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Chapter 164

He is Huang Wenhua’s father Huang Dongqiang, and he is also a well-known figure in the business world. With a net worth of more than 30 trillion yuan, he is a rich man. No matter his identity, means, or energy, he cannot be underestimated.

He has only one son, Huang Wenhua, who has been extremely loving since he was a child, and he was afraid of turning it in his mouth, and he was afraid of falling when he held it in his hand. And now his precious son was beaten like this and almost died! How can this not make him angry? When he heard the news, he became angry. Now seeing Huang Wenhua with his own eyes, he is even more angry!

Isn’t it? Wayne Lin’s kick is very powerful. A stone the size of a fist hits Huang Wenhua’s back and the damage caused is equivalent to being shot! If he didn’t die on the spot, he was considered dead.

Now Huang Wenhua is wrapped in a mummy. He has just had an operation, and his breath is weak, like a candle in the wind, which must be blown out at any time.

He couldn’t move, his eyes burst into terrifying hatred, and his expression turned hideous enough to scare the children into crying. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, Wayne Lin! Cough cough cough…”

Because he was so excited, his body was trembling when he said the name, which affected the wound, causing him to grin in pain and continue to gasp.

Huang Dongqiang looked so distressed, he hurried over to comfort him, gritted his teeth and said, “Son, you speak slowly, don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Finally, after Huang Wenhua’s anger subsided again, he repeated: “Dad, the person who beat me like this is Wayne Lin, you must avenge me! This beast is too deceitful, if it weren’t for his son’s fate, You can’t see me now!”

“Good, good! Son, don’t worry, Dad will definitely give you revenge. Wayne Lin will definitely not escape!” Huang Dongqiang’s eyes burst out with a terrifying glow. Just when the nurse was about to come in and change the needle, he was shocked. , Hurriedly closed the door.

After a pause, Huang Dongqiang said again: “Son, what is Wayne Lin’s background? Why hasn’t my dad heard of such a person in Huarvell?”

Indeed, Huang Dongqiang tried hard to recall that he didn’t even think of Wayne Lin as a character, could it be a small character? But how could a small character hurt his son?

Huang Wenhua clenched his fists and gritted his teeth and said, “Wayne Lin, that’s the wasteful son-in-law of the Chu family!”

Huang Dongqiang was shocked immediately, “What? Son-in-law? Son, did you make a mistake?”

Huang Dongqiang is still very clear about the strength of his own son. Since he is just a waste son-in-law, how can he hurt Huang Wenhua?

The Chu family… Hwadrid does not seem to have a few big family surnames Chu?

With Huang Wenhua’s eloquent words, Huang Dongqiang understood how sacred Wayne Lin was.

boom! !

Huang Dongqiang was furious, slapped on the table with a slap, furious, “What a son-in-law of the Chu family, I think he doesn’t want to live anymore!”

Huang Wenhua thought of something, and said: “By the way, Wayne Lin is still entangled with Guo Junyi. Guo Junyi has always resisted marrying me, because it has something to do with Wayne Lin. And he even said bad things about me and said me everywhere. Huaxin, brainwash Guo Junyi, we must not let him go!”

Hearing this, Huang Dongqiang’s face became even more ugly, his eyes were as cold as ice, and he said, “The dragon has inverse scales, and it will die if you touch it! Son, don’t worry, this Wayne Lin, he will not live long, I will personally catch him when the time comes. Come back, revenge for you!”

Huang Wenhua was overjoyed and excited.

After a pause, Huang Wenhua thought of something, and said irritably, “Dad, it will be my engagement banquet with Guo Junyi soon. I can’t participate in the way I am now, oh! How can this be done?”

Speaking of which Huang Dongqiang is also a little worried, this is indeed a problem.

Regarding the marriage with the Guo family, Huang Dongqiang and Guo Yuanfeng jointly promoted it. I don’t know how much benefit Guo Yuanfeng has given.

The Guo family’s influence in Hwadrid is not small now, if they can and Guo

The marriage of the family will benefit the Huang family very much. If this marriage fails, the loss will be great! So in any case, he has to go on the engagement banquet.

After thinking about it, Huang Dongqiang said in a deep voice, “This is not a problem. Your marriage with Guo Junyi is already a certainty, and it will be held as scheduled. Besides, your injury is not too serious. You can go to the ground after recuperating for a while. At that time, you can go to participate, just follow the format.”

Huang Wenhua nodded and agreed.

Next, the two of them were conspiring, and they unanimously decided to find Wayne Lin to avenge after the engagement banquet, so that Wayne Lin would frustrate his bones, and die!

On Situ Nan’s side, he was also very anxious, and went to meet the ugly master again, saying that it was a recollection of the past, and the main purpose was to ask when the ugly master would take action against Wayne Lin. All his money has been transferred to Ugly Master’s account, and now Ugly Master hasn’t done anything, he is worried.

However, Chou Ye’s reply to him was that he had to wait a while and would help Situ Nan deal with it.

Now that the ugly master has said so, Situ Nan is not good to continue to ask. To be honest, when he stayed with the ugly master, he still respected the ugly master and didn’t dare to ask more, for fear that he would be impatient. .

In the past two days, Situ Nan went to see Alma Chu and wanted to ask Alma Chu out to eat or something, but Alma Chu refused, which made him very annoyed.

The next big event is about to usher in the engagement banquet of the Huang family and the Guo family. At that time, many people in Huarvell will come to attend. It is a rare occasion, and Situ Nan will naturally attend it.

To be honest, he is quite envious of Huang Wenhua, who can marry Guo Junyi. You must know that Guo Junyi is not only one of the three beauties of Hwadrid, but also the only daughter of the Guo family. This status is more than the same as the three big women of Hwadrid. Alma Chu, one of the beauties, does not know how many times stronger it is!

It’s a pity that he didn’t return to China at the beginning, otherwise he would also beg to the Guo family.

Time flies, and another day has passed. Tomorrow is Guo Junyi’s engagement banquet. Guo Junyi has not contacted Wayne Lin, which makes Guo Junyi anxious.

In the past two days, my parents have repeatedly asked to see Wayne Lin in person to see who Wayne Lin is and who is worthy of Guo Junyi. Otherwise, Guo Junyi will marry Huang Wenhua.

In the middle, Guo Junyi resisted, but her parents only had this condition. She understood that it was already the biggest concession from her parents, and it would be too willful to refuse. Besides, tomorrow is the engagement banquet, and many people in Hwadrid have already been invited. If she doesn’t attend by then, the Guo family will lose much face.

So the best way is to contact Wayne Lin and let Wayne Lin come to see his parents in person. This is a happy thing for everyone!

Besides, she also had a chance to be careful. Now Wayne Lin is divorced and is free. If she is really engaged to her, then she doesn’t mind, but she is very happy.

“Why, haven’t you contacted your so-called boyfriend?”

Guo Yuanjia walked over and said rudely, anyone could see, there was an angry face between his brows.

Mother Liu Yuan also walked over and said dissatisfiedly: “Junyi, it’s not that I said you, this Wayne Lin is too much, how long it has been, he hasn’t answered your phone, is there any boyfriend who does this? I think he is not a good person in all likelihood!”

Guo Junyi bit her lip, her heart was very uncomfortable, but she couldn’t say anything to refute it, because after these two days, she called Wayne Lin at least a hundred calls, but Wayne Lin couldn’t get through. Not actively contacting her, it made her angry too much.

Guo Yuanjia snorted and said, “Junyi, I gave you a chance. If he doesn’t come to see his parents before tomorrow, you will be obediently engaged to Huang Wenhua tomorrow, you know?”

Guo Junyi lowered her head dejectedly. At this point, she was no longer qualified to negotiate, and said weakly, “Oh…”

However, at this moment, her mobile phone suddenly rang. When she picked it up, she was taken aback for a moment, then jumped up excitedly, and exclaimed in surprise, “He called me, Wayne Lin called me. Go!!!”

Chapter 165

The moment before, she was still very slumped, sulking Wayne Lin. At this moment, when she received Wayne Lin’s call, she changed her personality and cheered.

Her radical reaction shocked both Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan. Guo Yuan scolded and scolded, “Junyi! What are you doing, girls, yelling, how decent are you!”

As a woman, her mother Liu Yuan saw different things. She saw that her daughter was so happy because of a phone call from Wayne Lin, and she immediately understood that her daughter really fell in love with this man named Wayne Lin. So she pulled Guo Yuanjia a hand and gave her man a wink, so that Guo Yuanjia would not scold Guo Junyi.

Guo Yuanjia realized this in Liu Yuan’s eyes, and his expression was a bit complicated.

As a father, he only has one daughter, Guo Junyi, which is extremely painful to Guo Junyi. The daughter’s marriage is now more important to him than his career. Otherwise, he wouldn’t find Huang Wenhua, a son-in-law who lives by the dragon for Guo Junyi. However, he didn’t know how long he hadn’t seen his daughter cheering so much. How could he not see that the daughter was happy from the heart?

Guo Junyi stuck out her tongue. She also realized that her reaction was a bit exaggerated, and she was a little bit embarrassed. She ran aside and took the call, and said with some resentment in her tone: “You still know to call me Ah, I thought you had evaporated!”

Wayne Lin’s sorry voice came from the phone, “Sorry, I left my phone in the company these past two days and turned it on silent. I didn’t hear your call.”

This explanation actually sounded very insincere, but Guo Junyi was still very happy when she heard it. The grievances in her heart disappeared all at once, but in her mouth, she still snorted and said dissatisfiedly: Excuse me, it’s been two days, you didn’t give me a call.”

Listening to this resentful voice, Wayne Lin had a headache. He quickly changed the subject and said, “What’s the matter if you call me?”

Guo Junyi was hesitating. Gu left and right talked about him. He didn’t talk about the subject for a long time. Wayne Lin was a little dizzy and said directly: “You don’t need to go around the circle. If you need my help, just talk about it. It’s free.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, Guo Junyi sighed in secret, waiting for your words, so she didn’t go around and said: “It’s like this, I will have wine at home tomorrow, can you come and serve What about my boyfriend?”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin’s volume increased a lot now, “Want to come here? No, no.”

Guo Junyi became addicted to looking for him as a shield. Besides, tomorrow is the engagement banquet between the Guo family and the Huang family. If he becomes Guo Junyi’s boyfriend, he must not explode directly.

Guo Junyi pleaded: “It’s just one day, please help.”

“You want to cheat me. Tomorrow is your engagement banquet with Huang Wenhua. If I become your boyfriend, I won’t be able to poke the hornet’s nest.” Wayne Lin said.

“It’s because it was the engagement banquet between Huang Wenhua and I, that’s why I want you to come over!” Guo Junyi mobilized her three-inch tongue and started begging Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was said to be a big head. In fact, he was not saying that he was afraid of the Huang family, but he was a low-key person. If he appeared as Guo Junyi tomorrow, he would definitely gather everyone’s attention.

“You have figured it out clearly, I am the son-in-law of the Chu family. I have a bad reputation in the Chu family. My identity will be stabbed out at that time, but you will lose the face of the Guo family.” Wayne Lin said.

Said deeply.

Guo Junyi said without even thinking about it: “Cut, I don’t care about this. Besides, you are divorced now. Wayne Lin, you should help me anyway, please. As long as you promise to help me. Busy, I owe you a big man, no matter what request you make, I will meet you! I heard it clearly, any request!”

She deliberately bit the word’any’ very hard, making it sound full of infinite fantasy.

Wayne Lin could completely imagine what she looked like when she said this.

After some hesitation, Wayne Lin sighed and said, “Okay, okay, this is the last time. I won’t be your shield next time. Anyway, my identity will come out. You won’t Just feel ashamed.”

Guo Junyi suddenly cheered and gave a victory sign, “Wayne Lin, thank you, you are so kind to me.”

Wayne Lin laughed irritably, and said, “It’s all right, you don’t have to slap me up, so be it, give me an address and time, and I will pass tomorrow.”

After Guo Junyi’s confession, Wayne Lin hung up and rubbed his temples with some headaches.

This Guo Junyi really kept causing him trouble.

Fortunately, he just rejected Damon Wang, saying that he won’t go to the engagement banquet between the Guo and Huang’s families. I don’t know what Damon Wang will think when he sees him tomorrow.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, he won’t be low-key for long anyway.

Suddenly, he couldn’t help but think of something. I wonder if Alma Chu will attend this engagement banquet tomorrow? Moreover, Alma Chu is now the chairman of Centec, and the highest-ranking person in the Chu family. If Alma Chu would be there, what would he look like when he saw that he was already Guo Junyi’s boyfriend?

There shouldn’t be any expressions, just dismissive in your heart, right?

After all, Alma Chu had never loved him. If he didn’t love him, where would he care?

Wayne Lin shook his head, laughed at himself, stopped thinking, and started working.

On Alma Chu’s side, she actually received an invitation from the Guo family.

Just like Wayne Lin thought, her status is different now. She is the chairman of Centec. She has a lot of face and is eligible to participate in such an engagement banquet.


On the second day, the engagement banquet between the Guo family and the Huang family was held as scheduled. The venue was in the best five-star hotel in Hwadrid. Before the starting point, many luxury cars came one after another, many of them millions. Yes, it also caused a sensation on the road. Many ordinary citizens have speculated that it is the big boss who has so much face and can invite so many big people to participate.

Today’s Guo Junyi was very nervous and excited. She sent a lot of messages to Wayne Lin early in the morning, so that Wayne Lin must not forget it and be present!

Wayne Lin was bothered by her, and finally mute the sound, ignoring it.

So did he come to participate?

Of course it is here. Since he has promised Guo Junyi, he will not break his promise.

However, because he went out in a hurry, he didn’t have time to prepare a luxurious suit. He just came over in a normal suit. Anyway, it was just a run.

Chapter 166

Today, Guo Junyi is the most beautiful day. She is dressed up to travel and dress herself up as beautiful as she is.

Originally, she was extremely disgusted and repulsive of this engagement banquet. At the beginning, she had decided to dress herself as ugly as ugly as she was, and it would be best to destroy this engagement banquet.

But now it’s different. With Wayne Lin’s participation, she is looking forward to this engagement banquet. Although she doesn’t know why she has such an idea, she only knows that she has to dress up nicely anyway. Yes, show his most beautiful side to Wayne Lin.

She is now especially looking forward to Wayne Lin’s face when she sees her so beautiful, she will definitely be scared, hehe.

Moreover, today is her engagement banquet, when Wayne Lin appears as her boyfriend, she does not believe that the Huang family can still agree to this marriage!

“Miss, you are so beautiful today, and you will be the focus of the audience by then. Everyone will fall under your pomegranate skirt.” A maid said enviously while helping Guo Junyi do his hair.

Another maid also said, “Well, the lady is one of the three beauties in Hwadrid City. It is all over the country. How many men want to see the lady without a chance. The lady herself is good, and she has been carefully dressed now. The beauty is bubbling, and you must not dump sentient beings.”

“I’m a little bit jealous of Huang Wenhua. I can get engaged to the young lady. How can he be?”

“Huang Wenhua is the elder brother of the Huang family, and his status is quite distinguished, barely worthy of the young lady.”

In the dressing room, there are seven or eight women dressing up for Guo Junyi. Professionals are responsible for makeup, hair, and clothing.

After everything was set up, Guo Junyi stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself inside, showing a satisfied and proud smile. This makeup team is good, and has dug out her beauty well. Now she exudes incomparable charm from all over her body, and she is so breathtaking between her smiles.

I dressed so beautifully, but it was not for Huang Wenhua.

Guo Junyi said this sentence in her heart, but did not say it.

With the passage of time, more and more guests came to the hotel and the atmosphere became more and more warm.

Wayne Lin did not break his promise, he went to the banquet as scheduled.

After arriving, I found that there were already a lot of guests, and most of them were dignitaries and dignitaries in the society. The whole hall was full of upper class atmosphere.

Wayne Lin, who has been a door-to-door son-in-law for four years, is no longer cold in this kind of place.

So after he arrived, he found a corner to sit down, played with the phone in a low-key manner, and scanned the files sent to him by his subordinates.

Since taking over Shi Qiong, his time hasn’t been enough, and he has to browse the files as soon as he stops, especially now that he decides to start an advertising company, he is even more busy.

It is no exaggeration to say that he has already given Guo Junyi a lot of face for spending the night at the banquet today, and he is too lazy to take care of him if he wants to change someone.

He probably swept the scene around, and didn’t see Alma Chu, nor did he see anyone from the Chu family. He breathed a sigh of relief, but he was inevitably lost in his heart.

“Hey, bring me a bottle of wine.”

While Wayne Lin was carefully reviewing the files, someone suddenly patted him and said to him in a commanding tone.

He looked up and saw that he was a blessed man, wearing a Rolex, with hundreds of thousands of outfits. It seemed that he was a tens of millions of wealthy businessman. He exuded an aura of superiority from all over his body, as if he regarded Wayne Lin as a waiter. Up.


Wayne frowned slightly and said, “You have found the wrong person, I am not a waiter.”

“What?” The blessed man immediately expressed his disbelief, holding the suit Wayne Lin wore, his face was full of disdain and disdain, “You are not a waiter, are you not the distinguished guests who came to the engagement banquet of Guo Huang’s family?”

Wayne Lin is the most impatient when he meets this kind of person. Why is his luck so bad? If he finds a place to sit down, someone will provoke him. Does he seem to be so bullied?

Tonight is Guo Junyi’s important day, and Wayne Lin is too lazy to be familiar with such a small person, he just turned and left, ignoring the other party.

However, his voluntary retreat fell in the eyes of the other party, but it turned into a disrespectful expression. His face changed suddenly, and he caught up with Wayne Lin, and said coldly: “You stop me! A waiter dared to treat me Disrespect, do you know who I am? I can make you hang around in Hwadrid with just a few words, believe it or not?!”

He said this a bit loudly, which immediately attracted the attention of some people around him. With his expression, many people immediately looked over. Someone who knew him asked, “Mr. Li, what’s the situation?”

Manager Li pointed to Wayne Lin and said, “This waiter is disrespectful to me. I asked him to come over the bottle of wine. He dared to show me his face. Are these people at the bottom of society so arrogant now!”

His words aroused the same hatred of these people, and they all began to put pressure on Wayne Lin, asking Wayne Lin to apologize, or kneel down.

Naturally, it is impossible for Wayne Lin to agree. Faced with the difficulties of these four or five little rich men, he smiled, “Just you guys, dare to threaten me?”

It’s okay for him not to speak. When he said these words, they undoubtedly detonated their anger and burst out all at once.

Their expressions changed on the spot, they became gloomy, and they gritted their teeth and yelled.

“Unreasonable! A little waiter, the bottom of society, you dare to be arrogant to us?! I don’t think you know how to write dead words!”

“Boy, you are dead, I don’t know if the sky is high and the earth is thick, right? If you offend us, wait for death.”

“What are you doing so much with him? Just get the hotel manager over and get rid of this beast who doesn’t have long eyes!”

“After investigating his identity, I want to see where his courage comes from, and dare to say that we are miscellaneous!”

All of them were filled with righteous indignation, and they did not have the calmness and self-cultivation that a successful person should have, just like the gangsters on the street. In fact, they are indeed upstarts. They are not well-educated and have no quality. They can earn two or three million yuan a year when they grow up. They are particularly proud. Anyone who is worse than them is not treated by them. When people look.

Wayne Lin shook his head, feeling that he was too unlucky. Originally, he didn’t have enough time. Now that he is disturbed by these evil pens, it is really bad luck.

At this moment, a person saw Wayne Lin, with a surprised expression in his eyes, and immediately speeded up his pace.

His arrival made the few upstarts immediately shine. They ignored Wayne Lin’s lesson, and they all took the initiative to meet him and said, “Mr. Han, you are here too.”

“Yes, Mr. Han, you looked even better when you haven’t seen you for a long time last time!”

“Hello, Mr. Han…”

In front of this President Han, their attitudes were very low, even with obvious flattery and flattery. Where is the indispensable in front of Wayne Lin?

Faced with their kindness, President Han just nodded faintly, not too lazy to remember, walked up to Wayne Lin unabated, bent down, put down his posture, and said in a pleased tone: “Chairman, You are here too.”

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