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Chapter 596

The knock on the door was very urgent and abrupt, suddenly interrupting the lively atmosphere of the house.

“Who? It was so loud, the door is going to be taken down, get sick!” Zhong Yiran cursed unhappily at the moment.

The other Yin family members were also a bit displeased. People outside kept slamming the door, banging and banging, hearing that the door was about to be demolished. Who could be happy after this.

At this moment, another person said nervously: “Should it be Lu Fan coming back for revenge, right?”

When these words were said, immediately, the room became quiet, and everyone’s expression changed, showing some fear and fear.

Yes, if Lu Fan is unwilling and finds dozens of people to come back for revenge, then they will be finished.

For a while, all of them looked at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not Lu Fan, but someone else. A man with two bodyguards may be your relatives.”

When everyone heard Wayne Lin’s words, their nervous mood immediately relaxed a lot.

But they immediately thought, strange, Wayne Lin was sitting in front of them, how could he know that a man was carrying two bodyguards outside?

Yin Fengmao asked a junior to open the door, and immediately, he saw that there were indeed three men standing outside the door, two tall bodyguards, and a man in his early thirties.

“Yin Jun, you are deaf. I knocked on the door for so long before you knew to open the door.” The man saw Yin Jun and said with a straight face and dissatisfaction.

The man’s brand name, he also wore a Rolex gold watch in his hand, his leather shoes were also a brand name, and he also wore a string of gold chains around his neck. He seemed to know that he was a rich man and his aristocratic spirit.

Most importantly, his expression can be described as arrogant and domineering, he walks swaying, his eyes are extremely swollen, and no one is in his eyes.

Upon seeing him at the Yin family at the dinner table, his expression immediately changed, and he did not hide his awe of this man.

Yin Fengmao quickly put down his chopsticks, walked over quickly, and said, “Oh, Achi is here, please sit down.”

When Yin Hong saw this man, she frowned slightly, as if she was not too cold for this man, and she sighed slightly, flashing some helplessness.

She also had to put down her chopsticks and went to meet the man.

In fact, when the Yin family saw this man coming, they were afraid to eat anymore. They put down their bowls and chopsticks one after another and came over to greet them. It can be seen that this man is quite honorable.

“Yeah.” Gao Chi nodded faintly, and sat on the sofa casually, with Erlang’s legs upturned, and regarded himself as his own home. He was overwhelming. Moreover, he directly picked up the clothes next to him and wiped his shoes without asking. Asking who owns this dress is particularly arrogant and excessive.

But when the Yin family saw his behavior, they did not dare to say no words. They even thought it was a normal thing, because every time Gao Chi came to their house, he was so domineering and rude. They are all used to it.

After Gao Chi finished wiping his leather shoes, he began to say, “What are you still trying to do, pour tea.”

Yin Fengmao’s mouth twitched twice, feeling quite uncomfortable, but he

Still not daring to have a high temper, he had to lick his face and said, “Yes, yes, I will make tea for you.”

Yin Hong couldn’t stand it anymore, she stood up and said, “Hey, Gao Chi, can you put your attitude a little better? Didn’t your parents teach you to be polite?”

After Gao Chi listened, his face changed immediately, he sank, and stared at Yin Hong and said, “Yin Hong, what are you talking about? Let’s try again?!”

He was clearly angry, and his face was particularly ugly, and Yin Hong was a little afraid to see him like this.

But Yin Hong really looked at Gao Chi and didn’t pleasing to his eyes. He had no politeness or tutoring at all!

Seeing that the situation was not right, Yin Fengmao immediately stood up and ended the scene and said, “Achi, don’t be angry, Yin Hong is just joking with you, don’t take it to heart, haha.”

Gao Chi snorted, and then he lay comfortably on the sofa and put his feet directly on the coffee table. He looked like Laozi was number one in the world, and said lazily to Yin Fengmao: “Uncle, I heard that you offend Lu Whatever, I mortgaged the house and factory to Lu Fan, and owed him more than 8 million?”

He looked like this, but he was very awkward, but no one dared to scold him in the Yin family. Instead, he appeared very timid in front of him, and his momentum was a bit short. It seemed that they were civilians, and Gao Chi was a nobleman.

Even Zhong Yiran, who had a very bad temper, did not dare to say a word in front of Gao Chi.

Wayne Lin, who was still at the dinner table, saw this scene in his eyes. He looked at Gao Chi and saw at a glance that Gao Chi had clearly met some big man, and then he also made a career, wealth and status. It was too fast, so the mentality swelled up suddenly, and he didn’t pay attention to anyone. Like this kind of person, he used to see too much.

However, it was obvious that this person was a relative of the Yin family, and he was Yin Fengmao’s nephew. Wayne Lin, an outsider, didn’t bother to take care of their family affairs.

Yin Fengmao said, “Yeah, Achi, you also know about this. Alas, this time my uncle was scammed by a little beast like Lu Fan!”

Gao Chi smiled and said without a smile: “Why don’t I know, this has been spread all over the circle. Uncle, your reputation has become louder, now many people know that you are a stupid pig. Being played round and round by that guy Lu Fan, even Yin Hong would be bad for Lu Fan.”

He said this very loudly, his expression was particularly disdainful, and he didn’t give Yin Fengmao any face, which was extremely extreme.

Yin Fengmao was very annoyed when he heard that, as an elder, Gao Chi, a junior, to ridicule him in this way is not just as simple as being impolite and tutoring!

He wanted to get angry, but he knew that the nephew in front of him was no longer the kid he used to, and he could not offend him at all, so he could only endure it with gritted teeth. Fortunately, this matter has been resolved by Wayne Lin, and even if he gets a joke, there is nothing.

Yin Hong couldn’t listen anymore, “Hey, Gao Chi! This is your attitude, did you come here specially to see our jokes!”

Gao Chi stared at Yin Hong, sneered, and said: “Yin Hong, you are really a dog biting Lu Dongbin and not knowing good people. I came here this time, but I came here to rescue you. It’s good if you don’t appreciate it, and you dare to talk to me like this. ?”

Yin Hong gritted his teeth and said, “Huh, you don’t need your help. Someone has already solved this problem for us! Just now, Lu Fan just walked away, Gao Chi, don’t think that in this world, only you have the ability. There are so many people more capable than you!”

Chapter 597

Yin Hong was irritated, since she was a child, she hated Gao Chi!

Not because she was jealous of Gao Chi, but because from childhood, Gao Chi did not bully her less and did not treat her as a cousin.

Especially when she was in junior high school, because she was studying in the provincial capital and temporarily staying at Gao Chi’s house. At that time, Gao Chi bullied her and gave her small shoes. Even the most extreme, Gao Chi also joined other boys to come. Bully her. If she hadn’t been smart at the time and reacted quickly enough, she would have been ruined by those boys now!

People like Gao Chi have no concept of affection and their personality is particularly distorted.

Especially in the past two years, Gao Chi got out of shit luck, hugged a big man’s thigh, followed his popularity, and made a fortune. Now he can’t pull it. It seems that he is the best in the world, and everyone else is rubbish. !

In the family gatherings of the past two years, he did not act less, nor did he give them the Yin family shoes.

Now, the Yin family is encountering difficulties, and he came to ridicule the first time, such relatives, she would rather not!

Gao Chi originally had a smiling expression. After hearing Yin Hong’s words, he immediately became gloomy. He slammed the table and pointed at Yin Hong and cursed: “Yin Hong, what is your attitude, dare you to talk to me like this? Do you know who I am now! I’m Mr. Jiang’s person. I earn hundreds of thousands in a month, enough for your income for a year! Do you dare to talk to me like this?!”

He was aloof and aggressive, which made Wayne Lin frown.

He sees a lot of people who pretend to be coercive, like Gao Chi, who pretends to be coercive in front of his relatives, and have a bad attitude, he saw him for the first time.

Yin Hong was also a little jealous when she heard the words Mr. Jiang, Mr. Jiang, Mr. Jiang Liqun, but the boss of Yuancheng, she was not even qualified to meet each other. The difference between the two is just like Ant and Ant. What a big tiger mom!

In the past two years, Gao Chi had lost his luck and gained Jiang Liqun’s appreciation. He jumped directly into the dragon’s gate and soared into the sky.

The other Yin family members were also shocked by his current aura. Yin Hong’s mother came over immediately, gently pulled her clothes, and shook her head, beckoning her not to offend Gao Chi, which can’t be offended.

Yin Hong also knows this truth. In real terms, Gao Chi’s energy is huge, and even Lu Fan may not help him.

Under the apologies of the other Yin family, Gao Chi’s complexion eased a little. He glared at Yin Hong, snorted, and said: “For the sake of uncle and aunt, Yin Hong, I won’t be as knowledgeable as you this time. But next time, if you dare to confront me, don’t blame me for teaching you from my brother, you know!”

Yin Hong clenched her lip. She clenched her fist and was very dissatisfied with Gao Chi, but she could not help it. Indeed, with the facts before her eyes, Gao Chi was indeed not something he could offend.

If others bullied their Yin family in this way, it’s fine, but Gao Chi is a relative, and her parents used to take care of Gao Chi, but now Gao Chi has grown up, is rich and powerful, instead of repaying his favor. It’s bullying them, they are really wolf-hearted beasts!

Gao Chi nodded his head with satisfaction. He especially enjoyed this feeling of control. At this time, he felt that he was a god, and no one dared to disobey him.

After pretending to be forced, Gao Chi began to say: “Uncle, you did this thing, really

I lost the reputation of our family…”

Gao Chi scolded Yin Fengmao for a while, and then changed his voice and said, “However, since you are my elder, I will not have the same knowledge as you. This time I come here to help you. Lu Fan This kid, dare to bully my relatives like this, he clearly didn’t put me in his eyes, huh!”

When he said this, he was domineering and sharp-eyed. In his imagination, he must be very powerful.

However, he didn’t know that his appearance, compared with Wayne Lin just now, was really far behind, and he was not of the same level at all. As a result, there was no reaction from the Yin family. Instead, they felt that he was very weak and completely pretended to be.

Gao Chi waited for the Yin family’s praise and admiration for him. After waiting for a long time, he found that everyone in the Yin family was looking at him with plain expressions and did not respond at all. He felt very upset and cursed and asked in a low voice. , Never seen the world.”

Then, he immediately said: “Uncle, I will help you with this matter, the little one, Lu Fan, I haven’t paid attention to it. However, when I resolve this matter, your factory, I want I bought it with you at a high price of one million, how about it, I think it’s really awesome this time.”

It sounds like a bargain to help solve the trouble and buy the factory building with one million dollars, but in fact, it’s black to grandma’s house. You know, the factory building of Yin Fengmao is worth more than five million!

Gao Chi clearly took advantage of the fire.

After Yin Fengmao heard it, his face was also pulled down, if others cheated him like that, the key point is Gao Chi, his nephew.

However, he endured it and squeezed out a smile and said: “Achi, my uncle thanked you for your kindness this time, but ah, this matter has been solved by Yin Hong’s friends, so I don’t have to bother you, haha .”

“What?!” Gao Chi straightened up immediately, staring at Yin Fengmao and said: “Uncle, do you think I am taking advantage of you with a million? Humph! Uncle, if you really think so, you have no conscience. Conscience was eaten by a dog! You know who Lu Fan is, the nephew of our source city city lord Lu Yingjie, rich and powerful, he pinched your Yin family to death, it is no different from pinching an ant! That is, I Gao Chi, As President Jiang’s confidant, he can wrestle with Lu Fan, you know!”

When he saw Yin Fengmao not speaking, he snorted again and said, “Okay, one sentence, one and a half million, I hope you solve the problem, you transfer the factory to me!”

The members of the Yin family are now looking at him coldly, including Yin Hong’s mother, who are also very disappointed and disgusted with him.

Yin Hong said with a smile, “Gao Chi, then we still thank you for your kindness! However, you don’t need to bother you anymore. Just now, Lu Fan was stepped on by my friend and begged and let him go. So, , You should go wherever you go!”

Gao Chi’s expression immediately darkened. He originally wanted to get angry, but immediately, when he saw the Yin family’s expressions, it seemed that he was not lying. Lu Fan’s big trouble was really solved. He couldn’t help but frown. .

“Uncle, are you sure you are not joking? You know, I don’t like joking very much.” Gao Chi stared at Yin Fengmao and said gloomily.

Yin Fengmao looked back at Wayne Lin and recalled Wayne Lin’s domineering performance just now. He was a super man. He suddenly became bold and nodded, “Do you think I was joking?”

Chapter 598

Yin Fengmao had forgotten how long he hadn’t been stubborn in front of Gao Chi. He now looked at Gao Chi’s deflated expression. He only felt that his whole body was Shuntai and his waist straightened up, as if he had recovered his youthful spirit.

For Gao Chi, he was too upset, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch a few times!

How long has he not been hit by Yin Fengmao? In his eyes, the Yin family, including Yin Hong, are all small people, and they are not at the same level as him. He is the rule, and the Yin family are civilians! Now Yin Fengmao is not as simple as contradicting him, but offensive, committing the following! If this is in ancient times, it will be decapitated.

He firmly believes that there is no equality between people. People are divided into different ranks. He is the upper class, and the Yin family is the inferior.

However, he also knew Yin Fengmao very well. If he hadn’t really hugged his thighs, with Yin Fengmao’s cowardly character, he would not dare to talk to him like this. Especially Yin Fengmao’s hard-faced look, clearly confident. Not only Yin Fengmao, but other Yin family members are also fearless…

Reading this, Yin Fengmao’s eyes rolled, he suppressed his anger, put on a smiling face, and said: “Haha, uncle, I see you are excited, I just made a joke with you. You take it seriously. By the way, I don’t know where the big man you are talking about is? You also introduced me to know about it.”

There was a flattering smile on his face, where he looked like he was just above him.

This is his strength. He has a very thick skin. As long as he is stronger than him, he will put aside all his arrogance and dignity to lick, without feeling ashamed. Objectively speaking, he has today’s status and wealth through him. Obtained by flattery.

On the contrary, as long as he is inferior to him, he will ridicule and humiliate unsparingly, like the Yin family, and he will be humiliated.

Of course, if the Yin Family really embraced the thighs of a big man, then his attitude towards the Yin Family would change 180 degrees.

Yin Fengmao saw Gao Chi’s attitude change, his back straightened, and his speech became louder. He pointed to Wayne Lin at the dinner table and said proudly: “Good talk! This is Yin Hong’s friend. Randal Lin, just now he taught Lu Fan to piss off hisa*sand knelt on the ground begging for mercy! Gao Chi, I know that you have made some achievements in the past two years and are triumphant, but let me tell you that there are people outside the world and there are heaven outside. Achievements are nothing at all in front of Randal Lin!”

Recalling Wayne Lin’s domineering and domineering just now, people like Lu Fan were all ants in front of Wayne Lin, kneeling in front of Wayne Lin begging for mercy. This scene had too much impact on him, so he was sure that even if Gao Chi was fond of big people, But it’s definitely not as good as Wayne Lin’s!

And Wayne Lin is a friend of his daughter, and his daughter is also beautiful. In his opinion, Wayne Lin must have taken a fancy to his daughter, so he was willing to help them. In this way, their Yin family is also One person has been able to ascend to heaven, so why are you afraid of going high.

Gao Chi’s heart jumped. The one who could make Lu Fan kneel and beg for mercy was definitely one of the big shots! At least he was at the same level as Jiang Liqun. After all, Lu Fan was not a small person. As the nephew of Yuancheng City Lord Lu Yingjie, he was rich and powerful.

So he immediately followed Yin Fengmao’s fingers and saw it right away. At the dinner table, a young man was sitting leisurely and eating vegetables.

Naturally it is Wayne Lin.

Gao Chi was visibly stunned. He couldn’t think that what Yin Fengmao said, such a powerful figure, would look like this. His first reaction was that Yin Fengmao was playing tricks on him. A man like a migrant worker!

The second reaction was that he had admitted the wrong person, and the big man was someone else.

So he glanced over Wayne Lin and glanced towards the kitchen, but he still couldn’t see anyone. He asked in confusion, “Where is Randal?”

Zhong Yiran on the side found the opportunity and rolled his eyes and said, “What are your eyes, you can’t see Randal Lin right in front of you?”

Yin Hong also sneered. She was in a particularly wonderful mood now, and she could finally raise her eyebrows in front of Gao Chi.

However, at Gao Chi

The big man Yin Fengmao was talking about was Wayne Lin in front of him, and his expression changed slightly.

He was very angry at first, thinking that the Yin family was playing tricks on him, using an ordinary person to pretend to be a big man, and he was clearly against him! But soon he changed his mind to think that the Yin family did not have such courage. Besides, Yin Fengmao’s offense against Lu Fan was not groundless.

So he immediately thought of a possibility, that is, it was not that Yin Fengmao dared to play him, but Yin Fengmao, the Yin family was played.

“Hahahaha…” Thinking of this, he burst into laughter. The more he saw Wayne Lin’s stalls, it even became a lot of shabby. If there is more despair, there will be more despair. It is clearly the bottom of society. , Not even a small person, just an ant.

And such a person actually said that he was a big man who crushed Lu Fan and made Lu Fan kneel and beg for mercy. Isn’t this a joke?

For an instant, Gao Chi was about to laugh. He pointed to Wayne Lin and said, “Yin Fengmao, Yin Hong, this is the big man you are talking about? That’s it? Hahahaha…”

His laughter was rampant, and he made no secret of his ridicule and gloat.

Yin Hong frowned immediately and scolded displeasedly: “Hey, Gao Chi, what are you laughing at, crazy!”

Gao Chi said: “I laugh you have no brains. You don’t know if you are deceived. This guy doesn’t even have any decent clothes on his body. He is just a migrant worker. He is ashamed to say that he crushed Lu Fan and made Lu Fan. Kneel down and beg for mercy? You guys are really funny.”

His face full of ridicule changed the expressions of the Yin family, especially Yin Fengmao. He was especially afraid that Wayne Lin would be angry because of this, and then he was tired of the Yin family.

Therefore, he hurriedly explained to Wayne Lin that their Yin family and Gao Chi were just ordinary relatives. Just now it was Gao Chi’s own behavior and had nothing to do with their Yin family.

Wayne Lin waved his hand. He watched this scene from beginning to end. Even if Yin Fengmao didn’t need to explain, he wouldn’t care about the Yin family.

He has almost eaten now, so he just stood up and walked over to Gao Chi, “The President Jiang you mentioned earlier, but Jiang Liqun?”

Gao Chi frowned when Wayne Lin dared to speak to him like this, obviously a little unhappy, and Wayne Lin was half a head taller than him, giving him a sense of oppression.

Unwilling to show weakness, he snorted heavily and stared at Wayne Lin with unkind eyes, trying to suppress Wayne Lin on the aura.

“Yes! My boss is Mr. Jiang Liqun. He is the richest man in our source city, with assets of more than 100 billion yuan. If he stomps his feet, he can shake your ants to death!” Gao Chi said loudly, his face Full of pride and arrogance, as if he was Jiang Liqun.

Wayne Lin smiled, and said with a weird expression: “Jiang Liqun, this boy, has hundreds of billions of assets? It seems that he has been doing well these days.”

Speaking of it, Wayne Lin hasn’t seen Jiang Liqun for a while. Since he helped Jiang Liqun break through to the innate realm, Jiang Liqun returned to the source city, saying that he was looking for revenge against his old enemy. Wayne Lin had troubles at that time. , So he didn’t intervene with Jiang Liqun much. Unexpectedly, Jiang Liqun had grown to over 100 billion in assets. It seemed that Jiang Liqun had already solved his old enemies.

But when Gao Chi heard Wayne Lin’s words, he immediately became annoyed, thinking that Wayne Lin was looking for death, and he even dared to disrespect Jiang Liqun. This was a death! ! !

“Okay, you stinky silk, you dare to be disrespectful to Mr. Jiang and say bad things about Mr. Jiang, you are dead! If this is going to Mr. Jiang, you have to die without a place to be buried!” Gao Chi Said gloomily.

The Yin family is also a little worried now. Jiang Liqun is the richest man in the source city. He is so powerful that it is far from what Lu Fan can compare.

However, Wayne Lin sneered, “Disrespect to Jiang Liqun? A joke, even if Jiang Liqun is in front of me, I would say the same to him.”

Gao Chi is mad. He thinks that Wayne Lin is pretending to be addicted to pretending to be addicted to his life. He pointed to Wayne Lin and said with an angry grin: “Okay, you are so awesome. Tomorrow night will be Mr. Jiang. For his fiftieth birthday, to entertain all parties, if you have the ability to run in front of him, you are so arrogant, grass!”

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