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Chapter 692

Most people don’t know the existence of BRAGRUN organization, and have not even heard of it, so now they hear Lei Zhen’s words, their expressions are very exciting, full of gossip and curiosity.

In this way, Wayne Lin’s background does not seem to be very glorious?

If it were changed before, Wayne Lin would definitely be furious when he heard such words, and felt humiliated, but now, he was relieved.

His birth is not something he can decide. Besides, he doesn’t think he is a wild species, he is the crystallization of his parents’ love, and he does not think that his parents’ love is something that cannot be seen. On the contrary, it is organized by BRAGRUN as a civilization. The feudal organization of society is something that cannot be seen, and things that cannot keep up with the times will soon be eliminated by the times! He didn’t think how long the BRAGRUN organization could exist.

So instead of turning into anger, Wayne Lin smiled and said faintly: “Lei Zhen, seeing you now, I finally know why you are in BRAGRUN, always lowering your sword like frost. Your cultivation is not as good as sword like frost. , Even the self-cultivation is far from it, you will never catch up with Jian Rushuang in your life.”

Ordinary people sounded that Wayne Lin’s words were not lethal, very weak.

But when it fell into Lei Zhen’s ears, it made the corner of his mouth twitch fiercely twice! His face suddenly became colder, he was obviously poked by Wayne Lin, and his heart suddenly became annoyed.

Sword Rushuang, in BRAGRUN organization, like a big mountain, kept pressing on his head, making him extremely uncomfortable.

This time he came to Wayne Lin for trouble. In addition to the cause of the neon clothes, there was another reason, which was Jian Rushuang.

Because Wayne Lin was Jian Rushuang himself, and did not kill anyone, this matter spread to the BRAGRUN organization, which has reduced Jian Rushuang’s prestige a lot. It’s just that Jian Rushuang’s cultivation base is really terrifying, only under the Holy King, so those people dare not show it.

If Lei Zhen can kill Wayne Lin and turn back holding Wayne Lin’s head, he can fiercely slap his sword in the face like frost, and his prestige can definitely be improved by then!

Now in the BRAGRUN organization, they are all spreading that the old man of the Holy King has not appeared for too long. It seems that he has lived for too long and too long, and his life is not much. They are going to pass on the position of the Holy King. The king of heaven has a chance.

How tempting is the position of the Saint King?

Don’t look at Lei Zhen now as the King of the Southern Territories, with a high authority, a woman who has endless money to spend and enjoys endlessly, but human desires are endless. Once he becomes the holy king, his strength will suddenly Many times more! He can also get the resources of the entire BRAGRUN organization. At that time, he will break through to the realm of King Kong indestructible, and it is not impossible.

And now, in BRAGRUN organization, besides the holy king, the person with the highest cultivation level is Jian Rushuang. If the old man of the holy king really abdicates, then Jian Rushuang has the greatest chance.

Therefore, Lei Zhen would not be willing to give up such an opportunity. Once Wayne Lin’s head was cut off and given to the old man of Saint King, his chances would be much greater.

In fact, it’s not just him, but the other kings of the northwestern regions are also planning this matter.

Because it is not a rumor that the Holy King might abdicate, in recent years, the Holy King has indeed appeared less and less. If it weren’t for them to vaguely feel the breath of the holy king, they would doubt that the holy king is dead?

In fact, the old man of the Holy King has lived for too long, too long, but Lei Zhen can be sure that the Holy King has already

Chapter 693

“I’m not your opponent?” Lei Zhen stopped, staring at Wayne Lin, and said in a high voice: “I have seen an ignorant person, but this is the first time I have seen someone as ignorant as you. You think you are relying on the spirit of heaven and earth. Nourishment, breakthrough to the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, is it a true Dzogchen in the Inborn Realm? I tell you, you are a side-by-side…”

Wayne Lin interrupted him, dug his ears, and looked impatient, “Have you barked enough? Get out of me if you bark enough.”

“Presumptuous! A little pariah, dare to treat the king of heaven…”

The middle-aged man next to Lei Zhen suddenly became furious, pointing at Wayne Lin’s nose and cursing.

But immediately, Wayne Lin glared at him, his face changed immediately, and the words in his throat couldn’t be cursed anymore, just like a duck caught in the neck.

An aura of turbulent waves swept from Wayne Lin’s body towards him, immediately making him feel the tremendous pressure, his body shuddered severely, and an expression of horror appeared on his face.

Just kidding, how high is Wayne Lin’s realm. This is only the fourth stage of the innate realm, and it’s a relatively ordinary one. How can it withstand Wayne Lin’s pressure?

Wayne Lin snorted disdainfully, “An ant like you, dare to talk too much? Even if Lei Zhen is here, it would be easy for me to kill you!”

“You!” Wayne Lin was so angry that the other party was very uncomfortable and unhappy, but he didn’t dare to talk any more, because Wayne Lin’s momentum just now scared him. It gave him a feeling that Wayne Lin was not lying. If Wayne Lin really wanted to kill him, even Lei Zhen could not keep him here.

Because the gap between the Dzogchen and the fourth stage of the Innate Realm is too big.

Lei Zhen’s momentum weakened a lot at once.

Lei Zhen was unhappy, he snorted again, “I live and die.”

He shot directly, and issued a sharp blow to Wayne Lin.

At the moment he shot, everyone’s eyes were darkened, creating an illusion, as if the sky was about to collapse, all the light was swallowed, and the world was about to be destroyed.

This is Lei Zhen’s mental power is too strong, affecting everyone.

Fortunately, it was only a second, otherwise they would really think it was the end of the world. Even so, so many people present were deeply shocked.

Almost instantly, Lei Zhen arrived in front of Wayne Lin and slapped it with one palm. Even a city would be destroyed by this palm.

Jiang Liqun and the others suddenly became flustered, and backed subconsciously. They were so scared that their faces became pale and hurriedly backed away.

Alma Chu was also scared. She tightly grasped Wayne Lin’s hand and her heartbeat accelerated. Suddenly, she felt a gentle force and pushed her away.

It was Wayne Lin who made the move. With Lei Zhen’s strength, he did not dare to neglect, and must go all out.

In his eyes, there was a brilliant light, not retreating but advancing, head-to-head with Lei Zhen.

In the eyes of everyone, this is completely Mars hitting the earth, which will cause huge damage.

The fact is indeed the case. The two of them can fight no less than a hundred punches in one second, which is terrifying.

The ground under their feet was cracked and frightened everyone at the scene. They backed away for fear of harming the pond fish.

But they didn’t fight for too long, and they separated in a simple match.

The two of them looked at each other, and both saw the hostility and fear in each other’s eyes.

Lei Zhen squinted slightly, facing Lin Zi

Chapter 694

Ten days was not too much and not too much for Wayne Lin, just enough.

Enough to digest the life origin of the last heaven and earth spirit fruits in his body. At that time, his strength will usher in a diligence, Lei Zhen will not be his opponent!

During these ten days, Wayne Lin chose to retreat.

And Lei Zhen didn’t dare to be big, and also chose to retreat.

Originally, he didn’t pay attention to Wayne Lin, but after seeing Wayne Lin today, he found that Wayne Lin was not that simple, and he underestimated Wayne Lin.

But even so, he still has absolute confidence that he can defeat Wayne Lin, cut off Wayne Lin’s head, and give it to the holy king.

When they were all in retreat, there was a turmoil in the outside world, and everyone began to discuss this battle fiercely.

Lei Zhen is not a nameless person. He has only stayed in the BRAGRUN organization for a long time in the past five years, and gradually faded out of the world, but his legend still circulates in the world.

The name God Killer is not just called casually.

In the early years, Lei Zhen was also a ruthless person. At the age of 30, he broke through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen. He passed through all the way and killed many famous masters at that time. It was only later that it seemed to provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended before hiding.

Many people thought that he was dead, but they didn’t expect that now, after five years, he would come out again, and the first thing he had to return was the big thing he did, and he would directly write a statement to Wayne Lin!

You know, Wayne Lin is now the most famous person in the entire province of G, especially Wayne Lin’s return of the king this time, he has abused so many people, as if he has secured the top spot in the province of g.

And Wayne Lin is still the chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, with the rank of lieutenant, who dares to be disrespectful to him?

But Lei Zhen went directly to Wayne Lin for the operation, which also showed Lei Zhen’s confidence.

In any case, this is a war of the century, drawing the attention of many people.

“What? Lei Zhen issued a war note to Instructor Lin, and Instructor Lin took it?” At the third place of Xuanyuan, Sun Liang learned about it. His expression was wonderful, not just him, but also high-level officials such as Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang. , The same reaction.

Peng Zhuo shook his head and said with a wry smile: “This instructor Lin is really a weird thing. It’s a troublesome machine that walks, so no one has hatred against him.”

Xiao Cangmang also said: “Yeah, since I remembered, instructor Lin has never stopped. People are always asking him for trouble, and now even Lei Zhen is out.”

Zhao Xia said with a solemn expression: “I heard that this Lei Zhen is not simple. It is a top powerhouse of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. He can already compete with Jian Rushuang. Now he is facing instructor Lin, fearing that it will be wicked. Less.”

Sun Liang also said anxiously: “Isn’t it, this Lei Zhen, who was known as a god-killer, how many masters, died in his hands? Those deeds he did back then are more legendary than instructor Lin, really fought. , I think instructor Lin is not necessarily Lei Zhen’s opponent!”

One of the senior officials said disapprovingly: “What about the godslayer? You forget that instructor Lin even defeated Fan Zhengping a few days ago? You know, Fan Zhengping is also a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, I see, This Lei Zhen can’t be instructor Lin’s opponent.”


b “Yes, I believe in Instructor Lin anyway. In this period of time, instructor Lin has done many miracles, so a Lei Zhen is not a problem at all.” Another senior also agreed.

Peng Zhuo raised his hand to stop their discussion, and said, “We are no longer discussing it now. The book has been written. Ten days later, Instructor Lin and Lei Zhen will fight to the death in Junlin Mountain. The result will be known by then. Instructor Lin. Dare to agree, I believe he is still sure to ask, we just wait.”

When everyone heard Peng Zhuo’s words, they nodded and didn’t say much.

At Xuanyuan No.2, they heard this message soon, and Zhong Tao laughed out loud immediately, particularly happy, “Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, you evildoer shouldn’t exist in this world!” Humph, now even Lei Zhen has come out to walk for the sky, hahaha!”

Luo Hongyang was also full of excitement. When he heard the news, his first reaction was that Wayne Lin was going to die.

Lei Zhen, but the big demon who was famous back then, a first-class martial arts genius, turned out to be born, defeated many masters, and went away. Now five years have passed, Lei Zhen’s strength must be even stronger. How could Wayne Lin be the opponent of Lei Zhen!

Fan Zhengping also showed a smile. A few days ago, he lost to Wayne Lin, which was a huge blow to his reputation, and he was depressed for a long time.

But now, Wayne Lin has offended Lei Zhen and is going to fight to the death. He is very clear about Lei Zhen’s strength and Wayne Lin’s chance of winning is not high.

Once Wayne Lin died, his anger was much smoother.

“Wayne Lin kicked the iron this time.” Fan Zhengping said with a smile.

In Yandu, in a compound, the military god and Shangguan Weian were watching the training of a group of soldiers in front of him. At this time, Shangguan Weian received the message. He took out a look, showing a little weirdness on his face, and then confronted the military god Cary. Dao said, “Brother Cary, you really guessed it right. The Thunder of BRAGRUN organization has attacked Wayne Lin and has written the battle.”

Shangguan stalwart, looking at the gentleman next to him, like a university professor, he admired the most.

When Cary told him about this, he still didn’t believe it, and thought it was impossible. Lei Zhen had disappeared for so many years and had been hiding in the BRAGRUN organization. How could he deal with Wayne Lin gracefully?

Besides, Lei Zhen is the heavenly king of BRAGRUN’s Southern Territory, and he has no direct grudges with Wayne Lin.

But now the facts have shown that Cary Dao really got the guess, and Thunder has already written the battle against Wayne Lin.

After Cary heard it, he was not surprised at all. He smiled and said, “It seems that Wayne Lin’s skill has improved a lot during this period of time. Lei Zhen will not be able to take Wayne Lin for a while, so he decided to start the battle. Now. This Wayne Lin is really an enchanting evildoer, the speed of improvement is amazing.”

Shangguan Wei’an said in surprise, “Brother Cary, what do you mean, Lei Zhen is not Wayne Lin’s opponent in their engagement this time?”

Cary nodded and said: “Yes. Lei Zhen underestimated Wayne Lin. He was wrong to give Wayne Lin ten days to prepare. If it is a decisive battle within three days, then the outcome is hard to say.”

“Lei Zhen is a veteran Innate Realm Great Perfection. He is still a talented evildoer. Will he really lose to Wayne Lin? Besides, in ten days, the impact will not be so great, right.” Shangguan Wei’an said suspiciously.

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