A Life Upside Down Chapter 431 – 433

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Table of Contents

Chapter 431

Before this, no one had thought that Wayne Lin could beat Connor, because there was so much difference in body shape, just like a lion and a rabbit, but as a result, Wayne Lin stood still and was beaten by Connor, without a shot. There was no injury, but Connor was hit by Wayne Lin with ease, and he flew out and fainted directly.

They looked over, and even saw Connor’s chest, obviously stuck in a hole, can they still live like this?

Wayne Lin’s fist did not show mercy, and directly abolished Connor. Even if he was rescued, he would only be a useless person in the future.

Liu Jie and others swallowed hard, unbelievable, all this in front of them was real, completely subverting their cognition and three views.

When Wayne Lin saw the expressions of these foreigners, he had already developed a strong fear of him, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became stronger and stronger.

He hooked his finger at Smith and said with a smile: “Smith, I heard that you made a science fiction movie not long ago. In it, you are an omnipotent superhero. It is very beautiful. Now show me you. Not as capable as in the movie.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s smile, Smith shuddered, and his hands and feet became cold!

His lips trembled and his feet began to swing. Now he was terrified of Wayne Lin to the extreme. He never expected that the soaring Connor was still not Wayne Lin’s opponent, and he was defeated so easily.

“Lin Lin, Randal Lin, I was wrong, I was wrong, it was all my fault, I will never trouble you again.” Smith cried and begged for mercy, and now he is completely scared.

“Wrong? Since you are wrong, you have to accept punishment.” Wayne Lin’s eyes opened abruptly after he finished speaking, and his figure moved and he grabbed Smith.

Smith was so frightened that he wanted to run, but he found that he was locked by Wayne Lin, and he couldn’t run away even at the end of the world.

In panic, he cried out heartbreakingly, “Boss!!! Save me!!!”

With his hysterical voice shouting, from the room behind him, the door was suddenly kicked, and a tall white man appeared. He was very fast and his eyes were like electricity. He rushed towards Wayne Lin, like a white light.

Wayne Lin chuckled and laughed secretly, “Finally, can you give it up? It’s a pity that you can’t stop ten people I want to kill!”

Almost between the electric sparks, Wayne Lin arrived in front of Smith. Under his extreme fear, Wayne Lin pinched Smith’s neck with one hand, lifted him up, and squeezed it. Smith had no time to scream and heard a click. With a sound, Wayne Lin’s neck was screwed off, and his frightened pupils began to loosen, and he immediately died.

Chapter 432

At the same time, the tall white supernatural person has arrived. He saw Smith’s death, his eyes burst into strong anger, and he shouted: “Damn Chinese, you are looking for death!!!”

“Really? It depends on whether you have this ability. Next, I’m going to kill the second one.” Wayne Lin sneered and threw Smith at the other party. Then, his figure disappeared in place. It seems to be teleportation. The next time he appears, he has already arrived in front of another foreigner and gave him a playful smile, “Go to God for your foreigners’ beliefs. Now I will send you to see his old man.”


The foreigner was terrified, and he wanted to turn around and ran, but how could his speed be as fast as Wayne Lin?

Before he finished speaking, the whole person froze, and Wayne Lin slapped him on the back of his head. He fell down like a machine that had lost power.

The rest of the other foreigners were so scared that they were speechless. They were cold all over, and kept reading, devil, Satan…

As for Liu Jie and other Chinese people, they were also shocked, and at the same time there was a kind of unspeakable passion and excitement.

When have they ever seen foreigners panic so much, acting like birds and beasts are scattered?

This is really a boost for them!

But for the white supernatural person, he was extremely angry, and his whole person erupted like a volcano.

“Chinese people, you are dead!! Even God can’t save you!” He roared loudly. The loudness of his voice created a layer of sound waves that made many people’s eardrums unbearable and had to cover them. ear.

But for Wayne Lin, it’s pediatrics.

No impact at all, he continued to move, frantically hunting foreigners present.

Killing, a foreign devil in one palm! !

Since he started his practice, he hasn’t been as happy as he is today. Even if Brian Gu and Wu Meizi were killed that day, they couldn’t compare to the present.

“Damn Chinese! Stop it, stop it!!”

The white person with supernatural powers has been running with Wayne Lin, but he has not been able to catch up with Wayne Lin. Several times, he almost can catch up, but he has been avoided by Wayne Lin’s flexible body.

And the two dozen foreigners present fell one by one, and no one could hold Wayne Lin’s palm. Several of them were even shot against the wall by Wayne Lin, knocking the wall down.

Connor woke up, he looked at this scene, his face was pale, and his violent fear had made him forget the pain and kept saying, “Devil, devil…”

Indeed, Wayne Lin is now the representative of the devil in the eyes of these foreigners.

However, when Wayne Lin stopped, all the foreigners present fell down and died in his hands.

This left the white supernatural person, and the dying Connor.

Wayne Lin glared at him, and Connor let out a scream of extreme terror. He was scared to death and was directly scared to death on the spot.

“Now tell me, are the Chinese people sick?”

Wayne Lin didn’t leave. He turned his head and looked at the white supernatural person in front of him with a smile but a smile. He was also a master of the innate realm. This was the first foreign superpower he encountered, and his strength was much worse than that of Brian Gu.

Kakakacha, the white person with the supernatural power clenched his fist, and made a crackling sound. He gritted his teeth and stared at Wayne Lin, “Damn! Damn! Chinese, you damn!!!”

He looked down at the foreigners who had fallen here, except for him, all died.

Among them, Connor is still his cash cow. He spent more than one billion on Connor, intending to cultivate Connor and earn money for him!

But now, it’s dead!

And Smith, one of his cash cows, died.

Just because of this damn Chinese in front of me! !

He gritted his teeth, had never hated a person so much, and yelled, “You give me, die!!!”

Then he brazenly shot, blinking an eye, and then he came to Wayne Lin and slammed a punch, which actually caused the sound of an air explosion. The power of this punch exceeded 10,000 pounds.

But for Wayne Lin, it was too weak.

He did not choose to attack immediately, but began to dodge, not because he was not against the opponent, but because he had to study clearly how the opponent reached the innate realm and what the core of the opponent’s practice was.

Because Wayne Lin’s figure was too fast, this white supernatural person could not reach Wayne Lin even with all his strength. He was so angry that he jumped into thunder and cursed: “Damn Chinese, would you hide!” This coward! Have a fight with me!!!”

Wayne Lin didn’t respond to him at all, he continued to dodge, carefully studying the other party’s routine.

After five minutes, the other party still couldn’t touch Wayne Lin, and the white supernatural person was going crazy. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he looked at the dozen or so Chinese on the side with a cruel sneer. “Wait for me to kill these Chinese pigs, see if you still hide!”

As he said, he rushed towards Liu Jie and others.

However, at this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly showed a look of enlightenment, and said: “I understand, it turns out that you broke the first shackles of the human body in this way and reached the innate realm. Now that I understand, then you There is no more living value.”

When the words fell, Wayne Lin’s momentum suddenly changed, and his speed suddenly increased. Before the white supernatural person rushed to Liu Jie and others, he grabbed the white supernatural person’s neck. Believing, he squeezed, the white supernatural person’s neck suddenly broke, his body lost strength, and he fell to the ground.

“You, you are not an ordinary ability person, you are an S-level ability person…” After speaking, he died, his eyes full of unwillingness and fear.

Chapter 433

In order to show his sincerity, Ouyang Feng came from his family this time. Almost all the important people in the Ouyang family came.

After they arrived, Wayne Lin still didn’t come out to see them after waiting for an hour. It could be said that he didn’t give them any face.

Finally, a young man who had not come back from abroad for a long time became displeased. He patted the table and angrily cursed: “This man named Lin dares to be so arrogant. Let us wait for more than an hour before showing up!”

Someone immediately agreed, “Weicheng is right, this Wayne Lin is too presumptuous! He really regards him as a character. Our Ouyang family came up and down to visit, it is to give him great face, he actually dare to be there. It is unreasonable if it is installed!!”

These two people had just returned from abroad, and had not personally seen Wayne Lin’s horror, and vented their dissatisfaction.

In their opinion, their Ouyang family is one of the best big families in Province G, and it is too late for others to indulge them. Now that their family is here, Wayne Lin dares to leave them alone for an hour. This is extremely arrogant!

Even they couldn’t even figure out why Ouyang Feng wanted so many people to come and visit Wayne Lin. Isn’t this a surrender status? If it is spread out, people will be laughed at.

Ouyang Xuehai immediately said: “Weicheng, Weibing! Don’t be so loud, it won’t be great if you are heard by Wayne Lin.”

“Second uncle, what’s the matter with you? Isn’t it just a little Wayne Lin, are you so scared? I think you turned pale in fright.”

“Yes, I have investigated this Wayne Lin, who is an ordinary businessman, with a net worth of at most 10 billion yuan, which is far behind our Ouyang family. Are our Ouyang family going to please him like this?”

Brothers Ouyang Weibing and Weicheng Xuebing were both upset and puzzled.

“You just came back from abroad. You don’t know the horror of Wayne Lin. He is not as simple as a businessman. The most important thing is that he is a master of the innate realm. Even Brian Gu and Wu Meizi died in their hands. This time we I have to come to him to clarify the past!” Ouyang Xuehai said in a deep voice, “It is best to strive for an alliance with him.

The other Ouyang family members had seen Gu Hanxing’s birthday party with their own eyes. Wayne Lin made a brazen move and beat Wu Meizi to death with an invincible posture. They were deeply jealous and awed towards Wayne Lin.

Especially, after they saw the destruction created by Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi with their own eyes, the scene was what they had seen in their lives, leaving an indelible impression in their minds. In their eyes, Wayne Lin had already left the category of human beings, but existed like gods!

As for Ouyang Yanran, she also clenched her lip on the side, involuntarily remembering the situation that day, and the final departure of Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang together, the scene of the immortal couple, she couldn’t tell the complexity in her heart.

After knowing a man like Wayne Lin, she probably won’t be able to favor other men in her life.

What kind of man is there in the world who can compare with Wayne Lin?

Just follow the person who has eaten dragon meat, let him eat the mortal person again, it is dull.

However, after Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing heard this, they both showed weird expressions, and even more disdain for Wayne Lin, “Second uncle, no, we Ouyang’s family has made a big move to come over and visit this Wayne Lin. , Just because he can fight well?”

“Please, what era is this, and are you still doing this? So if you live in the country for a long time, you are feudal. No matter how powerful this surname is Lin, can he stop bullets? Now is the era when technology and finance are kings. .”

Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing shook their heads, particularly disdainful. As foreign students, they all received Western higher education and believed in science and technology and finance. They were extremely contemptuous of so-called martial arts and fighting.

After Ouyang Xuehai heard it, his face became gloomy and felt

These two younger generations were too arrogant to sit in the well, and even the elders’ decision began to be questioned.

Just when he was very unhappy and was about to speak, the door in front was opened and a few people walked in. The front one was Damon Wang.

Wayne Lin still didn’t show up. Many people from the Ouyang family were a little annoyed when they saw this scene, but they didn’t dare to show it, so they all stood up and greeted them with smiles.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time. Our chairman is already busy and is waiting for you in the office. Please come with me.” Damon Wang said with a smile, his expression neither humble nor overbearing, even with some pride.

Now he feels very refreshed. This is Ouyang Feng’s family. If he changed him, he would not even have the qualifications to see Ouyang Feng. However, now, Ouyang Feng has to come over to apologize honestly and put down his posture. This feeling is simply Don’t be too cool!

Ouyang Feng didn’t have the slightest discomfort on his face, instead he smiled and said with a smile, “Then I will trouble Mr. Wang to lead the way.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Damon Wang said with a smile, his waist straighter.

Ouyang Xuehai also put aside his posture, and took the initiative to greet Damon Wang. In his capacity, he was so humble. If he had changed before, Damon Wang would not even think about it. Therefore, he is also more and more grateful that his original choice, otherwise, he is now the same as Ouyang’s family, and his intestines can be regretted!

As for Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing, their faces were even more ugly. They looked at each other and saw each other’s dissatisfaction.

After they received Western education, they had a kind of thinking that they looked down on the country, including Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai, and they also thought that their thinking was backward.

Especially when they heard that Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai hurriedly summoned them to come over and visit Wayne Lin, it was because Wayne Lin was able to fight, and they believed this even more firmly.

After a while, I arrived at Wayne Lin’s office. As soon as I came in, I saw Wayne Lin sitting in the boss’s chair. He stared at the computer leisurely. Through his voice, I could find that Wayne Lin was actually playing with the landlord, “Call the landlord.” “Super double”, “Mingpai” and other game sounds, especially the sound of “I will wait till the flowers are also thanked”, made them very embarrassed.

Ouyang Weibing and Ouyang Weicheng themselves were dissatisfied with Wayne Lin. Now they saw that Wayne Lin was actually here to fight the landlords. After hanging them out for more than an hour, a burst of anger came out of their foreheads!


It’s too much! !

The corners of Ouyang Feng’s mouth twitched twice. He was also a big man anyway, and Wayne Lin was a bit too much to neglect him in this way. However, he immediately thought of Wayne Lin’s identity now, and he couldn’t get annoyed either.

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I and your uncle Xuehai are here to disturb you.” Ouyang Feng said with a smile, he put his posture very low, Ouyang Xuehai also squeezed out a smile, and began to say: “Yeah. Ming, in fact, some time ago, Grandpa Ouyang and I wanted to come and look for you, but Mr. Wang said you…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard Wayne Lin staring at the computer and said: “Haha, I won all this. I won more than half a million Happy Beans in one round.”

In an instant, the smiles of Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai stiffened on their faces.

Wayne Lin raised his head and said, “Oh, it turns out that Mr. Feng Ouyang and Mr. Xuehai Ouyang are here, please sit down.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s negligence, Ouyang Weicheng was more irritable. He couldn’t help it at the moment. He stood up abruptly and yelled at Wayne Lin, “Well, your surname is Lin! I have tolerated you long enough!” Shame on your face! What kind of thing do you dare to show us Ouyang’s face like this?!”

When he said this, the smile on Wayne Lin’s face disappeared, and Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai suddenly changed their faces.

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