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Chapter 644

He couldn’t even speak now, trembling all over.

You know, he is a business crocodile, he is also a person who has experienced big winds and waves. Even if he faces a big person, he can deal with it calmly, but now in front of Wayne Lin, he is worse than a pupil.

“I, I, I…” He was shivering, completely speechless. To match his embarrassed appearance, he didn’t even wear his pants, let alone how funny it was.

Wayne Lin said directly to Damon Wang: “Old Wang, it’s time for you to take revenge.”

Damon Wang has followed Wayne Lin for so long, but he still couldn’t understand Wayne Lin’s meaning. He nodded vigorously, and then strode towards Ma Kainian, fierce.

“Hey, Damon Wang, what do you want to do, I warn you, don’t mess around…Ah!!!”

With a bang, Damon Wang walked over and kicked Ma Kainian’s crotch, kicked Ma Kainian and screamed in pain, and fell heavily to the ground.

Damon Wang kicked him so hard that he kicked him out of the way, and the pain caused him to cry.

But Damon Wang still refused to let him go. He just punched and kicked him, slapped his face, “Ma Kainian, let you humiliate Lao Tzu, make you arrogant! Lao Tzu kills you!”

Damon Wang now broke out with power that did not belong to him. It was a fat beating against Ma Kainian, and he also caught Ma Kainian’s fragility and smashed it. That scene was too bloody and brutal. After a while, he smashed the horse. The scoop was opened at the beginning of the new year, and blood was streaming out, which made many people present feel scared.

Especially Zhai Qing and the secretary were so scared that they were crying.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight…”

Ma Kainian’s voice begging for mercy was weakened, and finally collapsed on the ground, only the breath that came out was not breathed in, and he was dying.

Damon Wang was also sweating and panting. The amount of exercise just now was the limit for him.

“Hahahaha, cool, so cool!” Damon Wang vented out, raising his head and laughing.

Those employees who were present saw his terrifying look, and they were even more in awe of him.

Wayne Lin saw from the beginning to the end. He didn’t feel wrong about Damon Wang’s way, but he admired it very much. Men should be like this, able to bend and stretch, and be happy with grudges.

“Randal, I’m sorry, my subordinates lost their attitude just now.” Damon Wang gradually calmed down and apologized to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “What a gaffe, you are doing a good job. A man will take it as it is. If Ma Kainian bullied you, you should give it back ten times a hundred times.”

Damon Wang nodded vigorously, and he admired Wayne Lin even more.

“Go away, don’t let me see you again.” Wayne Lin said to Ma Kainian coldly.

Ma Kai-nian, as if he received an amnesty, quickly stood up, “I’m going to go, I’m going to go!”

All the employees of Kunlun Group followed him.

Wayne Lin didn’t stop these people from leaving. Now that he is back, he naturally wants to take Ziqiong Media back.

Damon Wang said with some worry: “Randal, you have returned Ma Kai Nian so easily now. If you don’t take Ma Kai Nian as a hostage, I am afraid Kunlun Group will do its best to deal with you.”

Wayne Lin stood in front of the window, overlooking the sight of Huarvell, his heart surged.

This time, when he came back, he must be in Hwadrid to turn up a

Bloody storm!

“It’s okay, I just want him to go back and tell them to let them live in fear. When their strength is twisted together, I break it, so that I won’t miss the fish that slipped through the net.”

Wayne Lin’s words were very calm, but to Damon Wang and others, they were full of endless domineering, as if seeing the king of Hwadrid, stomping his feet could cause a huge earthquake in Hwadrid, and countless people fell to the ground!

And Wayne Lin does have this ability.

Next, after Wayne Lin briefly rectified Ziqiong Media, he continued to look for Jeff Han.

Jeff Han’s Aegis security was also eaten away, and more than that, even Jeff Han’s own forces were also hit hard, and now Jeff Han’s fate is not much better than Damon Wang’s.

When Wayne Lin found Jeff Han, he could clearly see that Jeff Han was more than ten years older than before. Originally, Jeff Han had just arrived in his sixtieth year, but now he is already an old man, and his spirit is also A lot worse!

When Jeff Han saw Wayne Lin, he was extremely excited and cried on the spot.

Wayne Lin is quite guilty of such loyal subordinates as Damon Wang and Jeff Han. This time, because of him, both of them are tired.

But between the men, there is no need to say too much, everything is in mind, and then Wayne Lin will try to make up for the two of them as much as possible.

The appearance of Wayne Lin was like a storm that swept through Hwadrid. Not only the Hwadrid circle knew about it, but the entire province of G also knew about it!

In the Kunlun Group, when Ma Kainian was carried back home, Ma Kaiyu saw his brother’s miserable appearance. He was furious and gritted his teeth and said: “Lin! Zi! Ming!”

But what was more in his eyes was not anger, but fear. Unexpectedly, Wayne Lin would come back from the dead.

The lesson for Ma Kai-nian was Wayne Lin’s warning to Ma Kaiyu!

“Dad, what should I do now? Wayne Lin is not dead. With his character, he will definitely come for revenge!” Ma Kaiyu’s son Ma Long is already so scared that his legs are trembling, shaking, and pulling Ma Kaiyu. Hands, panic face.

Ma Long had been severely taught by Wayne Lin earlier because of Ning Yuning. He had an instinctive fear of Wayne Lin. He originally thought that if Wayne Lin died this time, he would be free, but he did not expect that Wayne Lin would actually Not dead, the king is back!

As soon as he saw the miserable beginning of the new year of Uncle Ma, he thought of his fate, if Wayne Lin really came to avenge him, then he would not be much better!

Ma Kaiyu was already very annoyed, but now that Ma Long said this, his mood became even more irritable. He raised his hand and slapped Ma Long’s face hard, cursing: “Trash thing! Why are you panicking! Just a little Wayne Lin! It scared you like this! Look at Wayne Lin, who is a few years younger than you, much more powerful than you! Look at yourself, besides sleeping women, eating and drinking, what else would you do? ,waste!”

Ma Kaiyu became more and more angry, and slapped Ma Long several times to vent his anger and panic.

Speaking of which, if it hadn’t been for Ma Long and Wayne Lin’s grievances back then, his Kunlun Group would not have had any antagonisms with Wayne Lin. Hearing the news of Wayne Lin’s fall this time, he would not join the team that eroded Wayne Lin’s industry. What happened today!

It’s all to blame for the troublemaker Malone!

Ma Kaiyu beat Ma Long, his mind slowly calmed down, he couldn’t sit still like this, and decided to call Zhong Tao!

Zhong Tao is the one who proposed to nibble Wayne Lin’s industry this time, and Zhong Tao is also their backer.

Chapter 645

Thinking of Zhong Tao, Ma Kaiyu’s panic was relaxed a lot.

As the instructor of Xuanyuan 2nd place, Zhong Tao is also a peerless powerhouse in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. With his backing, I believe Wayne Lin will not dare to go too far, no matter how arrogant he is.

The big deal, just return Wayne Lin’s property to Wayne Lin. Could Wayne Lin dare to do anything to him?

Thinking about it carefully, he didn’t think Wayne Lin had the courage.

After calming down, he immediately called Zhong Tao.

After a while, the phone was connected, and Ma Kaiyu immediately said respectfully: “Hey, instructor Zhong, is it convenient for you to say a few words?”

On the phone, Zhong Tao’s tone was lazy, and with an air of arrogance, he said lightly: “Yeah.”

Ma Kaiyu took a deep breath and said, “Instructor Zhong, Wayne Lin is not dead, he is back.”

After saying this, Ma Kaiyu stopped, and his heartbeat accelerated a lot. Zhong Tao was his biggest backer. If even Zhong Tao was afraid of Wayne Lin, then he would really be finished.

When the phone fell silent, Zhong Tao didn’t speak, Ma Kaiyu suddenly felt a chuckle in his heart. He just relaxed, and he started to become nervous again. Maybe even Zhong Tao was afraid of Wayne Lin!

So he tried again carefully, “Instructor Zhong, are you listening?”

Zhong Tao’s unhappy voice came from the phone, “Mr. Ma, you know that I don’t like to make jokes. If you have any business, just say directly, don’t give me this one.”

To tell the truth, Zhong Tao is a little unhappy. In his opinion, Ma Kaiyu is just a small person. He dares to tease him like this. He doesn’t take his majesty seriously. In terms of his character, this is impossible. Things to tolerate!

As for what Ma Kaiyu said, he didn’t care about it at all, because it was simply impossible.

He watched Wayne Lin being chased by Jian Rushuang and finally died in the big bang. As far as the big bang at that time is concerned, let alone a master of Wayne Lin’s level, even if he is not a bad half immortal of King Kong. Have to hate!

But then, Ma Kaiyu told him to sit up straight. “Instructor Zhong, you don’t know my personality. If this is not true, how dare I call you casually.”

“Huh?” When Zhong Tao heard this, his brows frowned, and his heart suddenly slammed, and he said in a more serious tone: “What is the situation, are you sure you are not joking? I am on vacation now, if You have affected my mood, I will be very angry, you know!”

Indeed, Zhong Tao has been on vacation this week. He turned off his work cell phone and drove his personal cell phone. There are very few people who know this number. Ma Kaiyu is one of them. The purpose is to spend his vacation. , Do not want to be disturbed.

Moreover, his vacation this time was also to try whether he could break through to the innate realm of Dzogchen.

Originally, his state of mind was already quite complete, and it seemed that he had touched the threshold of the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, but the words of Ma Kaiyu suddenly made his state of mind confused again!

Ma Kaiyu said bitterly: “It’s true. Zhong Jiao

Official, it is true that Wayne Lin appeared in Ziqiong Media just half an hour ago and tortured my brother severely, using his powerful method to announce to us that he is back…”

Next, Ma Kaiyu told Zhong Tao all the news received in the past two days!

Originally, he didn’t really believe that Wayne Lin would come back from the dead, so even if Wayne Lin appeared in Yuancheng and Huarvell in the past two days, he didn’t hear anything about it. Until just now, he learned from his younger brother Ma Kainian. After knowing the news of Wayne Lin’s return, I hurried to inquire about it, only to find out that Wayne Lin really came back, and many people knew about it.

And after Zhong Tao listened, his expression now is extremely wonderful, full of shock, panic, doubt, regret…

After a long time, he said: “I know, I will go back soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhong Tao couldn’t sit still anymore.

Now his pupils contracted and he scratched his head. He couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin could come back in the situation that day? This is totally unscientific!

“It’s really a fate, you can’t die!” Zhong Tao couldn’t help yelling, and then he rolled his eyes and snorted heavily, “Wayne Lin, you short-lived ghost, even if you come back, what will happen? So, do you think that if you can hide from the sword, you can still avoid the military trial! If you swallowed the Colorful Origin Fruit this time, you made a big mistake, you are dead!”

When Zhong Tao thought of this, he became more and more calm, because he knew that Wayne Lin’s mistake this time would definitely not forgive Wayne Lin organizationally. If Wayne Lin died on Qilian Mountain, the death penalty would be exempted, but once Wayne Lin returns now, what awaits Wayne Lin is the military trial. He does not believe that Wayne Lin can have this ability to fight against the country!

“Wayne Lin must have eaten the Seven-Colored Origin Fruit in the middle, and his strength has greatly increased, and he will escape in Jian Rushuang’s hands!” Zhong Tao thought that Wayne Lin’s current cultivation base might have risen a lot, so he was particularly jealous and angry. Gritted teeth.

At the same time, in the meeting room of Xuanyuan No. 3, a group of high-level officials were having an important meeting.

However, at this moment, Deputy Director Sun Liang turned on the phone and saw a message. His reaction was very big. He stood up abruptly and shouted: “Damn!”

His reaction immediately frightened the others. Director Peng frowned and said displeased: “Director Sun, please pay attention to your image!”

Others also looked at Sun Liang a little displeased. You must know that they are really discussing major issues. Now the foreign forces have become more rampant, they have stretched their hands deeper, and even some serious friction has occurred. The environment is grim.

In addition to Wayne Lin’s incident a while ago, everyone felt very heavy, and they were all in a bad mood. Sun Liang’s behavior was just adding fuel to the fire.

If he changed the usual times, Sun Liang would definitely realize that he had made a mistake and immediately apologized and corrected him. But now, his face was extremely excited, “Great thing! Great thing!”

When the other people saw him like this, they couldn’t help but stunned, because they all knew Sun Liang, and knew that Sun Liang was a steady person, and even if they encountered a major event, they would not be gaffes like this.

Now they are a bit curious, what caused Sun Liang to lose his attitude like this.

Chapter 646

Peng Zhuo, the director of Xuanyuan 3rd Division, said in a deep voice, “Tell me, what major event has happened can make you so excited.”

Sun Liang said excitedly: “It’s Instructor Lin, he’s back!”

Regarding the entire three places of Xuanyuan, Sun Liang had the deepest affection for Wayne Lin, because Wayne Lin had entered the three places of Xuanyuan under his recommendation.

During Wayne Lin’s accident, he was really uncomfortable, and he even suffered from insomnia for two days!

“Which instructor Lin, old grandson, can you make it clear…” Zhao Xia said irritably, halfway through, I suddenly realized something, suddenly opened my eyes, and shook my head quickly, saying: “This Impossible! Impossible!”

Others also reacted. Sun Liang was talking about Wayne Lin. For a while, the atmosphere in the solemn meeting room became weird. For a while, everyone’s expressions became wonderful, and they were speechless.

In fact, during this period of time, these three words Wayne Lin became forbidden, and no one would take the initiative to mention it.

Regarding Wayne Lin, their feelings are actually very complicated, because Wayne Lin is the most powerful existence in Xuanyuan’s three places. There is no need to question his strength, and Wayne Lin is young enough to have an unlimited future. Almost everyone is pinning him, Wayne Lin Can lead Xuanyuan three places to glory.

And often the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. What Wayne Lin did on the Lion Rock hurt their hearts severely, and even became a shame to the three places in Xuanyuan, making them unable to lift themselves in front of other departments. beginning!

At the same time, they couldn’t understand why people like Wayne Lin would do something like that. Wayne Lin is already brilliant enough. Is it necessary to seize the colorful origin fruit and stand on the opposite side of China? In their opinion , As long as it is a slightly normal person, they will not do such a stupid thing.

The silence in the conference room made Sun Liang’s original excitement slowly cleared away, as if being poured with a bucket of cold water.

He finally realized that, yes, even if Wayne Lin came back, so what? Now Wayne Lin has caused a terrible disaster, Wayne Lin died, it’s a hundred, but now if Wayne Lin comes back, he will face , That would be a military trial!

“Lao Sun, where did you find the news?” Peng Zhuo finally broke the silence and asked with a frown.

Other people also reacted, yes, this is mostly false news, after all, they watched Wayne Lin being chased by Jian Rushuang and finally killed in the big bang.

Sun Liang took the phone directly to Peng Zhuo and said, “This is true. Instructor Lin is sure to come back. This is a video of him in the source city. The two brothers Lan Xing and Lan Feng of the Xuandan faction died in his hands. On it.”

“This…” Peng Zhuo saw Wayne Lin in the video and immediately stood up, his expression also shocked!

Although the picture of the video is a bit blurry, Peng Zhuo can still tell at a glance that Wayne Lin is in the video!

“What’s the situation? Instructor Lin, he is already dead, how could he come back from death?!” Peng Zhuo was also unstoppable shocked now. When other people saw his reaction, they also realized that this was not groundless. Wayne Lin really came back, and for a while, they all gathered around and stared at the video on the phone.

They all saw Wayne Lin’s figure, and they were sure to be Wayne Lin himself!

Zhao Xia couldn’t help saying: “This is Instructor Lin, but how is this possible? We obviously saw him fall in the big bang with our own eyes.

, At that level of explosion, how can people survive? “

Xiao Cangmang, who was next to him, came back to his senses and said meaningfully: “It’s the original fruit of colorful origin. He swallowed the original fruit of colorful origin, so he can survive, and in such a short time, he recovered from his injuries and returned intact. !”

When they heard this, they also thought of this, and Peng Zhuo sighed for a long time, “Since he has survived, why does he come back? And he came back so high-profile…”

This is exactly what other people are worried about. Now that Wayne Lin is back, it is not necessarily a good thing.

“Now I really want to ask him why he did this! There is a great life, but he has to spoil himself like this, even if he breaks through to the incorruptible body of King Kong, how can he be against the country?” Sun Lianghen The expression that iron is not steel.

Because of the dissemination of this news, they all lost the mind to continue the meeting.

In fact, the three places of Xuanyuan are also facing considerable difficulties. Now the foreign forces have infiltrated China more seriously, and they are now unable to do what they want.

This could not help but arouse their thoughts, if Wayne Lin had not done that, he still belonged to the third place of Xuanyuan, then it would be great!

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as if.

Next, they all inquired about what Wayne Lin had done after his return, and completely accepted Wayne Lin’s resurrection from death.

They are all waiting. The above knows about this and they will definitely take action. I just hope that this day will come later.

In Ziqiong Media, the chairman’s office.

“Randal, if you come back this time, it is estimated that the above will not let you off easily.” Damon Wang said worriedly.

Jeff Han on the side also said: “Pharaoh was right. This time the Colorful Origin Fruit was robbed. I heard that the above was still very angry. Now that I know you are back, I am afraid that someone will be sent to arrest you.”

Wayne Lin sits on the boss chair, playing with two iron balls in his hand, jumping at his fingertips, as if he is full of life. There is no trace of panic on his face, but a smile: “I have my own measure, you guys. Don’t worry too much.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s confidence, Damon Wang and Jeff Han also calmed down a lot. Although they didn’t know where Wayne Lin’s confidence came from, they had absolute confidence in Wayne Lin. Since Wayne Lin had said so, then they absolutely No problem.

Damon Wang and Jeff Han had outstanding abilities, and they managed the company in two days.

Wayne Lin was very relieved of their abilities.

In fact, in the past two days, Wayne Lin went to find the clown, only to find that the clown was no longer in Hwadrid, and the phone call became an empty number.

Wayne Lin didn’t continue to look for it because he knew that this situation meant that the clown had returned to BRAGRUN organization in all likelihood.

Tonight, Wayne Lin let out a word, in a commanding tone, let everyone who has tainted his property, all come to plead, and those who have not come will die!

The news spread and immediately caused an earthquake, and everyone who participated in it began to panic and shiver.

Almost the entire gaze of Province G was focused here to see how many people would show up, begging Wayne Lin for mercy, and how many people would choose to break the boat.

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