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Chapter 131

The store manager is a fat man with a big five and three thick, his slap is bigger than Chen Hao’s face. Under a slap in the face, Chen Hao’s little white face, no matter where he can bear it, was hit and fell to the ground, his glasses were blown out, and Both teeth broke out.

Everyone was taken aback by the brutal behavior of the shop manager and took two steps back.

Chen Hao was completely beaten up and awake, and now he finally realized that he was not dreaming, he was really in trouble.

For a moment, he was panicked, regretful, puzzled, unwilling, and many emotions swept through his mind.

This job is very important to him. If he loses it, then he may not even be able to sustain his life. You must know that he is now in debt.

“The store manager I was wrong, please don’t fire me, I can’t lose my job!” Chen Hao pleaded. He was beaten by the store manager, but he didn’t dare to have any desire for revenge because he knew the store well. Long energy, if you call the police, he will definitely end up worse.

The store manager stared and said: “Go away, you look down on people, even Mr. Lin dare to offend you, our company doesn’t need waste like you, let me go now, or I will ask the security to send you out!”

Chen Hao realized that Wayne Lin was the real person in charge. He endured all the impatience in his heart and walked over to Wayne Lin and begged: “Mr. Lin, I was wrong. Please raise your hands and let me go, is it okay? ?”

Will Wayne Lin let him go? Of course it is impossible. His forgiveness is not that cheap, and it is not a pity for people like Chen Hao to die.

“I knew this before, so why bother? I warned you, but you didn’t listen.” Wayne Lin shook his head.

Chen Hao cried. He had never been so wronged and desperate before. He wanted to rush to Wayne Lin desperately, die with Wayne Lin, and fight his life. But he dare not, he is a very persuasive person.

Therefore, in the end, he gave up and left the Audi 4s store with infinite grievance and resentment.

After Chen Hao left, everyone looked at Wayne Lin with different eyes. They began to believe what Alma Chu said on the phone just now. Wayne Lin really invested 100 million yuan. This is a super boss, what else is it? Trash son-in-law.

Especially those young women who looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes were full of enthusiasm and teasing, and they wished to pounce on Wayne Lin’s body immediately.

Wayne Lin smiled indifferently, turned his head, just saw Guo Junyi’s shiny eyes, and asked: “What’s the matter? Is there any dirt on my face?”

“No, no.” Guo Junyi immediately panicked at Wayne Lin’s gaze. He hurriedly lowered her head and shook her head, her face rose with two faint blushes.

Now her heartbeat is fast, Wayne Lin’s performance just now directly hit her red heart, and it fits more closely with the image of the true emperor in her heart.

Extraordinary skill, tall stature, distinguished status, and handsome, it is a model of the male protagonist!

The only drawback is that Wayne Lin is already married.

However, this does not seem to be very important. The more bumpy the love, the more precious and extraordinary it is, right?

Guo Junyi was in a mess now, and kept looking at Wayne Lin secretly.

On Wayne Lin’s side, in order to please him, the store manager knew that Guo Junyi was interested in the Audi a7, so he directly gave the a7 to Wayne Lin, and there were two for one delivery. This manual operation made the people present too envious. .

Wayne Lin didn’t decline either. The two a7s were not big money for Damon Wang. If he didn’t accept it, Damon Wang was even more nervous, so he accepted it generously. Anyway, he was planning to drive.

And the car was picked up very quickly. He and Guo Junyi waited in the Audi store for half an hour. The 4s shop finished the temporary card and can drive away. Because of the color Guo Junyi picked, the store is temporarily out of stock. It will take three days. After that, I could transfer over, so Guo Junyi got in Wayne Lin’s car.

Send Guo Junyi to the wine

At the store, Wayne Lin said, “I bought the car for you. I’ll go to work if there is nothing wrong.”

“Wait a minute!” Guo Junyi stopped him.

“Is there anything else?” Wayne Lin asked.

Guo Junyi touched her belly and said, “I haven’t eaten lunch yet, and my belly is a little hungry. Would you like to have a meal with me?”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “No, I have already eaten it.”

Who knew that Guo Junyi actually held his hand and said coquettishly like a cat: “Please, please, accompany me to dinner. It’s still early anyway, and it won’t delay your time.”

Wayne Lin was embarrassed when she was holding her hand. He quickly removed his hand and said, “No, why do you have to accompany me.”

“Because I am in Hwadrid, you are the only friend.” Guo Junyi took it for granted.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and frankly said that he was very anxious to eat in the dining hall just now, and he was indeed not full. Now Guo Junyi was pulling him and refused to get out of the car. He had no choice but to agree to eat in this hotel.

When he got out of the car, he paid special attention to the fact that the two tracking masters were still there. It looked like they were sent by Guo Junyi’s house in all likelihood.

“Your family cares a lot about you, and they specially sent bodyguards to protect you secretly.” After taking the seat, Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Guo Junyi was stunned for a moment, then looked around, and said, “No, I sneaked out this time and didn’t even bring my mobile phone. How do they know where I went?”

Wayne Lin smiled and did not speak. He found out that Guo Junyi had installed a tracker on her hairpin, so no matter where she went, her family knew the location. However, there is no need for Wayne Lin to say this point. This is a protection of Guo Junyi’s family.

Guo Junyi wanted to understand, she snorted in shame, “I can’t go back anyway, I won’t marry that guy Huang Wenhua!”

Huang Wenhua?

Wayne Lin frowned when he heard this name. Last time, he claimed to have invested 100 million in Centec, and then he made Alma Chu’s idea. Isn’t it Huang Wenhua?

What a coincidence, he is still Guo Junyi’s fiance?

For a while, Wayne Lin’s expression became weird and playful.

“Huang Wenhua is indeed not a good person.” Wayne Lin nodded. After several contacts, Wayne Lin found that Guo Junyi was pretty good. She was a good girl. She was spoiled by marrying a scumbag like Huang Wenhua.

Guo Junyi was a little surprised, and asked curiously: “Do you know Huang Wenhua?”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “That’s it.”

“I knew he was not a good thing. When I first met, his eyes kept looking at my chest and thighs. He thought he was doing it secretly, but I saw it all. It was disgusting. Neither. Knowing what my dad thinks, he would actually let me marry this kind of person.” Guo Junyi was so angry when she said it, Barabara kept talking.

Wayne Lin saw that Guo Junyi had a lot of complaints against Huang Wenhua, and he didn’t say anything bad about Huang Wenhua, it seemed that he had a long tongue.

“Didn’t you say that you want to eat?” Wayne Lin reminded her when she saw what she said very vigorously, and had no plan to shut up.

Guo Junyi reacted, “Yes, yes, I haven’t eaten yet, I’m starving to death!”

As she said, she touched her belly, pulled her clothes down, and immediately outlined the plumpness of her upper circumference, especially temptation, Wayne Lin hurriedly looked away and looked away.

Just when Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi entered the hotel side by side, not far away, a car came in as well. A person in the car saw this scene, and he immediately showed a surprised expression. Then, the corners of his mouth rose up and revealed With a playful expression, he made a call, “Shao Huang, I heard that you are engaged to the eldest lady of the Guo family?”

Chapter 132

A man’s triumphant voice came from the phone, “That’s not the case. I will have an engagement banquet with Guo Junyi in a few days. Situ Nan, you are not bad, now Alma Chu has been taken care of by you?”

That’s right, the caller was Situ Nan. He happened to come to the hotel for dinner, and he saw Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi together.

He called Huang Wenhua at the first reaction and told Huang Wenhua the good news.

Guo Junyi is also one of the three major beauties in Hwadrid, not inferior to Alma Chu, but not as famous as Alma Chu. Many ordinary people don’t know Guo Junyi. But in the circle, Guo Junyi is very famous, not only is she beautiful, but also has a relatively deep background. As the only daughter of the Guo family, she can be said to be the sweet pastry of many men.

Situ Nan also hit Guo Junyi’s idea, but Guo Junyi didn’t catch him cold and dismissed him. It can be said that Guo Junyi is even more arrogant than Alma Chu in her bones, because she has this capital, so many wealthy children in many circles have eaten her behind closed doors.

To be honest, when he knew that Guo Yuanjia had betrothed Guo Junyi to Huang Wen, he was still very jealous.

So now he saw that Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin were mingling with each other. He was quite gloating, so he immediately called Huang Wenhua to share the news.

However, he soon had a very sour jealousy against Wayne Lin. How can Wayne Lin, how can he marry Alma Chu, can he have an intersection with a lady like Guo Junyi? Moreover, looking at this, it seems that it has reached the point of opening a house?

Situ Nan immediately said meaningfully: “Huang Shao, I think you are still in the dark, you and Guo Junyi are not engaged yet, she will put a hat on you first.”

Huang Wenhua immediately became gloomy and said displeased: “Situ Nan, what do you mean by this? Last time I saw Alma Chu on your face, and you are still coming over to provoke me. I really think that Huang Wenhua is soft. Persimmon, let you knead it?!”

He was angry, no man could accept such humiliation.

For Huang Wenhua, being hated by a woman is the most embarrassing thing.

Situ Nan laughed and said, “No no, Shao Huang, you misunderstood me. How can I provoke you? I treat you as a real friend, so I came here to remind you, otherwise you will be green. , Don’t know yet.”

Huang Wenhua realized that something was wrong, he hurriedly pushed away the young girl in his arms, walked aside, curled his eyebrows, and said in a deep voice, “Situ Nan, what do you want to say?”

“Wait a minute, I will send you a photo on WeChat, you will understand what the situation is.” Situ Nan said meaningfully.

Soon, Huang Wenhua received a message on his mobile phone. He opened it and saw it was a picture taken from a distance. The picture was blurry, but it was still possible to see that the picture was a pair of men and women walking into the hotel side by side. And looking at their profile, they had a good chat.

The person in the photo is not who, but Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi!

Seeing this photo, Huang Wenhua’s pupils contracted immediately, Wayne Lin did not recognize it, but Guo Junyi, he could tell at a glance.

In an instant, a ball of anger burst into his mind, burning his whole person!

“Grass!” He yelled violently and kicked the trash can next to it. The trash was flying everywhere, shocking the woman in the room.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, and then he called Situ Nan again, “Where did you come from this picture?”

Situ Nan said: “Just now, two minutes ago.”

Huang Wenhua’s eyes were filled with haze, and he clenched his fists, creaking, his expression was terrifying and terrifying.

He is a man with a strong desire for control. He has a very small mind when it comes to women. Even if he is a woman he has played with, he will not allow other men to get involved, let alone Guo Junyi. In his mind, Guo Junyi is already his woman, and Guo Junyi and others

When a man goes to the hotel, he is betraying him. This is something he absolutely cannot accept!

“Who is the other party?” Huang Wenhua’s voice was extremely cold.

Situ Nan didn’t have the slightest fear, but laughed happily. Very good. The more angry Huang Wenhua is, the more dangerous Wayne Lin’s situation is, and the happier he is.

Although he had already found the Ugly Master, Wayne Lin’s life would be taken away sooner or later, but before Wayne Lin died, why not see how he was being taught?

“Wayne Lin.” Situ Nan said meaningfully.

“Who?” Huang Wenhua didn’t know the name very well.

Situ Nan continued: “Wayne Lin is Alma Chu’s superfluous son-in-law husband and the home son-in-law of the Chu family. It was also the man who offended you in your villa some time ago.”

“It’s him?” Huang Wenhua remembered immediately. He had a deep impression of Wayne Lin. He immediately gritted his teeth and felt a fire in his heart. He didn’t get involved with Alma Chu. Now this guy dares to get involved with his woman. Simply unforgivable!

“Exactly.” Situ Nan said intriguingly: “Huang Shao, they have been in the hotel for three minutes now. If you come later, I am afraid it will be really green.”

On the phone, Huang Wenhua’s breathing was obviously heavier. He forced himself to calm down and said word by word: “Which hotel is this dog man and woman in? I will rush over now.”

Situ Nan said the name of the hotel, and Huang Wenhua immediately hung up.

Putting away the phone, Situ Nan raised his mouth, showing a triumphant smile. He was about to send the photo to Alma Chu, so that Alma Chu could also see Wayne Lin’s true face, but he immediately gave up on this move. This is important evidence. Don’t worry, you can show it to Alma Chu when you wait for important occasions to achieve better results.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he and Guo Junyi found a seat and sat down and began to order.

After ordering a few, Guo Junyi said to Wayne Lin, “You seem to be indifferent to what happened just now.”

Wayne Lin said: “What’s to care about, Chen Hao is just a jumping clown.”

“But at the beginning, so many people mocked you and pointed at you. You seemed to be very calm.” Guo Junyi asked curiously: “How did you do it?”

This is what she has always been curious about. In the scene just now, she was not the person involved, and she felt embarrassed and wanted to find a place to sew in. However, Wayne Lin, as the person involved, has nothing to do. He is very calm, and he is not pretending to be, but is really so calm. Guo Junyi feels very unbelievable.

Wayne Lin smiled dumbly. He took a sip of tea and said relaxedly: “I’ve been used to this kind of scene a long time ago. It’s no big deal. But you, were you scared just now?”

When Guo Junyi heard Wayne Lin’s words, her mood instantly turned over. Although Wayne Lin’s expression was very relaxed and indifferent when she said these words, she was able to fully realize that under this ease, There have been so many cynicisms.

Suddenly, she had a distressed emotion!

Feeling distressed for Wayne Lin, she couldn’t help holding Wayne Lin’s hand and said softly: “Wayne Lin, you must have suffered a lot during this period of time, and have received the cold eyes of many people, right?”

Wayne Lin was taken aback. He didn’t expect Guo Junyi to say such words, and he cared and cherished again. You know, even Alma Chu never said such words to her, and even, no one has ever cared about his past or his mood.

He was already very strong, but for a short while, he was touched by Guo Junyi’s sudden concern, and his nose was still a little sour.

No one has ever cared, and he has never said this. After four years of marriage to the present, he has indeed suffered ridicule and all kinds of evil words. His inner strength is also strong in such destruction. Get up, the pain and tiredness in it, only he himself knows…

Chapter 133

However, Wayne Lin didn’t last long for such a melancholic sentiment. He quickly laughed, and pulled his hand back calmly, and said with a smile: “It’s actually okay. My life is happier than many people, at least No worries about food or clothes.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s appearance, Guo Junyi felt even more sympathy, and the motherly love was overflowing, so she wanted to hold Wayne Lin in her arms and comfort her.

She was also taken aback by her own thoughts. It hasn’t been long since she met Wayne Lin. How could she have such shameless thoughts? People have a wife.

Huang Wenhua’s speed was very fast, and not long after he hung up the phone, he rushed over in a hurry, without knowing how many red lights he ran through.

No way, he was really anxious, thinking about the pictures of Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin in his head.

He didn’t doubt Situ Nan’s words, because there was no need, Situ Nan was a wise man, he definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing to offend him. So he couldn’t figure out how could a lady like Guo Junyi get together with rubbish like Wayne Lin?

This is exactly the person of two worlds.

He prayed that Wayne Lin had not had time to defile Guo Junyi, otherwise, he would let Wayne Lin die rather than life!

After arriving at the hotel at the fastest speed, Huang Wenhua met Situ Nan and said directly: “Where are they?”

Situ Nan smiled and handed Huang Wenhua a cigarette, “Shao Huang, you are fast.”

Huang Wenhua snorted, staring at Situ Nan and said: “Situ Nan, I hope you are not playing me.”

“How come, I and Shao Huang are on the same line.” Situ Nan said, and then pointed to the hotel. “They are inside. I have been helping to stare at them. They are still eating, Shao Huang. You can go in and have a look.”

When Huang Wenhua heard this, he was a little relieved, as long as they haven’t had time to make a difference, then the situation is not too bad.

“Brother Situ, thank you very much for this matter. I will invite you to dinner later.” Huang Wenhua bowed his hands to Situ Nan and expressed his gratitude.

Situ Nan waved his hand and said boldly, “Hey, what’s the matter with this, Huang Shao, you are too polite, we are friends.”

“Yeah.” Huang Wenhua nodded, thinking of something, and said: “Brother Situ, I hope you can help me keep a secret. I don’t want others to know about this.”

Situ Nan had heard of Huang Wenhua’s good face a long time ago, so he naturally nodded and agreed. Now he was anxious that Huang Wenhua rushed in and beat Wayne Lin severely. The bigger the trouble, the better. When Wayne Lin died, his suspicion would not be that big. And he can also take the opportunity to take Alma Chu down, it can be described as killing three birds with one stone!

Huang Wenhua walked in, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi in the corner. He happened to see Guo Junyi holding Wayne Lin’s hand. The two were so affectionate. At that time, he was so angry that he was almost spiraling. Ascended to heaven.

This couple of dogs!

In his heart, Wayne Lin has already been sentenced to death. This damn trash, unexpectedly dared to beat his fiancée, damn it!

His face was as deep as water, and he walked quickly, bumping into a waiter in the middle.

Soon, Wayne Lin felt his presence, looked at Huang Wenhua, and said to Guo Junyi with some playfulness: “Your fiance is here.”

“Huh?” Guo Junyi was stunned, she immediately

Looking in the direction of Wayne Lin, she saw Huang Wenhua approaching fiercely, and she frowned at the moment, “He is not my fiance, and I will not agree to marry him.”

At this moment, Huang Wenhua had already walked over. He was even more angry when he saw Wayne Lin could still laugh.

But now Guo Junyi is not his fiancee, and the engagement banquet has not yet been held. Even if he is angry, he can’t be aggressive at Guo Junyi. He squeezed a smile and said with a smile at Guo Junyi: “Junyi, it’s such a coincidence, you are here too. eat.”

He returned to his gentle manner, and he was not a keen observer, and he could not see that he was now raging.

When Guo Junyi saw him, her brows curled up, her attitude was cold, “What are you talking about, I’m here to eat, and I still need to make a report with you?”

Huang Wenhua heard the words, the smile on his face suddenly stiffened, the fire in his heart burned more vigorously, and the corners of his mouth could not be controlled, and he twitched slightly!

Even so, he still stubbornly endured it, the more this level, the less he can’t get confused, “I didn’t mean that, where you want to eat, of course is your freedom. However, uncle has agreed to our marriage. , We will have an engagement banquet in a few days, I want to get to know, who is this friend opposite you?”

When he heard this, he seemed to say it decently, unable to pick out any thorns, but after chewing it carefully, he would find his domineering and accusations, as if Guo Junyi was already his person, and he had done something unruly. Things.

When Guo Junyi heard this, her face suddenly changed, and she said unceremoniously. “Huang Wenhua, please pay attention to your remarks! First of all, I am not engaged to you. I and you can be regarded as ordinary friends at best. Whoever I want to eat with is my business, and I have nothing to do with you. Secondly, I am Those who won’t be engaged to you, let alone marry you! Please don’t pretend to be a fiance!”

Because the business of this hotel is very good, the surrounding area is full of diners. Originally, Guo Junyi’s appearance will become the focus wherever she goes. Now that she said these words, many people around suddenly looked over.

When Wayne Lin heard this, he knew it was going to be done. Guo Junyi said that he didn’t give Huang Wenhua any face.

This Huang Wenhua’s face turned gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye. He clenched his fists, and his face rose to the color of pig liver, which looked terrifying.

In this situation, the surrounding people watching the excitement quieted a little, and they were all curious about what he would do.

Huang Wenhua wanted to get angry, but in the end he held it back and did not lose his mind, but he said a lot, “Junyi, I know you are a very opinionated girl and hate arranged marriages. In fact, I have always opposed this. , But since the first time I saw you can, I changed my mind. From that time, I fell in love with you deeply.”

“Junyi, I assure you that I will be good to you. I will only love you for the rest of my life. If you don’t believe me, I can swear!”

“You are right. We are not engaged yet. I really don’t have the right to interfere with your friendship. If you eat with other friends, I promise to raise my hands in favor. But I can’t just sit by and watch you being cheated by a scumbag! You may not know it. , The man sitting opposite you is called Wayne Lin, the son-in-law of the Chu family, he already has a family!”

He spoke very affectionately and indignantly. Many people were successful in bringing the rhythm to him, and they began to accuse Guo Junyi.

However, Guo Junyi’s brow furrowed deeper, her eyes became colder, and her next sentence almost made Huang Wenhua angry.

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