee, there is no binding force.

If there are two evenly matched players, that’s fine, the key point is that Wayne Lin and Connor are too far apart!

Wayne Lin can only be considered a welterweight at best, but Connor, a proper heavyweight, which is several levels short, how to fight.

They all thought that Wayne Lin was too arrogant this time, and relied on his own bit of effort to fight with professional boxers. Isn’t this what it means to die?

On Smith’s side, when they heard that Wayne Lin had actually agreed, they were all very excited, and they couldn’t hide the rustle on their faces.

Especially Kang Na, his face was shining with green light, looking at Wayne Lin was like looking at a prey, he wanted to eat Wayne Lin at any time.

Don’t think he is a top boxer, but he still fights with rookies especially, so you can enjoy the pleasure of rookie begging for mercy!

Ning Yuning was in a hurry. She didn’t care about whether men and women were giving or receiving marriage. She hurriedly grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand and dissuaded her: “Randal! You must not agree. This white man is a professional boxer. With the octagonal cage, your life is in danger every minute!”

Yu Qing and several people also quickly dissuaded Wayne Lin and gave up the idea of ​​entering the octagonal cage with Connor. This was too dangerous.

Smith was also afraid of Wayne Lin’s play, and quickly said: “Mr. Lin, you have promised us just now, but you can’t go back! Otherwise, we will spread it out, you Chinese, admit that Chinese kung fu is not as good as our British Empire’s boxing!”

Connor also said: “Yes, your Chinese Kung Fu is just a joke, rubbish, it can only be taken care of in the movie. Kinky, what Huo Yuanjia, Huang Feihong, and Ip Man are all rubbish, even ordinary people in the British Empire. but.”

This is too much to say. Wayne Lin’s anger is even worse. The most unbearable thing is that foreigners are arrogant and insult Chinese martial arts!

Wayne Lin said lightly: “Who said I am going to regret it? Since you want to see the power of our Chinese Kungfu, then I don’t mind showing it to you.”

Chapter 381

When the man was angry, the blood splashed three feet; the emperor was angry, and the corpse was a million!

Wayne Lin is not the emperor, he can’t do a million corpses, but he can still make this white man named Connor splash three feet of blood.

These foreigners have already been bullied to their homes. If Wayne Lin is still indifferent and does not teach them profound lessons, then he would not be called a Chinese.

As a martial arts practitioner, if you encounter injustice, you must take action and support justice.

As a Chinese, when encountering a foreigner who insults the motherland, he must act to save the dignity of the motherland. This is the principle and the bottom line!

Not to mention that Wayne Lin has this strength, even if he does not have this strength, he must stand up at this time to safeguard the dignity of China.

At this moment, Wayne Lin realized something.

Originally at his level, he should slowly cut off the relationship with the world, be transcendent, practice wholeheartedly, constantly break through himself, treat practice as a scientific career, and continue to explore to achieve supremacy.

However, Wayne Lin discovered that it is not necessary to do this, because people living in this world cannot be absolutely transcendental. In this way, it is not a human being, but a machine, abandoning the seven passions and six desires and pursuing too much forgiveness. The way.

At least Wayne Lin is not suitable for this path.

Now the provocation of Smith and others made Wayne Lin realize something he had never thought of before, that is, national justice!

This is a bondage and also a help.

The meal did not go on. Wayne Lin followed Smith and others to the fight club upstairs. Sure enough, he saw a huge octagonal cage surrounded by black iron nets, which was very strong.

When they came up, there were many people in the fight club, and two of them were engaged in a comprehensive fight on it. The scene was particularly shocking and bloody. They punched each other’s face with one punch, and both sides were hungry.

There is still a lot of blood on the ground.

When Ning Yuning and Yu Qing saw this scene, they both felt terrified, their scalp numb, and they didn’t dare to watch it again. When they thought that Wayne Lin would go inside later and fight Connor, they were very worried. . Especially Ning Yuning was afraid, guilty, and regretful.

“Randal, this is too dangerous, let’s cancel it!” Ning Yuning said in a pleading tone.

Yu Qing also said, “Yeah, Randal Lin, you are a high-ranking boss. There is no need to enter the octagonal cage with Connor. Besides, he is still a professional boxer and punches very hard. You can’t stand a punch from him. what!”

The other two bodyguards also followed to persuade Wayne Lin not to be fooled.

Wayne Lin was very moved. These people are all for his own good, but it is impossible for him to shrink back. It doesn’t make sense at all. Connor is just an ant in front of him. To put it bluntly, even if he stands still and lets Connor beat him, Connor can’t hurt him.

It sounds like a joke, but that’s the truth!

Now Ning Yuning and the others are indeed worried about him. He again patiently explained: “Don’t worry, this Connor is not my opponent. I can knock him down soon.”

He has said enough clearly,

But Ning Yuning and the others still didn’t believe it, because the size difference between him and Connor was too far!

“What? This Chinese, want to go into an octagonal cage with Connor? Are you crazy!”

After hearing Smith’s words, a man called out in surprise. He is the coach here and mainly teaches Muay Thai.

After other people heard it, they were also very incredible. They looked over. When they saw Wayne Lin was so thin, white and tender, at best only to the welterweight, and Kang Na was a proper heavyweight. They all found it incredible, thinking that Wayne Lin was looking for death.

Smith showed a smirk and said: “It doesn’t matter whether you are crazy or not. This Chinese is particularly arrogant, saying that he will use his Chinese kung fu to defeat Connor.”

Hearing the words’Hua Guo Kung Fu’, the people in the fight club were taken aback for a moment, and then they all laughed and said, “Smith, don’t be kidding. Hua Guo Kung Fu is performed. The old people practice gymnastics in the square. , There is no power. The real power is Muay Thai, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and free fighting.”

“Isn’t it? Last time there was a Chinese man who came to the club and said he was practicing Xingyiquan. He wanted to come to us to learn from each other, but tony was beaten to tears and the trash was going to die.”

“Furthermore, Connor is the top boxer in the British Empire. With a punch with a maximum power of 1,500 pounds, he can kill a cow. If he hits this Chinese, he won’t break him. “

“I don’t think it’s better. It’s too bullying. Just let Tony play with the Chinese.”

People in the fight club have contempt and disdain for Hua Guo Kung Fu. Now hearing that Wayne Lin wants to enter the octagonal cage with Connor is purely a joke.

Then, another black man walked over to Wayne Lin and said in crappy Putonghua: “Hey, Chinese, do you know who Connor is? The top boxer of the British Empire, one punch can kill a cow, you have to Go into the octagonal cage with Connor, you are looking for death! Surrender quickly and apologize to Connor.”

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to the black man and walked directly to the octagonal cage.

When the black man saw Wayne Lin ignored him, his face couldn’t help being angry.

And Ning Yuning, Yu Qing and others are even more worried. Wayne Lin is determined to fight Connor. What should I do now?

At this moment, they even had the idea of ​​calling the police!

Wayne Lin saw through their thoughts and said solemnly: “Don’t call the police, trust me.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s eyes, they felt a sense of security inexplicably, and put down their mobile phone.

When Connor saw Wayne Lin actually go to the octagonal cage, he became even more excited. He took off his shirt and pants, dressed in standard contestant shorts, put on gloves, and started walking towards the octagonal cage.

Smith punched his sturdy chest hard and said, “Connor, my good brother, I’m counting on you this time. Give me a slap in the yellow monkey! Let him know how good we are. !”

Connor raised his mouth, showing a wanton grin, and said, “Don’t worry, my dear Smith, I will torture this yellow-skinned monkey in China later, so that he can understand that the Chinese Kungfu he respected is A pile of shit!”

After speaking, he strode into the octagonal cage.

Chapter 382

After Connor went up, he also locked the iron door, not giving Wayne Lin a chance to escape.

The hearts of Ning Yuning, Yu Qing and others also followed.

Wayne Lin smiled disdainfully.

Wayne Lin couldn’t take any interest in dealing with such an ant. The opponent was not even the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he was not at the same level as him.

“Chinese, you are dead! Maybe you don’t know who I am. I am the top boxing player in the British Empire. I once held a gold belt! You dare to humiliate my good friend Smith. Now, you are finished.” Kang Na Huo said with a smile.

Smith also said: “Connor, my good brother, it’s time for you to show this yellow-skinned monkey a good show of your power as a boxing champion.”

“What? He is the champion?!”

When Ning Yuning heard it, the audience was shocked.

The next bodyguard remembered and said in horror, “I remember, this white man is called Connor, he is the new champion of Great Britain, nicknamed the Crocodile, and he is a very famous heavy gunner. Drop!”

“Oops, then Randal Lin is going to be unlucky!”

Ning Yuning and Yu Qing became even more panicked when they heard these words. If something happened to Wayne Lin, they would not be able to escape the relationship.

At the same time, cheers rang out from the court, and many people shouted: “Connor!”



“Ko opponent!”


With an aura like a rainbow, the faces of the people on Ning Yuning’s side turned pale, shrinking to the side, feeling very helpless and weak.

The support voice is one-sided. If you change to an ordinary professional boxer, you will lose your momentum now.

But for Wayne Lin, this didn’t affect him at all, but he felt a little funny.

He lazily said, “Don’t waste time, start now.”

Connor was enjoying the cheers of the crowd, and he didn’t bother to do the warm-up action. He pointed at Wayne Lin with one finger, and then made a neck wipe, and then began to walk towards Wayne Lin.

He was one meter and eighty-five meters tall and his body was as strong as a bear, giving people a great visual impact. As for Wayne Lin, he didn’t even take off his clothes, and he was still dressed in casual clothes. At first glance, he knew that he was not of the same level.

“Hua Guo people, your Chinese kung fu is a shit, I don’t bully you, and hit you with one hand. If you can defeat me, you will win.” Connor was extremely arrogant and conceited, and hooked Wayne Lin. Hook your finger to signal Wayne Lin to attack him.

Wayne Lin raised his brows, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense. He walked over and punched him. Connor saw his punch, showing disdain and contempt. Without evading, he let Wayne Lin’s fist hit him. On his chest.

As a professional boxer, he has been specially trained in fighting. Let alone a weak Chinese, even a boxer of the same level will not hurt him if he hits his chest.

It’s just that he underestimated Wayne Lin’s power too much.

The punch hit Connor’s strong chest in the center, and only a bang was heard. Connor’s body over a hundred kilograms staggered backwards and hit the iron net behind him. Connor was originally arrogant. His expression also showed a very painful and shocked expression.

He felt his chest as if he had been hit by a cannonball, his unprecedented strength, grinning his teeth, it was like being hit by a heavyweight boxer in the head!

How could this be possible, how could the skinny yellow-skinned monkey in front of him have such a terrifying explosive power! ?

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised. The punch he used just now didn’t use his full strength, but only used 20% of his strength, which was comparable to the peak of the day after tomorrow. The average person was about to fall with this punch.

It seems that this Connor does have two brushes, which are good at fighting and can withstand the peak of the day after tomorrow.


Off the court, Smith and others saw Connor being kicked out by Wayne Lin, and they all showed shocked expressions, thinking that Connor was acting. But they immediately saw the pain on Connor’s face and pressed their chests, which they thought was incredible.

“Connor, are you okay?” Smith immediately said nervously: “This Chinese is very explosive, so he can’t use his body.”

Connor took a deep breath and waited fiercely for Smith outside the octagonal cage, cursing: “Damn Smith, why didn’t you say it earlier, Fack!”

Smith rolled his eyes and was very annoyed in his heart. He had already told Connor that Connor was too arrogant to listen.

Others also find it incredible. Connor is a heavyweight boxer. How could he be knocked down by the Chinese?

Wayne Lin did not take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack. He stood in front of Connor with a negative hand, and said lightly: “Your ability to resist and fight is not good. My punch just used 20% of its power.”

Connor heard his ridicule, gritted his teeth with anger, eyes flushed and bloodshot, completely angry, and roared like a beast, “Damn Chinese, you successfully irritated me, and I will let you understand. What is pain!”

After the roar, Connor rushed towards Wayne Lin, with a rainbow of momentum, like a mad brown bear, and most people were already terrified.

Ning Yuning and others in the audience were so scared that they raised their heart to their throats and trembled.

Wayne Lin was not afraid at all. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a disdainful expression, waiting for Connor to rush to him, then he caught Connor’s angry punch with one hand.

Not moving.


“Oh my God! I was right, this Chinese man actually caught Connor’s angry punch!”

“And it’s so easy, how can this be!”

“Connor hits at the top, but he can hit 1,500 pounds of terrifying power!”

In the audience, everyone was shocked. This scene was even more shocking than before.

In their minds, Connor is an invincible existence, how many masters have he defeated, and now he is actually caught by this Chinese?

They are all people who have practiced boxing and know how difficult it is to catch a fist.

The most surprised person is Connor. He knows better than anyone the weight of his punches and is his magic weapon for fighting the enemy. Now, 100% of his punches are actually caught by the Chinese in front of him. Up?

Wayne Lin smiled at this time, “Is this the strength of your so-called boxing champion? It’s too weak.”

Connor was mad, let out a monster roar, and then hit Wayne Lin’s head with another punch. This punch took all his strength. Once hit, this damn Chinese must be ko, serious Concussion.

However, Wayne Lin didn’t even hide, so he let Connor punch him in the face.

With a bang.

Connor was instantly overjoyed when he really hit it!

But in the next second, he felt something was wrong, why this punch seemed to hit the iron man, and his fist felt obvious pain.

There was no imaginary scene of being ko, Wayne Lin still stood there steadily, without any damage on his face, and looked at him with a smile but a smile, then Wayne Lin shot and punched again. It hit him in the stomach with so much strength that it hit him two hundred jins of body and feet off the ground, and then fell heavily to the ground.

The pain was so painful that he couldn’t stand up anymore, fell to the ground, screamed screaming, and choked!

It was too painful, completely beyond the limit he could bear, and now he felt his intestines were all broken, and the pain was so painful that he couldn’t breathe smoothly.

In the audience, hundreds of people, all dumbfounded, looked at Wayne Lin in the octagonal cage like a ghost. All of them had numb scalp and swing their legs.

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