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Chapter 476


In a luxurious box, a table of people were eating. Looking around, they were all leaders in various fields in Province G. Wayne Lin was specially invited to come and participate in the dinner.

After Wayne Lin received the call from Chou Ye, he was shocked right now and stood up suddenly, shocking everyone present! ! !

Today, Wayne Lin is in a good mood. He will give face to the big men present and come over for a meal, but he never expected that he would receive a call like Ugly Lord!

Especially, on the phone, the dying voice of Ugly Master was something he had never heard before. As a result, his scalp was numb as a result of the content of the call, and an anger rushed from the soles of his feet to his forehead! !

“Where are you, I’ll pass right away!” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice.

On the phone, the ugly master’s weak voice came, “Headquarters… Department!”

At the same time, Wayne Lin heard the sound of fighting on the spot, crackling, and it was so thrilling.

“Okay! You wait for me, I’ll be there in five minutes…no, I will be there in two minutes!” Wayne Lin said categorically with unprecedented seriousness.

Ugly Master’s comforting voice came from the phone, “Okay, Master, we are waiting for you…”

With a snap, Wayne Lin smashed the phone directly. Then, he took a deep breath and looked at the people in the box with surprised eyes and said, “Everyone, sorry, something happened to me. It needs to be dealt with right away.

They also saw the serious matter of Wayne Lin just now. A huge change must have occurred. Where did they dare to keep Wayne Lin, they quickly stood up, waved their hands, and said that it was okay.

Wayne Lin nodded, and didn’t talk any more, now to him, time is money.

He didn’t choose to take the elevator down. It was too slow and too slow, even if it was to take the stairs. There was only one fastest way, and that was to jump the window.

So, he made an action that made everyone in the box stunned, even scared!

I saw him walking towards the window and standing up soon.


Everyone in the box was stunned when he saw him making this action, dumbfounded, and could not understand Wayne Lin’s behavior for a while.

It’s not that they don’t have enough imagination, but that this is a twenty-eight-story tall building with a height of nearly 100 meters. If you jump down, the iron man will have to fall into iron mud.

“Randal, that, the door is in that direction…”

Before he finished speaking, Wayne Lin jumped and jumped straight down.

In an instant, there was an uproar in the box, everyone was frightened, their scalp numb!

“Oh my God! Randal Lin, he is, he is dead!!”

“Randal is crazy!”

“Something big happened, Randal Lin jumped off the building…”

All of them screamed, including Damon Wang who came with him. Now he was also dumbfounded. He hurried to the window and looked down, only to find that Wayne Lin had fallen to death.

Now Wayne Lin was on the opposite high building, running fast, reaching the extreme speed. After a while, it became farther and farther, becoming a small black spot until it disappeared.

Everyone in the box went to the window and saw this scene. All of them had a tingling scalp, their faces were much paler, and their expressions were full of horror, just like a ghost!

They know that Lin Zimin is very good at fighting, and he is known as the number one master in G province. However, this is nearly 30 stories, almost a hundred meters away. People with acrophobia will feel scared when they look down. trembling.

But Wayne Lin actually jumped down like this, and he was able to shuttle between the buildings in the city, and disappeared from their sight within ten seconds.

This kind of thing has too much impact for them!

It can be said that it completely subverted their cognition.

At the same time, they had a deeper understanding of Wayne Lin, and they were even more in awe of him, almost like a god.

Wayne Lin is not a high-profile person, and he doesn’t like to show off. When time permits, he will not choose to jump out of the window.

But now, the situation is too critical. He has no room for delay and can only race against time to reach the Ugly Master’s headquarters in the shortest possible time.

He doesn’t know what happened, what is the debilitating period of the neon clothes, but he can be sure that Ye Xingchen is working together, the neon clothes’s situation is very critical, and the ugly master has been seriously injured, and even his life is in danger. , He must rush to the rescue.

“Ye Xingchen!!!”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth and shouted out the name. Now he is extremely angry with Ye Xingchen, hoping that the ugly master is still alive and the neon clothes have not been killed, otherwise, he will tear the beast Ye Xingchen himself! !

Fast, fast, keep accelerating, and still have to go faster.

He exerted all his strength and ran quickly. Now he is wearing white clothes, jumping in various buildings in the city, and after finding the location of Ugly Master’s headquarters, he rushes past.

Only in this way can he rush over in the fastest time.

Otherwise, if it is an ordinary person, it will take at least half an hour to drive there.

If those so-called parkour masters see what he is doing now, they will be so scared to speak, and throw themselves at Wayne Lin. In front of Wayne Lin, any parkour master is rubbish.

Wayne Lin stepped over now, a distance of more than ten meters, especially when he shuttled between two buildings thirty meters away, he swooped over with all his strength, from high to low, reaching perfectly.

This is already his fastest speed. Fortunately, there is no one on the roof. Otherwise, his behavior will definitely cause a commotion or even panic.

However, even on the top of the building, someone noticed him.

I can see it in several windows on the side.

“Mom, look, there is a white Superman flying!”

“Little treasure, there is no superman in this world, you watch a lot of cartoons.”

“Mom, I’m serious, don’t believe me!”

This is a conversation between a child and his mother.

In addition, a white-collar worker found out in an office building, spouted a sip of coffee, and stared wide-eyed, “Superman, Superman! Come and see, there is Superman!”

His huge reaction shocked everyone in the company.

“I said, Xiao Wang, your routine is too old, right? I stopped playing in junior high school.”

“Yes, it’s superhuman, why don’t you talk about Monkey King?”

“I’m serious, I didn’t lie to you! On the opposite building, there is a Superman wearing white clothes, moving at high speed. That speed, flashed by, faster than Spider-Man!! Don’t believe you see it for yourself !”

Xiao Wang was very excited, his face blushed, and he pulled two colleagues near him and looked outside, but at this time, Wayne Lin had already left, where is he still there?

Similar things are happening in several places, even a small part of the ground, when I look up.

However, because Wayne Lin’s speed was so fast, no one could photograph him, which also led to an extra legend about Superman in Hwadrid…

Wayne Lin didn’t know that he had caused a small commotion. He had entered a mysterious state. He was constantly running towards him. The speed was over 300 yards per hour. The wind was very resistant to him. He had to squint. Keep your eyes and your body forward and your arms close to your body so that you can reduce resistance and speed up.

This was much faster than when he chased the neon clothes that day. He could feel that his physical strength was being consumed rapidly, and at the same time the cells of his body began to burn.

Finally, in a minute and a half, he arrived, lowered his head, and saw the headquarters opposite…

Chapter 477

For Wayne Lin, a minute and a half passed, he didn’t even feel the passage of time.

But for Ugly Lord, it was unprecedented suffering.

He personally watched his men flock to Ye Xingchen like moths, and then Ye Xingchen defeated him, without the ability to fight back.

In the end, all of his loyal subordinates fell, and more than a dozen of them died on the spot.

No way, they are too weak compared to Ye Xingchen, even if they have weapons in their hands, they are not Ye Xingchen’s opponents at all.

After a while, the ground was full of ugly men, and the scene was very pessimistic.

But Ye Xingchen didn’t have a trace of scars. At most, some sweat broke out on his forehead, and he exerted a little force, but as he took a long breath and spit it out, he had returned to normal.

He lowered his head and glanced across the audience, revealing a disdainful look, “Huh, the mayfly shakes the tree, and he is overpowered. The ant is the ant, and no matter how many come, it is just an ant.”

When the ugly master heard Ye Xingchen’s words, he sighed heavily, incomparably angry and painful, and closed his eyes, more helpless. There is no way, Ye Xingchen is too powerful, it is not something he can resist.

The only thing he can count on now is that Wayne Lin can come over in time.

But he knew that this possibility was not high.

Ye Xingchen sorted out his clothes briefly, and when he saw that his clothes were still stained with blood and dirt, he frowned deeply, especially annoyed!

He is a cleanliness person and cares about his own image. Now, his body is actually stained with the blood of these ants, which makes him very angry!

“Damn! You ants!”

Ye Xingchen said fiercely, and then, he frowned, he couldn’t feel the breath of neon clothes, and she ran away!

Reading this, he became even more angry, and punched the wall next to him, directly punching a hole in the wall!

“Neon, I know you must still be here, you can’t run! Now you come out quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for killing!”

Ye Xingchen’s face was cold, and he said coldly toward the surroundings.

But Nishang did not come out, only the screams and wailing voices of these subordinates at the scene, Ye Xingchen’s expression became even more ferocious, he thought about it, and started walking towards the ugly master, grinning, “You are Nishang’s subordinate, just now she was her You are told to hold me, you must know where she is hiding!”

Almost instantly, Ye Xingchen walked up to the ugly master, stepped on the ugly foot, staring at him condescendingly and said.

Ugly Master suffered from pain, but he didn’t scream, let alone beg for mercy. He closed his eyes and even smiled and said, “Ye Xingchen, you can’t find Master Nishang. When she returns tomorrow, his skills will be restored. , It will be your death date… Ah!!!”

Ye Xingchen violently used force, the ugly master couldn’t bear it, and finally he screamed.

“This is looking for death!” Ye Xingchen looked terrifying, his eyes were full of murderous intent, and he stared at the ugly master fiercely, “I will give you one last chance, tell me where the slut, Nishang, has gone, otherwise, I…”

He didn’t finish his words. Suddenly, from a loudspeaker in the corner, the voice of neon clothes came, “Ye Xingchen, you beast, dare to kill the same door! When I go back to the organization and tell the king, you are dead. !”

When Ye Xingchen heard this, he suddenly looked towards the speaker, his eyes were like electricity, he saw a camera next to the speaker, he instantly

I understand that the neon clothes are still here, and through this camera in the corner, you can see the scene in the hall.

“Neon clothes!” Ye Xingchen stared straight at the camera, and said: “You are still here, I count to three, you come out obediently, otherwise I will kill him!”

With that, Ye Xingchen opened his right hand and grabbed the Ugly Master’s head. As long as he tried hard, he could burst the Ugly Master’s head like a watermelon.

Yes, Nishang hasn’t left yet. She hid in a secret room. This is a secret room that she asked the ugly master to make. It is made of thick steel plates. Even the masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen cannot demolish it by violence.

Even with a laser gun, it can’t be shot through, and the legendary King Kong is not bad, so it can break open.

She looked at the dying appearance of Ugly Master being caught by Ye Xingchen now, she felt very distressed, and her heart was twisted.

How the Ugly Master helped her to delay the time just now, she was watching, especially those subordinates, like moths to the fire, and saved their lives, even if her temper was cold and hard-hearted, now Can’t help being moved!

At the same time, her hatred for Ye Xingchen became even stronger.

Faced with Ye Xingchen’s threat, Nishang’s lips were bitten and angrily cursed: “Ye Xingchen! He is also a member of the organization and a servant of the saint of the previous generation. If you kill him, you will kill the same family. I won’t let you go!!!”

When Ye Xingchen heard this, some fear flashed on his face, but he disappeared immediately, and he laughed loudly, “Neon clothes, death is approaching, you dare to scare me? How about the previous saints, Qin Yuehua is now a sinner! Let the organization be ashamed! If it weren’t for the holy king, he would have killed Qin Yuehua long ago! As for Qin Yuehua’s servant, even if I kill him, it’s not a massacre, but, Clear the scum for the organization!”

As he said, he tried harder, and the ugly master was shaking with pain.

But he still resisted, did not scream out, and he also uttered his own roar, “Master Nishang, don’t worry about me! Take care of yourself, wait for your skills to recover tomorrow, and then take revenge for me! Unfortunately, I don’t see it. It’s the day Young Master grows up…”

Two lines of regretful tears shed from the corner of Ugly’s eyes.

Ye Xingchen’s expression was even more ugly. In his eyes, the Ugly Master was just an ant-like existence, and he even dared to resist him.

“Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!!” Ye Xingchen said these words coldly, and then he started to squeeze the ugly master’s head directly.

Ugly Lord closed his eyes, there was no fear or panic on his face, he looked very indifferent, some were just reluctant and ashamed, and he murmured in his heart: Miss, the old slave is incompetent, unable to complete the task you assigned to the old slave Up…


At this moment, the neon clothes broke out, and she said with a short breath: “Ye Xingchen! You don’t want me and you to double cultivation, so as to increase the cultivation base, and reach the fifth stage of the innate realm, the realm of great perfection! I promised you. !”

In the secret room, Nishang gritted her teeth and said this sentence. After speaking, she seemed to have emptied all of her strength. At the same time, her current cultivation base has also fallen directly out of the innate realm…

“Hahahaha…” Ye Xingchen was overjoyed, he let go of the ugly master, and laughed, “Nishang, you thought so long ago, it’s not that nothing happened…”

Suddenly he felt something. He turned his head abruptly and looked towards the door. He immediately saw a tall and slender figure standing there, with Ling Ran staring at him murderously in his eyes.

No one, but Wayne Lin.

He finally arrived! ! !

Chapter 478

Yes, Wayne Lin arrived. When he saw the mess on the ground, hundreds of people were lying on the ground and groaning in pain, and they were seriously injured. One of them was more miserable than one. A dozen of them were dead and became corpses.

Especially the Ugly Master, whose chest is sunken, his breath is like a candling in the wind, he will die at any time, his head is still grasped by Ye Xingchen, and he is constantly tightening to catch Ugly’s head.

Wayne Lin saw this scene, and suddenly, a monstrous anger swept through his body!

Kaka Kaka…

He clenched his fist tightly like never before, even a piece of stainless steel could be crushed by him.

This anger hit his mind directly, making his eyes flushed and bloodshot, staring at Ye Xingchen, if his eyes could kill, Ye Xingchen would have been cut by him.

Ye Xingchen was stunned when he saw him appear, then let go of the ugly master, and said with a smile: “Oh, it’s Randal who is here, tusk, you are here in time, it seems that you are the slut of Nishang. , I told you about it.”

The ugly master turned his head to look at Wayne Lin. He showed a happy smile and whispered softly, “Master, you are here…”

In the secret room, Nishang saw Wayne Lin’s arrival, and she immediately thought of it!

“Oops, why is Brother Wayne here!?”

Ni Chang’s face was worried, she couldn’t calm down, because she had fought Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen, and it was clear that with Wayne Lin’s current strength, she was not Ye Xingchen’s opponent at all.

When it comes to the innate realm, the gap between each stage is not small, especially after the third stage, the gap is even wider. Wayne Lin is only in the third stage, no matter how good his combat talent is, he can’t beat Ye Xingchen.

“Brother Wayne, go quickly, you are not his opponent!”

At that moment, Nishang called out.

Wayne Lin heard her voice, raised his head, looked at the camera on the wall, shook his head, and took a deep breath. In an instant, he suppressed his anger and restored his calm appearance, saying, “I won’t Go, Ye Xingchen is immortal today, I, Wayne Lin, swear not to be a man!”

After saying the last word, Wayne Lin’s eyes suddenly became round and brilliant, like the original two dim oil lamps, suddenly turned into two high-power car lights, illuminating Ye Xingchen. I couldn’t open my eyes.

Of course, Wayne Lin’s eyes don’t shine. He used mental interference to bring such an illusion to Ye Xingchen. In fact, as long as the people present consciously felt Wayne Lin’s eyes burst into shock The light, there is terrifying energy in the body, enough to destroy the world!

Ye Xingchen’s complexion changed. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to interfere with his spiritual world, and even brought him a sense of crisis!

This is something he cannot tolerate.

“Huh!” He roared, and soon returned to normal. Facing Wayne Lin’s offense, he did not dodge, but chose to head-on, defeating Wayne Lin with a crushing force!

When that time comes, he will use Wayne Lin to threaten the neon clothes, so he is not afraid that the neon clothes will not come out.

He played very well, but he still underestimated Wayne Lin’s strength.

The blood in Wayne Lin’s whole body boiled, and Ye Xingchen’s behavior had already greatly aroused his killing intent. If he didn’t kill Ye Xingchen, he would spend his entire life in regret.

He knew that Ye Xingchen’s realm was higher than him, but so what? Since he stepped into the innate realm, which time hasn’t he leapfrogged his opponent?

So he has confidence in himself, he can definitely defeat Ye Xingchen.

Even though Wayne Lin is currently in the third stage of the Innate Realm, his strength is already infinitely close to the fourth stage. In addition, some time ago, on the cliffs, he was constantly tempering his life and death on the cliffs, and his will has reached a toughness that ordinary people could not understand. Point.

To put it bluntly, the pressure Ye Xingchen brings to him now is far inferior to the cliffs.

Therefore, he can display 100% of his strength, and there is absolutely no fear of Ye Xingchen.

Wayne Lin’s boxing technique is exquisite and suitable for close combat. It incorporates some Wing Chun skills, but it is not complete. The punches are extremely fast and have extraordinary strength. Each punch produces tens of thousands of catties of energy, which is terrifying. Even Ye Xingchen felt a lot of pressure.

With fists like arrows, Wayne Lin rushed to Lin

Wayne launched an overwhelming attack!

The corner of Ye Xingchen’s mouth rose up, revealing a joking smile, and said: “It’s interesting, it seems I underestimated you.”

With that said, Ye Xingchen also began to counterattack. His boxing style was a feminine style of play. Facing Wayne Lin’s attack with all arrows, his main focus was on defense, like a quagmire that could absorb Wayne Lin’s fierceness. attack.

Wayne Lin immediately felt all his attacks hit the quagmire, and was also affected by Ye Xingchen, as if there was a whirlpool in front of Ye Xingchen with an invisible resistance, which buffered his power a lot. .

Wayne Lin knew that this was the brilliant point of Ye Xingchen’s practice.

No matter how fierce his offense is, Ye Xingchen can calmly resolve it, and it will last forever. Over time, his physical strength will be more than Ye Xingchen’s. When it reaches a certain level, Ye Xingchen will make a fierce counterattack. At that time, he was defeated!

I have to say that Ye Xingchen is really an extremely strong person, and he is also the most powerful person Wayne Lin has encountered so far, Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, in front of Ye Xingchen, can not last two rounds.

Wayne Lin tried to crack Ye Xingchen’s style of play, but several attempts were fruitless, and he even felt that his physical strength was consumed more. Ye Xingchen was like a whirlpool, constantly absorbing his physical strength.

Ye Xingchen laughed, “Wayne Lin, you are a wild breeder, that’s what you can do? I can’t even break my defenses, haha.”

Wayne Lin didn’t say a word, his mind was running frantically, and all the exercises were flawed, and Ye Xingchen was no exception.

The damage caused by the two of them was tremendous. After a while, the destruction of the scene was in a mess. Those who were originally lying on the ground also used the strength of feeding and hurried to hide away, for fear of being It’s a fish in the pond.

The Ugly Master was also moved aside with difficulty by his two subordinates. He stared closely at Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen, very nervous. Suddenly, he regretted calling Wayne Lin, if Wayne Lin was not Ye Xingchen’s. Opponent, then Wayne Lin was hurt by him.

It’s because he didn’t think thoroughly enough.

But at the moment, he can only put hope on Wayne Lin, praying that Wayne Lin can show off his power and surrender Ye Xingchen!

Boom boom boom boom…

Their fight was so fierce that they were going to surpass the one between Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi. After a while, they hit a small warehouse on the opposite side. In less than a minute, the entire small warehouse was demolished by them. The collapse brought a huge movement, dust filled the sky, and their figures quickly sprang out of the ruins.

At this moment, they are all injured, and they are no longer the glamorous image at the beginning.

Some blood oozes from the corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth. He was punched by Ye Xingchen just now, and Ye Xingchen was kicked by him.

They stopped temporarily and looked at each other. Ye Xingchen looked down at a footprint on his stomach, his face was a bit pale. Just now Wayne Lin’s foot caused him a lot of damage, and his intestines were all hurt. The kick broke, especially Wayne Lin’s vigor, which ran around in his stomach. It took him a lot of effort to’digest’ this vigor.

Wayne Lin got him a punch on the shoulder. He was dislocated at the time. When he was twisted, he took it back. Even so, he was also injured, which affected his strength.

The two of them stopped hand tacitly and quickly adjusted their state so as to strike a fatal blow to each other!

Ye Xingchen stared at Wayne Lin and said, “YeZhong, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to grow to this level! However, your good days are over, and today is your death date!”

His mouthful of wild species made Wayne Lin angrily, and said: “Ye Xingchen, I heard that the day your mother gave birth to you, your father never came. Your mother still doesn’t know who your father is. Because the man who had a relationship with your mother at the beginning was like there are so many stars in the sky, that’s why I named you a “star”. Tsk tsk, Ye Xingchen, no wonder you often talk about wild species, feelings are your own The biggest wild species, there are as many wild fathers as there are stars in the sky.”

Wayne Lin’s words were too vicious. Ye Xingchen exploded immediately after hearing this, and shouted, “Wayne Lin, you’re f*cking looking for death!!”

Anger attacked his heart, and he couldn’t take care of recuperation, he wanted to kill Wayne Lin with a palm.

Wayne Lin sneered at him when he saw his anger and depravity. Now he has recovered, and Ye Xingchen was disturbed by his anger, so he was definitely not his opponent.

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