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Chapter 302

Damon Wang still wanted to dissuade Wayne Lin, but when he saw that Wayne Lin was determined, he didn’t talk any more. As a subordinate, his obligations have been fulfilled, and he still knows how to advance and retreat.

“North Sky Club, North Sky Club, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

After Damon Wang left, Wayne Lin muttered to himself while looking at the materials of the Beitianhui in his hands, with a flickering light in his eyes.


Della Qin’s mood is very depressed recently, and she is listless in everything.

She has been in Ziqiong Media for half a year, but the number of times she saw Wayne Lin can be counted with one hand, even if she was promoted within half a year based on her appearance and ability, she added Two wages, but this was far from her goal. She came to Ziqiong Media to hook up with Wayne Lin!

After she came in, it was hard to even see Wayne Lin’s face. How could she hook up with Wayne Lin?

Especially when she later inquired that Alma Chu had already become the chairman of Shengke Lighting, her psychology became even more unbalanced. Why, she was the first to discover Wayne Lin’s identity, so why was the person who was favored by Wayne Lin was Alma Chu? This is not fair!

She was very unwilling and must see Wayne Lin once. She didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could not be conquered by her beauty and figure. You must know that she has been employed by Zi Qiong for half a month, and there are no fewer than a hundred men who pursue her.

Della Qin came out of Ziqiong Mansion and saw a man dressed in old fashioned clothes sitting on the stairs with a big steamed bun in his mouth and chewing on it.

When she saw her appear, she stood up and ran over excitedly. With a very happy look, she ran to Della Qin and said, “Cousin, you are off work, I will take you home.”

When Della Qin saw him, her face suddenly changed, and she frowned, “Why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you not to pick me up? Did you take my words as the wind?”

The soil bun scratched his head and said, “Cousin, don’t be so fierce to me. I don’t care about you. Before entering the city, my aunt told me to protect you. Now there are many perverts outside. I’m afraid you will be bullied.”

There were four female colleagues next to Della Qin, and they laughed immediately when they heard this. They smiled and said, “Della Qin, you see how much your cousin cares about you, and you are afraid that you will be bullied by a pervert.”

“Yeah, it’s so touching, my boyfriend is full of energy.”

“Della Qin, you have a good cousin, but the clothes are rather strange, like a dumpling.”

“You speak carefully. Della Qin’s cousin is still a master of martial arts. Be careful to beat you up.”

These female classmates were playing Della Qin’s jokes, which made Della Qin’s face even more ugly, and even more disgusted with her cousin Xu Hua, and the expression on her face was even more embarrassing, “How many times have you told you Don’t follow me, you must not listen to me, you are so annoying!”

Xu Hua was stunned on the spot, showing an incredible expression, “Cousin, you have never scolded me like this, do you have a man out there, so you are impatient with me.”

Xu Hua was extremely frustrated and angry. He clenched his fists and made a clicking sound. He looked terrifying, and scared several female colleagues back quickly, for fear of being beaten by Xu Hua. You know, two days ago, a male colleague sent Della Qin to dinner, and he was beaten by Xu Hua.

Della Qin became even more disgusted when he saw him like this, and said, “Yes, I have a sweetheart. I won’t be able to like you in this life. Give up!”

Xu Hua’s eyes flushed red, his fists clenched tighter, and he stared at Della Qin tightly. The whole person was on the verge of rage. He looked very scary. He said word by word: “Who is that man? ,tell me!”

Della Qin wouldn’t pay attention to him, cursed a neuropathy, and then planned to bypass Xu Hua and leave. However, at this moment, Della Qin saw a line coming out of Ziqiong Building

Ren, suddenly opened his eyes, showing an expression of excitement, walked over quickly, and shouted, “Wayne Lin, I finally waited for you!”

Wayne Lin, who was walking out with Damon Wang and other company executives, heard Della Qin’s yelling and was taken aback for a moment. He almost forgot Della Qin.

It’s just off work now. Many employees are here. Hearing Della Qin’s screams, their attention has been released, especially when they saw Damon Wang and other high-level managers, they were even more shocked.

Della Qin saw Wayne Lin, and her mood suddenly became beautiful. Just now because of Xu Hua’s irritability, she disappeared cleanly. She walked up to Wayne Lin at the fastest speed. Wayne Lin saw that, but she found that I couldn’t speak, my heart beat fast and I was very nervous.

Damon Wang frowned immediately and said dissatisfiedly: “Which department employee is this, so there are no rules.”

“President Wang, I’m sorry, this is my subordinate, I will teach her right away!” A middle-aged man on the side immediately scolded angrily: “Della Qin! What are you doing here? Who will let you block the chairman? On the road, get out of me!”

“Manager, I…” Della Qin became more nervous, and she realized that she was impulsive and made a big mistake.

There are also many people around who know Della Qin. They all think that Della Qin is crazy and dare to block the chairman’s way. Good deed, these few people are all high-ranking members of Ziqiong Media. A Damon Wang is awesome enough.

“Quickly get out of me.” Della Qin’s manager stared at Della Qin fiercely, full of threats.

Della Qin clenched her lips, she finally met Wayne Lin, and now let her leave, really unwilling. I missed it this time, and I don’t know when I will meet it next time!

But if she doesn’t leave, she is likely to lose her job. For a while, she feels aggrieved, her nose becomes sore, and her eyes are red.

At this moment, a loud and angry voice sounded from behind, “You must not bully my cousin!”

Immediately afterwards, a tall and burly man rushed over, guarded Della Qin behind him, put on an Bajiquan posture, and stared at Wayne Lin hostilely.

A suffocation emanated from him, shocking Damon Wang and the others. They backed two steps and kept their distance. Only Wayne Lin did not move, standing still, staring at Xu Hua with interest.

Wayne Lin actually noticed Xu Hua just now, knowing that Xu Hua is a master and a master at the realm of masters, and ordinary bodyguards are not Xu Hua’s opponents. It just so happened that Wayne Lin wanted to open a security company now, so he had the heart to win.

Damon Wang and the others are angry. This is the site of Ziqiong Media. They are all big bosses worth tens of millions of billions. They were threatened by a hillbilly. This is a great offense to them!

“Unreasonable! Where did the local ruffians dare to stray in Ziqiong? The security guards, where did they die, arrest the ruffians and send them to the police station!” Damon Wang cursed loudly.

Della Qin panicked immediately after hearing this, and quickly nodded and apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, leaders, it’s mine. He is my cousin. He is from the country, and his brain is not normal. I hope that the leaders don’t have common knowledge with him. , Please.”

“Hmph, you can explain it to the police!” Damon Wang was very angry. The main Wayne Lin was here, and he was hitting him in the face when something like this happened.

Della Qin was anxious to cry.

At this moment, Wayne Lin raised his hand and said lightly: “Hold on.”

“Chairman…” Damon Wang said quickly.

Wayne Lin ignored him. Instead, he walked up to Xu Hua and said with a smile: “You are doing well in Bajiquan. Are you interested in doing it with me? I can sign a contract with you, with an annual salary of not less than 200,000 yuan. “

Chapter 303

Following Wayne Lin’s words, it caused an uproar!

With an annual salary of 200,000 yuan, many white-collar workers in Huarvell do not have this income. Does Della Qin, the cousin of the hillbilly, have this value?

Including Della Qin, their mouths were open and stunned.

She even thought that she had hallucinations, that someone like Xu Hua would actually be hired by Wayne Lin with an annual salary of 200,000? You know she doesn’t have an annual salary of 200,000 yuan in Zi Qiong. Besides, what did Wayne Lin ask Xu Hua to do, as a thug? Xu Hua was of no use except for fighting.

Damon Wang was the quickest to react first, he was taken aback first, and immediately understood what Wayne Lin meant.

Xu Hua also froze for a while, shook his head and said, “I’m taking care of my cousin, not to make you two stinky money…Oh, cousin, why are you beating me?”

Della Qin really wanted to give Xu Hua a kick. This wood, martial arts practiced his brains so stupidly. The annual salary is 200,000 yuan, so many white-collar workers can’t get this treatment.

“Stupid pig! You quickly agree, they are the chairman of Ziqiong Media, and he is willing to hire you, because you have accumulated virtue in your last life!” Della Qin scolded angrily.

Xu Hua said stubbornly: “But I want to protect you, I promised my aunt.”

Della Qin was almost mad, and cursed: “Protect you, the ghost needs your protection!”

Wayne Lin saw that the two of them were arguing there, he shook his head, without this effort wasted, and said, “Della Qin, you ask your cousin to think about it. I can give him three days. It’s overdue.”

After finishing talking, Wayne Lin bypassed Della Qin and Xu Hua and started to move forward. His time is precious and cannot be wasted on these little people. Several senior officials including Damon Wang hurried to follow.

Della Qin bit her lip tightly, she followed, and said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne, can you have a meal with me when you are free? I have a lot to say to you!”

Wayne Lin turned back, looked at Della Qin, shook his head and said, “I’m not free.”

Della Qin’s eyes dimmed instantly, and Xu Hua on the side said angrily: “Cousin, do you just like this guy!? Cousin, don’t be sad, cousin will vent your anger for you!”

With that said, Xu Hua rolled up his sleeves and walked towards Wayne Lin with a murderous face, wanting to act on Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin frowned. It was not that he was afraid of Xu Hua. With his strength, a single finger could abuse Xu Hua to the death. But as the chairman of the dignified Ziqiong, his status is so honorable. Fighting with a martial artist on the street is really not decent.

When Damon Wang and others saw this scene, their scalp was going to numb with fright, and they hurriedly asked security to take Xu Hua down.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Xu Hua, if you dare to touch him, I won’t care about you for the rest of my life!” At this moment, Della Qin burst out, gritted her teeth and cursed.

Xu Hua panicked when he saw Della Qin’s gritted teeth, and quickly distanced himself from Wayne Lin, “Cousin, don’t ignore me, I just want to avenge you.”

Della Qin glared at him fiercely, and then apologized to Wayne Lin: “I’m sorry, I trouble you.”

Wayne Lin was not so stingy, he waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, your cousin cares about you too.”

Della Qin is very sad, she knows now, Wayne Lin really has no interest in her at all, this is really a big blow to her.

Then she took Xu Hua away, no matter how thick-skinned she was, she couldn’t be embarrassed to stay any longer, it was really shameful.

“Chairman, do you really want to recruit the fool just now?” Damon Wang asked suspiciously after getting in the car.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Well, this Xu Hua is a seedling, you can cultivate it.”


b Damon Wang said with some worry: “I think this guy’s mentality is not normal. Will it be bad then?”

Wayne Lin said confidently, “No, as long as he follows me, he won’t be able to make waves.”

Damon Wang didn’t quite understand why Wayne Lin had such self-confidence. In his opinion, a person like Xu Hua could not be bought by money. Of course, if Damon Wang knew that Wayne Lin was in the innate realm now, he would not have this worry.

In the next three days, Damon Wang used his relationship to find a lot of retired special forces and civilian practitioners, and dug some bodyguard teams.

“I would like to introduce you to everyone. This is the chairman of Ziqiong Media and the boss who came to you.”

After Damon Wang gathered the people, he pointed to Wayne Lin and introduced loudly.

Suddenly all their eyes were on Wayne Lin. When they saw Wayne Lin so young, they were surprised. Many people even wondered if Damon Wang was joking.

A middle-aged man with a strong build stood up and said in a sigh of relief: “Mr. Wang, you didn’t joke with us? He is so young and wants to set up a new security company?”

Damon Wang said: “Instructor Chen, do you think I am joking with you? Our chairman is a talented person. It is normal to want to get a share of the security.”

Instructor Chen is very tall, with a height of 1.9 meters and strong muscles. His weight may exceed 100 kilograms. He is a heavyweight master. He is also the leader of the bodyguard team this time. He wants to set up a new security company for Wayne Lin. Questioned.

“Hehe, Mr. Wang, I didn’t pour cold water on you. The security industry is not as simple as you think.” Instructor Chen’s tone revealed some disdain.

Damon Wang’s face turned black and said, “Instructor Chen, if you are not confident, you can withdraw. I will not force you.”

Instructor Chen was really angry when he saw Damon Wang, and he quickly apologized, and when Damon Wang was looking for him, he offered a high price. Even if the company could not be established, he could still make money. But now if he leaves, he won’t get the money.

Wayne Lin stood up and said, “My name is Wayne Lin. I am your future boss. Of course, it is on the premise that you decide to stay. Damon Wang said yes. I intend to set up a security company, not a small mess. , But the scale should be large, which means that there will be many difficulties in the future. And tomorrow, I plan to go to the Beitian Meeting to worship the dock. If any of you are afraid, you can leave now.”

Hearing these three people from the Beitianhui, the expressions of all the bodyguard team including the instructor Chen changed obviously, flashed with deep awe, and even withdrew.

Except for the bodyguard team, the rest of the people did not have much reaction. A Lianjiazi said: “Boss, if we decide to stay, would you really give me 200,000 a year?”

“Two hundred thousand a year, such a high salary, are you asking us to be thugs? We are not willing to do things that are illegal or criminal.”

Wayne Lin raised his hand. There was naturally an aura on him, which made everyone subconsciously stop talking and looked at him tightly.

“Two hundred thousand a year is the basic salary. If you can pass my standard, the salary will get better and better. Three hundred thousand a year, five hundred thousand, or even one million is not a problem.” Wayne Lin said.

His words immediately excited many people.

Wayne Lin went on to say: “This instructor Chen also said that in our country, setting up a security company is not so easy. You have to go to Beitianhui to visit the dock first, or to fight. Who of you has confidence in your own strength? If you have the courage, you can sign a contract and go to the pier with me tomorrow. If you don’t have confidence in yourself or dare to be courageous, it doesn’t matter. If you leave now, I will give you five thousand alone. Choose yourself.”

Wayne Lin gave them the right to choose.

Chapter 304

Among the people that Damon Wang found, there were not many masters, and the odds of going to Beitianhui to worship the dock were not great.

But it didn’t matter. Wayne Lin himself didn’t count on them. He said that he would take so many people to visit the pier. In fact, he was the only one who could really help.

The reason why he still does this is just to show a gesture.

These people look at me, I look at you, and they are all moved.

There are a few people who are relatively hot-tempered and very confident in their martial arts. They walked up to sign the contract and said loudly, “Boss, I did it for you! I will go to the pier tomorrow and I will surely beat the other party! What! Shit Beitianhui, I don’t want to kill him!”

This is a practicer who practices Baguazhang and Tongbei boxing. He is about 40 years old. He has very big eyes, thick hair on his body and thick neck. At first glance, he can beat him very well.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Very well, if you can win a master of the North Sky Club tomorrow, I will reward you with one hundred thousand.”

Hearing this, the Lianjiazi’s eyes immediately brightened!

He is from the countryside, and his ancestors have always practiced Baguazhang. Later, he went to find a senior in the next village and learned Tongbei Boxing, but apart from this martial art, he has no special skills. He did it in the countryside. The decorator earns only a few thousand yuan a month.

Now that he has this opportunity, he can come to a big city to make money and be a bodyguard, hundreds of thousands a year, which is a great excitement for him!

There are still many people like him. Most of the dozen or so Lianjiazi here are from the countryside. They are very poor and have no other ability except for fighting fiercely.

Of course, there are also two boxers from big cities. Their income is higher and their vision is higher. Realizing that this North Sky Club will definitely not be so easy to deal with.

However, they hesitated for a while and decided to bite their toothpick on the contract. Anyway, it is a society under the rule of law. Even if they go to the pier, they will be beaten by the big deal, so they won’t take their lives.

There were seven or eight special forces left, and they also signed the contract neatly.

These seven or eight special forces, in the strict sense, are not considered to have retired smoothly. Instead, they committed crimes, fights, and so on. They were all persuaded to retreat. They themselves belonged to the stinging character. After I came out of society, I was sharpened a lot of edges and corners by the society. Even if I encountered injustice, I didn’t dare to attack ordinary people casually. Now that they have this opportunity to show their abilities, they naturally agree to it without hesitation.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from the door, and then a tall figure appeared in front of everyone, it was Xu Hua.

With an arrogant expression on his face, he gave Wayne Lin a look with contempt, then strode over and said, “I promised, I’ll do it with you.”

Wayne Lin smiled faintly: “Okay, let’s sign the contract.”

Xu Hua did not sign the contract immediately, but stared at Wayne Lin, with obvious hostility and provocation on his face. He was very dissatisfied with Wayne Lin and did not have any intention of respect. He said in a frivolous tone: “I want 300,000 yuan a month. , I want one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand to call my cousin’s account.”

Wayne Lin shook his head without thinking about it and said, “No, the newcomer’s annual salary is 200,000 yuan.”

“Quit Lao Tzu!” Xu Hua said fiercely, widening his eyes.

However, Wayne Lin didn’t even bird him and ignored him.

Xu Hua was annoyed. He had seen Wayne Lin upset, but now that Wayne Lin dared to ignore him, he was even more angry.

For these three days, my cousin hasn’t paid attention to him

From the cousin, he knew that the cousin liked the guy in front of him, that was his rival in love! That’s why he came over, intending to give this guy a good look.

In his opinion, Wayne Lin’s thin body couldn’t even catch a punch.

What if you have money? The physical training is not strong, it is just as rubbish.

From the bottom of my heart, Xu Hua didn’t pay attention to Wayne Lin. He was a very pure martial arts person, thinking that money was a vain thing, and only martial arts was the noblest.

Xu Hua wanted to do something against Wayne Lin, but he looked at the masters around Wayne Lin, he dispelled this idea, even if he was arrogant, he would not dare to be arrogant enough to single out so many masters.

Turning his eyes, he turned his head and said, “200,000 is too little. Anyway, I am also a master of Bajiquan. You have to increase my salary.”

Wayne Lin had seen through his thoughts a long time ago, and only found it ridiculous, and said, “Tomorrow I will take someone to the northern sky to visit the dock in person. If you can beat the other person tomorrow, I will increase you by 100,000 a year.”

Then, Wayne Lin said to the others: “The same is true for you. Tomorrow, if you defeat one person from the Beitianhui, I will increase you by 100,000 a year, and if you defeat ten, it will be 1 million. There is no upper limit. .”

When these words were spoken, all of them immediately boiled, their eyes were flushed, and even Xu Hua, including Xu Hua, was irritated, and his breathing became hurried.

They are gearing up, wishing to go to Beitian now to punch and kick and make crazy money.

Wayne Lin looked at them with excitement and showed a meaningful smile.

Under such stimulus, Xu Hua immediately signed the contract for a period of one year. During this year, Xu Hua was Wayne Lin’s person, and could not leave without Wayne Lin’s permission.

Hearing this order, Xu Hua expressed disdain, cut, the little master really wants to leave, can you stop the little master with your little white face?

Wayne Lin just laughed off his thoughts. When Xu Hua dare to have this idea, he will interrupt Xu Hua’s dog legs!

These people that Damon Wang found all signed the contract in the end, and were full of confidence, believing that tomorrow they would surely beat the people of the North Sky Club.

Time passed quickly, and the day passed immediately.

Under Damon Wang’s contact, Wayne Lin led a group of wild roads to the North Sky Club and worshipped the dock.

This time I went to not the headquarters of the North Sky Club, but a branch, not in Hwadrid, but in Fengcheng.

The person in this branch is not Brian Gu, but a middle-aged man named Yan Chuang. He is just fifty years old this year. He was stuck at the pinnacle of the acquired day ten years ago. In these ten years, he has been twice I swallowed the Xisui Pill this time, but unfortunately because my own will was not enough, the breakthrough failed.

Yan Chuang happened to be one of Brian Gu’s subordinates.

“President Yan, a group of people came outside, claiming to be coming to worship the dock, do you want to see them?”

Yan Chuang was drinking tea, and his subordinates came in to report.

“By the dock?” Yan Chuang frowned, and said, “What is the origin of the other party.”

“It was said that Ziqiong Media wanted to open a security company in Hwadrid, and came to us to worship the wharf, and wanted to get permission from the North Sky Club.”

Yan Chuang laughed loudly when he heard this, and said, “Isn’t this ziqiong media making movies? Why do you want to come to the security to get a share of the pie? I really want to live and die. Okay, let them come in. It depends on what strength they have.”

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