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Chapter 590

The two of them chatted and walked home. As soon as they walked to the door, they heard a dissatisfied voice inside, “Hey, now forty minutes have passed. I haven’t seen Yin Hong, Yin Fengmao, I Warning, you owe us more than eight million yuan to our son Lu! If Yin Hong does not show up today, we will sell your two properties and factories, and your family will not even have a place to live by then!”

It was the voice of a man, scolded very unceremoniously. Yin Hong saw it at a glance. A burly, fierce-looking bald man pointed at his father’s nose and yelled at him. In the room, several people stood there, all watching Among social people with wicked spirits, Da Ma Jindao sitting on the sofa is a young man covered with famous brands and with an evil smile.

He, Lu Fan, looked at the entire Fengcheng, he was ranked as the rich child, because his uncle was the city lord of Fengcheng.

He tilted Erlang’s legs, with a cigar in his mouth, and said to Yin Fengmao, “Mr. Yin, we have said that, in half an hour, Yin Hong will come back and appear in front of me. Forty minutes have passed, and I still haven’t seen her, which is equivalent to letting my plane go. Lu Fan, I am very upset.”

He spit out a long breath of smoke and sprayed it on Yin Fengmao’s face. He said with a smile but a smile: “I am a person who hates being put off the plane. Anyone who puts my plane will not end well. Mr. Yin, you It’s not the first day I met me, I should know my character, right?”

Yin Fengmao was particularly afraid of Yin Fengmao, and quickly nodded, then shook his head, and said anxiously, “Master Lu, I didn’t mean to let you off the plane. I did tell Yin Hong. She was in the People’s Hospital for half an hour. I will definitely be able to rush back. I don’t know why she hasn’t rushed back… Lu Gongzi, or I will call Yin Hong again now!”

Lu Gongzi’s face suddenly became cold, and he snorted heavily, and said, “No! Yin Fengmao, I think you have eaten Xiongxin Leopard, dare you not put my Lu Fan’s words in your eyes! , Don’t want your real estate and factory buildings! Waiting to live on the street!”

He then stood up and looked at Yin Fengmao coldly, intending to come true.

When the Yin family heard these words, they suddenly panicked and wailed! If the Yin family’s real estate is sold, they will be homeless and really have to live on the street. This is not something they can accept.

Yin Fengmao hurriedly begged for mercy: “Lu Gongzi Lu Gongzi! Please give us some more time, Yin Hong is already on the way back and will be there soon! Lu Gongzi, you must not sell our house and factory. This is all of our Yin family!”

Yin Fengmao is over fifty years old. Facing Lu Gongzi, who was a generation younger than him, he was humbled to his bones. He felt very unhappy in his heart, but he did not dare to have any dissatisfaction. Because people like Lu Fan can’t offend ordinary people like him! He regrets it now, why did he listen to the villain’s slander, got on Lu Fan’s thief ship, was defrauded of more than money by Lu Fan, and owed a debt!

Now, for the future of the Yin family, he has no choice but to betroth his daughter to Lu Fan, which is nothing more than selling a girl for glory.

Lu Fan snorted and said, “Yin Fengmao, I have given you many opportunities, you know, my time is precious!”

“I know I know…” Yin Fengmao nodded hurriedly, the middle-aged man’s desolation and sadness, this moment was vividly manifested.

Yin Hong was outside the door. She bit her lips tightly when she saw this scene. Originally, she complained very much about her father Yin Fengmao, thinking that Yin Fengmao ignored her happiness and forcibly pushed her into the fire pit.

But the scene that happened just now showed her the sadness and helplessness of her father and the seriousness of the matter.

She took a deep breath and walked in strode, “Lu Fan, you don’t have to embarrass my dad, I’m in a traffic jam on the road, so I came back late.”

Her appearance immediately made the room look over.

When Lu Fan saw her, his eyes suddenly brightened, showing surprise and coveting.

Yin Fengmao breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yin Hong’s return, but there was a little more guilt in his eyes. He really had no choice but to sell his daughter.

“Yin Hong, you’re back, my son has been waiting for you for a long time.” Lu Fan smiled, walked towards Yin Hong, stretched out his hand, and was about to hug Yin Hong’s waist.

Yin Hong’s expression changed slightly when he saw this movement, and she twisted her body quickly, avoiding his salty pig’s hand, “Master Lu, please respect yourself, men and women are not allowed to kiss!”

When Lu Fan saw Yin Hong dodging, he was not angry. Instead, his smile became even more wicked. He stood where Yin Hong just stood, took a deep breath, showed an intoxicated expression, and said, “It’s so fragrant, Yin Hong, I’m already Can’t wait to get you.”

His appearance was so wretched, his face changed again, and he couldn’t restrain his disgust and rejection.

Yin Hong could only pretend not to see, and walked to the Yin family.

“Dad, mom, are you all right?”

Mother Yin held Yin Hong’s hand, her eyes flushed, and said, “Daughter, your parents are useless, and you are wronged.”

Yin Fengmao also gritted his teeth, eyes full of guilt, and said to Yin Hong: “Yin Hong, it’s Dad who can’t help you.”

Yin Hong took a deep breath and said to Yin Fengmao, “Dad, tell me honestly, how much money do you owe Lu Fan? Why did you mortgage our house and factory to him?”

Speaking of this, Yin Fengmao was particularly embarrassed and ashamed. He sighed heavily and said: “I owed Lu Fan a total of 3.56 million in principal, but after this year, Ligunli, The gold plus interest owes Lu Fan, which has exceeded 8 million.”

“What? Eight million!” Yin Hong immediately reacted tremendously after hearing this. She widened her eyes and said, “Dad, you are so confused, how come you even borrow this kind of money! It’s only a year, and the interest has nearly turned over. Twice, what kind of loan shark is this! This kind of loan is totally illegal, we can call the police!”

However, when Yin Fengmao heard this, he seemed to have experienced something horrible, and he said quickly: “Daughter! Don’t talk nonsense, call the police, you can’t call the police! If you call the police, our family will be dead!”

At this time, Lu Fan’s voice came from behind with a smile, “Call the police? Okay! Then you should call the police. It just so happens that my uncle is the lord of the city. You can give it a try. What are the consequences of calling the police!”

He was an undisguised threat, making the Yin family even more afraid and panic after hearing it, and quickly admitted to Lu Fan and apologized, hoping to be forgiven by Lu Fan.

Yin Hong also realized that Lu Fan is powerful and powerful. Calling the police is not a good choice. She bit her lip and said: “Lu Fan, we are just ordinary people and have never offended you. Are you making things difficult for us like this?! “

Chapter 591

Yin Hong felt very angry and aggrieved. Their family, young and old, are ordinary people who are safe and abiding by themselves. They always abide by the law. They have never done anything illegal or harmed anyone. Now they encounter such things, they are really very Can’t accept it!

However, instead of sympathy, Lu Fan laughed, “Hahaha, Yin Hong, I warn you, you can eat rice, but you can’t talk nonsense. When did Lu Fan make things difficult for you! Business is your dad? He agreed to do it. He borrowed the money from me on his own initiative. Even the IOU was written voluntarily by him. Later, the business lost and he couldn’t make money by himself. So he mortgaged the house and factory to me, from beginning to end. He did it voluntarily. Now you say I made things difficult for you?!”

Lu Fan stared at Yin Hong closely and walked towards Yin Hong step by step, his eyes full of aggressiveness.

Facing his aggression, Yin Hong began to panic and began to retreat, and finally hit the wall, unable to retreat, clenched his fists, and stared at Lu Fan unyieldingly, “Lu Fan, don’t mess around, my house The camera is installed!”

Lu Fan lifted Yin Hong’s chin and flirted with his face, “Yin Hong, the entire Fengcheng is my territory, even if I mess around, how can you drop it? When it comes to this, I am not afraid to tell you this time. , I deliberately routine your dad, who made him so stupid that he really stepped in? Now the lifeblood of your Yin family is in my hands, if you don’t obey me, then I will make you homeless Go!”

Yin Hong clenched her teeth and shivered with anger. She stared at Lu Fan fiercely. She couldn’t help but yelled, “Lu Fan, you are shameless!”

Lu Fan seemed to have heard a huge joke, and laughed, “Yes, I am shameless, how can you drip? Yin Hong, let me tell you this, this is how you refused to be my woman at the beginning End! Now, the life and death of your entire Yin family are in my hands. I want you to live and die if I want you to die! Yin Hong, if you want to save your Yin family, you can, sleep with me, sleep first For a month, if I feel comfortable serving me, I can…”

Slap, very loud!

Yin Hong couldn’t help it anymore. Lu Fan was so disgusting. Even her character couldn’t stand it. She slapped Lu Fan’s face, knocking Lu Fan back two steps, and bleeding from her mouth.

“Lu Fan, you despicable villain! I won’t let you succeed!” Yin Hong cursed angrily.

But when she slapped her face, it was refreshing, but the situation was even worse.

Immediately, Lu Fan’s face sank, very ugly. The strong men behind him suddenly surrounded him, looking fierce.

“I think you are looking for death!” Lu Fan gritted his teeth and grabbed Yin Hong directly to teach Yin Hong.

At this time, a teenage boy rushed over, pushed Lu Fan away, and shouted loudly, “a*shole, don’t bully my sister!”

He is Yin Hong’s younger brother Yin Jun.

“Damn it, looking for death!” Lu Fan was completely angry. He was pushed by Yin Jun just now and almost fell. For him, it was a shameful thing. He rushed over and slapped Yin with a slap in the face. Jun’s face, and kicked Yin Jun fiercely!

Yin Jun was just a junior high school student, and his body hadn’t fully developed yet. He couldn’t bear Lu Fan’s foot, and he flew upside down and hit the wall behind him hard, making him cry in pain.

The entire Yin family was in chaos, and hurriedly went over to protect Yin Jun.

“Oh my god, is there any humanity? Such a small child can also fight.”

“My poor Juner…”

Yin Hong saw this scene, her eyes were splitting, and she was shaking all over with anger. Lu Fan was really hateful, she had never seen such a hateful person!

But Lu Fan didn’t have the slightest guilt, and even felt an inexplicable pleasure. Beating a child gave him a perverted pleasure, and his smile became even more strange.

“This is the end of the fight against me!” Lu Fan said loudly. He stood there, feeling that he was the ruler of the world, the only king, and the entire Yin family was in his hands, being played by him!

As for Yin Hong, it is even his prey.

Some time ago, he was in a particularly bad mood. Since he had eaten at the Tao’s house, his luck has been bad. It was unfortunate for a long time. It was also during this time that he slowly became happy.

He still remembers how he was taught by the man surnamed Lin when he was in Tao’s house. This is the first time he has been bullied like this when he grows up. It was an absolute shame for him to watch the woman he was fond of, Tao Sanniang, thrown into the arms of another man!

He thought of revenge countless times, but he didn’t dare to think about it at all, because he later learned from the city lord uncle that the man surnamed Lin was an evildoer, a super man, and even the famous Jiang Liqun in Fengcheng was the surname Lin. His little brother, like him, is even more afraid to provoke him.

However, he can’t provoke the surname Lin, but in Fengcheng, he still eats well, especially in front of these small people, he is an absolute king, stomping his feet casually can scare the people!

He especially enjoys this feeling of manipulating the life and death of little people, which makes him feel good.

“Shut up to Lao Tzu!”

Lu Fan now saw that the Yin family was crying and howling, which seriously affected his mood, and he suddenly screamed, with a great aura.

Suddenly, everyone in the Yin family didn’t dare to speak any more, each of them closed their mouths in panic.

Lu Fan nodded in satisfaction with the Yin family’s obedient, very satisfied.

Yin Hong was also very afraid of Lu Fan. She gritted her teeth and said, “Lu Fan, what do you want?!”

“It’s very simple, I just said with my eyes. You will stay with me for a month and make me comfortable, and I will return your Yin family property to you.” Lu Fan said triumphantly, in a victorious gesture. He is now the absolute king and has mastered the lifeline of the Yin family.

Yin Hong began to hesitate. She turned her head and looked at her family. Every face was covered with sadness and fear. The young ones were so scared that they cried and shivered.

She looked at this scene and felt particularly uncomfortable in her heart, unprecedented helplessness and despair. She knew very well what was waiting for her if she agreed to it!

As for Lu Fan’s personality, she knew very well that once she fell into Lu Fan’s hands, she would definitely end up miserably. It might even be ruined like this for a lifetime.

But does she have a choice? No.

Behind her is the entire Yin family. If she doesn’t sacrifice herself, then the Yin family is finished. She can’t be so selfish.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she raised her head, stared at Lu Fan, and said with great difficulty: “Okay, I promise you!”

Lu Fan was overjoyed at once, looking at Yin Hong’s eyes, he became even more enthusiastic and aggressive, and he couldn’t wait to come up to the ground and hug Yin Hong’s waist.

Yin Hong twisted her body, avoided him again, and quickly said, “But I have one condition! I want you to return the real estate certificate of our house to us before I am willing to accompany you!”

Lu Fan frowned, “Are you bargaining with me?”

Yin Hong did not back down, “This is my last bottom line!”

Lu Fan stared at her for a long time, and then he suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, I am a very talkative person. For your face, I agreed. However, I also have a request, I want it now , In your room, check the goods first, hehehe.”

This request is really too much. After listening to Yin Hong, his face changed drastically, “No!”

Lu Fan said with a smile, “I’m afraid you won’t agree to it before it’s your turn.”

As he said, he grabbed Yin Hong’s hand directly, and wanted to directly pull Yin Hong into the room. He wanted to deal with Yin Hong in front of the Yin family. It was a pervert.

Zhong Yiran on the side was very angry. She wanted to rush out to save Yin Hong, but Lu Fan glared back.

Lu Fan laughed loudly, “Yin Hong, you are mine, even if a god descends to the earth today, I can’t save you!”

However, as soon as his voice fell, a voice came from the door, “Really? I want to see if you can be rough with Miss Yin in front of me.”

This voice appeared very suddenly, attracting the eyes of everyone in the room.

Immediately I saw that a man appeared at the door, dressed very ordinary, with a lazy face, staring at Lu Fan.

Chapter 592

Who else is this person besides Wayne Lin?

Wayne Lin was in the parking lot, and his consciousness stretched over. Although others were not here, he could clearly feel what was happening here, including their emotions, so he could rush over immediately.

Suddenly, everyone in the room looked at Wayne Lin with different expressions.

Yin Hong was stunned, and then she became anxious and angry. She clearly told Wayne Lin to stay in the car and not to come out without her order. She had to be disobedient. Now she ran over and pretended to be annoyed. She was really annoyed. !

Originally, her situation was bad enough, but now there is another Wayne Lin who is self-defeating here and angers Lu Fan, then the situation will be even worse!

And Zhong Yiran also gritted her teeth, and was even more displeased with Wayne Lin. If it weren’t for Lu Fan here, she wouldn’t dare to make trouble, she really wanted to give Wayne Lin a kick in the past!

But the Yin family looked at Wayne Lin with shocked and confused expressions, they didn’t understand what Wayne Lin came from.

As for Lu Fan, looking at Wayne Lin, he frowned slightly. He felt that Wayne Lin was familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere, but for a while, he couldn’t recognize Wayne Lin again.

Soon, he saw that Wayne Lin was wearing very tattered clothes, even with blood stains, and his face was black. He looked like nothing more than a taller migrant worker. Soon, in his mind, Wayne Lin defines it as the bottom of the society, the small person among the small people, which is not worth mentioning.

However, Lu Fan didn’t recognize him, but Wayne Lin did recognize him immediately. This guy was the one he met when he and Tao Sanniang returned to Fengcheng a while ago. That time, he taught Lu Fan a lot. He didn’t expect that this time he was so coincidental that he would meet again. It really wasn’t because the enemy didn’t get together.

Wayne Lin only felt very strange, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rose up, revealing a meaningful smile.

Immediately, a big man over 1.9 meters tall came out, pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose, and cursed: “What the hell are you, you dare to pretend to be here? Do you know who Lu is always? grass!”

This big man was a burly figure, half a head taller than Wayne Lin, staring straight at Wayne Lin, full of threats, and he knew it was a ruffian at first glance. Ordinary people would be very jealous when encountering such a ruffian and would not dare to provoke him.

Lu Fan waved his hand faintly, as if he was just driving away a fly, “Throw this guy out.”

The big man immediately nodded respectfully to Lu Fan, then turned his head and showed a grim and cruel smile to Wayne Lin, eagerly flexing his hands, “Boy, you are unlucky.”

Then, he grabbed Wayne Lin’s left hand, wanted to give Wayne Lin a catch, and then threw Wayne Lin out.

With a confident smile on his face, with his physique, to drive Wayne Lin out, isn’t it a matter of grasping it? But soon, his expression was stunned, because he found that no matter how hard he tried, Wayne Lin remained motionless. Instead, he looked at him with a mocking expression, as if he was just looking at an ant.

“It’s evil.” The big Han said in a puzzled voice, increased his strength, but still couldn’t help Wayne Lin.

Several big guys next to him said mockingly: “Hey, Tie Niu, can you f*cking do it?”

“Tie Niu, did you get squeezed dry by a lady last night? Even an ordinary person can’t help it. It’s rubbish.”

“Haha Tie Niu, you are ashamed to say that you can fight well.”

The ridicule of these companions made him feel even more annoyed, and he shouted loudly: “Grass! Tell me a few, I’m just playing, now I’m serious! Boy, you’re completely annoying Laozi now. Don’t blame Lao Tzu for being impolite to you! Let me start!!!”

He stretched out both hands, and slammed Wayne Lin’s left hand forcefully, and tried to suckle, but Wayne Lin still didn’t move, even yawned, and said lazily: “You are too weak. “

His face flushed, and he still couldn’t move Wayne Lin a bit. This scene was extremely strange, causing everyone in the room to think he was acting. Otherwise, with his tall physique, how could he not be able to shake Wayne Lin? Ming, isn’t this a joke?

Wayne Lin seemed to have lost his patience. When he only pushed casually, the other party let out a scream and staggered back. If Lu Fan hadn’t reacted in time, he would have run into him now. Lu Fan dodged in a panic. , Looked a little gaffe, and immediately made him annoyed, and shouted loudly: “Tie Niu, you f*cking dare to play Lao Tzu?!”

Tie Niu suddenly explained in a panic, “Master Lu, there is nothing! Even if you give me a hundred courage, I will not dare to play you! This guy is a bit evil, he is like a piece of iron, so I can’t break it. Move, this guy must have moved bricks, and he is very strong.”

Lu Fan felt very shameless. He just said so easily that he wanted to throw Wayne Lin out, but his men immediately slapped him in the face.

When Yin Hong and Zhong Yiran saw this scene, they were also stunned, feeling very unbelievable. Isn’t Wayne Lin just discharged from the hospital, he is still a patient, how can he have such a lot of energy?

He glared at Tie Niu fiercely, and then said impatiently to the rest of his men: “Come on together and throw this migrant worker out. I don’t want to see him.”

“Yes, Master Lu!”

The other thugs all began to flex their hands, staring at Wayne Lin with a bad look, and then surrounded Wayne Lin with a grinning smile, and then began to make hands to throw Wayne Lin out violently!

Yin Hong saw this scene, her pupils contracted, her teeth clenched, and when the thugs were about to start their hands, she called out loudly: “Wait a minute!”

The thugs stopped subconsciously and looked at Lu Fan.

Lu Fan looked at Yin Hong with a smile, “Why, do you still have something to say?”

Yin Hong clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and said: “He is innocent, you let him go, I promise your request!”

After saying this, Yin Hong closed her eyes and felt unprecedented humiliation and despair. Now she feels that her life is gloomy. Face, dignity, and happiness are all gone away from her!

Lu Fan laughed loudly: “Hahaha, yin red, yin red, people outside say that you are as pure as jade, and you are like jade. I never imagined that your eyes were so weird that you actually fell in love with migrant workers from the bottom of the society. .”

Yin Hong opened his eyes and said, “He is not my lover. He is just a stranger I rescued casually. My Yin family’s affairs have nothing to do with him. I am Yin Hong doing things all by myself. You have done so much deliberately, no Just want to get my body and humiliate me wantonly? You have won now!”

The words fell, and two tears of humiliation shed from the corners of the red eyes.

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