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Chapter 551

The audience was silent, everyone was frightened by his fierce appearance, standing still, pale.

Then, a sharp and angry voice broke the silence.

“I’m Cao Nima! I don’t care who you are, you are dead, 100% dead!” It is Mr. Jiang, his face is crooked with anger now, he gritted his teeth and burst into flames, pointing Wayne Lin yelled, “Give it to me, kill him, kill him!!”

He was hysterical, like a madman, where there was the demeanor and chicness just now, he looked very hideous and cruel, and everyone who knew him at the scene was shocked by his appearance.

Especially Xu Jing, she shuddered fiercely, panicked and frightened, thinking that Wayne Lin had offended President Jiang, which was dying.

It could be seen that Jiang was always the core of the scene, everyone had to obey his orders, and the other men immediately started rushing towards Wayne Lin to kill Wayne Lin.

Faced with this situation, Wayne Lin raised the corner of his mouth, revealing a disdainful smile, “A group of ants, dare to fight the dragon?”

Now he has not always looked elegant and easy-going at all, but has turned into a god of war, struggling horizontally and horizontally, domineering, stepping on China, and breaking the sky!

I saw him sneer, then he lifted his right foot higher than his waist, and then slammed down!

Suddenly, with a bang, something happened that made everyone on the scene tremble with horror.

Wayne Lin’s foot was photographed, and the ground in front of him split immediately, adding a half-meter wide crack, and the men who rushed towards him were shocked by this powerful force. It was torn apart and flew to the sides. That scene was extremely shocking.

Under one foot, Wayne Lin didn’t touch them, so all of them were seriously injured, blood spurting wildly, and they didn’t know how many ribs were broken.

Even Alma Chu, seeing this scene, flashed deep horror in her eyes. She knew that Wayne Lin’s martial arts was very powerful, and was generally not an opponent, but she did not expect that Wayne Lin was so powerful that it would completely subvert Her cognition.

As for the others, even more needless to say, completely dumbfounded, thinking that they saw Superman.

This crack just spread to Mr. Jiang. Mr. Jiang staggered back, and finally fell to the ground embarrassedly, his buttocks stuck in the crack, and his face was pale.

The next moment, his trousers became soggy, he was peeing directly!

He was trembling all over, like this situation, he couldn’t be calm, it was completely beyond his capacity.

The other women also shivered and were so scared that Hua Rong was eclipsed. Xu Jing directly knelt in front of Wayne Lin and banged her head, “I dare not, President Lin, please. President Lin, don’t kill me, oooooo…”

His nose and tears appeared, and his hair was disheveled, where he was just dignified.

Wayne Lin glared at her coldly, and suddenly, her whole body was violently shaken, and her brain exploded. Then, she was frightened and fainted.

In fact, she is not just as simple as being fainted, but has suffered huge nerve damage and has become an idiot.

Just kidding, Wayne Lin, as a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, how strong is his mental power? Some powerful hypnotists can hypnotize ordinary people through their eyes. For a super expert like Wayne Lin, it is not easy to have an eye to scare ordinary people into idiots.

Today’s party was Xu Jing who invited Alma Chu over. Speaking of which, Xu Jing was the culprit, and Wayne Lin would naturally not let it go. He could not kill Xu Jing, but Xu Jing’s end must be miserable!

Next, Wayne Lin looked at the others…

Those who were seen by his eyes did not dare to look at each other, and knelt down one after another, begging Wayne Lin for forgiveness.

Right this

Wayne Lin didn’t punish too much for the remaining women. He put his gaze on President Jiang, and he could naturally see that this man was the principal here and the culprit who harmed Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin is not a person who likes to kill, but the crimes these people have committed against Alma Chu are enough to make him have a strong killing intent!

Alma Chu is his Ni Lin, who dares to bully Alma Chu, then he will kill someone, no discussion!

Feeling Wayne Lin’s murderous intentions, President Jiang became even more frightened. He kept backing away and shouted in a shrill voice: “You, you, you, you can’t kill me! My brother-in-law is Zhong Tao, he is the instructor at Xuanyuan No. 2 , You can’t kill me!!! Otherwise my brother-in-law can’t spare you!!!”

Speaking of his brother-in-law, he immediately came back to his senses. Yes, he has a big backstage. The brother-in-law is the instructor at Xuanyuan No. 2 and has a high position. If the man in front of him kills him, the brother-in-law must do it for him. revenge!

“Xuanyuan No. 2?” Wayne Lin frowned slightly when he heard these words. He had joined Xuanyuan No. 3 for a while. He had naturally heard of Xuanyuan No. 2 and knew that Xuanyuan No. 2 was also in harmony. Xuanyuan Three are similar institutions, and their strength is stronger than Xuanyuan Three. He had heard Sun Liang mentioned before, and Sun Liang was quite jealous of Xuanyuan Two.

When Mr. Jiang saw him like this, he immediately got up, “Yes, it’s Xuanyuan No.2! This is an important institution in China, and it is full of agents with the ability to reach the sky, and my brother-in-law Zhong Tao is the king of agents. , If you dare to move me, my brother-in-law will have to strip you alive! Behave, you should apologize to me and compensate me for the loss tonight, otherwise, I will let my brother-in-law rule you!!”

Zhong Tao? Wayne Lin had never heard of this name. He stared at President Jiang and could see that the other party did not lie. It seemed that Zhong Tao was indeed a person.

But what about this?

Alma Chu, who was at the back, recovered some physical strength, her face was not as pale as before. She walked over slowly, holding Wayne Lin’s arm, and said with some worry on her face: “Wayne, I actually don’t Let them take advantage of it, just forget it.”

Wayne Lin couldn’t tell where she was. Alma Chu was worried about him, for fear that she might provoke a big man who could not be offended.

Seeing Alma Chu’s weak appearance, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but feel a pain. He held Alma Chu’s face with both hands, and gently steadied it on Alma Chu’s slightly pale lips, and said gently and domineeringly: “Alma, Don’t worry, the instructor of the second place in Xuanyuan, your husband, I haven’t put my eyes on you. You are the most precious baby in my life. I can’t even hurt you in time, but this beast dared to betray you, how can I let it go he?”

When Alma Chu heard this, her heart was filled, her lips were bitten, her eyes reddened, “Wayne…”

“Well, Alma, if you are scared, close your eyes. I don’t allow someone in this world to bully you and get away with it!” Wayne Lin blocked Alma Chu’s mouth with extremely affection and determination.

Then, his eyes, full of murderous intent, looked at President Jiang again.

President Jiang met his look at him, and his whole body trembled violently, like falling into an ice cave!

“You can’t kill me! My brother-in-law is a super agent. He has a license to kill. If you kill me, you will be dead!” Mr. Jiang screamed. Next, he hurriedly touched from his pocket. Out of the pocket, to call his brother-in-law.

Wayne Lin didn’t stop him, and walked towards him step by step.

Soon, Mr. Jiang called up and screamed in horror, “Brother-in-law, save me! Someone wants to kill me, somebody wants to kill me…”

On the other side of the phone, Zhong Tao was stunned for a second, then his whole body stood up and said in a deep voice: “Who is going to kill you?!”


Mr. Jiang just wanted to speak, but he just said one word, and he couldn’t say the next words, because Wayne Lin had already done it in front of him, grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him up with one hand. Then, he He squeezed slightly harder, and with a click, his neck broke and he died on the spot.

It just so happened that this click reached Zhong Tao’s ear on the other side of the phone.

Chapter 552

President Jiang is dead.

The struggling body suddenly lost strength and became a puppet without a soul. With Wayne Lin let go, he fell to the ground.

The audience was silent.

Everyone opened their eyes wide, their faces full of horror and disbelief, looking at Mr. Jiang, who was silent on the ground.

President Jiang really died, at the hands of Alma Chu’s husband!

This fact, like a storm, violently penetrated everyone’s minds, making them panic, panic, and shocked.

As an ordinary person, they have lived in an ordinary and stable life from childhood to adulthood. The most intense thing is nothing more than quarrels with others, and there are few fights. How can they ever see murder?

Suddenly they were all peeing in fright. When Wayne Lin looked at Wayne Lin again, they were no longer in awe, but in deep fear! It’s like watching a devil, a god of death, the scariest existence in the world!

The one who interrupted the silence was the call that fell on Mr. Jiang, “Jiang Wei? Jiang Wei? Jiang Wei?!”

No response from Mr. Jiang, he paused for three seconds. The next moment, a monstrous roar broke out: “Ah ah ah ah! Who are you, who are you! Dare to kill my brother-in-law, tell me ,who are you!”

Jiang Wei’s mobile phone turned on the speaker, and the sound was like a thunderstorm, blasting through the scene. Even if it came through the phone, you could feel Zhong Tao’s terrible anger and murderous intent.

After Alma Chu listened, her heart beat quickly, and she was worried for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin held her hand and gave her a relieved look, then he walked over and smashed Jiang Wei’s phone with one foot, and his voice was immediately cut off.

In another mysterious base, there was a roar like a beast, followed by various sounds of smashing objects.

“No matter who you are, if you killed my brother-in-law, I will definitely want you to die!!”

Outside the door, a few people passed by, hearing this voice, they couldn’t help but shook their spirits and said, “Oh my god, who has offended instructor Zhong?!”

“I have known instructor Zhong for so long, and I have never seen instructor Zhong so angry.”

“No matter who it is, instructor Zhong must die.”


Ten minutes later, Wayne Lin waited until Jeff Han arrived and asked Jeff Han to deal with the scene before he took Alma Chu away.

Now Alma Chu’s body is not as scary as it was just now, and her face has recovered some blood, not wanting to be so pale.

But Wayne Lin still did not relax, because Wayne Lin had already felt that the vitality in Alma Chu’s body had lost a lot… No, it was not as simple as vitality, but the origin of life, all was lost, as if there was a gap, constantly Lost.

If this continues, Alma Chu won’t live long.

When she got in the car, Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin’s face kept calm. She was very sad. She forced a smile and said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne, what have you been doing with your face, why? I blamed me just now. Wait till you come together?”

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu, saw the fighting spirit in Alma Chu’s eyes, and tried to comfort him, making him feel particularly uncomfortable.

“When did you start this, why didn’t you tell me?” Wayne Lin took a deep breath and said.

Alma Chu’s body trembled slightly, and some panic flashed in her eyes, and she immediately laughed again.

He came out, looking very confused, and said: “Wayne, what are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

I have to say that Alma Chu’s acting skills are still very good, and he did it very naturally. If Wayne Lin hadn’t been keen enough to observe and kept staring at Alma Chu, he would have been fooled by Alma Chu.

It is also because of Alma Chu’s superb acting skills that he hasn’t noticed Alma Chu’s problem for so long!

He held Alma Chu’s hand tightly, “Alma, you shouldn’t hide from me, we are husband and wife, have you forgotten it?”

When Alma Chu heard this, her heart trembled and her nose couldn’t help but sore. She wanted to be as if nothing happened before, but she can’t do it now, because Wayne Lin’s eyes are too deadly, she can’t hold it!

Besides, she herself was ashamed of Wayne Lin. She could imagine how sad Wayne Lin would be once she left!

Now, she hoped that Wayne Lin did not fall in love with her, but always hated her, so that she would not be sad and painful because of her departure.

She still wanted to look relaxed, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she couldn’t tell immediately, and tears flowed out, apologizing to Wayne Lin: “Wayne, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Wayne Lin immediately panicked when he saw her crying, and at the same time, his heart sank to the bottom. He was not stupid, and he couldn’t see it. Alma Chu’s reaction was just acquiescence, Alma Chu was really sick, and It is still very serious, at least, to the point where it cannot be cured by modern medicine!

Some things, needless to say, can be inferred by just a look and a movement.

Wayne Lin knew Alma Chu very well, she was a strong and capable woman in her bones.

When Alma Chu found out that she had a physical problem, she must have gone to the hospital for an examination immediately, and with her current identity and financial resources, even without telling him, she could touch the most advanced medical treatment in the world today.

However, Alma Chu still cried, desperate, indicating that the medical care in the world today could not save her.

And Alma Chu finally chose to conceal it, not telling him, just to spend the last days happily.

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin Tieshi couldn’t bear to cry.

“Silly girl, why are you crying? What is there to cry?” Wayne Lin smiled and helped Alma Chu wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. “You should tell me this earlier, your husband is the most powerful person in the world. Much better than those doctors, I will definitely be able to cure you.”

Wayne Lin forcibly hid all his sadness in his heart, and comforted Alma Chu with a smile.

Alma Chu shook her head and cried and said, “It’s useless, I’m terminally ill. Even the top medical team in the world has never seen my disease. I seem to be cursed by God, and I am aging every day. Can’t live long…”

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I originally planned to spend the last period of time with you, leaving silently… Why, why did God fool me like this, Wayne, you did so much for me, I really don’t want to see You are painful and sad for me…” Alma Chu cried into tears.

Wayne Lin clenched his teeth, he was already speechless, and he was afraid that when he spoke, he would shed tears!

He could only put Alma Chu in his arms, took a deep breath, and said, “Alma, you don’t need to be sad or desperate. I promise, there will be a way to cure you! We still have so many things that we haven’t done together. , There are still many, many places not to go together, and most importantly, we don’t have our baby yet! So I won’t let you go, and I’m not allowed to let you go. Even if I’m the king, I don’t want to go by my side. You snatch it!!!”

Chapter 553

Wayne Lin said these words loudly, full of majesty and determination, and a strong unwillingness, as if he was screaming at the gods, even the gods could not take Alma Chu’s life from him!

Alma Chu felt his emotions, was stunned, raised her head, and stared at him blankly for a few seconds, “Wayne…”

Wayne Lin once again showed a smile that was gentle enough to melt people away, and said softly: “Alma, please believe me, I will definitely not let you disappear.”

Alma Chu bit her lip tightly. She saw Wayne Lin’s confidence and commitment. She was moved to the extreme, nodded vigorously, and said, “Okay! I believe you!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “That’s good.”

Although he still saw sorrow and lack of self-confidence in Alma Chu’s eyes, he did not shake his confidence.

In the next few days, Wayne Lin didn’t go anywhere, so he stayed to accompany Alma Chu. The two of them were extremely affectionate, and they both tacitly stopped mentioning this matter, as if they had really forgotten.

For the first two days of Alma Chu, she was still very sad and guilty, but after a few days, she slowly relieved. Anyway, this is her destiny. She has no way to change, only to accept the facts.

Speaking of it, her life is better than many people. There is a healthy and happy family, and a man who loves her deeply. This man is still a big man, she has nothing to regret.

In the past few days, Wayne Lin did not specifically investigate how to treat her, nor did he contact the medical team for her, nor did he frown in front of her. He still stayed with her every day, happy, happy, and sweet.

She didn’t waste the last time of her life just because she knew this. She was very happy, really happy.

However, what she didn’t know was that Wayne Lin hadn’t stopped investigating in the past few days, nor had he stopped trying to find a way. He always started investigating after Alma Chu was asleep.

He didn’t tell Alma Chu this, but made the appearance of enjoying it in front of Alma Chu. He is now trying his best to please Alma Chu. This is his responsibility and responsibility as a man.

Through the investigation, he probably understood that Alma Chu is an extremely rare disease. It is not so much a disease as a physical defect. It seems to be cursed by God. After a certain age, the body functions, The origin of life is beginning to drain, even if you insist on exercising, taking medicine, or practicing martial arts, there is no cure.

In many ancient records, Wayne Lin found some clues and discovered that over the past thousand years, such cases have occurred from time to time. In terms of probability, one in a billion is not an exaggeration.

Unexpectedly, Alma Chu is also such a cursed physique!

It’s… thief God!

During this week, Wayne Lin did his best to investigate and find a way. His workload was so heavy that even his abnormal physique could not help but feel a little tired!

Even in the middle of the night, he walked over the mountains to the nearest cities, met with many famous doctors, and found nothing.

Finally, from an old Chinese doctor who was over a year old, he inquired about some news that this disease cannot be cured by ordinary medical techniques. The only way is to find a medicine that can supplement the patient’s life source and supplement the physique. The gap can be cured!

Supplementing the origin of life… Wayne Lin heard this, and his mind suddenly thundered, like a lightning strike, broad and cheerful.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit!

That day, in the clown, the fruit of the heaven and earth spirits mentioned by the neon clothes and the fruit of the spirit of Zhong Tiandi had a huge magical effect. After a person eats it, it has huge benefits and can increase the source of life. An ordinary person is enough to reach Innate Realm!

This kind of fruit only bears once in 112 years, and its preciousness is unimaginable.

Next, he immediately went to the clown. For insurance, he did not say that Alma Chu had the problem, he just asked from a curious angle.

The clown also found a lot of information and confirmed that the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth will surely cure Alma Chu. Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. As long as there is a way, it will be fine!

The clown noticed Wayne Lin’s relief, he immediately frowned and asked, “Master, are you planning to fight the spirit fruit of heaven and earth?”

When asked about this, the neon clothes who closed their eyes and calmed down, also moved their ears slightly, focusing on this side.

Wayne Lin coughed, and said, “Good to know, what is my idea of ​​hitting Tiandi Lingguo?”

The clown nodded vigorously and said: “Heaven and earth spirit fruit, but the treasure between the heaven and the earth, there are too many big people who are staring at it. It is not an inevitable need. There is no need to fight for it. If you are not careful, you will easily catch your life. It’s not worth it.”

Wayne Lin nodded. He didn’t show any horse feet on the surface, but in his mind, he had already worked and made up his mind. This time the world spirit fruit, he is bound to win!

Only by taking away the heaven and earth spirit fruit, he can heal Alma Chu.

Nishang opened his eyes at this time, glanced at him faintly, and said meaningfully: “I advise you not to attack the spirit fruit of heaven and earth. This is not something you are qualified to get involved. The Holy King gave the order to die. Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit. In addition, there are many other forces participating, and your current strength is not enough to compete.”

When Wayne Lin fell silent, he naturally knew that Nishang was not frightening him, he could think of it with a little brainstorming, such a precious treasure, if the news is closed and there are not many people who know it, that’s fine.

Now there are many people who know, and they have all made up their minds. He is a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and he wants to grab and grab food. The difficulty is still extremely great! There will even be life-threatening!

However, he had no other choice. This was the only chance to save Alma Chu, and he could not give up anyway.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, another week passed.

During this week, Wayne Lin carefully investigated the information of the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, and discovered the environment where the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth grows, where it may appear, as well as matters needing attention when picking, etc…

Of course, during this period of time, he did not give up cultivating, since he had to pick heaven and earth spirit fruit, such a difficult task, comparable to climbing to the sky, he would naturally not fight an unprepared battle!

Now he gradually understands, and slowly becomes confident.

On this day, Sun Liang called him and asked him to go back to the third place of Xuanyuan to coach, because he hadn’t gone back for a while.

Wayne Lin originally wanted to refuse, but on the phone, he heard Sun Liang mention Tiandi Lingguo, and he changed his mind…

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