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Chapter 707

Whampoa Road suddenly narrowed his eyes when he heard this voice, and flashed with surprise and fear, because he heard it, who is the owner of this voice!

But the already desperate sword Rushuang, after hearing this voice, his pupils suddenly widened, glowing with hope and ecstasy, he directly knelt down, bowed his head towards the sky and shouted, “Guardian, sword is like frost, see Holy King Your Highness!!!”

Suffering like a sword like frost, he bowed down at this moment, his eyes were full of worship and fanaticism, and looking at the whole world, only Saint King BRAGRUN could make a sword like frost.

Wayne Lin also squinted his eyes, and his heartbeat speeded up a lot. I don’t know if it was his illusion. When he heard this voice, he felt an indescribable sense of familiarity. He seemed to have heard it somewhere.

But he thought about it, but he couldn’t remember.

However, he is still very shocked now. He didn’t expect that this time he and Lei Zhen’s decisive battle would attract the Saint King BRAGRUN!

He radiated his consciousness and wanted to explore the position of the Saint King BRAGRUN, ​​but he was just as empty as a basket of water, unable to explore at all, and even his thinking encountered a barrier, as if he was stabbed by a needle. He is in pain.

He was shocked that the strength of the Saint King BRAGRUN was far above his imagination.

As for the others in the audience, they were all shocked and exploded.

“I heard that right, did that voice just now belong to BRAGRUN’s Holy King?”

“It must be. Look, even Jian Rushuang has bowed down, and asked the world, besides the holy king, who else can make Jian Rushuang kneel down.”

“Sage King BRAGRUN, ​​this is an existence standing at the pinnacle of mankind. I heard that even Lord Military God is not his opponent! I didn’t expect it to appear, it’s terrifying.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t even hear where his voice came from, and how did it feel like it was everywhere? This is too weird.”

“That’s necessary. People are the legendary King Kong is not bad master, also known as the realm of the gods. How can we ordinary people understand?”

The entire Junlin Mountain was boiling, and it was the shadow of the so-called famous tree of people, but anyone with status and strength had heard of the title of Saint King BRAGRUN, ​​and knew that this was a real great man!

Especially for Fan Zhengping and Zhong Tao and others, now they have numbness of their scalp, as they are facing a big enemy, all of them look unsightly, they feel the tremendous pressure, and their faces become pale.

“Didn’t it mean that BRAGRUN is dead? How can he still appear here?”

“It seems to be a rumor. BRAGRUN is not dead yet. It seems that he is still at the peak.”

“This is too scary. Rumor has it that BRAGRUN has lived for nearly a hundred years.”

On the other side of the neon clothes, hearing BRAGRUN’s appearance, her face was even more ugly, biting her lips tightly, completely desperate and sad.

If Jian Rushuang appeared, Wayne Lin would still have a glimmer of life, but now that the Holy King appeared, then Wayne Lin would be dead, and even the military god Cary Road would not be able to keep Wayne Lin!

Cary raised his head and looked in a certain direction. It seemed that BRAGRUN was standing with his hands in the clouds in the sky, and said lightly: “BRAGRUN, ​​you finally appeared.”


b Between heaven and earth, BRAGRUN’s voice came again. It was a slightly vicissitudes of life. It sounded like the voice of a god, which is unforgettable.

“Whampoa Road, you have been looking for this seat for these years. This seat is for your teacher’s sake and has not paid attention to you. Is it because you really think that this seat is afraid of you?” BRAGRUN’s voice did not have any emotional fluctuations. The upper voice was transmitted from all directions again, swept over like a tide, and it sounds like it is no longer human, as if it is the will of heaven, which is deafening and shocking!

Wayne Lin, as the supreme master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, was already very powerful. He stood at the top of the human pyramid, only under the condition of King Kong. However, facing BRAGRUN’s voice, he still felt Uncomfortable, unprecedented pressure, as if he and the whole world are enemies, and the world is pressing on him.

Even if he is like this, let alone other people, more than two-thirds of the people couldn’t bear BRAGRUN’s pressure, so they fell to their knees, surrendered to BRAGRUN, ​​and did not dare to raise their heads.

You know, those who can appear here are all big figures in society with a reputation, worth over 100 million, and a powerful influence. Their status is not low. In society, they are sought after by thousands of people, but they are also kneeling down now. , It is completely kneeling down to worship the gods, not dare to have a trace of blasphemy.

When Wayne Lin saw this scene, his heart was shocked!

He originally thought that he had reached the Innate Realm Great Perfection, and the gap with the Saint King BRAGRUN was no longer big, but now it seems that the gap far exceeds his imagination!

Cary Dao frowned. He didn’t seem to have thought that BRAGRUN would be so strong, but he was not cowardly, instead he snorted heavily, as if there was a nuclear bomb exploding in the air, shocking everyone present. Everyone’s ears buzzed, “Pretend to be a god! BRAGRUN, ​​you are a hundred-year-old old thing, half-footed into the coffin, still pretending to be in front of me? Today I will be in front of you, killing the sword. , I want to see what you can do!”

After saying this, he immediately shot, and the others did not move, just a few tens of meters away, just like this, the five fingers spread out, and he grabbed the sword Rushuang, as if he was about to grab the sword Rushuang over the air.

At this moment, Jian Rushuang immediately felt the unprecedented pressure, which made him horrified, and his heart was unexpectedly uncontrollable.

Obviously Cary Dao didn’t catch him, but he felt tremendous pressure all over his body, as if an invisible big hand grabbed him and wanted to squeeze him directly!

He has never heard of this method.

“His Royal Highness, save me…”

Jian Rushuang called for help.

The holy king in the sky seemed to be furious, he roared loudly, “Presumptuous!”

It seems that there is really a thunder rolling, the whole world is angry, rumbling and rumbling, and then, a strong wind is rolled up out of thin air, blowing towards Jian Rushuang and Cary Road.

Saint King BRAGRUN took the shot, but no one could see how he appeared, even where he was not found.

Whampoa’s brows constricted, his power to restrain the sword like frost was interrupted, but he did not give up, but snorted heavily and exploded again like a nuclear bomb. This time his figure disappeared in place, As the Saint King BRAGRUN chased after him, only a voice was left, “BRAGRUN, ​​let me meet you and see if you are really that strong!!”

Chapter 708

Cary Road took the initiative to attack BRAGRUN.

Wayne Lin’s brows beat fiercely, his heart surging extremely, full of expectation, his eyes followed the past, but he couldn’t catch the two of them.

They seem to have reached a dimension that ordinary people cannot see, which is very unscientific.

As for the others, they are even more confused. They don’t even know why Cary Road disappeared so well.

In the sky, from all directions, there were fierce fighting sounds, but they could not be seen. This feeling was really weird. At that moment, even Wayne Lin had a question, Cary Road and BRAGRUN, ​​has he escaped from the human category and has become a god?

But soon, he denied it. It was impossible. It was just that their strength was so strong that their mental power was extremely powerful, which interfered with their spirits, causing them to not see it.

But I have to say that it is really scary that King Kong is not bad, and it is no longer a concept with Innate Realm. The gap in this is even bigger than the Congenital Realm and ordinary people! No wonder if you look at the whole world, there are very few people who can achieve King Kong not bad.

“Whampoa Road, this seat admits that you are a rare genius in a century. Unfortunately, you still don’t look enough in front of this seat. Even your master is not an opponent of this seat, so you should not humiliate yourself.”

“BRAGRUN! You don’t have to be silly, this is not your time anymore. You have lived for a hundred years, and now it’s time for you to leave! Today you can hardly fly!”

“Hahaha, it’s hard to fly with wings? Whampoa Road, don’t you think you don’t know your little movements? You think you can set up a net to help this seat? Young man, you underestimate this seat.”

“Really, then I want to see your magical powers, do you have any good words!”

As their conversation fell, there was a fierce explosion in the sky again. The loudness of the sound was so deafening that many people couldn’t help covering their ears, and their hearts were shocked.

Even people from far away heard this movement and looked over, thinking that something major had happened.

Wayne Lin was shocked. Isn’t this how powerful King Kong is? Sure enough, it was too strong, but why, facing BRAGRUN, ​​he always had an indescribable sense of familiarity?

When did you meet this mysterious holy king?

He recalled it carefully, but he didn’t even remember. He shook his head and threw this bizarre idea out of his mind, because it was too impossible. What kind of character is the Saint King, how could he have seen him in private.

Originally in Junlin Mountain, the protagonists were Wayne Lin and Lei Zhen, but now, they have completely lost control, and the protagonists have become BRAGRUN and Cary Dao.

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt a familiar gaze. When he looked back, he saw a flaming dress coming over, biting his lip, his face full of complexity. After he walked over, he opened the door and said, “You are still doing it. What, run quickly!”

Wayne Lin said, “What am I running?”

“Whampoa Road cannot be the opponent of the Holy King. When the Holy King cleans up the Cary Road, you can’t run away. You killed Lei Zhen. With the temper of the Holy King, he will definitely slap you to death! “Nishang said with concern.

Wayne Lin was very moved.

He looked at the neon clothes and said, “You are from the BRAGRUN organization, so you are not afraid of being punished by the Holy King?”

Nishang shifted his gaze away and said, “I grew up in the organization, and the Holy King would not kill me. But you are different. You are the son of the previous saint, which is a shame to the Holy King in a sense. He was meant to kill you. So you should run quickly!”

Wayne Lin said: “Nishang, why do you care about me so much?”

Nishang paused, her face flashed unnaturally, she snorted heavily, moved her face aside, and said duplicity: “Hmph, don’t get me wrong, I just look at it for the sake of my aunt. That’s why I reminded you. What are you doing in a daze? Run quickly, I really want to die!”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I won’t go.”

Nishang was so angry that he hated iron and said: “Why are you so stupid? Because you have defeated Lei Zhen, you can fight the Holy King! You don’t know how strong the Holy King is! He shot, there is no one in the world that he can’t kill, including Cary Road!”

Wayne Lin didn’t doubt the words of Nishang. Through the dialogue between Cary Dao and BRAGRUNsheng Wang, he actually guessed that Cary Dao is not BRAGRUN’s opponent, but he still can’t escape, otherwise, what will he become? People?

The key is that there is always an intuition deep in his heart that Saint King should not kill him.

Moreover, most importantly, if the Saint King really wants him to fight, where can he escape? It is better to stay, and would rather stand to die than kneel to live.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s arrogance, Nishang was really annoyed. If she hadn’t been able to beat Wayne Lin, she would like to slap Wayne Lin to wake up!

She sighed in her heart, and said to herself: No matter, the auntie gave Wayne Lin to her at the beginning, and she couldn’t just watch Wayne Lin’s death, to die, to die together.

If Wayne Lin knew her thoughts, she would have shouted strangely, but Wayne Lin didn’t know.

Not long after, in the sky, from all directions, there was a violent voice, a bang, as if something was hitting the ground hard, and then there was an indifferent voice, “Whampoa Road, you lose Up.”

Wayne Lin looked over, and he saw it. Cary jumped out of the pit, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and injuries appeared on his body. His clothes were ragged, and there was an extra five-fingerprint on his chest.

Cary raised his head, looking in a certain direction, his eyes were full of unwillingness and jealousy, but he didn’t make a move, “BRAGRUN, ​​your life is not much, I see how long you can last!”

BRAGRUN didn’t respond, but rolled his sword like frost and disappeared.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t attack Wayne Lin, nor did he say anything to threaten Wayne Lin, as if he didn’t pay attention to Wayne Lin at all.

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that there was Cary Dao, and BRAGRUN would not attack him, or that he was too small to enter BRAGRUN’s eyes.

However, just when he was just relaxing, BRAGRUN’s vicissitudes of life sounded in his ears, “Wayne Lin, you are good, practice hard, this seat is watching you.”

Hearing this voice, Wayne Lin was stunned, his expression solidified in an instant, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot. I don’t know if it was his hallucinations. In BRAGRUN’s downturned voice, he actually felt a sense of affinity!

Chapter 709

This matter was considered settled, Wayne Lin defeated Lei Zhen, and also killed Lei Zhen, and settled with BRAGRUN organization.

Originally, Wayne Lin was supposed to show the limelight, but in fact, his limelight was robbed by military god Cary and BRAGRUN.

It was a single stone that caused a thousand waves of waves. BRAGRUN was back out of the rivers and lakes. He also fought against Cary Road, the god of war, and wounded Cary Road in the end. This is absolutely breaking news!

It has been a week, and this matter is still being discussed in circles.

In this week, Wayne Lin has heard a lot. Although most of the topics are focused on the shocking battle between BRAGRUN and Cary Road, he has also been deeply impressed by the three words Wayne Lin. Remember, from now on, no one dares to despise him anymore.

Even Fan Zhengping, Zhong Tao and others in Xuanyuan No. 2 are now keeping a low profile, regardless of their dissatisfaction.

Ordinary people just focus on BRAGRUN and Cary Road in a terrifying battle. At most they know that Wayne Lin is an absolutely terrifying existence, but for them, more, they know a piece of news. , Wayne Lin is now a person valued by the military god, and regardless of Wayne Lin’s strength has surpassed them, it is just this that prevents them from being an enemy of Wayne Lin anymore.

Instead, they are praying now, and Wayne Lin should not trouble them.

In this week, Wayne Lin mainly rested and rested. He often remembered what BRAGRUN said to him at the end, wondering what it meant, BRAGRUN and other big figures, everything they said, everything they did. , It must be of interest.

Are you beating him? Or do you have ulterior motives?

Especially, BRAGRUN’s voice sounded very familiar, so what happened?

Wayne Lin spent a week thinking about it, but he didn’t understand. Originally, he wanted to ask Cary Dao, but after thinking about it carefully, he thought it was inappropriate.

In any case, he has no need to worry, just let the flow go. If BRAGRUN is really looking for trouble, then with his current strength, he is absolutely irresistible. It’s better to relax and just let the life go. Over.

Alma Chu knew that Wayne Lin had won, she was relieved, and the heart she had been holding finally relaxed.

Wayne Lin accompanied Alma Chu back to the Chu family and had a meal. Now the Chu family’s attitude towards him has changed drastically from the beginning. Even the patron Thompson Chu, when talking to him, has Involuntarily brought a bit of respect!

As for the other Chu family members, it goes without saying that Sean Chu, who humiliated him the most back then, is now even more flattering towards him, and he dare not neglect it again.

“Wayne, come, I will toast you a glass, my cousin had no eyes to know Taishan, so offended a lot, and please forgive me.”

As soon as Wayne Lin sat down, a man voluntarily stood up, toasted to Wayne Lin, and drank it all.

This cousin, Wayne Lin, is a little bit impressed. When Wayne Lin was still working as a wasteful son-in-law, he was often bullied by him. He had forgotten it a long time ago. He smiled and drank his glass of wine. He smiled and said, “I don’t remember the past, so cousin, don’t worry about it.”

The cousin showed a grateful look and said: “Wayne still understands righteousness!”

Then, other people toasted Wayne Lin one after another, even the elders. Now Wayne Lin has become the backbone of the Chu family. As the head of the Chu family, Thompson Chu did not have any dissatisfaction. Instead, he was full of smiles. I’m very lucky now, fortunately, Wayne Lin didn’t prevent Wayne Lin from entering the family, otherwise their Chu family would have ended.

This is the blessing of the Chu family.

“Hey, you almost got it, take turns drinking Wayne one by one, what do you do when Wayne gets drunk?” Mother-in-law Candice Liu immediately said with dissatisfaction. She now regards Wayne Lin as a treasure. Since Wayne Lin succeeded, She doesn’t know how moist her life is now, she is the most beautiful existence in her circle, and this honor is brought to her by Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “It’s okay. I have a good drinker and I won’t get drunk.”

Indeed, with his current cultivation base of the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, this bit of wine is simply trivial and does not cause any influence on him.

Alma Chu on the side saw this scene with a particularly happy smile.

The family is really happy.

Suddenly, someone curiously said: “By the way, how about Shane Chu and Chu Xing? Where did they go, why haven’t they been there yet.”

When everyone heard this, they reacted, yes, Shane Chu and Chu Xing, the young people, were not here.

“Sean Chu, didn’t you tell Shane Chu and Chu Xing that they were going to be there? Wayne was here today, and they were late! It was impolite! Speed ​​call them back!”

Thompson Chu said with a sullen face. As soon as he exited, Sean Chu became nervous. He quickly said, “Grandpa, it doesn’t matter to me, I have already greeted them and told them that we can’t be late for the party today. Yes, they also promised full, who knew it would be like this!”

Sean Chu looked aggrieved, and at the same time he was quite annoyed. On this occasion today, none of the juniors Shane Chu and Chu Xing were present. For him as a big brother, it was a bit slapped!

The most important thing is that Wayne Lin is here for this gathering, and they dare not come. This is disrespectful. If they are caught, they must be beaten up!

“It’s unreasonable, these stinky boys are itchy, don’t you dare to be late for such an important party today? I turned them back!” Thompson Chu cursed angrily, and then said in a deep voice, “I will give it now. These brats called and asked them to roll over as quickly as possible, otherwise they wouldn’t have to come back.”

It can be seen that Thompson Chu is angry.

Alma Chu frowned slightly, feeling that Thompson Chu had made a little fuss, and said, “Grandpa, Shane Chu and Chu Xing are still young. They may be out to play, just call them and let them know. There is no need to be so angry.”

Thompson Chu looked at Wayne Lin. He mainly wanted to see what Wayne Lin meant. Now Wayne Lin is the boss of the Chu family. If Wayne Lin has any dissatisfaction with the Chu family, then the Chu family will be ruined.

Wayne Lin felt helpless in Thompson Chu’s reaction. Ever since he became famous, the Chu family treated him like an emperor, which really made him unaccustomed. He is still used to the harmonious life before.

However, he thought about it for a moment, nodded and said, “Call them and see if something is wrong with them.”

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