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Chapter 248

Candice Liu couldn’t stand it anymore, panting, and seeing Alma Chu being beaten, her heartache was extremely painful!

“That’s right, if you did this early, where would you suffer from flesh and blood? Haha!” Ma Long laughed loudly, as it would be as arrogant as it is.

“Mom! No! Don’t call Wayne Lin, I beg you!” Alma Chu immediately shouted excitedly.

Latoya Chu said in a weird manner: “Oh, Sister Alma, I don’t see that you are quite affectionate for Wayne Lin. It’s this juncture. You still protect Wayne Lin like this, tusk, it’s enviable!”

Candice Liu said: “I will call Wayne Lin and let him come over. You must not beat my daughter again, please.”

Trembling, she took the phone out of her pocket and was about to call.

Alma Chu shouted more excitedly, hysterically, “Mom! I beg you, don’t call Wayne Lin, he will die, oooo…”

She cried so poorly that her face was covered with tears, heartbreaking.

However, with the exception of Candice Liu and Berry Chu, no one else would sympathize with him at all. On the contrary, Latoya Chu smiled happily, and his face flushed with excitement. The more miserable Alma Chu, the happier she would be!

Candice Liu was also annoyed and cursed loudly, “Alma, are you stupid? When is this going to protect Wayne Lin? It is obviously his fault! Why should we bear it! If he really has it in his heart You won’t divorce you, let alone hurt us, you still protect him now, your mind is flooded!!”

Alma Chu gritted her teeth, tears streaming down her teeth. In fact, she didn’t know why she wanted to cover Wayne Lin like this. It was obvious that she didn’t love Wayne Lin, but she wanted to cover Wayne Lin in turn. She also doubted. I’m flooded in my mind.

However, if she wanted her to betray Wayne Lin and watched Wayne Lin being tortured with her own eyes, she couldn’t do such a thing!

“Mom, Wayne Lin saved me many times and the family many times. We can’t do this to him.” Alma Chu pleaded.

Ma Long immediately became annoyed, grabbed Alma Chu’s hair, raised her face, and cursed: “Toast, not eat or drink fine wine. At this point, you have saved you many times and can’t betray him, right! If I don’t show you some color, you won’t know the seriousness of this matter!”

With that said, Ma Long was about to continue beating Alma Chu.

When Candice Liu saw this scene, she yelled out like crazy, “Don’t beat her, don’t beat her! I’ll call Wayne Lin now! I’ll call Wayne Lin now…”

Ma Long let Alma Chu go. After Candice Liu made a call, he snatched the phone directly. After a while, the call was connected and Wayne Lin’s voice came, “Hey, mom, are you looking for me? ?”

Because Ma Long turned on the speaker, everyone heard Wayne Lin’s voice. After Alma Chu heard it, her pupils suddenly shrank.

Ma Long showed a malicious smile on his face and said to the phone: “Wayne Lin, but I finally found you. You are really mysterious.”

Wayne Lin was having a meeting in the newly opened advertising company. He received a call from Candice Liu and felt very curious. Candice Liu rarely called him at ordinary times. This would suddenly call him, which was a bit abnormal.

But after he answered the phone, the voice of a man came from the microphone, and it sounded a little familiar.

Soon, Wayne Lin heard it out, this was Ma Long’s voice!

In an instant, he got up from his chair, shocking the others in the conference room.

He pressed the void with his right hand, motioning them to continue the meeting, and then he walked out of the meeting room and said in a deep voice, “Ma Long

, If you dare to touch one of their hairs, I will make you worse than death. “

Wayne Lin’s voice was extremely cold, full of anger and murder. Even after the phone call, Ma Long still felt a biting chill, and couldn’t bear to feel a little frustrated.

However, he immediately returned to normal, and he became angry, and said with a furious smile: “Oh, you dare to threaten me? Okay! Then I have to see how you make me worse than death.”

Then, Ma Long squatted down in front of Alma Chu and said to the phone, “Now your wife is in my hands, how about it, do you want to listen to her voice?”

Ma Long grabbed Alma Chu’s hair and pushed her phone in front of Alma Chu, “Speak, let your husband listen.”

Alma Chu bit her lip hard and refused to speak. Her behavior angered Ma Long, and Ma Long slapped her face with another slap. With a slap, it was extremely loud and clear to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin punched the wall next to him with a loud bang, and it cracked the wall with a loud bang, shocking several people passing by.

Wayne Lin rarely has the urge to kill, and now he wants to kill Ma Long! Ma Long dared to find Alma Chu’s house and kidnapped Alma Chu’s family of three. This approach completely broke Wayne Lin’s bottom line!

“Enough! I’ll rush over now!” Wayne Lin said loudly, and a few words popped out of his teeth: “Ma Long, you are still a man, don’t embarrass a woman, just come at me if you have anything!”

Ma Long suddenly smiled and was about to speak. Alma Chu was shocked when she heard this and hurriedly called out: “Wayne Lin, you must not come over, they will kill you! Don’t worry about me, just call the police for me. it is good……”

Alma Chu didn’t finish her words, and was slapped on the ground by Ma Long, “Smelly b*tch, shamelessly.”

Then, Ma Long said to Wayne Lin on the phone: “You have heard clearly, if you dare to call the police, I will let my staff manage this slut, and I will also post it on the Internet for everyone. enjoy.”

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and made a clicking sound. If Ma Long was here, he could see the fire in his eyes, and the whole world was about to destroy the world like a demon rising up in hell.

“Well, where are you, I’ll rush over right away!”

“Very well, I’m at your wife’s house. Remember, you have to come alone, otherwise you will never see your wife again.”

After speaking, Malone hung up the phone.

Wayne Lin heard the busy tone on the phone, squeezed the phone directly!

There is a raging fire in his chest now, almost burning this person.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself down, counted down three times in his heart, then opened his eyes and walked away.

Along the way, he drove the car, rushing to Alma Chu’s house at the fastest speed, not knowing how many red lights he ran, and he was on the local news at one time.

He swears that Ma Long will surely make life worse than death, even if Ma Long is the young master of the Kunlun Group, he will die too!

Finally, it took only ten minutes for Wayne Lin to get there. In the urban area, his average speed has reached 80 or more.

Downstairs, he saw two brawny men standing there, seeing that he was coming by himself, showing a joking expression, holding an electric baton in his hand, he was about to stun Wayne Lin. , It’s just that they didn’t even touch Wayne Lin, they were kicked out by Wayne Lin’s feet, hit the wall behind, and passed out to death.

Wayne Lin’s expression remained unchanged, like ice that has not melted for ten thousand years, all the way up.

Chapter 249

On the way, I met a few neighbors who knew Wayne Lin. They were a little scared when they saw Wayne Lin’s fierce look, and they didn’t dare to say hello to Wayne Lin.

Indeed, Wayne Lin’s appearance now looks too horrible, he can even be called a hideous, completely changed person.

Finally, with the fastest speed, he rushed to the floor of the Chu family. In the corridor, he saw a few people standing at the door, and a fire burst out of his chest again!

He speeded up his pace and walked over. The few people heard his footsteps and all looked over. Someone went to the room to inform the house, “Brother Long, this guy is here.”

Malone’s playful voice came from the room, “Oh, he is here, hurry up and invite him in. I have been waiting for him for a long time, haha.”

Wayne Lin tried to control his situation and walked directly in.

Suddenly, he saw a scene that made him angry and his eyes cracked!

All three of Alma Chu’s family were tied to the ground. There were obvious slap marks on Alma Chu’s face, her eyes were flushed, and she was already crying and swollen. Especially the kind of grievance and fear that made Wayne Lin look at him incomparably. Worried.

The anger that has been suppressed, at this moment, is like a volcanic eruption, anger filled his whole body! He was so angry that he couldn’t help shaking and panting like a cow.

And Candice Liu and Berry Chu also had traces of being beaten.

At this moment, Wayne Lin was both angry and guilty. It was he who made them tired!

With guilt and distress on his face, he walked up to Alma Chu and gently wiped the tears off her face, and said, “Alma, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry that I have caused you this time.”

He has never been as guilty as he is today, his whole heart is twisted into a ball!

It doesn’t matter if he himself was wronged, but Alma Chu’s family was hurt and wronged. For him, it was really too guilty and too uncomfortable.

Alma Chu had been holding back the tears, trying not to fall, but Wayne Lin’s words directly caused her emotions to collapse, and the tears could no longer be stopped, and they could not stop.

When Wayne Lin saw her like this, he was even more anxious, and at the same time, he was even more angry and fierce in his heart, completely unable to suppress it!

Wayne Lin had to hold her and kept saying sorry.

Candice Liu cursed: “Sorry, is it useful? If it wasn’t for you to cause trouble outside, would we be involved? In order to protect you, Alma refused to call you all the time, for fear that you would be beaten to death. I would rather be wronged!”

Hearing these words, Wayne Lin felt even more guilty.

At the same time, his emotions reached a critical point, and he said, “Mom, rest assured, I won’t let you be wronged in vain.”

After speaking, he finally helped Alma Chu wipe away the endless tears, and then began to stand up.

“Ma Long! You + death!” Wayne Lin’s eyes burst into bitter coldness, staring at Ma Long, his fist was squeezed by the kaba Kaba, very scary.

However, Ma Long wasn’t afraid of him at all. Seeing him so fierce, he laughed instead, “Hahaha, I’m looking for death? Okay, come and kill me!”

As his words fell, immediately, a group of people stood in front of Ma Long and stared at Wayne Lin with great aura. At a glance, he knew that it was not a good stubborn, but a professional thug with extraordinary skill.

Wayne Lin did feel the ferocity from them, but Wayne Lin still laughed disdainfully, “Just this rubbish, you dare to trouble me?”

In an instant, a great aura broke out on Wayne Lin’s body, like a storm emanating from his body, very scary.

In addition, his eyes were extremely cold, with no emotional color, they were completely murderous, trying to search for the lives in front of him.

Ma Long was shocked by Wayne Lin’s murderous aura at this moment.

But soon, he calmed down. This time he had a big brother cover, so he was not afraid of Wayne Lin at all. He had seen his eldest brother take action with his own eyes. It was comparable to the protagonist in an action movie. He was an invincible existence. The young Wayne Lin was only abused in front of his eldest brother.

Now he couldn’t wait to see Wayne Lin kneeling down and begging for mercy.

“Give it to me, first interrupt his dog legs!” Ma Long gave an order. The professional thugs standing in front of him moved together and attacked Wayne Lin. Their movements were very neat. Knowing that they have been professionally trained, ordinary practitioners, and those who have not thoroughly practiced Kung Fu, are far from their opponents.

Seeing this group of people rushing up, Wayne Lin sneered disdainfully, and then he moved too.

The movement was almost at its extreme, Candice Liu and Berry Chu only felt that there was a flower in front of them, and Wayne Lin disappeared in front of them. The next moment, they first heard the sound of fists hitting people, and vaguely heard the sound of bone breaking. Then, someone slammed into the dinner table.

This man was hit by Wayne Lin, and the ribs in his chest were directly broken. When he fell to the ground, he could no longer get up. He rolled on the ground in pain and screamed.

Wayne Lin is really angry this time. In the past, when he encountered this situation, his shots weren’t so heavy, but now, every time he hits his opponent, he will definitely hit his opponent, and his bones are still broken. degree.

In only about ten seconds, the professional thugs who stood in front of Ma Long had been dealt with by Wayne Lin. They all lay on the ground, unable to even climb up, and lost their fighting ability.

Wayne Lin only felt that the cells in his body had come alive, he was extremely excited, but his eyes were cold and he looked at Ma Long with murderous intent.

At this moment, Ma Long only felt his scalp numb, as if he had fallen into an ice cave, the blood on his face suddenly faded, and his body began to tremble.

Wayne Lin walked towards him step by step, and with every step he took, he felt extreme pressure, as if Wayne Lin’s steps were stepping on him, making him unable to breathe.

Walking to Ma Long, Wayne Lin looked at him condescendingly, “Let’s talk, how do you want to die.”

Ma Long shuddered fiercely, his teeth were fighting. At this moment, he seemed to understand what kind of existence he was provoking.

Even his thinking was stagnant, he had never encountered such a situation.

At this moment, from the corridor, there was a sound of footsteps and applause. Then, a man with a playful smile on his face said, “That’s not bad, it’s really the son of a saint. Okay, martial arts are so powerful.”

Ma Long heard this voice, his stagnant thinking immediately resumed operation, and he hurriedly looked back and begged: “Brother! Help me…”

Wayne Lin looked over, his eyes narrowed, “Saint? Is this the name of my mother’s organization in BRAGRUN?”

Chapter 250

In fact, Wayne Lin had long known that Ma Long dared to come over to find his troubles this time, and he must have been relying on him. Most of them had found a good place in the town. Before coming, he had been mentally prepared.

But he didn’t expect that Ma Long would find someone from BRAGRUN’s organization this time.

Wayne Lin had never seen this person. At first, he thought it was a master Ma Long had found outside.

Since he learned the truth from the clown, he had a hunch that in the near future, he would meet the people of BRAGRUN organization, but he did not expect that he would meet so soon.

This is really’fate’!

After the other party calmly walked out, he began to look at Wayne Lin, did not answer the question, but made a tsk voice, saying, “Sure enough, he is the son of a saint. Even if he is married to a waste wood, he can still give birth to such an excellent seedling. Come out, not bad.”

There was no hostility in his eyes when he looked at Wayne Lin, only appreciation, as if he was looking at a work of art, not a person.

When he was looking at Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin was also looking at him, and found that the opponent’s strength is still quite strong, there seems to be explosive power in his body, and in vaguely, he can still feel that the other party has a kind of’otherworldly’ The taste is different from the people Wayne Lin has seen. That kind of feeling, it seems that the other party is not an ordinary person, but one level higher than an ordinary person!

Wayne Lin has seen a lot of people, but he has never seen anyone with this kind of temperament, including some very strong bosses, and he hasn’t given him this feeling!

Looking back now, it seems that my mother is a similar person. Although I can see each other every day, I always feel very hazy and disappear at any time. At that time, he didn’t know the identity of his mother, and thought it was a unique temperament of his mother. Now it seems that people in this BRAGRUN organization will have this temperament.

Now he is more and more interested in BRAGRUN organization!

There are still many people in the room. Hearing their conversation, they all felt very puzzled. They didn’t understand at all. Only Ma Long could know some of it. Now he opened his eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin with horror. !

The so-called elder brother’s believer, Ma Long knows that elder brother is very powerful, coming from a mysterious organization, especially powerful, the Kunlun Group behind him, in front of this organization, is simply not enough. That’s why he was so eager to join this mysterious organization, and now, Wayne Lin is also a member of this organization, and his status depends on the situation.

But fortunately, the eldest brother is hostile to Wayne Lin, it seems that it is not an alliance.

As for Alma Chu’s family of three, they are completely confused. What is this and what? Isn’t Wayne Lin a poor boy from the countryside, without any background? How come you have become the son of a saint, and it sounds amazing?

Did they hallucinate?

Including Latoya Chu, who has been hiding in a corner and shivering, looking at Wayne Lin with a ghostly expression. Now her worldview has undergone a huge subversion. Wayne Lin, the son-in-law who is not as good as a dog in the Chu family, can actually fight so well. It’s not easy? God, is this world crazy, or is she delusion?

Alma Chu bit her lips tightly. After a short period of astonishment, she was already back to her senses. Combined with Wayne Lin’s various “magical” performances recently, they all started

Hajime made Alma Chu realize that Wayne Lin’s identity is definitely not simple.

Now, another thought popped out of her mind uncontrollably. Wayne Lin told her that he was…

Wayne Lin didn’t think so much, he just wanted to take the other party down, and forced to ask.

“Very well, you know her. I happened to be looking for her too. Now that you take the initiative to show up in front of me, that would be great. Take me to find her.” Wayne Lin looked at him tightly.

The other party shook his head, with a meaningful smile on his face, and said: “You still want to find a saint? You will never see her in this life.”

Suddenly thinking of something, he added, “Of course it is not absolute, there is a way, you can see the saint, that is, you are dead, and your body can see her, haha.”

Wayne Lin’s eyes grew cold, and he clenched his fists. From these words, he had heard a lot of information, and he was even more disgusted with this so-called BRAGRUN organization, and even hated it!

“Really? I don’t think so, maybe there is another way, that is, I will beat you to death and take your head to see her.” Wayne Lin also laughed.

There was a trace of anger in the other person’s eyes, which was quickly wiped away by him, and he recovered his indifferent appearance. He also shook his head and said, “You don’t know the sky and the earth is too thick. Kung fu is invincible in the world? Today I will remove the evil obstacles for the organization, holding your head back, so that the saint can give up.”

He put his right hand behind his back, looking at Wayne Lin with a smile, and hooked his finger at Wayne Lin with his left hand to signal Wayne Lin to attack him.

He didn’t say anything very arrogant and ostentatious. He always behaved very kindly and felt like a spring breeze. If he didn’t hear what he said, people who didn’t know thought he was Wayne Lin’s friend, not something. enemy.

Of course these are all superficial, Wayne Lin only felt two words from him, contempt.

The arrogant Wayne Lin has seen too much, but it was the first time Wayne Lin had met him because of his arrogance. In a sense, his arrogance had even surpassed Lin Zihao.

Because the other party really didn’t put him in the eyes and treated him like a child, it was a psychology of molesting, a kind of superior life form, and a complete contempt for Wayne Lin.

To be precise, his contempt was not only for Wayne Lin, but also for everyone in the room. It seems that he is the only person, and the others are pigs and dogs.

Wayne Lin smiled, “Really? I have seen countless arrogant people since I was a child, and this is the first time I have met you who despise opponents from the level of life. Do you think you are a god, not a human?”

The other party shrugged and didn’t care at all, and said, “It’s not impossible if you want to think like this, a mortal, but an ant. And you, as the illegitimate son of the saint, are just a stronger ant.”

The tone of his speech was very plain, but the arrogance and domineering that he showed was extremely strong and shocking. Except for Wayne Lin, everyone else could not help but feel that he was really inferior. The other party was not a human. is God.

Including Alma Chu, involuntarily produced this feeling.

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