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Chapter 224

Immediately, Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu stayed for a while, obviously not expecting to meet Wayne Lin here.

You know, Yulong Bay is a place where rich people are qualified, and Wayne Lin is just a useless waste.

At the same time, Alma Chu, Candice Liu, and Berry Chu also saw Wayne Lin. For a while, the atmosphere was a bit wrong.

“Wayne Lin?” Han Xuefen called out immediately, “Why did you come to Yulong Bay?”

For a long time, Han Xuefen’s family despised Wayne Lin. In their minds, Wayne Lin was purely synonymous with trash and cowards, and they despised Wayne Lin from the bottom of their hearts. Even a while ago, they heard that Wayne Lin had injected 100 million yuan into Shengke to make Alma Chu the chairman. They still looked down on Wayne Lin because they didn’t think Wayne Lin could spend so much money. It was Alma Chu who got on the thigh of Chairman Zi Qiong that made Chairman Zi Qiong willing to inject 100 million yuan. Wayne Lin was just a cover.

So Latoya Chu immediately smiled and said, “That’s enough, it must be a part-time job in Yulongwan, you don’t look at what clothes he is wearing now.”

Han Xuefen said in a weird manner: “That’s not what I said. People have injected 100 million yuan into Shengke a while ago, otherwise you really think Alma Chu can become the chairman of Shengke, ha ha.”

These two mothers and sons made Wayne Lin worthless. Hearing these words, the intermediary who was with Wayne Lin made him even more sure that Wayne Lin was a poor ghost, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes became even greater. Despise it.

Wayne Lin was immune to these words. He directly focused on Alma Chu. He didn’t expect them to meet again so soon.

At this moment, Candice Liu and Berry Chu also saw Wayne Lin, and their eyes changed a little.

“What a bad luck, why did you encounter this waste here?” Candice Liu’s face became darker and grumbling. He was particularly uncomfortable with Wayne Lin, because she also later inquired that Wayne Lin had invested 100 million in Shengke. It was the money from Zi Qiong Media. Of course, she thought that the money had nothing to do with Wayne Lin, but the money from Zi Qiong’s chairman.

Now that Alma Chu and Wayne Lin are divorced, she doesn’t know how happy she is. When she meets Wayne Lin, she feels even worse.

As for Alma Chu, something strange flashed in her eyes looking at Wayne Lin, and she didn’t expect to meet Wayne Lin here.

Could it be that Wayne Lin came to Yulong Bay to buy a house?

Now she is very confused about Wayne Lin’s identity, and has no idea who Wayne Lin is. After returning from Tingfengting that day, she specially went to investigate Tingfengting, but the more she investigated, the more frightened she became!

The identity of Wayne Lin became more and more incomprehensible.

At this moment, Han Xuefen, Latoya Chu, and Wang Rongmin had already walked over and saw Wayne Lin holding a bank card in her hand. Latoya Chu said to Wayne Lin, “Oh, brother-in-law, you are going to buy a house in Yulong Bay. what?”

Wayne Lin didn’t know what Latoya Chu meant. He didn’t bother to pay attention to Latoya Chu. He ignored him, looked back, and said to the front desk of the real estate agent, “Give me the pos machine, I will do it now.”

Seeing that Wayne Lin dared to ignore her, Latoya Chu became annoyed, snorted, and said arrogantly: “Hey, Wayne Lin, I’m talking to you, are you deaf?”

She deliberately spoke very loudly, which seemed abrupt here, and immediately attracted the attention of everyone around her.

Wayne Lin frowned, and said angrily: “If you have a fart, let it go.”

“You!” Latoya Chu was wronged, and immediately shook Wang Rongmin’s arm and said coquettishly: “My dear, this guy is bullying me!”

Wang Rongmin’s face immediately darkened, and he looked at Wayne Lin up and down, looking badly, “Who is this guy?”

“Oh, that’s what I told you before, our Chu family’s wasteful son-in-law, he doesn’t know how much he has lost to our Chu family in the past few years.” Latoya Chu said loudly on purpose, and deliberately looked back. Alma Chu took a look.

Candice Liu’s face turned green when she heard this, and she gritted her teeth with anger.

There were some dark clouds in Wang Rongmin’s eyes. He had seen Alma Chu just now and knew that Wayne Lin was Alma Chu’s husband. He was immediately hostile to Wayne Lin, “It turned out to be him. It really doesn’t look very good.”

“Haha, of course, you don’t want to think about it. If he is a little capable, can he be so bad?” Latoya Chu smiled very happily, and she pretended to say, “Oh brother-in-law, I’m sorry. Be straightforward, just say whatever you think of, don’t take it to heart.”

Han Xuefen turned around and said to Candice Liu at this time: “Brother Xiong, sister-in-law, don’t you want to buy a villa in Yulong Bay, Alma Chu can’t afford to pay, you can ask your good son-in-law to help buy it.”

Latoya Chu also said, “Yes, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law is rich. A while ago, I took 100 million from Ziqiong Media to invest in Shengke Lighting. I believe that the villa in Yulong Bay is more than 10 million. You can take it out, haha.”

The two mothers and sons sang a harmony and attracted everyone in this hall.

Candice Liu gritted her teeth, trying to refute, but there is no way, who is right?

Wayne Lin was surprised when he heard this. Alma Chu’s family came to Yulong Bay, are they planning to buy a villa?

This is a coincidence.

Alma Chu’s face was ugly. I don’t know why. Since the divorce, she felt different when facing Wayne Lin. She especially didn’t want Wayne Lin to see her embarrassed.

So she couldn’t stay any longer, pulling Candice Liu’s clothes and whispering: “Mom, stop making trouble, let’s go home.”

Candice Liu’s face couldn’t hold on either. For the face-loving her, it’s hard for her to be compared by Han Xuefen’s mother and daughter like this, but she has no choice but to complain bitterly, “I blame you, be The chairman has no money, and my father and I lose face again!”

When Han Xuefen saw them leaving, he immediately stopped them, and said jokingly: “Yo sister-in-law, don’t you want to buy a villa too? Why are you leaving? Isn’t it true that you can’t afford it?”

Candice Liu couldn’t help it now, and said loudly: “Who said we can’t afford it! We just don’t want to buy it today, can’t we buy it tomorrow? You can control it!”

Latoya Chu said without mercy, “Haha, madam, you can’t afford it if you can’t afford it, and there are so many excuses. It is true that Yulong Bay is the most high-end villa area in Huarvell after all, and it is not everyone. Can afford it.”

This is terrible. Alma Chu couldn’t hear it. She clenched her teeth. She had a good mentality. No matter how yin and yang are Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu, she doesn’t matter, but after Wayne Lin appeared, she Immediately he collapsed, and said irritably, “Don’t you just want to see our jokes, we really can’t afford it, so what!”

Her eyes are a little red.

Then she turned around abruptly, planning to leave quickly.

Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu looked at each other, and they both were extremely proud, as if they were a winner.

However, at this moment, a loud voice rang, “Who said we can’t afford it?”

It is Wayne Lin.

Chapter 225

Immediately, everyone’s eyes were put on him.

Alma Chu, who was leaving in stride, heard this, her body suddenly trembled slightly, and Wayne Lin’s voice seemed to hit her directly.

Candice Liu was stunned for a moment. She turned her head and saw Wayne Lin walking in stride, with a smile on her face, and then repeated: “Who said we can’t afford it? It’s just a mere Yulong Bay Villa.”

Just a mere Yulong Bay villa?

This is too arrogant!

This time not only Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu, but even the onlookers around them, they also had a bad impression of Wayne Lin when they heard these words, and felt that Wayne Lin was too arrogant.

They can come to Yulong Bay to buy villas, but it is also in the form of mortgages. They definitely don’t have such a big tone to say such big things as Yulong Bay! Moreover, in their opinion, Wayne Lin is wearing a cheek dress and running shoes of two or three hundred yuan. The whole person is just the kind of ordinary salaryman who can’t be ordinary, such a person can afford Yulongwan. They didn’t believe it when they killed the villa.

“Hahaha, it’s such a big tone, just like you, don’t you think Yulongwan is in your eyes? According to you, you are the richest man in a trillion.” Wang Rongmin immediately said loudly.

He now sees Wayne Lin becoming more and more unhappy. Among his peers, he is an absolutely successful person. He looks down on Wayne Lin’s trash from the bottom of his heart, not to mention the relationship with Alma Chu. .

His words were recognized by many people, and they all began to mock.

“Yes, just a hanging silk, what to install there?”

“I really don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, and I dare to say something like Yulongwan?!”

“I think this man is a clown, sensationalist, look at him, he is a takeaway.”

“The food delivery person is too high to look at him. I think he moved bricks on the construction site.”

Many people began to laugh at Wayne Lin and became hostile to Wayne Lin.

But isn’t it? The words Wayne Lin said just now offended them all.

If I changed someone else, I would have been panicked in this situation, but to Wayne Lin, it didn’t matter.

He had walked up to Alma Chu at this time and said with a smile: “Alma, you were naughty again just now. Didn’t we say that we are going to buy a villa in Yulong Bay? The money is all in place. Why can’t you still say you can’t afford it? Are you lying to Auntie and Latoya Chu?”

Alma Chu opened her mouth wide and looked at Wayne Lin in a dazed manner. She didn’t understand what Wayne Lin was up to. She immediately asked with her eyes: Hey! What the hell are you doing!

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face remained unchanged, and then said to Candice Liu, “Mom, which villa do you like? We can buy it.”

Candice Liu was a little confused now, and she didn’t understand what Wayne Lin was doing. She looked at Alma Chu, hoping to see something from Alma Chu’s face, but now Alma Chu lowered her head, looking very complicated. She is also very confused.

Latoya Chu reacted at this moment. She laughed twice now, took Wang Rongmin’s arm, and walked over, “Oh, brother-in-law is so prestigious, I can actually afford a house in Yulong Bay, amazing!”

She said so, but her face was full of disdainful smiles, she clearly did not believe that Wayne Lin had this ability to buy a house.

Zi, at most, he thinks that Wayne Lin is playing a swollen face to fill the fat man.

Isn’t it true? Wayne Lin has been in the Chu family for four years. He has always been a wasteful image. He has never done a thing. I don’t know how much he has lost to the Chu family, especially Alma Chu, as his wife. The waste husband has always had a bad reputation in Hwadrid.

Now that she was killed, she didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could get so much money to buy a villa in Yulong Bay. Even if it was a mortgage, she would have to spend several million at a time!

Han Xuefen also joined in immediately, and began to show no disdain for Wayne Lin’s yin and yang, the contempt and disdain in his tone.

Candice Liu swallowed his saliva and asked Wayne Lin, “Do you really have the money to buy a villa in Yulong Bay?”

Wayne Lin nodded and said with a smile: “Of course, when did I lie to others?”

Candice Liu thought about it carefully. It seemed to make sense. Although Wayne Lin had been useless for so many years, he was still trustworthy in terms of integrity. Wayne Lin did not seem to have deceived people much.

But even if she thinks so, she still feels unsure. After all, it is really too difficult to buy a villa of more than ten million.

She thought, anyway, it’s this step, and she’s all shameful, and she’s not afraid of shame anymore, the big deal, when the time comes, she will throw the pot on Wayne Lin.

After thinking about it, she said, “Okay, if you can afford it, Mom thank you so much!”

Wayne Lin smiled, and then said to Alma Chu: “Alma, you and mom can choose, which villa in Yulong Bay did you like?”

Alma Chu bit her lip and didn’t speak. In fact, now, she was a little convinced that Wayne Lin could afford a house in Yulong Bay, but they are now divorced. Even if they can afford it, it seems to have nothing to do with them…

So for a while, she also lowered her head without speaking.

How Wayne Lin’s eyes looked, he naturally saw through Alma Chu’s complicated mood at the moment. To be honest, he was still a little happy in his heart. After so many years of marriage, Alma Chu had always looked down on him, and now he can finally be in front of Alma Chu. It’s a chance to be proud!

Moreover, he also felt that Alma Chu showed a hint of regret now…

However, Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen couldn’t stand it anymore. They deliberately fooled Candice Liu and Berry Chu to visit the house in Yulong Bay today, mainly because they wanted to humiliate the place severely and want to return their previously lost faces. As a result, Wayne Lin Appeared, the guest is overwhelming, how can they agree.

At the moment, Han Xuefen said: “Well, since you can afford a villa, then don’t talk nonsense, just pay directly!”

Latoya Chu also said, “Yeah, let’s pay, saying that it’s all fake.”

Then she gave Wang Rongmin a wink. Wang Rongmin also nodded, and said directly to the real estate agent: “As for the villa you just saw, you will arrange the procedures now. I will pay now and hand over the building to me as soon as possible.”

When the intermediary in charge of Wang Rongmin heard these words, he blushed with excitement. He nodded quickly and said loudly, “Good job, good job! Mr. Wang, I will make arrangements! Mr. Wang, you are so majestic, I Having been in real estate agency for so many years, this is the first time I have seen a client as happy as you!”

Then, Wang Rongmin walked over again and said to Wayne Lin, “Pay together.”

He raised his eyebrows, his expression full of provocation.

Chapter 226


Wayne Lin agreed without thinking.

His utterly made Wang Rongmin stunned for a while, but then he sneered, thinking that Wayne Lin was just playing mystery.

“Then it doesn’t need to say that much, just pay.” Wang Rongmin also took out his bank card, and then he was about to start paying, and directly bought a villa worth more than 15 million yuan.

Wayne Lin smiled and said to Alma Chu: “Which one do you have a fancy, let’s just buy it.”

Alma Chu immediately pulled Wayne Lin aside and said in a low voice, “Wayne Lin, what the hell are you doing? We have no plans to buy a villa in Yulong Bay at all!”

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face remained unchanged, “Then you can’t let Latoya Chu’s mother and daughter look down on him in vain, right? You are also the chairman of the board anyway, and it won’t sound good if you pass it back?”

Alma Chu bit her lip, “But I have no money.”

“It’s okay, I have.” Wayne Lin smiled very brightly. His smile gave Alma Chu a special feeling in her heart.

“Wayne Lin!” Alma Chu increased her voice, “We are already divorced, why are you helping me like this?”

She stared at Wayne Lin tightly, trying to get some answers she wanted from Wayne Lin, but she was disappointed. Wayne Lin’s expression was very flat, still smiling, and she couldn’t see any special emotions. inside.

“You can be friends even after a divorce.”

“I don’t have that much money to pay you back!”

Wayne Lin didn’t speak anymore, but directly said to Candice Liu and Berry Chu: “Dad, Mom, which villa do you like, I will buy it now.”

Now Wayne Lin’s expression looks too natural, and there is no sign of guilty conscience. Both Candice Liu and Berry Chu began to hesitate. A voice appeared in their minds. Could Wayne Lin really have money to buy it?

For a while, they were already desperate, but some hope arose…

Candice Liu said, “Look at this.”

Berry Chu also said, “Yes, it’s fine if you just watch it.”

After all, Wayne Lin has divorced Alma Chu now, and has nothing to do with them. They can’t directly ask Wayne Lin to help buy such an expensive villa.

Seeing that they were still long-winded, Latoya Chu was obviously procrastinating, and said impatiently: “Hey, I said if you still buy it, don’t waste your time if you don’t buy it.”

Wayne Lin walked over again and said, “Buy it, why don’t you buy it, but this is not the villa we fancy.”

Latoya Chu was happy for a while, showing a look of contempt, “Hehe, I knew you would say that. But it is true, you can’t afford a villa of more than ten million, even if you work for a lifetime.”

The expressions of those surrounding people looking at Wayne Lin were also full of contempt. For Hwadrid City, 99% of the people cannot afford the luxurious villas in Yulong Bay. This is not too shameful, but the problem is that , Wayne Lin can’t afford it, and is still stubborn, which is disgusting.

Especially compared to a successful person like Wang Rongmin, the gap is even greater.

In fact, it wasn’t just them, even Candice Liu and Berry Chu thought so, so they were invisibly separated from Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin just smiled at this and ignored them. Instead, he directly said to the real estate salesperson: “Which phase is your most expensive villa area?”

Everyone was stunned when he said this sentence, including the real estate salesperson who responded in the same way. After a while, the other party said: “It’s the ninth villa area. The average price over there is more than 30 million yuan. .”

“Well, just over there, take me to see.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Everyone thinks that he is crazy, he can’t get the tens of millions, and still want to see the most high-end?

Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen looked at each other, and then both laughed. They thought that Wayne Lin was just sensationalizing. They had already broken the jar, so they were not nervous at all, but were happier. Wait a minute to see Wayne Lin and Wayne Lin. How can Alma Chu’s family be fooled?

Moreover, if this incident were passed back to the Chu family, it would be even more exciting, enough to make Alma Chu’s family lose their faces in the Chu family!

Thinking about this, they are even more happy and excited.

Wayne Lin was also going to buy the best villa in Yulong Bay, but now he only paid more attention, and it did not affect him at all.


p; Instead, the appearance of Latoya Chu and others made Wayne Lin very interesting, and I was a little looking forward to waiting for their wonderful expressions.

As a door-to-door son-in-law in the Chu family for four years, Wayne Lin has been living a’wholesome’ life, and was ridiculed by Latoya Chu’s family. Now that he has successfully counterattacked, he has the opportunity to give Latoya Chu a good face. Of course he would not let this opportunity go, besides, it was also exuberant in front of Candice Liu and Berry Chu.

As a result, many people followed the real estate salesperson for the past nine housing inspections.

I have to say that as the most upscale villa area in Yulong Bay, Phase 9 is really the most luxurious, and it is not the same concept as Phase 6 seen by Latoya Chu and others just now.

After Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen looked at them, they immediately became disinterested in the sixth period. Latoya Chu secretly pulled on Wang Rongmin’s clothes and asked him if he could buy the ninth period. Wang Rongmin glared back on the spot with a fierce look.

Just kidding, the minimum cost of the ninth phase of the villa is 30 million. If you sell him, you can’t get that much money. Even if you take the mortgage, he will struggle.

“How about it, have you watched so much, haven’t you liked it?” Latoya Chu said strangely.

The real estate salesman also said, “Mr. Lin, which one do you like?”

For a while, everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin, wanting to see how he answered.

Wayne Lin smiled and pointed to the most luxurious and majestic villa in front of him and said, “Just this one.”

The real estate salesman said, “Mr. Lin, are you sure you want to buy this set?”

“Yes, is there any problem?”

“The set you mentioned is the most expensive villa in our entire Yulong Bay. It covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters and has complete facilities. The villa also has the highest level of decoration. The total price is 38.99 million. “The real estate salesman said, he always looked at Wayne Lin with disbelief.

No way, now Wayne Lin’s clothes are too ordinary. People who say that he is a food delivery person believe that how can it be possible to buy a house close to 40 million!

Sure enough, when so many people around heard this number, they took a sigh of relief and were frightened. This can buy a company of a large scale!

Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen were also very shocked, looking at the big villa very enviously, but they didn’t dare to have any idea that such an expensive villa is not something people of their level can afford. For this, they are very self-aware.

Wayne Lin smiled again. Instead of answering the real estate salesperson first, he asked Alma Chu with a smile, “Alma, are you satisfied with this villa? If you are satisfied, we will buy it.”

Alma Chu did not answer, now her heartbeat speeded up a lot inexplicably.

“Don’t make trouble anymore!” Alma Chu said in a low voice annoyed.

Wayne Lin just smiled, did not say anything, but just turned around and said to the salesperson: “Then this set, I will pay now and complete the formalities for me.”

Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen were very disdainful, and they didn’t believe Wayne Lin could afford a 40 million mansion!

Suddenly thinking of something, Wayne Lin said to Latoya Chu: “By the way, Latoya Chu, you just said that you want to buy a villa next to us? Now I decided to buy a large villa in the ninth phase. Do you want to buy a set? The villas in Phase VI are still too small.”

Latoya Chu asked Wang Rongmin with her eyes. After getting Wang Rongmin’s consent, she said loudly: “Okay, buy it, but you pay first. If you have the ability to pay in full, we will pay immediately!”

How could Wayne Lin not know what Latoya Chu was thinking about? He smiled faintly and said: “No problem, but you’d better prepare the money in advance, don’t wait for me to pay, but you said you can’t get the money.”

This made Latoya Chu and Wang Rongmin angry. Wang Rongmin stepped forward and sneered: “You can rest assured, if you can pay, I promise to buy it as soon as possible! It’s you, don’t wait to get it out. With so much money, become a clown!”

Wayne Lin did not refute, he used actions to speak. Soon, he went to check out. The real estate side was very fast, only ten minutes, and all the procedures were ready. As long as Wayne Lin can successfully make the payment, he will go straight to the checkout. After the transfer, Wayne Lin can move in tonight.

For a while, everyone paid attention to Wayne Lin, to see if he could really pay.

Wayne Lin took out his bank card, swiped it at the POS machine, and then pressed the password. After a while, he heard the machine report: “Successfully paid 38.99 million yuan.”

Immediately, the audience was silent, and everyone’s expressions became wonderful.

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